Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mastery of Simplicity

As light and refreshing as a summer breeze wafting through white linens

so is her touch, so gentle, refined, and outstanding.

This collection of images is from the photography portfolio of Nancy from Fête et Fleur, who I am proud to call my sister-in-law. Chances are, you are probably familiar with Nancy's blog and artistic prowess from photography to fashioning miniature paper shoes.

Nancy is a technician as well as an artisan; she studies her surroundings and is strategic about how light will dance with the most beautiful of objects to communicate

an aura of elegance

the dynamic presence of a beauty past

the proper dose of opulence

and unfeigned simplicity.

How does one compose a single result from both the science and art of such a task?

Beauty unadorned in unskilled hands could result in an unfinished showcase of mere objects. Concentrating only on strategic measures risks compromising the spontaneity in creating a mood. Nancy is a Master of Simplicity

knowing when to stop and making the unpretentious

border on the verge of making us thirst for what awaits us on the other side of her visions.

Nancy and I spoke yesterday, after I received this sweet hand-made doll from her in the mail. Knowing me and my love for embellishing, she asked me what I was going to do to her; was I going to paint her face or sew a dress.....

I'm going to leave well-enough alone and every time I look at this treasure from her heart, I will be reminded of Nancy's expertise and profound Mastery of Simplicity.

...This little souvenir has no name, however! Comment s'appelle-t-elle? What is her name?

If you have any ideas, leave a comment and write the response in French with the phrase:

Elle s'appelle____________________.

Merci Nancy, et merci à vous tous!

Photo Credits:

Fête et Fleur

Last two photos - moi


Anastasia Schembri said...

What beautiful images and the doll is simply divine, just perfect!
I will definitely take a look at your sister-in-laws blog, you have peaked my curiosity with these gorgeous pictures!
Hope you are having a fabulous week!

highheeledlife said...

Beautiful images .. I will check out her blog!!! Hmmm a name for your beautiful treasure...

Elle s'appelle - La Petite Lalumiere Blanc -

I hope I spelled everything correctly, My French is extremely rusty...

Martina said...

Hi Anita, thanks for stopping by! Oh you're so right - one thing at a time, or we'll go crazy! I just wish i could double myself sometimes. Making art is one thing. But properly displayimg it - and maybe even selling it - quite another. But sometimes, one thing at a time works little wonders!
Your post is so beautiful again - relaxing and spacious. Must check out Nancy, simplicity does me good! For the puppet - hmmm - how about Blanche? xx. M.

Bonnie said...

Elle s'appelle Arianne.

Hi Anita, I love the pictures. My favorite is the one of the blue glasses on the silver tray BUT they are all lovely photos.

Have a love day and a great weekend! Sending our love, Bonnie, Sadie & Kitty!

Rosie said...

ahhh Good morning dearest...
Once again I fear I have frustrated you with my lack of computer ability...I am SOOO sorry for this...My wise one told me what the issue was and went ahead and put a band aid on the issue...I have since performed surgery and am hoping the patient will pull through...
What an beautiful..."sheer curtains wafting gently in the warm summer breeze" this post is...whimsical is hard not to step over the line of over embellishment ...but I think you have mastered this area as well...lovely
Off to town now...enjoy this pretty day...still smlilin'...Rosie

deb famularo said...

Hello dear friend!
Oh, she is gorgeous! And she has a beautiful home now!!!! I'll have to try to peek at your SIL's blog! You've peeked my curiousity now!
Okay, in High School, we all were asked to pick a name for French class other than our own. So here's the name I picked back then for the language that I love:

Elle s'appelle Michelle. The meaning (Who is like God.) Hope you have a beautiful weekend! xoxox

Simplement ... said...

Dans un ciel d'azur, virevoltent la délicatesse et la douceur ...
Je suis sous le charme de tes images si belles et raffinées, témoignages d'un exquis raffinement.
Je t'embrasse ma chère Anita et te souhaite un joli week-end rempli de belles et bonnes choses.

Seawashed said...

That doll is simple elegance. I'm so glad you are not going to do anything to her. I do not know your sister-in-laws blog or work, I will have to go peek! I will have to think of a name. ox

savvycityfarmer said...

she has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of time ...
you must be thrilledd to call her your own SIL

have a beautiful linens-drying-on-the-line weekend!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour mon ami Anita!

Elle s'appelle La Contesse Belle Blanche de Paris! Mais oui!

J'aime beaucoup votre passion d'arte!

Au revoir mon cheri Anita!

carmelina creaif

Silvia C said...

Oh, I love the images, Anita! I posted on a family member who does photography too (my daughter). Funny, we are both thinking photography today. Have a super wonderful, safe, fun, and relaxing weekend!

lostpastremembered said...

You are so sweet to share the photos and cheer on your sister-in-law. There is nothing like appreciation to make an artist feel ever so happy!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady! So much talent in a family! This was serenity in its best. Blessings friend.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Oh, so very elegant. The handkerchiefs are so dainty and lacy!!! How grand it was to walk through this post. Very refreshing!! Wishing you well! Cathy

Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you my dearest sister! I keep thinking of our treasured moments together while you were visiting. I'm so happy you love this little lady.


Joyti said...

I haven't checked out her blog, but everything you posted looks so lovely....

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Elle s'appelle Joelle!!*grin*

Nita, I agree with you Nancy is amazing. I absolutely LOVE her handmade shoes. They are so beautiful and ellegant, and you my friend once again have done a magnificent post. I LOVE to visit you Nita! I trust your eye is getting better. Love,,T.

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Anita!
What a lovely post, and I must go visit your SIL's blog! handmade paper shoes?!?!?! LOVE!!!

I am back from a day by the water, where there were delightful shops, beautiful flowers ...and wait til you see my new rain boots!!! Had a fun day with hubby and the hounds.

I am glad you came over and entered my give-away!


desde my ventana said...

Hi Anita,
I like your post,so nice images and a great support to the family ..... you are a sweetie.
I hope that your weekend is full of happy moments and hundred of smiles,
Hugs from Asturias,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello Sweet Anita...
I am always so thrilled when I pop in for a visit. You so inspire me. Today Nancy inspired me. I love her doll that she made for you. She is perfect as is. I have a name for your beautiful creation:
Madame Linge Doux.

So whimsical and fresh white linen are the curtains blowing in the breeze. Take me away. I could sit in that room and read a book and be in heaven. I thank you sweet friend for taking me to a beautiful place today.

My doctor appointment was not good. They do not want me talking at work for the next two weeks, and as little as possible at home. I am so tired. I also did not pass the test for my lung capacity. I can't blow that stupid thing very far at all. Frustrates me to pieces. They will not be taking me off the steroids. I was so hoping I would be off of that junk.

I will talk to you soon my sweet friend. Please know that I love you and so enjoy popping by. You always make me feel special.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello Anita! Beautiful photos from your sil! How nice that you both have that in common with each other! My name in my 2 years of French class was "Nicole"...someone had already taken the name of "Patrice".
Elle s'appelle Nicole Patrice.....what do you think? Excited about tomorrow! Have a good weekend, Anita!~Hugs, Patti

fawndear said...

You had me from the first image. Love linens and clotheslines.

Thank you for sharing such enchanting images

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello again friend.....what a beautiful post. I have visited you SIL's blog and it is indeed a feast for the eyes. for a name....Elle s'appelle
La Blanc ange.......I don't speak any french.....but I checked my handy French/English Dictionary so hopefully I have put it together correctly.



Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, what breathtaking images! They are beyond beautiful!

I am so happy I found your blog and I'll be sure to check our hers too!


Marie said...

Dear Cousin, As you know I have no french in me, whatsoever. But if I were to suggest a name, it would be Bella because she simply is so.

I'm sure you'll get some wonderful names.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Anita

Such beautiful images. The doll is simplicity at it's best and I love her miniature paper shoes, they are exuisite! Such a beautiful post Anita..
Enjoy your weekend dear friend.
Bisous, Penny

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Dearest Anita ... these images are absolutely stunning. I love all of them but especially the linen on the line and the pink shoe! I will have to look at your sister-in-law's site as her work is so inspiring. Your little hand made doll is just exquisite and is she sitting on your new marble fireplace? Perfect ... she is so delicate and petite and whimsical and yet there is a strength to her. I will not try to think of a name as I am not good at French but I know you will come up with a perfect name. I also think your ideas of the natural linen drapes in your renovation will be gorgeous. Very French Provincial .... Have a wonderful week-end!
hugs M.A. the 2nd

Rosie said...

Good Morning my sweet, sweet friend,
Did you have a good day...Your plans for the weekend sound so wonderful...oh I would LOVE to come along...I so enjoy a little antiquing. Do you have a favorite spot? We have a flea market every Sunday that is usually pretty good. They have the BEST fruit and veggies too.
Had a "candy floss pink" mirrored vanity sell yesterday from the baby corner. This always makes life a bit crazy, as we use it for displaying our little goodies. My quest today was to find a substitute. Mission accomplished! Found a wonderful contemporary piece with lots of square boxes for doing little vignettes...quite perfect I think. I will go early and play before I open the doors.
OK that new marble mantle of yours is CRAZY beautiful!!!!You did so well when you picked that up.
Must say, I had such a productive me a great peace to know I have thing "relatively" under control...well my dear, must wish you a good night as I have a very early morning...sleep Rosie

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous! I love the glasses on the tray, so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Unknown said...

Hi Anita,
Oh, what a lovely post, I love each and every image. Nancy can create magic with every photograph of a beautiful treasure.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend. My dear friend who I knew in Hong Kong and then visited in London is meeting me for lunch today in Concord. So fun.


Barbara said...

I so enjoyed visiting Nancy, Anita! Her shell post was great fun for me as a Floridian. How lovely that you have each other AND mutual interests!

Such elegant and simple beauty in all the photos you posted.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh yes please Anite...rush on over with that glass of pink bubbles...I will be waiting with those Iles Flottants!!!
I can just feel that summer breeze wafting through those linens...
Oh that sweet hand made little beautiful she is as she is!!!
Elle s'appelle Lady Jacqueline...
A beautiful Sunday to you, Bisous, Dzintra♥x

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Gorgeous images! So lovely - especially that first one ...

hmmm ... how about Genevieve?

Ines said...

Hi, Dear-

oh something goes wrong and my comment from yesterday didn´t appear. So once again :-)

I really love cloudy skies and the tender clothes of lace are looking so charming!

Then the pink roses- a highlight in every form you have them... in the garden- in a vase- in pots or as a print- always lovely!

And I love blue glass- it looks so outstanding!

I was really good in French in school- but now I am hardly able to speak it. But I think, we can communicate in English and my blog has got a little translator at the right side.

I was happy, that you visited me :-)

Enjoy you weekend- now it´s evening- my day is almost done- I start my running round now - my way to let end a day...


Sarah said...

Talent, indeed! The images are awe inspiring. I'm off to visit Nancy's blog. Those crisp white linens agains the blue sky has my heart singing. ~ Sarah

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour dearest,
the doll is exquisite and such an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift!
I hope you are having a lovely weekend. The temps reached over 100+ degrees at noon when we left Bogie's training class. I plan to stay inside reading a couple of new antique books that I purchased from Amazon.
Last night, Tony took me on a date to our new favourite restaurant, Brasserie by Niche. After, we shopped at our favourite antique shop.
I will keep searching for that exquisite bed that I posted.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend with your love, ma belle!
xoxo, B

Beach House Living said...

Elle s'appelle
ce qui est à venir (what is to come)

chateaudelille said...

I agree, sometimes simple is more beautiful than fussy. I love your sisters shoes... I hope one day to buy some.Fiona

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita
How wonderful to have you visit and leave such kind words about Connie's sculpture.. I will pass it along, I know it will make her smile. Bebe, yes she is just waiting for her fur... I keep telling her she just has to be patient..
Yes, I wish we lived close together but I have been blessed to actually see your sweet face!
Enjoy your evening dear friend.
Bisous! Penny

La Petite Gallery said...

The image of the hankies made me think of my Mother. Beautiful.
You did a fab job as usual.


June said...

Oh Anita, what a beautiful post and love note to our sweet Nancy. Her photos almost make you want to cry. She is an artist in every way possible to be an artist. You my dear are an artist as well, and artist of kindness. Nancy is very lucky to have you. And I am lucky to call you friend.
Your kind words to me today were just what I needed.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

She's lovely, Anita. And I enjoyed all of your images!


Sheila :-)

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
Nancy's blog is lovely...
Vintage linens on the clothes line = a little bit of heaven!
The doll is very sweet ~ She has a sparkle from within...

Elle s'appelle Étoile.

Bon weekend!
À Bientôt!

Rosie said...

Oh my dear,
How was your shopping day? Did you get to wander through all those fabulous antique stores...oh my word, that would be soooo fun. Then to return home and kick back with a chilled fruit drink or a bubbly glass of goodness....ahhhh...that would be grand.
Well today felt so long...I could NOT sleep last night. Sometimes a nice warm bath relaxes me and will help. So finally at 3:30am I decided to give this a 5:00 my though was that I just had to lay there for one more hour...and of course, as always finally fell asleep, wishing I could have but a few more moments...needless to say I will sleep like a baby tonight.
Had to be at the shop a few hours before I opened as there were a few deliveries that left a HUGE space to fill. All worked out, and managed to have a lovely day, with so many wonderful H*A*P*P*Y ladies coming in for a visit.
Tomorrow I look forward to church, maybe stopping by the flea market for a few veggies...and then home to paint a piece or two.
What is on the agenda for you tomorrow? May you could stop by and
keep me company while I slap a little white paint here and there...Oh, if is now time to rest my weary will give you a hug and a wee peck on the cheek...Good Night my Sweet Friend...thank you for the lovely cuppa today...I LOVE to know what fabulous activities will occupy your day on...Rosie

Vær våken said...

Dear Anita! Really, really beautiful!! I just wanted to say that your comments are always so nice, they always make me smile! Thank you...and have a blessed Sunday! (p.s. I'm not very good at French names) Kristin XO

The Rustic Victorian said...

Beautiful Post! How nice to have Nancy for a Sister in law..she is a talent, you have much in common.
Expect Miracles!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post..
thank you for your 'Inspiration'.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

AAhhh Anita...another lovely visit from you, this time to see my Christmas in July decorations...So cool you enjoyed the cherry and almond combination!!! My Peter and Friends is sitting here nicely too...I'm so pleased he is giving you so much joy...perhaps that's all he needs to do!!! I hope you have had a lovely peaceful weekend...Dzintra♥x

Privet and Holly said...

Good morning, Sweet Friend! Loved hearing from you and now this little treat of a post to start my day : )
Your s-i-l is just as creative as you told me about over tea. Her pictures are amazing, too! And your words about merging what you see with technical ability to capture
the image are certainly spot on!

Elle s'appelle Flocon de Neige
That's what she reminds me of; so
fitting for our part of the world, no???

Your weekend sounds fabulous, most
especially when contrasted with my
own ~ enjoy! xx Suzanne

Pilar said...

La différence entre simple et sublime est parfois aussi proche que le tranchant d'un rasoir.

Un peu moins, mais peut-être juste un peu plus.

Belle fin de compte, rien de plus et de ne pas rater non plus. Comme l'élégance simple d'une toile d'araignée Bejeweled avec une goutte de rosée.

Unknown said...

Oh, wow, how fortunate to have one so talented in the family! Wonderful! I will have to think on a name for her! I have so enjoyed your comments this week, I always love hearing your thoughtfulness! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, my dear! XO!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Anita! I am still laughing..
I just returned from Nowhere... Hats off to Ruben for his storyline.. Spectacular! Tea is a hopeless romantic I believe... What a great Part 11. Your illustrations are unbelievable Anita! What a grand pair you two are..
clap...clap..clap... Bravo!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!

Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, belle dame Anita,
J'aime l'idée d'un studio tout blanc, et les Français le font bien.
Passionné sur le marché aux puces Français.
Merci pour votre belle visite.

(Meaning Translated)

Anita, Beautiful lady Anita,
I love the thought of an all white studio, and the French do it well.
Passionate over French flea market.
Thank you for your beautiful visit.

Anita go for the white studio, I know you will do the design style well.
I also love Nancy's doll form it really reminds me of French couture in French fashion, does it not anita? You have a treasured piece :)

I am going to take the idea with me, yy daughter Hannah says she wants to try and make one for her peaceful room.

Rosemary said...

Simple and elegant!
I love Nancy and her work!!
She is amazing, as are you.
Happy Sunday,

Bernideen said...

Very creative blog - I enjoyed my visit here!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful little doll! She is so charming. All of your images are just beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful week ♥

heather said...

Beautiful images! I really love the turquoise touches and their flowiness. Glad I found your blog. Some of those side pictures just have me drooling! Have a lovely week!

Burlap Luxe said...

Bonjour chers Anita,
Merci pour vos belles paroles. Je sais juste que lorsque vous concevez le studio tout blanc, il sera grand. Je suis sûr que vous allez concevoir que cela fonctionne dans les deux de votre intérêt de l'espace. Je vous aimerai pour voir le sortir quand il sera terminé.

Je vous remercie pour profiter de ce que je fais dans mon studio, et ma maison.
Rester belle.

Martha said...

What lovely pictures!

Rosie said...

Hello My Dear,
How did you spend this glorious Sunday? Did you get to visit the polar bears? I hope you had a restful and relaxing time with your sweet fella.
My day sort of got side tracked...had planned to paint, but instead did a revamp of my home shop...feels a bit more organized and you know how I LOVE organization. Am at the shop tomorrow, as one of my ladies is on vacation.
Well my dearest has a movie ready to go so will wish you a good evening and a blissful day Rosie

Fine Bessot said...

I like very much the broch with strass, wonderfull!
I like jewells... and blue!
Good day.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

And I raise my glass to you too dear Anita...To It All in this wonderful life!!! So pleased you like the name Daughter is Jaqcqueline and when she was born my Italian Friend (who is back in Italy now) mentioned in her letters how the French would say it!!! You can probably say it very well...
Ha, I hope that dear rabbit got stuck into those weeds...Have a lovely Monday dear Friend...Dzintra♥x

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour ma belle ~
it sounds as if you had a lovely Saturday antiquing and dinner with your sweet love! How we adore spending the day hunting for treasures to fill our home!
I wish you much luck in your search for the perfect chair for your Carolyn Quartermaine style fabric. I love CQ. In my "pink post" this morning I featured a beautiful chair upholstered in her fabric ~ it is delicious! How kind is your friend to design fabric especially for your harp bench?!
Fortunately, the temps cooled to the mid-80's yesterday. We visited our World Bird Sanctuary which is mostly outdoors. We had a wonderful time with the children. There are two rescued pelicans from the Gulf oil spill that are being cared for until they can be released.
I will be finishing up my last course for summer today. I'm looking forward to the short break before the fall semester begins.
Wishing you a beautiful Monday mes ami!
xoxo, B

Presépio no Canal said...

Paper shoes? I must pay a visit to Nancy!
Mille bisous, Cherie ;-)

koralee said...

Nancy is amazing...I sooo love to visit her blog. Her images are inspiring and beyond lovely.
Sending you lots of love today ..wondering how you are doing with your home make-over? Isn't Summer grand? xoxoxo

Burlap Luxe said...

Il est le beau langage des dessins et modèles français et la beauté dans la création d'un foyer paisible qui nous a si passionné pour tout ce qui inspire le français.
Rester belle ma chérie.


Unknown said...

I can't write anything in French...I only write in Canadian (tee hee) however...I name her Simple...thats it...Plain and Simple.
You write with the same beauty as your sister-in-law creates.

Regan said...

Gorgeous photos. :)

GwendolynKay said...

So many enchanting pictures. I too would leave the doll... I would name "Lola" be. she is lovely.

Martina said...

Hi Anita, how was your weekend? Mine was too short, like usual - but i did get to paint something. Little stillifes i will soon show on my blog, they are almost ready. How is Blanche? Wish you a great start for the week!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I'm a huge fan of your Nancy. She is not only talented, but such a lovely gorgeous person inside as well. She is the one who is a doll! xo Lidy

Rosie said...

Ahhhh...such loveliness in this little world of yours. How was your day dearest? Did you tuck a little afternoon nap into the itinerary...I hope so.
Had a lovely day at the shop today. Visited with old friends that I haven't seen in so very long...this is definitely one of the silver linings of my occupation =:)
Must do the weekly "shop" tomorrow...will power shop so I can return as soon as possible. Looking forward to finishing my home workshop mini make over...I may even get a little white painting done, if all goes well.
The weather has been so garden is soooo dry and nasty lookin'...we need a good rain, which doesn't look promising.
Well will stop by tomorrow for a wee cuppa...sweet Rosie

desde my ventana said...

Hello Anita,
I hope that you are enjoying of a good week.How the works go in house??
Tank you for visiting me every time,
Big hugs,

Champagne Macarons said...

Anita dearest,
I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.
What a fun time you must have had at the polar bear exhibit at the zoo! We had hopes of going to our zoo this morning; however, we were too sleepy to get motivated. Perhaps tomorrow =)
I would have been a kid in a candy store at the designer furniture sale! We had a lovely store like that near my home but it closed and I'm still sad that I didn't purchase a dining room settee! It wouldn't have worked with small children but how I loved that piece!!
I do hope you were able to find your chair yesterday. If not your chair, perhaps another treasure was found.
I'm still waiting for the wallpaper samples to arrive. I am hoping to finish my bedroom walls before the fall semester begins *fingers crossed*.
Wishing you a beautiful day!
xoxo, B

The Dutchess said...

Very beautiful....I'LL have to visit Nancy!

The puppet is sweet...Elle s' her new mommy:))

Big Hug dearest..

Rosie said...

hello my dear, was your day? Did you lounge in the back gardens today with a wonderful drink in one hand and a great book in the other?
So exciting to hear that your builder is on the case now...I will pray that you will be allowed to build your dream...If perhaps you must alter it a tad, I know it will still be amazing, as you are so very creative.
Today was quite trying. Shopped mightily in the morning {managed to get some lovely apparel}was on my way home by noon. However there was a very serious accident on the freeway, and what should have taken 40 minutes to get home, took over 3 needless to say there was no "white therapy" today. Tomorrow is another day and I hope to spend the whole day in the shop with paintbrush in hand, and pup at my feet.
Well the kettle is boiling for my last cuppa of the evening...will leave it ready for you to come and enjoy one too...Have a BLISSFUL day dearest...sending you a HUGE hug and a wee peck on the Rosie

Val said...

Quel plaisir de découvrir un autre si beau blog grace à toi!j'adore ce style de photos!Cette poupée est d'un raffinement incroyable,c'est un trésor!

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Good morning Nita, I am on my way to the market now and to go get some fresh caught fish but first I want to thank you for visiting me and you now,grin, always makes me smile.
I wish you a wonderful and creative day!! Lovingly~

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What gorgeous photos! Gorgeous!! And I love the wonderful to have such an artistic, giving and kind sister in law :)

I just found your beautiful blog and I am a followe...

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda :)

The French Bear said...

You both have absolutely beautiful blogs, and you are both very inspiring and talented!!!! I love to visit both of you and take in all of the wonderful stories and pictures and be inspired!!!
Margaret B


Goodness, such beauty and artistry. I could feel myself relaxing as I read your post and went through the images. Thank you !

Margaret said...

Ah, Nancy's blog is always so beautiful to look at (like yours!). I am so impressed by people that can pull of such a restrained version of the romantic look. For myself, I am never sure what I should put in my house, so I've ended up being somewhat of a modern minimalist! Still, I love seeing what others are able to do.

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour ma belle ~

I'm THRILLED to hear that you found not only the chair you were searching for, but two.. and what a steal!! Not to mention that the fabric is perfect!!
Next week we're hoping to spend some time shopping 6 blocks of antique shops! Until then, I will visit one of my favourite European antique shops not far from my home. They sell beautiful fabrics as well.
I found out that the wallcovering samples will not be sent after all. What a disappointment! I have a few more idea that I'm considering and a few weeks to try them.

The weather is not as hot as it was over the weekend but still very warm. We're planning to attend a music festival this evening at the Botanical Garden. The children love watching the fire juggler, street painters and getting face paint.

Wishing you a wonderful day, dearest!
xoxo, B

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for your lovely comment! You're a harp player - that seems to fit just fine with your style - a romantic instrument. I love music too, but don't play anything myself. My youngest son is quite good at the piano now, and i adore when he practises Chopin - so nice to hear it around the house! YOu're soooo right about enjoying summer - i just love it, i'm a sun-person. Here it's raining since two days, and i'm already waiting for the sun to come back. Was looking at Christmas pix for the magazine today, ha ha - coockies, anyone? Hope you have a lovely evening over at rabbit hill, see you soon, xx, M.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Greetings Anita - You have spoken of your dear sister in law with such admiration and love. She truly does have the ability to master the fine art of simplicity. Truly beautiful images and so happy you shared her with us all. I just finished watching 'A Very Long Engagement' and therefor would suggest ~
"Elle s'appelle Mathilde". Hoping you are having a lovely week and always such a joy to visit your blog. xxx deb

Debi said...

Dear Anita,
Once again and as always it is sooths the soul to ready your posts! Nancy is truly an amazing artist with such a unique eye and incredible talent. The images are exquiste.You must be so very proud of her! I would love to hear from you.Thanks so much for visiting me the other day. I wish I had a name for your doll, but will have to think. She is so simple, but so elegant! I love that you left her just the way she is.
Hope you have a wonderful evening.

Rosie said...

Greetings Dearest...
Ahhhhhh....was this a "wonder filled" day for you my sweet? Oh you must be sooo excited about the hurdles you are Leeeaaping over, in order to start creating your dream. This is fabulous...Can't wait to see some of your plans.
There was MUCH painting bliss today...a large round, rose embellished, coffee table...a fine wicker side table from the 1920's {really nice lines}...and a lovely "flip top" parlor table. These pretty little pieces are all sporting a fresh new coat. Tomorrow there is more painting bliss in store as I have two little vanities to make over. I do LOVE this small part of my day...I think it's the before and after that gives me the most pleasure.
Oh the bed will feel so fine tonight. You and I are reading the same book here...My day is JaMmEd packed and I thrive on ticking as many things off the old "to do" list as humanly possible...but when my bed time is approaching, there it is all I can do not to sneak to bed early...It is 9:30 now, and I think it is now "legal" having said this...the yawning secession has sweet dreams Rosie

Zabrinah said...

How lovely!

I love that little no-named souvenir. Elle est belle!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I am so pleased you like the name dear Anita!!! Blessings to you for a wonderful Thursday...Dzintra♥x

Unknown said...

Very pretty!
For a name....Hm...Elle s'appelle~ petite femme.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Your always a breath of fresh air. This is a beautiful place to just come and go ahhhhh! I've been sick battling shingles since Memorial Day and am tryin' to catch up on some of my beautiful blogsisters.

Ya'll have a terrifically blessed Thursday my friend!

Unknown said...

Such wonderful images. Sweet, charming, and a note to simpler times. Im off to see the other blog.

Regan said...

Love the first photo :)

Rosie said...

OH, I loved the afternoon visit today. What a lovely surprise to come in tired and full of paint, to find a sweet little note from my dear friend. Thanks so much!!!
Those chairs sound MARVELOUS...and four, not just two...this is definitely a H*A*P*P*Y___D*A*N*C*E__M*O*M*E*N*T
great that you don't have to have them upholstered. Your settee sounds so magical...white is the answer to sooo many decorating issues.
Ahhhh, yes I was a white painted mess...oh what fun...a couple of little tables, a lovely vanity {sadly, already sold, so will not go to the shop__:(__and a beautiful set of library stairs.
You asked me about the furniture we sell in the store. We have had our retail store for 5 years, but we were a wholesale company for 6. Had a number of stores that we supplied pretty little pieces to {only furniture}...that was really enjoyable too, but I do LOVE my ladies.
Oh dearest this has ended up to be so long...sorry
Have the best day tomorrow...see you Rosie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour ma belle,

Thank you for all your comforting words in the loss of my mother. She is now finally at peace and with her loved ones that she has missed for so many years. She passed the day before her sister Edie's birthday, how appropriate. (Many family members have died at holidays and special events)

Much love & hugs to you mon amie!

Susan Houseman said...

Beautiful doll and the images always make me smile. I'm so glad a stop by today.

myletterstoemily said...

well, between you and your sister in law
there is an amazing supply of beauty

we are all grateful!!!


Debi said...

Dear Anita,
Thanks so much for visitng me. I am determined to stick to my blogging! You may use my images anytime. Thank you so much for asking! I am holding my breath as I can't wait for your new post!
Hope all is well and you are enjoying a beautiful summer!

Rosie said...

Dearest Anita,
Ahhh...another day done. Was yours a pleasant one? Did it involve any white paint at all? Hoping there was a great deal of laughter and many smiles.
Did a house polishing this morning...things are shining once again, and I am happy. The afternoon was a white paint extravaganza once again...feeling pretty good as I have a few pieces stock piled for the next little while...have a few outings planned in the near future, so always have to plan ahead if I know I'm going to be away from the shop.
Speaking of which, I am there tomorrow, but will go early so I can stroll the market before opening the doors. Love to bring home a generous basket of fresh veggies, fruit and bread. Cooking and creating a meal is always so much more fun when you know just how fresh everything is...yum.
My dearest and I went out for supper and then returned home for a lovely movie. Have you seen "The Soloist"? Such a tender story.
My mom called today to ask if I would like to spend a little R&R time with she and my aunt at a charming little cabin, in September. Must say although I adore my mother, it is really hard to commit to being away for 10 WHOLE days. I have fabulous help at the store but it is just hard for me to let go. Said I would let her know...although I will probably accept this lovely invitation.
All in all a fine day was had here in quite ready for a little shut eye, and will sleep well tonight. Have a great day tomorrow. Enjoy these precious, hot summer days my dear. on Rosie

Elizabeth´s Garden! said...

Finaste, Bästa!

Bilderna som Du valt skänker så mkt estestisk energi. Love, Love, Loveley.