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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Linen Closet

When you open up your linen closet

what do you find?

I would like to find a little fairy

tucked far back

to sprinkle our eyelids with sweet dreams

give us blue wings to fly

and turn us back into children again.

We would soar with our imaginations on gossamer tutus and rest high atop a tree house

and tell the tales of how fine threads of linen, flax and gold have been spun

and magically transformed

into the fabric of our lives.

How beautiful each one of us is, as textured and varied

as fine linens themselves

that have been uniquely designed to evoke a spirit of simplicity



and warmth

to envelope the world around us in the strength of not one thread

but of many.

Each one of you have added a thread to the fabric of my life; each day that I visit you via blogs or email, I take away with me a thread of strength to weave into the community tapestry of believers in






The five above mentioned words are part of an award with which I was honored by Elizabeth from Woodwings. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS, ELIZABETH! Part of accepting this award is to sum up your blog philosophy in FIVE WORDS. These "words" are my goals, and are a work in progress towards making these ideals happen consistently. I know however, of many bloggers who truly embody these gifts and to them, I honor with this award. Here are the rules:

There are 3 steps for the recipient to honor

1 Thank the one who sent it your way
2 Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words
3 Pass it on to 5 others whose blogs inspire you

This is very difficult, for their are more of you out there than there is space on this post. To the following, I thank and honor from my heart:

1. Rosie from Roses and Rutabagas - for sharing the LOVE that knows no boundaries.

2. The Dutchess, Penny from Angelsdoor, Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland, Patricia Cabrera from Woolytales and Ruben from Rattus Scribus - for your constant ENCOURAGEMENT to me to develop my artistic skills. You truly believe in me.

3. To the magnificent Koralee from Bluebird Notes for the gift of CHIMERA - if you know Koralee, you will know that not only are her photos magical and bright, her ideas are brilliant, her short posts touch your heart, soul and mind, and she is the maƮtresse of whimsey, creativity and fun.

4. To Karen Harvey Cox from Scrapbook of Inspiration and my dear friend and artist extraordinaire, Violet from Create Beauty, you two are professionals in every sense of the word.

5. To Amy from Such a Wonderous Place This Fairytale Space, and to many more, I thank you for the INSPIRATION that you give me EVERYDAY that I visit you.

The fabrics of our lives have been woven together through pain, sorrow, joy and special experiences that make us all unique individuals who TOGETHER, make a beautiful tapestry; let us all celebrate with those near us and with those far away with a SMILE!!!

Phot0 Credits:

All bed linens and velvet duvets from Bella Notte

Google Images