Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Next Time

look at the 
scattered stars


listen to them impart

 the sacred

writings of old



Sweet Divinity 

that whispers wisdom 

into the 

open human heart.


comes from within us

so we can 

speak to each other.



read and write


to know that

we are not alone



the poet 

unearths the forgotten


and what is observed in the 


shines the brightest


and while our


may never move the 



passionate hearts 

and determined minds

 can move  

the inhabitants 

of earth

toward unity



the power of the pen.

via tumblr




You are not alone


for you are



1 said...

Incredibly written Anita.

As always your images impart the emotion of your words!

Have a beautiful remainder of your Sunday.

Anonymous said...

love, love, love!
this truth...and
those images...and
the message...indeed
write and write and
write some more...
that which is deep
inside those dark

YONKS said...

Beautiful Anita. We are indeed blessed by the company we keep. Meeting across the miles. How lucky we are to live in this age which has given us the opportunity to connect.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You may have just inspired my lesson tomorrow for my beginning journalism class, Anita! You always inspire something inside of me. Thank you for this powerful time together.

myletterstoemily said...

the truest sentence i can write?

to create beauty is an endless delight.

Deborah said...

To express what we feel deep within with the pen is truly an art. When others can say "Yes" I feel that too....theres a beauty that joins the two hearts in unity.
Love this post and all your lovely expressive images Anita.
Sweet hugs!

Deborah xoxo

Rattus Scribus said...

There is a lot here in so few words. I like the hope that what we observe in the darkness may indeed end up shining the brightest. I also am drawn to how often true it is that it is not the product of our minds but of our hearts that can most bring us together through the power of the written word.
This is beautifully written.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"what is observed in the darkness shines brighter".
Love that!

Leslie said...


This is just lovely and YOUR message is so true. ONE word at a time.. feel and LET IT GO.

Thank you for this poetry!!


CWoodyard said...

This is beautiful! I nearly lost it. Thankyou, Cynthia

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Fantastic photos and beautifully written! ~Hugs, Patti

The French Bear said...

Anita, the truest sentence I can say...straight from the make me feel loved and that I belong here...thank you for touching my heart.

"Create Beauty" said...

These thoughts and words are magnificent, and the images make it all come alive...

so beautifully

love you so,

The enchanted home said...

Anita, I love getting lost in your take me away each and every time to a wonderful dreamy place where any dream can come true!
One thing is for sure..your beuatiful writings and pairings with the magical images here are sure to live on in many of our is a gift that you have that I know will continue to touch anyone who reads it:)

helen tilston said...

Hello Anita

Write the truest sentence that you know as instructed by Ernest Hemmingway


Anita's blog is like a beautiful opera
- the images and words have a rhythm.

Helen Tilston

Deana Sidney said...

You got me thinking... what is the truest sentence I know???? that should keep me cogitating for a good long time. I'll let you know if I find it deep within the closet of myself, somewhere between the 19th century robe and the thigh high boots... there it must be. HAve a great week!

Karena said...

Anita I am so fortunate to have a friend like you! Your words and images inspire me beyond!

2012 Artists Series

Sarah said...

More beautiful words and images to brighten my day. Thank you for sharing, Anita...........Sarah

Sylvia said...

My thoughtful friend, this is what brilliant writing looks like ( in my humble opinion). 'It's only with the heart that one can see rightly' and you make me open my heat, search for the true words and feel ... I become a poem and I am not alone...
Thank you for the emotions, the tenderness and the hope.
You are special!

Sylvia said...

Sorry Anita, I mean " heart" ( Obviously, I must stop and go to bed :) But I am feeling good, because of you.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
Beautifully written my dear friend, and the photos are breathtaking... Truly inspired.
Bisous, Penny

Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, je voudrais créer des mots de toutes sortes pour vous accrocher n'importe où votre coeur désire.
Un jour, juste pour vous.

another beautiful post, and you inspire my heart with paper, pens, and words.

lots of dreams and love to you.

Simplement ... said...

It's a beautiful message ...
J'ai ressorti mon anglais scolaire pour te dire toute l'admiration et l'émotion qu'il me procure.
Gros bisous chère Anita

Unknown said...

Such lovely words Anita. As always wonderful images. We so look forward to your posts as they are always uplifting. We are starting a foggy wet grey Monday with a smile on our face. Have a lovely Monday.
Best wishes Molly

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Sweet post...lovely images.
Hope to talk again this week (and boy, can we talk!!). :)
I have a photo shoot on Tuesday (of the The Loft) I'm looking forward to sharing so you can see our beautiful venue and what you'll be seeing IN PERSON-- soon.
Have a beautiful day, my friend. xoxo

Unknown said...

Ah your words Anita are a balsam to my heart...together with the music you moved me beyond words...

Barbara said...

Beautiful true words, Anita, along with lovely images!

It's me said...

Such a true words beautiful you my know

The Dutchess said...

The I will write....embrace..because that's what this post felt like a hug..TRULY it did..!

hi-d said...

You have a special place in so many people's hearts...just by browsing through some of your readers comments. Keep on doing what you are doing, because you inspire so many!

Thanks for your visit. That photo of M is my favorite too and I am going to see about getting it on canvas. I just hope that the res is high enough for it to look good.

That is SO. Exciting about the store front window you are going to do. Yay! Take photos and please be sure to post them, k?

I hope you have a lovely day!

Palomasea said...

Oh, my dear friend...where did my comment go? I left it here last night, I really did, right after Ruben's...oh dear...
Ok, well...what got me first were the header and the music....then of course, the poetry! Oh, the poetry....
And that moon with clouds...
What I would like to tell you is that YOU, special soul, inspire us..and help us...look at the truth...see the truth that is LOVE...and you, dear Anita have the power to unite all of us with your brilliant mind, sparkling soul, and generous heart...
Stunning work....
Bless you, precious friend!
- Irina

L'Elégante said...

Cet article est magnifique chère Anita. La douceur et la sérénité. Tout ce dont j'ai besoin en ce moement. Amitié deFine.

Red Rose Alley said...

How beautiful this post is, Anita. Yes, the power of the pen is so special, and you bring so much goodness to others with your writing. You can fill a paper with eloquent words more than anyone I know. It comes so naturally to you. Sometimes I get writers block, and that comes from not letting go, as you have said. I will work on that. The enchanting tall trees on here are magnificent. And I love "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Oh my goodness, that says it all in a nutshell. Often people see what we want to see, ya know? We must look closer. Keep writing, dear have so much to give.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Down by the sea said...

Your words and pictures say so much. I'm so glad you introduced me to your lovely blog. Does it take you a long time to come up with each post?
Sarah x

Unknown said...

Hi Anita,

Lovely post as always...I am glad to see you are on Google +. That browser underneath lets people click to share your post on Google+ or like on Facebook and twitter. Lovely.


Michele said...

Hi Anita ~~ Here is a true statement:

You are talented Anita. You have beautiful thoughts which create beautiful words for others to read.

Have a blessed beautiful day Anita.

Pearl 13.1

Lisa Farmer Designs said...

Another beautiful post Anita. What a gift you have with paper and pen. AND you are so good at selecting just the right images to convey the message. I consider myself in "good company" just having a friend like you to provide such inspiration. Blessings!!!

Angela said...

I love this picture, I love the message, and I love your blog!!!!!! You are pure inspiration!!!!!
Kisses, Anita and have a nice week!!!!!

millefeuilles said...

Dear wonderful Anita,

I love paper. The paper coloured hues of this post are gorgeous! Once upon a time I wanted to open a bookshop/tearoom in Bayeux where we had moved to as newly weds. I met a German paper maker. Anita, if you had seen the beauties that man created. I wanted to buy them all as stock for my imaginary shop.

Thank you for encouraging us to be truthful, open and to dare be ourselves.


ps Anita, I was THRILLED to read your good news the other day; so well-deserved! Talent and hard work make a perfect marriage, don't you think? You are a testimony to that. When I have a quiet moment, hopefully in the next few days, I will respond to your email.

Love from across the oceans,


carolyn bradford said...

You expressed this like the expert that you are and I'm so glad to hear someone say how important it is to read, write and express! We need to still be able to feel and communicate in this high tech age we live in! Life is too short to not experience the beauty of the paper and pen! Loved this post!

koralee said...

Beautiful my dearest!

xoxoxo Sending you my love...hope to be not so busy soon so I can sit down and email you! Life is getting in my way! xo

Christel said...

spoken words are often times not as important as the way you say them. Every time I visit your blog dear friend, I leave with the feeling you were speaking directly to me. This, is the mark of a true poet, a true reach us! My best always, Christel

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

We are all so lucky to have you as a friend, thank you for this wonderful writing and inspiration.
You have such a way with your words and the power of the pen is amazing.

Happy new week

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello dear,

What is your new email? I tried to email you at the old one and it came back. Beautiful and lovely words as always. We are crossing our fingers here that work begins again on our mess this Wednesday.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dearest Anita how do you come up with such beautiful truly is a pleasure to come and visit for such inspiration, especially in it all!

The first 2 shows were a sell out...and they love the walking cane ha ha....2 down, 15 to go! Have a beautiful day...sending Love, Dzintra xo

renae said...

A grand visual swept by emotions of wonder and light that my heart leaps in victory for my computer can now finally hear and see your entire post at once. I can comment freely. Life if good.

renae said...

...I had to return.

I read your sweet soulful words to my husband. He said leave the music on so I can fall asleep to it.

awh, sweet.

Rhissanna said...

Beautifully done, Anita. I love the way the colours are all of a kind, muted and subdued, until we arrive at the two friends who seem bright by contrast. How well you do this and how lovely it is to visit here. Thank you.

Maria said...

Hi Anita,
How true and special are these words....Thank you they have made my morning!
Wishing you a week full of kindness, dear friend.
Love Maria x

Carla said...

Anita such passionate and inspiring words your matching of the images to words is amazing...always a pleasure to drop by and read your eloquent words and musings!
Carla x

Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual, Anita. That image of the book pages turning to butterflies is delightful.
Catching up on visits and email. Write you soon.
Much love,

Unknown said...

Oh, Anita...this is my favourite post you have written... it resonates with me in so many ways...simply have such a wonderful way with words.
Enjoy your week dear blogger friend ;-)

renae said...

yay!! Yay!!!!

I love coming to your site now because I know I can and my computer doesn't stall, spit or cough one teeny bit!

This post is neutral in color and I LOVE IT!!! Sometimes no or minimal color is fascinating. You did a superb job, m'lady!

renae said...

Those last two ladies are dolls, huh? They are aren't they?

Martina said...

Oh, Anita, so sorry i haven't seen your new post yet - it is BEAUTIFUL! So glad you are posting again, and writing - this really captures the magic and i want to start the book i'm dreaming about .... ha ha, i need MORE TIME! I do enjoy autumn, it is colder now here, and alhough i'm a sun lover i like the crispy cold air that makes you walk faster. Have a lovely evenig sweet friend, thank you for your sweet visit and commen!

Pura Vida said...

such amazing quotes from my true favorites and dear belong in their class! You evoke...provoke...with every word and photo

trump said...

Hi Anita and I really like your night time image at the top of this post, I enjoy images with special effects!

And I have just posted a few recipes on my blog from the homework that you had given me last week, I'm not sure if ill get an "A" or not but I did give it my very best shot so I hope one or two of these sound a little interesting to you.

I usually cheat Anita that's how I pretty much got though High School, this time sadly I had no cheat sheet so I played this one straight! Richard

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for your visit once again, your writtings of beauty are placed in our hearts poetically.

"Grosses bises mon ami véritable"


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hi beautiful Anita!!!!!
I love this post!!!! The two ladies walking together wearing trench coats remind me of us!!!! We're taking a walk and discussing fashion and our fun times!!!! Wouldn't that be magical!!!!!
How was your weekend? My husband & I went to a pumpkin farm- they are always so much fun!!!! We don't have any children but we still enjoy ourselves & get caught up in the Halloween spirit!!!!
I bought a new book called "Decades" by Cameron Silver.... He owns the amazing Decades Vintage shops in LA. This book has some amazingly beautiful photos of fashion throughout the decades starting with 1900- to the present. You would really like it.
I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!!!!
Sending you lots of hugs!!!!
Shannon :-)

Denise said...

This is one of your best poems I think.Wow!You really do need to publish your words so we can keep them with us.I would love a copy.Hugs to you My Dear-Denise

wendy said...

Being in good company, is certainly coming here to visit your blog. Always inspiring thoughts.
There was so much I loved about this. we can speak to each other
....unearth the forgotten
.....move the inhabitants of earth toward unity.

and you got to love Thoreau and Hemingway !! I sure do.

Ann said...

So true Anita...
I believe that anything from the heart be it spoken words or written words makes a lot of difference and will be remembered.

I just love the inspirational quotes you have on your post today, truly wonderful things to keep in my mind before I go to sleep. Hopefully it will seep into my subconscious.

Have a wonderful day!

koralee said...

Morning dear are off to school all week? Enjoy your time with the students..they do tend to be little joy givers {for the most part} is almost the end of the month and then we will fly onto November ...may each and everyday that comes your way bring you HIS joy..only focus on today... package up your worries for tomorrow and address them to GOD! This is what I am focusing on today! Just thought I would share with you. xoxoxo Hugs.

Nella Miller said...

Dear Anita...beautiful seems insufficient! I loved all the vintage paper and script images, sooooo lovely! I just want to feel them, see them! Such an inspiring post, filled with beauty, truth and goodness! N.xo

Jenny said...

Bless you, sweet lady.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and I love seeing a new header w/ each post. So much fun. You are so good at making them. That quote is interesting...I'll have to think about the one sentence I would right. It would be very revealing! xo

renae said...

Anita - hi! You are so blessed to be by so many lakes. This lake by us is a city reservoir but sure looks like a lake to me. My SIL that lives 15 minutes away didn't know that lake was there either. He is excited because he LOVES to fish but doesn't have time to drive to the lakes up in the mountains each time. Now he can fish and bring us back yummy trout. Thank you for your visit dear! Have a productive, creative day! (hug)

Karena said...

Anita I an just back to let you know I am thinking of you!

Art by Karena

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I am as usual overwhelmed with emotions from your wonderful post! It floods the senses. Minerva x

renae said...

I am loving my new computer actions!

Here I am again! and ...CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a grand award to receive!

The arts must thrive, they must!

I feel a poem coming on.......


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh darlin', I sat down after a l-0-n-g- day hit some blogs...I saw ya over at Miss Jenny's and just had to pop in to see what you've been up to.

I love it here...beautiful as usual my friend!

I've been swamped with harvest and keepin' the hungry burly crews well fed.

God bless and I hope to be back as soon as the soybean semi's pull outta the fields!

Stacey said...

Occasionally I get a lonely feeling because the hubby is away. I was having one of those moments just now and this post just had me welling up with emotion. I truly felt better after soaking up this post; it's really therapeutic here. You're awesome lady and your words do wonders for ones soul:-). Muah!! XX

Nella Miller said...

Dear excited and happy I am for you...your first wedding window commission!! There will be more to come, I know it! I hope you will give us a peek when you are you know I am partial to weddings!! N.xo

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,
Oh it sounds like you are having a busy week with creating and subbing. I bet the schools fight over you subbing for them.

I cannot believe how fast this month is going, can you? Soooo fast!!!

Have a happy rest of the week.

Casa Très Chic said...

Wonderful touching words, you exude kindness.
Have a blessed day.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Anita:
E M Forster, an absolutely favourite author of ours could not have said it better when he wrote....'only connect'....

You raise some most interesting points here about the deep spiritual need for human interaction and the power of those connections to shape and change the world. Whereas as individuals we may often feel helpless against governments or large scale organisations, together we can make a difference and bring about revolutions should we wish. We should never lose sight of that.

Through these images and words you encourage us all not only to look but to SEE....wonderful!

francis said...

Indeed ...we are not alone !
sorry I am not visiting overhere as
much as I should but times are
changing and I am searching my way in all of this
But KNOW you are in my heart Anita and all will turn out for the best .
Lots of hugs an love my friend

renae said...

Oh Anita! I can glide through your post with the greatest of ease, ..awh.

Your attention and direction are so fun. I hope your creativity is super d dooper for you today. I am pleased with the email info you told. Thank you for doing that. I know you are a busy 'starving artist' and your time is precious. That's all the more reason I sincerely appreciate it.

Have a fabulous evening. It snowed here.

renae said...

Dear Anita!

As soon as I have some extra cash I am planning on ordering a paper shoe that is turquoise with gold accents. I love those colors together and I cannot think of anything else that I would rather have than a delightful paper shoe from you. Don't get too excited yet but plan on something near Christmas, k?

YOU have a nice evening. too! :D

Lady of the Woods said...

I love when words and images leave me utterly speechless....I love that place! Anita you always bring me there....I'm sorry I haven't been here, it has been my own loss. I will not again stray and if I do please bring me back again to the place I always love to the presence of the truest words ever writ. blessings, lady

Createology said...

Thank you heart and soul are enlightened with your beautiful words and photos. Blissful...

Maria said...

Hi Anita.
As always you have written and designed a beautiful and inspiring post.
It looks like you have been creating such exquisite things... It feels so good in our souls when our creativity can emerge ...
School has kept me so very busy. My father is also staying with us, he had a car accident two weeks ago and is doing so much better now. He got bruised and is still somewhat sore from the seatbelt and from the impact. His car is totaled, so he will be really making some big lifestyle changes now at 88 years!
It was so nice posting last night and now visiting tonight,
God bless you always, Anita!
- Maria

Elaine said...

Your posts are always a lovely escape for me.

Aldy said...

Dearest Anita, Your words are always so uplifting! Such beautiful message... I can't help but feel inspired every time I read your posts! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend :)


Paula said...

So true, and good company indeed! Isn't it wonderful that despite being divided by numerous oceans, seas and land masses, so many people - myself included - are touched and moved by your words as if they were written specifically for ourselves. These words resonate today in particular, because I think they sum up beautifully what you do for us as friends and readers.
Best wishes,
Paula xxx

francis said...

You are TEACHING today .
I am thinking of you today !
Autumn is so beautiful and the colours are so beautiful .
I always find that comforting to see and to know last year autumn was here and next year also .
Nature is giving us so much to experience..... beautiful colours
the scent of fall..... the rich harvest and we can see our life-harvest through autumn's eyes .
Have a cosy weekend dear friend

koralee said...

Enjoy every moment of your teaching day my friend...I am home today and going to enjoy every minute of it!!! Hugs xoxoxo

Unknown said...

A true story, true words, simple, a true statement...
I love you...period.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for coming today and visiting me! OMG, i can't believe it SNOWED where you live! Here, it eas nasty and cold though too. I went to town to meet a bloggy friend and we had the best time lunchung, chatting and shopping and havng coffee. Somehow i like the beginning of this season and it's cozyness. I get sick of it in January ;) Hope you have thenicest weekend, will be ack! xox

Privet and Holly said...

I have a feeling
you are creating
in your little studio
like a mad woman!

Beautiful words, from
one writer to another : )

xo Suzanne

trump said...

Hi Anita we have a storm that looks like it may be heading our way here in Pennsylvania, I think you should be ok since your not in its path. Richard

Christmas-etc... said...

Very very good company, indeed!!

Angela said...

Happy weekend, my friends!!!!!!!! Kisses!!!!! :)

renae said...

Morning Anita!
I was out with my daughters and grands yesterday afternoon til evening, along with my Man. We went back to that Village Shopping place to see more witches. We didn't know it was 'WITCHES NIGHT OUT' or we would have dressed up. I'll be blogging about it on my next post. I am glad you stopped by again. Glad you had sleep! See ya.....

Teacup Mosaics said...

I read this as I wind down from the day you give me such lovely words to dream about. I hope all is well and thank you for such beauty.

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

I hope you're having a good weekend! Oh, we are getting rain too! Actually I am not minding it too much. I do love the seasons. I'm really hoping we get some decent snow this year! :)

Thanks so much for your visit. I too loved having braces as a kid. ha!

Have a wonderful day!

trump said...

Thanks for stopping over to Amish Stories Anita and because of Sandy (The storm) I have published Jean again a little early instead of Monday morning.

I posted a rather long comment from myself on that storm and how it may effect Pennsylvania, we do seem to have lots of flooding issues and the losing of power whenever we seem to get lots of rain, so throw in high winds with that and who knows what's going to happen. Lets say if the winds do really kick-up like they say, well I may be getting to Paris a little faster than first thought,lol. Richard

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Anita ~
I'm still rather new to your site, and want to say how much I'm enjoying it. From the beautiful writing to the magical images to the artistic presentation, you really transport me to a different world....many, actually :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest friend,
What a treat is was to see you had come to the ballet! Thank you so much for your very encouraging words and I must say I am honored to have the photo displayed here.. You are such a dear heart.
Have a wonderful day,
Love, Penny

francis said...

oh I your number 100 comment ?
that's a surprise ?
I wish you a very happy new week !
Overhere its colder but not to much.
Tomorrow I will visit my sister in the Hospice . She is farther and farther away ...she is leaving slowly
My birthday is november 2 and her birthday november 4
We do not know how all will be ....
That's life ! Hugs and love for you

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You came back to the ballet!
Merci cher ami, Penny

Kerri said...

Always so beautifully written. I wish you lived close to me so you could tutor me in French. I hope you are safe from the storm and feeling better from your soar throat!!

I just posted a cute pic of my pumpkin ;)


Angela said...

Hi, Anita!!! Thank you for your comment!!!!!!! I wish you a happy weekend!!! Kisses, my friend!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Happy (almost) Halloween my beautiful friend!!!!
How are you? Did you have a fun weekend?
Our Saks 5th Ave. opened a new shoe boutique and they had a party. We had fun!!!! :-)
My parents are coming to our house for Thanksgiving!!!!
My mom broke her wrist!!!! :-(
She isn't good at "sitting" or taking it easy so this will be a big challenge for her!!!!
I'll be posting the photos from the Saks 5th Ave. shoe party next week... :-)
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!!!!
Luv & Hugs!!!!!

Divine Theatre said...

Coincidentally, I just wrote a poem for my beautiful daughter and shared it on my blog today.
I haven't seen the muse in a while. I hope she stays.
You remain, as always, an indulgence for all of my senses.



"Create Beauty" said...

"We read and write to know we are not alone" OH isn't that the truth?!?!?

Had to come back for some beauty infusions here, sigh....

~ Violet

Francine Gardner said...

Magnificent writing! I am so privileged to live in a place with open sky. Every night as I arrive home from the city, I stand in my courtyard, pause, look at the sky and thank God for my day and all the beauty of the world. In summers, I often sleep outdoors and can spend hours staring at the sky and the mystery of life.

koralee said...

Hi dear it a teaching day...or a creative day for you today? Stay bundled up and cozy wherever you are..hugs.

Anonymous said...

Anita - you capture the interest of your readers like no one else writing in this blogger world! Well, the ballet music got me from the start. Remembering the little dance studio in manhattan where I took class - with a live pianist - no recording! magic!

renae said...

Anita dear! Hi! I am doing pretty good. That Friday event with my dd and their kids was so fun. We go there every year but next year we are going to dress up as Witches, too. They have great deals there. You can get TOMS for about $10 less and they cater to mainly women there, so it is fun to leave the guys behind and just hang out there. The costume part will be great fun next year. (see email.)

Jade said...

Oh Anita, one more time I enjoy the poetry of your post - that´ s all sooooooooo true, love it!!! Thank you so much, my dear friend!! I love to be here and to take all the inspiration with me!!! Have a wonderful week,

Hugs Jade & Sheila

Now we have a lot of snow in Bavaria........some pictures tomorrow ;)!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Anita ~
While we still have power and internet here in DC, I wanted to say many thanks for your kind words and thoughts. The worst of the Hurricane Sandy is coming our way soon. Take care, and talk soon ~ Loi

Anonymous said...

we are good!
just enjoying the magnificent
waves in the aftermath of
autumn is such a lovely time
of soft illuminating light!

Mary said...

Ahaaaa.. that is so sweet. I love it. You do so well at collecting lovely things for you post...lovely thoughts for your friends. I'm so happy to feel counted as one. M

Anonymous said...

Hello dearest Anita, it was good to start the day seeing your name pop up at the shop. Hope you're having fun making your dreamy shoes and all the other magic you make.
We are safe from Sandy, she never hit land down in Florida, although we did feel some of her flight. Just praying for all in the Northeast.
Have a beautiful day, my friend.

trump said...

Hi Anita....... I'm ok and I still have power for now anyway, so I thank you for stopping by on my blog and asking "how I was doing".

I still have to walk around the house to see if there is any damage a little later this morning, and I will also try to get in some local news to see how our local roads look here in Pennsylvania.

I know New York City and parts of New Jersey recieved lots of water resulting in many floods, and the one thing that Sandy has done is to lower the temps here so its cooler now as well.

I hope anyone reading my comment and living in the northeast has made it through Sandy without too much damage or losing any power. Richard

francis said...

Today I realize how less I know about your country .
I am watching CNN all day and cannot believe this is happening
How cruel nature can be !
My country is so so so small compared to yours .
I hope you are well my friend

koralee said...

Morning dear one...hope you are up and at it...enjoying your creative side after a lovely walk..and that sun is shinning so you are able to take some lovely photos of your sweet creations...can't wait to see what you have been working on.
Off I go...morning devotions so must be out the door a little earlier today. xoxoxo Hugs.

Anajá Schmitz said...

Sábias palavras. Adoro esse escritor, já li muitos livros dele.
Parabéns pelo belo post.
Tenha uma ótima semana.

Vintage Home said...

You truly have the most fascinating pictures & provocative verse. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of both beauties.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I know I can always come here and have a little calm within the storms-of-life (and these days--both literally and figuratively). Sigh.
So beautiful. Thanks, A. !

Martina said...

Hi Anita, so good to see you drop by today, alive and well! Not that i thought anything bad, but i did think of you and other friends in NYC and in CT - that storm sounded really scary! I figure it was quite an experience to see everything with your own eyes, especially in NYC. Let's hope that smoother times are ahead for the rest of the year! Keep warm and cozy - it so feeös like winter already here! A nice time to stay inside and be creative. xox

Gem said...

Dear girl,
So sorry I haven't been in touch with you. Thanks for your gorgeous message on my last blog post. Been meaning to drop in and then life just got on top of me!
Been thinking of you re the dreadful storm and hoping you are ok (and your family and friends).
Loving your photos as always my lovely one,
Big love.
Gem x x x x x

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Anita on this Halloween Day...always a pleasure when you visit and leave your delightful words....the arm is better and better all the time and I think nearly there!
The play is doing really well...this weekend I have my other daughter and little family coming to see it...all is well here on this beautiful Spring Day...Happy Halloween to you...sending cybertreats across the miles..,Love Dzintra xo

Virginia said...

As always, a trip to your blog inspires me dear Anita. I also popped over to congratulate you on winning our dear Carla's delicious new book. Yippeee pour toi!

Martina said...

Hi Anita, so good you've been spared from the storm and have been happily in your studio, creating more gorgeous things! Anything planned for Haloween? I just came home and saw lots of little ghosts in the streets!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita....yes Halloween has passed...I was at the theatre but we had about 6 lots of little trick or treaters which made JoJo so happy! Halloween is just making an entrance into Australia with a lot not participating!

Are you anywhere near the storms we have heard about?

Happy Halloween to you...Dzintra xo

Mary said...

Yes, safe here. We live about 30 miles nice to hear from you. Hey, I survive Halloween in middle school today. All is good. xoxo M

renae said...

Anita - you are so kind. I had a MONSTER MASHING GOOD TIME! Nope, I wasn't on this Trunk or Treat committee or nothing, but my Cub Scouts were going to be attending so I wanted to be a good sport and dress up to show the love. Those guys are great young men; great family's, great siblings and such kind kids! Halloween is so fun!!!

vicki archer said...

Anita... your creative spirit is always searching... always looking for ways to express and frame beauty... This is another beautiful example... xv

Woolytales Miniatures said...

To feel.... Yes dear to FEEL!!!! You are so right!
Thank you for your comment .....your are such a faithful friend !!!
I am going crazy with last minutes preparations but when I am back, next week, I will write to you!!!

francis said...

I am so happy ......I am doing better
You can notice because I am here more often.
wishing you a happy day my friend

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Dearest,
I was so happy to hear from you,
I know you will do great in the Art Show.Your creations are fabulous.It was so much fun.
Your post is amazing of course.And the pics fantastic.
Let me know how your art show went.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Splenderosa said...

Hey sweetie...another shout out over at my place today. This post is so beautiful I could cry, I think the same way you think...sending love...