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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Bonjour tout le monde! I am still here, I have not faded away into the shadows, so please don't forget me! I just wanted to say MERCI BEAUCOUP to everyone that has said a little prayer, thought good thoughts or just dropped me a line asking me about my progress with my thesis. I have used my time wisely and I have written two out of three chapters!

My adviser was so wise in giving me the most difficult chapter to write in the beginning of my journey. The last chapter will not be easy, but most definitely more manageable since I got the other two completed. Now it is just revisions to tend to.

My dear husband has been away in South Africa on business with his colleagues; I await eagerly for his return!

When he comes back, he will bring the camera and I will resume posting. I have missed you all so much, but I was fortunate enough to be close to the computer at all times so that I could visit you all.

Have a great week and see you again soon!

Fondly, Anita