Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Perfect Day

I simply wanted to thank her
for her comment 

on that

still summer day

pinterest via

pinterest via

so I foraged through some 

forgotten drawings

and sent one off

with a sincere

thank you.

anita rivera ©

My door 

had been left 


and clamped shut

for 43 years 


while I was seeking to

pry open other 

peoples' visions

pinterest via

and mousing my way in 

where perhaps

I didn't belong. 

All was forgotten about that

thank you note 

until one day

on the final flicker of 

summer's light

pinterest via

the key to my door

came back to me 


pinterest via

And like 

a timid bud


slowly yielding itself to its 


pinterest via

my door reluctanly

but finally 


pinterest via

to greet 

my spring

pinterest via

that had been singing 

at my windowsill

all along

pinterest via

unfolding possibility

pinterest via

after possibility

pinterest via

in all colors


pinterest via

conquering winter's 

menacing shadows

with a simple truth:

pinterest via

in order to cultivate 

what had always been


within me. 

unknown source
It was


perfect day.

Please visit my Etsy shop

click here

welcome in 

your spring.

castles crowns and cottages the shop ©

Thank you dear Lisa.

Header photo credits from left to right:




Ivy and Elephants said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivy and Elephants said...

Lovely Anita,
I love the magic you weave with your words and gorgeous photos. What a sweet message and the little bunnies are adorable. I'm glad you are allowing your creative wings to spread.
Big hugs to you!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

What a gorgeous post you have shared and such a beautiful message.
Glad Spring has arrived at your place and loving the sweet bunnies you have made, especially the little one with the spectacles.
May your day be filled with love and joy.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Anita,

Hopefully this happy and cheerful post does advance the spring in your region! Blossoms do really pick us up in a way nothing else does. The song of birds that are nesting is enchanting too.
Wishing you a happy weekend and stay on this cloud nine mood!

Love to you,


erin's art and gardens said...

i am feeling the colorful, spring joy that you are sending AND your sweet happy bunnies are adorable! it was 76 degrees here today and most certainly feels like spring!

Nella Miller said...

Those little hares are too adorable, and the one with the specs, looks so old and wise! You have given them so much character, Anita! How clever and heralding Spring for certain! The prettiest and most happy thing I have seen today, N.xo

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Dear Anita,
May you remember to welcome Spring into your heart each and every day forever more. There is no greater joy than experiencing life through its magical kaleidoscope.
~ Wendi ~ xo

Sarah said...

Anita, trying to catch up tonight on the wonderful posts that you've created recently that I've missed. Life has kept me short on computer time of late, but it's always such a treat when I stop in at Castles Crowns and Cottages. Your poetic posts inspire me!
Thank you for sharing the beauty! ~ Sarah

Sandra van Doorn said...

Oh those bunnies will be fabulous for Easter.... Fabulous.
Beautiful post as always; I'm loving the inspiration before i go to bed...

Unknown said...

Beautiful, just beautiful Dearest Anita.
Thank you for these lovely words.

Fete et Fleur said...

There were oohs, ahhs, and giggles to be heard here at your sweet treasures. We love you!


Elaine said...

Your blogs have a way of telling us a story throught your words pictures and music Always give me goope bunps to read and listen... Lovely

Kerry said...

So beautifully said!! heehee You have one of my Mum's photos! Love when I see her stuff on other blogs. Thanks for using it in this beautiful poem!

Unknown said...

So magnificently May you should welcome May into your center each and every day permanently more. There is no higher joy than suffering from lifestyle through its wonderful kaleidoscope.


Veronica said...

Hi Anita. what a lovely way to start my Friday with this post after a yuk Thursday it lifted my spirits!


Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

A picture speaks a thousand words and yours are no exception! How wonderful and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

A Magical Whimsy said...

These photos leave me breathless...they are so other-worldly in their ethereal bliss.
You must have a fairy muse that whispers in your ear to follow her to realms of creativity... Your latest creations are divine!
I have had songs in my heart lately that are joyous and so spontaneous when I arise in the morning. I feel like Goldberry in 'The Lord of the Rings' when she and Tom Bombadil break out in song just for the sheer pleasure of it.
Very heavenly~
Have a blessed Friday and weekend
and may your underground fortress (your basement) be a warm haven for your creativity.
; )
Teresa in California

Nicolina said...

Hello Anita, this is so lovely!
This is a good way to start my Weekend!
Your pictures and words speak from my soul. Your posts are always an inspiration to me.

Have a nice Weekend
hugs Nicole

It's me said...

Almost spring darling !!!...yes yes yes ....springfeelings from a sunshining Holland....yes yes !!

francis said...

Oh my dearest I think I am in the middle of the stil-closed-door part . So my heart jumped reading your post . I guess that's whats blogging is doing too ....
and what can be more inspiring than what someone has experienced herself .
How I wish I could drop by and sit at your kitchentable and have tea and talks good talks and good laughs ......
Not only the words but also the true expression in bodylanguage !
Have a happy weekend my sweet friend .Hugs HUGS
Oh and my Elisabeth is doing better , the week after the chemo is always the worst one Horrendous ! the broken-heart part makes it even much more difficult .
I know she is such a strong spirit and she cried for being all alone .
I told her more alone than this is not possible so it will be better .... and also you are never all alone because you have yourself , you always have yourself . But hey ....when your heart is broken nothing matters ...
She also said she can deal with the lost of her breast She can deal with the horrible chemo and she can deal with the lost of her hair but ......loosing love is too hard .
And it is ....simply as that IT IS ! What can you say as a mother .
It will be allright ! is what I say and keep saying . Not only to her ....also to myself .
Happy weekend my dear

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Your bunnies are so sweet.
As always, a lovely post...beautiful photos. xo

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, that post just hits my mood today - feel so ready for spring, for freah inspiration! And - OMG, these bunnies you made are so sweet! Must hop over and look at your shop! And to the link you posted. Have a splendid day my dear! xox

L'Elégante said...

Je cherche un cottage en Normandie pour la fin de l'année et j'avoue que Bibury est une très bonne inspiration.
Comment vas-tu ma belle, tes messages sont toujours aussi fun et tes photos aussi belles.
Kiss de Fine.

Deana Sidney said...

I seem to remember that orchids take years to bloom and then only when great care is taken... some never bloom at all. It seems that you just needed a different place in the garden, a different window, a slight change in soil. Once all is right, there are glorious flowers. Now is your time to bloom and bloom. You have found your place, your sun.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Such a beautiful, magical post Anita...and I love your are such a talented lady...the little bunnies are adorable too in their pretty Spring colours,
Hope you have a weekend full of all good things,
Susan x

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

How beautiful dear Anita...Wishing you the best must be so nice to see the warm weather arrive for you...I think Summer has finally arrived here..but I don't know how long for....Have a lovely Springy weekend...and here's a Cheers to it for you...Dzintra xoxox

Unknown said...

A very true story...

Last night I had a dream and I went to your home but it was a huge home sitting way way up on a mountain in Italy! It was called "Rabbit Hill".

I found you in the kitchen and when I walked in, the smell of your food cooking was intoxicating. We ran into each others arms Anita and would not let go. We never let go, the whole dream we were just hugging each other.

A VERY VERY tall Ruben and Len stood by this huge island in the kitchen drinking wine and watching us.

Then, Len and I look towards the back of the kitchen. Your backyard was deep in the forest and there was a path leading down the back of that hill and it lead to Nowhere.
I asked you, is that Nowhere Anita? You had this beautiful smile and your simple reply was yes but we never ever let go of each other.

It was enchanting to say the least and such a pleasure to dream I was holding you, my friend.

Unknown said...

A very true story...

Last night I had a dream and I went to your home but it was a huge home sitting way way up on a mountain in Italy! It was called "Rabbit Hill".

I found you in the kitchen and when I walked in, the smell of your food cooking was intoxicating. We ran into each others arms Anita and would not let go. We never let go, the whole dream we were just hugging each other.

A VERY VERY tall Ruben and Len stood by this huge island in the kitchen drinking wine and watching us.

Then, Len and I look towards the back of the kitchen. Your backyard was deep in the forest and there was a path leading down the back of that hill and it lead to Nowhere.
I asked you, is that Nowhere Anita? You had this beautiful smile and your simple reply was yes but we never ever let go of each other.

It was enchanting to say the least and such a pleasure to dream I was holding you, my friend.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

From someone who had a closed door for years....this is stunning and true....

Ricki Treleaven said...

What a magical post. And you bunnies are in all the fun Easter colors from my childhood. I want my daughters to see them this weekend. :D

Ricki Jill

The enchanted home said...

I have chills Anita! Think this might be my most favorite post yet! I feel like I have wings and can! What a beautiful and inspiring message, and what an amazing way to start my morning. If this was a book I would buy it for everyone I know! Beautiful Anita.....

"Create Beauty" said...

Your poetic telling of your opened door to create, and the images are so gorgeous, I too am thankful for Lisa's encourgagement to you and excitement over your creations!!!

There is something very special about the work of your hands, because they also have sparkles from your heart surrounding each one.... it's not just glitter : )

Oh how I love you!
Your friend,
~ Violet

Christel said...

I think this is my new favorite post of yours Anita! I am completely engrossed in the writing, coupled with the photos, it leaves a lasting impression on a person. Thoughts for the upcoming day, a mood like no other, a feeling of renew, and refreshed awareness. What a gloroius talent you have with your writing. You are able to covey much more than a spoken word. The bunnies are completely charming. You my friend, got it goin' on! Have a great weekend, xoxo Christel

Christel said...

me again, had to come back and tell you the little song bird is my favorite photo! Your drawing of Audrey (the head shot) is BEAUTIFUL!! I have saved it to my PC to show my daughter..I hope you don't mind, of course, she won't be travelling anywhere else but here....but your ears will be ringing! xoxo Christel

Palomasea said...

Dearest, you are making me want Spring right now, on this cold, snowy day! :)
You ARE the essence of a fresh, new Spring day, precious Anita!! Your work is MAGICAL... you move, you inspire, and make the world a more beautiful, happier, sunnier place...
We ALL thank Lisa for her belief in your creative genius, and for her friendship.
These images are so beautiful...the music is "perfect" ;), and your words are profound, as always.
And those BUNNIES!!! Fabulous, dear one...

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." - Proust

Keep on blossoming, wonderful friend!!


- Irina :))

Seawashed said...

Lovely thoughts Anita. I was wondering the other day what you did before teaching. I seem to recall you mentioning that you were a Ballet dancer? and then I was wondering if you know of Ballet Magnificat?

Deborah said...

Anita your words and thoughts never cease to bless and inspire.
I'm always happy for the visits I have here with you!
Love xoxo


Anonymous said... stunning! And I'm so glad you found back to that key!!! Those easter bunnies are the most charming!!!!!!! And that little british boy in my photos is my son :) :) He's used to his mom taking photos all the time so he was in his own world. I love those photos actually, and a great memory, too! Have the most enchanting and wonderful weekend, ANita!!!

Kristin x

michelle said...

Doors are opening all around us and I am so glad that the key has turned for you my dear! Open up the possibilities and let them fly!
Thank you so much for your kind words on my journey and hopefully the doors will open as I set forth.
Blessings and a happy weekend!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Wow, can I say it again, wow! Some of the most breathtaking photos you've ever shared. I sit at the brink of spring and yearn for the door to open wide.

Anonymous said...

mon amie...
this post brought tears~
BEAR HUGS xxx ~victoria~

Miriam@BeBookBound said...

Such a lovely post, Anita. I can't tell you how happy I am whenever your page loads and there's a new header, because I know I am in for such a treat. "Yay, Anita's shared another piece of magic with us today." Thank you for sharing your poetic spirit with us.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Well, dearest Anita
I am going to post about your spring bunnies on my blog, as I have your Etsy button on my side bar. Your bunnies are so sugar and spicy sweet!
The colors are to die for!!!
Have a blest day!

Anne said...

Ooh! this post is especially gorgeous, Anita!! What a treat.

Vær våken said...

Ooh, sorry I forgot to change my google user earlier :)

Stacey said...

This post is so beautiful! Lisa must be overwhelmed with emotion; i would be:-). this post has me feeling like Spring has already arrived. Love it! I could feel every word and tell that they came straight from your heart...XX said...

I come here when I need a little piece of beautiful Anita!

Simplement ... said...

Chère Anita tu as trouvé la clef des coeurs !
Pénétrer dans ton monde c'est comme prendre la clef des champs ...
Impossible de résister à l'envie d'en connaitre plus ...
Je t'embrasse tendrement

BirgitW. said...

ma Chère,

today in english, please! I am so sorry, but I can`t listen to the music of your ( as always ) wonderful and romantic and true Post... You know, I like the way you take care - you publish emotions... it `s really a great pleasure for me... and there are so many moments of thinking - laughing and understanding... Thank you so much, my Dear - your words and your pictures find the right way - directly into my german Heart. Merci beaucoup, mon amie americaine Anita... bonne chance et des groses Bises pour toi et ta famille! All the best to you - take care... Birgit

Vintage Home said...

stunning images....we are recieving snow today...on top of our snow drops!
I will go see your bunnies on etsy!

C'est moi Claudette said...

Some bunny loves you.... we all love you and your words, your creations, your view of life.
I'm glad Lisa inspired you to make your dreams come true. She's pretty darn creative also, wow.
I believe my favourite bunny is the PINK one with the crown. Second, blue with the sweet glasses. Still happy at nearly 56 yrs. old. lol.
LOVE YOU my dear friend.
Your creations are "spring" and I want spring.
It's snowing here right now. I think this will stick. It's been so nice and warm... well warm for us. A whopping 40 yesterday!!!
Love You
Love Me
xoxoxoxo said...


Breathtaking!! Here's what I think about that bud that is now blooming in you... I think you should be making short movies, picking out the images and music, and adding the words from your oh-so-gifted poetic heart. I can tell you that I would be a buyer, of every single one of them!!! And here they are, on your pages, shared with us. We are blessed.


P.S.... I think the whole world would be blessed. We can name it "A collection of heart things guaranteed to make you smile, dream and delight, or your money back!!!"

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Spring is always in my heart when I visit you here.. What a beautiful post.. Your Audrey illustrations are exquisite Anita, and your bunnies fill my heart with pure JOY! You have given your dear friend more than a ~thank you~, you have given her pieces of your heart with your beautiful words... I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Bisous! Penny

Unknown said...

So lovely Anita. How long does it take you to find just the right photograph to illustrate your thoughts. Like a dream, your tell a story, and now you design inspiration in your creations.

So glad that the door opened up again, and we were able to peek inside your heart. Where only beauty lives.


YONKS said...

Ahhhh, that perfect promise of spring so perfectly expressed dear one! What a marvel you are. The sun will soon come out to play!
Happy weekend my friend :-)

Ivy Clad said...

What a sweet tribute. Your art is beautiful. I'm thinking those hares will be perfect for some lovely little Easter baskets. Hmm.. I wonder whose? :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Rattus Scribus said...

Dearest Anita,
This is a beautiful poem. While an expression of your own transformation from chrysalis to butterfly it is also a wonderful tribute to a friend that help you in the process. You need to gather these and put them in book form.
I love you

Palomasea said...

YES! What Ruben said...listen to that wise man! :)))
Coming back for more loveliness and poetry...
Those bunnies are precieux!
Big Hugs,
- Irina

Rae said...

What a wonderful artist you are. The words, your artwork,the song...all so LOVELY!I must remember to be childlike and play! Thank you dearest for your encouragement here!!

wendy said...

Thos bunnies are so dang cute.

I love the part of that saying of the birds don't sing because they have an ANSWER, but because they have a SONG.
How profound is that.

So, I guess that would be like your talent, you have a SONG within create.

So, I am glad you let it loose, so we can all enjoy your Melody.


lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

I've been thinking about this amazing "tribute" all day...
You know what I say privately to you and that is where it stays...however, this time I may have to break "my rules"...just this once...for you.
I am flattered beyond words that you feel that I made such an impact on your decision to let the world know who the REAL Anita Rivera is. I remember quite vividly the day we spoke to each other and how an exchange of our designs was nothing short of explosion of fireworks for both of us. I saw an incredibly talented artist~ immediately~ I knew at that moment you had to share your talents with the world. All I did was help you take the first step. The rest is history and all YOU--all your hard work and talent kicked in immediately and produced beautiful works of art, from an ARTIST.
You will reach your goals and land among the stars while doing so. You are that UNIQUE, that TALENTED, and that SPECIAL... to all of us.
God has blessed you with more "gifts" than you realize, Anita. It will be an honor to watch the Artist, the Poet, the Writer....continue to grow and discover all the possibilities that lie ahead for you.
But it is ME that should be thanking YOU, my friend.
You have enriched my life beyond words because of our wonderful friendship. I have never known anyone quite like you and I'm sure I never will.
Cheers to YOU, my wonderful friend. I love you dearly. xo

helen tilston said...

Dearest Anita

Thank you for this spectacular post.
The bird sitting on your window all along is precious. Your drawings are just fabulous and your line expresses so much. I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams. I love also the expression you used" A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it can sing" How powerful. Keep you artistic mind and hands singing!
Wishing you a great weekend

Helen xxx

BonjourRomance said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful said - your Spring is on its way. Your new creations are beautiful. Just think a forgotten sketch and artist's Etsy boutique is born!
Bon week-end to you and your Honey!

Red Rose Alley said...

Dear Anita,
Spring is in the air, especially here on this lovely post. It has been warm here in Southern California, and it already feels like spring. The cottage picture with the purple flowers surrounding it is enchanting. That little bird is like none I've ever seen, and the bird quote is perfect. I have a special love for birds. Your new creations are whimsical and pretty, and I am off to check out your shop right now. You really put me in the mood for spring, and showed us all the fantastic colors it brings. I remember all those colors when the kids were small and I was filling their baskets every year. Have a great spring weekend. Love you, special one.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

The Tablescaper said... magical and inspirational.

- The Tablescaper

Kerry said...

Hi Anita,

It's the photo right after the words "slowly yielding to its destiny".

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

So amazing how one person can make such a big impact on another person's life and encourage them to pursue their own gifts & talents.

Happy Friday, Anita! Did you get more snow? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, those birdies are so beautiful! The colors remind me of with that, I am now heading over to your shop. :)


marielle said...

Bonjour Anita,
Je découvre ton blog via celui de Dentelline et c'est un monde merveilleux que le tien.
Le chateau de la Reine Blanche est à 40 minutes de chez moi. Une visite s'impose aux beaux jours. Merci pour cette découverte et bon week end.

koralee said...

Morning dear always find the best images! It is so good you give credit to those amazing many don't!!
They make your beautiful words come alive!
Your bunnies are beyond adorable...what talent you have! Why have I always loved bunnies so much??? They are such sweet magical have captured them perfectly.
Wishing you a creative weekend..sending you oodles of love. xoxoxoxoox

Palomasea said...

Precious Anita, I hopped ;) over to thank you for your beautiful sentiments chez moi, but Lisa's message stopped me in my tracks and I have tears in my eyes. I so understand what she is saying and feeling, dear one! How amazing would it be for the three of us to get together??
Someday perhaps...what fun!
Love you,
- Irina

Lisa Graham said...

What a gorgeous song was made to play along with all these beautiful dreamy images. Wow.

hi-d said...

Hello my friend!

I hear your dilema about a blog book. But I know you will figure something out.

I saw your new creations in your shop! Wow! How do you do that? So sweet! I just love birdies...

Today it is very overcast and rainy dark outside...a good day to just stay indoors I think.

Have a happy day, Anita!

RDA Pony Tales said...

My lovely friend... I have missed YOU and YOUR posts! Oh I am SO sorry, but I am only just keeping my head above water at the moment.
How lovely to see these fabulous pictures and read your beautiful poem.... you really have such a talent my dear one.

I just wanted to catch up before I go to rehearsal and to let you know that you are always in my thoughts even when I am away from my blog.
Mother and Spotty boy are doing well and as the weather has warmed up a bit here, I took his rug off.... and what did he do? Rolled in mud of course!! Oh how he loved it! I made sure he had his special Anita hugs first, as I prefer to be covered in white hair than brown soil!!

I adore your spring bunnies... they are fabulous!
I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend with Ruben.
Much love as always...
Abby and Spotty xx

Leslie said...

Anita, I love the way you speak through pictures and words - goosebumps! Those wings! I feel that I can fly and oh how I am wishing for spring here in the Pacific Northwest (I'm afraid it's a ways off..) You need to write I book with art and poetry (I know you've heard that time and time again, but it's true :)

Enjoy your weekend


Bonnie said...

I couldn't scroll fast enough to read your thoughts. I must go back and linger on the gorgeous photos. Lovely thoughts and scenes.

Martina said...

Sweet Anita, thanks for your lovely visit! Yes, blogging is so uplifting for the spirit and it helps to focus on the bright side, even when life is difficult to deal with! And you my friend are so uplifting to others and you are such a great friend - i am sure you are also a great teacher, because you are in touch with your inner child and with MAGIC that is the essence of life! Have a relaxed and wonderful sunday - with Tea in Nowwhere? xox

Leslie said...

Tina - I'd forgotten to mention that my husband and I will {also} be married 30 yrs on July 3 (reason for the trip to Paris) Also.. I'm with you on the Menopause thing! I take it in stride, eat well, and find that exercise is the key to maintaining a youthful glow. Keep on moving (and lots of romance!)- and writing! xx Leslie

Gem said...

Oooh cutesy bunnies, Anita!! Sorry I've not popped by for a while, but am getting back into the swing of things.
Thanks for your comments over at mine, I do appreciate it, as I am sure you know!
Your blog is indeed very uplifting, beautifully visual and thought provoking.
It always blows me away.
Much love
Gem xx

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello my dear friend!

I have been missing you! This is such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend! Blogging is a special place to be sure and the people, friends, and talent that we meet are really gifts from God! Yourself included! I am so blessed to have found you; your light, optimism, happiness, joy of love and life is like nothing I have ever encountered. You are a very special person and I am so licky to call you friend.

I hope you have fabulous weekend! Continue to work on your magical creations! I love those bunnies.

Take care, xoxo Elizabeth

PS: Go to this link: it is going to be a wonderful opportunity to show case your beautiful creations once a week to a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

Such word Resonate
in my very Heart!
Why oh Why do we
listen to all those
voices...and not
hear for so long
the one inside our
own soul...peace
and beauty my dear
friend...and do
enjoy those cross
bottles...they are
such a lovely find!
xoxo Eden

helen tilston said...

Dearest Anita

I am delighted to see the beautiful Zsa Zsa Bellagio has featured your incredible art on her most recent post.

Congratulations, well deserved.

Helen xx

Burlap Luxe said...

A magical read over here!
Always whimsey, and the magic that inspires thought and beauty. Anita when a visit to you takes place one leaves with an inspired heart.

I love the birds, and of course the whimsy that follows with your hands that create. The bunnies are amazing, I really have no words for how they charm my soul.

Love to you and an inspiring weekend to you.

What is joy?
It is a bird that we all want to catch. It is the same bird
that we all love to see flying
- Sri Chinmoy

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, Dear Anita,
I forgot to tell you the bunny wands remind me of Spring where the children dance around the Maypole :)


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Your new header to your blog is so dreamy and romantic.
Just had to come over and wish you a happy weekend.
Amen to what Ruben said, you so need to write a book sweet friend.

Warmest hugs

Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan said...

Anita! This is amazing! Your words are so beautiful and the photos work so great with it all! So beautiful...I love Spring.

Kerry said...

It's Maria Starzyk (aka lucia and mapp)

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita...
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!!
This post is beautiful!! I adore the drawings of Audrey and as always the Tiffany blue color is magical throughout the post.
I bought a fun fedora style hat at Nordstrom today.... You know me! I love hats!!! :-)
My 15 year old terrier mix, Riley, has had some health issues lately so we had him at the vet on Friday. He's back home with us resting comfortably and seems to be a little better. So relieved!!!!
We had snow flurries the other day but no major snow accumulatation. Any snow by you?
Hope you have a great Sunday!!!!
Shannon :-)

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Dearest Anita ..... how beautiful, wonderful and magical!!!! Your words are sheer poetry that drip like honey! I am so excited for you for your etsy shop and they all look exquisite. You deserve this happiness and this time to let your creative soul soar! Congratulations my dear, dear friend and my sincerest best wishes always
Frances xxxxxxx

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour mon amie Anita,

Oh I finally feel like I'm singing my song! I am so happy these days. I spend lots of time in my little studio and the creative juices are flowing.

I love this post ma belle. Did you receive my email dearest? Waiting to hear from you. I will need your help in the near future with my french if you are not too busy.

Mille bisous, Sherry

helen tilston said...

Dearest Anita

Here is the fabulous post featuring your art. (Blogger: Zsa Zsa Bellagio)
She featured my art a couple of weeks ago and it was a sheer surprise. Totally unexpected. I love how she researches. Her blog is spectacular! like yours!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dearest Anita...JoJo is well...thank you so much for asking...Caring is a huge job restricting us in so many ways but she is such a dear...and has taught us many many things we otherwise would not have learnt...Happy Sunday to Dzintra xoxo

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Hunny Bunny!
You're so funny!
Hope you sell BIG
and make lots of munny.

And that English cottage is sublime! [ At least I think it's English. Wish I could find the original photo.]

Late getting here, dear, but thinking of you on this Sunday morning. Take your day of rest. We're having an Oscar party tonight! "Midnight in Paris" all the way!!
I'll email you after church...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Bless you dear Anita...have a wonderful week...Dzintra xoxox

fashion-meets-art said...

wonderful pictures, my sweet friend. everything looks so beautful. my fav. pictures are the bird-picture and the last one with the woman...and (omg) your new header is so wonderful!
kisses to you and i hope you and your husband had a wonderful weekend together.
lots of love,
maren anita


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Anita, Every time I come to your blog I cant believe how talented you are.

Aldy said...

Dear Anita, Hope you have been doing well.Here I am coming back to 'normal life' after my trip:)
What a lovely post-message! Your words are simply beautiful <3 One of my favorite picture is the bird picture... is so cute!And your little bunnies are adorable!

Hugs <3

YONKS said...

Hello there darling girl!
Thanks for visiting me this evening. It's been a busy day at the auction and so I think I'm going to have an early night. I say early, it's already 11.15pm. I have been watching the next period drama to come to you I think, Upstairs Downstairs. This time set in the WWII and a good alternative to Downton. How many episodes will you watch at one time I wonder? Enjoy my dear. I love the sets and scenery and props. They always give me a good idea of what to look for next.
Night night.

momto8 said...

I love everything about this post!

Jeane M. said...

This post makes my day! Hope everyone could read this and lift their soggy spirits up.
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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

YAY to the Sistahood...
And look at this...your 100th comment!!!

het tuinengeltje said...

Hello Anita,

wow! An explosion of beautifull pictures. I was happy today but after seen the pictures on your blog I am happier.

Thank you for become a follower on my blog. I also will follow you because everyting that makes me happy is "the crown on my castle"!

Hugs, Sylvia

het tuinengeltje said...

Hello Anita,

I took a beautifull happy picture from your blog (sorry....!) and put it on my Facebook!

Beybey, Sylvia

francis said...

Overhere a grey day . No sunshine .
Still winter and spring far away .
Inside the house , music and little lights .....
Grape hyacinths and daffodils in the house . Tomorrow Eva is coming .She is a darling sunshine .
I read your post over and over .
You opened yourself to us by sharing this.
And you sparkled hope to those who's door is still waiting ....
I wish spring will bring you all you are longing for ....
Happy week my dear

Ana said...

what a bucholic pics, love them spring is my fav season xxx from spain

koralee said...

Morning sweet friend...thank you for the Monday morning is kinda sleepy over here today...must wake up and get going. The sun is out but it is very very COLD! My pretty red tulips all froze outside last night...must go rescue them! Hugs. xoxoxo Make it a good day.

Christie Jones Ray said...

I loved what Violet's not just glitter...Dearest, Dearest girl!!!
I have been away, with tunnel vision...focused on my books, and now a line of greeting cards, preparing for publishing!!! Yes, dearest, the time is at hand, and all OUR dreaming, and searching, and working, and creating, is coming to a beautiful reality!!
Thank God for our girlfriends who encourage, inspire, pray for, cultivate with...where would we be without each other???!!!!
You never leave my thoughts and prayers, dear one... And I want you to know there is a book set aside for Eliza and her pen Tea Rat will make a debut one of these days soon, if you will permit me to add his sweet letter to Eliza, in her little storybook. He still sits atop the tin of Paris tea...greeting me each time I enter the tea cabinet:)))
Hugs and kisses, my dearest girl,

scrapbookertink said...

One of my favourite posts so far Anita, take care, Doreen x

Suz said...

Absolutely beautiful post! Inspiring! I love when you put your own words and pictures in your posts. Very moving.
I think you might like my last
post. Come over and take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,
Your photos are always so beautiful!
I love all!!!
Much charm and much dream!
Thanks for sharing!
have a good evening!

Apple Blossom Barn said...

My door is always open to you Anita

A wonderful post

One day I will leaf through your book at my kitchen table,

Best wishes


Bring Pretty Back said...

Anita , I have no words tonight, just tears as I read this.

Red Rose Alley said...

I have something special for you to see. Please come and visit me.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Createology said...

Such a breath of beauty and peace. Thank you dear...

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello dear friend!

Happy Monday! I hope that you are well. How have you enjoyed the Downton videos! I am addicted I tell you, I cannot wait for season 3.

I have "tagged" you my dear, I know you are busy so do not feel as if you have to do it. I just wanted you to know that myself and many other bloggers were curious about you and your answers to the questions.

Have a wonderful week!

xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

So thrilled you are sharing your creativity with soooo many!! I loved what you said yesterday about teaching boys. If I was your student I would never want to leave the classroom!! xo

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I was looking at the first angel photo at work and people were stopping dead behind me to look at your blog. Truly wonderful post!

Victoria said...

Beautiful..what a super inspiring post..your heart is always full of magic and joy ...and such wonderment you share! Gorgeous..all of it!
Beautiful enchanting creations!

Privet and Holly said...

I've had four days
that have seemed to
move at warp speed,
so it's been like a
sweet balm to visit
you, tonight. I'm
really, really happy
that you have unlocked
your soul's calling and
that your business has
been such a success!

Happy Tuesday,
xx Suzanne

Maureen Stevens said...

what a gorgeous tribute to Spring! all the images are bringing me to somewhere whimsical!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you dearest Anita for coming over to see Jemima and your encouraging and heartfelt words.. Yes, that was Jeri that bid on her.. Thank you dear friend for loving her...
Bisous! Penny

Tiff said...

You amaze and inspire me to find my own 'spring' in my step! Sometimes with a life so busy we can forget what drives us and nourishes our souls..... the beauty you create is such a visual delight and inspiration! X

koralee said...

Morning sweet friend...stay cozy today. Sounds like you are getting the weather.
I have been sick but starting to feel better...hugs. xoxo

het tuinengeltje said...

Hello My Dear, I wish you also a lovely day with a little bit of sunshine. Here in Amsterdam it is cold and grey.

Do you also have a page on Facebook?

Hugs, Sylvia

Martina said...

Have a lovely wednesday Anita, today i really felt spring and went out in trenchcoat instead of thick parka. Things are really improving and i feel so much better! Hugs for an inspiring time!

Rae said...

Happy day !!

Fete et Fleur said...

I hope you're having a beautiful day! The little macarons have become a favorite around here. I want to learn to make them.


Woolytales Miniatures said...

Hi beautiful!!!
it was such a blessing to see and hear you this past weekend.
Nita... Your post has so much meaning... I love it is much.
It is such a beautiful day here at the farm... my garden is looking beautiful as we work cleaning up all the winter debri...soon i will share pictures... love you~

Mapi said...

Hello dear Anita, just a goodnight wish from me.
Tomorrow spring will be there.
All the snow has gone, let's welcome the new season !

Unknown said...

I was captivated by this post. So beautiful in every way. Thank you for bringing us a glimmer of Spring! I'm ready!!!

xo Elizabeth

Ann said...

Oh Anita, you just added some magic and inspiration to my day... all those images look so amazing and your words are so full of inspirations... I really love visiting your blog. It never fails to lift up my spirits. Have a wonderful day!

Jacqueline said...

Anita, your bunnies are just so darling, especially the one with the cute glasses! Ahh, spring, how I love it but we got snow today! We had such a nice winter that I am afraid we will have snow all spring!

Beautiful sentiments as always!

koralee said...

Morning sweet one and happy March!....well your snow decided to pay us a visit yesterday afternoon!
Oh well it is very pretty and I really do not think it is going to last long. Sending you oodles of warm hugs today. Thanks for the well wishes...they worked! I am feeling much better. xoxoxxox

La Petite Gallery said...

Ho Anita, you are such a good Artist. I am serious
another surprize. The Images are exqusite.


The Dutchess said...

beautiful images..beautiful words...xoxo...:)

I'm back but not for long...we are on the road again...I'll try to send a mail..A Bientot!

jerilanders said...

Hello you! I love your shop, it is so much fun. ( I also hope you are making some money, that always makes it even more fun!)
Now, where is your bathroom remodel on here? I scrolled down the side bar but couldn't find it. Can you point me in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

What sweet little bunnies! I'm looking so forward to spring. Your post gives me hope that it will be here before we know it. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Charli is sending a woof your way.

Elaine said...

I love visiting your blog. It is a a visual treat. First, there is always a cheery blog header to greet me then the most gorgeous images interwined with fabulous prose. And then there's the most interesting and relaxing music.

Yours is the last blog I read before drifting off to dreamland...

francis said...

hello dearest , Is weekend here already for you ?
I was in a very bad migraine yesterday .... the only thing good about it is the day after ...feeling better and kind of reborn . renewed .
I am all into pnterest since short .
Oh my..... I absolutely love it .
Have a happy weekend my friend .

It's me said...

This are the winners where count in but have not won...but you have won my freindship...and that is the beautist especially thing ever in this love

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thank you so much dear Anita! I am so going to enjoy this little sewing kit...We have so much rain here in New South's all a record...A good weekend for staying in and baking and sewing...Have a wonderful weekend...and of course with a pink Cheers to you...Dzintra xoxo

Vær våken said...

Dear Anita, I'm glad you like my photos ;) So you eat walnuts for breakfast...I'm so glad you're healthy! I lived with an American family one year and they had a very unhealthy diet. I gained 20 pounds that year :0 Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

hugs, Kristin

karen - Simply Inspired said...

thank you for the kindness and inspiration expressed have graced my day so beautifully.

Joanne said...

I loved this! the pictures and song you chose are perfect!
Blessings, Joanne

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good afternoon dearest!
Oh how I love that beautiful birdie...and yor BUNNIES!
BISOUS ! Penny

Rae said... I'm very excited about your next post???????

DolceDreams said...

I think we are all ready for spring! I just did a post on it too...How ADORABLE are your bunnies, if I had been by here first I would have included them...I have shared them on pinterest, and will share them on Facebook or Tumblr next week...
Have a fabulous weekend, and I keep forgetting to tell you how I love the spot where my pillow lives!

Burlap Luxe said...

Sweet beautiful Anita, you always encourage the best when you visit my latest inspiring piece for my home or art!

I was so pleased to find such a piece of beauty, and best of all the price was as if they gave it away! I am sure the reason was due to the dreadful carvings and scratches that seem to have scared it for life, they did not know what I could do with it, I was happy to have been there at that moment aquiring the piece and it allowing me to bring it back to life.

I am enamored with your bunnies on a may pole wand making me want to dance around them in a production of theatre. You my dear bring everything you touch magically to life theatrically.


PS. I am still waiting to see the new chair, and all the new you have planned for your rooms deasign, please share we love your style so dearly.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Happy Friday beautiful Anita!!!
Wow!!! What a weather week it has been for the Midwest!!! Lots of severe storms & tornados!!! Harrisburg, IL was hit with a strong tornado that did a lot of damage and killed six people. We had severe storm but luckily the tornados didn't affect us. We're hours away from Harrisburg. We had more storms this morning followed by gusty winds as another cold front blew in!!! Spring in the Midwest is a lot of spring weather one day then right back to winter. It wreaks havoc and when the heat from the Gulf Of Mexico clashes with the cooler air from the Rockies- hello major storms!!! Ugh!!!!
How are you? How is school? Riley is doing better!!! The vet is really baffled as to what happened- we were so worried about him as he's 15 years old and I've never had a dog that lived past 13 years old.
Are you doing anything this weekend?
Hope you have a great Friday evening!!!!
Luv & Hugs!!!!!!

Denise said...

What beauty!Remember I want to purchase your book when it comes out.Prose,poems,drawings- whatever-I'm there.

sparklegem said...

Wonderful post. Gorgeous photographs and very inspiring!

Calico Child said...

so glad you have finalli got the key to your door & spread your wings for all to see good luck with it all :)) x

Kirsten Steen said...

Oh my but I do love that lantern and wooden door surrounded by purple photos! They make me swoon! As always do your posts. Thank you for being you!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Gorgeous!!! Happy Anniversary, today!!! Blessings, Amy

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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