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Monday, August 3, 2009

Early Vintage Pink Saturday: Marie, je t'aime

Thanks Bev from How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday! If the color pink tickles your fancy, make sure to visit her and all the other bloggers that celebrate this beautiful tint! I am posting this early since I will be engaged otherwise this weekend. Please crank up the music and get a feel for pink in my neighborhood!

She was lovely. She had the face of an angel, the heart of a true lady. However, I never knew my grandmother. You see, though she died much too young, she lived on through my mother's storytelling. Every evening at dinner, I was sure to sit at table with my grandmother along side me. My mother would often recount routine days, memorable events or little anecdotes about her family. With every turn of the page of the family album, I conversed with my beloved Marie, Maria de Los Angeles, mi abuela.

I had a faint understanding of my grandmother's life and to this day, I am still not sure what she did outside of her domestic duties. She did however dabble in the theatre, singing and perhaps performing for the sheer joy of the stage. Her persona is as faint and delicate as the pink tint that was gently dabbed on her photographs but her beauty is ever so strong in my childhood impressions of this beautiful woman.

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She had style and grace. In the following picture, I get a sense that she loved fashion, fun and that she celebrated well. She and my grandfather were a dashing couple...

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Her admiration for theatre, song and dance was handed down to us. I danced in my earlier days, did some theatre and fortunately, there is another beautiful Marie in the family, my stunning cousin Marie from Dancing in Tattered Shoes. Marie is a talented, burgeoning writer and if you want to chuckle and get an idea of the storytelling talent of our family, visit her blog. She was a dancer as well that ventured out into our Spanish heritage through the passionate and colorful world of Flamenco dancing...

To both my grandmother Marie and my cousin, I send you these lovely pink petunias from my garden to celebrate the delicate tint of life that lasts but for a moment however enchants us for an eternity...

Aux deux Maries, je vous aime! Anita

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