Friday, April 29, 2011

The World Needs a Faerie Tale

Big dreams start off small

and as tiny faeries find their momentUM

ANYTHING becomes possible.

But the world needs 

A Faerie Tale 

a living testimony 

of a reflective and WILLING human being who examines


and who joyfully tears through the veil of doubt

with a smile

in order to gently land on someone's heart

to meet a need.

This spring

the world witnessed a LIVE faerie tale wedding

where for several hours

it seemed like

 a LARGE portion of the world BELIEVED.

Such faerie tales come 

and go.


can make the difference every day when

you realize

The World Needs a 

Faerie Tale

and you're it.

Listen to a child. Really listen.

Ask an elderly person for advice.

Make someone laugh.


The winner of my Bluebird Wand Giveaway is

the lovely DEB from 

Sparkling Scrapbooks!

One bluebird, on it's way!

Photo Credits:
All blue Tutus, childrens' clothes and rose fairy tent from Chasing Fireflies

Royal Wedding Photos - Reuters



Rattus Scribus said...

Dearest Bug,
You are truly an inspiration. The world needs a fairy tale alright. It seems that so much conspires to cause us to forget that what we are about is to bring beauty and love and magic story. Otherwise most of the things humans do in history is without lasting significance, certainly without grace.

highheeledlife said...

Congratulations Deb!!! I was fortunate to be a recipient of one of the beautiful and magical wands our sweet friend Anita has designed and I can tell you there is some wonderful inspiring magic in my wand ... so I'm certain yours will have some magic too!!

Mon ami Anita, you bring so much brightness to the world!! xo HHL

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

And again, a gorgeous post. I adore the color palette you used, ma chère amie. Congratulations to Deb, I am sure your wand is magically beautiful.
Much love for a wonderful weekend, Anita. Let's fill it up with joy and big smiles. Thank you for the reminder to keep, really, listening to my little ones.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oh Anita,
Wasn't the Wedding day the perfect Fairytale Day today? Your post was the perfect way to finish my fairytale day after enjoying Kate and William all through the day! ;-)
(and I was thinking just of you when I was admiring her beautiful crown)
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs and Blessings, Linnie

Sarah said...

Oh, lucky Deb! I know she is jumping for joy.
Anita, your posts are always magical. I've had a wonderful day "attending" all the royal events via internet. Thanks for sharing this perspective of the day. It was a "Faerie Tale" kind of day.
~ Sarah

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

What a sweet post you have shared here and I love the pretty colour pallet and photographs you have used. Congratulations to Deb.
Yes, the wedding was like a fairytale and they make such a gorgeous couple.

Happy weekend

Rosie said...

Ahhhh...YES, and what a fairy tale indeed. I caught small snippets throughout the lovely.
And dear one what a beautiful tribute to a little girls whimsical imagination and childhood dreams. We all have "princess" dreams
I set out an email "cuppa" on the sunny back porch. Just give me a yell when you get comfy and I'll come and join you for a spell...xoxo R

Cindy Swanson said...

You are so right...that wedding gave people something to be happy about, because when all is said and done, a wedding is a celebration of love! As always, Anita, your blog is a joy to experience!

mudderbear said...

This is just awesome, Anita. My daughters and I talk about this theme a lot and we strive to achieve it. This is the same things we have been discussing this week and now you have put it all in such beautiful form. Bless you for your talents.
love, Rosalie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi dear Anita
How beautiful and cute!!! Such a sweet post you have compiled for us today.. You know I didn't think I would get sentimental watching the wedding.. but as soon as I saw those two boys.. I got a little teary.. their mum would have been proud

Now as you know my telly had no colour.. so this gorgeous wedding image is my first glimpse of all
Will's looking glorious in his red!! hehe

Have a great weekend.. and dream a little fairy tale!! ciao xxx Julie

Victoria Sayer said...

Beautifully done! Anita.
Such pretty blues, and such beautiful pictures...and such thoughtful verse.
Yes, we can all do with a gilded carriage with fancy horses now and then. Wow! Do those Brits know how to do a wedding, or what?
Such a perfect day for them too. Here's hoping for a happily ever after.
Congratulations to the winner of your sweet birdie. Deb is SUCH a lucky duck!

Victoria Sayer said...

Oh. I forgot to say...

I LOVE that little bunny in your sidebar!!
Tell me he is inside your beautiful home on Rabbi Hill. :)

"Create Beauty" said...

What a day! Watching those two get married was magical. I loved my front row seat, it had the best views (upon the couch, watching the full recording of it with girlfriends...)

Did you see the hats the women wore? Well you know of course that Lynette and I wore ours all day long! And the Queen in her yellow... what a fascinating woman!

I only wish we could have shared the moments dear friend!!!

Beautiful post, lovely photos.

~ Violet

Nita Stacy said...

I was not excited about the royal wedding at all. But I was up so I watched it and found myself very touched. I cried through most of it. Memories of Charles and Diana's wedding and how sad they looked. Or he looked sad..she looked hesitant. Very strange to watch this wedding and remember that one 30 years ago. I found it very unsettling. This is a beautiful post.

Denise Covey said...

Thank you for sharing these glorious pictures. Lovely to see Di included. I spent the whole evening in front of the TV.What a lovely wedding.


Julie said...

I love as always how you paint pictures with words. I think you do examine the world and show us a very original and inspiring place.
Faerie Tales are the essence of childhood hopes. May we always hold onto them - even as adults.

I think our new Princess is really beautiful. She wore that beautiful dress - it didn't wear her. I hope for them a lifetime of together and understanding and time.

I visited your friends shoppe in Abbotsford a couple of weeks ago and blogged about it. Really a lovely place. Roses and Rutabagas. It's about a 30 minute drive from where I am living. I shall visit again, I promise.

I hope this day finds you well, and inspired rather than exhausted from so many little peoples questions. It is the weekend and it belongs to you.

Grenadine said...

De bien jolies photos que tu as posté là, ma préférée, celle du bébé dans la bassine, elle est vraiment craquante !
Bon week-end.

George The Lad said...

I myself didn't see it!! mom took me for a long walk and I was bushed when I got back!! I think
that was the idea, The Cheek of it!!!
She said,"It sure felt like a fairy tale yesterday and I hope it turns out that way for them, lovely post.
We do have the ability to make, and have happen, fairy tales ourselves, but sometimes don't always see them"
Heck mom that's a bit deep, go and get yourself a cup of tea ;)
Have a good week Anita and Balzac

Love and Hugs George and Jan xxxx

It's me said...

What a beautiful post darling.......wowwww.....thanks for doing this for us !! i enjoy it is amazing !! like a fairytale.........lovely dearest friend far away over the world.......did my post arrived yet??? love

Unknown said...

How adorablw is that little cherub in the first image sitting in that little bath so cute... Beautiful images. How breath takng did Kate look yesterday a true princess. I was glued to the telly was so emotional

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Anita ... so eloquently put and so true! The world does need a fairy tale and people need to hold onto what is important ... love, family, friends, kindness, respect, belief ...... I watched the royal wedding and I felt overwhelmed with love .... they are a very special couple and it is so wonderful to see magic but the magic really is all around us! I did feel sad though that Princess Diana was not there to see her beloved son wed his true love. I remember watching in 1981 as she nervously said her vows and thought how beautiful but also how scary it must be! Good luck to Wills and Kate and thank-you for such a beautiful post!
hugs and best wishes

Marie Söderberg said...

That was really a inspiration to read, thank you very much, you are SO right in every words...and what adorable little fairytales..
happy weekend/marie

The Dutchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dutchess said...

A fairytale post made by a true Faery....where could one find more magic and enchantment!!!
Thank you my dear...

desde my ventana said...

Thank you Anita for this wonderful post full of beautiful and harmonious images that you have selected to illustrate it.
It is true, every one of us can construct his own fairy tale and live it with very very much love.

I wish you a great weekend



Sem Nome said...

Such a pleasure to wake up with this tale!!! Your thoughts make me up and happy! Children are smiling angels, light and simple.
May your weekend be cozy and friendly and filed with the most beautiful feelings!!!

Love, Bela

Fay said...

Buongiorno Anita This is wonderful and always so pretty too
the first baby is adorable yes it WAS a day fabulous for everyone
I did about 12 posts !!! so no wonder you are still going !!188 was the latest have a great and realxing weekend and OF course you had a waist like that LOve fay xx

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Dearest Nita, Yes, I agree , every person has its own story and we all can make a difference- no matter how big or small , still a difference . The only thing in this life that is complete is what we receive from Jesus, all the rest is in vain and shall pass.
Kate looked amazing.. such a perfect looking bride!!!
I love your "perfect day "video too!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post, Anita, as always! Love the baby in the first photo. I have found that elders really do give the best advice. They have so much life experience and have truly figured out what is important in this life. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

deb famularo said...

Okay my beautiful friend!! Every week you have the most inspiring, positive posts that always touch my heart or give me a powerful message that I need to be reminded of. You combine your natural gift of writing with pretty imagery that is like no other. Who would have known that this week's post would affect me the most? I am so thrilled Anita! I can't even begin to tell you! When I first saw the precious bird wand, I fell in love with it! I seriously never, ever imagined it would be coming to my home! What an incredible housewarming gift! This gorgeous bird wand is going to be treasured, I promise you that! It has already worked it's magic in fact! I feel so very grateful to have a piece of you in my home! I'll display her in my studio where I know she will always inspire me! Merci beaucoup mon amie. I will cherish it and you always. I can't stop smiling......thanks for making my day my friend! lots of love...xOxO

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour Anita! Whow did we enjoy the fairytale yesterday or what?! I was glued to the telly (to keep it a tad British). And you know what? Knowing that all my blogfriends, my relatives abroad we're watching the very same program at the very same moment does bond I think. Sometimes we just need a little bit of romance to share. Thanks for another beautiful post, have a great weekend for starters and a lovely week, bisous, ma chère amie, LiLi

C'est moi Claudette said...

Beautiful Anita.
How I would love to walk into Rosie's shop with you. I think that would be my fairy tale. To walk with you and Julie and see Rosie's eyes pop out and scream with delight. Can you imagine the hugs, laughter, tears, smiles from ear to ear? Oh my indeed.
LOVE your new colours and Believe header. I picture you like that.
Now I did go to that little girl site and look at all the pretty tutu's. A little on the pricey side, but oh so so cute.
I'm off to visit my mama for the day. The sun is shining and Randy is baking bread. He's having a professor friend over from Utah. I'm out of here, lol.
I have to shop for more Glitz & Glam stuff.
Have a splendid weekend my dear friend.
Love you
Love me

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

How wonderful! I am so happy for dear, Deb! This was a beautiful experience dearest friend! Blessings.

Joy Tilton said...

Congratulations to Deb! I was glued to the television yesterday, unusual for me but I just couldn't get enough of the fairytale! I hope that Prince William and Harry can find lasting happiness. You are spot on saying we need a Fairy Tale in our lives. Too much to bog us down these days so searching for that escape is so important. Love, love your thoughts on reaching out to someone older and wiser, esp. since so much of my time is spent in a nursing home. There is a wealth of worldly knowledge waiting for us in their memories and experiences. My grandchildren have so much to tell me each week, bursting at the seams! I remember being the Mom and there just wasn't enough time to sit and LISTEN...that is what grandparents do best you kow...listen! Another great post with memorable pictures that makes my heart sing, thank you!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Anita
I need belive in faerie tales...I think I could´nt live without them
Thank you for your delighful post

Unknown said...

So glad Deb linked over! I love the post today and your blog is absolutely gorgeous.
Happy Spring!

georgia ~ gi gi said...

We are never too old for faerie tales!!!!
Oh Anitat, how I LOVE your Beautiful, Charming, Dreamy Mind! You are so gifted! Love your new header ( is that you?)
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
And thank you SO much for your kind words you always give me, they are so appreciated! So glad we are Bloggie Friends!!!
Lots of love

gi gi

La Petite Gallery said...

I was totally mesmerized by this beautiful post. Love the CoCo quote.
It truly was a fairy tale wedding.
I think she will survive the mob.
Great photo's Anita.
Have a blessed weekend.

koralee said...

Oh I adore your sweet post once again...that first image made me smile from ear to ear!!!! Such pretty blues.

Just enought time to pop over to visit you my dear friend...we are off to Vancouver today..taking my sweet Ali in to do some shopping for her Graduation and we are wanting to visit all our favourite shops.

Have a great day....can you believe it is the weekend already??

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My dear Anita...

Wasn't that the best fun?? I LOVED it. I guess I'm still the sappy chick I was at 16. :-) She looked so beautiful and I loved her dress.... wasn't it just yummmy? She truly did look like a princess. And, I loved the fun aspect too. They were going to have a disco party for their reception.... complete with a roach coach. Well, just assuming it wouldn't be the yukky food that generally comes on one of those things. :-) Young, fun celebrating. That's what they need at the castle!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Huggies and lovies,

Simplement ... said...

Tchin tchin à la Vie, au Bonheur, à l'Amour ...
Ce mariage fut un enchantement ... une merveille d'émotion et d'amour ...
Merci pour tes images et les mots qui les accompagnent.
Bisous du coeur très chère Anita

Seawashed said...

Oh Anita I love this music! One of the things I miss about my children being young is that every morning, and I do mean every morning, I would wake and put on the Peter Rabbit video (which has this song as its theme music) for my children to wake to. It is such a special memory. Now I have those movies on DVD and play them every now and then. Recently my youngest Jeremy(whom I would always call Jeremy Fisher) was remembering that, and I told him that I am going to do the same thing with his children...when my future Grandbabies come to visit I will put Peter Rabbit on for them while I bake scones for their breakfast!

About the Fairie tale Royal wedding yesterday...YES!!!! It did bring the world together in such a beautiful wonderful magical way! We do believe...the greatest fairytale of all is that of our Beloved Bridegroom and his love for us, his bride. ox

Deana Sidney said...

I had meant to skip the wedding.. but I caved and got up at 430. I was so glad I did.

The world is such a mess... we all need a good dose of romance and fairytales to keep our balance. A world without imagination and romance is such a dry sad world.

I made my own wedding brunch with homemade croissants with violet jelly, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon... I felt like royalty. I think those of us who read your blog regularly probably do little things like that all the time... such a treat.

The Chanel quote was perfect. It's not about the parts you play... it's the soul that inhabits all those parts of you that illuminates and defines you... that's what you need to feed and care for.

Have a lovely romantic weekend, dear Anita.

Unknown said...

Your words speak volumes to me! Thank you the reminder that we all spin our fairy tales!
Yesterday we sat early with tiaras and champagne and toasted to happy endings and wonderful beginnings, to this couple and all of us!
Wonderful pictures! Such eye candy!
Merci beaucoup!

Vær våken said...

Hi Anita! So much wisdom hidden in your post today! So true, let's make our life a fairytale...! And I love your blue and turquoise images! And your new header picture! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend :)

xx Kristin

Grace said...

The World efinately needed this beautiful wedding on Friday! It was so beautiful. I woke up at 4:00 AM to watch glued to the tv. I knew they would show it 100 more times but I just had to. lol It was so nice to wake up to a fairytale instead of the usual fires murders and all the other things. I know there was alot of sadness with the Tornadeo's and my heart breaks for them all but this was a little nice break for Me. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and lucky girl to win that gorgeous wand!! Whoo Hoo! Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie. Grace xoox

Deborah said...

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
If you’re young at heart
For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind
If you’re young at heart

Don’t you know that it’s worth every treasure on earth
To be young at heart
For as rich as you are it’s much better by far
To be young at heart

I love the words to these lyrics of "Young at Heart"
and you've captured this so well Anita!!
As always, a gorgeous, uplifting post!

Much love,
Deborah xoxoxo

Rae said...

Sweet,Sweet Anita,
you have again blessed me with your oh so thoughtful posts!
It's simply wonderful coming to visit you.

Fay said...

sweetpie as you know my pesky blogger seems to eat half of my pictures or distort them ,so i never really know what you are seeing its IRRITATING xxx

Peeters Liliane said...

My dearest Anita,
How I love fairy tales and the wedding of William and Kate is realy a fairy tale. Hopefully a never ending story!
The pictures that you chose are touching and cute.
How was your birthday dearest?

Peeters Liliane said...

I feel very good, it feels like I'm reborn!! Thank you for asking.
And thank you for your lovely comment.
Have an nice and magical sunday,
Liliane said...

Whisked away again... just the music would be enough, but the pictures and your words... you always find my heart so quickly!

Thank you for the beautiful sharing Anita... it blesses me.


I could eat that baby in the dishpan with a spoon!! :)

Champagne Macarons said...

Beautiful post, darling. I do love a fairy tale!
I did not watch William and Kate's wedding, but I remember Princess Diana's. I don't remember my age but I loved watching every moment. She, to me, was the epitome of a princess. It saddens me to think that she missed this special day for her son.
How are you? I can't believe how quickly our school year is coming to an end. I agree, the classrooms are becoming larger and the system is a mess..everywhere. I could go on. Our district is supposed to keep the number of students under 20-21 and, thankfully, they have managed to do so. Smaller groups are what children NEED also. I love helping in the classrooms, reading to the children and talking with them. My kids tell me how much they wish I was their teacher.. but I am at home. Do you have any special upcoming summer plans? I'm certain you have a fabulous summer planned.
Wishing you a most lovely weekend! xoxo, B

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Anita,
That wedding was beautiful, yet left me with a sad feeling of wishing Williams Mum was their to be by her sons side.
We all live through these eventful times. Anita the song PERFECT DAY!
you posted I have listend to it since Hannah was a little girl of about age 1... I had goten her the music series of Beatrix Potter and that very song is on it! we loved hearing it on your site.

Beautiful post :)

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

What a pretty, inspiring post! The royal wedding was fabulous and Kate looked gorgeous and so regal!

Hearts Turned said...

*Sigh* That was so refreshing...thank-you, dearest Anita, for another marvelous post. It's always such a joy to visit you...

Wishing you the loveliest weekend, dear friend...thanks for all the joy you share...


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Anita
So sorry I am late.. I was attending a wedding shower and just returned home.. ahhhhh...Love is in the air.
You are a living fairy tale my sweet friend.. What a beautiful post..
Sending love and blessings your way.

Createology said...

Thank you Anita for showing us the way to a more beautiful and fulfilling life. Love the photos, the words and of course the fairy tale. I do believe...

Unknown said...

In our dreams we can dance in the palace and kiss on the balcony men named Prince Len and Prince Ruben...oh yes we can!

If I were to show up at the Royal Wedding I shall pick out a hat with pretty teal blue and about you?

I loved watching the wedding...a fairy tale has begun for sure.

Off to the land of nod. I am so tired. Today was the last day at the store and there was much to clean up and sort and give back to vendors and even some customers too.

I need my beauty rest...tee hee and I'll be good as new in the morning.

So thrilled you loved the journal. A wonderful women called Myrna made it. She sold many in my store. She is from the deep south and such a nice women. She also made those chocolate rabbit buttons you saw on my blog awhile back.

I read your email and will send you one back after church tomorrow.

Rosie said...

Hey there G.F....
What tha dilly yo?
I be chillaxin hind the hizzle,
and I'm fittin' to splash the "T",
so jet on over to yo email sista

Marga said...

Hello Anita.
I was visiting your blog and I find it lovely.
I go to follow your blog.
(my english isn't very good, sorry)
Have a nice day.
Greetings Marga

Sacha said...

Le gamin en bleu dans la bassine est trop chou c'est un superbe cliché ( la couleur bleu est ma couleur préférée )
Je te souhaite une très belle journée du 1 er mai !

Unknown said...

You are so right, I never thought about it, but it is so true. The world needed a fairytale. To have the wings of hope painted on these two young people' new future together.

To watch them capture the romance and adventure of youth, even during a time when the world suffers with so much uncertainty. It was fitting that her bridal party was made up of so many children.

When I watched them make the circle around the Queen Elizabeth statue in that cartoon of a car with the balloons, it made me smile. Like the way a rainbow makes you smile.

Thank you for once again taking us away on a beautiful hot air balloon of magic. You have no idea how much I enjoy coming here to be provoked to thought, to escape into Neverland for a while, to be inspired to dream.


Maria said...

Hi Anita...
Good Sunday Morning to you! I'm guessing the sun is shining where you live as well ♥ ahhh it's heavenly ~ thank YOU LORD!
We really needed some sunshine and always your SONshine!
Blessings to you today and always,
ps. Congrats to Deb!
Beautiful photos of lovely ladies in aqua and in white!

*❀* said...

excuse me while i catch my breath and dry my eyes, this post as with so many of your lovely chapters/creations has caught me with emotion.
dearest Anita, you always bring the Fairytale alive for us! and no less than today with this beauty you are sharing with us.
i though the wedding was wonderful! magical! and absolutely perfect and my dear brother was there too with the guards, which made me proud.

when i comes to Fairytale my dear You are a true genius!
i do treasure you so as a friend, i mean how lovely to have a friend that is so magical :o) so talented and also so kind. Anita You are one very special person.

sending Enormous Hugs xxx


*❀* said...

p.s. that Miriam Stockley song is one of my favourites
here gentle voice is just like sweet blossoms blowing in a spring breeze

*❀* said...

Hello again my sweet

we must have been writing our comments in unison there :o)

thank you for your lovely words xxx

wishing the Happiest, most Magical month of May xxx

warmest Hugs and Love xxx


jerilanders said...

Anita, It is always a pleasure to visit THIS fairytale world.
Yes, big dreams start out small, and what an adventure to watch them grow into fantastic realities! That is what anyone with an imagination and perseverance can achieve, fairy tales come to life.
PS You WOULD look great with long hair! But you look great with short hair too.

victorian parlor II said...

And a fairy tale we got! The wedding was such a blessing to watch. It was such fun to watch a real live fairy tale come true. Your post is just as lovely:).



George The Lad said...

Hi Anita, you take which ever one you want. I know Mille it was her that put in in contact though her blog with postcards from the P.P.:)
I must visit her later.
That was a very kind comment she left, as you always do.
Love and Hugs George xxxx

Mapi said...

Hello dear Anita, beautiful music, another perfect day !
It's all so enchanting !
Love is magic.

Martina said...

Magical Anita! Love all these sweet fairies here, and the fairytale-wedding pix! Yes, so important to not forget to dream and let your inner fairy fly freely sometimes! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, dreaming and playing! xox

Barbara said...

It was a wedding filled with hope, Anita. Magical fairy tale, certainly. We all needed it, I think.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

beautiful post as always!
come visit me soon - have a surprise new addition!
fee ♥
ps - I don't need to ask an elderly person for advice - my Mum gives me advice on an hourly basis...whether I ask for it or not!!!

"Create Beauty" said...

Hello Dear Heart!
Here it is MAY DAY and are we ever having a beauty, with blue skies and sunshine and tulips blooming!

Oh yes, how we need a fairytale!!!

~ Violet

Unknown said...

happy May day Anita
In days of old ( like my child hood !!) we would have been dancing around the Maypole Love fayxx glad your having a super weekend

Beach House Living said...

When one stops believing in fairy tales one stops dreaming...

Sometimes the fairy tale is true....

Marion said...

Hello, I came here through the Bela’s Blog. I liked what I saw and I've been getting follower! Certainly your posts will be inspiring for my creations. I leave the invitation to visit my blog Criações em família e cia. ! (Family creations & co.).

bikim said...

gorgeous post once more!!!!!!!!!!!
love the photos and the music!
it is all so gorgeous!
happy week,

Privet and Holly said...

YES. It was just
amazing to feel
the world pulling
towards goodness
for that brief
shining hour....
Loved this.
Have a wonderful
week, my friend!
xx Suzanne

koralee said...

Hi my sweet friend!
How was your weekend? I was thinking of you but did not make it over as my days were full.

Our sun is shining so was such a lovely day.

Another week before us...we can do it! If you can I can! xoxox

Rosie said...

Sending you an email HUG to start this week, my dear friend.

Fay said...

Hoping that spring reaches you soon Yes its good news about the lace , and of course England ad France have always been closely connected one way and another have a great day love fay xx

Martina said...

Hi Anita, i hope your weekend was lovely! I feel so tired today, although i went to bed early. Maybe spring-tiredness? I bet a dress and cute shoes bring back that energy. So lpretty like your little fairies here. How did your week start? xox

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hello dear Anita! This post is absolutely amazing. I watched the Royal Wedding, and my first thought was, "I take everything back that I ever said about fairy tales don't come true in real life!" That was most definitely a faerie tale! I could have watched it over and over again all day long. It was beautiful and amazing and just PERFECT!
And I love your message in this post. So positive and uplifting!
From what you described in your comment, your house sounds beautiful! I love anything Marie Antoinette inspired :) And turquoise!
And how fun you were born in Los Angeles! I go there often and I hope to move closer to there someday. It would be easier because there are always things drawing me to drive down there anyway!
I hope you have a splendid Monday with lots of joy and smiles!
XO, Shawna

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I felt like Alice steppin' into your beautiful fairy tale here. Yes, the world need a fairytale. With the death of the big bad Ben Laden and the dream weddin' of a prince and his lovely bride it's kinda been a Disneylike weekend!

I do so wish this couple the happily ever Di's boys deserve.

God bless ya sweetie and have a dream of a day! :o)

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my beauty! What a gorgeous post!! It was an amazing event. We stayed up and watched it. We had scones, lemon tart, strawberries and cream. It was a blast.


michelle said...

Hello beautiful friend! Your post is dreamy! The world does need a faerie tale, a chance for everyone to believe in their dreams and make them happen. These beautiful children and their blue tutus are so precious! I remember watching Diana and Charles get married and thought that that was so special and such a perfect faerie tale wedding, I still do even though there was no happy ending. But it showed that dreams can come true and I pray that William and Kate can see their dreams to the end...a happy ending.
Blessings and love to you!

wendy said...

Ohhhhh..this was so nice.
There was so much of it I loved.
I liked "meet the veil of doubt with a smile"
That would be awesome if I were able to do that. I meet doubt with fear and trepidation...I should just smile and "let it be"

Also I loved "gently land on someones heart to meet a need"...I so believe in that , I do believe the Lord works through us. I think if we listen to His promptings, and soften our hearts, we end up, without even knowing it TOUCHING and HELPING someone at the very time they were praying for it.
do you think that??

I watched almost all of the Royal wedding, cause I do like me a live fairy tale sometimes. I get all wrapped up in the pomp and ceremony of it all.
and I do wish them a happy ever after

Rosie said...

Down the walk...Up the stairs...roooot, rummage,....still hunting...jiggle, joggle...OK, just a minute...I'm just going to empty out this BIG, old mail bag on your porch...YUP, HERE IT IS!...Crrrreeeeak...through the mail slot...a little "email love"...just for you. So take it inside, and I'll come and join you on your GORGEOUS settee, when I am finished delivering all these notes and letters :) xoxox Rosie

koralee said...

Hi my friend....just came over for the evening news. Thinking about your hip all day. Maybe it is your SI joint in your pelvis. Keep stretching my friend.
I just came back from first appointment {why didn't I go there first????} I think I feel confident that he can fix me. The root of all this leg...hip and back pain in a degenerative disc. Which is not that great of news for my problems will be back but I have found some relief and he has given me hope with exercise and other strategies to manage. Yahoo.

We are lucky to have such a good health care system up here in Canada...what a blessing!

Hope your day was far less busy then you thought it would be this morning. Tuesday is track and field day so I will be staying behind and working on other school related tasks as my back will just not hold out measuring long jump jumps!

Sending you oodles of love and will continue to pray for that hip of yours...maybe a nice long vacation in the sun would help! I will pick you up soon...any special place you would like me to take you too?

koralee said...

oops "to" not "too"!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Dearest Anita...we are back from celebrating Mum's High Tea!!! Thank you so very much for popping in with your beautiful comment...
I feel like I'm in a Faerie Tale reading this...if only time could stand still for a moment and I could pop in and frolic with these little girls and play!!! Beautiful post as always...Love Dzintra

francis said...

Dearest ....I'm still here .....
the lucky winner of your adorable blue bird must be so happy !
Your post is absolutely wonderful .
I watched the wedding I love the fairy tale looks like for all the viewers ...... Oh my ...all those typical english traditions ....splendour all over .
But for them its reality !
The month of may has arrived .
The month in which I will become a grandmother .
The birds are singing their songs ... the name the well kept secret .
Lots of groetjes dear friend

designchic said...

The wedding was a fairytale the wonderful blues and as always - a great post!!

Martina said...

Whooohooo Anita, thanks for coming! So great to hear your spirits are up! We have some chilly days here too now, they are called the "Eisheiligen" which means, the Saints of the ice. There are always a few days in march, where almost everything freezes again, and delicate plants have to be brought in. But soon it will be tutus and ballerinas - promised! Cheers to the sun! xx

Miss Sandra said...

Simply beautiful and true.
Blissful Tidings,

michelle said...

Oh say it is not so! SNOW? I hope it melts soon. This spring has been so cold and icky. We have not had sun either. :( I did see maybe next week it is supposed to warm up but we shall see. I guess it was just meant to be and we are to snuggle some more in our homes. I had a fire going last night I was so chilled. It was very wonderful though. :)
Have a beautiful day dear Anita.

koralee said...

Hi sweet you have snow??? NO way!

Hope your day was filled with sunshine my friend are good at bringing your own wherever you go.

I am soooo tired to make dinner and early to bed...what is it? I just can't keep my eyes open today.I can't even say I had a crazy day as the students where all at track and field.

Hugs. xoxoxo

erin's art and gardens said...

anita!!!! yes!
we sooooo need a faerie tale. i just love, love, LOVE how you put such beautiful words together. your voice is gorgeous.

so, my very favorite and unexpected part of the royal wedding was the live trees in the church!!! what a fabulous and unpretentious, gardeny touch! i didn't think i would enjoy the wedding as much as i did, but i totally got lost in the moment (the faerie tale) and being lost felt great.

a wonderful post, my dear,


Marion said...

Hello, I was very happy to have you as a follower on my blog! Welcome! Always comes back! I'll be happy with your visit, comments, suggestions! Glad you liked the pillow!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Have the sweetest dreams, chère Anita and a wonderful midweek! Bisous en knuffels xxxxx

Rosie said...

Greetings my sweet,
Today was a cloudy, under the weather kinda' day. But tomorrow is new, fresh and FULL of promise. May it be filled with sunshine that warms your face and places a smile upon it...hugs Rosie

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Oh wow Anita! I think you've said it best here :) Love your recap and what you have captured! Yes, I hope the inspiration of a fairly tale come true doesn't stop at the T.V. for people. We all need to live our own beautiful moments, created just for us...if we only dare to check in and arrive for our own celebrations right before our very eyes. Love you, Kelly

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Dear, it is in the air. Stress, everywhere. Please know that I am here and that we can weather anything. Blessings always, Amy

koralee said...

Hi my sweet friend....hope your day was amazing in everyway and your students were sweet little angels...and that must behave! You must get in and see about it!

My 8pm bedtime last night did me wonders of much more energy today! Or maybe it was that chocolate I ate...either way one of them worked. I am off to a Physio appointment once again...each day I feel a little improvement...went to see my Dr. today and he was very encouraging. I have an MRI on May 7th. Hope to get to the bottom of this.

Sending you lots of love for sweet dreams and a wonderful pain free Thursday. xoxoxo hugs

Rosie said...

Blowin' you an "email" kiss dear one...

jade said...

Hello, my sweetest friend, i have missed you soooo much (i have been ill for the last weeks and not here in blogland)!! Now i´m sooooooo happy, to see your wonderful Faerie Tale post...... i looooooooove it, thank you so much, my dearest Anita!!!!! And i was thinking of you, on your birthday at 23.4.......all my best wishes and big hugs to you.........hope, you had a wonderful day!!!!!!!! Enjoy every moment and have a lovely springtime,

warm blessings, Jade

desde my ventana said...

Good morning dear,
Have a lovely and inspiring Madrid we have a sunny and spring day,
Muchos besos,


Nita Stacy said...

Hi! Anita
I still can't answer your comments through email and I could not find your email in my vast inbox. Please send again and I'll save it where I can find it. I would answer many of your comments if you had it linked to your email. I loved this post. The wedding was beautiful but made me very sad.

You asked a couple of days ago about my cousin who was going through cancer and had a cabinet fall on her. Which punctured her lung causing it to deflate and her to go to the hospital for days. She was off work for three weeks to recuperate during which time I painted her bedroom. They got their furniture in and were waiting the curtains to arrive. When they do I will take photos.

She is back at work and doing fine. She says she has flash backs every time she walks past the cabinet. It is now anchored to the wall as is every other big piece of furniture in her very large office building.

I'm happy she is doing well. She has been through so much. I pray that her health continues. Her hair has almost grown back enough after all her treatments that she can go without a wig. She is very excited about that. She looks beautiful with very very short hair and I've told her so many times. She hates it though because it reminds her of the cancer.

She is in remission now...and we hope she stays that way for a long long time. Although she is stage she has to go to the doctor once a month now to be checked.

Thanks for your kind comments always about everything I do at my little cottage. I love seeing glimpses of your's too as they are similar. You asked how I found the time. Well, the tissue paper flowers are a very easy project. Although to make them all and hang them took a couple of hours.

Although the reason I was able to complete the big project of painting all my dining room furniture is that I am unemployed at the moment. I am doing freelance graphic design but lost my full time position so I have extra time at the moment. I will have to go back to work full time soon though. Wish I didn't...but I will have to....

It was much harder to keep the blog updated and work full time when I did. I was working like 18 hour days and then coming home and posting. I vow that my next job is not going to be like least I pray it won't be.

I always love visiting your lovely blog...send me your email again or hook your email up to comments. You just have to click a box I believe and type it in.

Silvia C said...

My goodness, sweet Anita. You did it again. You made me smile and shed a tear, but a tear of true happiness. Your words reminded me how each of us is unique and really a miracle. It's so wonderful not only to be alive, but to feel alive no matter our age.
Have a wonderful weekend, dearest.

Micki said...

Yes, dear Anita...we all need to believe in miracles and fairy tales. When I met Joe, it was a miracle, so from that day on, I believe in all that is magical!

Vær våken said...

Dear Anita, yeees, I'm ready after the 10th of June!!! And thaaaank you for your amazing sweet comment today! They always make my heart smile :)

x Kristin

{oc cottage} said...

Each of us needs a fairytale!

m ^..^

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Good evening, Anita! I hope you have been having a wonderful week! I found your Creamsicle Dreamsicle post! Oh what a perfect dream of beautiful creaminess! Such a lovely post. Now I am craving a creamsicle...or any dessert with orange and cream!
Speaking of L.A. again, I just found out today my very best friend here is moving away close to L.A. It makes me very sad, but it makes me hope more that I can move there someday.
Your comments always make my day when I see them! Blog land is such a joyful and much sweeter place because of wonderful people like you!
Have a lovely Friday, dear friend!
xo, Shawna

Rosie said...

A little back door cuppa, before the weekend, dearest.
....HAPPY FRIDAY, my picket fence sista...xoxo...R

hi-d said...

Beautiful Post. Those little darlings are so cute! Love that quote by Coco Chanel as well.

Have a lovely day!

Christmas-etc... said...

Dear Anita!
Oh...this was so lovely!! What an adventure! I love the blue you used (it seems like pink is the norm for such tales...). And "play!" That is my belief too - if only adults would "play" more just as we did when children! I just love going to the park and playing bad-mitten or just hitting a volley ball around! Play brings adventure to our hearts and after playing (in the real innocent and sweet meaning of the word) we can do almost anything!
And yes, the royal wedding was just lovely - may the future king and queen be very happy together always!

koralee said...

Happy Friday my friend...we made it once again. Isn't it crazy how fast time goes?
So happy to hear you are off to the Dr. on Monday...I will pray for you.

Enjoy your weekend...hope the sun will shine...wet and rainy here once again.


Vær våken said...

Oooh, thank you, dearest Anita! Have a LOVELY weekend!!!


Martina said...

Thank you for coming today Anita, so lovely to see your smiling face! Weekend, here we come! Whew - i can't wait for some free time. I think, the sun will be out and we will take a long walk tomorrow. Hope the snow is melting where you are - we all need the sun now, and an aqua fairy dress to dance in! Have a relaxing and wonderful time sweet friend! xx

A Tale of Two Cities said...

May we all be in tune to those around us who need a fairy tale of their own, and do what we can to make them come true.
One of my fairy tales came true last week when I was blessed to be able to witness all the wedding celebrations in London. Wishing the royal couple all the best....

hi-d said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. So, it sounds like you have your hands full with lots of students! What age group do you teach? And you teach French, correct?

Maximus is doing good...thanks for asking. :) Tomorrow he'll be 3 months old. Wow...time goes so fast!

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, so good to hear you had a nice day of - even with a doc's appointment! I hate going to doctors, but then, it's a relief to know that all is well! And a little time to breazhe in between is lovely. Hope you carry some relaxation into this day! Wouldn't it be fun if you had such a ribbon medaillon on your sleeve? Magic teacher's should have one! Hugs for the day! xx

Jay Jay said...

I always come back to your blog when I need a minute of calm in my life. Even for a guy your posts take me to another place and time.