Friday, September 30, 2011

Technical Difficulties? Take a Break

We all know what it feels like.
I have lost my specially dedicated post for the week

to BLOGGER technical difficulties.

Therefore, I will take a break.

source unknown
 And I will float OVER my dreams
via etsy
in hopes that I will wake up in a magical pumpkin patch

 and find my way back to remember that

Love to you all, my dear and wonderful friends.



aBroad said...

and I will be here tomorrow and tomorrow :)
besitos.. C

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

So sorry you lost your specially dedicated post you had done.
Life can be like that sometimes.
I will float over Paris in my dreams too, in the airship.
I do hope you have had a lovely week and now I wish you a happy weekend ahead.


erin said...

well, my dear, even with technical difficulties, you manage to give us beautiful imagery and words. but... where oh where could your pretty post have gone? i sure hope it will come back to you, as i know you filled it with your passion and frustrating to lose something that you worked so hard on. perhaps it will reappear?? my fingers are crossed.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hello dear Anita,

I am so sorry to hear you lost your post! Oh, the frustration! I know how you must be feeling. When this has happened to me, I have to think that it was not a waste, but an experience that enriched my life by putting something together that was going to inspire others, but at least could inspire me. A break is always refreshing though, and now I want to find myself in a magical pumpkin patch. You are so good at inviting your readers into other worlds...worlds full of magic and encouragement.
How are your days? Are you able to find some quiet time for painting or writing?
Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

Julie@beingRUBY said...

How annoying for you Anita
Blogger has been a real pain this week.. but still you have managed to send us some beauty in spite of the issues... Have a wonderful week and I hope you find your post in draft??? ciao xxx Julie

Ann said...

Enjoy your blogging days off...

Your readers like me will be here when your tech problems are solved ♥

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

helen tilston said...

Dear Anita

In your true beautiful fashion dearest Anita you are gracious, despite the loss of your post which I have no doubt must have been a thing of beauty.

Take a well deserved rest and we will all be waiting for you when you feel it is right.

Beautiful images and music, thank you
Helen xx

High Heeled Life said...

Mon Ami, Your post is still as lovely as always ..and carries an inspiring ... sometimes we just need to take a moment and not fuss over what we have no control of... smile and try again another time.

Wishing you a restful evening xo HHL

Elizabeth said...

Oh no, I am so sorry, I know how hard it has been for you to find the time to write and to have your work go missing is too frustrating. You wrote a beautiful substitute instead and I love it. I have that very saying on courage printed and posted next to my desk. I love it.

I hope my friend that you enjoy your weekend, do make time to relax, and play your harp.

We will all be waiting here for you...I will be in the beautiful pumpkin patch.

Hugs and courage, Elizabeth

Elaine said...

I have had a few blogger problems..I hate it when I can't do what I wnt and things don't work like they should...but that's life...we just need to pass and take a break. Have a nice weekend

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You have not lost anything.. This is just beautiful.. Sorry about the blogger issues.. No worries, you can make beauty out of thin air...
A little fae would like the pleasure of your company for tea.. Come on over dearest and sit awhile. We will be waiting.
Love to you

Fete et Fleur said...

I hate when that happens. I'll email soon. The end of the week got a bit crazy. I'm another year older!!


Beach House Living said...

Technical difficulties can change the outlook of your day however, you seem to have still made it beautiful as always.

Palomasea said...

Mais C'est La Vie, Ma Chere, n'est-ce pas?

A beautiful message, with beautiful photos, a marvelous quote, dreams of Paris in're always an inspiration.

Time to take a break and breathe (and SLEEP, hee) :)

Sweet dreams, Dearest!
Love to you,
- Irina

koralee said...

Sending you oodles of weekend love my sweet friend...I know this weekend you will recharge your batteries after a long has been a long one for me as well. Teaching always has its challenges but the rewards are so worth it. I am hoping to get much accomplished on all that I am working on so that next weekend I can enjoy my time with my Mom and is our Canadian Thanksgiving and we are going to visit them. Wed. is our last work day and then we have teacher convention for 2 days..I only need to go one of those a short teaching week for me.
Make every moment of your weekend count sweet one. xoxoxoxoxoxox
sorry if this does not make sense...I am very tired and need to get to bed ASAP! xoxoxoox

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Désolée Anita. Mauvais début de weekend pour toi. Quel idiot, ce Blogger! Ne t'inquiète pas: une petite pause, ça fait du bien. A très bientôt. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

hi-d said...

Oh my goodness!!!! SO STINKIN' FRUSTRATING!!! I am so sorry, dear Anita! But, you still know how to take a mishap and make it beautiful...

Have a lovely, relaxing and refreshing weekend!


Riet said...

Oh no, I don't know what blogger is doing but he is loosing our friends.I hear from several people who want to stop because of blogger. That is terribly sad.
Hope to see you back soon.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' Sugar, I know it's frustrating but you sure make frustrating beautiful. Take that much needed break that you so deserve and just breathe and be. I'll be here or you can visit me whenever you are ready.

Love and hugs...Tracy

Marie-Ange said...

Bonne pause belle Anita ...
Tu vas nous manquer.
A Tout bientôt j'espère
Mille bisous d'amitié

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, this post is beautiful though! A very wise quote and some beautiful pictures for me to adore. That pumpkin is such a perfect photo!!! Happy weekend to you!!!!!

Love, Kristin

My Spotty Pony said...

Anita Dearest, SO SORRY your post got lost, BUT, you will never lose ME and SPOTTY! We are your friends who will always be here :)
This post is simply lovely. How Spotty would love to be in that magical pumpkin patch with you.... although he would look like one if he stayed there too long :)
Have a quiet and restful weekend my lovely friend.
Sending hugs and much love, Abby and The Big Spot xx

Little Treasures said...

I can only relate to your sadness and frustration over the lost post because I felt it too! Blogger can sometimes be so harsh!
I can't wait to see that post Anita!
Have a nice weekend!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Anita:
Do not, at least in our presence, even whisper the name Blogger!!

But, despite all, you have, as always, produced an enchanting post not least on account of the inclusion of that wonderfully atmospheric image of the Eiffel Tower.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Dearest sweet Anita, I bet you will be playing your harp a lot this weekend, it must be so calming to just sit next to your lovely friend and go on a musical adventure together.
If it is of any help, I can tell you I have not been able to upload pictures into blogger for 5 days at a stretch. I guess Mr. Blogger is a bit tired of all the happy people floating around 24/7.
Paris is a good idea, a great idea! I am in, let us share a latte in a nice French Bistro and stroll the avenues with a red balloon with blue satin ribbon in our hands ...
Much love always xxxxx

vicki archer said...

I am sorry about your lost post....our loss actually.....These images are beautiful in any case Anita....Enjoy the weekend....xv

Burlap Luxe said...

Anita dear friend,
No need to worry about losing any special post the one taking its place is just as special :)

Every word you soulfully place to a dreamy photo tells its own special story, you are the one that tells a story of inspiration better then none other :)

I will be talking with you soon!


francis said...

oh you sweet one ....
everything happens for a reason .
Did you ever take a look on the mousse-blog I send you ?
The book is now in the stores
and was immediately sold-out as the following prints ...
the book will come in many languages . In 2012 in French .
La maison des souris Sam and Julia.
Yesterday there was an inteview with the writer/creator.
Impressive story . She was very very poor and lived with her mother and she only had one book about a mouse-family and she cherished that book .
later-on when she had a career and a burn-out she started to make a box with sam and julia and they needed a room and a bed and...and....
one box became two boxes and she ended when she reached the ceiling
and now there is this faboulus book !
Have a happy weekend !

desde my ventana said...

So bad, but I hope that you'll find your post dear Anita.
Have a lovely and rested weekend

Muchos besos


The Dutchess said...

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!

Hear me sing this for you my dear dear time on skype we could sing it together...:)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I think blogger has increased courage in all of us! Your pictures and quotes are beautiful as always...enjoy your rest!

ida said...

Ecck blogger man is on the stalk again!!! Anita dear relax with music and have a relaxing weekend.Ida OOXX

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

...and just when I told everyone in the house to "BE QUIET! I'm about ot read Anita's post!" (yes, I STILL do this after all this time!) :)
You could write one sentence...and you would still capture our hearts, Anita...
Wishing you much love this weekend (we WILL talk),
Lisa xoxo

Bela said...

My friend, I close my eyes and can see your beautiful images and read your awesome words, lost, but found by a friend reader!!! Don´t be frustrated, life goes beyond all this!
Much love!!!

Becky~ said...

Oh my Anita sorry to hear that.I can imagine your frustration.This post was lovely.I especially enjoyed the last part...that is so very true.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.hugs!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Anita,

I know how long it must take you to create your gorgeous posts. I am sorry, but you know this post is lovely too. Anita, I fell madly in love with your friend Vicki's shop. I have a real love of the Australian style. I love their colors. You must attract a large Australian audience because your posts reflect the gorgeous colors I believe that all began in Australia. They started the cupcake rage and many other pastel delights.

I had the pleasure to visiting Sydney when we lived in Asia. I only wish we could have lived there.

Have a beautiful day.


lostpastremembered said...

As if we don't have enough to worry about in this mad world we live in... I have a terror that everything will crash and I'll lose all my work. I write the blogs on word and then transfer and back up my system on Time Machine every few weeks (great Mac feature), and still I worry!! Just once I had everything go black a few years ago. Apple was able to transfer everything (this was pre-time machine) but it instilled a healthy respect for the vagaries of this machine I have come to regard as another limb!

With all the love and care you put into building the structure of your posts it must be disheartening to lose one. I can only wonder at what might have been... love the blimp photo!!!

~CC Catherine said...

Good Saturday Morning Sweet Friend! This post was short and sweet, but still put a smile on my face. It's been 10 years since I lay on the grass near the Eiffel Tower and for two hours just inhaled the view with my eyes. I have a pic of me standing in a nearby small garden with it in the background. It's one of my most favorite moments in my lifetime. I wonder why that structure brings such awe and wonder to so many of us? It's amazing!

I don't know if you've heard yet, but Claudie's Momma was taken to Hospice yesterday morning. Please continue to pray for her Mom that it won't be long, and her family that they will find peace as they say their goodbyes. It's an extremely hard place they are all in right now. Thanks friend! I know they are all feeling our prayers!

Hugs! xoxo

Ann said...

Oh Anita, thank you for your recent visit and lovely comment.

Just want to invite you to try and visit my other blog 'Mom's Turf' and I hope you enjoy it too.

As I've said, I'll be here waiting for your techie problems to go away.

Joycee said...

So frustrating. I am needed a facelift, both me and the blog but I meant the blog! Tomorrow is another day...

Bring Pretty Back said...

You put so much effort into your posts I bet you wanted to scream!
Have a nice little break and can't wait til the next one is posted!
Hugs and Have a pretty day!

Bring Pretty Back said...

You put so much effort into your posts I bet you wanted to scream!
Have a nice little break and can't wait til the next one is posted!
Hugs and Have a pretty day!

Denise said...

Your friends and followers who are your dedicated audience eagerly look forward to each meeting with you.Tehe who am I -whats with me.I must be in my own play this morning.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh I'm so sorry you have lost your dedicated post dear Anita...I have heard strange things have been happening in Blogland!!! Enjoy a well earned break and see you when you are back...Dzintra xo

GrandmaK said...

On the wings of inspiration your specially dedicated post will return! Wishing you well! Cathy

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Weekend Anita Love :)

I am so sorry about your post! This one is oh so lovely tho'.
The first image is beautiful.... but of course all your images you pick are!

Loafing needs no explanation and is its own excuse. ~Christopher Morley

Hope you get lots of loafing in this weekend!
Lots of love
gi gi

Gwendolyn said...

Hello Dear Anita,
I am so sorry to hear you lost the post you had been working on. I know how frustrating that can be. Yes, maybe taking a break will be good for you. I will be taking a blogging break soon as hubby and I will be going on a anniversary vacation at the end of next week. Have a blessed weekend, sending you hugs~

Rayanne said...

Oh how I have missed you friend!! So sorry about your post, but to me it was beautiful as always!!
Sending much love, Rayanne

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

There is nothing wrong with taking a break when frustration hits. I am always taking a break...I must be frustrated alot! Will miss you this week but we always have your ever inspirational backposts! ~Hugs, Patti

Susan said...

"Grrrrr" is all I can say when blogger doesn't cooperate with my efforts! I feel your frustration, sweet friend! May those technical difficulties be behind you! How is your school year going? I have a giant project due at the end of the month for the class I took this summer. I am frazzled! But I look forward to the day I place that packet in the mail! THAT will be the BEST feeling! It's raining like crazy here today, but it makes for a good day to get lots of work done! Happy week-end, Anita!

The enchanted home said...

I share your frustration...blooger is to blame for many a ruined post lately, keep hearing of all kinds of new issues cropping up! Hope they get it together soon...and maybe the silver lining is that this will give YOU a much deserved break to take it easy, relaaaaax and hopefully enjoy a relaxing weekend!

"Create Beauty" said...

Well look at how you come up with something beautiful after all the frustration!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend my dear and get some much-needed rest and replenish your soul....

LOVE you!!!!

Deborah said...

Anita I love this saying...and it is so true....
Love your photos here and Im so sorry blogger wasnt be very nice to you :(
Love to you my sweet friend!!!

Deborah xoxoxoox

Sylvia said...

Dear Anita,
Sometimes so much wisdom can be packed in so little words ; I love the quote ( I posted that very saying in my son's room years ago ) and this pumpkin is magical, indeed . Take a break , my friend , I will be here when you return .

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Anita, dear!!!! So sorry for your frustration, and for the loss of your What-Must-Have-Been-Wonderful post!!! I couldn't sleep last night, and as i was tossing and turning I thought "It's Friday...Anita always posts on Friday night late! So I "sprang from my bed" [ comme le poem de St. Nick] and ran into my DH's office computer, and there it was!!! A bit briefer than your usual, but still filled with beauty, love, and hope, not to mention all those lovely "Aquafied Anitaisms". A most satisfying post on our end, dear girl, but I know you feel so bad that the original was lost. And now it appears that my post to you at 1:30 in the morning was ALSO LOST!!! So, my fellow Lost Lamb, I came back and let's try this again!!
Thanks for the message. I never would have known!
Love and there-theres,

UPDATE! Well, this comment did not "take" again from my DH's computer, but I was a smarty and cut and pasted it into an email before I hit "publish your comment" and sent it to myself. Now I am trying this from my Mac. Let's see if he can take on M. Blogger!!!

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Ta-Dah!! et VOILA!!!!!!!!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my goodness...I just HATE when that happens! Love your attitude, sweet Anita...even in disappointment, you're inspiring, my friend!

Hope your weekend is as lovely as you are...


millefeuilles said...

Anita, I can imagine how frustrated you must have felt on the moment but then, with your wisdom, you must have allowed those feelings to float away, far away, out of reach and simply moved on.

That pumpkin patch is heavenly! I love it.

I have been quiet lately too. It is necessary to change gears sometimes to compensate for the frenetic pace of life.

I wish you love, harmony and space to simply be because that is where the most fruitful creativity blossoms.


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dear Anita...
Hope you are enjoying your weekend..
I have the stomach flu.... :-(
So I'm watching DVR'ed shows I haven't seen & trying to rest...
I always love your blog posts!!!!
Hugs!!!! Shannon :-)

It's me said...

That is my greatest fear that i lost my blog......but it is internet could happened ......but i have your email adress so i never lost you out of my world....i hope love love love aanhouder wint lieverd......kus van

Martina said...

Ooooooooh, Anita, you lost your post? Blogger is strange sometimes. Maybe we got not as much comments, because some people have difficulties with blogger ... two freind mailed me to say they cannot leave comments on my blog, so we mustn't take it personally. You still managed to come up with something so lovely and inspiring! I hope you relax, dear friend. Times are strange, and we need our strenght and connect to out inner voice again! Hugs for a happy and delightful evening! xxoxoxo

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

blogger sends me crazy sometimes. Theres some pages where i cannot leave posts its so annoying & i cant even reply to posts on my own page :(
I love that first image

Jelisaveta said...

Beautiful! :))

Splenderosa said...

All is well with the world when you say so. Sending love, my friend...

Peeters Liliane said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your special post. Blogger can sometimes been a pain in the .....;-))
Mayby I can take a break with you?
Hugs my friend,

Peeters Liliane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
koralee said...

Hi sweet friend....I hope all is fine with you..some days can be very stressful in our job. Students don't behave like we want...I know Friday was an off day for many of my students...I think they where just tired..LIKE ME! Monday will be a good day.

Oh I adore your sweet sweet bluebird...and it is so me...I have it in my china hutch at my front entrance...and look at it all the time and think of our wonderful meeting. I will post about it seems I have so much to post about lately and I don't want to leave anyone out! My daughters told me I must hang your sweet bluebird on our Christmas tree and I thought that this would be a lovely idea...but for now he has a home in my hutch.
Miss you and thinking about you in my prayers. xoxoooxx

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I have to say there is nothing more frustrating. But everyone is right this post is lovely! Thank-you for all your beautiful posts.

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
Oh I do know the sting of losing work done on the computer!
Right now I'm watching my monitor fade into the sunset...
It's getting grayer and grayer!
We bought a new one tonight, just in case ~ and will wait to see what happens to this one!

Anita, do you have your posts emailed to yourself? As soon as I publish, my post {pictures and all} gets emailed to my g'mail account. I have been able to restore a post due to blogger difficulty this way. I just copy/paste the post back into a new post.

I hope you are able to find your lost post!

We went to church tonight and I am looking forward to a sweet day of rest tomorrow ...
I will try to honor it, but you know, we still have "construction" around the kitchen zone! It will be difficult not to get into it again!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday too!

Sue Jack said...

How do you manage to make even the crummiest days turn into butterfly moments?

Hope you are well......


YONKS said...

Lovely thoughts for a lovely peaceful Sunday morning!

Tiff said...

Oh blogger is so annoying sometimes.... sit back and let your mind float.... enjoy... relax..... Thank you for your visit, you always boost my spirits! I see those images you have shared and I feel uplifted! Ready to face a new term at school.... Last one for the year.... Happy week! X

Kerri said...

I bet it was a beautiful post as usual. So frustrating! Hope you have a very nice week and I will check back to see if you found your post ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the quote on courage. It's motivating and so true! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Anita!! xo

Jacqueline said...

Blogger must be on total overload and needs a break too! Blog owners should have scheduled coffee breaks for our poor blogger and then we wouldn't all have to be in this mess with buttons not pushing right or behaving. I've had my share of bumps in blog land too and it takes great courage to go on when you want to just twist your hair!

Sarah said...

Sorry for your frustration. I recently lost one as well. Take care and take your time. ~ Sarah

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my sweet friend,
It was in Saint Syr Sur Mer that we where robbed, Marseilles is only a 100km away.
It is verry beautiful there but you must always by so careful when you are on vacantion! But we have learned a major lesson!!!
How sorry to hear about your friend!
Yes my classes start soon and I'm still in a vacantion mood!!!
Take care my friend,

Peeters Liliane said...

My dear friend,
I want to thank you for your friendship! It feels good when people care about you!!!
Take a look at my blog I have a surprise for you.
Hugs for you my friend,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

How fitting that I should read your post just now--I've been trying to blog tonight and having so much trouble loading photos for some reason, that I finally decided to step away for awhile and wait until Blogger is more cooperative. We can sure get frustrated with all of this at times, that it's nice to be reminded to keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...


Calico Child said...

Oh Anita I am so pleased you are going to draw again & sell your work its is trully amazing you are one talented lady I look forward to seeing what you have created you must be sooo excited, well done for being brave have no fear as from what I have seen your work will be flying out the door :)))

Victoria Sayer said...

Hhhhmh. Blogger always reminds me of that little childhood rhyme.

You know the one about ...
"There was a little girl
who had a little curl,
right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very very GOOD...
But when she was bad, she was HORRID."

Blogger really can be a little bugger sometimes. Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist had the same problem...only it happened three times, I think, on the same post.
Relax, Anita. We will still all be right here when you do finally feel like tackling the post again.
In the meantime, know that you ARE LOVED.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Just found your blog. Love it. You have some beautiful pictures. So glad I found it.

Jacqueline said...

So sorry that happened! I just printed my entire blog using Blog 2 print because blogger removed mine for 2 days and it was the worst feeling ever. Now it feels so secure to have the whole thing safe and secure! I will be doing a post about it.

Keep sailing!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Well, dearest
I still like what you posted, even with technical difficulties. That dreamy aqua colored pumpkin is perfect for Cinderella's coach. And the luxurious reclining bohemian princess on her bed looks like she is in a dream world all her own. I would love to recline on that scrumptiously furnished bed any time of the day!
One other gal said it took her three tries the other day to blog her post...I am sure Winnie the Pooh would have said in his raspy voice 'Oh! Bother!'
May you have a splendid week doing the normal things of life...after all? What is normal anyway? Isn't every day an extraordinary day, never before experienced? I always did like the phrase 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life', I guess we are to make the most of it and live in our day dreams doing the normal routines.
Thank you for this post.
You make me think that the world can be viewed through rosy tinted glasses, or aqua tinted glasses...that would be even MORE lovely!
Teresa in California

Peeters Liliane said...

Good morning my friend,
I'm sorry to hear that you have problems for leaving a comment on my blog.
I'm happy that you like my new fairy, your comment means a lot to me!

Peeters Liliane said...
This maby wil work for you, this blog have a solution it works for me. This blog is in dutch but when you click on the pictures you can see what you must do :-)). The problem is the cookies on our blog.
And thank you for your comment.
Bloggen can be so fun if it works!!!

victorian parlor II said...

I can relate! Good luck dear friend with your technical difficulties. I hope that all goes well soon:).



michelle said...

Oh NO! I am so sorry dearest. Blogger has been such a bit difficult lately for me as well. I hope you rest and reflect and find joy in something inside and outside of your beautiful heart.
Much love to you!

Stephanie said...

It is such a pain when blogger won't work. So sorry you lost your post. But Anita, somehow only YOU could make a technical difficulties post beautiful! You're amazing.

Kristin said...

Ooooh, Anita, you just know how to say the right thing! Thank you!!!

Much love, Kristin

wendy said...

technical difficulties...bummer
but I still enjoyed your little thoughts and photos
cause big or small
you are always awesome
now...go enjoy your little break

Bohemian said...

Good Words of Wisdom... and I'm adoring the beautiful Hue of your new Banner, so Minty and Fresh!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,
Very beautiful photos!
Have a good night!

Christie said...

Sweetheart...dearest...I came to pop in, to see you, whether it was an old post, new post, red post, blue post, post with a mouse, post in a house, post in a box, post with a fox...;)))) YOU, who I miss terribly! And here I find your google-y goo has googled and gone!!! Good gracious!
I just think about you all the time, receive 157 compliments on my beautiful collier...EVERY single time I wear it!!! And miss our early summer fun. But, oh my, how I am up to my eyeballs in creative kingdom...illustrations are coming by inspiration express, I am creating my very first quilt (hand stitching it;) knitting myself into euphoria and baking new recipes every other day;) life is so very very good!
And I wonder how you and all the Rabbit Hill cottage dwellers are fairing on these beautiful autumnal days...
Know that I miss my dear girl and hope she is holding her head high through the stressful days of teaching.
Hugs and kisses and loves,

Virginia said...

Dear Anita,
I'm always so late commenting, so let me just say that a turquoise pumpkin makes me so very happy!!!

Bohemian said...

Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the Fashions at my Friend's Shop as much as I did. I caved and actually bought one of the pieces! *shhhhhhh, winks* I Hope to be wearing it soon once our weather cools down just a tad more so I can layer Beautiful Bohemian Fashions the way that I enjoy Style best... It was such a killer piece that I knew if I waited it would be gone... and well, once I tried it on & it fit so well & looked so lovely... I was doomed! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Elizabeth said...


I have tried to email you but something is not right in internetland tonight. I hope you received my email. Have a wonderful week my friend! I am so happy you enjoyed your time with Irena.

I love the new blog/shop. I cannot wait until it opens!!! You are going to be a huge success!

xoxo ELizabeth

Privet and Holly said...

SO frustrating,
as I know the
love you put into
selecting every
image and penning
each word. My
computer is having
major problems with
its operating system,
so we are on the cusp
of needing to buy
me another one....GRRR.
For now, I'm limping
along on my kid's old
computer in the basement!
Take a well-deserved
break, my sweet friend!
xx Suzanne

koralee said...

Hi sweet friend...thank you for popping over for a sweet hello!
I am glad all is well at school...the things we have to do...making everyone happy and getting along with all is a struggle sometimes.
It is a short teaching week for me as teacher convention is Thursday & Friday!

Sweet dreams to you my dear!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Anita, so sorry to hear of your troubles, but we'll all be waiting for your return. Missing you dear friend.

Casa Bella said...

Even with technical difficulties, your posts are wonderful. How do you do it? You choose the perfect mood and the perfect images to match. Oh, wonderful one, you are simply magnificent. I thank the blog Gods for inspiring you to share your many talents with us. Hope your week is going well. I am not sure what is happening to my life, but days go by quite fast since I've changed jobs. Besos, my dear friend.

La Petite Gallery said...

Dear Anita, I have said that so many times. Hope all is well with you. Enjoy the Autumn.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Faie would be truly honored to have a cuppa with TeaRat! Bebe would also like the pleasure of his company...

Maggie Asfahani Hajj said...

Really wonderful advice, Anita! xx

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

So sorry, lovely Anita! But just as precious as ever. Love that turquoise pumpkin! Better luck with the next one. Things always get better.
xoxo~ Kirsten

Martina said...

Anita, you are so sweet! And believe me - your smile brightens my day as well! We are both dealing with a lot of stress at the moment and have to nourish our soul as well! Hope your day is colorful and full of moments to treasure! xoxoxox

Classic Style said...

hello Anita you are like a shining star..hope see u around soon /Marie

Amish Stories said...

I have myself been having some technical difficulties with blogger over this past week, but at least you were able to still push a post out and give your readers pretty pictures to look at. Richard

koralee said...

Hugs to you my was your school day? My day was great...however the students were acting like zoo about yours? Lots of running around outside was in the agenda!

Midweek tomorrow!

Ann Nichols said...

Oh no! I think we all have those technical happenings! And... it is good to just sit back and take a break! (And hope it somehow resolves never know with computers!)
But you know, this is one of the reasons you are so good at always hit upon universal themes... something we all relate to!
Blessings dear Anita!

francis said...

sweet-one Wish we could have a break together and a little chat with an autumn tea and muse together ..... Have a wonderful day .

Karena said...

Anita even your "non " post is gorgeous!! As soon as I see the header images on your site I am instantly calmed!


Art by Karena

Karen Xavier said...

Anita, with great posts come great responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is to keep posting when there are technical difficulties. And you did just that! And this post is no lesser amusing than the rest.

Decor de Provence said...

Oh my... oh my!! Your header is breathtaking! Everything about your blog - your beautiful writing and your vision brings such joy and understanding to my heart! Thank you for sharing your gifts, you're truly an inspiration!


hi-d said...

Hello Dear Friend!

I hope you're having a good week. Can you believe it's already October? The weather has definitely cooled off around here and it feels like Fall.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You know I realized that I REALLY missed doing my Kooky & Maximus posts. It's been a while and it feels good to be back. :)

Have a wonderful afternoon, Anita!


Nezzy said...

My dear sweetie, I'm soooo sorry. Blogger has been quite the booger lately. I've had many say blogger would not allow 'em to comment, my pictures eaten and not and load everything recently. My daughter~in~loves blog totally disappeared, luckily it magically appeared the next day.

I do believe blogger is ill! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless you and have a peaceful day with technology that 'really' works! :o)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You dear sweet soul you... I am just speachless.. The words you left at my doorstep have touched me deeply... Thank you so much Anita... You are always there with endless encouragement and support.

Not Just a Waitress said...

Love that quote!!
And I'd love to wake up from a lovely dream and find myself in that pumpkin patch!!
Blessings, my friend. :) :) :)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Just want to drop by and wish you a good week.
It will soon be the weekend, and hopefully you will be able to relax.
Thanks for visiting me and sending hugs

YONKS said...

Thanks for stopping by and your kind thoughts. I have been in hibernation for a while. I think it only just hit me that Meg has gone, although we still see her 1 or 2 evenings per week. I have been a bit in the doldrums. She said on her facebook that she was so glad she moved out and I have found it hard not to take it personally although I know it's not, she just loves her own space and who can blame her. Anyway, just feeling sorry for myself and trying to keep busy.

I'm back!

koralee said...

Rise and Shine sweet we for another day of adventure...I wonder what the day will bring us both? I am thinking Good things....we just need to keep our eyes open to find them...they are everywhere.
Teachers convention today...I may be sitting doing a lot of daydreaming today...shhhhhh...don't tell!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for thinking fo me! I hope that you had a fabulous day! I know that the little ones can get the best of you but know this, you ae making such a difference in their lives. Not to mention they give you the ddrive to work on your art and writing!

Have a fabulous night!

xoxo ELizabeth

Kristin said...

Thaaank you, sweet Anita!!!


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hi beautiful Anita!!!!
How has your week been?
I feel much better this week!!! :-)
The weather here is very nice & autumn is my favorite time of year...
I love looking at all your art; you are so talented!!!
Sending lots of hugs!!! :-)
Shannon :-)

Sandra van Doorn said...

hello beautiful Anita, it’s so lovely to come back here after my break...xo sandra

Elizabeth said...

You are so sweet, kind and generous. Thank you so very much for your kind comments about my mothers birthday post. I am touched to say the least.

I am so happy that you had some time today with Irena, what a treat to be able to spend time with a dear friend.

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to a nice quite one. I have a big stack of books, magazines and of courses a fresh supply of hot chocolate.

Xoxo Elizabeth

hi-d said...

Thanks for stopping by...That's so sweet of you to want to draw a sketch of Maximus. :)

I am looking forward to your Etsy shop up and running. I think it's going to be a big success!

Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, Anita!

Jade said...

Hello, my dearest Anita,
looooove all your posts and i´m so sorry about your specially lost one!!!! And thank you so much, for all your sweet comments!! Sheila feels much better now and she sends you all her love!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Good morning, Anita! I am just stopping by for a quick hello! I am very sorry to hear that this is a rough school year. The bright side would be that you have a job like you said. But, please don't give up on your dreams. You may not have time to work on writing, but don't give up that hope and spark for when you do have time, perhaps on holiday vacations. I hope that you find inspiration in each day and in your students and everything that surrounds you, that you can continue to "fill up", as we have mentioned before. For filling up is important too!
Have a relaxing weekend! XOXO

francis said...

and than ....again.....a weekend...
Time to relax .... Time for yourself you just you .
especially YOU , only YOU .....
Focus the energy is staying IN you and does not go anywhere else .....
Yes you can !
Have a happy friday and beginning of the weekend !
Big hug for you

Jeri Landers said...

ANITA! I am drifting in and out of blogs to see what is going on, I miss out on a lot these busy days. I just wanted to say hello to you my friend, and wish you a lovely weekend.

koralee said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving I go see you Monday my sweet friend..have a great weekend. xoxoxo

Martina said...

Hi Anita, thank you for coming by today, although you are so busy! I am too! I have so much "fiddely" work to do on the computer, for another customer, that my eyes feel tired in the evening and i have to get away from the screen, But this will not last forever - maybe one more week. Would love to PAINT full days at the moment - a girl can dream, right= Much love for a happy evening - will come tom. and see your new post! xox

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm so sorry to see you are having technical difficulties still! I have been having the worst time with blogger too.

Thinking of you as I plunge ahead in teaching.

Love you!

Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

Oh my. I'm in L O V E with your blog. The photography you unearth is absolutely delicious and delightful :) Just stumbled upon your blog and look forward to reading more.

:) Jeanine

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Bonjour Anita-- Encore un magnifique billet! Tu offres toujours de la magie et du dépaysement. On en a bien besoin dans ce monde parfois déprimant. J'ai remarqué le nombre de messages de tes lectrices. Tu as un véritable fan club, dis-moi ;-) J'espère que tes cours se passent bien. Samedi, je serai toute la journée dans une université de la région pour présenter mes séminaires sur le voyage en France. Le cours sur Paris a toujours beaucoup de succés: nous voyageons dans tous les quartiers avec des plans de ville et même un spectacle de photos! A bientôt, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

.... keep your elegant heels clicking .... off you go....
stay warm and cozy sweet Anita xxxxx