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Friday, January 21, 2011

I've Lost Something

and I can't find it.

Just as Cinderella lost her slipper

I too, for just a moment, have lost the magic.

I wanted to bring you flowers

an abundant bouquet to hand deliver to each and everyone of you.

I envisioned inviting you to a feast of inspiring thoughts

and a unique moment of sweet indulgence

to make you come back for more

to relax and play

and share the wonder.

but instead, I look outside the window of my beautiful soul and find a blank, white sky.

 Therefore, I am going to quietly and carefully observe around me for a while

until the vision of magic comes back into my tired eyes

and I find my slipper once again.

To be a writer requires much more than just DESIRE, 

much more than an occasional uplifting blog post,

but a commitment to voracious reading of the greats


and more TIME...

things that I am short on at the moment.

But my one saving grace is the circle of friends I have found in you 

who keep me on MY TOES and reaching for my dreams.

Merci de tout mon coeur les filles...

Photo credits:

Just be Splendid