Saturday, November 21, 2020





you've been backstage for a performance




you will never know 


what goes into the staging




a person's story.


As the curtain of 2020 has risen

we have seen 
resilience, collaboration, innovation
as well as
defeat, division and personal loss.
You can be in line at the gas pump
or in the parking lot of a home improvement store
and a complete stranger will have no problem
insulting you
lashing out - even threatening you
breaking down in front of you.  

You never know what has gone on

B A C K S T A G E 

a performance as such.

That is why I've changed course.
From the political scene to the pandemic
I observe from my theatre seat
and I wonder and I weep
but all it took was for
one man

in his mid-70s
standing in front of me in line 
buying bottled water

to rant 
about the closure of his business
to question my use of a mask and goggles

and then to

I read his script.
 And the uncanny thing about it is

was my script.
The muffled words sucking in and puffing out 
from behind his mask,
"I'm so sorry but it's been so hard. I'm losing everything. I deeply apologize" 

were like a tinnitus in my ears

that resonated his pain with mine.
His admission ticket of humility 
wasn't for a seat for the final act

for entrance into the darkness 
the corridors 
our humanity.




Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Thoughtful post, puts the pandemic is a way that is more comfortable to cope with. Thank you.
And I now want a dress with layered tulle skirt.

Stacy said...

Some days it's just all too much, the stories of despair, pain and loss and amidst that, stories of hope and love. I'm trying to see the good through it all and hoping for better days to come for all of us.

Red Rose Alley said...

Anita, this must have been a heartfelt moment for you. It sounds like he needed to talk and just be comforted right then, having lost everything, and who better to be in back of him than a beautiful soul who is understanding and caring? This has been a difficult time for so many. Your little stage is so quaint, I love it. There really is something magical about it. Yes, people are lashing out these days, and I've experienced it firsthand with my own neighbor. But you always bounce back, forgive, and remain in hope and love. And now, I want to share with you something that Jess gave me years ago. I feel these words are meant for you and they may be comforting to hear. (sending it through e-mail).


mary tindukasiri said...

Hi Anita, I needed to hear this. I silently rant and rave at those who cross my path at the gas station or any other small "run in/run out" store who have the arrogance of not bothering to wear a mask, to care for their neighbor or fellow shopper. Their emboldened sense of entitlement makes me angry. But the truth is that I do not know their back stage have reminded me to view all with compassion. Thank you. xoxo Mary

Junkchiccottage said...

This is so true. 2020 has been a performance for all of us to see what we can sustain and function with in our world. We have all learned coping skills and patience. Many of us have seen the worst of humanity and many of us have seen the best of humanity. Everything in life is a lesson and we are it's students. Let's hope the majority of us have learned tolerance and love and acceptance. Very beautiful post Anita.
xoxo Kris

Corina said...

Thank you xx Your words resonate with me.
The raw truth and superficial layers are peeled back and brings us back to real connection and humanity. It's the voice of fear that speaks through those actions. Only those who've been there can see and feel it.
You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing. Much love Corina

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This post touched my heart. We don't know what others are going through. We just hear or see snippets and sometimes it can feel so overwhelming. My heart aches, tears fall and I pray. Thanks for sharing this, a reminder how we all need to be kind. We may not have not walked in the other person's shoes and even if we have or are, we can all show empathy, give comfort and kindness when and where we can. ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...
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Deanna Rabe said...

Yes, thank you for sharing....

La Contessa said...

BEAUTIFULLY SAID as usual and the MUSIC!!
How kind of YOU to share your story with us..............XX

Carla from The River said...

Well said.. thank you for sharing. And very true. I know several like the 70 year old man.
xx oo

Jeanie said...

This is such an incredibly powerful post, Anita, and I am grateful you shared it. I also am grateful that this man, who had lost so much, had the good fortune to be in your line -- to have found someone who listened, who was compassionate, who reached out. You're right -- we don't always know the backstory.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I miss you.

It's me said...

Anita !!? are so special for me....beautiful words you write ...we live in a strange world...hope everything will going better soon....almost And with who? strange....please stay positive and health....I also try this you my friend 🍀💕🍀💕🙏💕🍀💕🍀warm hugs from me and Leaf...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful soul who sees through the eyes of source and can spread the light.
Love you sweet friend.

The Liberty Belle said...

Very good post.

Christianne said...

Thankyou, dear one, for reminding me in a kindly way that when I'm tempted to get angry about the inconveniences as well as the rudeness of others that there are people experiencing loss equal to or greater than my own and in contemplating that, that I could be a comforting arm rather than a self-centered, spiky barb.

Red Rose Alley said...

I wanted to stop by on this Christmas Eve and wish my wonderful friend the Merriest Christmas. Thank you for being such a good friend to me.....through e-mail and also with your visits and comments. I have loved our chats. May peace and joy be with you in the coming year, Anita.


jacky sinha said...
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jacky sinha said...
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jacky sinha said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Sometimes just listening with compassion can bring comfort to another.

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