Saturday, September 14, 2013

Behind the Music You're Listening To

and all the visuals your eyes 

can embrace




photography by Ikonica via pinterest




there is 

a lack of words 

on my part

to complete the décor.


As the music video demonstrates

a struggling artist

pushing to release the words

from captivity

I too am 

finding it difficult to let

 naked words

resound on their own within a landscape 

of competing artistry.

Castles Crowns and Cottages 

will continue

to post here twice a month

while devoting more time to poetry classes

at The Loft Literary Center


workshops in my home

because behind

every melody and image


there are words that long to sing.  






Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

I seem to be the first one on your blog too :-)! Another beautiful post. You have the ability to create magic with the words, music and photographs you publish on your blog! A joy to visit :-) Oh....those chandeliers!!

Thank you for your kind words and proposal on my blog too. I have to give some more thought to the layout of my blog, but when I need help, I will definitely contact you!

Wishing you a Happy, Sunny Sunday!

Madelief x

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Anita,
I'm so glad I got to see glimpses of your home today because I just went out and bought a couch for our living room. I chose a very light color because most of my other rooms are a bit darker. It is so beautiful, but hope I will like it as it is a light cream color. Your chandelier is so pretty. Now, don't you have white couches somewhere in your house also? I love the crown that is sitting on the cloche.

Well, I know you won't be posting as much, but I will take all I can get, which will be twice a month. And every time I come over, I know that I will be inspired, delighted, and loved.
The pink flowers are gorgeous.

Happy weekend, dear.


Seawashed said...

Wow. Unbelievably beautiful.

therelishedroost said...

One of my favorites! Makes me feel like I should be walking down the Champs Elysees with a glass of champagne and hunk of chocolate in the other!! Love your creative, thought provoking posts!
Have a lovely weekend!

speedyrabbit said...

Beautiful,this make me feel like a fairy princess in a fairy tale,Thank you Anita.
And thank you for having fun with my fun loving little boy Speedy,xx Rachel

Jade said...

What a magical post again, my dearest Anita..........your words are that makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for all this beauty and love.......what a gift for all of us!

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend, hugs Jade

YONKS said...

So beautiful Anita. I love the shots you have taken and edited, they feel so real. I will wait for you every two weeks and look forward to what comes next. Good luck with your writing course, although you don't need luck when you have talent.
Much Love

Jade said...

PS: And I looooooooooove your header (and the poem of R.Frost) visit you is a pure inspiration!!!
With love, Jade

It's me said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwww love your post you my friend far away.....liefs uit !! said...

And your words always sing Anita, even the unspoken ones... it's your heart that brings joy and blessing every time I come here. You know I am a faithful viewer, so I will be watching for each entry, as you continue your quest for expressions yet to come. Goodness knows if they get any better I'm coming and taking the same courses!! :)

Ivy Clad said...

Hi Anita! I agree with the commenter above; your words always sing. Good for you for taking more time for your poetry. I'll eagerly await your posts, and when I get my writing juices flowing again, perhaps I'll see you there too.


"Create Beauty" said...

Words, Art, Beauty..... all such a wondrous part of our lives, and so evident in yours.
Such lovely images to convey your heart, oh lovely one.

~ Violet

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Anita, your posts are always a feast for the senses...they are simply beautiful and I enjoy each and every one of them. I can only imagine the amount of time you must put into each one. Enjoy your workshops and I will anxiously await your lovely posts! xoxo

Splenderosa said...

So beautiful, Anita. I need to save all these images, they are too pretty not to look at again.
Looking forward to Fall.

Createology said...

Oh I just knew I would find the peace and calm that is so much a part of your beautiful blog. Enjoy exploring your creative realm dear...

Sarah said...

Beautifully said, Anita. I will eagerly anticipate each time you post. Best wishes for happy times and success with the poetry classes and the coming school year. You are a beautiful person full of talent. Hugs ~ Sarah

Burlap Luxe said...

Amazing grace!
Anita, I love the vibe here, I want to slow dance through each room especially yours!
Love your curtain over the T.V reminds me of a deep dark story where Guignol puppet théâtre entertains.

You touch m'y soul'



Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful Anita. You have a way of transporting us to far away places. Your words, your music, your photos, all are so calming and inspiring at the same time. Best wishes with your new endeavors. Enjoy!

Nita Stacy said...

These photos were really inspiring...I'm getting ready to paint some rooms and these photos really gave me some ideas...thanks so much! Love that music.

Denise said...

Reach for the stars Anita ! Hugs Denise

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
Again you have given us all a beautiful visual inspiration...
Relax and enjoy your books and harp this weekend.

Michele said...

Dear Anita, It has been a while since I have visited your lovely blog. Your photos are so amazing, I kept looking at them because they are so beautiful. I like your style Anita and may your heart sing from within and create the poetry you have within you waiting to be foretold.

Blessings to you always
Pearl 13.1

Art and Sand said...

I know that your poetry is important and that your teaching is your career, but I am selfishly glad that you will not give up CC&C. I LOVE looking and listening while I read your words.

If it is only twice a month, then it must be enough.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Beautiful music dear Anita....just like this post! Woo hoo Anita....enjoy it all....Much Love to you, Dzintra xo

1 said...

I am SO happy that you will be sharing your love of writing and words with others. I will miss your posts, but twice a month will be something to look forward to!

Enjoy your creative journey Anita!

Unknown said...

So enchanting are your words and images, dearest Anita!
One again you lull me to sleep on the night before the new week.
A toast to "fourteen nights"!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for all the beauty you continue to share with us Anita. There are many wonderful posts I want to go back and look at again. Therefore, whenever I am missing you, I will always find something new. Have a brilliant Sunday, dear friend, hugs Barbara.

Unknown said...

We agree enchanting is a good word to describe your post and lovely to see you here. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Mr Paul said...

Love that rose festooned chateau Miss Anita.
Your dreamy posts are perfect visual breakfast for my sleepy Sunday eyes.
Paul X

millefeuilles said...

Hello lovely Anita!

Happy smiiles are winging their way to you from France. It is quite strange and wonderful that you should express your inability to put words down for I am feeling exactly the same these days. All I can do is think of images...but the words simply won't come. I'm not going to fight it though.

You are a wonderful writer, Anita.



nélinha said...

Hello my dear friend, how are you today?
Nous avons beaucoup de mal à nous retrouver dans nos newsletters,mais il faut persévérer je pense que la solution est là....
va sur ce lien et tu pourras ainsi voir tes suscribers tu es sur blogger comme moi donc cela decrait fonctionner: et j'espère que tu pourras ainsi me retrouver...J'ai cru comprendre à travers tes jolis mots que tu publierais moins 2 fois/mois?????, et que tu vas te consacrer plus à l'écriture?????, c'est un bon choix tu écris très bien....Sache que je continuerais à te lire et j'ai hâte de voir ta photo!!!!!, je me suis abonnée à ton pinterest....Merci en tout cas pour tes ravissantes phrases emplie de poésie et de sincérité.....
French kiss
j'adore ce film "la môme" que de mélancolie et de bonheur bien que la vie de Piaf ne fut pas toujours ROSE!!!!!!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

It's Sunday morning again dear Anita and I'm here to visit you!...Enjoy your poetry classes lovely friend and I shall look forward to visiting you and reading your magical posts each month...this is always one of the special places on my list!
Happy Sunday!
Susan x

Bilancia Designs said...

Oh Anita! What a heavenly post!
The music...the photos! What a beautiful way to start the morning!!
Looking forward to SEEING you this evening, my friend.

nélinha said...

SUPER ANITA! enfin on pourra correspondre!!!!je viens d'annuler ton com pour pas que tes coordonnées trainent....

prince snow farm said...

So glad you are still going to be posting.....and if I was closer, I would joyfully join you for a bit of writing

The enchanted home said...

Anita to me you are a work in progress, always being inspired to think deeper into things and to share your musings with us...your lucky readers. I can tell you that you succeed by leaps and bounds because when I visit you..I am transported to a beautiful, magical wonderful place. Thank you for a few minutes of pure bliss:)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear Anita!

How grateful I am that I got a chance to get to know you virtual world in all these beautiful poetry words and images....
Just awesome beautiful post!
Such a very nice words of Robert Frost!

Thankyou million times for visiting me and for always beautiful comments Anita:)*

Wish you a very blissful Sunday,


Teacup Mosaics said...

Sunday morning,coffee, lovely music, lovely visions that speak volumes. I wish you "sparkles" on your new adventures. Please keep us in your hearts and let us know how your life continues to bloom.

Teacup Mosaics said...

Sunday morning,coffee, lovely music, lovely visions that speak volumes. I wish you "sparkles" on your new adventures. Please keep us in your hearts and let us know how your life continues to bloom.

Deana Sidney said...

Well, yes. A great image stands on its own, doesn't it? Describing it adds a layer between it and the viewer and if you do it... it had better be one that tells you something you didn't know about it or you –– something that you want to know –– something that you need to know. It's quite a challenge.
Sometimes, just choosing the image is revealing. It stands on its own.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Friend,
And a very good morning to you too! How funny..... Leave it to you to talk through Matilda's trunk.. teeeee.


Magia da Inês said...

°º✿ Olá, amiga!
º° ✿✿
Seu blog está cada vez mais lindo!!!
Detalhes encantadores.
Boa semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil.
♫° ·.¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.

Unknown said...

Always beautiful Anita...I love this song...Jack Nicholson sings it on the soundtrack of Something's Gotta Give...and I adore his interpretation of the song, have you heard it?
I'll miss your posts...sending you lots of luck and joy for your poetry classes and workshops...I hope you enjoy them; I'm sure they'll be a success.
Thank you for popping by this week :)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello my dear, a happy Sunday to you!

I have always admired you and your incredible talent with words. Your writing always conveys such emotion and whether the subject is heartache, family, joy, friendship your words just fit. You manage to say what we would love to say but cannot. Now that you have moved into poetry my admiration has grown ten fold. That to me is the hardest medium to write, so much said in so few words and yet the angst ans time spent are almost as long as writing a significantly larger piece of work.

I look forward to seeing you here twice a month and perhaps more if time permits.

Go and create magic dear friend! xoxo Elizabeth

PS. Look for Robin Pleur she is an American singer who sings French music.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Gorgeous post as always Dear Anita. Those chandys are beautiful. The soundtrack is heavenly. with your very creative words. I hope the weather cools for you soon, so you can be comfortable in your classroom. Thank you for visiting....xoxo Linda

French Girl in Seattle said...

Bonjour Anita. A beautiful post... from the stirring video clip, to the magical photos you chose to illustrate your message... As someone who does not seem to have a poetic bone in her body, I will be looking forward to your posts. I know I will enjoy them, and likely will learn a lot from you! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

DolceDreams said...

Brava my friend for taking time for yourself to follow your passions...I will eagerly await your 2 posts a month!
I hope that the school year has started off well and that you are pleased....and happy!

victorian parlor II said...

Sheer beauty my friend:). Enjoy your time writing! Looking forward to your future posts:).



Barbara said...

So sorry Anita, I was trying to save a Christmas poem for later in the year and ended up publishing it by mistake. I deleted the post, but the messages had already gone out. xxx

Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, a little idea here, you could have a cabinet maker make a shallow box like a shadow box like how kitchen cabinets are made and mounted to the walls where the box will be anchored to the studs in the wall for strength.
This box could be very shallow like 5" inches or so in depth. You can then use old wood for French style bi-folding shutters for the box covering the TV that is set inside the box. The box would be set around the tv and could even be made longer then the tv giving the box length looking like a window or pass through of sorts.
You could achieve this hidden look of a problem with a TV in sight or the fact that you have used a theatrical approach to a problem.
You would also add this salvaged feel to your French look in the use of doors that cover like Brooke with her canvas screen to cover her TV. Here in calif it's a common look to have your tv in a recessed place it was designed to push in those tv entertainment units.
Now creatively being used as Brooke has done.

The Santa Barbara home Fifi and I were on for fifi's wedding book, well Renee does just that, she will use old armoire doors and old cabinet doors to hideaway openings and using them for window shutters, go to my Santa Barbara post you will see where terra cotta shutters were used to close off a pass through from an old cabinet she said.
You can do them in a bi-fold door to close off your box around the TV giving it a French look of old shutters, paint them, or wash them in a weathered look of old world.
I hope this added some inspiration to a problem wall that could be a solution to hiding away a tv on a wall that you want to look more like an old accent piece rather then theatrical theatre curtain like.



Down by the sea said...

You have such talent in the way you match the music, pictures and words together. Thank you for all the lovely comments that you leave me, I do treasure them. Wishing you well with your new projects.
Sarah x

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!
Wonderfully beautiful post!!!! How cool is that Tiffany blue colored room and the shabby chic Tiffany blue colored door? Love it!!!!!
It sounds like you're looking fabulous for teaching!!!!
Boots are so chic!!!!! Oxblood colored boots look very cool and modern.
It's currently raining here. How was your weekend?
My husband & I celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary at the end of this month. Time sure does fly!!!!!
Hope your weekend has been wonderful!!!!!
Luv & Hugs,

Martina said...

This is beautiful my dear Anita - and i LOVE the Robert Frost quote above - besides your own beautiful words! I too fund it harder to blog, since i put more time into painting --- we have only limited amount of energy and must use it wisely! Am happy you WILL not stop blogging, as i do hang on to it too ... would miss my friends here too much! Have a cozy and lovely sunday! xox

Suz said...

Oh Anita, I thought I was in heaven while reading this beautiful post. The chandeliers are stunning, the music so well selected for this post. The Frost quote was an awesome opening.

Caramella said...

You sure know how to put words together, the pictures are so reminiscent of the old romantic days. I love La Vie en Rose. I see you are a French teacher...I am learning French but I don't dare write in French:)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Anita, let the idea be your husbands to create this box and opening bi-folding shutters take up no room at all, in fact they can stay open all the time bi folding back in a tight spot, then when company come you can easily close them up, or a holiday where you do not want to see the unsightly effect of TV viewing into a beautiful time worn old world French room, I hide mine away in a room that no one sees, I can not stand to see a tv in plain sight much like you.

As for the curtain I rather like it, truly I would do the box for me only because I want that old wood feel, but a room that feels like Miss Clara is divinely entertaining....Yes this is why I commented as well the your curtain has the look of a FRENCH Guignol Puppet Théâtre !
This is à good thing for ones like us who so get this vibe and the artist comes out in us when we are surround by this kind of artistic beauty of simple, less then perfect.

Yet tell your hubby that you can find salvage scraps of wood or tear a cabinet apart as I do to create something from nothing, this way your cost is down to nothing except for labor. He would much rather have doors open all the time then getting up to open a curtain, unless the curtain is open all the time and you only close it when you are photo shooting this divine room of French language.

I think I mentioned this box to you way back when you discussed the idea of the curtain to me in email, I have done this look for others and am going to do it for me when I place a tv on the main kitchen wall when I add a French sofa up to my kitchen table :)
I can then watch and here cook shows and baking shows while cooking....the cooking I don't do that often, simple around here for simple is always that much more time for enjoying good company eating like the French.

I think shutters would be in keeping with the look you want and are going for, as for the beam I would not worry about that accent to the beauty of your room, in fact I often like the rooms of plastered walls no beams open with French air to the room, and a real beam is so much better then a faux beam playing off the feeling of a real beam, so no beam is that much better then a faux beam. Look at some of those French books that have those bare walls and ceilings of plaster white and how they take our breath away!

Your room is the heart beat to the home and it's beauty shows off all the potential of what you wanting to be.

Talk soon my French friend.

Nadezda said...

C'est très beau, merci pour toutes les idées de décoration !

Bonne semaine Anita :)

Nadezda said...

C'est très beau, merci pour toutes les idées de décoration !

Bonne semaine Anita :) said...

...and YES...

Holly Loves Art said...

Everything is GRAND! Thank you for sharing. Smiles and hugs

Cobalt Violet said...

Beautiful post ... glad you will continue here but I understand why you have to maybe limit the number of posts. Such beauty takes much time to create! Every year I post less and less, as my creative adventures take me different place. Blessings and joy with your creative ventures and excited to see what's next for you!!!

Palomasea said...

And your words do SING!!! It is YOUR WORDS, infused with your soul and genius, which makes this divinely beautiful, unique, and most special blog SOAR and touch each and every one of us.....
I will be awaiting each new post with great anticipation and excitement, as always!!
Enjoy the journey, my beautiful poet friend and sister!!
Love to you,
- Irina

Simplement ... said...

Ce n'est pas beaucoup mais c'est mieux que rien.
Ce serait trop triste de ne pas retrouver ton merveilleux blog qui nous transporte dans un monde de douceur, de tendresse et d'élégance.
Moi aussi en ce moment je suis, comment dire, un peu débordée ... mais je vais essayer aussi de tenir le cap !
Gros bisous ma belle Anita

Pura Vida said...

Anita I am so glad to know you will bless us still....with your amazing talent. I so look forward to what you will create next in your beautiful world to share. Such an inspiring person you are!

Leslie said...

This is beautiful Anita. Your passion, creativity, and live of life is contagious. I am so happy to know you are there..changing lives.. making us think. "..because behind every melody..there are words that long to sing" :)

I'm so glad I saw this before I head to L.A to be with my family. Hospice is keeping my dad comfortable and helping US as well.


Leslie said...

Oops! On my cell.. and it's easy to make typing errors. I meant LOVE life!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi, Anita!
Fall is indeed a busy time. I'm grateful that you'll still be posting despite your hectic schedule. Twice a month it is! Will look forward even more to your posts.
Stay fabulous, my friend!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous images and sentiments here dear Anita. However and whenever you are able to share a post is a treat. I'll take twice a month and savor all the beauty. How wonderful for your students, to share in real time, your giftedness. Thanks for your sweet comments on the post about my mother's wedding. Such a special time in life. Have a lovely week my friend!
xx, Heather

renae said...

Evening Anita! I have had a crazy buzy-butt day away from my home office. {deets in email} Thank you for a fully emoted post of music, art, photography, poetry and love. You are a mega talented woman and your blog post reveals that so well. Hugs+hugs and have a happy week. ♥

koralee said...

Oh my dearest....this is wonderful...just what I needed tonight..I will miss your lovely posts but will look forward to the ones you grace us with...though my time has been very limited too as you know and I am finding I have less and less time to blog. This is our life right now...let us embrace it by not spreading ourselves too thin so nothing is enjoyed. xoxxoo

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

How exciting, Anita!

I have never taken a poetry class but remember reciting memorized lines in my English class in middle school. My mother at 82 can still remember and recite aloud much of the poetry she studied as a young girl. I am always so impressed by this.

Enjoy! What a wonderful reason to be missing slightly from your posts.
Have so much fun.



hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

You are on the right path. You are such an inspiration to so many. I hope you realize how much we all love you! So proud of you for following your dreams. I read such a good devotional today...wanted to share it with you. I will send it via email. I think it will speak to you.


M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Anita ... that is wonderful and part of your journey! You are on a path you must follow and we are always here! We are always grateful for your beautiful posts so go and explore and find yourself within those delicate words which are so you!
We love you!
love and hugs

La Petite Gallery said...

You had me with the song. I love Edith Piaf
and Charles Aznavoir also.
The images are beautiful, love Pretty ceilings.
Thanks for the wonderful comment. I do miss my dog.
Have a fun filled Fall Day.

Sushi said...

The photos are enchanting. Lovely beyond words.

Unknown said...

A very nice post, Anita: Chandeliers are always guaranteed to grab my attention!
I particularly like that photo of the beautiful plasterwork in the abandoned room. I think Sleeping Beauty could have been staged there!
Bye for now

Peggy said...

When I want pure magic, when I long to have the spell's net cast over me, I come to read your words and see through your eyes. I am not a blogger, but I am a devotee of the essence you always manage to touch me with.

renae said...

Oh I love the photos you have here that are white upon white. They are almost stark but so nice to look upon. Then that last turquoise door and the handle looks like a face to me with a crooked nose. hahahahaha.

You are so fun Anita! Take care and get those kids to behave. hahahahaha (♥)

Vintage Jane said...

A beautiful uplifting post on a wet and dreary, summer weary day.
M xx

deb famularo said...

I've been thinking of you dear Anita... you gorgeous home reflects you!!!!
So happy to hear you are taking poetry classes! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you with your amazing creative talents. much love from JJ and I <3

Kirsten Steen said...

Oh I love that tureen...and the roses with the chateau behind. Workshops?! And I'm missing them. What are they about, dear one? Wishing you all the greatest things in your work!
Bisous, Kirsten

Anonymous said...

At home, your home, the home I see in these
images, the room with the harp??
How lovely.
How wonderful!
We are listening to Bach, as part of an assignment
on Baroque and Classical Music this week. He was
and is just fabulous, Mr. Bach!
Well, now its twice a month, totally understand.
I barely get to post on my blog, not that anyone sees it
but you and your dear friend, but it is such a nice way
to communicate to those who do visit!!!
Keep the poetry flowing in your heart and in your
house, its a beautiful gift to possess!!!
Cherio dearie...xoxo...Eden

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Ho Chunk? TEEEEEE, you are so darn funny.. How ever did you come up with that name!
Thank you so much dear friend for your kind words about PEANUT! He has a bid today!
Wishing you a wonderful day, enjoy your evening.

Angela said...

Hi, dear Anita!!!!!!

I'm so sorry no comment your blog! I'm very busy with my exam. it's very near and I haven't time for blogger. I don't forget your bear. When I finish this time, I show you my new bears! :)

I hope you are happy! Sorry for my english, it's very terrible!!!!

Kisses and hugs!!!!!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Bonjour ma belle!

Beautiful! Loved the video, loved the photos, Love the poetry that life contains. So wonderful that you will be having poetry lessons in your beautiful home dear friend.

I have been keeping VERY busy these days and have found the most wonderful part of life is to love others and be of help & support to make them feel better about themselves and about life. Just to make one smile is a leap sometimes. I'm enjoying life so much on Golden Pond!

I hope you and Ruben are doing good!

Blessings to you my dear, Edie Marie

Red Rose Alley said...

Where do I feel a connection?......To GREECE! And thank you for asking. It is my dream to go there someday. Jess visited Athens a few years ago and had a wonderful time. I would like to see the Mediterranean waters, and I heard the market places were so charming. The people are full of life, and oh I just love them. I knew you had a connection to France. You know, I think Nel does too. She would live in Paris today if she could.

Have a beautiful day, my dear.


Anne said...

Scarcity will make your posts even more precious, Anita! The workshops sound like fun, wish I lived close enough to attend!

Unknown said...

A lovely post that says it all, save those words for your writing and poetry. Share them when you can, but enjoy your adventure in walking through the door to your imagination. You are a lovely writer and you see poetry in everything around you.


Willow said...

Enjoy your beautiful life.
You are so wonderfully poetic .
I will look forward to your post .
You really are quite marvelous !

Willow said...

Enjoy your beautiful life.
You are so wonderfully poetic .
I will look forward to your post .
You really are quite marvelous !

Maria said...

Echoing Willow's words above, Anita!
~ and Mother Teresa's below......
Anita to think when I first visited your beautiful blog I almost didn't leave a comment thinking you
have so many followers that you really wouldn't notice a little old few words from me...
How wrong was I.
You are one of the kindest blogging ladies on here a true 'giver' in every sense of the word.
A visit to you is always a pleasure,and a comment from you is always so very genuine and kind!
Wishing you a wonderful new term a head, full of new experiences to be enjoyed!
How lucky are those students!
Hugs and September kisses xxxx Maria x

jerilanders said...

Love those words of Robert Frost, so true, so true. And now you will be having home workshops too? Joy to you ANITA, for seriously embarking on a quest that will enrich not just yourself, but any one that reads your words.. for you really are a true artist.

renae said...

Thank you my sweet and have a nice, relaxing, writing and harp playing weekend!

Ivy and Elephants said...

I'm so proud of you, Anita. You always listen to your heart and follow your dreams; an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your classes, you already have such natural ability you'll be an instructor's dream!
Blessings, and big hugs.

erin's art and gardens said...

i can't wait to hear the poetry of anita....sending you love and light.

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

Just thought I'd stop in...hope you had a good week. Did you know that your sweet friend Penny did an illustration of my boys and sent it to me? Check it out...I did a post. :)

Hope you are easing back into the school year. Can you believe how it's practically October?! Have a wonderful weekend!


vicki archer said...

Beautiful, Anita... I do hope school is settling in... but I am sure you are also ready for a weekend... Have a fabulous one... xv

Palomasea said...

Bonjour, chere amie...
I just had to stop in for a magical visit take in the poetry and beauty on this blustery (early!) morning...went from couch to computer...and soon to bed again... :)
I miss you so...hope we can chat this weekend...
A relaxing, beautiful Saturday to you, dear one!
- Irina

Pamela said...

Oh,sweet Anita, your words do sing. . . and your home does, too. Can you hear the song waiting when you step in the front door. . . waiting for your special voice to ring through the rooms and lilt its music through the air? I can.
Happy First Day of Autumn*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Message from Bebe...
Please join me at Nowhere!
Did someone say cake? Tell Ruben to put on his party face.
Love Bebe

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bebe would like to know if she gets a prize for being the 100th comment..

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Tea Rat,

I am so HAPPY you are enjoying the party. We must only have ONE piece of cake, must watch our waist lines.. So wonderful to have all our Nowhere friends together.

Kerri said...

Oh you will love your poetry class-- you are a talented writer! I love your home and looking forward to seeing the finished projects... I only have time to blog about every 3 weeks & I have several blogs. I resurrected this old blog because I am making it *only* my dog art blog. Of course I will always post from my other blogs as well.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Karena said...

Anita do you have any idea how much I would love to attend a workshop in your home!
It would be a dream come true.

Art by Karena

Rhissanna said...

What beautiful images to linger over and keep us contented while you're away. When you come back, whenever you come back, we'll be here. We're patient! I think you're making the right choice. Time is always shorter than we need; it's our most precious thing and should be used wisely.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you dearest! Your kind words have warmed my heart!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!!
How are you? Did you have a good weekend?
We had a cocktail party at this beautiful restored mansion from 1904. It was amazing- filled with antiques and all sorts of unique treasures. I thought of you because the area is so quaint and looks like 1920's Paris!!!!!
Hope all is great!!!!
Love and Hugs,

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself. Such lovely photos, full of inspiration. The poetry is divine dear Anita. I am in love with those fabulous chandeliers. Big hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

With beauty like you ooze with every post, twice a month will have me waiting for more. It is so wonderful to take time for your creativity and I hope you get filled to the brim! I hope school is going well and that you have a wonderful autumn!
xoxo Nancy

koralee said...

My dear friend....I have been so busy that it has taken me THIS long to come to visit! I am so tired but knew if I did not visit tonight before heading to bed another day would be gone and another and another and I would miss telling you that even though I am not around I still think of you. My weekend was busy as we visited my parents and now the busy days of school. Hugs to you my friend. xoxoxo

Barbara said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for continuing to leave such thoughtful comments on my posts. I realise how busy you are and are and am very touched that you take the time to call in. Thank you. Barbara xx

Ann said...

Thank you for such inspiring and lovely images.
Good luck on your poetry classes
I know you'll have a great time
as poetry is so much a part of your life.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Always find your beautiful posts so inspirational! Hope school is going well and you are enjoying the students!

renae said...

hi Sweet Anita! Thank you for commenting and making my day! You are so fun and complimentary. I tried to make a video but it was soooooooo lame. I resorted to the photo method and wasn't super thrilled with it either. The tutorial portion of my blog is such a challenge these days. oh well. Thank you for your nice observations. Have a super rest of the week and hope you make it despite of Homecoming.

vitadrömmarobusigabarn said...

Beautiful pictures
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Lovely Anita, always so heavenly here.
I stopped by briefly last week but I knew I needed to come back to go through this post without rushing.
Every image is perfection, and you know how I especially love the glimpses of your home.
LOVE the music and the video.
Although you will be posting less, I am happy that you are enjoying life away from the computer too.
I kept my other page open so that I may comment easily when I visit with blogging friends.
I hope you are taking delight in every morsel of autumn, my favorite season by far. Makes me miss the illustration of the shop around the corner in its autumn splendor. :(
Love and blessings, friend.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I miss you! I hope that you had a great week at school!

xoxo Elizabeth

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

How gorgeous the chandeliers!!!
I'm so happy for you, that you are going to take lessons for a change and not have to give them. But your beauty of face and form,and talent, not to mention your spirit are poetry in its self.
Many Blessings Dearest,
XXOO Marie Antoinette

Willow said...

Came back for a second time to just sit in that magical castle tower for perhaps a spot of tea, as I ponder and gaze out at those lovely pink tea roses.

renae said...

Oh Anita SWEET ONE!!! You made my day with saying I LOOK 10 yrs younger! ~~ wow ~~ thank you. HM said he had to agree with you, when I told him what you said to me.

Thank you also for the confidence in coloring my own hair. I hope it works. The color on it is what my new stylist did the past two times in went to her since June. Funny thing tho, she didn't want to cut my hair short. It was like she was soooooo afraid to make me ugly or something that would bounce back to her in terror. hahahaha

Please have a marvelously relaxing, learning and soaking in your pleasures ...all this weekend. You are such a great friend!!!!! ♥

Tammie Lee said...

i have enjoyed the words you chose to share with these beautiful images

wishing you the melody of a bird's song as your words flow from you ~

Mónica Villar said...

Amazing deco
twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)

Jo Potter said...

Ah, my dear Anita. This is a stunning post as always and I see we both love the same type of interiors. Every image you have shown is an inspiration for me as I want to buy my own home. If you have a moment, do stop by my page as I have shown a few photos of properties and furnishings that I think you will also like.
Cool white with a bit of colour is such a fresh look. I really like the lights and mirror too.
Thanks again for sharing another lovely post that has inspired me.
Have a wonderful weekend.
JO. xx

miss b said...

A well-chosen light fitting can completely transform a room in an instant and those chandeliers are all exquisite. Thank you for your comment on my guest post over at Sandy's blog 'You May Be Wandering.' You reminded me about the wonderful Le Nôtre and their scrumptious fruit tarts. My next visit to Paris will most certainly include a visit!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

MERCI dear friend! I am so happy you enjoyed viewing Angie... She was a pure joy to create... Thank you so much for your encouraging words, they are appreciated more than I can say.

You have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Kinds words....and thoughts... going just wonderful Anita
my 7th grader is really happy and content
and calm about it all...and the curriculum,
I just love it, and its getting cooler and
the light is soften, and my 7th grader
is writing, and we may be submitting for
her to Cricket Magazine, and my classes
are going well, and we are contemplating
French twice a month with you, so we
will let you know soon...and you can do
this "tech" can....I know you

Kerri said...

Hi Anita,
Looking forward to your next blog post and checking to see how you are doing? I changed my blog name so don't get confused when you go there. I just posted my latest work of art :)
Have a blessed weekend my friend!

June said...

Oh I have longed to be a poet all my life Anita. I hope you revel in your classes dear one!
As always I was swept away in this post of BEAUTY!
sending hugs to you...

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, just want to wish you a lovely and cozy sunday, hope you have a chilled time! How's your poetry classes going?

marielle said...

Ton univers est une parenthèse enchantée !
Merci et des bises de France

speedyrabbit said...

Hi Anita,I understand that you missed my post on Banana and pear crumble recipe so here is the correct post: enjoy,xx Rachel

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hello dear Anita, just stopping by again to say hello. I hope your Sunday is going well. xo Linda

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

So lovely to be able to visit you again and see your gorgeous post, beautiful pictures and words to match.
I tried to visit a couple of times away on holiday with my ipad but for some reason it just kept shutting down.
Hope all is well with you dear friend and that the poetry classes and your teaching is going well.
Sending love and hugs

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!
Everytime I look at this post you did- I re admire all the glorious chandeliers and amazing Tiffany blue shabby chic style door!!!! SO fabulous!!!!!
In my latest blog post I featured some of the decor on my arched bookcase in my home office. Everything whether an antique, gift, or new treasure has special meaning with a story or memory behind it. I wanted to share that with my readers because I LOVE when a fashion magazine or style web site features one of my favorite designer's homes and decor!!!!!
I got some COOL treasures over the weekend- a DVF ombré wool coat, a Alice & Olivia black leather quilted jacket with tiny silver studding (my friend Nancy has the same jacket), a Clover Canyon neoprene printed 3/4 length jacket with black fur collar, a pair of black & white plaid Alice & Olivia heels, a All That Remains black blazer with mustard yellow colored stitching embellishments, and a J Crew navy sweatshirt with a royal blue metallic print with copper roses. The statement sweatshirt is big this autumn!!!!! My NYC vintage dealer sent me a box of goodies she got from a seller. She sent me a Miu Miu dress, Jill Stuart top, A black leather cropped vest, a Jill Stuart dress, and a bunch if other things. I'll try it all & see what works. I send back anything that doesn't fit or looks bad on me....
Sometimes certain colors just don't look flattering.
Can you believe September is about OVER?!!!!! My husband & I had our anniversary last Friday- what a great day!!!!!! When is your anniversary?
Hope you had a terrific weekend!!!!!!!
Love & Hugs,

Francine Gardner said...

Reading your words while listening to the music and taking in the beauty of the dreamy images creates a landscape of its own, a few minutes of a perfect, kind,beautiful world. Thank you for this enchanting dream and for sharing your incredible talent.

koralee said...

Morning dear one....just popping over to wish you a wonderful day...and week! How was your weekend? Mine...busy! I did fill it with Fall glories....a vintage fair...a yummy fall dinner with family.....reorganizing my home for the season and some school work! was gone! Love to you always. Stay healthy...lots of seasonal bugs going around here. xoxoxo

Vett Vandiver said...

such a beautiful post all around, I loved it!

Marikki said...


You have beautiful blog:)

Interesting interiors and colour of the door is so lovely!♥

Greetings from Finland,


Alicia de los Santos said...

Sin dudas este es mi blog favorito, felicidades.

Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

It may sounds strange to you, but beside Paris, Normandy, Brittany the Cote and off course Paris, I never really liked France that much. It must have something to do with the fact that I am an Anglophile. Your enthusiasm for the country and it's music, art and people makes me look at the country in a different way!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I was really busy. This week I took two extra days of work to relax.... Looking forward to them very much :-)

Happy week my friend!

Madelief x

Privet and Holly said...

Ah my sweet friend,

And I want to thank you for the balm
of your soothing words on my last two
posts as well as your condolence note.
I've been on a bit of a grief roller coaster.

But I'm looking for the sweetness, which
I do always find here, in abundance.

Happy Monday and hope all is going
exceptionally well this school year!

xo Suzanne

renae said...

As the last day of September comes to a close, I drop by my favorite artsy blog and say farewell to a great Month. Anita, many times during the day I think about what you comment to me first thing in the morning, all throughout the day. Your words stick to me. I appreciated your friendship over this past year so much! Utah is pretty in October, if it isn't raining. See my post for Tuesday's Wordless Wednesday for proof. Hug to you my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Miss you, Anita. Saw you over at Linda Primmer's and thought I'd stop by to say hello. We are up to our eyebrows in work setting up our new office and I see how right it was to let go of my creative blog for now, but I do miss sharing. I'm running out the door now, but not before I send a warm hug your way.
Much love, friend.

Elaine said...

Spectacular rooms and décor and so very French. I love the soft colors and the brilliant chandeliers. The dreamy beds and elegance of each image. What a treat! Enjoy your poetry class!

Ann said...

Dropping by again to see if you have a new post.
I know you love what you're doing
do it the best way you can.
For the mean time I'll be dropping by anytime I can
and wait for your inspiring posts.

renae said...

Anita! hi! When I come here each time I have to pause at the kitchen and just stare at it for a long time. It is my fav pic in this post! Hope you are doing well and that the routine of your schedule is setting in. Keep those students on their toes and teach and teach and teach. I ran into a gal I worked with at the school here who had the most seniority. She had to move her schedule to the morning in order to keep her job. She said they keep cutting back more and more in that school all the time on the tutors. Eh, I don't miss it. (the money, yes. the school, no.) ♥

Julia said...

Hola que bonito bloc, me ha encantado, yo tengo uno hace poco al cual te invito a verlo .

Me gustan tus fotografias son una maravilla
Muchas felicidades por tu bloc


speedyrabbit said...

Oh Anita I almost gorgot I gave you an award on this post ,xx Speedy

Palomasea said...

Good Morning, treasured friend and sister...
I, too, am catching up while Jacob sleeps. He has had quite a journey, I'll tell you more later.
Thinking of you and Ruben...
Thank you so much for coming to see the Fair!!
You would have loved those horses...maybe next year?
And that little seed house was Maria H's! She has won the blue ribbon three years in a row! :)
Love you, dear one...

renae said...

Oh No! I sure hope Ruben doesn't get layed off. How can they do that? Doesn't he have a contract for the year, at least? My gosh. Financial nightmares are everywhere these days in the "land of opportunity". Oh I am glad you are longing for some floral jeans. I mean, I am saying that I am glad I inspire you and anyone else. I think that is my main ambition these days on my blog; to inspired and breed desire in those that view my posts. I don't know, I at least hope that is what comes of my posts. Have a good day my dear, (eventho you are probably reading this at the end of your busy day) and just think, just one more day of the week = FRIDAY!!!! ♥

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I just laughed and laughed at your comment you left for me this morning.. It warms my heart to know you enjoyed Pumpkin and PI.. Yes, he is a bear of many hats...teeeee
Thank you so much my dear friend.

Unknown said...

Beautiful said and illustrated, Anita! I will look forward to your postings...and in the mean time enjoy your time among the poets.

I love that initial's one I need to remember as a mother!!!
Be well!
xoxo Elizabeth

hi-d said...

Hello Anita!!!

Love seeing your sweet comments in the mornings. How was your day? I having been praying for the situation with Ruben's work. Any word yet? It sounds like you are keeping busy with the high school kids. I bet they just LOVE you!

Take care my friend!!!

Pura Vida said...

thank you so much dear Anita for your very sweet comments and visits to me in Texas! I would love to visit your home someday!

francis said...

I am so happy for you you have chosen to make more time for your POETRY CLASSES .
We all need time for ourselves to find what we need what we are looking for .................
We are so lucky to be on this journey with you .
Have a happy weekend my friend .

Tamera Beardsley said...

I am always captivated and enchanted to visit your art ... that exists so eloquently ... in a class of it's own.