Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Linen Closet

When you open up your linen closet

what do you find?

I would like to find a little fairy

tucked far back

to sprinkle our eyelids with sweet dreams

give us blue wings to fly

and turn us back into children again.

We would soar with our imaginations on gossamer tutus and rest high atop a tree house

and tell the tales of how fine threads of linen, flax and gold have been spun

and magically transformed

into the fabric of our lives.

How beautiful each one of us is, as textured and varied

as fine linens themselves

that have been uniquely designed to evoke a spirit of simplicity



and warmth

to envelope the world around us in the strength of not one thread

but of many.

Each one of you have added a thread to the fabric of my life; each day that I visit you via blogs or email, I take away with me a thread of strength to weave into the community tapestry of believers in






The five above mentioned words are part of an award with which I was honored by Elizabeth from Woodwings. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS, ELIZABETH! Part of accepting this award is to sum up your blog philosophy in FIVE WORDS. These "words" are my goals, and are a work in progress towards making these ideals happen consistently. I know however, of many bloggers who truly embody these gifts and to them, I honor with this award. Here are the rules:

There are 3 steps for the recipient to honor

1 Thank the one who sent it your way
2 Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words
3 Pass it on to 5 others whose blogs inspire you

This is very difficult, for their are more of you out there than there is space on this post. To the following, I thank and honor from my heart:

1. Rosie from Roses and Rutabagas - for sharing the LOVE that knows no boundaries.

2. The Dutchess, Penny from Angelsdoor, Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland, Patricia Cabrera from Woolytales and Ruben from Rattus Scribus - for your constant ENCOURAGEMENT to me to develop my artistic skills. You truly believe in me.

3. To the magnificent Koralee from Bluebird Notes for the gift of CHIMERA - if you know Koralee, you will know that not only are her photos magical and bright, her ideas are brilliant, her short posts touch your heart, soul and mind, and she is the maîtresse of whimsey, creativity and fun.

4. To Karen Harvey Cox from Scrapbook of Inspiration and my dear friend and artist extraordinaire, Violet from Create Beauty, you two are professionals in every sense of the word.

5. To Amy from Such a Wonderous Place This Fairytale Space, and to many more, I thank you for the INSPIRATION that you give me EVERYDAY that I visit you.

The fabrics of our lives have been woven together through pain, sorrow, joy and special experiences that make us all unique individuals who TOGETHER, make a beautiful tapestry; let us all celebrate with those near us and with those far away with a SMILE!!!

Phot0 Credits:

All bed linens and velvet duvets from Bella Notte

Google Images


Ines said...

Really wonderful photos!

I like the one with the two blue birds and the sleeping fairy ♥

Enjoy your weekend- it´s always a pleasure, to be here :-)

A big hug- Ines

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love the way you draw us into your imagination with your lovely words, music and images. You create such magical retreats. I always feel like I have been to somewhere else in time when I visit you. Thank you for the mention, and for all the links to your lovely friends in the Land of Blog.

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest Nita,, you know how much I LOVE your posts , but this particularly one is centered in my heart. Everything about it is beautiful and magical. Love the music too. The young and the old is such a beautiful and interest contrast... a life past.. the question is " Did you pass through life or did you live your life"? That is the difference.
I am thrilled you received the rosemary just in time for your supper preparations.
Thank ((((you)))) for including me on your list. (((YOU))) encourage me more than any other person Nita, and I have a feeling I am not alone!*grin*

Grace said...

What a wonderful post! I so enjoyed reading and looking at these fabulous pictures. Grace xoxo

Julienne said...

A joy to visit and a joy to read as always!

Presépio no Canal said...

Great metaphore, Anita ;-) What a beautiful tapestry is friendship ;-)
Congratulations to all for your imagination and friendship ;-)
This was an adorable post! ;-)

Fine weekend ;-)

Debi said...

Dearest Antia,
As I just woke up amd grabbed my cup of coffee,I raced upstairs and couldn't wait to read your post. You words and images and ideas are none the less than extrodinary and so beautiful! I know that I must be repeating myself, but it is worth repeating. You are such an amazing talent! I feel like I am wisked away from my chair when I read your post with and such a lovely feeling of calm takes over. I can't tell you what a gift, for even a moment of calm is for me these days! Thank you so much for visitng me and noticing my work in the Romantic Homes ad! Funny, you make me feel like a celebrty!
I wish you a beautiful Saturday and thank you for making my morning
a spectacular one!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful images and text Anita. My favorites were the baby birds, and the fairies. Also I thought the linen closet as a bar was an inspired thought!

Make it a lovely one today, Bonnie xoxo

Tales from the Deep South said...

What a pretty post Anita~ I *love* the pillows!! I'm gonna have try to make some like that....the velvet and lace ones...very pretty!!

bunny said...

I never thought of it that way...but only you could compare people to linen with the addition of gorgeous photos and make it all seem so clear.
Kudos to the seamstress~


GrandmaK said...

As always enchanting!!! Well done!! And my sincerest congratulation!!! Cathy

High Heeled Life said...

Oh Mon Ami Anita; Congrats on such a special award! The words and images that you share with your readers are truly magical. I always look forward to seeing your posts - they give me so much hope, inspiration, peace and warmth!!

I loved this post - it had me going off to dream land ... XO HHL

Anonymous said...

Anita, Congrats on you award! I loved this magical post, the images are delightful and it is like visiting a wonderful dream! I would love a little linen closet fairy if she would tidy up in there!! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

deb famularo said...

Bonjour Mon Amie!
You do have a magical way with your photos Anita. This is amazing. I want a white cabinet like your first photo there. My neighbor has one and it's so my taste. Not in this house, so maybe the next one right!!!
I really love the music btw....I'm gonna leave it on awhile, I need to relax!!!!!! Great music too,I need to leave it on a bit so I can relax! Still nothing new on the homefront. I'm cleaning away constantly- and I swear, I don't know how much longer I can go! We lowered our price 5K, so cross your fingers. They loved JJ in Orlando, he's number one on their list, and they lose 4 controllers in September, so we're guessing Sept/Oct to be in FL. JJ looked at homes for 2 days while he was there. We'll probably build again and stay in an apartment. It'll be tough for a bit, but I'm so excited to leave TX. Now if we can just get a buyer.....Pray!!!!!! I know you are always sending good wishes. Thanks so much for being there with your precious shoulder for me! Love you! xoxo

deb famularo said...

OMG, I totally repeated myself and forgot to take out the sentence in the last post!! See how exhausted I am!!!...aaaaaghhhhh it's the cleaning products! lol lol

Princesa Nadie said...

I always enjoy reading your words and watching your images .Thank you for sharing it!

koralee said...

Oh sweet one...your words are magical to me today and have touched my heart! I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with JOY to be mentioned in your list along with these amazingly beautiful women! A million thanks sweet friend.
Your words and images alway draw me in to a world so filled with beauty ..a world I want to stay in ...a world where dreams do come true. Thank you for this...I can always count on you to fill my day up with inspiration...creativity...chimer...encouragement and LOVE!!!!
What would we do without you?
Thank you for being such a beautiful soul in this sometime crazy world of ours. Love you!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh how lovely my dear! Just lovely!
I have been wanting to make over and photograph my linen closet for some time... there just has to be another place I could store the everyday "towels"
You have so inspired me to make another area of my life... PRETTY!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Anita...our Winter is coming along nicely with hints of Spring here and there in the garden...a bit more light in the morning and won't be long now for those long lazy hazy days of Summery...YAY!!!
If I look hard enough perhaps I'll find a little faery in my linen closet!!!
Let's raise our glasses to a beautiful Sunday ahead...Dzintra♥x

someplace in thyme said...

Oh, such a beautiful post. Sadly, my linen closet looks nothing like this. Now I think I had better get busy. Ha! I do need a fairy, Char

Violet said...

Oh Anita!

What a delightful and soothing and inspiring and beautiful post! And thank you for the honor of being mentioned and the loving award!!!

I am so glad that God has allowed our 'threads' to meet, and intertwine! You bring me such joy and delight, and your friendship is cherished... even if we don't actually meet until heaven! You are indeed a true 'kindred spirit' friend who shares so many of the same passions and love of beauty.

I am going to go visit the blogs you mentioned and the dear ladies who create them...

Anonymous said...

Delightful post!!! Congratulations on your award! I know Karen & Amy, and I'm off to visit the others you have shared!

Happiest of weekends to you & yours, Anita!

Privet and Holly said...

Anita: Magic!
I will try and visit
those you mention
who I do not already,
as I'm sure they must
be very special to make
"the list!" You truly
embody all of those
characteristics that you
speak of, here. You must
spend HOURS combing the
web for such fantastic
images, each more lovely
than the next! And of
course, weaving them with
words into a thing of
beauty : ) I hope that
you are enjoying this LAST
day of July {can it be??}!
I always love your comments
on P&H; you are living your
happily ever after with your
Mr. Darcy.....and look oh
so pretty ~ and ageless ~
while doing so!!!
xx Suzanne

Desde my ventana said...

Hello Anita,
,I like the the way in which you have presented the nomination and your beautiful and poetical words.I hope that you are enjoying your weekend,
Muchos besos,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My sweet Anita...

What a GLORIOUS post... I so enjoyed it... What a lovely are sooo deserving and HAVE achieved your bloggie goals... I always love coming to visit, your posts always feel so peaceful. You are a sweetheart and a WONDERFUL addition to Bloggyville. :-)

Huge huggies,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dearest Anita
You have taken us out and beyond yet again, to a magical place in which your beautiful spirt lives..
I am truly honored to be included in your list. You inspire me daily, and your friendship is like a never ending story that I look forward to reading every single day.
Bless you my dear friend.
Beautiful post!

fairmaiden said...

So beautifully true. I have a painting from Karen Harvey Cox that I love.

I believe the first image is from Dreamy Whites blog. Just thought I'd let you know. ox

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello Anita! That was beautiful and poetic how you put that all together! How is the reconstruction going? Can you believe it is the last day of July? The summer is flying by but you will have a wonderful new retreat soon! Have a wonderful weekend!~Hugs, Patti

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, so gorgeous! I love these, I especially love the linen closet used as a bar, such a lovely idea! I remember when I was little and I believed in magic and fairies, one time, we went out of town, and when we came back, our playroom was cleaned up completely. My mother told me that fairies did it, and I believed her! I wish I could still believe in that magic as an adult! Thanks for the inspiration! XO!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anita,
Another gorgeous post! You are like our faerie here in Blogland, weaving your enchanting tales and sending much inspiration and joy our way.
The love these beautiful linens - I will now head over to see more at the website.
Bon week-end my talented friend!

Susan said...

congratulations, Anita!
Once again you have drawan us in and led us to a world of fantasy, cmmfort, texture and love.
Blessings my friend.

Marie said...

An absolutely beautiful post. Ah, that there were such a fairy in my linen closet. I can dream.

Love you,

Rosie said...

Oh, my sweet friend,
You are so very dear, to honor me in this way...The feeling is completely mutual...right back at ya!
I stopped by for a wee bit of respite in this busy day of mine, only to find this verbal hug and sweet peck on the cheek...thank you dearest.
Your post has stolen my breath away...a whimsical fairyland. I am in love with these "Wonder Filled" linen cabinets...I am trying to think of a place that I could tuck a little something like this...maybe in the upstairs hall {for towels, soap, linens...ect},or in Lizzy's room. I had the most beautiful French settee...we had a crazy day at the store and I had MANY dance floors to fill, so in a panicked state, I told Bill to bring it to the the shop. Well, not to long after, a herd of lovely ladies cruised through the shop, one saying "Oh my" and the next saying "How much, dear?" ....Ummmmm....$$$$...and then "I'll take it, please"
OHHHH NOOOO!....oh well___:(_____
needless to say, I morned the loss for a good while.
Ok, so had to scroll back, to see why ever I told you that tale of "woe"...LOL...ahhhhh yes, I now have a little corner in Lizzy's room to fill...hmmm... may be a little cabinet is in order.
We are out to a dinner party this evening, so may not be back for my evening cuppa dearest...again, I am so very honored by your extravagant award...jusqu'à demain, mon cher ami...xoxo...Rosie

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oh, this is such a gorgeous post! I love what you would find in your linen closet. What a touching and textually and visually beautiful way to accept and award!

I'm sure the lovely recipients deserve it as much as you!

Hope you are enjoying a magical weekend!

Sarah said...

Anita, this is a beautiful post. Your choice of photos and little text along the way truly delights. ~ Sarah

Zabrinah said...

How beautiful this was.

Wow. I really enjoyed it.

It's cheering up as I'm not having the best of days.

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Victoria Sayer said...

You do 'have a way with ' you.
An amazingly, delightful imaginative and inspiring 'way with you'.
Thanks for being the way you are, and for allowing us to share a part of you and your wonderful world.

Createology said...

I read every word of your post and it is so beautiful, magical and inspiring. Then to see that you are fulfilling an award is truly amazing as that is so not easy to do. Your blog is enchanting!!!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Anita, I think I may need a little fairy to come and organize my closets... I would love for mine to look so lovely!!

Congrats on your award... have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Jacoba said...

Hello Anita and Rattus,
Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
I have read your comments on the Dutchess' blog for a while.
This is a very pretty post. Such a job collecting the wonderful pictures! I love materials, they are my true passion, as you can create so many things with them and are such a creation as such (design, texture, etc.)
You are both very creative!
Have a nice day!

Marie-Ange said...

Se laisser porter, emporter par tes images et souhaiter qu'Août nous apporte autant de douceur, de pureté, de sérénité ...
Je t'embrasse tendrement ma chère Anita.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Yes, I am smiling at you ma chere! I love this post, the fabric of our lives, tapestries, fine laces, even tea dyed muslin, how wonderful each thread is, unique and holding all together as we all do.
You are so special ma belle, and I love you dearly. Someday I hope to see you in person too. What fun that would be mon amie!!

Mille bisous, Sherry

The Dutchess said...

O dearest I don't know where my comment disappeared in blogland!!

I wrote to you that I found this post to be soooo sweet and beautiful and that I am grateful for the award..BUT the real award is your friendship!!

Sending you a mail later...we are very going for a long nature walk..the weather is lovely!


Jacqueline said...

Do you see the little wee door under the Willow tree?

Now Anita, go and open it in your imagination...yes, you can...I know you can...don't stop at the pink polka dot mushroom! Keep going, pass up the cupcake garden, past the robins nest and down the little wee hill...

Now, turn the the door...and I am there. Hugging you and not letting you go...ever! PROMISE!

I love you and thank you and tomorrow, I will post my motivation!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, what a lovely post! So poetic and magical - like a mini-fairytale. You really have a special gift there, to bring romance back into life. Will have a look at all the blogs you mentioned, awww, blogland is full of discoveries. Have a sweet sunday evening - maybe a fairy is coming for dinner!

Kristin said...

Oh, dear Anita! The post is so enchanting! The blue linen closet has such a beautiful blue color, and other images are also stunning! Thanks for your SWEET comment. I am doing great! I just came back from a little trip and I can't wait to share pictures...Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Sunday! xoxo's Kristin

Anonymous said...

Dear Anita, Congratulations on recieving such a truly special award! As always you have written such a wonderful and inspiring post. It is true we are all part of a beautiful woven fabric sent here by God. I truly enjoy your your wonderful blog and the creativity you share with all of us. The pictures are stunning. I hope you have a great week and are enjoying your summer.
Love, Carol and Charli

Lynn said...

Great use of photos to tell the story! I found you from Koralee's site. Best wishes in your creative endeavors.

A Write Life said...

Such a lovely post. I wish I could open the linen closet and find some of those wonderfully laced linens. Beautiful.

chateaudelille said...

Oh what a lovely post,a magical journey with a surprise at the end.I reaallly liked all the blue bolsters! I must make some soon!Fiona

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You are one of my greatest joys!!!! I am soo blessed in you and this blogland magic you create! How can words begin? You are a dream friend and a kindred! Thanks for all the positive words and accolades. I appreciate you dear one! Blessings.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Anita.....Good to hear from you! Thanks for the compliment on my new look! The striped background is actually just off of blogger designer and my rose picture is just a collage of my roses I put together. I thought it would look good with the pink. i don't change too often because sometimes it is frustrating to change this stuff! I am also using live writer least I am going to give it a try. Thanks for noticing and have fun with the paint brush!~Hugs, Patti

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonsoir my dearest ~
another lovely post. If only we all had a little fairy in our closets that could transform us if only for a day.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We were quite busy. I am smitten with your friend's site!! I would LOVE to open a shop similar to that one day!
I've found the bed; however, I may have fallen for another bed!! Tony would like a four poster. If only I had 20 rooms to decorate...
Wishing you a beautiful week, ma belle.
xoxo, B

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello Anita.....I always love coming here for inspiration and a little shot of loveliness. linen closet.....well if you opened mine you would have to wear steal toed shoes because I have so much junk in there it is chock-a-block full.

That is my next project after, let's see, my pantry, my icebox, my library shelves, my closet.....hmmmm...I think my life is out of control!! (O:(O:(O:



Rosie said...

Hey there sweet one....
Did you have a day of R*E*S*T today? Or were you out gallivanting in search of exquisite treasures for that gorgeous cottage known as "Rabbit Hill"?...I would LOVE to join you, as you go from shop to shop, wandering joyfully in and out, picking up this and that. Oh what F*U*N we girls would have selecting treasure after treasure....Ahhhh.Someday, maybe.
I had a lovely day, full of a little"search and rescue" of my own. I popped into 3 different flea markets...soooo fun. Picked up the sweetest little alarm clock with turquoise rhinestones around the edge...who could give up a wee treasure such as this?
Then did a little landscape clean up all afternoon...ahhh...I love, love, love, to garden. Someday I shall have the time to garden at my leisure all day, EVERY DAY.
Will prune the roses tomorrow morning and then I have a sweet little dresser that is in need of a new outfit...I am thinking a "dove grey" maybe...change up the white a wee bit.
Well dearest if you are free, come over and sit in my comfy chair...and chat with me. I shall leave the kettle on for you... have a BLISS FILLED DAY and we shall catch up on the days events tomorrow.
A hug and a Rosie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita
Ready to wrap up the day and felt I needed to come sit and relax. Your words fill my heart, and the images take me on such a beautiful journey.. I still have the image of you and your beautiful smile when we met for lunch this summer.. Such a special time it was.
Thank you for visiting Bebe in Paris. You know she always gets excited when you come to visit.
Bless you dear friend
p.s. pardon the previous delete. typos, tired I guess

Martina said...

Anita, so good to see your dear face this morning - and hope your weekend was relaxing and lovely. We all need days without any presssure, just - like the kids say: chilling! Over here the weather was mixed but not too bad and i strolled across our local wine-feast with Andreas, my hubby. And you know what they served there, exept from the usual local wine and champagne? My beloved Spritz! Ah, and i still hear that little fairy bell ringing somewhere, will put out some coockies and flowers tonight and then sit and watch ...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good Morning dear Anita...always a pleasure to have you visit Down Under!!! How right you are about completing projects when in a community...I had never thought of it that way!!! Wishing you a wonderful week...Dzintra♥x

Arti said...

Wow..what a wonderful post.. I loved it.. The pic of the birds was too good...came through Martina's blog...

Lynette Killam said...

Oh my goodness, Anita, this is a wonderful post! Your words and pictures had me in thrall..I felt as if I had opened a magic door and discovered a whole new world..just lovely! The tiny fairy in the linen cupboard is a delight.

Congratulations on a well-deserved award...your blog is beautiful...


Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, Anita Belle,
Vous êtes un plaisir d'entendre, je vous remercie pour tous les beaux commentaires de votre, que ferais-je sans eux.

Avoir une vie inspirante.

PS. I just love that bright blus dresser, yet I would re-paint it a cream for a place to add to my whites. I love the little iron bed with the Susan Brown art next to it on the wall of the head of the bed.
You have some inspiring photos on your post to be greatley inspired by.

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my beauty! I just came from Ruben's post on your new fairy lights. They are magical as is this post. That second photo of the carved armoire is gorgeous!! Is this your piece? I can't wait to see all the wonderful changes happening in your beautiful cottage. Miss you!


Burlap Luxe said...

Bonne vie et de création semaine pour vous, rempli de passion pour le blanc!
votre ami

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, i bet you love boxwood and i'm sure your garden looks great - whereas mine is half a wilderness. But fairies i think, love wild places, so maybe they dance amongst the elder bushes! Still love your post here - you took so much care to do this! Have a sweet night, xx, M.

deb famularo said...

You are so sweet...I swear, your comments seem to pull me through my days sometimes- a writer you most definitely are because your words always are eloquent and uplifting. Merci for that.
Ugh, the homefront, not one showing all weekend. We aer hoping the first buyers will meet us halfway. We need to sell, and with school quickly approaching, it's only going to get worse for the market. But I am holding onto hope. As you said, all in due time....I have to have faith in the One above. Thank you for being a dear friend! I love you! xOxO


So enchanting! I actually lost myself in the post... the lovely pictures... the gossomer and pixies... for a brief moment I felt like a child again.. Thanks!
Blessings and hugs~

Regan said...

I LOOVE that first photo!! And thanks for the gorgeous comment.....feel free to use one of my photos if you link my blog to it! Go right ahead :)

Rosie said...

Greetings Dearest... afternoon cuppa, how lovely...wouldn't that be perfect...You have a few pop over and we have a little "girl time"...yup, that would be quite fine__:)__
So how are the house plans coming? Are they completed or is there room for a little afternoon tweeking and dreaming and "what if we did this or that" much fun... when we did our reno, the prep/planning time was so fast,{2 weeks}I would have enjoyed it so much more, had we had more time.
Well today was "B.C. Day" so, a holiday. Bill and I slept in...a rarity for sure.Had a leisurely morning, a little grocery shopping and then more back yard landscaping. With the heat we are experiencing, it is generally prep work we are doing, so that as soon as we get a rainy patch,we can start putting some plants in the ground. I am so anxious to be done...
One of my dear ladies, who helps me in the shop has had an accident, she will be fine, but this means I am in the shop all week.I have soooo much to do...hoping I will be able to get everything finished before I have to go away this weekend.
Well, my sweet, sweet friend, it is time for me cook a little supper.
Have a magical day Rosie

Fifi Flowers said...

BEAUTIFUL post... LOVE that armoire bar... très FAB!!!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh Anita,
You are such fun! I LOVE your comment from my Notre Dame Random Writing Prompt. Thank you for coming and for your take on the year 1050 in Paris! That's exactly the direction I would have gone too. That time frame fascinates me.
Also love your picks on all the photos but especially of the two birds cuddled in the nest together! My favorite colors together. As usual, a lovely post!
Big hugs to you,

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Beautiful! I would love if fairy existed!
Love all the pictures! great inspiration. J'espere que tu passe une bonne semaine. Gros bisous ma belle ")

shari @ little blue deer said...

Your comment on my post today cracked me up! What makes an old man think he is just going to pick up some young thing on a beach?? XO!

Burlap Luxe said...

I was visiting Kerrie at "" and read your lovely comment!
I want to remind you how beautiful you are inside and out and your still New!!

If you read my comment over there you will know why I said you were still new!!!

Barb said...

Hi Anita,

Thank you for stopping by. Congrats on the award. It is very well deserved.
I have to say you always find the best pics-LOVE THEM!


Rosie said...

Good morning my dear friend,
oh dearest, your eye must be so uncomfortable...praying this new medication does the trick. I must admit,I take seeing, breathing, hearing...ect for's not until these simple gifts fail us that we recognize their great value.
How completely wonderful that Ruben shares your love of white furniture. It is so much fun to get excited over the same simple pleasures...My sweet husband will call in the middle of the day to tell me that he has pasted this store or that, and that he has seen the "prettiest this or that"...ah I do so love that boy.After so many years of marriage we really do become like our spouses.
Oh Anita, your lamp shade sounds wonderful...what could be better than a white linen shade with a cute little ruffle....Ahhhh
Well have a lovely day tomorrow... Enjoy it to the fullest my dear. Rosie

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita .... Such an ethereal, magical and elegant story. Weaving our lives into the threads of linen ... such a perfect comparison. These photos are so beautiful and I feel like I am listening to a fairy storyteller! Congratulations on your wonderful award ... you so deserve it and I am so happy for you that you have your Louis chairs and I can't wait to see them! Your script and imagery is spectacular!
Hugs M.A. the 2nd

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Once again, DEAR GIRLIE, a fabulous post..... Starting off with the linen closet... I was just thinking of my Mum's a few days ago. It smelled so yummy!... I was wishing I could have just one more sniff.. (My step-sister used to go open that closet every time she came over so she could smell it..)...and the photography. I LOVE the picture of the basket with the linens and the bird on top. SO cute.. I want that for myself! And, your perfect...and you are a part of the fabric of my life...a very special and important part. :-) I'd love to go back to my childhood for a day. I wonder what I'd think.....viewing it as an adult looking in?

Thanks for hanging in with my crummy blogging. I've been HORRIBLE and hoping to improve in about another month. Things should be finished here and my little sweetheart will be back in school...

Huggies to you sweet girlie!


History and Women said...

Your blog is a beautiful place to escape to. Tres beau! Tres cher!

Rosie said...

Oh dearest,
I am sooo tired...My to do list was so long...It is done...
This was my day
-primed a sweet little dresser
-made a lemon puddin' cake {am so addicted to anything lemon these days}and gave it to my girlfriend.
-made a triple berry crisp for my boyfriend...Bill loves blueberries
-went on a search for candle packaging ribbon{ all my candle scents are finally here...yippee}
-did a final grocery shop...{hmmm...what am I forgetting?...I don't know!}
-wrapped a few goodies, some for a shower and some I will take with me, for my mom's birthday...{I love buying gifts! So much fun, figuring out what little treasure, will bring the biggest smile.}
-Mt. Laundry is a small hill now...
...oh the list could carry on, but I will spare you the details.
My feet hurt sista'
GLAD this day is done.
How was your meeting my dear? Are you ready to mold these little minds? I know you are so good at your job..I would have loved, to have you inspire my babies.
So did you get a hold of your builder? Oh Anita I am so anxious for your dreams to become a reality...Your plans will surely be magical.
Bill is just now home from golfing, so will say good night and have a great day Rosie

June said...

Of course Anita...I can plan on being delighted every time I visit your lovely place. You spin the most wonderful yarns, accompanied by the most gorgeous images imaginable. I think I will be dreaming of faeries in my linen closet tonight!

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest Anita,
Oh how I have missed you! You never cease to amaze me, I love the mini vacations I take when I visit. You are always so kind to stop by and say hello. I have been a bit overwhelmed this summer and my blogging has suffered.
Enjoy the rest of your summer break, I guess it is back to the classroom soon.

Martina said...

Hi Anita, thanks for your lovely visit! Oh, i will check out Rubens writing, am already curious about it. A childrens book about Nowhere with all the cute characters would be so good - also for older kids - like us ;) I'm sure the little fairy in the linen closet would love to help!
Aw, you're right, summer flies by all too quickly - we must make the most of it. I'd love to have every day double. Have a blessed evening ;)

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, thanks again for your sweet comment! How strange, I would think you looked very good in red...!I actually changed my post a little. I was in a hurry last night...:)Have a wonderful day!!! Kristin

Prior said...

lovely blog, for sure! First time here, but not the last. Lezlee

♥The digital bakery♥ said...

Hallo castle crowns,

Here a little note from Holland.Love your site and your pictures.
Would like to invite you for my Challenge! I have invited people to make "something special" [a card, a mobile, a painting or just dressing ] of my paperdolls.
Would you come and take a look?

Love and greetings