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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Found in Translation

Please listen to the music

I was lost

but now I'm found

and for this I am thankful.

It took just one HIGH tea date

in an enchanting, candle lit corner of my city

with the GORGEOUS Suzanne from Privet and Holly

and a thrilling virtual visit to Erin's ART AND GARDENS

where I finally found my wings

and crown.

Since childhood, I was always told that there was either an artistic and FUNKY BeNt to a person's life

or a FIXED "intelligent" stability to one's character.

WEll, I was pegged into the artistic CORNER of life since I was old enough to hold a crayon in my hand
and charm my parents with silly scribbles

and WOW the family with my interesting Spanish vocabulary that sent them scurrying to the dictionary to find that my babbles were grammatically PRECISE.

As an educator however, I was quickly forbidden on the "other side" of the DIVIDING LINE, often placed in a certain category with comments such as, "Oh, she's the ARTSY teacher."

"She teaches her students language arts through theatre?"

"Hmmmph! I do it the RIGHT WAY."

To my chagrin, the evil eye

and twisted maxims of culture

have left me confused about the validity of my GRAY MATTER.

However, seeing Suzanne
and listening to her MIND

and learning about what she is passionate about

reminded me that you can be both


and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT at the same time.

I pondered this even further when I returned Erin's visit one day and saw this on her sidebar:

Perhaps imagination

is just intelligence

having FUN.

TOUCHÉ. NOW that's a new TRANSLATION that has helped me FIND my way back where I belong

Thank you, Suzanne and Erin.

Please go take a peek at Erin's BEAUTIFUL paintings

visit Suzanne's ELOQUENT writing style

and give THANKS for who you are.

Photo Credits:

Wings for Victoria Secret by Danielle Rech Horse
Model Photography by the genius Swede Sølve Sundsbø

Original paintings of white horses used with permission by the artist, Erin, from Erin's Art and Gardens
Me in a little sombrero con mi mama circa 1960
Original drawing by Anita Castles Crowns and Cottages ©