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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Entries Are In! It's up to you now...

"He'd putt-putt his way in his little machine, all shiny and bright and incredibly clean.." From the play, Good Night Sweet Prince, Act 2

Our little canine Frenchman Balzac is at it again, elegantly strutting and putt-putting his way into our hearts as only a Frenchman can do, but thanks to three talented writers, I won't be the author of the final act. You will now have a chance to see three alternative endings to M. Balzac's adventurous exploits in the City of Lights!

I want to thank these writers who will remain anonymous for the time being, for their generosity; in the midst of busy lives, they decided to put pen to paper and try their hand at some poetry and prose. Here is what you can do as the audience:

1. Read each entry.
2. Use the voting gadget on my sidebar to vote; you can only vote once due to the nature of the gadget.
3. Wait until next Saturday when I post the winner and present the final act.

So now, sit back, let your imagination take you to the streets of Paris' posh fashion district and cast your votes!

Entry #1:

The character of Toto is sweet and charming...
but what happened to him was strange and alarming...
what ever can little Balzac do...
can he change his fate.. and the link to Toto too?
Or is it better to keep in mind
that every character is sweet and kind
and in this world you sometimes need
more then one character, yes! indeed.
One that's brave, and one that's bold
one that's warm when days are cold
one that's funny to make you smile
one that's patient and can wait a while
one that's clever, one that's smart
one with compassion and one with a heart
one that's that's daring
one to understand
that when you mix them all together
all can be your friend.


Entry #2:

Oh no! Look what I found!
That dear Pomeranian lost what I have found!
Her hanky so wet from those tears shed for me...
Shall I be what I've been, or be what I'll be?

Her fur was so fluffy, it set me in a spin!
Surely now I must behave to be her next kin.
The theater life has left me quite stuffed,
I'm chasing that hanky and her cute little tuff.

I am so smitten, my life spread so thin,
I must catch the next plane, it will be no sin,
Sadie Mae was her name, she's no plain Jane!
I'm settling my paws on her window pane,
it's the hour for me to rise and shine,
'cause that cute little Pomeranian will be mine all mine!


Entry # 3:

He went as fast as his legs could take him

this scruffy ragamuffin.

Through alleyways and boulevards he was on his way a puffin'.

Soon he would round the corner of La Rue de Sainte Honoré

through peoples' legs and winding streets he soon would find his way.

It was fine with the kids, all the hugs and kisses

but he belonged in the salon with society's minxes

how he loved to upset their apple carts

With his crazy antics, this little upstart

even Madame Chou Chou was heard to whisper

"How I dearly miss that little trickster."

M. Balzac entered the salon that day

"Fear not fair lady", he seemed to say.

"For I have come back for good at last to stay

Gone is my wanderlust, and to this day,

I will stay faithful to my friends forever

But I am still a scamp, a scoundrel and clever!

And if I do not hear a sincere "Merci"

Your shoes may make their way off the balcony!

Balzac! Monsieur Bergeron cried out with joy

Oh mon petit chien, my sweet little boy.

The clients were hushed by this beautiful scene

all their protests were just a silly smokescreen.

All’s well that ends well I believe they say

A sweet ending to this magnificent day!

There you have it. Cast your votes, take advantage of the refreshments in the lobby and we will see you next week as the curtain rises to present the winner and the final act of Good Night Sweet Prince!

Illustration by Shane Harrison from Blog Fancy