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Monday, June 8, 2009

Show Me Your Crown

It's all gone to my head; I was homecoming queen my senior year in high school and I got to wear my first crown. I have been intrigued ever since and now have a collection of diadems that I am excited to display today as part of the "Show Me Your Crown" event hosted by Andrea at Do make the rounds and see what other queens and ladies in waiting have to show; it all just might go to your head as well! Please click on all photos to enlarge.

I will start with a collection that I have obtained from some of my favorite shops

and from local friends as well as blogger pals.

As much as I love the burnished tone of gold and bronze, the glitter of tiaras is captivating in the evening with just the right amount of low light. Photos just don't do these sparklers justice.

I have large crowns destined for big projects

and smaller crowns dedicated to the miniature world and medium-sized crowns that I've made myself.

Some potential fairies are waiting for their crowns to be finished and attached

while others are being transformed from mere figurines to altered fairy queens. The framed vintage beauty is my maternal grandmother.

My favorite type of crown is one that I can embellish

and add baubles and trinkets to capture a moment of glitter.

And there you have it; this is just a portion of my collection of ornaments that glitter and shine. What I can't show in photos however, is the treasure of friendship that I value the most and outshines the brightest crown in my home. Thank you all for coming and sharing your love for beauty and your kindnesses; you are all queens in the kingdom whether you collect crowns or not!

Have fun and come back soon...Anita