Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Will Become

As long as there is 


left in the

seat of hope

there will be no 

fear of the 



And as long as there is 


to move forward

via my etsy shop

you can trust that


Therefore this month

as I turn one year older


I will no longer think about 

the girl 
I used to be
But I will rejoice in

the woman

I will become.




visit here

to be 

kissed by the light
of life.



helen tilston said...

Dear Dearest Anita

May you always be kissed by light. You radiate and shine your light each week in these wonderful enlightening and uplifting posts.

May the shadows of your light transport you and may all your dreams be realized.

Helen xx

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

As always, Anita....Beautifully stated and portrayed. Happy Birthday...may God bless you with the most special birthday yet! And bless you for the inspiration you are bringing to so many!

Woolytales Miniatures said...

i missed your birthday???Oh no!!!
Nita... I am on my way to a soccer game... when i get home i will email you.So much to catch up!!!love you!!

RETRO REVA said...

Hi Anita!
Found you via Pam! Happy day!!!!
this is beautiful :)
a new follower for sure!
have a great weekend!

Jules said...

Well happy birthday this month to you my very talented fiend! xx

FleaingFrance & French Shopping Tours said...

A happiest birthday to you and wishing you light and love in the year to come. Beautiful, ethereal images!

Jade said...

Oh, Anita, my dearest friend, what a wonderful post again!!!! It´s made for me and your words reach my heart........sometimes i´m so sad, not to be the girl i have been many years ago! It is such a joy for me, to know you.......thank you soooooo much for everything!!!!! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month, it will be soooooo great!!!!!! And a wonderful weekend to you,

Hugs Jade

Jeri Landers said...

It is a wonderful month for a birthday, and you are going to be a fabulous fifty something??! Ah, who wants to be the girls we once were, this is much more exciting! Much Happiness, you look so very lovely,no matter what age you are.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Beautiful popped in just as we were finishing dinner...Happy Happy Birthday dear Anita...what a post full of love and light...just beautiful!!! Have a wonderful weekend...Much Love to you on your Day...Dzintra xo

savvycityfarmer said...

DEAR DEAR FRIEND, you soul shines through with each and every post you pen!

I'm captivated ... again


daphne radke said...

Beautiful post as always. Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful special day!!!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

"Create Beauty" said...

Oh dearest, We both were inspired by L I G H T in our blog posts!

Simply Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

It is our birthday month, and let's celebrate who we are becoming and rejoice in the light!

I am with you!!!! We are on the same path, although in different parts of the country : )
~ The path that gets brighter and brighter as it leads to the King upon His throne ~

Your paper creations are quite glorious, the work of your hands and heart brings such beauty to the world.

Blessings upon you dear friend!
Love! ~ Violet

The Average Jay said...

Dearest Anita.. Happy Birthday to you. Everytime I come to your page, you touch my heart. May your day be filled with the joy and light that you bring to all of us who read your magical words. GOD bless

gi gi said...

Happy Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL LADY!!Look at you with the tiara, WOW!!!!!

Wonderful post to start my morning!
Yes, let's be kissed by light!

Here's to a wonderful weekend and many many more Birthdays to come!

Much love
gi gi

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Anita, I love your beautiful words and images...sending you birthday wishes for a wonderful year full of inspiration and creativity and I'm so looking forward to more visits to see you...Your light shines from these pages...beautiful!
Susan x

deb famularo said...

Hello beautiful one,
My husband told me that I must stop by your blog to read your post today and I am so glad I did. You have so many gifts you share with all of us, and I'm so grateful to call you a friend! I wish you a most wonderful birthday and many many more to come!!!! Much love to you, deb xOxO

Anne said...

Gorgeous, Anita! You were a beautiful girl and now you are an even lovelier woman. Happy Birthday!! Come see me at my new blog, will you? the link is on bird/like.

mermaid gallery said...

You really capture the ethereal quality of birthdays....hope your party is full of pinks and blues and loveliness.....

fashion meets art said...

wonderful post my dear friend. i love the pictures and everything you have written. nice to see you with long hair :-) so pretty! <3
my favourite picture is the moon picture: totally in love!
wish you and your husband ruben an amazing weekend: relax and enjoy it.
kisses to you my friend!
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

YSL lipstick & Nelly leather bracelet

Privet and Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Anita!
I know that this will be
your best year, YET!
Love that you are writing
a new ending....!

xx Suzanne

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, dear Anita. Your light shines through with each of your fabulous posts. Beautiful!
All the best to you for a weekend full of delights.
~ Sarah

It's me said... dear friend...what a beautiful it.....i will hope your weekend will be fine......and that you will be kissed by the light of life from

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Anita, I have a tear in my eye from that last picture...the light of life - how beautiful! To have the light of life is a special thing indeed. Your post today was so magical. It really hit home because Jess just changed her career and is becoming an elementary teacher. Please read about it and give her any advice you can give. She is seeing the woman she used to be, as you have said, and is knowing the woman she is now. What a wonderful sentiment for all of us to see, Anita. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear. I may go to the Zoo tomorrow. I love animals, and the closer I am to them, the better.
You look amazing in your crown. Happy Birthday to you, precious one!
Love you,
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Martina said...

Anita! Oh yes, April is your birthday month as well! I have many friends who are aries, i just love this sign with it's fiery and passionate spirit. And hey, you already ARE the WOMAN and the ARTIST - so strong and beautiful! Have a fabulous and lovely weekend dearest!

Karena said...

Dearest Anita I will go ahead and wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Adore your new business card and the Etsy shop is wonderful, so excited about our discussion!

I am having a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings If you would like to enter.

Art by Karen

Ruben Rivera said...

Wow, Anita, this post is really something. It is a joy simply to read it and look at the pictures over and over [blog banner included]. I think sometimes I forget who I'm married to. You are a true artist.

Jade said...

Oh, how funny, I´m also 53 - i´ll be 54 in December ;))!!! Have a wonderful weekend, little girl,

Hugs Jade & Sheila ;)

Denise said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady.I am joining you on that thought.Esp.this year,having Bariatric surg. in a couple of months......The lady I will become.Denise

The Dutchess said...

So true my dear...we are timeless..our friendship is for ever and ever...

There will be something in the mail for you..Hope Lingering Liam will arive on time..xoxo

Burlap Luxe said...

You fill my heart with beauty and grace of words.

I love your creations Anita, how much I long to sit side by side chatting over art we could create as friends.

Peace, calm, restore.


Elizabeth said...

Hello my dear friend,

I have been thinking of you all week and missing you. But I have ha a guest.

This is so beautiful, I am ALWAYS in awe when I come to visit here, the beauty of the images and the words takes my breath away.

You are going to shine this year! Brighter than you ever have before!

Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

Roselie said...

Oh Anita your words about light and faith and no fear of the dark spoke directly to my heart! Thank you again for your beautiful words... And Happy Birthday!

BirgitW. said...

ma chère Anita,

pour ton anniversaire: Je t `embrasse et je te souhaite mes meilleurs voeux de la Santé, du Bonheur,de l`Amour... quelque choses tu aime...pour toi!!!

Les Photos de la jeune fille Anita sont très, très belles - et maintenant :tu n`est pas une femme comme une autre - tu est merveilleuse!!! Je suis très heureuse sur toi!!! Je ne sais pas - les mots , mais, je pense - tu comprend .... ton amie allemande Birgit

les gros Bises et: bonne chance à Minnesota...

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

LaLa la.... MEEEE Meee Meeeeeee...
(Clear throat)
"Ha peeeee Birrrr thdaaaay tooooo YOUUUUUUU!!! Loooloooloooo Lalala!!! Hee hee
You Youngly Beautiful Arteeest Girl!!!!
Those slippers are sooo CUTE!!!!
(and pretty)

Many many BLESSINGS warm HUGS, and Love, Linnie

wendy said...

It is nice to know that...or finally "figure out" that we are still "becoming"
going towards that "light"
using our "faith"
Taking that "leap through the unknown"
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the photo of you...were you homecoming queen??.....with the football player kneeling in front of you.
It surely made me smile as it made me recall all those years all 4 of my sons played high school football
(and for Matt, he had a football college scholarship)
AND...MATT was his high schools FIRST homecoming KING (they never used to do that)
sorry, just brought back a lot of fun memories.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita
I would love to sing Happy Birthday along with Linnie here, but I am not sure you would enjoy.. A singer I am not.. But what I am is..... amazed by your gift of words, art and your never ending support and friendship.. Yes, Birthday girl, it is right around the corner. Do you have a Birthday wish? Bebe is asking.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello Anita! It has been a while....I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Love the images from this post and the message and music! You have such talent girl!~Hugs, Patti

YONKS said...

Oh, darling girl, what beautiful sentiments. I have been meaning to email you. You have just reminded me.
I love this post Anita. We both share a significant birthday this months and this means so much tome and a reminder that there is lots yet to come!
Much Love

Christine Wallace said...

Happy birthday Anita!!!
Thank you for inspiring all with your beautiful words of wisdom. Hope this will be your best year yet!

Palomasea said...

ANITA DEAREST! We just got home after a long day, and this is the first place I longed to visit!!!
Stunning, tears-in-my-eyes gorgeous!
I am so excited for you...we are all on a journey, and may that journey always be toward light! Precious friend, I love seeing your magical, beautiful face...and the creations that radiate with your talent and love.
The poetry here is so touching, so powerful. Can't wait to wish you the happiest birthday!!
YOU walk in beauty, love and light, beautiful friend...
- Irina

Kate said...

Dearest Anita

Thank you so much for the love and ecouragement. I think we both adore a special lady in NJ named Lisa Moran. I am still in awe of the strength of women here. What a blessing to draw strength from.

My warmest regards

Kate said...

Oh My I forgot the best part Happy Birthday to you lovely one.


Miriam@BeBookBound said...

Happy Birthday, dear Anita. I think all of us women have those final several images in us, don't we? I am so glad you see that magic in you. Lovely as always!
(Love the shoe!)

Ivy Clad said...

How I love that thought that "At any given moment you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end"! It is so wonderful and full of hope!

Happy Birthday Month to you, my friend! I hope it is wonderful in its entirety. I love the series of pictures of you. You are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I never commented on any of your posts but I love your blog. May you have a happy happy birthday.

Kathysue said...

I think the day our were born you were kissed by the light, because you carry it inside and out with you all the time, Kathysue

PURA VIDA said...

I am so glad you were born and I can only imagine how glad are those fortunate to really know you

Sharon said...

The happiest of birthdays to you dear Anita!!!

Marie-Ange said...

Ma très chère Anita, je te souhaite un merveilleux dimanche ...
Si loin ... et pourtant si près ...
Gros bisous

Jennifer Vance said...

It's your birthday?!Well,Happy Birthday,Anita! :) I hope it's good and as beautiful as you are.You are such a blessing to people. <3 *hugs*

kerrie of sea cottage said...

So beautiful. Happy Birthday...a year of magical dreams coming true. ox

Tiff said...

Your light shines so brightly it touches us all! Big hugs! X

Kerry said...

This put the biggest smile on my face. Fantastic choice of music and love the matching photos you picked. xo

It's me said...

When is your birthday ?????? from

Das Hohe Haus said...

Dear Anita,
Wonderful! Beautiful! Thank you for those great pictures & words and Happy Birthday to you.
Hugs, Steffi vom Hohen Haus

Anonymous said...

that was awesome anita.
just the best!
and are those images of
kissed indeed, but the light
of life...i love that.
we are, at times, shells,
waiting to be opened...
but as they always say...
time...its all a matter
of time...lovely day to
you my dear...xoxo

Anonymous said...

p.s. so does this mean
you are a taurus..they
are my very best of
friends you know...

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

Thanks so much for stopping by! I came to your site last night, but never read your post until this morning. So pretty. I am so happy that you are following your dreams. Those photos of you are wonderful!!! You must have been crowned homecoming queen! GORGEOUS, beyond GORGEOUS!!!

I'm going to have to go check out your Etsy site. It looks like you've been busy creating!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

A Vintage Chic said...

You truly HAVE been kissed by the light, dear Anita...that is what you share in each and every post you so beautifully compose for us...light.

Wishing you the most beautiful of birthdays, dear friend...age is beautiful, isn't it? I think you are "becoming" in quite a wonderful way...


PiaD said...

What a beautiful blog! And happy birthday to you, from another April birthday :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Yay Anita looking forward to the Sistahood birthday bash...see you there xo

George The Lad said...

Hi Anita its me George :)
I will rejoice to the woman you will become, I loved the girl but times move on and indeed it is good to rejoice when another year can open up new avenues . Look to the future with your head held high.
I know what day your birthday is :)
There's a little gift on its way to you, mom only posted it Saturday so not sure it will get to you in time.
Sorry we don't blog so much, Mom's still not letting us on the laptop :( she say's things are getting a little easier and summer is on the way so we will be blogging a little more I hope.
Thanks for another year of friendship, you are very close to my heart.
Love George xxxx
PS I'm sure Balzac will let you know your present has arrived :)

Nella said...

Dear Anita, your light shines through your words and art that you so beautifully share with us ...your inner beauty radiates through your creativity...and I loved to see the transition of the beauty you always were!! I wish this year will be kind and generous to every way....much affection and love to you,

Rayanne said...

Oh how I would love to move like that dancer by the moon!!!!
Lovely as always Anita! Everything was perfect!
Have a HAPPY Birthday dear friend!
You have been so kind!!
Bless you, bless you, bless you!
Much love,

Rhonda said...

Hi Anita,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also found you through Christine's blog. She is a fabulous artist.

Oh my, what wonderful words and images! I'm smitten.....Rhonda

Nella said...

Anita, I LOVE the new shoe! I made a pattern for a new one I am hoping to make soon to share with you....going over to your Etsy shop to see! N.XO

Focusing on Life said...

April 23rd 1956 she was born. The beautiful and talented Anita came into this world to bless us with her words, her talent, her love, her gift.
Onwards you go my dear friend. To the moon, to the moon.
I love you

C'est moi Claudette said...

OMG.... That was me in that last comment. It's Claudie
I was logged into Claudia's new blog and forgot to sign out.

Vintage Home said...

oh my such a lovely post for a talented lady!
Your creations are so delightful & provocative at the same time.
Happy Birthday to you...what wonderful images you have found for us...pure inspiration & joy.
May this year bring you great happiness!

Anonymous said...

This was a truly beautiful post! Happy birthday Anita! I hope all of your dreans come true ♥

Anonymous said...

big't even image...but i suppose we all were there...during that awful time of fashion follies...its a very large mixed media...but i am determined...i even messed around with an idea for my envelope...and i was out and about and much of what i saw inspired much so when i came home i had to begin my mixed media piece...i have no idea where my days will lead me...but in the end it always, always works out...blessings and sweet dreams...xoxo

erin said...

happy, HAPPY birthday month, my dearest!!! you are FILLED with light! i can feel it from here.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

May you grow into your dream! Wishing you a month long of birthday joy....

Best wishes.... said...

Pure gorgeousness...again and a very happy birthday my dear!

Sara Grace said...


koralee said...

Oh my friend...I know your birthday is April 23?!!! Am I right?
What daughters is April 20th...we are planning a big birthday for her. I wish I could be there to celebrate your special day....what fun we would have.
Hope your weekend was amazing...Seattle was wonderful and sunny...nothing beats Seattle on a sunny day.
We are still enjoying Molly's Swedish friend Anna until Thursday...she is such a joy and fits in so well with the rest of my girls...I think I want to adopt her.
Hugs for a wonderful Monday. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Lovely post, as always.
I especially love to see Ruben's comments. :)
This is going to be an incredible year for you, my dear.
Off to send you a "personal" email. xo

sparklegem said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday!

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
Happy Happy Birthday!
What lovely words to enter into your new year!
I pray that this new year brings you to places where you feel the strength and power of God working through you ~ opening doors to opportunities that let your spirit grow and soar!
God bless you always dear Anita
♥ Maria

A Magical Whimsy said...

All of these photos are just too amazing and surreal. So, because Jesus gives his children QUALITY...they have NO fear of TIME itself. What an awesome thought!
We are FOREVER'S children.
Happy Birthday dearest Anita!...this past year flew by way too fast!
May you be reveling in your new found freedom to pursue your objectives with renewed strength and applause from your friends!!!
love and hugs,

Draffin Bears said...

Happy birthday month, dear Anita.
Love this post and can't believe it was a year ago, we wished you a happy birthday and remember the party you had with all the others that were celebrating birthdays, the same month.
May your life always be filled with light and love, dear friend.

Sending love & hugs

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Your posts are so gorgeous (words and images)they are mesmerizing.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Looking forward to it Dearest...see you then!!!

desde my ventana said...

Your beautiful post inspires me in the start of a new week.

Muchos besos para tí Anita


het tuinengeltje said...

Dear friend Anita,

your blogpost made my day! Oh how wunderful it looks... You made me happy!

Kisssss, Sylvia

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Happy Birthday to you Anita!

Such a touching post!

I am totally inspired by you

Lots of love


The enchanted home said...

Wishing a most happy birthday to my friend that takes me away to a beautiful place where I feel I can do anything and be anyone. Thank you for that gift!
May your year be filled with an abundance of joy, good health, happiness and be a year of making dreams come true (think you are well on your way)
Such a beautiful post Anita..and may you always shine brilliantly under the light of life.

Ann Nichols said...

Dear Anita,
So beautiful as always. Your poetry will fill volumes someday, dear one. Just be patient...for another year!
Blessings for a wonderful year and a happy birthday day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and I LOVE the quote. It sounds as if you and I are on very similar journeys. My life didn't go as planned so I am now all about not settling and being disappointed with the outcome but instead, creating my life and shaping it into what I want it to become! xo

Jacqueline said...

Hello my friend!

What an inspirational post and it meets you right where you are at. What an exciting year this will be with change and growth and taking the next step to where your hopes and dreams are waiting.

The hope and anticipation of ones future is so exciting. The anticipation of what is to come, who we will meet, who we will become, is precious, in His sight. It is all in His greater plan for us.

Went down the road, traveled south yesterday to a swap meet and bought up lots of vintage charming toys. I have a secret, that is not a secret anymore, I would like to start selling some of them in various avenues and yesterday I was invited to a show at Craven Farm to be a vendor in June. This has made my heart so happy.

I am celebrating a day off today but it will be full, planning the wedding shower I'm giving for Kara this weekend. I am combining your soft teal blue with lavender for the colors and making the whole event, simple yet stunning. My pictures will not download so I have a bit of a stumbling block but one day, I'll be able to get my personal ones back posting.

Thinking of you and the beauty you create for the world, each day.

My love and hugs,

J. Beaudet said...

Beautiful post Anita! Have a wonderful birthday! I like to celebrate mine all month long...actually even longer than that, as my coming trip to Maui is for my birthday, and my birthday isn't until July! Have a great week:)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

We are reborn each day.
I love your etsy store items!

HUGS and my dearest thoughts go out to you, as I too spread my wings.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I adore the "ballet moon."

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Is it your birthday?! Hoping you have a very happy one. Love these beautiful inspirational images and words. So happy to have found your blog!

xo Mary Jo

Angela said...

Your blog is beautiful and inspiring, I'm so happy I found it! I look forward to seeing more :-)

Christie said...

Well, my dearest birthday girl, without knowing it was your birthday, I have highlighted your sweet self in the post I just created! We are kindred spirits, indeed, and do not ever wonder if I ever go a day without you in my thoughts or prayers. It simply never are always there...your light shining from your cottage to mine.
With much love, dearest, for a fabulous day of celebrating you,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening dear Anita,
Thank you so much for your visit yesterday, I am so happy you enjoyed your little Tweety! Wanted to thank you again and wish you a beautiful week...
Yes, we would make quite the pair singing together! My dear mother would gently close my door when I would start to sing... teee

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest, darling Anita ... you are amazing and your light shines through! That first photo of you is absolutely stunning! You are beautiful inside and out and I am so honoured to be your blog friend.... Happy Birthday!
with love and best wishes
Frances xxxxx

Gem said...

Wow wow wow, were you a beauty queen?! LOVE that photo of you.
Thanks for your glorious comments over at mine, as always, and glad I raised a laugh.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday (what date is it?)

francis said...

Cannot help ....always see the numbers ....99 comments
Oh my .....could I be 100 .
must be quick I guess ...
But more important is to say HELLO
dear friend . Are you well .
Overhere a day with rain and wind .
Tea and cupcakes and blogging and all is well .
Thursday my Elisabeth will have her last chemo .
Not to celebrate yet because the week after she is very difficult .
But we can go to close this and than new things will come .
reconstruction-operation .....
will her hair grow soon ?
Hope all will be well.
Birthday-post is on its way !
Hugs and lots of love

Sylvia said...

My dear friend, you are beautiful and you are a true Artist and your light shines through ... Your life touches so many people, and many more you don't even know... So, here's to celebrating YOU

The Golden Girls said...

o0o0 your blog is just beautiful! whimsical, magestic, and GORGEOUS! xx,
The Golden Girls

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my Sweet I have missed you. My blogging has been spotty at best lately. Where does the time go?

Love this post..... so wonderful to see a peek of your are FABULOUS.

And, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you dear one....


michelle said...

Dearest Anita, It is your birthday month! Happiest of them to you my sweet friend. Embrace all that life has given you and make what will become even greater.
Thank you sweet friend for your words of friendship, they mean so much. Please take care of you as well and I will see you soon.
Much love!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita!!!!!
I love this new post!!!! The photos are beautiful & you always have that fabulous Tiffany blue color mixed in!!!
We both have April birthdays!!!! I turned 38 on Friday The 13th!!! It came & went SO quickly!!!! My parebts arrived at our home to spend the weekend with us. They had been in Arizona the past 4 months & were headed back to Chicago. My mom gave me a gorgeous real turquoise Emer Thompson necklace she had bought in Scottsdale. There's photos in my new blog post.
We had fondue dinner on Friday night- I ordered a delicious Oreo cookie martini!!!
It was so special to spend my birthday with my husband & parents. I didn't get to see my parents for my birthday last year- they were in Mexico with friends.
I hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!!
Thank you, always, for your uplifting comments!!!!
You are a special friend; I feel blessed to know you!!!
Shannon :-)

chateaudelille said...

Dearest Anita, best, best wishes to you for your birthday. Hope its a fun one! Your posts are so lovely. I want to show my daughter as she has lost her hope in life and I want to try and help her. Love your mosaic of your crafts. You are so truly talented and original with your creations which is why i tagged you. hope its okay as Id love to learn more about you.Fiona x

Stacey said...

Yes, I'm shouting your name because I've missed visiting you SO MUCH!! What a beautiful message in this very beautiful post! You never disappoint mi amiga. I remember last year when I was wishing you Happy Birthday. Time sure flies, doesn't it? I hope you will have a fabulous birthday. Nice catching up with you:-). XX

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed your birthday!!! Or did I ??? What day is it? Well, happy , Happy Birthday to you, which ever day it is!!! I know you told me you were going to be "Mid-Century", which is a very cool age to be! And with all those wonderful pictures of yourself you certainly have made some fabulous memories. How pretty you look as a Queen in your crown!! and I still remember you and Ruben going down the "Yellow Brick Road"!
Have lots of balloons and pink frosting, dear!

ivana said...

Have many happy returns of the day! Wishing you all the light and tenderness of the world! I don't know the girl you used to be, but the woman you are, althought we never met, I appreciate!

L'Elégante said...

Tu es en pleine féerie, chère Anita. Ton monde est merveilleux.
Je t'embrasse à très bientôt. Fine

Stacey said...

I RESIGNED too! I actually told the Principal just yesterday. You and I are so nsync!:-). It was way too much for me and personally I don't think it's worth it. Taking care of my family is more important, PLUS, I have been so exhausted and can barely find the time to do anything else! That is not living life to the fullest at all. So, like you as of June 8 (the last day for the students), I will be officially unemployed:-). Hope you're having a wonderful week.

Cindy Swanson said...

Happy birthday, Anita! Thank you for using your influence to spread beauty and light.

What a lovely homecoming queen you were, and what an even more beautiful woman you are today!


Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

what a beautiful pictures...truly inspirational post...

InesMrs.Venus said...

A wonderful story, Dear- and:


So we are both aries :-) My birthday was last Sunday...

And I know that feeling- inside we are always a little girl- but life wants to be that strong woman without fear and strength and power. But sometimes we want only this little girl to be again...

My daughter made me a childrens birthday table with a barbie crown and fairies... I loved it :-)

You are a really pretty one, when you were a girl- your long hair looked great!

Enjoy your week-

XO- Ines

francis said...

Good morning My sweet friend .
Today we are having a special day
mixed feelings . Last chemo day for my beautiful and brave Elisabeth .
Anyway this part of the journey is done ! She did it ! And the way she did it all was amazing-brave.
Two days ago she was shopping and she is a beautiful personality ..... next to her two cars bumped to oneanother .
The driver of the cars got out and she heard the driver of the car say
"Its because of her ....I had to look at her !"
That's my girl . I guess this driver will never know today she is having her last chemo !
I want to thank you with all my heart for being there for me my friend . I love you and hug you !
Have a special day !

lostpastremembered said...

When I was a teen, a friend of mine told me when she was a kid, she went to visit an old aunt in Manhattan. One day, an elderly neighbor came to visit. The thing was, although she "looked" old, she wasn't! She acted just like they did and was full of the energy of youth... bursting with curiosity. She played games with her and had a wonderful time. It changed the way she thought about "old people". It was years later that she discovered the old lady was none other than Lillian Gish!!! That's the way I want to be "old".

I'd like to think if we do it right, we don't grow old but we grow–– smarter, stronger and in so many ways better. By striving and not settling or calcifying we never stop growing.

Have a great birthday, lovely Anita. Always shine that wonderful light of yours, won't you???

koralee said...

Good morning my friend...sorry I have not visited for a few days...our Swedish friend has taken up my every moment. We adored her and made so many magical memories.
It is almost Friday...we can do it...but for some reason I am extra tired will be a long long to have an extra strong cup of tea! xoxooxo Have a good one.

June said...

and what a beautiful woman you have become my dear Anita!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!
I adore those pictures of you and the collage of all your talent!!
Have an amazing Spring day my sweet friend.
sending many hugs your way...

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for your lovely visit! I so love your fairy slippers here, so delicately made! Am sure you'll craft up a storm as soon as you'll have more time - even now, it is fantastic. Have a sweet day my friend! xx

Anonymous said...

Where the Light is there is no darkness at all; the Light gives us hope. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and pictures. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Anita,

How fun that we share a birth month! I love the art that you are creating, and I know that you will go far, for your heart is pure gold.



Sandra van Doorn said...

bonjour Anita, a bit late coming by... i’m totally in love with that slipper... will life be a fairytale if i wear one.. just wondering ...
hope you are well ma chère amie,
xo sandra

Sandra van Doorn said...

bonjour Anita, a bit late coming by... i’m totally in love with that slipper... will life be a fairytale if i wear one.. just wondering ...
hope you are well ma chère amie,
xo sandra

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Dearest Anita!
How lovely.
I need some inspiration this evening so I thought of you!
My shoulders are relaxing, I needed that.... I love this song.

I love the color of that cake and these photos... sigh.

My inner ballerina is longing to get out.

Bon Weekend!

Parisienne Farmgirl
Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

Presépio no Canal said...

Happy Birthday this month Anita!

Enjoy your April!

I think it's fantastic to celebrate a new year trying new paths with courage, faith and joy!

I like your thoughts in the side bar!



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Anita
Wishing you a very happy belated birthday.. so sorry I missed this post.. but I'm sure your special day was filled with love.. dreams and a million special moments with your loved ones.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year.. much love .. xxx Julie

Privet and Holly said...

Happy Monday!

Just popping back again to
let you know that I am unable
to reply to your comments via
e-mail....When I hit REPLY in my
e-mail, your address comes up
as "no-reply blogger." Did you
get a chance to check your Blogger

I know that I have your e-mail
address "on the side," but by
enabling your e-mail address
in your profile, I can reply directly
to your comment, even from
my phone, which would be SO
handy : ) Thanks a million!

Hope your week is off to a
wonderful start!


Christel said...

I can't wait to see your life sized shoes! I just know they will be gorgeous, and fit for a queen! Hope your etsy items are flying off of the are an amazing talent Anita, in so many venues. xoxox Christel

Fifi Flowers said...

You find the best photos!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Hey, I missed one! And a belated Happy Birthday to you. How did/are you spending it? Wishing you so many more being the woman you wish to be. So love your photo picks and the words you bead together like jewelry.
Big hugs and birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

I am late to say Happy Birthday but can still say thank you for sharing your deep soulful thoughts with your readers. They touch me each and every time! What a catch in the throat - "76" football player - that was my son's number, and I havent seen him in way too long as he's not a child anymore and has BIG wings like the angel pictured!!!