Friday, November 26, 2010

Taguée Encore

I have been tagged again, all the way from

by the stylish and Fun Camille. Elle m'a posé ces questions

1) Why did you create your blog?

CURIOSITY. My sister-in-law Nancy's blog, Fête et Fleur beckoned me to push that BUTTON.

The rest has been an evolutionary process that has given me an audience for my writing and artistic endeavors and friendships to bless my life.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?

Blogs that open the portal to creativity, friendship and positive thoughts such as WOOLYTALES.

French décor, bien sûr such as Belgian Pearls

Vintage white

Wit and whimsy

GLITtER by the sparkle queen, VIOLET

Tales with tails

Nature and silly animals

3) Favorite makeup brand?


Autrement dit, I am of the opinion that living as close to GREEN as possible

eating fresh vegetables


whole grains



getting plenty of rest

and recreation

MAKE UP your OWN BRAND that shows who you really are.

4) Favorite clothing brand?


whatever puts a spring in my step and makes me feel Young

and anything that Audrey would wear.

5) Your indispensable makeup product?

I keep things to a minimum. I use lipstick to enhance my smile and on occasion, mascara. C'est tout.

6) Your favorite color?

Turquoise and soft white.

7) Your perfume?

I don't wear any, but if I did, it would be

8) Your favorite film?

Lion in Winter.

The volatile chemistry between Kathryn Hepburn and Peter O'Toole ignites the screen with insult after insult, leaving you to believe that you are really watching Elinor and Henry ruthlessly plotting against each other. It' a chef-d'oeuvre of a meandering journey into one of Europe's most tumultuous love/hate affairs.

9) What country would you like to visit and why?

I will have to put "country" in the plural for these reasons:


to see Rosie, Koralee, Deborah, Margaret and CLAUDIE, for these women hold a link to my heart.


to explore states like Washington to visit

Jackie, Violet and Spencer

North Carolina and Tennessee

to visit some farm girls that have enchanted this city dweller.


to visit Frances, Dzintra and Julie

Germany and Bavaria- GUTEN TAG MARTINA AND JADE!

The Netherlands

to converse with a wee little mouse and her creator, my zuster, The Dutchess. Lili, Saskia and Sandra would also hear a bang on their doors for I could not leave this place without meeting them face to face.

Paris and the South of France

to see Mimi, Tish, Marie-Ange and vous embrasse mes amies.

10) Write the last question and answer it yourself.

What is your absolute favorite place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD?

After a pleasant meal

a pot of tea

and after almost 29 years of marriage....

my favorite place is in the strong and loving embrace of my husband, Ruben.

Now put on your talons roses

and shuffle in ruffles on over chez Camille at Paris in Pink!



George the Lad
Paris in Pink
Belgian Pearls
Google Images


Ruben Rivera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruben Rivera said...

My Dearest,

This is a beautiful post and I was especially moved by the last part. The feeling is mutual. You are the greatest blessing in my life. Home is you.

And I am, and always will be,


VictoriaArt said...

Wonderful tributes!
Just love your pictures and your train of thoughts!

Hope all is well and Thanksgiving was wonderful.
Much love!


desde my ventana said...

Hello Anita,
This is another beautiful post, your images and words ever they thrill me.

I wish you a happy and rested weekend,



George the Lad said...

I just got your comment, so came to your blog what a post, and me up there :) yes to your question, you are free to use any of them anytime my friend. Mom and dad have been married 30 years!!
I only had a quick look so will go back for another look and read,
See Yea on Saturday, but to you its only 8 hours till the post goes up, as the is the start of my B/day
Love and Hugs to you and Balzac xxx

Danielle said...

Gorgeous post!

Martina said...

Awwww Anita - i see the thanksgiving turkey has inspired you to another beautiful post, almost like a magazine of it's own! Such a lot of gorgeous pix here, and so lovely to see your glowing face and this adorable wedding photo of yours! And your drawing! A journey in a big balloon to visit all the blogfriends - that would be nice, non? Maybe one day! Cheers to you dear, and to Ruben (with pink champagne)!

Margaret said...

Such a lovely post, Anita! And I'm pleased to see Canada ranked so highly on your list of places to visit ;)

Marie-Ange said...

J'aime, j'adore la merveilleuse personne que je découvre un peu plus à travers tes mots et tes images ...
Quel bonheur d'avoir croisé ton chemin très chère Anita.
Si un jour tu descends dans le Sud de la France ...
Bisous doux du coeur.

It's me said...

What a lovely post Anit.....i know a lot more about you now !! ...lovely Ria......

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Oh wow...This post was so fun. I am now a follower and I can't believe it has taken me this long to find you. Your blog is like heaven and we share the same favorite colors ; ) It's so nice to meet you.

Rosie said...

Oh dearest, I am sitting with a cuppa in hand, getting to know my dearest friend just a little better...ahhhh.. if only our precious girl time COULD be in person, that would be oh so PERFECT...SOMEDAY, I promise. DRIP...DRIP...DRIP...good~bye white fluffy is disappearing as we speak. Yes very, very, mild. I will finish the decorating the upstairs today and then Bill and I will head to a nearby city for a few more gifts. Toys R Us is on this list...giggle...I revert back to a child as soon as I skip through those double doors.
Well, darlin' my cup is empty and I MUST get on with my day...OH, but before I leave you I must wipe the pastry crumbs from my chin and tell you how completely delicious that cherry pie was...just delicious was this post dear one...thank you my sweet, sweet, friend....HAPPY DAY dear heart... rosie......

Bela said...

Dear friend Anita, I am sure you will visit Brasil one day and will be in love with my country!!! Bright smiling people, warm weather, white sandy beaches, friends!! I was reading the answers and got happy I could know you a bit better:o)
Have a sweet, sweet weekend, my friend! Much love!! Bela.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet to know you yet a little better today...I so LOVE...... THAT....Have a beautiful weekend with that sweet Ruben.



shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, Anita, I loved this! You are so, so beautiful! Your wedding picture is gorgeous, so you! I hope you had the most wonderful, wonderful holiday and that your baking came out beautifully! I'm sure it did! XX!

The Dutchess said...

It would be so nice if you could visit me(or I YOU)..and Miss Moussie and Company..Lovely always:)

Just came home..Elynn sends a smile..I will send you a mail as soon a possible. Take care my dearest sister..stay warm and happy..ITS WEEKEND SOON...

lostpastremembered said...

How funny... I was just thinking about the house I found for my blog this week.. millions of pounds just for sale a few years ago... how I would love to live at Appleton Manor.... a house with an 800 year history... a dream.
How lovely to be where when and with whom you want, living in the now. That is a blessing. But even so there are dreams and the promise of more.
So happy that you pushed the button and share who you are with us all.

Createology said...

How lovely to read your beautiful post and learn a little more about you Miss Castles Crowns and Cottages. Life is lovely and very worth every step of the journey as your blogging takes me to dreamland. Happy weekend to you...

jade said...

Oh Anita, i kiss you for this wonderful post.............soooooooo lovely & charming, full of beauty and love!!!!!! And you look soooo beautiful and i enjoy all your i´ll go to bed with a smile on my face ;))!!! And thank you sooooo much for all your sweet comments & Sheila sends you 1000 kisses!!!! Have a wonderful 1. Advent weekend,

Hugs Jade

High Heeled Life said...

Mon Ami Anita; merci for sharing, it is wonderful learning a little more about you!!! Truly a magical post and the images you selected devine. Yes , close to nature makes life truly wonderful and breath taking. As always thank you for inspiring creativity and imagination... xo HHL

jade said...

And i loooove your new header and most of all pictures i love your wedding look like a princess from 18. Century!!!!
Kiss Jade

Indie.Tea said...

What a lovely entry, so beautiful.
I love the last bit, about your favorite place to be :)

Anonymous said...

So great to learn more about you. You look beautiful, Anita and I love the photo of you and hubby too! xo

La Petite Gallery said...

That photo of you and Rubin is great. You love life, and it shows in your posts. You are my Fairy preness, i love your whimsey.
loved your answers


I am so glad you pushed the blogger button:)
This is a great post, I love all the lovely photos , my faves are of you , you are quite lovely and of course Miss Audrey. I have only been in Anthropology once, while on vacation in New York, I fell in love with that store.
and wish we had one near where I live, but alas.. it is not to be, yet.
Have a blessed weekend dear one.

It's me said...

Haahhahah!!...welterusten...slaap Ria...

Patricia Cabrera said...

YOU are amazing Nita!!!! Thank you my dear, dearest friend to always include me in your home, thoughts and most important - YOUR HEART!

I LOVE YOU!!!! Tita

Deborah said...

Totally breath-taking as always Anita..
Thank you for your sweet thoughts..
you always delight my spirit.
Loving your new header, and your photos are so beautiful..and I like that I got to know you a little more....
You are so sweet my dear friend...

With all my heart...Deborah xoxo

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello Anita....I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying a relaxing weekend! This is the first time I have seen a post that answers personal questions with such creativity! But then you are one of the most creative people that I know! ~Hugs, Patti

June said...

I am totally in awe of my sweet Anita. What a beauty you are inside and out!
I'm glad you were lured into the blogging sphere by dear Nancy. It is a joy to know you!!!
big hugs

deb famularo said...

You are so adorable Anita ~ And now I can totally envision you walking around in Anthropologie attire!! I love it! :)
I hope all goes {faster} with the home front! It will all be worth it in the end dear!!! Hang in there!!!! Have a wonderful weekend! xOxO

C'est La Vie said...

mmmm loved this, sooo sweet. and i LOVED that wedding picture, holy cow.
i hope your holiday is going fabulously well and i just love the wintery feeling i get coming on over here :) just what i need

Incipient Wings said...

You are such a beautiful person!
what an amazing enlightening post, and the last question/answer you had was magical.
Blessings to you my wonderful sparkling friend!

Rosie said...

Ahhhhhh...what a gorgeous post...and your wedding photo, oh dearest such a precious memory...and Anita, your "chapeau belle" perfect.

Thank you for that deliciously flaky piece of "very cherry pie". I am at the shop tomorrow, so if perhaps you are making a turkey sandwich for yourself, ANYWAY... well ;D...oh, don't forget the dressing and cranberry sauce. THANK YOU sweet one, I will look forward to lunch now :)

Oh the "to do" list was L___O___N___G today...and girlfriend, I got it done. Am almost done my shopping list. Just the kids left...and they are the MOST FUN. But dearest....I am really missing them tonight :( they will both be home on the 19th.

I THINK I am done decorating...but even though I say that, I continue tweaking right up until that perfect morning. I just can't help it. Added another white tree to my kitchen, and now look for ANY excuse to wander into that room :)

Well dear heart, I must bid you farewell and skip off to bed. Have the BEST weekend EVER...may it be full of laughter and L*O*V*E... .....Rosie.....

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I do so l o v e your writhing style, my friend. Always a big pleasure coming over here, reading, looking and dreaming away. No make=up for me either, but I don't leave the house without a touch of lipgloss.
I am wishing you a wonderful merry happy Thanksgiving weekend with your sweetheart Ruben.
It looks like winter is banging on my door, we will be attacked by buckets of cold weather next week.
Il fait fffrrroiddd!!!
Love to YOU xxxxx

Christel Hutson said...

a beautiful post from a beautiful soul. Your heart speaks loudly, and we all love you for that! Wonderful, and inspiring, as always Anita. It's so so beautiful to see two people so much in love as you and Ruben. xoxox Christel

Orangesplaash said...

I always seem toadmire the photos on your site Anita. Keep up the work!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita I feel like you have just visited me over here in the Land Down Under!!! What a beautiful post you have made...the colours, the photos...I love love love the header...I must learn how to put the pics together like that!!!
And then coming here to comment and seeing your dearest Ruben's comment made me all fluttery for you...what loving words Ruben had written for you (sigh)...
You both have a lovely Sunday together...Cheers to you both...Love and Blessings, Dzintra♥x

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I will try that dear Anita...thank you!!!
Yes I have 'tasted' your turkey...magnificent, You are a very good cook I'm sure!!!
I hope you both have had a lovely Thanksgiving...we over here can only imagine what that would be like!!! Hugs, Dzintra♥x

KarenHarveyCox said...

As always Anita, you create beautiful words to match your lovely images to paint your heartfelt feelings.


The French Bear said...

Anita, I love this post!!!! Love the photos, so many great moments in time!!! Your blog is like the icing on the cake of blogging!!!!
I love way you touch my heart and comfort my soul with your inspiring train of thoughts... especially the favourite spot you like to sweet!!!
Margaret B

Violet said...

Anita, what a wonderful delightful post!!! Filled with beauty and blessing. It is such a joyful experience to learn more about you and what makes you who you are, to discover more of what delights you and creates a place of wonder in your heart. I woke up feeling kind of 'down' this morning but now you have brightened up my heart! I needed this beauty to stir me today : )

~Love! ~ Violet

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Anita
You are always lovely and what beautiful words to your husband!

Jacqueline said...

I do believe that I have come to a conclusion...You are a little Audrey and a little Snow White. I got the first clue when you mentioned the lips and some mascara here and there. That is Snow White! She is so beautiful, she needs no fuss...keep it simple in the make-up department and Snow would never wear perfume...the dwarfs are intoxicated with her beauty as is. And of course Snow has her prince...Ruben I believe his name is!

Keeping us delighted and going "deeper" knowing you is pure pleasure my friend. I don't know who half of your friends are in those far off places but I'd like to be your luggage tag and tag along!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita
What a breathtaking post.. Your art, thoughts and images always leave me with a smile and warm my heart.. Enjoy your weekend Anita..
Merci cher ami for including me in your thoughts.. Bebe sends her love.

koralee said...

Oh my sweet friend...I adore your post today.....

I have learned a little more about you!!!

Just read your first heart is melting..what a loving husband you have!!! *sigh*.."Home is you"....*sigh*

Hugs for a great weekend...stay cozy and warm with your sweetheart.

I just wish I could give you the BIGGEST HUG today. xoxoxo

koralee said...

Oh my sweet friend...I adore your post today.....

I have learned a little more about you!!!

Just read your first heart is melting..what a loving husband you have!!! *sigh*.."Home is you"....*sigh*

Hugs for a great weekend...stay cozy and warm with your sweetheart.

I just wish I could give you the BIGGEST HUG today. xoxoxo

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I always enjoy my visits to your blog. I feel like I am really getting to know the creative soul you are!

wendy said...

Came over here to visit you from Claudie's blog. I too am one of the girls invited to her AWESOME party this summer. I sure hope I can make will totally depend on family I live in Canada, and my kids all live in Utah....and it is the week of our reunion.

I Want. To. Be. There.

I am totally just one of the "country cowgirls". Not a lot of glitter and divine in my life right now. But, I secretly Love all things pretty, frilly, and sensual.
It just happens I hooked up with a cowboy.

Your blog is are you. Hope to be back here often.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I am sooo thankful for all you said today. I truly feel that compliment from you and know I appreciate it soo. I completely understand about assessment woes. I once forgot a whole paper in the grade book, yikes. I fixed it, of course, but, I questioned so much about my abilities and felt so bad because I knew how I would feel if it happened to me. We are all doing the best everyday that we can with what we have been given. You remember in the big scheme of things, this is a small moment. You have so many that outshine those that make you feel humbled. Such care and blessings to you.

Susan said...

Dear Anita,
Your post is so lovely, as always, but I am happy to get to know you even better! I think I shall dwell awhile on your sweetheart's words..."Home is you." The stuff of poets and novelists...oh, sweet Anita you are blessed!
More blessings and love to you!

Martina said...

Good eveneing dearest! It's so chilly cold here now! Just got back from a long teatime - followed by other thingsto eat and drink at an artist friends house. Wes sometimes paint together and currently show some work there in a kind of "Salon" - which is nice, because people get a feeling for how a painting could look in their own house. Tomorrow i want to just have a quiet day! So good you can have a good rest before the week gets of to a busy start again. Have a lovely sunday!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Anita
I though the last part of your post was the best of it.. until I read your husband's comment!!! perhaps that is just as wonderful.... 'Home Is You'... what a quote!!! You two are definitely living life with joy and passion... and give hope to those of us who aren't.. hahaha... I also loved your 'favourite makeup brand'.... 'Nature' too perfect!!!

Another enjoyable post from you Anita... and maybe some day we will get to meet.. you here or me there... Have a lovely weekend and thanks for brightening my Sunday... And thanks for your sweet sweet comment... You know.. I think you 'get' the thing I always find hard to explain when faced with awe inspiring wonders of this world!!! I think you summed it up perfectly!!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

And ciao to you too Ruben!!!

Nezzy said...

Dang if I haven't lost my talon roses somewhere here on the Ponderosa! Heeehehehe!

They'd scare the wild~eyed cattle anyway. :o)

I loved this but your post always pull me in to a land of enchantment.

God bless ya sweetie and have a splendid weekend!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening dear Anita
You came to visit again! What a dear you are.
Oh I just loved your post this week.. Although they all seem to be my favorite, until the next.. Zoe and Jasper are curled up together, staying nice and warm.. Fo a wee one, she sure is layed back.. Well, most of the time. tee hee.
Bebe and I are looking forward to this years Christmas pageant. I can hardly wait!
Stay warm my dear friend,

Claudie said...

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless..... I heard your echo. I answered your call with pleasure in my heart.
You my friend are a true blessing to all of us. If I could gather all our friends in blog land I would... but I've gathered the best, and you are one of them.
Ruben you are a lucky man.
Yes I visited pretty "paris in pink" through you. I'm sneaky like that sometimes ; ) I see Wendy came by, I truly hope she makes it. I want to wrap my arms around her. Not sure if you visited her blog yet, but she lost her son, very sad.
Now I can say see you soon.

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita .... such a beautiful post! How wonderful to have this lovely interview and I love your commments as always. Thank-you so much for mentioning me and if you ever do come "Down Under" I am here waiting for you and we will have a wonderful time. May I say your wedding photographs are absolutely stunning. How gorgeous are you!.. And Ruben very handsome! I believe that you and Ruben have a very similar relationship to Andrew and I ... I hate being apart from him and everything feels wrong until we are together. I will email you soon with lots of news including my beautiful sofa from Karina ... my sincerest best wishes always
You truly are so special ...

Presépio no Canal said...

OHH! So beautiful post! I love your photo and the photo of your marriage!!!
Me too, I only use lipstick and day cream, nothing more. :-)
Of course, you will visit me! We will have dejeuner et diner chez moi!! We can do a BBQ in our garden! I will show you the lakes and swans of our neighbourhood too :-)
We can go to some museums and/or parks or a place of your choice together :-)

Ah, about parks...see my photos of Hyde Park, in London. I remember you there because of the Christmas Market. Such an enchanting place! I guess you will love it!

I'd love you to come to NL in two different periodes: in the Spring to see the flowers, in the Winter, to enjoy the snow, the Sinterklaas (I wote about him, but I think you didn't see the post. I know you have been working so much)

and the Christmas Market in Achen, Germany, very near to the NL frontier.

We will have such fun! :-)!!!!

Come, come... :-)


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita what a wonderful thought!!! Nature truly is beautiful...we all have turns in experiencing her Wonder albeit at different times!!! You enjoy what must be heading for a Winter Wonderland over there...Dzintra♥x

Barbara said...

Marvelous post, Anita! We got to know you a little better.
And I loved your answers to the makeup natural. I feel the same way.
What a loving way to end the post. Ruben looks like a keeper! (But then you are a delight, he is lucky to have you too.)

Marie-Ange said...

Moi aussi j'adore le temps de l'Avent ...
Il y a comme un frémissement dans l'air, une magie, le chemin qui nous emmène vers Noël nous fait retrouver notre âme d'enfant ...
Tout devient plus beau, plus clair, lumineux ...
Je te souhaite un superbe premier dimanche de l'Avent ma très chère Anita.
Bisous doux

Marie-Ange said...

Oh Anita, j'ai oublié de te dire que mon fils Thomas, sa femme Christelle et leurs deux enfants, Caroline et Guillaume seront dans le Minnesota au moment des fêtes de Noël ...
Un Noël américain ...
Bisous rêveurs

koralee said...

Morning my dear...thank you for the morning smile.
Just sitting here with my morning my favourite Christmas mug...but now for long...lots to do today.
Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? I would soooo love to do some today but I have a million things I need to get done for school this week.
Tomorrow is my BIG dentist day...feeling very nervous but will be sooooo glad to have that behind me...
Have a great day...enjoying every moment.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Anita~

This is such a lovely post. I think you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

Much love,

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour dearest ~
school is busy, only two more weeks left. I will tell you more in an email. I will be thankful once the architecture class is over. Although I love it, it is very time consuming ~ very difficult when I don't have 30 hours to give one class but I determined to keep a 4.0 (fingers crossed!).
This is my favourite time of the year and I'm determined to enjoy EVERY second.
Wishing you a bon weekend!
xoxo, B

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Anita! My wish for you is that you will be able to visit your dear friends one day!!!
Big hugs,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita
Merci cher ami for your kind words.. The fairy dust is Crystalescent glitter.. Ultra fine (pink.. You can pick it up at Michaels, Joanne's may carry it..
Enjoy your day dear one..
What an exquisite bride you were my dear friend, and Ruben is such a handsom fellow.
Sending love and blessings and a BIG HUG!

Jorgelina said...

Lovely post, Anita!
Your blog is beautiful.Hugs

kerrie said...

Anita you make my heart melt. Your comment left for me wrote. Ah, makes my heart melt.

My son Luke just moved back home after having his heartbroken by his sweetheart of two years. He wanted to marry her, and both our families wanted it too...we've become family. So he is hurting. Please keep him in your sweet prayers.

It was good for us to getaway to the snow and be in the embrace of God and surrounded by the wonder of His creation.

I LOVE your new header!!!!!!! I have that snowy Paris image in my files and was going to use it in a December post. It is beautiful isn't it?

Bless you as we enter this holy season. love to you ox`kerrie

Rosie said...

Oh dear one, your day sounds perfect...It is such a blessing to hear courageous accounts of how Christ has touch hearts and changed lives. He is our H*O*P*E...And the cherry on window shop with your best friend.
Well dear one, I had a day filled with the JOY of Christmas...decided I needed a tree skirt, so wandered out to my shop and spent a blissful few hours sewing and creating...I LOVE to sew... anything and everything. Early in our marriage, spent a two years in a bridal shop, then a dear friend and I opened a children's clothing store. We had brand name goodies, but we also had our own line of VERY frilly girly dresses and crinolines. It was a very happy time.
So ANY excuse I get to immerse myself in fabric, I find quite GLORIOUS.
Even wrapped a few presents. Will try and get a few more done tomorrow. Picked up an old book of sheet music at the thrift store for all of $2, so have been having fun with this musical theme.
Well, will attempt to get a new post up tonight, so must wish you a fine evening and HAPPY week my dear friend...Will be praying all goes well with Bob...hugs...Rosie

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My Sweet Anita....

You are SUCH a SHUFFLE your RUFFLES kind of chickie... :-)

And, how I would LOVE you to pop on over to is sooooooo cold right now. I think we must still be breaking records of all kinds..... YIKES!

No make-up! Sooooooo pretty without.... You don't need it.

Big huggies....


PS.... I hope your Thanksgiving was wonder-FUL!


koralee said...

Thank you for the well wishes sweet friend...tomorrow at 2pm I will be doing a happy dance because all will be over.

Have a great day at school tomorrow...3 weeks to go! xoxoxoxo

Victoria Sayer said...

Gid'day Anita.
Your wedding Must have been some wedding.
So so wonderful to know you still feel the same about your husband so far into your life together, as I do about my husband. This will be our 36th wedding anniversary that we are coming up to this December. Just really nice that I married my knight in shining armour.
Your writing and photos always delights me. Thanks for sharing.

GrandmaK said...

Wonderful post! Grand journey as always! I especially like the collage!!! Have a grand day! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to visit! I'm just now getting into the swing of things since Thanksgiving pleasures and treasures! Cathy

erin said...

oh... i just love all your images and your creative answers!! my favorite is, "your favorite makeup choice" = "nature"!! i am in love with that answer and your fabulous picture shows how it has worked on are glowing with beauty! and married for 29 years says a lot about who you are(i have been married the SAME amount of years!!) next year for our 30th, i am planning something spectacular with my beloved hubby. don't know what though? i am so in love with your blog, my dear!!!!!!!!!

p.s. if you love turquoise and soft white....just wait til you see my dining room decorated for the holidays :0)

erin said...

i forgot to say,
please send me some of that minnesota snow!!!

deb famularo said...

I wish you were closer mon amie!! Yes, rhinestones are very US! What we we do without them!!!! Funny what a little sparkle can do!!! Have a beautiful week!!!!!!!! xOxO

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

I'm a first time visitor and I must say that I'm completely enchanted by Castles Crowns and Cottages -- love the collection of photos and the whole "feel" of it! I'm following now and looking forward to all future posts! I'd love for you to visit and follow too if you like :)

Ann Nichols said...

As always...your montage of words and color and images is flowing and poignant and giving of that perfect happily ever after ending! Your favorite the arms of your dear husband. Now that's romance! And you know... I'd have to say that my own dear husband holds that place in my life too. You are a dear dear blogging friend whose words always bring such elegant joy...
PS Really love this header!

Martina said...

Dearest, tons of snow here today - so fresh and pretty! Hope your weekend was just the way you like it. Mine was, only too short. Am in a dreamy mood today and want to dance and play in blogland all day long, but have to concentrate, awww! I really did make that hot chocolate, it's so delicious. Wish you a good start into the week! xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonsoir ma chere amie, did I already mention how much I'm in love with your header? It''s a sign of pure softness and warmth!! Trop joli!!
How are you, dearest Anita? I hope your week is off to a lovely start and you are not too much running already ^_~
I put the first christmas lights on my cupboard this afternoon, my little ones adore the colored ones, so my white cupboard is happily sparkling in yellow, blue, rouge, vert and pink. I did not close the curtains yet and so the little lights shine on in my backyard.
Have a happy Monday, do stay warm. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Anita!

I find myself reflected in many of your sentiments in this post! and that, my friend is a beautiful bunch of things to have in common.

I adore this post half as much as I have come to adore your sweet personality and sense of gorgeous living!
Could it be that we were separated at birth! heheee..

I hope Anita, that this comment finds you in great spirits this evening! Sending you much love from Canada...

ciao bella!

creative carmelina

Privet and Holly said...

Oh my, I'm completely
entranced by your lovely
answers and beautiful
pictures!!! LOVE the pic
of you and Ruben so young
and fresh and ready to take
on the world, together. May
you visit all of the lovely
places that you mentioned.
Those other bloggers would
adore meeting you, as I have,
dear, dear Anita!
xx Suzanne

koralee said...

Oh my sweet is all behind me now. Really it was not as bad as I had anticipated! My dentist is really very sweet...he knew my fears and was very easy on me. My mouth is very sore but my heart is HAPPY! I am missing my evening tea..maybe I will be able to have my morning tea!
Thank you soooo much for all your prayers...I know that is what got me through so calmly. I was thinking of all my sweet blog friends and going through each and everyone of your names imagining you were right there with me...I even started to cry thinking about all the love. I had to stop my thoughts fast though because I did not want my dentist to think I was crying because of his work.

Have a great evening and please have a cup of tea for me!!! Love you. oxxoxoxo

Sonja said...

another adventure that just carries me away! Honestly... your pictures, words, and the most perfectly selected music are absolutely enchanting!!

I'm still humming with Louis, and thinking of the eye candy pictures as I leave here tonight. Just beautiful!!

Rosie said... feet are elevated, a fire is dancing in the fireplace...and I now have a cuppa in hand. This my dear has been a VERY L__O__N__G day.
Oh, but there is a satisfied smile on these lips. Dear heart, I got a ton done. My Christmas list has MANY check marks, there are wrapped gifts under the tree...AND "Mother Hubbards" cupboards are no longer bare. Yup, thinkin' I might just treat myself to a day in the kitchen tomorrow. :) I have to decide what little morsel I will pack up for the ladies next week. I THINK maybe a shortbread of sorts, or I have a chocolate cherry cookie with a drizzel of fudge.
And you my sweet girl how did you make out with your meetings dear one? I am sure you dazzled them all with creative ideas and thoughtful caring words. I know you don't enjoy this part of your position, but they need to hear your wisdom and input...OH dear heart I think you WOWed them with your PURE brilliance.
So my dear, did you hear from our friend Bob yet? Is he ready to make your dreams come true? It will be just DREAMY when it is finished.
So it is time for me to pour a last cuppa and call it a night.
Have a JOYfilled day with your little cherubs...and we shall share another precious cuppa tomorrow...

Burlap Luxe said...

I found myself moved to the deepest part of my soul being.

Beautiful friend, you could include me in on your visit to California, for a moment in your company would be nothing less than a beautiful one.

I love and adore Canada, I have made that a place I would love to live. Have enjoyed my visits there where family lived and my dear friend who has now moved to California...I ask her why all the time :)

See you soon special friend.
Anita, email me with your Home address!

desde my ventana said...
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Anonymous said...

Awww... I loved your last answer the best! It's so romantic ♥ It's always nice to learn a little more about you. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Rayanne said...

Your posts makes me "happy"!
I just loved the part about your favorite place being in the arms of your husband and then reading his comment to you about that...a true love story.
I feel the same husband and I are crazy in-love after 35 years of being together, we still prefer one another.
So much enjoyed your post dear friend!


Hello Anita,
I just wanted to come over and let you know I am having a giveaway, come have a peek.

Ulla said...

Oh Anita, what a lovely post, and I adore the photo of you and yours! You are a one of a kind joy and it shows in all that you do!

Martina said...

Oh, Anita. lots of snow here as well - quite unusual so early in winter! So bad if your building project has to stop! I hope it won't, so you can enjoy your additional spice really soon. I bet you've made plans already how to use it! Yes, winter does make things harder in a way. To get from A to B to C can be quite adventurous with snow around. Here in germany, there was tons of chaos on the highways already. Thank god, we didn't have to drive. My office is in walking distance. Take care dear! Bisou, M.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonsoir, est-ce qu'il y a aussi beaucoup de neige dans Minnesota? Brrrr, we glide to school and back home again. The children are on cloud nine all day long. I'm more on cloud four or three ^_~
Bonne nuit mon chere amie, mille bisous xxx

Jeri Landers said...

Oh my gosh Ruben, where DID you get those glasses??!!! Great looking couple, you two! And if you ever get down this way, the goat gals and I will put on our aprons and cook y'all a big batch a biscuits and gravy! It's a Southern thing ya see.


deb famularo said...

You are right, if I lived near you, there definitely would be a shortage of glitter in Minneapolis!And our husbands would NOT be happy- we'd never leave our crafting spaces, except for our trips to Anthropologie, where again, the hubbies wouldn't be too happy with us!!!!!! SO tell me, did it snow- did they start framing yet???? xoxoxox

Stacey said...

I'm back from my trip and what a delightful post to welcome me back! I love tags because they help me to learn more about the author of a blog. This was an enlightening and very visually appealing post! XX

BonjourRomance said...

Dear Anita,
Another beautful post - the last part is my favorite! Meeting up with you in France would be day soon!!
I am late coming over again, will I ever get back on schedule? Did you and yoru Honey have a good Thanksgiving? We prepared a feast - my Honey is enjoying all the American holidays!
We need to touch base!

Rosie said...

Oh Anita dear, you start your day BEFORE the DAY has arrived! You are up SO early...when ever do you sleep?
And to know you made it through your interviews with flying colors, I had no doubt you would make a wonderful impression on each and every parent.

Well this morning was spent in the kitchen making candy...a little "tiger butter" {white chocolate, peanut butter, and semi sweet chocolate melted and all swirled together and poured in a 9x13 pan} both simple and delicious. Then attempted a bit of maple walnut fudge {Mom's favorite}...came out too grainy and sugary. Think I cooked it too fast, so will throw it back in the pot and remelt it.

HIP HIP HOORAY...for our man BOB! This my dear, is exciting! Give that man a hammer and set him loose! Oh dear one it won't take long once they start framing.

And the cherry on top?...You visiting Canada! Dear one, if EVER you are near by, you MUST come and see us girls on the west coast. You ALWAYS have a fluffy bed in Abbotsford. We will have a grand time with Koralee and any one else you want to visit...Oh dear one, this could work!

So...more shopping tomorrow and baking in the afternoon. And you my sweet friend, may you have a day filled with giggles and spontaneous bouts of girlish giddiness...oh dear heart, be so happy...blessings...Rosie

koralee said...

I have to giggle...something about me always being the 100th comment!
Hope your day was amazing...mine was! My sweet students just get sweeter by the day.

Happy December 1st...tonight I celebrate with a cup of tea...even if it is just warm.

Thankful for YOU! xoxox

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Beautiful comment from Ruben!! And such a lovely post. I have missed you. Away too long. I'm hoping you had a most fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and I'm looking forward to your next work of beauty!

Zabrinah said...

This is AMAZING. Wow. My favorite post of yours, definitely.

And I would like to applaud for using La Vie En Rose. It is so beautiful--so romantic, thought-provoking, and telling.


Best wishes,


LiLi M. said...

Bonjour Anita! Finally I am here, thanks for always dropping by at my place. December is such a busy time, so that is why I am late, but not too late.
First I want to congratulate you on winning the give away at Marie Antionette's dolls. Oh yes I have to admit it, I am late and I even didn't take a short cut.
I love love love this post. Of course we should welcome you and your family here in Holland, what fun would that be! Your photo is gorgeous! All images you used are, but your portraits really stand out!
Can I make a request? It is possible to let the comment screen pop up next to the post. So that, when you are commenting, you can check the post, in stead of what you have; the comment screen in a new window. Yes Anita, I'm getting a little older and when commenting I have to think: do I remember all the compliments I wanted to make? Do I give Anita enough credit? (never!). I almost forgot to mention your beautiful blog make over, there you have it.
Hoping that you will fulfill my request to change this, mille bisous, ma chère Anita, LiLi

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour chère Anita,
While I am trying to navigate you I somewhere closed the program and lost my comment so I just start all over again.

First I have this pop up myself and I am like you: using the old template, because we all heard so many evil things about the new one. I'll try to give my blog a make over sometime endish December.
So I am speaking old template:

First go to 'desig' in your upper bar on the left, above your blogpost. Just click design.

Then click settings (3rd from left)

Then push the 'comment' button,

Now you see the 3rd from above: Comment form placement. Now you have 3 choices. You probably have the first one, but when you choose the second or the third one, every one can comment and still see your post. The second one is a pop up window next to your post, the third one gives comments under your post.
It is quite easy, but if you don't manage to do this don't hesitate to ask, I will explain better,
Thank you Anita for leaving me always such sweet words. Visiting you as well as having you over at my place is always such a pleasure. Good luck!


Hello Sweet Anita,
I am just making the rounds to let people know they are entered in the giveaway. You are in one time for following and commenting. Thank you so much and Good luck! I will be drawing that winner on the 18th.
Blessings and hugs~

LiLi M. said...

Ahh you are such a doll Anita, to fullfil my request immediately and then ask whether I like this option better than the second one. It really is up to you, my dearest, I'm pleased already to scroll up and down while writing a comment. I guess when you have so many admirers as you have Anita, that scrolling up and down takes more time than the pop up version, but that is what you like personally. You can read the comments next to the post in the pop up version, but the one you have chosen is more clear, as always there are 2 sides to the medal, as we say it. I'm already pleased, mille fois merci! Have a good day, hopefully it doesn't feel as cold in your neck of the woods as here.

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my dearest!

I am late this week with my visit. So, sorry! This has already been one of the busiest weeks of my life. I love the photo of the blue and creamy white skirt. I have promised myself to be a bit more girly in my dressing.

Miss you and Ruben a bunch!! I look forward to some Christmas photos of your creamy white. Please do a post soon.


Kristin said...

Dear Anita! Thanks for welcoming me back! I've missed your creative posts too! I must say your header is gorgeous!!! Such nice colors and oooh, Paris! Lovely! And thanks for introducing me to some new blogs that I'll have to check out. I want to live as green as possible too - even though it is not easy. But little changes every day. Right now I've started taking a green drink every morning :) Well, now back to enjoying this enchanting December. I'm enjoying every minute!!! Have a lovely day:) :)

Kristin xoxo

Paris in Pink said...

Anita, I must tell you again how much I genuinely love this post. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this little Tag answer game. I knew your responses would be lovely, and this post is nothing short of INSPIRING! You truly have an eye for beauty and a talent for sharing it. The sheer numbers of your fan base should alone speak to how much you are adored by the blogging community! Bravo, chère Anita!!! :) Camille @ Paris in Pink

June said...

Dearest Anita,
you are the lovliest soul and I am thankful for your friendship. It is people like you in the world, that lets the beauty in.
big hug

koralee said...

Goodnight my friend...just had to pop over and see how you are! I am off to bed early...for some reason I was up at the wee hours of the morning thinking of all the things I had to get done and with only so many hours in a day. In December I think we should be given the gift of more hours....sooo much to do.

Have a blessed Thursday....can you believe it is the end of the week already???

Hugs and love

Rosie said...

Hello my dear,
Hoping your day was full cheerful children and merriment with your favorite colleagues. Oh dear one, I would love to wander down the halls, peeking in your classroom to wave a little greeting.
Today started so well, with a few chocolate cherry cookies be packed up and given away to a couple of my favorite people. Then it was out and about to preview an estate sale, nice sideboard. And then the day took a bit of a turn...and so did my ankle. As I was heading out to the shop I, it was dark and I took a spill. Good thing I am having a clean up surgery in January anyway. However, I had MANY things to do tomorrow...and they will not happen...Oh well, "C'est la vie" ...a day of rest it will be.
So dear one, may tomorrow be a day of "comfort and JOY" for you dearest...hugs Rosie

Ann Nichols said...

Dear Anita,
I know you can't post more often than you do... because the work that goes into these posts is immense but... I enjoy them so much I wish you could!! I know... when you retire!
Blessing for a lovely day!
PS I caught your cold! Drinking lots of Chamomile tea!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear Anita
thanks so much for your lovely comments.. You know I thought I had lost my mojo.. took me some attempts to get those glass floats shots.. it's been dark and raining here for days which makes the lighting terrible.. I never use flash!

I use two cameras. My newer is a Canon dSLR 550D but I think the model names vary from country to country... [my older camera is a Canon also.. but a compact]

Thanks again for your lovely comments and encouragement.. have a lovely day.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

Susan said...

Anita, What a great idea to scan the pages of my book! Why didn't I think of that? I could even format the size now couldn't I?
Thank you for the suggestion!
Happy day to you! May it be filled with many

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Gorgeous...thanks for calling by!!! Not long now and you will have you new machine...How Exciting...You are going to love it...and you will love creating with it also...Lots of fun...Have a beautiful day...Dzintra♥x

Kristin said...

Anita, I have discovered Picnic too and I love it! I'm actually working on a new look for my blog, but it is hard. I think I have to try several to see who I'll end up with. Well, continue to have a beautiful day! xo :)

Martina said...

Anita, did i tell you i love your new header? Paris frou frou - ah oui!
Must be fun to go there for Christmas shopping, all the lights, the cafés, beautiful people, gorgeous treats - i'm going with you now, in my daydream ;) Have a fantastic day in winter-wonderland!

Patricia Cabrera said...

I haven't heard from you so I thought to stop by and leave you my loving *hello* to you!!! Hope all is well with you.... love~

Micki said...

Lovely Post! I can see that Ruben is your soulmate...nothing is more important than having your "anam cara"...You two should visit Ireland one is a very spiritual place.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonne nuit, mon chere amie. Take good care, take that well deserved rest. We are covered by a white blanket. The sleigh is doing a great job these days. Much love to YOU for a wonderful happy merry lovely snowy weekend. xxxxxx

Casa Bella said...

With all the comments you received on this post, hope you can still see mine...because...I want to tell you how dear you are to me! I adore how positive you are. You are inspiring! I love each and every post. I'm hooked! Have a lovely, lovely day, my dear friend. Take care.

Fine Bessot said...

Quel plaisir de voir votre blog, Chère Anita !
A chaque fois les photos sont magnifiques et aussi j'en apprends un peu plus sur vous.
Moi, qui suis très casanière et surtout qui ai peur en avion, j'ai des envies de voyages, je voudrais aussi aller en Australie, au Canada, en Hollande, dans tous les pays du Nord, dans des villes au nom exotique comme Valparaiso en Amérique du Sud, Samarcande en Asie et bien d'autres encore.
J'aime voyager chez vous, chère Anita.
A très bientôt.

Martina said...

Hi Anita, thank you for visiting! The paintings on the walls of those rooms are added on my comnputer - i thought it's nice because it shows their actual sizes. In the blog posts they all look alike and you don't really know, wether it's a small or a big canvas. Must try to make more pix of them on walls. But sometimes, it's difficult, the light, the right angle ... Hope hoy have a fantastic day, enjoy it to the max! Soooooo freezing cold here as well, i feel like an eskimo-woman when i walk outside! Soon more, xx

koralee said...

Good morning my sweet friend...oh I wish you a wonderful day off...lucky girl...what I could do with a day off today!!!!

May you find Joy around every corner and take time to treat yourself with something special!!! I have one busy weekend a head of I will take a deep breath and dive into it head on !

Blessings and LOVE!!!!

Jeri Landers said...

Anita, I just perused this fabulous post again, Ah Louis! Your posts are always elegant, always classy... it blows me away!

Now you must revisit my last "rain" post, I have added a little home movie and I think you will like it! You will see Fiona right away.

Casa Bella said...

Sorry dear Anita! Nope. I meant you. Every word about how amazingly wonderful you are and how your blog just makes my day, were for you. Have a great weekend, my very dear friend.

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Sweet Lady,
I left a comment for you on the post below,You are the winner of my give away.
Hon please email me your addy
May God bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Just stopping by to say au revoir for a week or so... just need sometime at my art desk and to see to a friend's heart, brought food yesterday, other things need doing. Blessings.

Rosie said...

Hello my dear,
Thank you for your get well cuppa...just what I needed. Spent yesterday in bed and would have liked to have done the same today , but alas, the shop was in need of goodies. So, limped into the BIG city, this morning and rested this afternoon. My poor knee is not very pretty, but as I mentioned yesterday, it will get a clean up in January anyway...thankfully, although my ankle started this "hulabaloo" it is quite fine.

and dearest, YOU NOW HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DANCE FLOOR/sub floor...just perfect for a good old "happy dance"...I will watch :)
Oh this is SOOOOO exciting! I anxiously await a snappy when you have time.
Tomorrow, I will be at the shop. Will call in a helper, so I don't have to run so fast. Then Sunday I shall bake my cookies. Koralee will drive and I think it will be so very joyous :)
Well dear heart, I must finish making supper...Have a most restful weekend and I shall think of you tomorrow while having my first cuppa at the shop...xoxox...Rosie

Laura said...

Anita, I finally am your newest follower! So much time I've I run to read your previous posts...Everyone gives me joy and emotions.
You're so talented, darling!
Thanks for your cute comment!