Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to Finchley

After having experienced the 



and lights


of enchanting possibilities





how on earth 

could Susan 



and Lucy go  

Back to FiNChLey?


Those of us who also

have traveled 

through the wardrobe 

and back

to embrace

holiday bliss


sweet repose

unknown source

and flirt with personal goals



to face our own

realities of




and even


How will I live in my own



and I will dream while I am 





Dear readers,

I have some "dreaming" to catch up on during my waking hours as a wanna-be writer and busy teacher. Report cards are due soon so I will not be posting next week. However, I will be visiting you. See you in comment land my precious friends!

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castles crowns and cottages ©

photo header credits: 

Top left to right: Carla Coulson Photography from Vicki Archer's book, My French Life

The Paper Mulberry via Pinterest 

Child: Source unknown. Please let me know if this is your photo. 


Julienne said...

I am a dreamer by day. Would probably get a lot more done if I only dreamt at night!!!!!!
Love the pink door. xx

Divine Theatre said...

I have decided to spend more time in Narnia. No one can stop me.


bunny said...

Yup very busy time...back to work/school and I have 2 boutique shows coming up...Also thinking about opening an Etsy account...perhaps I have bitten off more than I can chew?
Take care and focus on what your priorities are...


Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Living in the real world and a dream world CAN happen simultaneously. I LIVE to DREAM, and I'll never stop, no matter what life throws my way.
~ Wendi ~

Silvia C said...

I understand how life can get busy and posting at times is not on the agenda for the week. Remember when I wasn't posting for a few months!? I had to take a break to keep my sanity. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and and even better week ahead. Thanks, Anita, for always being so supportive and inspirational. Take care, my friend.
And...I am a total day dreamer. I love's free and I can dream as big as I want (no calories! :-)

Vintage Jane said...

Thought provoking post. My dreaming by day gets me into trouble but takes me to amazing places! M x

Burlap Luxe said...

I am walking into life Dreaming :)

See you soon after days of report!
Keep dreaming my friend.

"You are not old until regrets take the place of dreams."

"The best thing in every noble dream is the dreamer..."


Marie-Ange said...

Voilà le mien de commentaire ma belle !
Tout simplement pour te dire que je pense à toi et te souhaite une belle et lumineuse journée.
Gros bisous

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita .... I am a dreamer and it is so hard to come back to reality! I want to go and open the wardrobe door and feel through the fur coats into Narnia! You are so amazing as your posts inspire me so much! I love these novels and devoured them as a child but they still hold so much now as an adult. Georgiana is just now coming to know them. Let us all be able to climb through the back of the wardrobe and claim heroic feats that actually may end up being in real life! You are such a dear friend and your tenacity and belief is awe-inspiring! Happy New Year and I will email you about skype!
lots of love
Frances M.A. the 2nd

Passione Helena said...

Life is dreaming!

This is exactly why we are here on Earth: to pursue our dreams!
The dreams you hope to achieve in life are God's instrument to involve you in His universal scenario.

Nice post .... To imagine and to dream

A very nice weekend!

Warm greetings,

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, oh how hard it is sometimes, to come back to Finchley! But yet, i think it is our task to bring some fairy dust from one world into the other and, by dealing with harsh realities we gain the strenght to make our dreams more substantial. Take care and take the time you need and, have a wonderful weekend ahaes! xx

vicki archer said...

I spy with my little eye... my cupboard! Lucky the door is shut is all I can say... there would be no getting to Narnia through there!
Have a productive week... we will miss you... Gorgeous images and dreamy post as ever Anita... xv

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my dear Anita,

After dreaming we have to come back in the real world, and dealing with stress and lots of work that we have to do, but that is live!!!
We have to take time for dreaming and creating. But otherwise we do not survive in this hard world. I would love to visit a place like Narnia and meet all those beautiful creatures.
Are you still creating new art?
Wonderful post my dear friend.
A big hug from my little part of the world.

Tiff said...

I am in total awe of you my dear friend.... you have summed up my feelings in a totally delightful nutshell..... that is EXACTLY how I feel RIGHT NOW..... Narnia may not be reality, but it was full of hopes, dreams and possibilities... I am back... I am struggling to cope with finding meaning in the day to day reality of my workload! Why is it only with an excessive amount of administration and rules that I can engage in the actual teaching that is my real occupation?! I know these feelings will pass when my new students arrive on Monday and nothing will interfere with me taking every one of them under my wings and making sure they all fly!!! I will be thinking of you as you work on those reports, it is such a challenging job to do. Happy week! X

YONKS said...

Morning Anita,
A very early post for you this morning, did you have difficulty sleeping?

Don't you just hate when reality takes over. It's so hard to maintain that dream like, I can achieve everything state and actually hold on to it. I am one of those dangerous day time dreamers, as are you I suspect.

Wonderful, positive, inspiring post as we have come to expect from the "Gifted One"! :-)
Much Love

francis said...

Finally I made it to be number 15 .
and no over the hundred ..........
My dearest Anita will be busy next week . The students will be waiting ...... And you are thinking about all the other things you would like to do too .
***The answer to all your questions is this moment as it is *** this has been my quote for the last few months now. Every time I am loosing control I take a deep breath and think about this quote and think about the moment I am in ......The moment is always so much more calm than the thoughts want to let me believe .
The thoughts want to take me to scary situations ......
So I hope it can help you too .
Write it down on a little note and put it in your purse or agenda .
I will be thinking of you !
Many hugs and knuffels

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

I know exactly where you'd LIKE to be.... shhhhh!!! :)
You are living out a new chapter in your life. It's truly amazing to watch this transformation with you. I can't IMAGINE where you'll be this time next year??
Enjoy the ride...there's no telling where your next "stop" will be.... :) :) :)
Love you, my friend! xo

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Anita, your posts are always so wonderfully enchanting....
Writing your report cards must be such a huge task...Make sure you have a lovely treat when it is over....a special trip through the wardrobe....
Sadly, I must return to my real world now...lots to do today!
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Susan x

Cheryl said...

I woke this morning to this beautiful dream. Your posts take me to such a beautiful place. As I look outside the snowflakes begin to fall. It's like magic.

Fay said...

Buongiorno sweetpie Hope you find some amusing things whilst youre doing your report cards ! things may NOT be as bad as you imagine ! happily that was a grim view of Finchley (Chuckle chuckle ) the area it self has some beautiful parts too Much like life ! when youve finished you can go thru the pink door and the stairway to heaven and relax and eat LOADS of Turkish delight and snuggle Bug hugs fay xxxx

desde my ventana said...

Hello Anita,
I wish you a very inspired new week, just to work. We will wait for your new post always beautiful and filled of awesome images.

Muchos besos


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Wonderful you, pixie pioneer and princess, what can I say? but that you are grace and a dear dear spirit that makes me see clearer. I thank-you always for all you give. Blessings, friend, from Amy

La Petite Gallery said...

I put you on my sidebar, again.
I love, love that camel back sofa. That is a hollywood peice for sure.

Good luck w/ paper work. I hate it.
Love yvonne

Zoe Elmore said...

Sweet Anita,
Your posts are one of my week's greatest delights. Thank you for sharing your gift of words, making them come alive with dreamy images.
Praying your week of report cards will surprise you with moments of whimsy and Narnia.

My Spotty Pony said...

Dearest Anita
I am amazed at how much you do in a day!
I wish I could climb into the wardrobe and lock the door. I have not written a post for almost two weeks as life is so hectic at the moment.
Hold onto your dreams but take time to sit and catch your breath.
Take care dear friend.
Much love, Abby and Spotty xx

Ruben Rivera said...

Dear Anita
I love this post and of course the music that goes with it. Wunderkind is one of those songs for me that has a quality about it that will never grow old. I so relate going through the wardrobe and having to "go back to Finchley". And yet there is something I bring back with me from the wardrobe portal. And I pray for the grace to make the dream real in Finchley.

The Dutchess said...

Darling..we posted almost the same post in different words..So much to do so little time...Take care dear..xoxo..I will be in your mailbox soon..!!

Anonymous said...

all people do dream...
and yes not equally
but to dream with
eyes open
is indeed the best
way to dream...

pretty morning wishes
as i go our walking
i shall be dreaming
of art, and words
and pretty, pretty
lettering. friend

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Good morning dear Anita! Another beautiful post to daydream about [ and to pin, too!!]. You do , dear one, have access to the most powerful Grace ever, and as you face this week of grading and thinking about each child personally and tenderly, I pray that you avail yourself of that Grace and let it strengthen and nourish you.
[But don't forget BooBoo!!!]

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post and that quote about dreamers who dare dream during the day! So inspirational. I am smiling from ear to ear because I actually TOOK that photo of the carousel when I visited Paris! It's fun to see it go around the web. xo

fashion meets art said...

wonderful post, my lovely friend!
the pictures are excellent! yes, i'm back from tirana. it was such a wonderful experience. i have some pictures to show them on my blog :) hope the necklace will arrive very soon. enjoy your weekend dear before going back to the school. btw: what things are teaching? english, french? please let me know.
lovely greets and kisses.
wish you a wonderful weekend with your husbannd.
maren anita


d e l i g h t said...

I love these thoughts. I need to dream more! It's always such a delight to visit your blog! Have a wonderful week Anita!

Jacqueline said...

Anita, I love this post!

I too have been busy and caught in the trap of the everyday busy-ness. Sometimes life can feel like a production line or a hamsters wheel or even that magical ferris wheel that never stops and you simply get tired.

Today, I posted on play! I have Mon and Tues off now (weird but wonderful at the same time) and I intend to "break away, and break free" and go on a date with Len to the antique capital of the Pacific Northwest (Snohomish-Native American name)and go find myself some new toys.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

“But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan.”
C.S. Lewis

Dearest Anita,
I have missed you, but now I have my computer again!

I LOVED visiting you through the Wardrobe Today!!!
Love HUGS and Blessings

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Wonderful wonderful WeeKenD WisheS to you my tendre amie. Thanks for the big smile on my face and the lovely feeling you gave me while reading and dreaming away looking at your heavenly pictures.
Smiles and Smooches to YOU, dearest sweet Anita xoxoxoxo

Ivy Clad said...

Oh how I can relate to this beautiful post! Narnia is my daughter's favorite. The books, the movies, acting it out with her friends... it is her current obsession.

I love your thoughts on dreaming! I have been thinking about dreams a lot lately too as I try to focus on my long list of new year tasks. Dreaming is so much more fun, and I am convinced that it has a very positive impact on productivity too!

I'll miss you next week! Thank you for your visit at my place. It's always such a treat to read your messages!


Karena said...

Would I love to escape to Narnia!! Anita I adore your thoughts, music and the DH Lawrence quote!

Art by Karena

High Heeled Life said...

AWW the magic of Narnia... I am slowly coming alive .. learning to dream with open eyes ... wonderful post my friend!! xo HHL

wickedfaerie said...

Gorgeous post. I will miss you for a week Anita. Good grading!

Blessings & bliss,

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Maybe God gives us dreams so we can deal with reality. Beautiful post!

koralee said...

Morning dear one....what a lovely post....a magical place that Narnia!
Life is busy isn't it dear one...the weeks just wiz by at the speed of lightening...sometimes I find it hard to catch my breath. Too many "plums in the pudding" Even on my snow days I did not slow down..if it is not school work it is long days at the computer working on my book! Oh bring on the Spring...just a few more months.
May you find a few moments to yourself this weekend my friend. xoxxoxxxoxo

It's me said...

Beautiful post..i wish i could dream more......yes life is full of things to do....relax time to time darling.......i thinking or from me.......happy

Elizabeth said...

Good morning sweet friend!

I too have been feeling this way, I love the "other worldliness" of the holidays" where even though one has obligations in the real world they never seem as arduous, or taxing. Everyone is happy and full of joy and good spirits.

Now we are all back to life and its issues and problems and sometimes the possibilities of the holidays season seem to fade, there is just never enough time.

I am sure my friend that you are going to find the time for your writing, even if it is five minutes a day. Do that tiny amount for yourself! You deserve it! And know this, YOU are making a difference in the lives of so many children and blog readers. You offer sunshine and light and frankly hope! You always do manage to find time to create something beautiful for the rest of us, even if it is only a smile!

Take care and enjoy all of your projects today!


"Create Beauty" said...

In Narnia, it was not always Springtime, winter held it captured in bitter cold, where it was 'always winter and never Christmas'... oh what a sad frozen world it was until Aslan broke through and Christmas came again and then the SPRING!!!

I loved walking through the wardrobe with you this morning, and I too face the reality of Finchley, but with fond memories of my future in Narnia.

Dream on my friend, and GRACE will hold your heart in the busyness of life and work.

Oh how I love you, and will pray for you this week!!!

~ Violet

Jeri Landers said...

There are dreamers and then there are DREAMERS with a capital D.. That's what I am, that's what you are. But alas, if only there were time to just pursue dreams without that pesky daily living intruding all the time! Oh well, I must dash now, clean the house, muck the barn and do some grocery shopping.

Palomasea said...

I second what dear Elizabeth says, precious friend!
You are amazing..
Beautiful, perfect song. The images gave me goosebumps, as did your words. What a quote by Lawrence, yes?
May your dreams come true, dear one!
The view from the top of the mountain is hopefully worth the sometimes arduous climb. You are simply taking a little breather in the cottage of grace and repose.
You inspire me so...
- Irina

Fete et Fleur said...

I have always wondered the same thing. The loss they must have felt when they entered the real world again. I don't think I could have born it. You will be missed next week.

Love you!

P.S. I've had that blue drop beauty for years. It really is a fantastic piece.

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Thanks for another wonderful them. I love to dream. Day and night. You have to have dreams to go ahead and explore new possibilities.I love to have a good dream at night.. it can change my whole outlook on the day ahead:)

Happy Dreaming...

millefeuilles said...

Dearest Anita,

I have always adored that picture of the White Witch and the Turkish Delight. So enchanting.

I have read your message carefully and understand exactly what you imply. I send you much love and many happy thoughts to help you through your week of reality. You will be SO happy when it draws to a close. Take courage friend; you will get the chance to dream and realize very soon.


C'est moi Claudette said...

I can read between the lines my friend. It's not that I do not have time, it's the feeling that January brings the blues. Blue sky yes, but blue heart.
I've decided just now after reading your post that I will bundle up and go for a walk on the ice. I will only take one dog, Lucky. He will be the lucky one today.
I'm sorry your package did not find me in Finchley... I mean Plantagenet, maybe a kind soul will make it come my way one day...
I heard you and CC talked this morning. She was so happy as I know you were also.
Easy on the grades for the kids, lol. I know it's an awful lot of work for all great teachers.
Happy weekend my dear Anita.
Love You
Love me

Grace said...

In the Sprin and Summer I dream in the day! I take long walks and smile and dream... I love to dream. I feel that during the day we can choose what we dream about and I choose happy fairytales! It is wonderful to escape the everyday. Hope all is well and you find the time to dream! Hugs Grace OOOO

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Hi Anita~~ Thanks for your sweet note. I was a year ago TODAY that she was diagnosed with the brain cancer. A year later she is doing awesome and is truly a miracle;))

wendy said...

Hold yourself to a Standard of Grace...that is beautiful.
Made me think of a sign I had in my house by the door while my kids were growing up...It said
Return With Honor.

anyway, SO THAT's why I am not very creative. I do all my dreaming at night, then forget about it in the morning. I remember it being a good dream...good imaginations going on...then whishhhh, it is gone.

I loved the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe...but I haven't read All of the Narnia collection.

Sometimes I'd like to just HIDE in my "wardrobe", cause the reality of the outside can be tough and raw.

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Saturday Beautiful Anita Bonita :)
Oh, I just love the Narnia movies! Any chance to escape to a magical land and I am there!
Oh and is there anything better than GRACE?!!!!!
Happy Dreaming Anita!
Lots of love
gi gi

michelle said...

Dream your dreams dear Anita! You have the grace and the heart to make them come true (of course after grading report cards ;) )
Have a wonderful weekend and remember to never completely close the door to Narnia.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Anita,
I loved that last dream quote. It's beautiful. Living with grace is the only way to live, isn't it? Me and the girls came by your shop this weekend and wanted to buy the gold box with the bird but we didn't see it. Did you sell it, and I was wondering if you make more of the same kind? The girls thought it was so pretty, and thought the bird on it may be a Hummingbird. I thought, "oh my"....because the Hummingbird is so special to me. So let me know if you're able to make another one, and we would be interested in buying it. I would love to have something from my sweet Anita to look at every day and keep forever. Have a relaxing weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Life itself is a dream my dear friend... It is what we do with are dreams that bring sheer joy...
Beautiful post Anita... You are always such an inspiration to me.

lostpastremembered said...

Finchley sort of defines dull. It has always seemed impossible those kids would ever go back there after living in Narnia!!

I know, you are speaking metaphorically and your point is a good one. Our FInchleys are what we make of them... perhaps Narnia's a state of mind and we all have wardrobes ready to take us there if we only dream strong dreams. Enjoy your grading... I miss your pictures... they are a little magic every weekend.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I'm a Day Dreamer. I have lots of inspiration around me and thanks to you-more. Your beautiful blog and this wonderful post and your tags arrived this week and your gorgeous print arrived today. I am so thrilled. Thank-you lovely lady.
I will be posting about it on Monday. Love to you and Ruben.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Happy weekend my dearest Anita!!!!
How are you? We had freezing rain here last night and today it was really cold!!!! However tomorrow we're back in the 50's and thunderstorms are forecasted!!! This winter has had the strangest weather!!!
Your new post is amazing as ALWAYS!!!! I adore the photos- especially the opening to the antique wardrobe!!!
I love the dreaming theme!!!
My husband has had trouble with his right knee so he's seeing a specialist this week. He'll most likely need surgery. I'm worried about him; I hate to see him in pain.. :-(
We are relaxing tomorrow & watching the NFL playoff games. We went out to lunch & did some shopping today. I hope you're having a great weekend!!!!
Sending lots of hugs & luv!!!!! Shannon :-)

Cottage and Broome said...

Love the picture with the door, Laura

ida said...

Oh what a grim place you have portrayed for Finchley....that is where the 'Iron Lady' started her climb to power with her dreams!!As Fay said it has some beautiful green parts...the eye can be deceived.

Thank you for reminding me of happy times with friends in Finchley.Ida xx

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, dearest Anita
I look forward to the time when we no longer have to worry about life's situations, but we will have entered into this realm: 'It has not even entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him' Ah...that is the place where Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan went to. Our most treasured dreams will come true some day, some how, in a realm where all is peace and joy and expectation of more to come! And God says we can't even begin to imagine what it will be like. Eons upon eons of bliss! 'For our light affliction...which is but for a moment...worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory!' I thought about the word 'light' in that verse...we are lights in a dark world...hence...we carry our 'light' affliction. We shine bright in a dark world.
Peace and strength to you this coming week as you face report cards, dear heart.
Smiles ; )

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita...enjoy your 'dreaming'...January seems to be like mood...having to think of what day/date it is...but also a very busy time...Lots to do ahead...See you around in blogland...Cheers to you dear one xoxo

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, I LOVE THIS!!!! I love what the quote said about dreaming! Yeeeees!!!!! Have a beautiful Sunday!

love, Kristin

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Anita

A little daydreaming is good for the soul, so when you are busy and hassled doing all your school work
take plenty of moments to gaze out the window,

you deserve a standing ovation for this post it is just magical!

Lots of love


Becky~ said...

Goodmorning Anita!Lovely post beautiful words....thanks for sharing.

Blessings~I adore your lampshade its just gorgeous.Do you have that in your shop?Or are you going to?

J. Beaudet said...

I'm a dreamer of the day...eyes wide open. Love your post! Good luck with your grading. No need to visit back:) Jenniferxx

BirgitW. said...

Bonjour à toi, ma chère Anita,

J `espère que tu va bien ! Comme toujours - ton post est un rêve...mais - je ne comprend pas le mot Finchley? et - quelle domage, je ne suis pas besoin d `ècouter la musique...???

Je sais, que tu aime le Bleu - moi aussi!!! Au mon Blog je montre un petit Bleu à la cuisine Birgit...

Je te souhaîte un bon soir Dimanche et une très bonne semaine prochaîne!!!

des gros Bises pour toi,
ta Birgit d `Allemagne

ivana said...

"you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"...

and more

"dream on, dream untill your dreams come true"

I know I will

Sheila said...

I love all of your posts, they really brighten my day.
I know exactly what you mean about getting back after being in Narnia (and i adore that story and never, ever thought of this time of year like that-although i think i will forever more)x

Miriam said...

Some days I feel like I have been in Finchley so long that I am forgetting the way back to Narnia. Your posts seem to remind me. Thank you. Just lovely.

Bela said...

How nice it is to come and fly with you dearest Anita!!!
Love, Bela

hi-d said...

Hello Anita!!!

I stopped by and saw this Friday night, but I am just NOW getting around to post a comment. Oh how I love Narnia. And the whole idea of dreaming when you're awake! YES! We all need to do more of that. Big dreams, small dreams...and everything inbetween.

I hope you have a productive week and get all of your report cards done.

Happy week!
Heidi (hi-d)

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Anita

Isnt it a small world I found that lovely blog through Pinterest last night and it is gorgeous

Thank you for you thoughtfulness
I do hope your monday has been kind to you so far,

Warm wishes


Presépio no Canal said...

I was reading your last posts to catch up with the news, now that the things around here are quieter, and I must say your Cinderela Theatres are very beautiful! Congrats!

Kim said...

It is so hard to come back to Finchley ... but perhaps without it the reality and hard work of our dreams might not be so sweet! Have a wonderful week and know that we are all dreaming harder because of your inspiration!

Denise said...

Lets keep dreaming with our eyes wide open.I love it!Have a wonderful week with all the children that will remember you and what you say always.I'm now on Pinterest,I like filling up those boxes-I'm having fun doing it.You are one of the first that introduced Me to it :)Thanks and Hugs Denise

Rayanne said...

I've been wanting to get over here and visit, it seems forever! I have missed our chats! Praying for a peace filled week for you dear friend.
Dreaming with my eyes wide open!
Love to you and all your little children!

Amish Stories said...

Anita what is that on the top image, is that candy with a white stick in it, or maybe some kind of meat. Richard

Anonymous said...

:) This one definitely put a smile on my face, Anita. Here's a tip...don't go into Narnia, take Narnia into you that way you will transform the atmosphere wherever you may be, even the most hostile of lands. <3 I think you already do this in Blogland. :)

Sonja said...

It always goes back to the 'balance' word for me. I HAVE to dream, and I DO... but I also have to keep living in the real world, and work is what pays the bills... oh but I AM a dreamer too, and why not?? Especially where the gifts in our lives are concerned... God put them there, so He also will handle the dreams, and so many have already come true... but I always have new dreams :)


Nezzy said...

Look out 'cause I guess I'm dangerous!!! Heeehehehe!!!

I am truly a day dreamer.

Hon, I so understand the demands on your busy life. Take all the time ya need....we're not goin' anywhere.

God bless and have a productive break sweetie!!! :o)

helen tilston said...

Dearest Anita

I am a day dreamer too. Another spectacular post my dear Anita.
Please take your time away to handle your class. We shall all be waiting for you when you return at a time convenient to you.
Helen xx

Virginia said...

I'm home from Paris. I have wonderful memories filling my heart to bursting. Your blog feels so good.

Rosie said...

Ahhhh....Raspberry Bread Pudding...there could be nothing finer. But that you dropped this delicious treat off when you were drowning in work...thank you sweet girl. You are such a B*L*E*S*S*I*N*G!
I SO adore you :)
But I feel your pain. Life is UNBELIEVABLY busy. We are in the planning stages of an "on-line" division of R&R. Dearest I am shaking in my know how intimidated I feel with ANYTHING associated with my computer. So am trying to stay positive, but am ever so busy, and just see this as pushing the envelope...but we'll see.
Thank you dearest for all the hugs you leave...xoxoxo...Rosie

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

You have shared a beautiful post, so inspiring and it took me right away, thank you.
I have been dreaming of Paris, today and I think it is always great to be able to do this.
Do hope you have a lovely week and that the school reports will go well.

Take care and sending hugs

Elizabeth said...

Hello my dear! I have so much going on here I have not had a minute to myself! I will write you an email in the morning but I wanted you to know I stopped by and I was thinking about you!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Be good to yourself!

xoxo Elizabeth

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Anita~ It's always a joy stopping in for a visit.
I adore your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
It's nice to see although your plate is very make time to dream. It is the sweetest respite.
I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in store. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
Sweet wishes,

Carla said...

Such a beautiful post keep dreaming Anita.....I absolutely love your bird wand you are so clever!!
Thank-you for using my photos in your header this week I am touched.
Carla xx

~CC Catherine said...

Lovely post and inspiring words as always my dear. Especially the one that evokes the thoughts on dreaming with our eyes open! I Love that...

I adored MEETING you this past ingenious technology! It was a huge blessing to visit!

I am off to your Etsy shoppe to find your new creations....

From one dreamer to another......
~CC Catherine

Privet and Holly said...

DEAR Anita ~
In every post, I sense your
longing to be immersed in
the life you truly wish to live.
Here's hoping your plans
come to fruition sooner,
rather than later. As you
read in my latest post, we
never know what curveball
life might throw at us.....
Good luck with all of the real-
life stuff on your plate.
xx Suzanne
PS: I have started a folder
with ideas for July : ) !!

Barbara said...

We mustn't stop dreaming, Anita. It keeps us alive, going and ever hopeful. Sometimes things just seem too much to handle, but I've always taken one thing at a time and they not only are solvable but don't seem quite so impossible.

koralee said...

Hi my friend...just popped in to wish you a happy week. xoxoo

Val said...

I taught middle school briefly and remember Report Card Season well. Too well! I hope you are treating yourself to regular doses of tea and chocolates to help you along. :) And I love the D.H. Lawrence quote.

Have a good day,

♥ Val

Marie said...

I'm way down here at the end of your comments, but I'm here. Trying once again to carve time out, now that it's quieter I sometimes have a few moments to myself...sometimes. :-)

Love you so much.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for coming today and celebrating chinese new year with me! I'm exited about the water dragon year because i have been dreaming about it ... Am sure it will bring on the good things! Am feeling better but still not really good, How about you? I so wish this draining time of half-sickness will finally end. Hope you don't have to work too much this week, Have a super-lovely evening!

megan said...

Ahhh. Your posts are like Narnia for me. Eye candy, always eye candy. Have a good week, and come back to Narnia on the weekend!

Bless you,

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
You speak truth here! I nod YES with each picture, quote and commentary.
The imagery here is PERFECT for the feelings that are present.
I can't believe that this Friday is the end of the second quarter. I've been trying to keep up with grading. There are also reading reports to write up... and new projects that will come in on Thursday! {Why did I do that? :o)

I wish you energy, clear thinking and some treasured moments for yourself to enjoy.
Blessings always*
~ Maria
ps. I just love the quote about Grace ~ just beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Champagne Macarons said...

Stopping by to say hello and wish you a beautiful week! xoxo, B

Champagne Macarons said...

Oh, mon ami ~
I'm doing well. I finished last semester exhausted {4 courses} and honors projects.. and I was so happy to go back to life. I'm taking 3 time consuming courses this semester but I'm going to post as much as I can.. I miss it so much when I don't.
How are you? Your writing? I peaked at your Etsy store and it is FABULOUS! You are so creative and talented!
xoxo, B

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

My dearest friend, I love to see your warm words on my blog . It makes me happy and recharge my spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your posts are always enchanting, and dreamy , and inspirational. We are all dreamers, I believed, as love is what dreams are made of...I see " GRACE" here and I feel connection with my post . We don' t need to be perfect , but rather know when good is good enough . And this is what I wish for you while doing your job . I know well the pressure of preparing report cards. Good luck with everything you do !
Love your way

Jacqueline said...

Oh reality, reality, such a harsh taskmaster indeed!

I am a dreamer and so is my husband and that is what makes life so fun - to make our dreams come true. I love reading of your dreams and their coming to fruition!

francis said...

dearest Anita is all working well for you with the busy schoolstuf .
Time will come to have your tea and muse muse muse ......
I am gettering stuf from all the corners and drawers to make Valentinecards .
I need to be busy and to make something with love .........
So ....LOVE is all around .....
and tea and coffee and chocolate and lots of waxlights and music ....
Sending you lots of everything in sparkling glitters So watch out ....when something glimps ..... that's me hihi

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Oh Anita you are funny!
Not my horse, we have plenty of white Connemara ponies in our fields, that are stunning and provide a constant stop you in you tracks beauty on a daily basis for me when I am stuck in inside on a rainy day or on a summers evening there could be up to 30 of them all looking over my wall at me waiting for a treat!
Hugs xxxx Denise

Suz said...

Dear Anita,
This is so profound. I love it. I read Narnia over and over when i was a child (and adult).
One of our dear young friends, Kayleen Carpenter, just graduated from Bethel. An absolutely lovely and outstanding girl.
Things are getting serious here...sometime we will connect.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hello Anita,
What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful creation you have made. I got my package in the mail yesterday. Thank you for the extra goodies too. I am going to share your lovely heart in my Valentine arrangement for Pink Saturday. The post will be up on Friday. Thank you again. I love having one of your creations, and I am also going to share your sweet Valentine that you sent to me last year.

Have a beautiful day. You are so very special Anita.


koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me...I have been sick for a few days...came home early yesterday from school and called in sick today...back to bed I go. Hope your day goes well.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hi beautiful Anita!!!!
It is a rainy, cold, dreary day- perfect to stay in and work on my blog!!!
How has your week been? My husband has had a knee injury so he saw a specialist and they did an MRI. Looks like he may have a torn meniscus. Not sure if he'll need surgery yet or not. Never a dull moment!!!
Looking forward t the Chanel trunk show which is usually in February. Have you had any snow? We get snow but it melts so quickly!
We are meeting friends for dinner... :-)
Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!!
Shannon :-)

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Anita!
I too was swamped with report cards, ours were due on Monday. Hope all is well in your reality, but if not, we are blessed to always have our Narnia.
(Which seems more real each day)
I love the D. H. Lawrence, I must pin that, as I find it so inspiring.
Big hugs to you!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening dearest!
Care to take a walk along the beach? Wander over when you have time and join me.
Bisous! Penny

It's me said...

Yes i am fine darling !!......thank you..have a nice day ...looooove

Sandra van Doorn said...

Bonjour my beautiful Anita! how are you? gosh it’s been a while, i feel like a terrible friend! just been a busy bee...
This is so pretty as always and isn’t that quote by D.H. Lawrence just the best ? it’s just waht i needed to read to make my day more beautiful!
xo sandra

Patricia said...

I can get in trouble for daydreaming,grin, but who can blame me? I am a happy person and I like that way... but you are right, stress of life can be harmful... good thing i have.....(((YOU)))!!!
MIss you Nita!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So happy you enjoyed your stroll along the beach with me... Beautiful no?
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support my dear friend.. You are a treasure.
Bisous! Penny

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

So know what you mean! Some days are dreams and takes much work to put them back in that dream category! I love that you are always working on it. Hope it is a good week and weekend for you!

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, thanks for visiting me and your always kind words!! :) Have a lovely, lovely weekend!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

It's so fun to be a daytime dreamer isn't mon chere! It's so fun to create the ideas that God so graciously popped into our brains. Hope your school duties go fast so you can dream & create more.

Bisous ma belle! Sherry

L'Elégante said...

J'adore la photo du canapé devant la cheminée, j'adore le canapé...
Encore de très belles images.

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

I hope you survived your week! Did you get report cards finalized?

Hopefully you'll have some time to relax and create this weekend. Looks like you added a pretty new bird to your shop.

Have a lovely day!

La Petite Gallery said...

I wonder if the carosel is in Paris?


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Happy weekend my dear Anita!!!
We are currently expecting some snow overnight. We'll see how much we end up getting- it looks so beautiful :-)
You are such an amazing, beautiful, talented lady!!!!
I think you are the best blogger!!!! Your blog posts, writings, photos, & artwork weave magic, hope, happiness, faith, & beauty together. They are these fantastic "gifts" we as followers of your blog get to experience. It's truly a privilege to call you my friend & I admire you SOOO much!!!!
Hope you are having a fantastic, relaxing weekend!!!!
Luv & Hugs,
xoxo :-)

Stacey said...

Sweet Anita,
I can relate. I am barely able to make comments these days...Thank goodness I am not back at work just yet. I would be overwhelmed. I am truly grateful for your visits because I know that you're a extremely busy with schoolwork. I hope you take some time to relax this weekend. Lots of love. xx

Maria said...

Good morning Anita! Thank you for the early morning visit! I'm up too - and yes grading papers is happening here as well. It's the end of the marking period and averages are due on Tuesday morning. I keep asking myself, "Why do I assign projects that are due the weekend before grades?".

I've also been telling my students that a teacher can tell almost instantly the approximate grade that a project or writing piece will get. First impressions really matter and they should always hand in their neatest work.
This time of year, I crave walks in the sunshine. It's a gray weekend here ... wishing for a little blue sky and sunshine.
Visiting here as well as our other dear friends helps bring sunshine to me!
I'm off now to have that first cuppa with Chris. (another ray of sunshine!) He's back from his early morning run.

God bless you and all of us who teach! The Lord knows we need His blessing and Grace every day!
* Maria

Maria said...

Hi Anita! No virus warning here for me. But, I will tell you, there's a wicked virus out there that snagged my laptop. I believe it came in an email I opened. Luckily, I store very little on my old laptop. (It runs more efficiently with a clean slate). Chris used the restore discs and reinstalled the operating system and all is well. That virus kept popping up a message that warned me not to proceed any further. That my computer was in danger unless I downloaded Windows 2012 virus protection (at a cost, of course). I couldn't do anything on my laptop without being in "safe mode."
I wonder if it's your friend's problem too? Hopefully not and it was just a fluke!
Sending you more sweet wishes!
- Maria
Ps my backyard is filled with robins! I love it when they come back early! God gives us sunshine in all kinds of ways!

francis said...

Dearest wish I could be a little bird and fly into your garden and take a short look inside your warm house ......
Elisabeth had the second chemo and is in her room all the time . in the dark .... she does not want anything is feeling very bad and wants to sleep as much as she can just to not feel what she is feeling . I go and ask if she wants something anything but no no no ....... Today there was a big envelop and I went upstairs to bring it to surprise her ..... and than she was upset and angry because she was almost asleep and now I woke her ..... It was dark in her room so I did not see that and she could not see the tears that filled my eyes .
Oh how hard this all is Anita . There is nothing Florence Nightingalish about all of this .
There she is my once so beautiful and bright girl 28 years young and now without her hair as bold as ..... even without her eyebrows her face very skinny horrable .....
my heart is in pain . So i went downstairs my tears suppressing .
That's how it is ... hard .
But when I came downstairs Saskia send me this beautiful picture on my phone she took and composed .
On an image from the mousemansion book she put down letters from little sweets . I will try to send you the image from my phone to your email. .... o my .....
My heart was filled with the lovely friendship we share AND ON THE RIGHT MOMENT ....
I am so gratefull for all of you .
Love you so much Anita .
The very biggest hug for you .

The Dutchess said...

Hello dearest are you my dear sister..I found no problems on my way over to your blog..The virus is gone I hope..xoxo..?

Martina said...

THANK YOU FOR COMING DEAR! Oh, i'm having problems with blogger. When i want to type in the comment box, it disappears most of the time, but luckily now it's working! Yestserday i had another blogger meet-up in town with Barbara, it was great fun and i bought a pretty vintage bag. Today is mainly housework and shopping and cooking and in the evening - reading. Sometimes i need that. Enjoy the chocolate dear one, tom. i will have one too - and think of you!

Palomasea said...

Just stopping by chez toi for some beauty and lovely birdsong! No issues this time, dear one..
Love to you,
- Irina

scrapbookertink said...

Poor your reports due uggghhhh! Love this post just the pick me up I need, loved that story as a child so much better in print, was not a fan of the films! Might read it again, will have to wait until the Summer months as I have a dissertation calling me! One can dream, take care, Doreen x

Roselie said...

I love the quote by Lawrence, I too am a dreamer by day and very glad to be so!

Jacqueline said...

134 people later, I am here to send a hug this morning! That's it, just a hug...that never lets go.
*the girl with the curl*

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Anita, Beautiful inspiration! I love all the words with pics that encourage continued dreams in my creative world. Thank you for sharing your heart.
Blessings to you dear one.
XO Celestina Marie

Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

just found your blog. lovely thoughts on dreaming and coming back through the wardrobe. Pam

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Anita dear
All is ok here, except your music is hiding at the moment...
Enjoy your day dear friend

Martina said...

Anita, sorry i didn't come earlier! No, no virus warning anywhere here darling. ALso, today i'm having less problems but still can't comment everywhere ... Hope all is well with your work and you can still enjoy sunday! xox

My Spotty Pony said...

Hello my lovely friend! I just got back from rehearsals and was so happy to see you have been to visit me and our boy Spot. I am so behind with my blog postings and visits but you are never far from my mind. How are your report cards coming along? I know what a busy time it is for you too. The picture on my blog of the lady with Gillie and Lilly is the head of RDA. I will try and find a nice picture of me (I don't take a very good photo!) to put on my blog sometime.
Thank you for finding time to say hello, you are a very special person and friend.
Love and big hugs, Abby and Spotty xx

meadowsweet hare said...

dearest Anita
thankyou so much for your precious words, they have lifted me indeed.
i am sorry to be commenting on this post again, for some reason i cannot see a more recent one? i will check again in the morning

much love xxx


Champagne Macarons said...

Perhaps I skipped a post? The last date I found was Jan 20th.. however, you mentioned that you won't be posting due to report cards, etc. For some reason, I don't receive my posts via email and I do not believe all of my readers do either.
xoxo, B

Decor de Provence said...

Amen!! I love this!! I believe what you put out there comes back and when we dream, we are planning our outcome! It's all in the laws of the Universe!
What an amazing example you are to all of us!

much love,

Karena said...

I am back thinking about the dreams that keep us going, keep our passions and spirit alive. Anita you move me so, always.

Art by Karena

Mapi said...

Hello dear Anita
It's snowing at the moment,
our first snow this year.
Happy Monday.
Love and hugs

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Yes! We will have our Stillwater visit, some year! I see it in the cards!!! I am at work, so must be quick, but sending love and hugs! Blessings, Amy

My Spotty Pony said...

My dearest and lovely friend... thank you for your visit and kind words today! And how you made me smile... I used to dance in heels until 4.00am too! Oh Anita, I am sure if we got together we would have great fun, and just like we did when we were younger!
I hope you had a good day at school.
Much love, Abby & Spot xx

michelle said...

Good afternoon dearest! I hope you are doing well and had a good weekend and that all that needed to be done got done.
Thank you so much for your inspiring words on my art, I appreciate them so much. I hope to one day maybe open a shop, i have a long way to go but it is so wonderful to have such support from dear friends, thank you.
Much love to you!

KClark Photography said...

I'm inspired by the quotes you found and such beautiful images.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Smiles and Smooches Smooches and Smiles are heading it's way to you >>> ***** ^.^ Hope your week is off to a grand and not-to-busy week, ma tendre amie xoxoxoxo

koralee said...

Yahooooooooooo....I am here my friend...and all is well again! Thank was no fun at all for me not being able to send you a daily hello!
Hope your week is off to an amazing start! I am preparing myself for tomorrow's assessments. Hugs and love to you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Barbara said...

Keeping up with comments (especially the number you get!) takes time and thought. Life gets in the way, doesn't it? Always thinking of you, Anita, whether you're doing report cards or not!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Just beautiful!

"Create Beauty" said...

Hello Dearest!
The beauty your share here is always magical and delightful.

Thanking God you are you!!!!!

Sweet Love to you today,

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

You ARE a dreamer-of-the-day! I love the new wand :)

C'est moi Claudette said...

I was sending out some of your sweet cards today and had to come again to THANK you again and again for your piece of art into my heart and home.
I'm making a little package for Julie. It's her birthday soon, and Audree will onçe again be in her home and heart. We so love her don't we??
It's snowing here again. Not too much accumulation, but it's only 16. Tomorrow warms up a little, what ever that means in Feb., lol.
I was with Sister yesterday. She bought a mass for my maman with her $10.00. It was very special. We then had lunch together and looked at pictures. She shared her mom and dad's Valentines from 1906 with me. So beautiful. I'm hoping to post about it.
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I love you

Draffin Bears said...

Happy February to you dear Anita and hope that your week is going well. Thanks for visiting me and the kind note you left.

Sending warmest hugs and love

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Miss hearing from you, dear Anita, and waiting for your next post. It has been such a rough week, one of trials and testing. Didn't get a post out, but I hope to do one by the weekend. I did read on Abby's blog that you were a dancer and did shows! Oh, I'll bet you were great!! I did lots of musicals, too, playing Adelaide , Mammy Yokum, Mother Superior, too many to mention. Do you have pictures from your shows? I'd love to see them!
Off to try to get in an early night of reading French mysteries in bed. Delicious!
Much love, dear one,

A Magical Whimsy said...

Thinking of I wander through Narnia~
I love that theme song!
May the evil queen release you from your fate of report cards soon!
Smiles ;)

hi-d said...

Hello my friend!

Thank you so much for stopping by! How is your week going? I hope you are getting those report cards done.

I have been busy discovering the world of pinterest. Oh my goodness...another new addiction for me. haha...I have spent some late nights up on the computer. It is quite fun though...

Have a lovely rest of the week and happy February to you!


Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

no words, I feel totally relaxed....

koralee said...

Happy February dear's our month...the month of LOVE!!!! Hope your first day is filled with it. xoxoxooxox

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita....
How has your week been?
It's beautiful here; we're supposed to have one more day of great weather & then the rain/snow is back.
My husband MRI showed a torn meniscus on his knee. The good news is his knees are very healthy so surgery isn't mandatory. If the problem begins to affect him more & more he will probably have the procedure done but is holding off for now. Luckily his knee stopped hurting after he rested & his doctor told him that's very common with his type of injury.
How is school? Hope everything is going great!!! I just bought a vintage olive green colored, 3/4 length, fur coat. The inside lining is this amazing multi colored silk print. I'm excited to feature it in one of my upcoming blog posts.
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!!!!
Hugs!!!! Shannon :-)

Rosie said...

Hello my dear,
Popped by to give you a hug. I just came from Koralee's and happened to read your dilemma. Know that I am praying for you, and He is faithful and knows our EVERY need and concern. Those around you KNOW your character, and how dedicated you are to those whom you mentor so lovingly. All will work out, and His will shall be done.
Love you dearest...xoxo...Rosie

Palomasea said...

Dearest Friend, thank you SO much for your constant support, encouragement, and love. It really, REALLY is very special to me.
Love you, treasured amie.
- Irina

angelo h said...

Great blog- this looks very professional and very clean. Good luck rolling it out!

manila condominiums

Maria said...

Good morning Anita!
I'm finishing up my coffee and am trying to remember that it's a school day, not Saturday morning. Chris is out running and it's so tempting to just go back to sleep!
How long does it take you to get ready on a school day? I have this illusion that I can linger with
My coffee until the last minute and swirl around like superwoman and be dressed and ready in five minutes :D
I do dream with my eyes open. I think teachers naturally do this. And regardless of whether there's prayer in public schools or not, we pray all day ! ! ! It's a must for me!
God bless you always,
Wishing you the best day ever!

Anonymous said...

Your dreams have no limits. Your blogs always take me to another place.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good Morning Anita...thank you for popping in on the way to work this morning...have a beautiful day with many Blessings xoxo

Anonymous said...

grace and forgiveness...
in all things...
while mending hearts...
but the chaos...
ah the chaos...
this is the challenge
for my soul....

Fete et Fleur said...

I've been thinking and praying for you all week. I hope things have settled down. Tell Ruben, we are going to read the poems soon. Life got a bit crazy this week.


The enchanted home said...

I am a dreamer both by day AND night....what is life without dreams and aspiring to them? I have always been a dreamer and I wouldn't want it any other way. They keep me giong, keep me inspired and hopeful. Another beautiful thought provoking post Anita as only you can do!
Thank you......taking a quick mini break from more unpacking but wanted to say hello and tell you how much your visits mean to me!

Red Rose Alley said...

Dear Anita,
Got something special in the mail yesterday. Nel called me on the phone last night to say she got the lovely surpirse. She opened it when she was on the phone so we could both share in the fun. It was wrapped so tightly, which I appreciate, and finally she got it opened, and there was my gold bird box! She said it was beautiful, and I can't wait to see it. I wanted to thank you for making such a lovely treasure to look at every day. That one was for me, so the next one will be for the girls hehe. Have a good day, friend of mine.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi ma chere sweet amie, popping in to give you a huge hug and a kiss on both your cheeks. One more day before Mr. Weekend will welcome us xxxx

YONKS said...

Dearest friend,
My beautiful heart box arrived and I couldn't be happier. Made with obvious love, and will be given with love on the 14th. Thank you so much dear friend and gifted soul!
Much love

BirgitW. said...

Merci, ma chère Anita

je te souhaîte bonne chance - beaucoup de joie et fortune!!!

Cordialement ta Birgit allemande

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello my darling,

I popped in to wish you a day filled with love.

Love & Hugs