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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Molly's Envelopes

We're on our prep hour and my heart is racing faster than time ticking away from a precision watch.

With about nine minutes to spare, Molly is cheerfully but nervously searching our district website for pertinent information necessary for our NEXT lesson


while I'm trying to retain my composure.

BUT our students are due back from music and we need to aller les chercher

down corridors

that seem to be endless roads

especially when you only have about 30 seconds to gather your 50 ENTHUSIASTIC little charges.

BUT there's just one problem. Molly needs to trek to the basement on the OTHER side of our building to find some envelopes for her next lesson. I am illuminated with a lucid moment of camaraderie.

"I'll go to the basement and get your envelopes",
I chirp, sporting my signature talons.

with an astonished air of gratitude.

YEP, Madame Rivera is on a mission. As I rhythmically click-clack my way to our dusty, unorganized basement in the opposite direction of where I NEED to go to find my students, I say to myself, "I'm going to look in that DARK and DIRTY MESS of a basement for..... ENVELOPES?

With the tyranny of the urgent looming over my head and Mission Impossible at my feet, I step out from the elevator

to find

une vraie pagaille. A real MESS.

"DEAR GOD, HELP ME FIND MOLLY SOME ENVELOPES" I cry, like a frightened child

confronted by fear


In my tracks I STOP. To my right, a light appears shrouded in the beauty of a MIRACLE. MY FLEETING TIME SCHEDULE collides with ETERNITY in the rare moment of THE UNEXPECTED.

I emerge from the deep to the light and height of hope

and with tangible proof, no matter how small, that if you come to HIM with the FAITH, WONDER and HUMILITY of a child

YOU will see heaven.

You may not believe in miracles

You may not believe in heaven.

But by seeing my beautiful colleague's face shine with wonderment in the HERE AND NOW
as she saw that box of envelopes in my arms

I snatched a twinkle of the hereafter from her eyes.

Now that's worth the journey.

Peace to all

AND if you want to share in a miracle moment, go and visit my husband's blog, Rattus Scribus to see his well-written and thought provoking work. I had no idea what he was writing about, but our messages seem to go in tandem.

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Google Images of Audrey Hepburn
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