Friday, May 2, 2014

Come Out My Friends


and play with me.

tumblr gif

Open your windows


and let love breeze in

and out

like the perfumed wind of spring.

The earth is pregnant with



and our minds are also a-flutter.


The dawn says:

Wake up


and dream



revel in small wonders




 listen to the breath of sunrise


dig in



and dance with me 



because one day

our waltz 

will be over 


in the blink


a butterfly's eye.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Would love to come out and play with you today. I would sit in your garden, soak in the sun, watch the bunnies and listen to you play your harp. Sounds like a perfect day spent with a most wonderful friend.
Light, love and hugs to you Anita

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Dearest Anita:

Our windows are open wide on a wonderfully warm spring day here in Budapest. But more than that, our hearts are open to all that you write here in this, as always, beautifully and thoughtfully written post. And yes, how important it is to nurture every single moment for in the 'blink of a butterfly's eye' it will be gone. But let us, as life goes on, have kind and gentle memories to treasure and to pass on.

Have a peaceful and joyful weekend.

Jane and Lance, xxx

Barbara Fisher said...

My windows are open. It's a little chilly, but I don’t mind at all. I’m dancing Anita. You may not be able to see me – but I am.
How could I not dance with the wonderful music, images and words you offer here?
Sending love and hugs to my sweet friend.

The Dutchess said... the blink of a butterfly's eye...But today..I'm here and writing you these words...much much love to you my dearest sister..Thank you for this...xoxo

Simply LKJ said...

Am so enjoying our warmer weather. Would throw open all our windows if it were not for the terrible pollen! What beautiful images for a spring day. I am ready to go dig in the dirt and take it all in.

Anonymous said...

oh my Anita
this was absolutely splendid
in every possible way my dear!!!!!
I am going now to see where
some of those images came
from...happy happy spring time

Anonymous said...

ps..i had to revise my blog
link after what happened so
make sure you add the new
link so we can stay in touch!!!

"Create Beauty" said...


Such beauty and tenderness washing over me as I read your soothing words and view these beautiful images, as lovely music
fills me with dreams! yes, let us Wake up and Dream!!!! and REVEL in small wonders.

~ Violet

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You just made me want to leave my desk and rush outside! So much beauty in special places and you always find it for us, Anita!

Catherine Robinson said...

I'm dancing with you Anita...beautiful as always...what a special person you are.
Happy Weekend! xx

Molly The Wally said...

Lovely as always Anita and so right. We should all make the most of nature's beauty whilst we are here to enjoy it and never take it for granted. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly
PS Needless to say the squirrels had us chuckling.

Mapi said...

Oh yes I will dance with you dearest Anita, the music is so beautiful, and so are you and this post !

Love and a big smile and hug

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Passionate, poignant and pulsating, Anita! Glorious post!!!! My absence at all of my top blogs has torn at me all week. Chemo is horrible; sly, direct and mean. I must nap now due to no energy but I am away from turning the corner and will be here for the next onslaught on May 16th (if my blood count is in the good range, that is. If not I have to wait a week) Anita, cancer is frightening and is so much an enigma but must be dealt with. I have heard of 3 women in as many months that knew they had a slow growing kind (as I) and they did NOTHING and perished within months of each other. I will survive but the fight is like me again all of the mean devils in the Vietnam War. Many hugs to you, many, many. ♥, Renae

Kelly said...

Dearest Anita, it is within your posts and the love of the beauty that you so eloquently portray that keep me a flutter<3
I am headed outside to water my thirsty potted garden as it brings me joy too and keeps me grounded as life sometimes isn't as pretty. I know its a mind set and so today, I thank you, for keeping me persevering. I hope you are well and feeling contented my friend! Enjoy your weekend! <3

Leslie said...

ANITA! Such a beautiful spring post! Yes, I AM opening my windows today and Seattle is finally experiencing some warm temperatures and sunshine. I fully expect my lilacs to bloom over the next few days (yipee!) Your photos are so beautiful and I love all the butterflies:):) Happy Friday! xxleslie

Anonymous said...

Gladly, my friend.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this exquisite and irresistible invitation.

PS-You had me at Snow White, my favorite fairy tale princess...the fairest of them all. You think the black hair might have something to do with it? teehee

Karena Albert said...

Anita you have just spurred me on to do something I have been thinking about for some time...we'll talk later, my muse!

The Arts by Karena

BRASWELL said...

would love to play with you + adored the post + have a wonderful weekend.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Ahhh...Anita...I can't think of anything I would rather do on a gorgeous Spring afternoon than go out and play with you!! I wish you lived closer and we could make it happen! Have a fabulous weekend, my dear! xoxo

Marijke said...

You are a wonderfull inspiration for all of us, thank you, I take a deep breath and take my first steps to dance with you!
groetjes van Marijke

Three Sheep Studio said...

So beautiful and dreamy.
A gentle reminder to dance and play before the song ends.

Seawashed Kerrie said...

I have been playing outside in the gardens. So much wonder to find amongst the buds and sprouting potager. The lemon tree so fragrant with its first baby lemons growing.

You have been in my prayers and are always in my thoughts. Psalm 27 the Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?" He encloses you with life eternal. xxo Kerrie

speedyrabbit said...

To play with you would be a wonderful day full of love and laughter,But today I am in the blues,don't know why,but this give a ray of sun and for that I thank you,Bless you sweet friend,xx Rachel

Kathy Zeitli. said...

What a heavenly post! You are so creative and talented~I have so enjoyed your blog! You have to be part Angel to be able to take us to such divine places inside ourselves~you transform my ordinary into beautiful expressions of the extraordinary! You manifest what it feels like to see beauty and love and excellence in every day activity!!!! Thank you, Anita, for sharing your vision!

Burlap Luxe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madelief said...

Abolutely beautiful Anita! It's dreamy, warm, loving, but realistic as well. You are right. We should enjoy the small things in life and appreciate each other more. If you can dance, do, If you can sing, do that too. Take it all in as much as possible and LOVE!

Sending a big hug from across the ocean.

Madelief x

Burlap Luxe said...

So beautiful Anita to see you come out to play. What a beautiful thought to write with butterflies flitting about this is how imagine you! Sitting writing, gathering your words into thoughts and writing freely like the butterflies who sit and flit about.
The webbed dressed lady with the cone on her head is like a cocooned self, birthing into this beautiful creature, a new life with beauty to this lady of wonderment you my dear?

Your distance in between posting is as if you were never gone, we hang onto your words soulfully until what's next.
Play my sweet dear friend, play about, dance, create, write and best know that we will join in.

Thinking about you, never far from thought and prayers.

Down by the sea said...

Dearest Anita, This is so delightful, the music so beautiful and the message so clear. Hope this week has been better for you. Sarah x

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Awww Anita,
Here I am working on my copy and poem for my post I will put up on Wednesday and here you are posting a most fairytale beautiful post. See I knew you wouldn't wait to do a post in a month. It's in your heart to capture the essence of your thoughts through photographs collected with love and your thoughtful encouraging words. Beautiful mon amie, beautiful and thought provoking. Welcome back to the journey that fills you with creativity.
I will return later to once again enjoy the magic you have posted.
Sending love and happy Saturday wishes.

Leslie Harris said...

Ah. Yes, I will revel in small wonders today.
Anita, you have no idea how much I needed this dose of spring happiness today...such beautiful images and music to transport me.
Happy Weekend my friend.

Heather Lindstrom said...

Pure, pure beauty Anita. I listen to the "breath of sunrise" each and everyday. I feel the fullness of spring is upon us. Cherish what we have for we never know with the blink of that eye. I love this reminder......
Happy weekend my darling friend!
xx, Heather

Robyn said...

I am so moved by the beauty you give to us, Anita, and also moved by the number of people you touch so deeply. My heart feels like it is about to burst with emotion as I picture each reader typing to you and sharing their experience with you. You are one of a kind, my friend, truly one of a kind! Love and hugs. xoxo

Red Rose Alley said...

I do love your posts every time I read them. Yes, spring has finally arrived. The earth is pregnant with possibilities hehe, I love that. You know your post today came at a perfect time. And I so believe it was a beautiful sign for me. Today, Nel's doggy passed away, and we are all very sad. Jesse was the best dog ever, but he was very old and couldn't walk too well. Nel is so upset, as her waltz with her doggy is over in the blink of a butterfly. I have tears writing this, but thank you for dancing with me, Anita, through all the good and bad times. I love your post today. It touched my heart very much.

love you,

francis said...

I wish I could use your language like you do .
But you know I learn a lot from you ....
Your blog always is so beautiful , so you .
Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine .

Lady of the Woods said...

ok ,lets play :D:D:D, where do you want to start? first we need to dress "properly" you know.....for me it will be a long tulle skirt and some sparkling jewels....a fan and lovely perfumes.....what is the theme? is it ballet? fairy? ball dances? midsummers night dreams? you name it. Do we need lots of balloons? what colors? ;D how about pink effervescent lemonade in crystal glasses? I'll call in Cirque du Soleil for some entertainment but I do believe we should have this event in the twilight good for you?

Susan said...

Your post, and the beautiful music, made my heart dance.........thank you~

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My heart is dancing.... Simply beautiful dear friend.

CraveCute said...

What a lovely post! I have this song in my play list, thanks to you! We actually had sun today! JOY!

Purple Flowers said...

You certainly are beautiful my dear Anita. There is no end to your creativity. Did I miss your birthday? If not, I am glad. If so, best wishes for a belated. You are wonderful.

Seawashed Kerrie said...

I have returned again to see your beauty on the big laptop instead of my iphone. lol Your words are like a song that continue to play in my thoughts...such beauty you give. My favorite image is of Kiera Knightly...she is one whom captures beauty on the screen isn't she. Love the expression on her face here and the way she is sitting. It captures how I often feel. Though I would be in a white dress. tee hee. I cannot help but think of how God sees us...He beholds us with such passion...He sees us as we truly are. love you, Kerrie

Sarah said...

Beautiful springtime poetry, dear Anita. It's lovely! I'm in the garden almost daily now with the musty smell of the earth and the perfume of the flowers. It's a beautiful dance! '-)

Jeanie said...

What glorious photos and music you share with us, Anita. I do wish the weather would send me out to play instead of inside to scowl! You are all too right that in a moment it will be over. It's nice to see you back.

Sylvia said...

Breathtaking! Every single photo of this collection enriches the poetry of your words... This is my favourite poem of yours!!! "... listen to the breath of sunrise..." My soul is dancing under the soothing and romantic sound of the piano and the cello. My heart is filled with gratitude for being able to experience such a spiritual awakening. Thank you, beautiful dance partner and Happy Birthday!

PlantPostings said...

Anita: You always pick the best music to go with the images and your words. Love the photo of the squirrels. And the people in the gardens. Another one of your beautiful, thought-provoking posts!

Bilancia Designs said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post.
The photographs, the music, the inspiration.
Only you can deliver...

Eliza Beth said...

A beautiful Springtime to you, dearest talented, creative, Joy-giving Anita!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! dear! Me! I missed your birthday! Oh! I do hope you had a lovely day! I remember thinking about you, but that was about as far as I got! Goodness!
So, now I will dance with you, a birthday dance of whimsy for you, with the beautiful Butterfly Waltz.
Time flies too swiftly! Like you said 'In the blink of a butterfly's eye'.
All of these images are stunning and right as rain.
lots of X's and O's

Simplement ... said...

La magie de ton blog est unique et m'enchante. C'est une petite musique qui joint tendresse, beauté et romantisme.
Je te souhaite un beau mois de mai chère Anita
Je t'embrasse tendrement

castellar rosa said...

je me regale encore avec ces belles images.
bon week end Anita

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

I would love to come and join you lovely Anita!...We have to enjoy the moment, don't we? ....Such a beautiful of my favourites....x
Happy Weekend!
Susan x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thank you Kathy! I don't see a blog for you, so I am coming here to thank you for such kind words. Enjoy your spring! Anita

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

If possible, your words and images have become more beautiful and evocative and seductive as time has gone by.
I'm so enriched, knowing I've found you again!

Victoria said...

So beautiful and breathtaking..always a poetic dream-journey visiting your realm! You are pure magic!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Victoria! I couldn't find a spot to leave you a comment, but thank you for coming by! Your photography is GORGEOUS! Anita

Rhonda said...

Stunning, I simply adore your posts so much. I feel reborn every time I visit. Aah, to be in an English garden, sigh. Love her whole outfit. The images you choose are amazing. Keep telling your stories, mon amie. We need you. xo Rhonda

Margaret Zareba said...

When I first saw your art I was touched. Yes, for some reason I was touched. I did not know what had happened. I watched it several times thinking ‘what has happened to me?’ and ‘why’? After while I realize that the reason I was touched was the set of symbols you had used. I see ‘butterfly, ‘window’, ‘dancing’, ‘eye’, and ‘music’ … Yes! They all together affected me.
If you look deeper they are telling me something about …YOU!
Butterfly symbolizes - changes of the soul, symbol of power to choose and … faith.
Window represent to ‘being open’ to the world around you, how you view or perceive people, events, and situations in your life and also to the ‘unknown’.
Dancing represents ‘coming together’, in harmony with nature (or your unconscious).
Eye represents a ‘window to the soul, moral conscience, honesty and truth’.

I think the reason that I was affected by your art was the combination of very powerful symbols.
Anita, I wish you a lot of sunshine and peace.
Enjoy your time.

Denise said...

Sweet, tender, oh so beautiful.You Anita are not only a gift to Your family,personal friends and students but You are also a gift to all Your blog readers.You must put these into a hands on book for Us to treasure. Thank You Dear Heart. Love to You-Denise

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

"en vue" of your pen, your waltz will never be over, my friend.

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Anita! I must get the Reindeer eyelashes, living in Maine and all. This post made me ooooh
and ahhhh. That flower bud is breathtaking, and the fox is so beautiful. Well Pick a winner it's Derby Day.
I pick that strong horse, named for Boston Strong.. wouldn't it be American for him to win..

La Contessa said...

So, I signed up for your blog months ago maybe over a year now and today was the first day it appeared!WHAT A GIFT!I adore every photo you picked.......that dress, those animals,the green shoes..................your esthetic is PERFECTO!
So, here I am now!I will be commenting away!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Happy Saturday Anita,
Today is a day to play! Beautiful skies and a high of 72 today, yes time to enjoy and get out to play. Thanks for visiting Philly today, I always love to see you leave behind your sweet message and thoughts. Loving all the beautiful imagery with your poetic words in this post. Yes it is indeed time to play.

Lady of the Woods said...

Ha indeed! 2 White Pegasus ordered and on the way! Yes, white is perrfeccttttt.......I will love the glow of it all in the moonlight especially when we lasso that moon down to be closer to us! :D......oh the candelabras are also perrrfectttt......and I see lots and lots of them.....we shall all carry one through the woods to the Midnight White Ball after Twilight has passed and we have changed into more luxurious Festivity wear. Cirque has requested to be part of the Festivities after their performances, is that ok with you? I have also called in for the Golden Fairy Princes who are the most magical, graceful and elegant dancing partners! their magic is that they do not tire and neither do we as we dance with them and time ceases to pass so we can dance for as long as we like! :D:D:D anything else my dearest? oh by the way, I have that exact green Renaissance dress pictured in the youtube....seriously, I do LOLOL !

Troebadoer said...

Chère Anita,

Je suis heureuse de constater que la musique de Brian Crain vous plaît.
Votre dernier message est ravissant : comme une fille du ciel, vous dansez
entre les nuages d'un monde de rêve magique...
J'espère que c'est la preuve que votre santé va mieux.

I name you : daffodils at night across which the wind whispers towards me...

Il y a des roses
qui fleurissent
dans le jardin
de tes pensées...

Des fleurs de nuit
dans la vallée
de tes rêves...

Enclos dans ton coeur
ils s'envolent
tes cignes de neige...
des arabesques gracieuces
dans l'azur infini...
leur auréole respire
de la beauté éternelle...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Troebadoer,

Tout ce que vous partagez avec moi est semé de magie; c'est vous qui avez écrit ce grand poème? Que puis-je dire? Je suis vraiment émue, veritablement contente d'avoir une fée comme vous, qui vient me bénir des paroles si riches d'inspiration. Et oui, la music de Brian Crain...QUEL TRÉSOR! MERCI MILLE FOIS!!!!! Anita

Lady of the Woods said...

what loveliness we have here, such beautiful poems in the heart! { My gracious thanks to Troubader for the music as I enjoy it as I write now!}
My dearest Anita, the wise Pegasus have foreseen my error and have in fact informed me that I will be needing not just 2, nor 3 but an entire dozen plus one of their Noble Steeds! So our Dear Irina has not been left nor but nor will our mysterious others lol. I have been very grateful to them for their foresight and correction, so we will be quite lovingly accompanied by our beloved Air Riders. And as for the tea, I happen to be working on a beautiful alchemical brew of my own making, which will include the incomparable Orange Blossoms, White Jasmine, Rose Petals and other wonderful herbs, some from my very own Gardens. The perfect confections are being thought out as well, to perfectly compliment our White Fairy Ball Tisane.
Your "paper horse" is not only beautiful, magical and enchanting, it speaks of Fairy Tales to come! I adore it!! what is its name? and the blue moon glow on the white vinca is it?? are spellbinding! I know what they are as I have plucked the fallen blossoms off of my own white vinca this morning to float in water in my silver bowl on the table with a candle in it.....:D:D:D
Preparations are being made and I anticipate enraptured for our appointed day!

deb famularo said...

Bonjour mon amie, and bon anniversaire (a wee bit late!) I hope your birthday was as magical as your blog posts! It was so good to catch up with you today. My blog, as you know, is a ghost town as of late! But you are always my first stop when I make my presence known every now and again!! Much love

Troebadoer said...

Chère Anita,

Un grand merci pour votre réaction positive.
Je visite des blogs depuis dix ans et guand je réagis (pas souvent) j'essaye d'offrir quelgue chose de spécial.
Ni le français, ni l'anglais sont ma langue maternelle, c'est le néerlandais.
Mes poèmes sont donc des traductions de l'original dans cette langue.

Let me dive into the waves of your beautiful mind.

therelishedroost said...

Just what I needed to see on a bitter sweet day .. my niece made her communion which was lovely but a dear friend passed away from Cancer today and I have been in a bit of a fog, yet I can count on your wonderful poetry to put a smile on my face. Thank you, K

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Troebadoer!

C'est impressionant comme vous écrivez si bien en français et en anglais! Alors, vous ête néerlandaise! J'ai des amies bloggeuses néerlandaises qui sont incroyable; leur amitié m'est très important. Et vous visitez les blogs depuis dix ans! Merci encore de vos cadeaux parfaits de musique...j'adore chaque chanson que vous laissez ici! Je t'embrasse...Anita

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

I too will dance with you - such a beautiful post you have shared as usual.
My windows are open wide and I can hear birds tweeting happily.
Do hope that you are enjoying the weekend and that all is good with you.
Sending hugs

SizzleandZoom said...

Sometimes your words are so moving and thought provoking that I remember them long after your images(as beautiful as they are) have faded. You really touched my heart today.

Rhissanna said...

Anita, your posts always make me want and yearn for blissful, ephemeral things. There's a word for it, that feeling. Saudade in portuguese. Hiraeth, in Welsh. Nostalgia hints at it. It's wonderful and why I come back, again and again, to view your pages.

Maria said...

~ I am dancing the' waltz of life' with you, lovely Anitta...From far ~ far away,... We connect with other like minded souls on a journey together on here......This post is sooo very beautiful...and breath taking...
I Thank you for this and for being the kindest of kind friends on here..
I am off to show your post to my daughter, she like me will find it enchanting and hauntingly beautiful..
.Wishing your day to be as lovely as you are....
With hugs Maria x

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for the comment, Wicked Strong came in 4th, tooooo bad.

Denise said...

Back again just to let You know I have said a prayer this early morning for what You mentioned to Me.Love Denise

Luisa María Benito said...

God bless YOU ANITA!!!
You are always my energic inspiration !
Lots love


Bonnie said...

Your writing takes my breath away! So poignant, Hugs! Bonnie

It's me said...

Anita !!!! finally here i am...i try and try to coment with my ipad but it do not old computer can comment you !! enjoy the new week love !

Chatelaine said...

Well I certainly did not want that butterfly waltz music to end. I think I shall just let it play over and over all afternoon. We only had a bit of sunshine this weekend so coming out to play was more like a brief encounter. Everything is sprouting and getting so flowery and green. I love this time of year, to be outside before it gets too hot and humid and I retreat back indoors. So many beautiful images on this post I can't even pick a favorite. Have a lovely week!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Butterfly waltz................Oh,Anita!!!
Admire and enjoy your post so much:)))*
Yes,the Nature is now in awakening and these is SO enormously excited and beautiful!

Hugs to you,

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment on my "Jesse" post. It means so much to me and Nel. She is heartbroken, and having friends like you to be there during this time of sorrow makes the hurt a little less.

I love these butterfly eyelashes, and those squirrels are hilarious hehehe.


Willow said...

It is amazing how deeply your post invoke passion
in my heart and soul ~ and I say that with all sincerity.
Simply beautiful.

Art and Sand said...

I am so far behind in reading blogs - April was a month of multiple volunteering projects and a short vacation. I am so glad I read this beautiful post just now in the quiet of the garden while I am home with just Lulu and the birds singing to me.

Your way with words . . . your ability to find the perfect photograph . . . your choice of music . . . you are a true artiste.

wanda miller said...

Oh how i look forward to your postings sweet friend! you are so doggone special. and YES we shall dance! xo

nélinha said...

c'est bon de sortir et de jouer en ta compagnie, parcourir les champs s'émerveiller devant la volupté des papillons et de contempler le réveille de la nature qui nous offre toujours un spectacle surprenant...Surprenant et attendrissant comme ton doux billet ma chère Anita..
Je te fais de gros bisous et te dis à bientôt

La Petite Gallery said...

Hi Anita, The Ski slopes closed today in Maine. Renee put her ski's away last week.
I had her look at your blog before she got dressed for work. She has a bad knee and
the Doctor took her off Ibuprofen and put her on Tylenol, it's not helping.
She was told a new Knee would help.That's a rough operation.I am not looking
forward to that.
Well, got some yard work waiting, at last some Sun.
Enjoy the Day. yvonne

miss b said...

I was delighted to see that you had a new post and what a charming post it is with these beautiful images, soothing soundtrack and poignant message. I can just imagine writing at the lovely desk in the loft space.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, look, now it works! And i can see the pix i couldn't see before! LOVE the animal ones - priceless! And YOU CAME! Of course you may use the post in your article - as you please! LOVE for a happy day!

Vintage Home said...

oh my such wonderful images...those sweet animals!
We are back in deep rain this weekend and a few days this week.
But sun is on its way again!

Debbie Nolan said...

Just fabulous - the music, the pictures and the story...thank you so for posting such a beautiful post. Hope you are feeling better. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I really need to come and out and play after packing for weeks! Thank you for the splendid interlude!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

The words you left me warmed my heart.. Thank you dear friend. So happy you enjoyed viewing my little chick!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your comments always make my heart sing. Did anyone ever tell you that you are such a smart lady? I'm sure they have, but I have to tell you myself.

I love that picture of the eye on your Header. I am wondering, is that a ring? It reminds me of my eyes right now because you know how itchy and irritated they have been from allergy season.

A happy week to you, dear one.


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

You have such demure, artistic images and then those dang wrestling/supportive squirrels are tossed into the mix. puzzle. enigma. confusion. lol

Oh Anita! I love you and your supportive heart on my behalf. I need your heart. I am grateful you lend it to me, to me so freely for my to hold and keep and hold on, too. oh. love you. oh. ♥, Renae

Jeri Landers said...

I shall do all of the above, in earnest, Love that song!

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

I am so late in coming to see this post. I haven't been doing much blogging lately, but since I did a post today, I thought I'd stop by and say hi! This post is such a good is so precious and short and each day we need to enjoy it! In the blink of an eye...

Love you! How are you feeling? Any news?


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello beautiful Anita!!!!
I love the images in this post from the ball gowns to those shoes!!!!!
How was your weekend? It's VERY hot here suddenly- 87 degrees today which is way above the norm!!!!
Our lab mix, Isabelle, collapsed in our back yard Friday morning. It looks like she has injured her knee. She will be 13 years old this September. She's 70 pounds so it's very difficult lifting her to go outside. Never a dull moment!!!!
She is doing very well otherwise a d is eating normally, is alert, and has complete control over going to the bathroom so those are all good things.
Hopefully her knee will heal quickly!!!!
Have you been shopping at all? I have found some cool vintage items and bought some Vans slip on sneakers with lited edition album art from a Beatles album!!!!! I thought they were so fun & cool!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!
Love & Hugs,

Cathy said...

I never really have the right words to say about your posts! They would pale by comparison to what your Blog speaks to me......that is why I've not commented before the last post. I always leave with a lump in my throat, so these few words will have to suffice.....I love your beautiful words and images.

Linda P said...

Dear Anita, yet another beautiful posts, full of inspiration and creativity. My windows have been open and we are enjoying our gardens and warm weather. We did however have a thunderstorm last night, while having our dinner party. It cleans the dust off and any remaining pollen. You touch so many loves with your beautiful words and gorgeous images. It is all composed beautifully. Have a blessed week. xo

Anonymous said...

101 that's me!
Has Spring arrived?
Glad you got the new link!
This is so crazy, guess some people
don't have much to do, but bother
others! Happy Tuesday Wishes!

Rhissanna said...

102! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, Anita. You're always so kind, so supportive and so encouraging and it's a real pleasure to read what you write. As for your question; yes I do make fabric dolls! I love bring people's visions to life and giving them clothes and names.

wanda miller said...

...MERCI BEAUCOUP...and YOU inspire me each and every day as well...

Jade said...

Oh, Anita, I have to thank you sooooooooooo much, for this post so full of magic, beauty and love! You always open our eyes to see the heaven on earth! It is such a gift for me to come out and play with you, my dear friend! Have a wonderful week,

with love and hugs, Jade

Seawashed Kerrie said...

Anita...I saw your comment on Bluebird Notes and had to run over and tell you how happy I am that you got good news about your MRI. I have been praying and believing for you! xxxoo Kerrie

Christel said...

Dearest Anita, a beautiful post, as always, thought provoking, and eloquent. The osent of spring renews us in so many ways.a time to rejoice in all of natures beauty. I am inspired to create, and a visit to your beautiful blog, always heightens my senses Thank you for another inspiring, and beautiful morning! Much love, Christel.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love you, my dear. How are you feeling? I've been thinking of you all this week hoping you're doing well. My eyes are a bit better but still itching and irritated some.

Have a beautiful day.


Cynthia said...

This is so beautiful. The words. . .I wish I could share this with my loved ones. . .this has touched me so deeply. Thank you for giving me this uplifting moment in my day. Truly what I needed.

Marielle Jeandreau said...

Magique et magnifique, les images, les mots et la musique ! Banche Neige est le premier film que j'ai vu au cinéma, j'avais 7 ans... merci pour ce retour en arrière nostalgique mais très doux. Bisous

CIELO said...

Beautiful... yet so sad.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Marielle,

Il est dommage que vous n'ayez pas de blog! Je voudrais vous remercier d'être venue me laisser un commentaire. J'adore la Blance Neige et les retours en arrière...à notre enfance.

Mille mercis et bisous! Anita

Kim Poovey said...

A moment of peace and loveliness:).



Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Aw, Anita! Thanks for the compliments! Since I have been diagnosed I can't wear leggings or skinnies any more, they ruin my circulations and cause swelling. So until {like the next year} I am into the baggy boyfriends style that have more leg roominess. I loved your attitude about 'workin it'. You are such a delight! Had you seen or did you know that my blog buddy "Chatty Crone" now also has breast cancer? yes. She followed my strong suggestions of getting a regular mammo and she and her daughter were both together and they were told had lumps. oh the heart ache, daughter's were benign but Sandie's one lump is malignant. You can see her post here " ". Cancer is a beast! We can be cured! We Can! We just have to fight it when we know it. If we don't know it. How can we fight it? I love you Anita! You are such a bright path in my daily pursuits. Thank you for your dear friendship! ♥, Renae

Madelief said...

Dearest Anita,

Just popping over to say hello and to ask how you are? Hope you are feeling better?! Blowing a kiss all the way from Holland,

Madelief x

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

How funny was that... I just emailed you to let you know I posted and you had come by while I was emailing..
Did they dry beautiful or what! The scent more or less goes away after they dry, but I purchased some rose oil.. I put a few drop on and it is like the garden.. .
Thank you so much for visiting dear friend
love, Penny

Palomasea said...

I cannot...absolutely cannot come up with the words to convey how this post makes me feel. The music alone is enough to bring forth a sea of emotions. Beautifully, beautifully written, dearest Anita.
Yes...let us Carpe Diem, my dear friend...let us play, dance...feel, love...jump, create...
Those wee animals...those silly squirrels!!! :) And Snow White peeking through the darling...
I have been away from this joyful place way too long.
Love you, chere amie....Brava.... :)

Kathy Zeitli. said...

Anita, I don't have a blog, but I am seriously thinking about writing one. You and others have been such an inspiration~I'm simply amazed by the creativity and the connections between the women who write, read and enjoy these lovely moments!
I have always had good friends, but this has opened up another world for me. Also "wonder" does exist in a world that has seemed too busy to be considered wonderful! Can't wait for your next post!!! Kathy

La Petite Gallery said...

Just had to send this, been singing it all morning I think you will love it

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Thank you for your sweet comment regarding your Mother's love. Awh~
My hair is so due to fall out on Mother's Day {day 16 of the 21 day cycle of my chemo schedule}. My Mom was is such fear of going bald all her days. {she never did, she had mountains of hair when she died} I have never ever worried about going bald. I have had the best head of hair in my family. My Dad didn't bald nor my sweet brother. So I think it so ironic that my hair will be all vanished on Mother's Day. You know Anita, I am absolutely fine with it. It will grow back. I won't have to shave my legs for months and my eyelashes and brows will only thin. I am considering the bald and my 'badge of courage' that in dealing with this damnable disease and to show it who is BOSS! ME! I love you dear friend! When you called me that fateful day and shared your heart immediately, I knew I would have the courage to be bald when the time came with an excellent friend as you right by my side. {lil beads of tears in my eyes right now} ♥, Renae

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You just made my day! Bebe is waiting with her Sax over on my blog... I have just returned from Nowhere... Hilarious!!!!!

Barbara Fisher said...

Dear Anita, your sweet words always brighten my day, thank you for visiting. xx

Magia da Inês said...

Que post lindo!!!

Beijinhos carinhosos.
✿✿⊱.Brasil°º。✿° ·.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

How lovely Anita.
The blinking eye with the butterfly on the lashes, is fantastic.
No I did not fall off the edge of the planet. I've been just hanging on
with the help of Sherry. I thank God for her every day.
I'm wishing you a most wonderful Mother's Day,
And May God Bless,
XXOO Marie Antoinette

Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

So happy to hear you are feeling better! It must have been a relieve for you to hear there is nothing seriously wrong. I enjoyed hearing about the arrival of spring in your part of the US too and about you working in the garden and taking photographs. I hope you will show them on your blog Anita.

What I wanted to say Anita. You are always welcome at my tea, lunch or dinner table!! You don't need to win my giveaway :-)

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Much love,

Madelief x

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Bonjour ma belle!

Thank you for your visit and the sweet Mothers Day wishes! You are so wonderful to stop by and leave us such kind words. We are doing good here on Golden Pond and enjoying our grand Sweetie Girls this weekend. A joyful time! I pray you & Ruben are doing good these great spring days! Much love & many blessings, Edie Marie

Tammie Lee said...

i have completely enjoyed my visit
the music was so lovely with your images and words
i am not enchanted
lovely Sunday to you ~

Anonymous said...

Hi, harrowing experience...with my blog
but I think its all make sure
you update my link and have a glorious
monday!!! xoxo Eden

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a fanciful visit! The images are just amazing. So nice of you to stop by my place and leave a good word!

The enchanted home said...

How did I miss this! So beautiful as always....the music, your words, the pictures...all magical! I am sooo happy you are OK! You must be so relieved. Always a treat to visit you:)

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh so you are a minimalist in your attire, are you? Isn't that interesting how we have certain things that are certain ways and others ways that aren't. At a previous 8-5 office job, there was this man that was in charge of managing the fleet (large trucks of steel) and he was the most "decorated male" I had ever known. He had long (to his waist) blonde hair that he wore in a long pony tail that had an elastic about every 4 inches. He always wore a hat that was loud and colorful, french hook earrings and rings on 3 of his 4 fingers on each hand, cowboy boots and large metal belt buckle and tatts on his arms (flames of red & yellow, no less). He was so interesting to talk with also, nicest guy. But very decorated. I always felt very under-dressed next to him and I wear jewelry and scarves and I am a decorated female, but next to that guy I was a 'plain Jane'. lol

Have a fabulous day sweet Anita! ♥, Renae

Heather Lindstrom said...

Anita dear, As always, thank you for you kind visit to Stylemindchic Life. Just wanted to share a special virtual hug on just after Mother's day. I do understand the loss of a parent (my dad) and these holidays can be so bittersweet. Thoughts with you and hoping you are feeling much better by now on these spring days girlfriend.
Hugs-xx, Heather

Red Rose Alley said...

I just came home from a three-day trip to So Cal, and I'm so tired, but I wanted to tell you how much I loved your comment. You have always been there for me too, my precious friend. The girls made mother's day very special for me and we went to so many different places and had a fun time. But it's always good to be home.

Have a wonderful week, Anita. Those squirrels make me laugh every time hehehe.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I know right. how dumb, I mean really.
Not to mention they messed big time with U.S.
copyright laws...its all so ridiculous,
but change is good....and I am positive
these new changes will be a good
thing for all my ArtfulFairyTales!
I am so glad we are pals!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello dearest Anita!!!!!!
How are you? How was your weekend? Isabelle's leg is definitely injured but she shows improvement daily which is great. It will be a slow recovery because it's her back left leg/knee..... She struggles to climb stairs and I can't lift her. My husband can but he's at work during the day so I try & help her as best I can.
She's been such a strong and great dog through this whole injury ordeal.
It rained here this evening bringing the temperature back to 65 degrees which will be the high tomorrow!!!! That's it and we've had 85 plus temps here for over a week so that is a drastic change!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!
Sending love & hugs to you,

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

Ohhhh you are so sweet! I loved reading your comment this morning. Thank you for your kind words! And when you were talking about the photograph with your students I totally felt that statement from that lady to ring true. Those were your boys. You have and will be more of a mother to some of those kids than their own flesh and blood. You are a gem and have such a tender heart.

I know my mom and you have corresponded. Yay! I'm happy about that.

Well...I hope that your week goes well. Are you

hi-d said...

Oops...I hit publish before I was ready...haha! I was going to ask if you are almost fine with the school year?

Take care my friend!


hi-d said...

"Done" not "fine" I meant. I'm having issues with my iPhone tonight. Yep...blame it on the phone and the small key pad. Ha...

Maryanne The Garden said...

As always, I am totally delighted to visit your post. What a wonderful way to escape to a fantasy world in the middle of the day

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hello dear friend,
Your words left for Andre have warmed my heart... Thank you so much!
Love and blessings,

Pura Vida said...

the best is yet to come!

Vintage Jane said...

Your words always resonate, uplift and encourage. You truly are one of life's beautiful people. M x

Rebecca R. Dyer said...

Beautiful, Anita!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for your sweet comment on my bulldog - so glad you like Winston;) Am just having a good friend over for 3 days who's been in hospital for a long time and therefore a bit absorbed at the moment - more soon! Hope you have a splendid day and evening, sending you - a rose from my garden!

Ivy Clad said...

Ah! So beautiful, Anita. Life feels brand new again; does it not?! And so refreshing. Your poetry does it justice.

It was so nice to see you the other day! This winter has been crazy. Surveying its damage is always part of spring, but it's so heartening to see all the new life too.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello Rebecca! Thank you for visiting!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Castles Crowns and Cottages" has been included in Sites To See #370. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

Jade said...

Oh yes, that would be so lovely, my dear Anita........a photo session with your beautiful dresses......I looooooove your style!!! Thank you so much for visiting me in my own Champs-Elysées :-) and have a wonderful weekend,

with love and hugs, Jade

VM Creation Atelier said...

Since I found you blog,Anita and a little bit earlier I knew,that the Happiness exists in a very small things......:)))
Just coming by to say hello and wishing you beautiful weekend,dear friend!

Hugs from here.....

vicki archer said...

Beautiful always...
Your musings are such a joy to read and absorb... xv

Incipient Wings said...

I'm beginning to realize that you are not of this realm ;)
Your ethereal images paired with your magical words always begins a beautiful journey of inspiration and enlightenment .
Thank you Anita!

Red Rose Alley said...

ANITA, THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! It means so much to me, and I had a special day spending time with the ones I love, and that means YOU. It was the best gift of all.

Have a relaxing weekend. You deserve all the goodness that life brings your way.


Kirk Dale said...

Dear Anita,
What a lovely post to read as I re-enter the blog world. The images are wonderful. I do like the one with the butterflies on the writing paper. We have opened our doors and windows today as well, to allow the welcome, wonderful Spring breezes to waft in and around us. The sun has got a little bit of its warmth back too - always a good thing.
Bye for now,

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

hi sweet Anita!

Just wanted to drop by and say a quick hi! I miss you. I hope all is wonderfully well with you. I had my chemo #2 yesterday and the day was horribly exhausting but today has been really nice. My wonderful Dr. Buys decided my anti-nausea meds were too strong and she took one away and I have been so much better off this day. yay! Be sure and peak and my Friday post (yesterday) and Monday post, okay? I think you'll get a kick out of them. Stay strong and true my friend! I sure adore you!

♥, Renae

wanda miller said...

how i absolutely LOVE finding your messages positive and you are just the sweetest on earth! will you e mail me your address email so that i can thank you now and then instead of leaving another messg. with the hundreds you have here;0 although i guess you must have a good way that signals you when a messg. does arrive because you NEVER fail to answer. thank you sweets and hope you had a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita!!!!
How are you my friend? I just posted my latest blog post up continuing my Stars Wars/fashion theme for May. Who knew Chewbacca & Yoda could sport Chanel like a couple of pros?
Our dog Isabelle is still struggling. The vet is trying to determine if her injury is due to neurological reasons or she just injured her leg on her own. We are debating putting her through the intensive tests like an MRI because if it shows she needs an intensive surgery- at her age would be risky. She's a 13 year old 70 pound dog. So we're hoping she just injured her leg and it will heal. She is hanging in there and hasn't lost her appetite at all!!!! We do have her on a diet because she needed to lose about 5-10 pounds which we hope will help with her leg....
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!!
It was cool here- upper 50's-60 degrees!!!!!
Love & Hugs,

Teacup Mosaics said...

Hello Lovely Anita,
Such a joy to see your comment on my very neglected blog. I always love to visit your peaceful blog which feels like being invited into your home. I am looking forward to returning with new found creative energy. I have had health problems for the last 18 months but I am finally healing and getting back to feeling like me! Thanks again for all the beauty you bring to the blog world. Hugs, Kelley

The French Hutch said...

Dear Anita, I would love to come out to play, the beautiful world is waiting. I’ve been making my world a little prettier working with my old rusty pots and some bright new shiny ones. Pretty flowers to go on the veranda. You always make me feel so happy, your blog does that, so beautiful and the music is spot on. Every moment in every day, we are blessed! Yes, in the blink of the butterfly’s eye! Thank you for such a beautiful post.................

June said...

Thank you dear Anita, for always lifting me and making me feel things that bring joy to my heart. This post of beauty is surely a treasure to all who view it. Thank you for being you my dear!!!!!!!! The music was amazing and your words like a dream.
much love...

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Ok, I LOVE those geese chatting it up on a cold morning, creating steam between them! And as always, your message. My goal is to remember every day to be thankful for the life I have, the health, the beauty around me and to bless each moment. It can all go so fast.

Arlynda Lea Beuterbaugh said...

Oh, so very talented-this took my breath away. Thanks

marielle said...

Hello Anita, je suis Marielle du blog En dilettante. Mon ordinateur était en panne et j'ai signé sous mon nom en fait.
Bonne journée et des bisous

Martina said...

Hello sweet friend, just a quick hello to wish you a happy wednesday! Had a weekend full of visitors and it was fun, but now, lots of work ahead ;) off to get to my desk - more soon! xox

Anonymous said...

Anita, my friend, thank you for stopping by the table. Always a pleasure seeing your name pop up.
I know I've shared this with you before, love, but I can read one of your post 100 times, and each time it whispers something new to my heart. Creative writing or inspired revelation, call it what you will, it is alive and so very edifying.

fus said...

Levantas el corazòn y los sentidos con tu entrada. Enhorabuena

un abrazo


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you so much for coming over to say goodbye to Andre...
Such beautiful words and images here... And I just adore the photo of the bear cub!

Christel said...

Hello sweet friend, I needed a dose of AHHH, and so here I am at your door, always inspired, refreshed, and excited to be here. Although I have already commented on this post, I wanted to come read your words. You have a special way of making ones world better through your writing. Hope all is wonderful with you and Ruben! xoxo Much love, your friend, Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh you sweet thing you! Thank you so much for coming over to the Ballet.... Your words warm my heart!!

Red Rose Alley said...


Catherine Robinson said...

Thank you for dropping by today, always write the kindest words, thank you. xx

Catherine Robinson said...

Me again...try this link to Leslie's blog, Anita...

The enchanted home said... first comment got eaten up! I don't know how I missed this one, such a goodie! I am your friend and here I am, your words coupled with the beautiful images never fail to stir something inside of is really wondrous how you can do that! Though I could not get the music to work, it didn't matter because the melody of your words was the most beautiful music of all:)

castellar rosa said...

coucou Anita, superbes images encore, je ne sais pas quelle choisir car je les adore toutes sans exception, je me regale toujours avec ton joli blog.
bon dimanche

La Petite Gallery said...

Had to pop over and thank you on the squirrel comment.
They are a real pain.Where do you get these beautiful images? yvonne

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for the comment. I just love her too. At last some help with the yard. I get shorter every year. yvonne

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh yes let's do it, dance......dig.....everything......Oh those squirrels are just too cute Anita.....look how he holds here up!!! Just beautiful....sending Love across the miles....Dzintra xo

Erik said...

PS-You had me at Snow White, my favorite fairy tale princess...