Sunday, March 30, 2014

April's Promises

are for mortals.

The timid bud


arrests a restless mind



feathered hopes wing away

taking us with them. 

copyright cristie henry via pinterest

Flesh and blood

do the miracles of April






paper and pen

does the heart's beat


And it's all for

the people I care about

to whom I wish

April's Promises.


This post is dedicated to 


overcoming cancer.
(I am fine, my dear friends. This is just a poem dedicated to others)

To R. F.


a sudden landing
of oregano on the tongue
brings a dead uncle back
to a family picnic.  Bulbous boysenberries

between the teeth squirt a sweet punch
of childhood Sundays, and playful
plosives release an airflow of thought
on the tongue blade.  The mouth

Is a feast.

But the words

I have breast cancer

are hard to swallow.  Fricatives
strike like primal impulses
on a battlefield
of teeth on flesh. Vowels

piston five syllables, mashing
a bland unbelief that you spit out
when you say them. Fear
puddles in the soft-mouthed life

of morning when you wake
and I say them
with you,


anita rivera©
winter 2014


Anonymous said...

those words were beautifully placed
for our soon to be that a poem
by Anita...perhaps...maybe....

Anonymous said...

are you well?

Seawashed said...

Oh dearest ANITA...are you amongst these whom you write about? Dearest I will be praying.
Faith moves all mountains and surrender to the ONE we have faith in is our rest.

"For in this world you will have tribulation but I have overcome the world."...our promise from our Beloved.

Hold tightly to His hand...
love you xxo

Leslie said...

Anita, this is a beautiful tribute to all those looking for hope. The seasons parallel life and spring is a time of rebirth and hope. The quote at the top is so true.. a reason for being.

I hope you've had a nice weekend and that the temperatures are warming up. Sunshine makes us happy! xxleslie

Sarah said...

Anita, your words are poignant and powerful. The battle with cancer is a long, precarious journey. I pray that you are not faced with such a journey, dear one. You are in my thoughts.

Constance said...

Sarah said it well, dear Anita.
A moving, poignant and beautiful poem, and the sweetest of wishes.
May all overcome... Blessings in every direction of time and space.

Art and Sand said...

Beauty and reality.

I have heard those words, "I have breast cancer" from far too many or my friends.

Simplement ... said...

Tous unis contre ce fléau ...
Ma très chère Anita j'espère de tout mon coeur que tout va bien pour toi.
Tu es mon amie lointaine mais toujours dans mes pensées.
Je t'embrasse tendrement.

Carol Dekle said...

I overcame. 7 year survivor this June. Like the phoenix I rose from the ashes tempered and strong. Some of the most beautiful, courageous women I have known lost their battle. I think of them often and I am reminded that every second of every day is precious. Thank you Anita for sharing your gift of hope.

The Dutchess said...

Dearest...however beautiful..this post worries me.
I'll be your mail..xoxo

Unknown said...

What a lovely dedication Anita. Such sweet words filled with hope for the future. May April fulfil your wishes. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Jade said...

What a heartbreaking post, my dear friend..........but there´s always so much hope and love in everything! Send you love and hugs and thank you so much for all! Have a wonderful week, dearest Anita!


Jade said...

PS: Looooooove the music!!!

Hugs, Jade

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Dearest Anita,

What a powerfully bittersweet post this is. All the hope and promise of Spring which is all but upon us and yet, this is tinged with the sadness and fear of a disease which is frightening in its ability to overwhelm and control. You capture all of this in your beautifully chosen words and images, but, perhaps, never more so than in your poem.

We can empathise completely with our own experience of Leukaemia. For each individual it is a personal journey. There is no blueprint about what is best or right. But, it is so true that when one has come through one lives life with a passion as never before. For everyone for whom you write here we pray for Spring every day of their lives.

leon 10 said...

have a lot of strenght hope love and i hope you feeling a little beter very soon !

The enchanted home said...

Wow amazing Anita. And I love the dedication.....April brings a new season of promise and new beginnings, seeing the pictures of the flowers and little lamb made my heart soar. The poem is so beautiful as well.......well done as always.

Barbara said...

Dearest Anita you summed up memory in the first few lines of your beautiful poem. Lots of my earliest memories involve taste – the first peas picked from dad’s garden, rhubarb and custard or just rhubarb pulled out of the earth and eaten. You have also included nothing but loveliness with the pictures. The sweet little ‘smiling’ lamb is adorable, the bunch of grape hyacinths and the tulips and windmill bring back memories for me.
I’m praying that you, and all your family and friends are well.
Love and hugs to a very dear friend, Barbara

Jade said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for all your lovely words, my dear friend..........your visit is always such a gift for me! I don´t like Pablo today........he has put a big frog under my sofa in the living room and the frog makes quaaaaaak........I´m so afraid :(((. Now I have to wait 8 hour till my husband is back from work to take the frog back in the garden. Oh no.........

Have a wonderful day (without frogs in your living room;), hugs Jade

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

A beautiful tribute dear friend. So many people are dealing with cancer. It's so very scary. Your poem is lovely, but makes me worry for you. Are you ok? I do hope so. Sending you light, love and hugs this morning.

nélinha said...

Maman est partie à cause d'un cancer, elle aurait beaucoup aimé ton message d'espoir et de renaissance...Tes clichés sont émouvants et gracieux à la fois...La nature, un mois et une nouvelle saison que de belles choses à venir...Merci pour ce beau billet et une pensée pour toutes les personnes qui ont été touchée par cette maladie

Karena said...

Thank you, Anita for my Mother and cousin Lois, and other friends and families whom I have lost....

The Arts by Karena

Lylou.anne said...

Coucou Anita, pourrais-tu vérifier dans l'administration de ton blog si je suis bien inscrite à tes news, je ne les reçois toujours pas et pourtant j'aimerai beaucoup commenter tous tes billets.
Celui-ci est particulièrement beau et touchant, j'adore. Merci de ta petite réponse.
Bon après-midi, bisous.

Robyn said...

As always, your powerful words and images move me so deeply, Anita. Each time I come to your beautiful site, I take a deep breath because I know I'm about to take a journey. Beautiful poem and a lovely tribute to those faced with the challenges of cancer. There isn't anyone who has not been touched by this disease in some way, whether it be themselves or family members or friends. Thank you, sweet Lady, you make a difference in our day. xo

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, i have to dear freinds, who are fighting with cancer at the moment, and os, this really speaks to me. Will send the poem their way - they are not bloggers really, but when you allow me, i'll send it to them via e-mail as an encouragement. It looks good for both of them, thank god - but still - so tough! And this and aprils flowers - like light and shadow - which is what makes this world ... Thanks for posting! Have a great day!

Jeanie said...

This is such a beautiful and eloquent post. Your images are, as always, splendid and the Adrian Legg is a perfect accompaniment. I love his music. I hope you are fine as you said above and that the person for whom this poem is written will be fine as well. I have lost my mom, aunt, and more than a few dear friends to this terrible disease, and our oldest has dealt with cancer as well. This is so very powerful.

prince snow farm said...

Fabulous post Anita! April tugs on my heartstrings and breathes life back into me! I will also think of all with cancer when I see the first blooms of the season. Have a great week.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

So beautiful and fabulous Anita dear. I love the month of April and Mother nature wakening up of beautiful things to come. This dedicated post is so lovely and appreciated for those of us who have fought this disease. I feel so appreciative of my life, now have fought three cancers. Enjoy your week. xoxo Linda

Anonymous said...

Indeed, those words are bitter.
I recently learned my college roomate
passed away from heart
is so sad and yet, there is so much
to still be grateful for...such as this
friendship as far away as it
is precious! Happy Monday!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Cancer ... so many, many, many family and friends I have loss to this disease. Right this minute a best friend is in a battle of his lifetime and a family member is restarting chemo and radiation after a year free of cancer it has again returned after his surgery. Loss I know, perhaps too much for anyone to be expected to bear... But through it all memories are vivid and love never dies.

therelishedroost said...

It is amazing how we all are touched by Cancer, someone near and dear to us or even ourselves have coped, triumphed or lost to this disease. I send out healing thoughts and energy to those who are dealing with this and I love the peacefulness of this post that surely helps one heal!

Astro & Mitzie said...

Dear Anita,

Your poems and writing have touched us all.
No matter what subject your compassion is never ending.
I come here because, I know there will be
words to move my heart and soul.

Linda C in Seattle

speedyrabbit said...

Hope springs eternal,this is so beautiful Auntie Anita,But I worry so when I read your poem*Speedy gives light bunny kisses*
xxxx Speedy

renae said...

Oh my sweet Anita, thank you. excellent. very excellent. yes, "Fricatives strike like primal impulses on a battlefield of teeth on flesh". exactly - ever so exactly. When I got to that point of accepting those words it was a easier to say them. Now they just flow out like it' is nobody's business, except for the insurance company that is paying all the bills, thank GOOD ness. ♥, Renae said...

TEARS ~ SIGH ~ LOVE ~ HEALING ~ PRAYERS sent over the world. I love you...

Red Rose Alley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Madelief said...

Dearest Anita,

Such a beautiful quote and words! Like no other you know how to touch the heart. So many people suffer from this horrible decease. Hope that one day soon they will find a cure.

Your sweet words on my blog touched me too. I feel privileged to have such a dear blog friend like you! Hope we will be able to meet in person one day, so that I can thank you properly for helping me through a difficult period in my life.

I hope the month of April will bring you promises of what to come too!

Much love,

Madelief xox

Seawashed said...

Anita I am so thankful to hear you are well. May April's promises come to those you hold so dearly in your heart of prayers.

Is the photo in your blog banner YOU? If not, it sure looks like it could be...beautiful. It creates the emotion that goes with this post.

Our roses are just beginning to bloom...such joy!
Have a lovely week dearest.

Suz said...

Your poem "Tasting" is moving and heartbreaking. I hope all is well with you and continues to be. Have a beautiful spring, beautiful lady.

Purple Flowers said...

Dear Anita: You are a beautiful woman. You write with your heart and your strength and smile continue to give messages of love to others.

Unknown said...

I read the fine print, so I know you are fine.
I thanked God.
I had to utter those words.
Five syllables, almost five years ago...(August 2009).
It was five weeks before Chrislyn's wedding. Bless her heart to cope at such a special time in her life. I had the first surgery, just ten days before her wedding.
Now it's three syllables that ring true each day.
I survived.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

What a beautiful poem, Anita. My daughter is an English major and I just sent the link to your incredible blog. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Anita, this just bought me peace especially because in two weeks will be the 1 year anniversary of my dad losing his battle with cancer, and I have a dear friend undergoing cancer treatment right now. May the April's promises come true for all of them suffering from this ravaging disease.

millefeuilles said...

Dearest Anita,

I have so much to say about this strong, beautiful poem. I agree with Sheri's comment above; you do manage to say so much with few words. Your messages are always sincere, heartfelt and touch us all. I am so glad to 'know' you and Madelief. You are boh extraordinary, talented women with so much beauty to share.

Happy April to you dear friend. Let's make it a beauiful month.


Unknown said...

sweet Anita, you've touched us all again with your lovely words. I pray you and those near you are well and that time will heal all. Happy Spring to you dear one. xoxo Nancy

It's me said...

The most important thing in life is health.....what a wonderful post ....i must especially think about Renae right now she is strubbeling with are such a lovely blogfriend to me Anita !!! love you with whole my love love !

Troebadoer said...


Magnificent images...
Enchanting music...
Wonderful words...

I wish you delightful spiritual days...

Like the coolness of night
upon lilies and roses...
Like white coral and pearls
deep in the sea...
Like something beautiful
peacefully hides
yet is radiant when
I wish to look...
So I believe
that also you are...

Beth at PlantPostings said...

What a thoughtful message, Anita. An ode to April and to loved-ones makes it even more sweet. Beautiful thoughts. Peace. ~Beth

Ivy Clad said...

Your writing is so lovely, Anita. I am so glad to read that you're o.k.; I'm glad you included that part!

I love what you've written: "April's promises are for mortals." I'm convinced we need those promises to survive, especially so for those fighting ill health.

Happy April, dear friend!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Dearest Anita...what a beautiful tribute to those around us who are bravely fighting the battle against cancer. And, thank goodness you are okay...I was a bit worried when I first read this. Thank you for sharing your breathtaking art with us. xoxo

renae said...

After re - reading this poem, I heard other themes / meanings and completely admire your writing talent. Thank you for putting my feelings into words for others. This journey I'm on isn't pleasant at all but to have moments of sweet words coming my way, does lighten the load and lift the troubled heart. (hug)

hi-d said...

What a sweet post to so many out there that are battling this awful disease. I hope your April is full of showers of blessings (and NO more snow...) haha...Take care my friend! I love this time of year! Soon Easter will be here!


Fete et Fleur said...

Hi, Anita,

Wonderful post. I hope all is well with you and Ruben. Thinking of you . . .


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello dear Anita....what a lovely and thoughtful post dedicated to the Suffering Ones....just beautiful and all in the beautiful month of so reminds me of Springtime as we head off into Autumn!

My little laptop (Pearl) died and I had to get a replacement however all is well now and I have soooo much catching up to do.....

Sending Love and Hugs your way....Dzintra xo

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!!
What a beautiful post and dear to my heart as my dad is battling cancer.
It seems so many people are being diagnosed. I have lost 2 friends to cancer and a friend of mine had breast cancer and is in remission so that's great news!!!! I wish everyone could be survivors!!!!
We didn't do much this weekend- it was beautiful out on Saturday but then rainy on Sunday & Monday.....
Hope you are doing great!!!!!
Sending love & hugs,

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Anita,
I am late for a visit, working so hard and trying to catch up on my home needs. Anita, I had toread and re-read your post to better understand what might you be going through, as well as the banner that looks stressed and perhaps dealing with some scary things.
I then notice little ignicials and who you might be dedicating this post to, I think the header looks to be you, again I have seen you use like photos that look a lot like you and your home.
This post is a powerful read, one that wakes us all up to this enemy ...Cancer !
In the face of what we all have had to deal with I am sure we have all had someone dealing with cancer? I have had 4 family members stricken with this disease with an ugly battle, and first hand I have watched them fight. Prayers to your friends, family members or just acquaintances that are dealing with cancer.

When we all pull together in prayer we see them answered.

Hope you are well Anita?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Troebadoer,

Vos mots coulent comme une fleuve, et la vidéo, OH LÀ LÀ! La musique est parfaite et je vais l'utiliser un jour pour un de mes billets! MERCI!

La Petite Gallery said...

Beautiful post,
I over came Cancer 8 years ago Anita.
Of course I hope I make it another 8.


Rattus Scribus said...

This is a beautiful poem, Anita. One of my favorite that you have done.
We're there, in our hearts if not in presence, even if we have no words, even when the only words left to us are so hard to swallow. But we're there -- tasting.

jerilanders said...

Anita The music went so beautifully with this work of art, I am simply amazed at your writing. I don't know how you do it. You manage to touch one's heart with a few carefully selected words gathered together in a harmonious prose. I guess it is because you are a poet, truly. I hope the 5 syllables are not yours. I know the heartache of cancer in my own family... so devastating.

Rhonda said...

All new followers must ask themselves how fortunate they are to have found your blog. Soulful and inspiring. Much love to you Anits.

Denise said...

Dearest poet,Your words do make Me feel like I can fly-Thank You again and again-Love Denise

"Create Beauty" said...

Oh dear heart! Your words are a gift that touch the deepest parts of heart and soul.



from your heart

and pen

into the world


b l e s s....


Down by the sea said...

Anita, The poem you have written is incredible. IFor those who have been told those words it is so had to take in, your words are a wonderful way to demonstrate support at such a difficult time. Sarah x

Troebadoer said...


Je vous remercie pour vos aimables réactions.

Dans les dernières lueurs de ma mémoire, votre nom se repose.

Maria said...

Dear Anita..
This post is so beautiful , so special...
Thank you for always taking the time to be a dear blog friend, when you have so many!
A visit from you always makes the sun shine brighter some how.....
I'm wishing your spring time to be near,you've had the longest of cold winters, it seems....
Tale time to dream...
Hugs Maria x

Joanne said...

As usual....Perfect perfect post! I can't help it though the lamb was my favorite :0)
Blessings, Joanne

Fete et Fleur said...

Isn't it amazing how God has us on similar treks in our lives. I remember how much you loved the studied emptiness of our rooms and the cozy cotton sheets. I am so happy that it has inspired your journey.


hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

You are such a great observer and it translates to an amazing writer! Thanks for stopping by...I agree that it is fun to watch the male species too. haha...

Spring break and more snow coming? Ugh...NOOOOOO! That can't more. It needs to go bye bye. Enjoy your break even if you end up being indoors and running around with your heels on despite the forecast. :)


Marfi-topia said...

I'm not eloquent enough to write down exactly what my heart is feeling right now...
all I can get out is:
you are amazing

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita, thanks for the great comment. You are so very accomplished and talented.
I could hold that lamb in my lap and hug him, so cute.

Anonymous said...

A film...awesome idea.
Take out your phone and start your video
upload to your computer...and see where
that takes you...great idea...waiting to
see it all unfold...happy Tuesday my friend!

Anonymous said...

I will be waiting
to see what you

Unknown said...

Anita dear-I seek to find a quiet moment to savor your gift of art and poetry. With tears in my eyes for those who have battled and lost (like my sweet dad) and those who have battled and won. Spring and tulips and baby lambs....are all hope. Thank you for touching my soul early this morning. You are a true artist.
xx, Heather
PS-Carmel!!!! Ahhhhhhh-I am so happy for you. I feel like I am going myself. Such a lovely spot!

Anonymous said...

You are a light shining ever so brightly in this world, Anita, and I for one am blessed to catch a few of those magnificent rays.
I will no doubt come back and read this masterpiece a few more times.
The music was perfect too.
Thank you.
Besos y abrazos.

Kelly said...

Beautiful poem Anita!! You are such a talented writer! xo

Privet and Holly said...

As you know, I lost my bestie
to BC last September. Some days
the reality of that still take my breath
away, as I anticipate a spring that she
will never see.

Lovely words from your kind heart.

xo Suzanne

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Beautiful words and another wonderful post have such a special gift and are able to express yourself in words so wonderfully...I shall be thinking of your poem through the day and it will be a better one for it...x
Happy Thursday dear friend,
Susan x

Vintage Jane said...

What an amazing use of words to convey the words we all dread to hear. I (and all of us) know of too many friends, dear ones, and family who have been blighted by this ... I pray for your friend ... she is so lucky to have you. You are an amazingly gifted writer.
M x

vicki archer said...

Beautiful, beautiful and even more beautiful Anita...
Your way of combining thoughts with the images is such a tonic... and a calming retreat at the end of my day... :)
Thank you... xv

renae said...

Oh Anita! I didn't know you had tiny wrists. Mine are fairly small (my hands and wrist and feet and ankles are the smallest things on me) but I guess if you are too small the average size would be annoying. Well, never matter. Your heart is huge, let me tell ya!!! I love the bunny in this post and btw, it doesn't scare me. hahahahahaha. I am finally feeling better now. The past few days have been discouraging. I couldn't believe how much it took out of me to have this silly surgery. Hopefully on this Monday I will be in a posing mode again and a new photo shoot. I have some new cool items my ydd has lent me and somethings I got just before my surgery that I want to share and INSPIRE. Have a wonderful weekend if I don't see you between now and then. Your break is almost done, huh? ♥

renae said...

Okay Anita! I am a bit drunk, I guess (that funny because I don't drink ya see?) but I could have sworn I had seen a "bunny". I am such a dork. But I got a good laugh at myself out of it. Ya, it is a lamb or a goat at best huh? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaa

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful, beautiful message and poem you have shared today, thank you sweet friend.
You are a true joy and inspiration to us all. I am rushing to get ready to go to the City and I look forward to coming back when I have more time. Thanks for visiting me today and wishing you a very happy April.
Sending hugs

A Magical Whimsy said...

Dearest Anita
New life from the dead, brown earth of Winter...this time of year is always a miracle of re-birth. Your poetic nuance is so moving and touching. The photos are glorious with Hope.
And also, the hope for those who have gone through cancer...may they too have Hope of re-birth.
love and eternal thoughts to you this lovely Spring day

Kelly said...

Precious friend you have a Big HEART!!! Your words touch me every time! <3
Hope for the cure will continue to be our prayer !!!
How are your enjoying your spring, Dear Anita? Blessings! ; )

June said...

Another lovely and touching post my dear Anita! Truly beautiful! I feel blessed now.
many hugs...

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this poem . Very inspirational! You are very talented!
Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Cette musique mon ami(e) est parfaite pour mon prochaine billet. Que l'enfance de nos ésprits demeurent pour toujours. Merci mille fois!

Sylvia said...

Thank you, dearest friend, for always touching the strings of my heart. I have never stopped visiting you, even tough I have not always written a comment. When I need an inspiration and a manifestation of human kindness and love, there is no better place to find that than your beautiful blog. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in January he had a successful radical prostatectomy. He is doing very well right now, and the entire family is feeling relived. In addition, for more than an year, a friend of mine has been fighting breast cancer. She is doing great as well. So, I truly appreciate your perfect poem! I hope April will be a time of new beginnings for all of us, especially those who have experienced a long, cold winter. I would love to congratulate you on your contribution to Scarlet Pink Magazine! Please know I feel blessed and thankful for having you as a blogging friend! Love to you and your significant one

renae said...

The more I see that little critter, I think it is a goat because a lamb would have curler hair, right? Did I ever tell you we had 2 goats in the summer prior to us moving here? They were suppose to eat the lawn in the back acre but they just caused havoc; jump out of their fenced areas like about 5 times, cried if the one couldn't SEE the other one and ran away about 10 times. Yuppers, they were given back to the guy that gave them to us. lol The facial resemblance here is pretty much a goat.

Ya, that silly photo problem was odd. She had a funky copyright lock on all of her photos and so she just sent me the links. Then I could see them but others couldn't. Luckily many know her and know she is expecting. If you just click on the link titles it will take you to her blog to see the photos, I was granted. Weird techno stuff, huh?

Have a great week. I have a new 'outfit' post ready for Monday = Yay, yes. I am back. ♥ to you, sweet Anita.

Leslie said...

Hi Anita! Just a quick hello and wanted to thank you for your sweet comments and friendship. Have a lovely weekend and I'll looking forward to popping back soon to read your next blog post;) xxleslie

marielle said...

Tu as toujours une façon si douce de parler de sujets délicats. Mon père et ma tante ont été emportés par cette maladie mais des amis s'en sont sortis. L'amour et l'espoir sont essentiels quoi qu'il puisse arriver... Bises de France chère Anita

Anonymous said...

Morning my friend!
Only shadows...and maybe shimmers?
Those images of flowers from friends...
so lovely that hue of purple.
Listening to Chopin and doing math
then its out to the garden to do some
serious trimming!
Spring is coming...its just around
the corner my dear!

Personally selected products said...

Your words always paralyze me suddenly. God BLESS YOU always!
I left a residue of sadness at the thought. Are you well my dear friend?
Let your words serve to those who have had, and families who suffer it as a water April.
And may God continue to give you so much life to delight us with your pictures and your words.

A HUGE MY DEAR ANITA big kiss! from Madrid


**personally selected products**

Willow said...

Once again you have taken my breath away with your post ,
this time along with a slight gasp of pain and understanding.

La Petite Gallery said...

Hi Anita, glad you like the Furniture man... Speaking if Cancer, when I had colon Cancer I took a bus to radiation.
Because it was a 2 hour drive up and 2 hours back. It took the whole day, 5 days a week.
What I noticed was women with breast cancer must have been on heavy chemo, I wore a pack on my hip.
They looked really sick. I guess I just had it at a slow rate.Wouldn't you think they could find a cure by now.

Anonymous said...

As always, your posts take us to places of beauty and thought one finds hard to seek alone. Thank you for sharing, always a delightful stop...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita,
I am always in awe of your writing.. Having lost my beloved to cancer, this post is a hard but beautiful read. Your post is such heartfelt dedication to those who are facing cancer. Thank you dear friend. A warm hug and blessings to all that have been touched by this horrid disease in some way..
I love your poem.. You are such an inspiration.
Love, Penny..

Bless you dear friend.

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely post
so thoughtful of you to honor those with cancer in this way
sending love ~

victorian parlor II said...


A beautiful post and I pray that you are in good health dear friend!



Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you for visiting dear friend.. I am sending email

Rosa said...

merveilleux article encore, je me regale avec ces belles images.
bonne journée chez toi

Vintage Home said...

especailly for my friend LISA! Thank you for this!
Stunning images!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I see you visited today.. Yes, I think you should just sit quietly and watch Colette dance...
Check your email dear.

~CC Catherine said...

My dearest precious friend, Anita. I am sitting in a waiting room in a Baltimore MD hospital while my mother is having surgery to remove cancer - It's a GOD MOMENT that I would select this time to visit your blog, read your words, and see this being dedicated to those fighting cancer. My mom is 81 - this is High Risk Surgery - the Dr. told her before he took her into surgery that she could die. Her reply to him was that "God is with both of us" - both she and the Dr. You are an amazing amazing artist....and an amazing friend that I am missing very much. I will come back at a later point and let you know prayerfully that she has defied the ODDS and come through this cancer surgery VICTORIOUSLY! Love you friend....SKYPE date soon hopefully! xoxo CC

YONKS said...

I am shocked, I've just come here and so much has changed it seems.
I'm coming to you via email dearest. I know I have that wonderful connection!

bluehuewonderland said...

Such a wonderful post that touches the experience of many people. Beautiful words and images! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. Fun to hear that you live in Minneapolis, it's a small world! Renae is such a sweetie, I just adore her as I see you do!

blue hue wonderland

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear friend,
Thank you so much for visiting yesterday.. I would be honored to have you included in my giveaway..
I hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Unknown said...

As always Anita, your post is just exquisite. I hope you are have a wonderful April and wishing you a lovely weekend!
xo Mary Jo

Palomasea said...

You are magnificent... :)
All the blessings and sweet promises of the miracle of Springtime to you....may the blessings you bestow upon our lives be sent back to you a hundred-fold, dearest Anita.
Tight hugs.

Atelier Twojego Stylu said...

Dear Anita! Today the first time I was find and looked for your blog....absolutely beautyfull post!!! I m with You my dear...1 year ago I have been sick for the cancer too...long time I was spend in hospital, taken chemio-therapy and radio-therapy...There was difficult time...but now I feel good and I m happy every day with my life:))) I wish You all the best and take a carry! Kasia from Poland

Kirsten Steen said...

Glad to know you are fine! So many people struggling with health scares. A lovely poem dedication. Hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend.

TreasureAgain said...
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just sent you an email; I hope you get it! Please respond to my email. I am not sure which photo it is but I will take it off immediately when I am sure which one you are referring to. Thank you .

Unknown said...

Oh Anita,
What a lovely post. I recently went to the doctor to inquire about a suspicious mole. They said it is skin cancer and I am visiting the surgeon tomorrow. Skin cancer isn't as horrible as other kind of cancer, yet the word certainly can scare you. I will write to you when the surgery is finished. I believe they will schedule me hopefully some day next week. The diagnosis has postponed me going back to North Carolina as planned. It is nice to be surround by my daughters right now. They are so thoughtful and helpful.

Again, your words are always so wonderful my dear friend.


P.S. tell whoever is bothering you about a photo they want removed that you can't take it with you when your gone and isn't it a lovely compliment that you chose their work to accompany your beautiful and thoughtful words...

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,
Well I hope you had a good week. It sounds like you had a quiet evening on your birthday. Hopefully you will have a chance to celebrate more this weekend. I feel so blessed to call you friend!


Anonymous said...

It is liberating...this exercise of words!
Keep me posted ...I shall be writing and
teaching the children...while waiting!