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Friday, January 22, 2010

French Bliss

Oh, why oh why, do I love Paris? Maybe it's the pink cast from the flickering lights reflecting off Le Seine

the hues of blue embracing the commanding presence of Sacré Coeur

the soft pink blossoms that delicately frame the blush of youth

or the black and white images that capture a moment of timeless style.

Whatever the reasons, my love for beauty multiples exponentially as I discover the many corners of France. And although it has been eight years since my last visit to this land of fairytales, I have recently joined two of the most pleasant French blogs qui vont vous couper le I invite you to come with me under the magic archway

to Le Journal Gourmand de Sacha, where language barriers don't exist and you are permitted to indulge in calorie-free French bliss

and retreat to one of France's most densely cottage-populated regions.

Sacha shares her original photos of the land of her birth, her favorite recipes and her other blogs that will speak to your heart, no matter your level of French skills.

Another gem of a retreat is Rêver au Sud, where Marie-Ange lives in the South of France

and graciously invites you to tip-toe on the pea gravel of her jardin leading to her magnificent home

where she lovingly catches images of a relaxed French décor and envelopes you in the most eloquently written posts en français.

"Très belle semaine à vous qui passez" is her trademark au revoir

that will send you away floating on air every time. Please go visit these two lovely françaises and say, "Enchantée de faire votre connaissance!"

Now, some dreamy images of the reality of winter from the talented Trish at Trouvais...

Bon week-end mes amies!

Photos Credits:
Le Journal Gourmand de Sacha
Rêver au Sud