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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Tale of The Tail of The Yak

It all started here

as we were lovingly escorted

into a minuscule

but mesmerizing little boutique

of unusual

and provocative objets d'art.

Of course, I just had to purchase some special glitter that I just can't find at our local craft store.

So after my purchase, I tucked away my bottle of this precious glitter in my travel bag and kept it safe and sound until future use on a really special project at home.

In the meantime, lush vineyards, rolling green countryside

and pink champagne

or rather, Brut Rosé

set the atmosphere for an exuberant and enchanting get-away where we were treated like royalty. From luxury

to the quaint

we entered into surroundings that glowed with the warmth of family and the exquisite taste of a master decorator who really knows how to make her guests feel appreciated.

Downy-soft sheets and pure white bedding

enveloped two weary travelers in the rare and sumptuous grasp of relaxed elegance

and indulgent pampering.

The magic continued down south as we prepared to meet with more family, friends and blogger pals. The flora

and the fauna of the city, however,

reeked havoc on my sinuses to colossal proportions

but I lived with it because I knew that I was in for a rare encounter that would put a smile on my face.

One sunny afternoon during our week-long stay, in the city of Old Orange, I finally met her. After a year of correspondence, laughter and sharing our illustrations on our team blog NOWHERE, I saw her and looked into her bright blue eyes for the first time.

My husband spotted her first as she approached our rental car, then as I looked up, I knew that it was Penny from Angelsdoor.

Lunch was too short. However, we exchanged sentiments of a surreal joy as well as gifts from the heart

as we ambled into some of the local antique shops in town before saying goodbye.

WE MAKE the magic happen. And there was much more to be made at a family reunion that weekend, where we reunited with not only my darling cousin Marie from Dancing in Tattered Shoes, but with the hysterically funny Debbie from the blog, From Venting to Viggo and the wry-humored Bunny from I'm Just Sayin'.

We laughed from 10:00am until almost 10:00pm and it was hard to leave. You see, I hadn't seen my aunt, my cousins and their children for 14 years.

It was heaven on earth. The moments we create today will be the memories we cherish tomorrow, and as I visited old haunts from our past in lovely Whittier, California

and life-time friends

we set off early in the morning to return back to our beloved Rabbit Hill, but not without a few thrills to make our exit yet another memorable event.

For reasons beyond our control, we were given the "special treatment" by the security staff at the airport at 6:00am and as my nifty black travel bag chugged through the inspection device, the guard seemed a bit concerned as he peered into his monitor. Calling over his supervisor while detaining me, they both closely scrutinized the contents of my bag and were puzzled about a small bottle of a suspicious, powdery, crystalline substance.

For only a few moments, my one and only treasure from The Tale of The Yak

came close to being confiscated, analyzed and discarded, but the memories of a visit well over-due can never be taken away.


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