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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères Vous Présente

You made it! How wonderful...Vous êtes ravissantes, you look ravishing, all of you! Whether you have chosen to come in flamboyant colors or in basic black,

you are all gorgeous and appropriately dressed to see the first act of Goodnight Sweet Prince, a little pièce de théâtre that takes place in the fashion district of Paris! So look inside of your little satin bags and get out your lorgnettes and make sure the music is turned up

hang up your stoles in the foyer closet

and use the complimentary phone in the lobby to call your friends and remind them to come

and be princesses of the theatre for the night! Oh, is that who I think it is? Yes...I believe Miss Moussie, Mozes, Gustave and The Dutchess are pulling up in their magical carriage for the evening!

Well then, it looks like everyone is here! Let us begin Act 1 of Goodnight Sweet Prince; please see the sidebar to look up the French words and their pronunciation and meaning...

An old street in Paris, Rue de Sainte Honoré

remains the most famous street still to this day

for boasting the most elegant boutiques in town

to find the loveliest hat or silk gown.

And there a most famous couturier

has an unusual assistant I have to say

for he is a scrappy and shaggy monsieur

with button eyes and an uncanny allure

with floppy ears and a certain knack

for knowing who's buying

his name is Balzac.

He sings and he whistles and warns his patron

his master and keeper, Monsieur Bergeron

who comes and who goes and who browses and buys

nothing gets past his scrupulous brown eyes!

So if you desire a Bergeron brand

you better be serious to pay on demand

and upon leaving this famous salon

please say, "Merci Monsieur Bergeron!

And do not forget to say a "Merci"

to Monsieur Balzac or else you will see

his teeth sinking into your favorite shoes

"Give me attention, or this you shall lose!"

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End act 1

You have been introduced to one of our characters in this short four act, interactive play. For those of you who are new to Castles Crowns and Cottages, I am inviting you, the readers to follow the story line and when the fourth act approaches, you are all invited to submit an ending to this play. We have started out in rhyme but by no means does the ending have to be a poem!

We hope that you have enjoyed the theatre tonight; it is a lovely evening outside and you are invited out on the terrace for music, more calorie-free refreshments and delicacies!

Have a safe trip home and see you next Saturday for act 2!

À votre santé!