Thursday, October 10, 2013


a time to acquire 

what's in vogue



time to hunt


gather for the table


and home




and then to 



But October 

is also 

The only time 

you can look up and see 


fall from the sky.

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Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Making the rain beautiful. <3

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Beautiful. My daughter has one of those coffee carafs.

Art and Sand said...

I marvel at your way with words and your ability to find beautiful illustrations of your words, and then to find the perfect music. I don't envy your abilities - although I should. I simply appreciate knowing you and that you share this loveliness with

Ivy and Elephants said...

Anita, love the music and those gorgeous leaves of gold! I hope all is well with you and your classes are going well.
Can you believe it's October already? Where does the time go? Thank you for freezing a beautiful moment for us, that we can
visit often.

Sarah said...

Leaves of gold and golden music. Happy autumn, my friend! ~ Sarah

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
Golden leaves falling from the sky... How beautiful! There is always such feeling in your posts...
The music is perfect!

helen tilston said...

Hello Anita - I love you music it has created an autumnal atmosphere. Your opening poem to the falling gold leaves says it beautifully
Have a golden weekend
Helen xx

donna baker said...

Such a beautiful, perfect post. I love that music.

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

"Gold Falling from the Sky."
"Gathering for the Table."
and "Pancakes,"
sigh...Behold October!
lovely wishes my friend!

Anonymous said...

oh, and we did a most lovely piece of artwork together,
all about the moon, and its phases...friday we add
color...thinking french together twice a month...what
do you think???

Simplement ... said...

En octobre, la chaleur d'une telle tablée nous réconforte et nous fait oublier les premiers frimas et le temps qui glisse vers l'hiver.
Gros bisous chère Anita

VM Creation Atelier said...

wonderful post with a perfect October looks!:)))
Adore Home designs and a beautiful way,which do you use always to say: life is amazing.....
Thank you SO much for these inspirations:)
Sending to you my Autumn hugs to you,

nélinha said...

Bonjour chère Amie, je vois que l'automne t'inspire...La mode, la déco automnale, et de jolies tables avec au menu de douces créations culinaires....L'automne et sa douceur, l'automne et les feuilles mortes qu'on ramasse à la pelle...Chez toi elles sont couleurs or et sont accompagnées d'une ravissante musique...Merci pour ce merveilleux post à bientôt

speedyrabbit said...

Beautiful Anita,soon it will be time for making my Jams and preservesjust need some apples hehe,some pumking dishes and my special christmas cake,and then it will be the count down to christmas!October a beautiful time of year!xx Rachel and Speedy

FleaingFrance Brocante Society said...

It is my favorite month of the year. France isn't quite the same as autumn in the NE though. How I miss apple and pumpkin picking! Have a good weekend my dear Anita!

Victoria Sayer said...

Nice one Anita. October is our Spring time...and also the month that I age another year. Love the window scene. Just beautiful. xx

Barbara said...

Beautiful and scrumptious are words that come to mind! That tan bag with the gold chain against the dusty blue coat is wonderful and just the kind of look I would like this autumn. The music is perfect, and I love the golden leaves and the flowers. Thank you for sharing so much gorgeousness dear Anita you bring sunshine into my life. xx

Molly The Wally said...

Lovely Anita! We hope all is well in your world? Love Fall, it is the best time of the year. We have been having very mild weather which is a bonus and of course the squirrels are out. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

deana sidney said...

What a true and beautiful thought. Fall is the time for gathering in against the cold and winter to come. Bounty, gold falling to the ground and settling in glorious random patterns of colors and shapes. Loved the music. A lovely way to start the day.

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful Anita. You captured the magic of Oct. It really is what I all the cozy season, falling leaves, wonderful sweaters, football games, fires burning, pumpkin and apple picking, I mean does it get any better? Does a brisk walk ever feel as good as it does on a cool fall day? Not for me. I love it and October is indeed a month that has all those things:) I always feel happier reading one of your posts!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Jude Butterfly said...

Enchanting, my Dear. What a wonderful way to start a morning. I loved it.Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Denise said...

Thank You Dear Anita for the warm fun visions of Oct. Yes, I've always thought of My new fashions in the Fall. It reminds Me of back to school and- oh dear what will I wear this year : ) Your thought of gold falling from the sky-I will cherish.Love ad hugs-Denise

Maria said...

~ Ahhh October's gifts....LOVE, LOVE and LOVE some more this beautiful post....~ The picture with the leaves falling is wonderfully captivating.... I am off to have another peek! Happy Friday lovely Anita! Hugs Maria x

d e l i g h t said...

This is beautiful! I love the thought of gold falling from the sky!

Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful as always!

It's me said...

What a wonderful autumn post...and the music is great !!!...lovely weekend Ria...x !

French Girl in Seattle said...

Très beau, très automnal, un peu nostalgique, et la musique est bien choisie. C'est parfait, Anita. J'aime bien la dernière image, avec les feuilles qui tombent... Bon weekend. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

"Create Beauty" said...

L O V E L Y!!!!!
even on dreary days the leaves demand we see

I love seeing with you.
~ Violet

Heather Lindstrom said...

Anita dear-I got so busy sharing this on google+ and FB that I remembered to come back and comment on this autumnal beauty.
"Gold falling from the sky"-an image that will linger with me all season.
I added you to my 'blog crushes' pinterest board.
Happy Weekend!
xx, Heather

Anonymous said... from the sky.
Always like breathing beauty stopping by.
Guess who?

Vintage Home said...

oh my you do inspire!
perfect for me as we leave in a few hours on the ferry to visit family for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Catherine Robinson said...

Oh, Anita I LOVE that last image...Autumn has certainly arrived here in London :)
Gorgeous post, as always...have a fabulous weekend.

Leslie said...

Such a warm and heartfelt post ANITA! I want to cozy up and nest :) That first dress is gorgeous and the creamy apron with the ruffles is darling. The tables.. they are perfectly set and I love the warm glow:) So glad you finally had a moment to write us a post. I know your schedule has been crazy;) I'm off today and have a long list of errands ahead. It's a cloudy, rainy day here in Seattle so I'll be layering up! Enjoy the weekend ahead:) xxleslie

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I want to be where the last image is...even in the rain...this comes from a drought stricken land. But, the next time I sit down to pancakes with fruit on them, I will be thinking about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy!!! (go figure) Beautiful as always, sweet Anita!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

WONDERFUL Anita! Awh, October does have it's great points. I shy away from making major life changing decisions in October because each time I did, I landed in the hospital. So there ya go. LOL

But yes October does have the warmth in the home and the chill outside that is just a bit enough to still wear flats without socks and a light jacket of fun. For me, here in Utah, Winter starts on November 1st. Until then October is Autumn to me.

Hug! ♥

Fete et Fleur said...

Just lovely! The laurel crown you saw in the post was actually made by me. So if you can keep searching. I hope to find one someday. Wishing you a gorgeous day filled with gold.


SizzleandZoom said...

Absolutely gorgeous images. We had our first rain this week and it was so refreshing. Such a relief from the scorching sun.

YONKS said...

Anita, this epitomises my favourite time of year perfectly my friend. A gathering time. Harvest, firewood, warmth, blankets, coats, friends, love, all the things that will comfort us through the dark time. I love, love, love autumn and winter and I grow to realise this more every year. I'm excited, you have stirred my soup dear friend.
Much love.

Ruben Rivera said...

I associate many good memories with the fall. The heyday of large family gatherings on Thanksgiving, eating, reminiscing, and laughing together. Then, getting up, moving (as best we could) to another gathering of family and friends, to do it all over again. The concentric circles (to use your term) of the generations each having contributed, contributing, and yet to contribute their part.

Karena Albert said...

Beautiful as always and the music is so soothing!!
The gold falling flakes,gorgeous!

Art by Karena

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your Autumn post today, Anita. The picture of the two girls was cute and reminded me of Jess and Nel. The table setting is lovely and makes me think of Thanksgiving. Please tell me those are cherry pancakes - cherries are my favorite fruit! I love all the great fashions in the Fall too. You have all my favorite things on here today. I actually had a tear when I saw the picture of the leaves falling down. I guess it's because this season is so magical to me. What a special and wonderful picture this is.

Have a good weekend, dear Anita.


Burlap Luxe said...

Beautiful Tyer Knot,
beautiful Anita.

i see so much of you in this piece, the gathering room feels like yours, the grey of velvets are so moving, love the peace that comes over me with a dear visit with you my friend.

Beautifully placed in our hearts

Keep inspiring us all.

Gem said...

Evening from the freezing cold, wet and windy UK. Rather frustratingly, I read blogs on the iPad but then it often crashes when I try to comment.
Loved this post (when haven't I loved your posts!!) and I am doing my best to welcome Autumn with open arms, but it's so hard as my heart is heavy for summer.
I love the photos you use and it's true, you do inspire us all.
Hope you and Reuben are well and happy.
Gem x x

Kelly said...

And.....its All so BEAUTIFUL Anita!!! My favorite kind of gold too! Thank you!!!
I am soooo happy to finally open my kitchen window, now that the Arizona weather has been so inviting!
Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs and blessings coming your way!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Once again coming by to say million time thank you,Anita!
For your kindness and a very special talent: you give me such adorable feeling:))))
Have a beautiful weekend,dear friend!


BRASWELL said...

love the music + all the photos.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved the first quote, and the last statement, too. We aren't at the gold falling point yet, but there are subtle changes and finally, cooler weather. Loved this.



Chatelaine said...

October, my favorite month! Nothing like Autumn in New England as I know you know. All the activities you listed are my favorites as well. Such lovely images especially the falling leaves.

DolceDreams said...

Happy October Anita! Two absolutely stunning posts...I love the thought of gold falling from the sky! xo, Nathalie

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

Oh, I love that..."gold falling from the sky." It's one of my favorite times of the year for sure. I need to get out and take some photos of the beautiful foliage...I so love doing that. Such a beautiful post. Some of the images look like your home. So pretty.

Have a cozy weekend!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Good morning, Anita...what a lovely tribute to this beautiful time of year! I especially love the last photo!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Anita, good morning!

How wonderful to be able to enjoy and read such a beautiful post on this grey morning.

You are so right, autum is the only time gold falls from the sky....and the beauty of the falling leaves, pine cones and acorns rejuvenates my soul.

I am never more happy than at this time of the year!

I hope your classes are going well! Take care and have a fabulous weekend.

Xxoo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Anita, not only was it wonderful to hear your voice again, but to see your warm smile pop up on my comments...priceless. I cannot get too far from blogland, can I? :) Nothing like the encouragement of our blogging friends. No one could understand this unless they have been a part of it. I'm glad I took the time to help my husband set up our office and now I can go back to being part of this special place with a much clearer mind. It was actually like a birthday gift because I never saw it coming. I thought this time was for good.

I'm off to celebrate my VERY PINK 50th. I'll share more soon.
Have a lovely Saturday, friend.

therelishedroost said...

I look forward to these post!! The floral arrangements are gorgeous, the music enchanting!! I love rhubarb, so that dessert...yummo!
Thanks my amazingly talented blogger friend for another post well done!!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

October...from you, it is with us so soft and sweet!
I feel so blessed that we met this year, Anita!
Enjoy your weekend!

Linda Primmer said...

Beautiful post Anita dear. Love the music with this post. The flowers are gorgeous, along with the Falling leaves. xoxo Linda

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Let it fall! Let it fall!!! Sending you warmth and lots of love throughout this glorious month!!
Ciao ciao,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

This pushed me right over the edge into the blissful feeling of fall, even though we don't feel it yet here in Texas. I'm yearning for the cool air and the fresh smells of autumn...

deb famularo said...

Hi Anita, That bouquet is so pretty. And your living room is divine. I could see myself in there! So happy Fall is here, yet it is still hot here in TX. It is wonderful to catch up with you again. Lots of love.... d

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful words and love that line - the only time we see gold fall from the sky.
Sending you warm hugs and wishing you a wonderful Autumn weekend ~ enjoy all the beauty.
love Carolyn

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

I love the magic you create Anita, so beautiful to my bleary Sunday eyes.

The Dutchess said...


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Gold falling from the sky, how beautifully put ma belle. Autumn is beautiful here on Golden Pond, a freshness in the crisp morning air, the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet, pushing the tank tops to the back of the closet and shining last years favorite boots. Such a relief from the hot days of summer.
How are you Anita?? It sounds like you are busy busy busy but doing what you love. That's a great feeling. I'm constantly busy these days with things and people I love. What more could I ask for? I feel so blessed mon amie. So happy to be on Golden Pond with the love of my life and 2 ornery pups!

Tell Rubin I said hello & send my blessings.

Bisous, Edie Marie

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful my friend. Those pancakes with the berries have made me hungry. I might have to go and make some. :)
Hugs to you.

Ann said...

I love Octobers...
my only child,
my dear son was October-born.

And I love the cold nights
that accompanies this month.

Those are gorgeous images
and lovely thoughts.

Willow said...

I always savor the images and words you share with us .
I am delightfully whisked into enchantment right from the start ,
always such a treat !
I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday ,
perhaps admiring something beautiful and gold floating from the sky !
Be well my friend,

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!
That is SO true!!!! October is the only time you can look up and see gold falling..... I love autumn!!!!
How was your weekend?
I bought a coat at Anthropologie!!!! It has a fur collar. I'll put a photo up of it on my next blog post.....
Hope school is going great!!!!
Love & Hugs,

Row homes Cobblestones said...

Living in Philadelphia we are privileged to have beautiful painted leaves, crisp days, cool nights. Much like the beauty in your area. October is always a magical month for me and I see for you too. Your post is inspiring and fall full of promise.
Enjoy the essence and beauty of nature.

Ivy Clad said...

Hi there, Anita! What a beautiful post! Isn't October just the most beautiful month ever??! I've been pulling on my boots and loving it! October is the month of my wedding anniversary also, so it's extra-special.

How is your work going? You have been on my mind a lot. Sending you warm, cozy well-wishes!


manon 21 said...

Moi là je craque pour le dessert à la rhubarbe...
merci de ton passage;

belle journée


Barbara said...

I envy everyone in the north country in the fall. Just about the only time I do though...Florida has gorgeous weather, most of the year, just not July-October. Although it has cooled down to mid to high 80's from low 90's...that's OUR sign that fall is here. :)
What gorgeous images, Anita, especially that last one...could look at it for ages.

Ivy Clad said...

It's so nice to chat with you! I'm glad school is going well. Our ivy hasn't turned yet, but we haven't had a frost yet either.

Thank you for your visit. I posted late last night-- snuck it in while my kiddos were getting ready for bed. Enjoy your week!!


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

I wish it were real gold falling from the sky, them many troubles would be solved. Or ...perhaps started? We never know what money will do to a person. I'd be willing to try though.

Glad to have been a ray of sunshine for you today. You ALWAYS make me feel loved and good! Thank you, sweet Anita!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, sorry to come so late to this gorgeous new post. October is a lovely month and you've captured the magic. Have been in Austria, because my dad is very sick and might be dying ... Sad times for me and my family, bit life is a circle and this os part of it as well. Am grateful for all i have learned so far, that makes is easier, to accept things, as they are. Wishing you a lovely day and evening and sending you love!

Katie Clooney said...

Gorgeous photos, Anita. My favorite is the one through the window looking at the beautiful candlelit dinner. Hope you are enjoying school. Have a wonderful week.

Pura Vida said...

the only thing lovelier than gold falling from the sky in fall is silver in the form of ice and snow during the this music...thanks for such a sweet online friendship Miss are a precious soul!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Gold falling from they sky! Anita, that is simply gorgeous! And love that photo that goes with it. You always find the most amazing things to share. I'm at my writing retreat this week so wish me luck with the novel. And sending you so much inspiration in your poetry, though clearly you know exactly where to find it (and how to share it).
Bisous, Kirsten

Divine Theatre said...

You have such a gift for artistically opening my heart, removing the contents and replacing them again, mixed with the beauty you have created.

Thank you, my friend.



vicki archer said...

*Sigh* Anita... This is heaven... :) xv

hi-d said...

Hi my sweet friend!
Just thought I'd pop by and say hello! Hope you had a good weekend.
How's your weather...we are back to nice temps again...going to be in the 60's this week.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita that gold from the sky.....sigh......I do love have portrayed this season so beautifully! We are half way through Spring but you would think we were back in Autumn with our crazy weather!!! Wishing you lots of cozy nights as you head into Winter.....Many Blessings to you Sweet Friend....Love Dzintra xoxo

Stacey said...

Hi my dear friend!
So sorry that I haven't been able to make it before now. Lots going on on the homefront. However, let's talk about the beauty in this post, they type of beauty that gives one a wonderful reprieve from all their troubles. Gorgeous post my sweet. Happy new week to you. xx

PlantPostings said...

I doubt anyone can express the mood of October any better than this. It is my favorite month of autumn. Thank you for the inspiration.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Thank you so much for your visit, Anita! Yes, I'm enjoying the writing retreat. Letting go and letting loose in my writing is always so hard for me. Let me know if you have any good exercises for that. Bonne nuit ma petite! Xoxo, Kirsten

Sylvia said...

I love October and yours is magical...Dearest Anita, since we've just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving, I would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Sending you a big warm hug. Enjoy the falling gold...

Palomasea said...

Stunning, dear one! Now that is the gold of dreams... :) How beautiful....only you could bring such poetic eloquence and magic...that moon gorgeous white room with the beams looks like your home!!
Love you! Je t'embrasse fort...
And sending a bisous to Sylvia too... :))

marielle said...

Que ton mois d'octobre est beau ! C'est avec bonheur que l'on sort de l'armoire son manteau si chaud couleur marron glacé pour moi mais j'aime le vert tendre de tes photos... et la musique légère et aérienne du piano... on est bien chez toi. Douce soirée et des bises

elaine said...

I often read your posts and think how beautifully you capture the moment - this one inspired me to comment - the dreamy music complimented the pictures perfectly - how clever of you to find that piece. best autumn wishes.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

oh Anita! THAT is EXCITING news! But I have to say, 'why is that university consistently yanking their chain?' That would be stress enough for me. dang people. I will give it a rest knowing Ruben is still gainfully employed. Yipppppeeee! THANK YOU for your sweet compliments on my smile. Would you believe that when I smile I don't realize I am? It is true, it just happens. lol ♥

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour dear friend!
When I found the song in French, I thought of you.. So happy you enjoyed.
Oh yes, please do... There is no place like Nowhere..

Anonymous said...

Anita! Thank you for stopping by my newborn page and gracing it with your encouraging words. It's always good to visit with you, friend. Yes, stay fabulous is my newest post-50 goal...fabulous...almost impossible to believe...just like mike blogging friends.

Anonymous said...

*my* blogging friends...oh my. ;)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You have been such a busy woman! Enjoy your evening dear friend.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Thanks for your visit, Anita! And for your advice. Yes, so important to do that freewriting, free of any editing, critiquing, just keeping the hand and pen moving. Anne Lamott calls them 'sh**ty first drafts' and we all have them. It's from there that you begin polishing the gems. But we all want to think we can start from perfection which gets in our way. I'm on my way home today heading down the beautiful Oregon coast in gorgeous sunshine. Looking forward to the drive. Maybe I'll keep my notebook handy for frequent stops along the way. A lovely weekend to you, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Anita, thank you friend. Seeing your warm smile right after I posted this very daring post was enough for me to know it's okay to BE ME. You know how I don't share too many pics of myself or my loves, but I think it was time to get a message out there that was burning in my heart.
I love you, Anita fairest. Thank you for all your support.

Jacqueline said...

What a lovely thought - to see gold falling from the sky! While I much prefer that huge gold orb of summer, I do love fall, the chill in the air and the change of clothing and food. Just wish it didn't have to lead into a long winter!! You always inspire with your fabulous images and thoughts. Hope all is wonderful with you and yours!

A Magical Whimsy said...

I love how you did the reverse image of the moon, clouds, and stars on your blog banner. Truly exquisite!
And the divine music from Pride and Prejudice, which I recently watched for the first time with Kiera Knightly and Matthew M (who is so dashingly charming!). The dancing and the music blew me away! Of course, I cry for joy in many parts of the movie, me being so sensitive to classical music which moves the soul.

Ah, yes! The gold that falls! We are having a lot of that from our Liquid Amber trees which reach up thirty feet into the sky. Delightful!

I love this time of year. It is a more peaceful time of year than summer or spring.

The poetry is lovely, as are the fashion photos, luscious food photos, and the rain calling my name...

Vintage Home said...

no matter how many times I visit here it is always inspiring and beautiful!

Luisa Mª Benito said...

My dear Anita!
You always surprise me with your magic and your good taste. Some time ago I have not been able to visit due to an unfortunate fall in the bathtub when I was away from home teaching a course in Cordoba. Yes painful, but no matter, wanting to say hi and enjoy your enthusiasm.
The month of October means for me to travel constantly giving courses in different cities, and sometimes it's too much time away from home, you can connect to Internet quietly, and enjoy a cup of hot tea and your wonderful photos.

Luisa Maria

Sonja Goodson said...

Now I'm fully ready for fall... listening to that wonderful music as the leaves began to fall... you just know how to create beauty Anita, one of God's BEST gifts to you! :) And the best part is that you share it with us.

June said...

I adore the music from P&P dear Anita! Nothing as soothing to my soul than to come here today and soak it all in.
sending warm autumn hugs...

Rhissanna said...

Oh my gosh! How glorious! And yes, October comes and brings strange magic; hidden glamour in the nights and days full of cool, golden sunlight. Beautifully done, Anita!

koralee said...

Oh dear friend...thank you for visiting me! We have been so busy....Molly has a friend from Norway so we just got back from a day out in Vancouver...showing her all our special spots...and boy was it a lovely October day! Lots of fallen leaves in stunning colours along the shopping streets. A little nip in the air...perfect for scarfs and sweaters. Tomorrow...Seattle! Have a great new are always in my thoughts and prayers...I was thrilled to get your email...and so happy for the news you shared with me....God is GOOD! Hugs and love. xoxoxo

Stacey said...

Hi lovely !
Thank you for your visits this week . I know you're very busy and big congrats to your hubby re his job! Yippee!! Happy Saturday! xx

Relyn Lawson said...

October is the most beautiful month, isn't it? Well, at least until April.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Your posts truly are a work of art! October is our busiest month, and sometimes I need to remind myself to pause and enjoy tyeh beauty of the season. This post serves as a lovely reminder!


Anonymous said...

Well, I just had a post ready and finished and it disappeared!
Gee Whiz....well how was it, the moon, that is, was it wonderful?
I was being a good hostess tonight so I didn't get to steal away
into the night to see it, our friend the Moon. xoxo Eden

Jacqueline said...

Then we must be just a few months apart, age wise! You look incredible - ageless beauty!!

Privet and Holly said...

Hello, my lovely, poetic friend.
Beautiful thoughts, images and
sounds from your heart ~

I hope that you are enjoying a
cozy day today. Reminds me
so much of that last image, with
the "gold" floating down. Magic.

Love to you,
xo Suzanne

Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

Just wanted to say thank you for your sweet words. They touched me and lifted my spirits. Your beautiful post did as well. When driving to my parents today my daughter and I noticed the golden leaves as well, tumbling over the highway, such a joy to see them in your beautiful post as well! We must be kindred spirits :-)!

Have a lovely day!

A big hug to you! Madelief x

Deborah said...

October sings over here!
Love your Autumn thoughts and images....lovely!
That rain with the gold falling...perfect!
Hugs xo

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoox

Kerri said...

Hi Anita, coming to your blog is like inspirational eye candy. I love your words and pictures! Don't you just love this time of year?!! It has been so nice here in south Florida... I have been painting all weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love those pancakes in this post!
Anita, I love the Moon Light and the way it
is pulls and moves the water and waves its

I discovered this book ...
COLOR the language of light
by Karen Speerstra
and I am loving it!

You too...enjoy your Sunday!


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!
What a sad weekend we have had. Our 16 year old terrier mix, Riley, suddenly became very sick last week. Over the weekend he got even worse. We are taking him to the ER tomorrow to put him to sleep. My husband & I are both so sad!!!!! He has been with us since we were married. He had some trouble last May with walking but some medication helped him tremendously & he bounced back. Last Tuesday he stopped eating and he only drinks a little water here & there. It really went downhill FAST!!!!!
It's so painful to witness and we are both so devastated....
I wish I had better news but it truly has been a sad, sad weekend of goodbyes and memories.....
Hope you are doing well!!!!!
Love & Hugs,

Diana Daron said...

Wow! Awesome post!
Happy week!

vitadrömmarobusigabarn said...

Beautiful pictures
have a lovely day

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Good afternoon Anita...It's so lovely to visit you this afternoon....I think this post has to be a favourite for me and once again you've worked your magic and brightened up a very dark and wet day here! Beautiful words and images.....always such a treat ♥
Thank you too for visiting me today and your kind're a special lady!
Happy New Week,
Susan x

Jeri Landers said...

Greetings from a Pumpkin colored October morning in the Hollow. Tis a glorious time of year with all that GOLD falling from the sky! Hamish sends his regards and a hearty honk, honk!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, hope you had a lovely weekend! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. So glad my dad is coming to live again - sometimes, miracles are possible. I've had such a strenuous time ... now my hubby is sick with a bad allergy/inflammation thing .... it never stops. And yet october is so pretty with all it's colors and smells and moods. Have a super start into your week!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello dear friend! How are you? I hope that your weekend was wonderful! I am sure that anytime that you have to spend at home and relaxing with Rueben is wonderful. Thank you for visiting me!

xoxo Elizabeth

Leslie Harris said...

Anita I needed this post today. I needed to have a quiet moment of beauty and be transported by your lush images of Fall. The music and the falling leaves captures my love of the season. I continue to be amazed by your gift for inspiring others...and thank you again for your positive, uplifting words about my move to So Cal. You have no idea how much your comment meant to me!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Dearest,
Don't you just love that coat??? This is something I would have bought when I was younger.
of course all your post are wonderful ...and the Autumn rain falling with the leaves a round the lamp post is magnificent to be sure.
XXOO Marie Antoinette

.♥.Gaby.♥.Homestyle.♥.. said...

Prachtige♥ foto's heb je van de maand oktober♥..;)
Heb en kopie gemaakt van je laatste foto♥ als je♥ het niet erg vind die sprak mij heel erg aan die stemming of ik zelf in zit ..;)
Fijne week en Liefs♥ Gaby..♥

Anonymous said...

This is why I love your blog, Anita - I am always left with the feeling that I just watched a short beautiful film. You ability to use a few words and say a lot is an amazing talent! xo

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh Anita! Thank you for the well wishing. I have had days of bed rest already. I want to blog now. I should have a 'hot pink jeans' post up tomorrow. That is the plan anyway. Thanks for your patience and fun advise. It is not fun to get the first bug of the season. HM and I have to sleep separately when either of us has a bug, so the other doesn't get it. I don't like that about being sick. I feel TONS better today! ♥

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
You have such limited time, yet you still came to visit.. I am so happy you enjoyed my Winter Princess.. Ruby was my first cat, remember her? I felted her last July, so this one is my second and much smaller..
Merci dear friend for your kind and encouraging words.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh Anita! Don't worry about keeping up. You are so busy and yet you still manage to at least comment to me 3 times or so a week. You are a grand friend. I shall write an email soon to tell you deeper details. Fore instance, how I caught this ding dang cold and that I ran into a dear friend that I haven't seen or heard from in about 8 years. I love when that happens. Take care! You are doing great, I can tell. ♥

Anne said...

Ooh, Anita, what a gorgeous tribute to my very favorite time of year. Gold falling from the sky, indeed! Hope you're having a fabulous fall season, my dear! xo Anne

Red Rose Alley said...

I had to come over and see the picture of the leaves falling down before you make another post. It's such a breathtaking picture, I love it. We are in full Aitumn here, and lovin' every minute of it.

Have a sweet day, Anita dear.


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh hey Anita! Just wanted to let you know that that is my newest adventure "Blog Hop"! Did you see my Thursday post? Not to be a nag or nothin' but I will be posting Thursday's and Friday's posts on Thursday (one in the early am and one at the pm for the following day and for those participating to get a jump on it). I firmly feel my blog needs a boost for it Friday viewing so I created a "Fashion (item) Friday" for the need and the love. I have had many of my fashionista's say they will come aboard. IAMEXCITEDABOUTIT! can you tell? hahahahahaha. My love and appreciation go out to you always, my dear dear friend!!! ♥

Bonnie said...

Beautiful, Anita! As always, I loved it all. I hope you are having an enjoyable October and school is going well. Thank you so much for visiting. It is always nice to hear from you. Hugs! Bonnie

p.s. I love the white pumpkins as well;)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Yes, Ruby was first, but this one loved just the same.
I still have that song stuck in my head.. PIE O MY. I saw you too dearest, Violet's and everywhere I went.

hi-d said...

Hello my BEAUTIFUL friend! How are you? I hope school is going well and you still have time to do the things you love, like write and create! Thanks so much for stopping by (you are so sweet to always come by)...Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Man, Anita! Your part time job sounds like a full time job. But I know you are grateful for it so that is so cool. Thanks for all your fun and cheerful comments. YOU light up the room with your presence. (or my little corner of the web, as it were) I am so glad you and Ruben are employed and making the most of your days. Don't be envious of my time at the computer. I am doing what I love and I have the time. This weekend is going to be busy for me so if I miss new your post until Monday, that's why. Yay! It is Friday. TGIF.

millefeuilles said...

Dearest Anita!

I am entranced by the beauty of those golden leaves falling! and, whilst reading your numerous, loving comments, I'm so happy to see that you and dear Madelief are friends too! She is a remarkable lady, don't you think?

This post of yours has captured the beauty of a month I rarely see pass! It almost seems as though Fall is a stepping stone leading to Christmas and, with the copious amounts of orders I have to make, Christmas most definitely is paramount in my head. October is a wistful month and you do well to point out its beauty, thank you.

I'm not sure what to think about blogging these days. I still love it but cannot help but notice a fall in the number of comments I have been receiving recently. I don't know if it's blogging in general of if I'm doing something 'wrong'. It is strange.

Warmest hugs to you,


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!
Thank you so very much for you kind comments about Riley. We out him to sleep on Monday afternoon. It was so difficult but he was very sick.
It was a very sad week and after 16 years with him- this is our first weekend without him.
On Friday we went to pick out our pumpkins which was fun and a good distraction.
I hope you are doing great. Are you attending any Halloween parties?
Luv & Hugs,

A Well Styled Life said...

So lovely and creative! I love the analogy of the gold falling from the sky.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your October post, Anita! I think my favorite photo is of the two girls walking the streets in their tights and heels. I am a little sad to see October go, but so excited for the upcoming holiday season! To answer your question, my mom didn't make it to Nel's Black and White Ghoula, but we were all together during our pumpkin carving party :-) I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

La Petite Gallery said...

Beautiful Anita, I am watching the beautiful leaves and it's raining too.