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Monday, May 25, 2009

Head Hunter

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I'm hunting for crowned heads...doll heads that is! My extensive collection of crowns and tiaras has been hidden away in cabinets, with some small crowns sitting atop the heads of stuffed animals and larger ones used as candle holders or vases. It is high time however, to give some of these frivolous ornamentations a resting place of honor. I have an eclectic taste for royalty; Marie Antoinette's opulence for example, has a special, private place in my decorating passion. I reserve her style for my work and resting space upstairs in our loft bedroom where I alone can sit and revel in the dream of ultra feminine swaths of textured fabrics, over-the-top jewels and satiny ribboned shoes.

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Another favorite royal of mine that has influenced the rest of my decorating sensibilities is the great Eleanor of Aquitaine. The period in which she lived expressed a burnished gold hue that speaks of a chilling antiquity. I have chosen to dedicate the rest of my home decorating to this style and although most of the images we have of her are of cold stone sarcophagus, numerous artists' renditions of the controversial queen suggest otherwise.

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While I was on my wild head hunt, I came across two antique distressed replicas of wooden heads. They were perfect in that their dead stares are exactly what I was looking for to suggest the vintage appeal.

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The embellishments began with Marie when I stumbled across a shop in Minneapolis that was quite unusual; The Fiber Shop carries multitudes of yarn, both organic and synthetic and varieties of sheep and lamb's wool. I came across some curly wool that resembles the powdered wigs of Marie's era. I bought a small bag and frizzled a small mound leaving the natural curly locks intact for her curls, then I hot glued the wig in its place.

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Then there was Eleanor; I preferred to keep her as stoic and basic as many an ancient sarcophagus depict her with just a crown and veil. I used a small French santos vintage crown.

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I love to embellish. The texture of Marie's wig is especially satisfying and the vintage santos crown fits Eleanor to a tee!

BUT ENOUGH OF THIS FRIVOLITY! I would like to give the Castles Crowns and Cottages ROYAL TREATMENT QUEEN FOR A WEEK to four lovely ladies worthy of a crown:

Barb from French Elements for awarding me with the "Queen of all things" award
KeKe from In My Sepia Studio for tagging me and adding me to her list of "six things that make her happy"!
Amy from Such a Wonderous Place this Fairy Space for writing me the most beautiful poem featured below
Grace from The Beautiful Necessity for sharing the vision of tea, cozy cottages and Waterhouse.

I dub thee all Queens for a week! You are beautiful.

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By Amy:

Yes, I shall flutter on the pink breeze of morning, to a world of Castles, Crowns, and Cottages. A fair Lady friend waits to greet. She is remarkable, a gift, and oh, so sweet.

No, I want to walk, said the Princess. If I go this way, then, I shall merrily walk, so that it is I can say,

"I breathed in with every step, the dew, and the light, I am going to a friend's castle in the pink calm, the gorgeous pink calm, after the night."

Merci à vous tous! Anita