Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Taught You How to Dance?

I have had many dance teachers who have taught me how to execute a turn with great precision.

But YOU taught me HOW to dance.

I DAILY crave the glimmer of creativity

and the enduring beauty of human kindness.

Therein lay the dance of sheer abandon

to trust

to give

and to let GO

and sparkle.

Each and EVERYONE OF YOU, through daily compassion and companionship have helped me get back on my path towards believing that no matter how empty I may feel

I can find my way back with the help of friends.

Who has taught you how to DANCE?

Go and show them what they mean to you.

Enjoy finding whimsical

and special ways to show those you adore

what they mean to you as the month of LOVE comes upon us!

You are the best.

I want to share a beautiful comment originally written in French that the talented and most kind Doré from Burlap Luxe left me. It is a profound statement that I want to always live by and here is a translated English version:

" make people feel as if they are more and never less than what they actually are."
Merci mon amie.

Doré from Burlap Luxe

Photo Credits:

1 and 6 Gif Just Be Splendid
4, 5. The blog GRIEGE


myletterstoemily said...

gorgeous photos and wonderful sentiments!
my husband and children taught me how to

Rattus Scribus said...

Beautiful post. Life is a dance and it is wonderful to know that others contribute to it, to us. You are not empty, but full, and that may be why you're bursting to express what's filling you. I believe you are expressing it and your creative energy will continue to find expression.

Love you so much

Champagne Macarons said...

Beautiful post, dearest! My husband and children have, and continually, teach me to dance... and grow. More than I ever thought was possible. By the grace of God, it grows each and every day.
How are you? I'm certain you are ready for the weekend? Big plans? We're working on science fair projects, robotics and ice skating lessons. I hope to get in study time and read up on the artist Jacques Louis David for my art class.
Those Elie Saab dresses are fabulous, aren't they? I'm certain you can "rock" them very well!! I can't ever imagine not wearing them, or a similar style, or less than a 5" heel!!
Wishing you a most lovely weekend!
xoxo, B

Anne Marie said...

knowing that we only have one life here, and to enjoy it as much as we can - there is no use in complaining!

Anne Marie

Sarah said...

Another beautiful post, Anita. Life with my husband and all the amazing opportunities that have come our way have shown me the joy of the dance of life. You, my friend, are not empty.
~ Sarah

Fete et Fleur said...

Yes, I agree . . . grab those you love in a close embrace and DANCE!


Unknown said...

Bless you!
Let's dance along to the tune of life!
You help make it a happy one!

xoxo Victoria

Burlap Luxe said...

You may quote me!
You truly are a special someone.
A bave soul who reaches out with a heart full of passion.

I am blessed to have a friend who visits at all the right times, adding a dance in ones heart with the messages you leave behind.

Not only do you dance, you sing to everyones heart.



Unknown said...

Oh, how very lovely Anita. I love that song, my favorite movie is Miss Potter. Thank you for introducing me to the singer of that wonderful song.

I adore that ballerina, it reminds me of a music box I had when I was little. You have taught many people to dance...through your inspiration, to each student that you teach, to those of us who follow your blog.

Anita, you are sheer inspiration, and your blog keeps getting better and better.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to stop back and say thank you. Because you posted that video, I was able to find so many of her lovely songs. I was lost in dreamland.

You sprinkle inspiration my way all the time. Thank you for the music!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

All your posts are so so refreshing and loaded with tons of positive energy, sweet Anita. You are not empty, no way. I could believe that working on your dream cottage might give you an exhausting somewhat empty feeling but wait until you start moving your furniture around. The energy will flow flow flow and blow away that empty feeling.
Happy moving around, mon amie, I would suggest that gorgeous couch a little more to the left, tee hee

Ines said...

Good Morning, Lovely-

another wonderful "film" in my head...

I like your way to see the things, coming along the way of life...

My children and my wonderful sweet doggies are my dancing teachers... I decided to be a mum and nothing was like before. There is no way out- that was a decision up to my end of life... when I feel lost and I think, I am on the wrong way - they show me, how to dance to my right way back...

But the best dancing teacher are we ourself!!!!!!!! Our natural feeling shows us how to dance... we are spiritual and when we listen to the whispering voice in us, we find back without others...

Anyone who found themselves, can not lose anything in this world.
-Stefan Zweig-
(I hope, that´s the right translation)

Enjoy this weekend- dancing with much of love in your heart...


Presépio no Canal said...

Such a beautiful music, Anita! Thank you so much for sharing!
Anita, you too, with your joy and friendship, has taught me how to dance :-)
God bless you, my dear friend!


Ines said...

Hi, Dear-

thank you for your visit :-) On the right side of my blog you can find a translator! Or click on the right side of your mouse- then you find a list and there is a translator, too...

Weekend is family- sleeping- drinking lots of coffee- painting- going to the market, buying salad and other things...

Enjoy your.... Ines♥

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Dearest Anita .. I think we all teach each other to dance! To tread the boards of this world and to find each other is such a gift. You are so special and there is so much to look forward too!!!! My darling Anita this is just the beginning!
Bon nuit my dear friend
and best wishes always

Fay said...

Dearest Anita
Just received this wonderful post and ive blubbed all the way through it . !!! I hear all your thoughts behind this visible beauty and thankyou for your frienship.You sparkle continuously even if sometimes it doesnt feel like it inside and yourmanifestations are sooooooo beautiful Thankyou sweetpie a presto fay xx

Barbara said...

Two things I especially love today, Anita... the clothespin photo and the comment written by your friend Doré.
How many times have comments from others made us feel less?
Such a huge lesson to learn and Doré puts it perfectly into words. And we should live our lives this way every day.. Especially with our children...our future.

Another spectacular post, filled with love and hope!

(And literally speaking, I never learned to dance very well....all those ballet lessons for naught!)

Deana Sidney said...

The dance of life... yes. I thought a lot about your spiritual block last week. Creativity is such an evanescent thing. It has rhythms and seasons and like a stream. A torrent dries to a rivulet or stops completely. It is melting snow and ice that fills it. It may feel sere, cold and white...but is it? Pain and reflection are hard but nourish as much as delight. It looks like you are filling up now. As you say... there are so many in this little community.. each with little cups of encouragement to fill and nurture... how marvelous!
Dance on, Anita!

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh I love this song! It was in Miss Potter, a delightful film!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

We dance to your music, friend! The sad and the tunes filled with wonder and joy. So, know that with Ruben and all of your friends, you are never alone and we believe in your creative light! Blessings.

highheeledlife said...

I'm learning to dance again! With the love and guidance of Mr. G and our wonderful doggies Dolce and Stella. They breathe life into my day! And with the love, kindeness and support of friends both old and new ~ in person and virtual (you are so among them)..Thank you for being a friend and helping to give me a lift along the way back to the dance of life...wishing you a sweet week-end. Can't wait to see the images of your home extension ..xo HHL

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My family and friends have taught me to dance throughout my life....every experience is a dance! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!~xoxo, Patti

"Create Beauty" said...

What a beautfiul & wonderful video!
Your entire post is so inspiring, I am always so refreshed and uplifted by visiting you my friend.

Today I am going to dance with two little munchkins, one who often shows up in a tutu and rain boots!

Did you see the ZEBRA print shoes in my new header? That's Lynette, and we both bought those shoes!!!
Eeeeeeck! What fun. I think she could even dance in them, me, no...

~ Violet

The Dutchess said...

I'm dancing....together with all the little ones and Mr Dutchess...Mozes asks can he be your dancing partner today..?
xoxo happy day dearest...

Anonymous said...

Anita, that comment is just beautiful and I truly believe you do that for so many people! My BFF has taught me a lot about how to "dance!" xo

koralee said...

Morning sweet friend...sorry I have not visited for a has just gotten a whole lot busier these past few days... if that is possible!

Hope your weekend is off to an amazing start! Any exciting plans?
Life just moves way too fast...I am planning on slowing it down this weekend...enjoying my family and my home.

Sending you oodles of love for a day filled with many blessings.xoxo

Denise said...

Anita,Your post brought tears to my eyes.Yes,I really did cry.I had to call my 80 year old Daddy and tell him about the song that made me cry.Him and my Mom(she passed 13years ago) were devoted dancers.We danced all the time in our family of 6.Even on a week night Dad would move all the furniture turn on his music grab Mom from the dishes us kids would appear out of our bedrooms,stop our homework to watch our parents totally in love staring in eachothers eyes:then the music would pick up and our home would be full of laughter .Dad took each of his three daughters in his arms ,we 3 girls loved it.My poor awkward brother had to dance with Mom.I didnt mean to go on and on -Sorry

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh dearest!
You have danced you way into so many hearts with your kindness, humor and inspiration... You are a gift my friend!
Who taught me to dance? My dad! teehee.. No dance teacher, no lessons I'm afraid, but the love and encouragement of my father
and a old wood board and tap shoes.. teeeheee
Have a wonderful day

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh dearest!
You have danced you way into so many hearts with your kindness, humor and inspiration... You are a gift my friend!
Who taught me to dance? My dad! teehee.. No dance teacher, no lessons I'm afraid, but the love and encouragement of my father
and a old wood board and tap shoes.. teeeheee
Have a wonderful day

George The Lad said...

I can dance, if I know that the pay off is liver cake ;)
Thank you for visiting me, poor Balzac, tell him we got lost on our walk today!!! and mom spat her dummy out the pram lol!!!! very funny to watch, she sure can walk fast when she wants to, left me and dad behind! It would have been nice if she could have walked back with the help of her friends! Shes not getting away with it Oh no, I'm doing the post about it now!!! I just might end up in the dog house!!
I can see where she's coming from as shes still not 100%

Moms says she has not heard that comment, but does live by its values. See we are all happy again:)
See Yea George xxx

Unknown said...

I would never expect less from you, sweet Anita! One more delicious post! Dancing the life music, different acts, hold and being held. Adorable way to make me think about how I am conducing my ballet!
Thanks, dear!!! Je vous souhaite un bon week-end!!! Bisous! Bela

Anonymous said...

I don't know..I am scared to dance. Literally and figuratively.

Funny I went to see the Black Swan last night...very metaphorical.

Pierelantijntjes said...

Dear Anita,
Where would we be, if we had no friends? And eventhough blogging is a virtual world, I'm so warmed by the friendship and kind words of bloggers. They teach me how to "dance" too. And I realy love that statement Anita. It's so important to be good and kind to everyone.
Have a lovely weekend,
Hugs Ester

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you for coming over to visit dearest!
Yes, like your dad, in the sense that he filled my heart with music and love of art.. I would stand on his feet, hold on tight to dance. When I grew up he would wisk me around the dance floor like Fred Astaire. What a beautiful dancer he was.. My Dad was such an inspiration and he loved to play the drums. Always encouraging me in everyway.. Yes, thank God for our men.

Come to Nowhere when you have a moment.. Bebe is having a fundraiser for her NEW poot poot.
Bisous my dear friend

It's me said...

Oh my dear Anita been a great friend to me for a long time now....what will i do without you in my live......let we dance together for a long time.....hope we enjoy eachother frienship for a long time.....lieve Anita wil je nog heel lang mijn vriendinnetje zijn ???? liefs van love this post of you so great !!!

michelle said...

Dearest Anita this is such an inspiring post and I am so glad that you are finding your way about we dance together? :) I enjoy the friendships that I have made here and treasure yours because you are true in words, visions and love. I often come back to your posts to read them when I need a pick-me-up. What Dore wrote is so beautiful and so true and she is such a gentle soul.
Thank you again for you beautiful comments and uplifting words on my blog. I would love to see your home and your progress, I bet it is so beautiful just as you are my dear.

Have a blessed week!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

a lovely sentiment and beautiful post! have a wonderful weekend.

Rosie said...

Hello Anita dear,
Ahhhhh....after a very trying day, I have come to relax in your whimsical world of tulle, ballet slippers, smiles, and hugs. No matter how many times I sneak in the back door, looking for my dear friend, I always come away with a peaceful smile on my lips...thank you sweet one.
Well...the short version...after sitting with an IV in my arm for 4 hrs, my procedure was cancelled due to too many emergency surgeries. :(
So, after a good cry, and a many a hug from my dearest, I will know on Monday when we will try this again.
Thank you for your prayers, and I shall keep you updated.
Now, I think I shall make a good cuppa, curl up in a fluffy chair and watch "Miss Potter". I LOVE this little movie...xoxox...Rosie

Deborah said...

I loved "Miss Potter"..and I love that song!!!
Id have to say that my brother taught me to dance...
always believing in me since I was a little girl.
Thank you for bringing these sweet thoughts to remembrance dear Anita..
So beautiful and inspiring you are,
precious friend!
D A N C you do, so very well!!!!

All my love,
Deborah xoxoxoxoxoxo

La Petite Gallery said...

Beautiful and wonderful thoughts.
I always fell better when I come here.
My Dad taught me to Dance. Sure miss him.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post! Beautiful pictures and beautiful words.

Privet and Holly said...

I love Dore's
quote and I
believe it is
the best way to
live...And even
if we don't know
the right steps,
it is enough to
dance with one's
heart and soul,
xx Suzanne

*❀* said...

dearest Anita

i am shedding teardrops at the beauty of this post.
what a lovely, poetic, spiritual soul you have.
all will be well. january is a transitional month. next month the first breath of Persephone will blow across the land and your heart will begin to feel warm and happy and full again.

sending warmest hugs and love


It's me said...

Hhahahaaha!! jouw Nederlands word steeds beter !!! welterusten....slaap lekker....kus van

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Shall we dance Ma cherie??? Oh Nita, yes, yes, one life to live so one needs to find the steps of your own and follow it!
Your short post was still so very lovely and with beautiful sentimantal!!! Love you!!!

Victoria Sayer said...

Your Majesty.
I bow and humbly thank you for sharing such a truly enchanting post.
You had me at 'Katie Melua'. Before I even read the rest of your post, I sat through Katie's song, with the wonderful Miss Potter to keep me entertained.
Katie Melua IS my ALL TIME favourite female singer. Then I played her song again, as I continued to discover what you had posted.
Your words were inspiring as always. Your complimentry photos just superb.
My Knight was the one who taught me 'how to dance'. Followed closely by my daughter, and now...little granddaughter, who I just know has lots of splendorous future dances for me to learn.
ALWAYS A PLEASURE Anita, to visit you this way.
Much love.xx

The Glamorous Gourmet said...

Ahhh, a truly inspiring post! There are few things in the world I find more joyful than dancing! I took formal lessons for 13 years but to this day i just love cutting loose on the dance floor or in my own living room. After being on crutches for 10 weeks with 4 more to go I cannot wait to be able to dance again - I miss it soooo much. Cheers to your beautiful post:)

Burlap Luxe said...

I would love for you to come visit my blog and see my new header.
I took a picture of my unmade bed sheets and some of my art burlap messed up and photoed chairs for the look of undone but simple.

Would love you to let me know how you think it fits my style...I needed a change after a year of looking at a nest :)

My etsy matches as well.
NOW be honest did I make a mistake ridding the header with the nest??

Snippets/Sarah said...

I saw your posts on another blog's "comments" section and it was so beautifully written. I came over to your blog. What a treat. I'll definitely enjoy your inspiration and creativity. Beautiful. How does every one get such creative blog titles with art work and beautiful fonts?

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour Anita!
What a lovely post, once again. I am not sure who actually taught me how to dance as I am a lucky person and I am surrounded by lovely people, for real and virtually. I love that comment from Doré. It reminds me of my mother who always said that you had to put the crown on somebody's head, never take it off. I guess it is no coincidence that your blog is called Castles, crowns and cottages...have a nice Sunday, lieve groetjes aan mijn lieve vriendin, LiLi

Foxglove said...

Dancing is such a wondrous and beautiful thing my friend. To dance every day and flow with life the breathing in and the breathing out, the spiral inwards for rest and the unfurling outwards with joy.

Your words and images are filled with such beauty and inspiration and I am so happy to hear you are feel better and that you are dancing into this month of Love.

Life has taught me how to dance but the most important ones would have been my beautiful mother firstly and through my gorgeous daughter with laughter and joy which accompanies the dance.

Have a week filled with dancing and joy, dear Anita. xxx

Unknown said...

I was just thinking this yesterday and spoke the thought out loud...we need more love, more positive feedback, more hugs and more cheerleaders in our life.

In my life I've had a sweet rule, no matter if I was wearing the hat of a wife, mother, friend, or I was someones manager I've never allowed a negative note. If you leave me a negative note, I toss it in the garbage can but if you leave a love note, a positive note, the power in that...can last a life time.

Thank you dear one for the gentle reminder to acknowlege those that love us.

So...From Jacqueline: Thank you for loving the big and little girl in me Anita.

From Gretta, thank you for loving the chubby goofy hedgehog in me and From Pippit, thank you for allowing me to be the living doll that I am.

Vær våken said...

Dear Anita! That is the most beautiful statement! Wow..something to really live by! Thank you...I'll will now carry this with me! Have a blessed day :)

Kristin xo

koralee said...

Wishing you a blessed Sunday my friend...I hope to do a few heart projects around my home today.

Hope you are ready for a wonderful week...they do go fast and soon it will be March. That is the Month that my sweet Molly was coming home but now she is off to Sweden to attend school...will now be home in JUNE...that seems like such a long ways away.


victorian parlor II said...

What a beautiful post!!! Being that I have two left feet and no rhythm I was releived when I read on to discover it was life's dance and not the actual act of dancing to which this post was referring:). I must say I am abundantly blessed as I have been taught to dance by so many but in the end it always comes back to God:).

Blessings dear friend,


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning My Precious Anita...
What a beautiful post. I love this wonderful saying you have shared.

You have always made me feel more and that is what brings me back each and every time. The wonderful LOVE that you share in each and every post. You write them so that you make a person feel as if it was meant just for them, and them alone. No matter who else is reading it. That is wonderful feeling sweet friend.

I love you post today. It is so pretty. I especially love the look on the face of the girl on the stairs. Has someone called her name? Did she hear a noise that stopped her in her tracks? Has she lost her slipper?

And the other beautiful woman walking towards that castle. Is she finally home? Is she sneaking into a ball? Is she searching for her prince charming? Is it a secret randevu?

Yes you always leave me dreaming and guessing. I love it sweet one. Another gorgeous share of love from your beautiful heart.

Have a glorious Sunday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Unknown said...

Love this! I love the dancing ballerina! I remember my ballet teacher, Miss Lynn. She will go down in history for sure! Gorgeous post! XX!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Oh Anita - This takes me back. I just posted about some Paris Ballet Sketches, and have mentioned your exquisite and delightful blog.

Anne said...

Bonjour, Anita! J'adore toujours les photos! It is always a pleasure to see new photos and read your lovely thought. Enjoy your Sunday! xo Anne

*❀* said...

hello my dearest

i am drawn back to all this beauty.

have had a pesky headache the whole day long and this is a salve, a healing balm.

much love to you xxx


Rae said...

I so enjoyed the video song...loved it. Is it a movie? I know, where have I been.
and your words...they bless me so, always!
I danced ballet, starting at age 3 until I met my husband at 16. Now I wished I would have stayed with it. My teacher was going to take me to France, but then I would most likely not have married my hubby,so I'm just glad for the few years in dance.
Have a happy day dear!

My Grama's Soul said...

Sweet post dear lady.....sound as though you have your "mojo" back! (O:



desde my ventana said...

Sorry Anita,I'm so late.....I have been out of Madrid to visit my mather in Asturias.
I love to see in your post the video of the final diagonal from Odette's variation in the Swan Lake, and I love too your inspiration for the today post. I hope that our dance lasts a lot of time and that we could learn many things still together.

I wish you a happy new week,


Susan said...

Beautiful post, Anita!
I just finished report card comments after a very busy week-end, so I am doing a happy dance! Wishing you a week filled with reasons to dance with happiness!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Hi Anita! Glad to see a post from you again :) I checked back a couple of times last week. I never thought you lost any luster, always a shining moment for me to visit and esp when you pop over to visit me. Dore has always said some of the sweetest things to me, you two are a perfect match of wonderful! A great friend is someone who can watch the other friend grow and not the distance between the two. I have danced many dances in my life thus far, I don't know if precision is a perfect word for me, but I do strive and enjoy wearing the many costumes along the way. Have a wonderful week! XOXO, Kelly

paperbird said...

This is such a beautiful post Anita.
The words you write are pure kindness- you are a sweet soul.
I love each picture you have posted- all so beautiful and the quote too.
Have a beautiful week.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear very beautiful!!! You Taught Me How to Dance sung be Katie...I have that on her CD here at home and I think I will have to go and put it on straight away!!! Keep Danching Sweet One...You too are the best!!! Dzintra♥x

jerilanders said...

We are all dancers around here. The chickens do the cha cha, the goats and sheep are waltzing fools, the donkey does a CRAZY jitterbug, the ducks and geese have their own special dance they call the "Webby toed Watusi" and the peacocks... well they just strut and shake their fluffy tail feathers. Hubby and I dance cheek to cheek. Yeah, I would say we are all loaded with rhythm!

Rosie said...

Greetings my dear friend,
Thank you for your ever so kind words...always knowing just the words I need to hear...and accompanying them with either a muffin or a hug, this is a very precious gift that you give...xoxox
Well, the silver lining to this fiasco, was being able to attend another "perfect" service...on really, could it be any more appropriate? Oh dearest, God has blessed me with much...and I am content.
And you my dear, have washed floors and removed all traces of the worker bees...If only I lived a wee bit closer, I would love to come and watch you put the finishing touches on this masterpiece.
I am at the shop first thing in the morning to do a little bit of paper work, and will check the mail once again for the wee parcel you have sent....maybe? Then it is into the shop at home to paint a little side table for a customer...I really do love any time spent in my painting sanctuary.
Wishing you a wonderful week filled with much JOY, LOVE, and PEACE...xoxox...Rosie

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonjour mon amie, a quick visit to wish you a gorgeous start to the new week, the first week of the month of
L O V E ~ La semaine d' Amour. In French everything sounds so much better, doesn't it?
I will take the Thalys February 12 to go to Paris in the evening we'll go back by train. My 53 year old former collegue et moi. She is such an amazing lady! I could listen to her stories and happenings for days.
How excited you must be, sweet sweet friend, to see your cottage growing day by day, shining and sparkling.
Mille bisous, dearest sweet sweet friend xxxxx

Christmas-etc... said...

What a beautiful quote!! Unfortunately, not one most live by today...People today seem to more live by, "It's business," as they destroy careers and take homes... But maybe, just maybe...there are more people in the world who believe as Dore!! (I love her site!!).
I'm not much of a dancer (don't have rhythm!) but I sure do like the imagery in this post (and I love to watch dancers). Almost made me feel as if I could dance!
Blessings dear Anita!
Be happy (and patient...your house will soon be done and everything will fall back into place - and there will be so much more room!!)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh keep dancing Sweet One...I have heard about the Winters there this year...Our summer is very hot, but I love it..and of course the beach....the warmth will be on its way to you soon dearest, already the days are starting off from the Beach Bunny,..Dzintra

michelle said...

Good morning dearest Anita! I hope you are staying warm this Monday! I heard lots more snow is coming....sigh...will spring ever get here?
Thank you so much for sweet comments on my daughters room! She is loving a feeling at the beach during these cold gray days! Oh I am so happy that you are working on your rooms and what wonderful colors you have chosen, I can't wait to see!!
Have a wonderful day my dear friend and stay warm and safe!! :)

"Create Beauty" said...

You are SO inspiring, I love the 'joi de vivre' in which you add to every facet of your life!!!

And it flows our of your heart to each one who visits here.

Sparkly glittery delightful and

love you!
~ Violet

Silvia C said...

Hello Anita dearest, what a lovely post! The images are stunning, but the words, well...again...they have touched my heart.
February will be an exciting month which I will start with a great giveaway (tomorrow). It is the month of my one year anniversary as a blogger and Feb 10 I'll open my Etsy shop. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. What a magnificent thing it is to be alive! Enjoy your week, dearest.
Thank you for the magnificent poetry on this post.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, how come i haven't seen this beautiful post yet? Awwwww, so nice what you cooked up here. And i believe you are a good dancer! I hope you've had a lovely weekend and - maybe your painting job got finished. I was working or - trying to, but i still feel very tired and a little "Out of it". This week however, i've got to get down to bussiness and finish the layout for the magazine, which is still a LOT to do. How are you my dear? I send you hugs for a cozy, sweet evening!

Stacey said...

Sweet Anita,
I'm grinning from ear to ear because you posted again:-). I'm happy that we inspired you to dance/continue to share your wise thoughts/inspiring posts with us. Your cup over floweth:-). I hope your week is off to wonderful start! XX said...

It's just like I thought... you are dancing, even when the words don't flow on some days... your heart and spirit still dance.

My husband and children have made me dance, and now my steps are lighter with joy again, as I dance with my 6 grandkids! It's amazing.

Don't stop dancing, and I won't either! :)

Rosie said...

Hellooo?...Are you home sweet one? I have come for a good giggle...and a warm cuppa...somethin'. It was such a pretty day, with the sun streaming through the windows...I think I need to clean them though.
It was a very low key day, spent going through a BIG box of old photos, of my husbands childhood. I sported a silly grin for hours...he was SO cute. Had planned to spend it immersed in white paint, but just couldn't get motivated. Tomorrow.
Well dear's time for a movie and a bowl of until tomorrow...sweet dreams...R

Ann said...

Oh wow...what a wonderful post. I enjoyed every part of it. Oh to dance alone with abandon and without care is what I sometimes dream to do especially while singing with a loud music...:)

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest Anita,
You always live by the quote. I have had the pleasure of you making me feel so wonderful with your words.
The "dance" of friendship is so beautiful. May I have the next dance?
Enjoy my friend,
Please visit soon and meet the first foal of 2011, I have told him all about you.

Bonnie said...

Hello Anita, you are as beautiful and inspiring as always. Love to you and Ruben.

xo, Bonnie

designchic said...

What a poignant quote and lovetly images to start my morning - you too have this wonderful gift, Anita!!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, oh, i felt so sorry to read you were having a difficult time at school. People can be so horrible and so stupid sometimes, and it's so hard to deal with it - especially if it concerns your job. I tell you - i have enough of those here as well at times. Just try to remain positive and most important: do something nice for yourself. Thank you so much for visiting - i'm always happy to see you! Am sending sunny vibes!

Arti said...

A beautiful post, so very well written, so gracious...
Loved it throughly!!
Have a wonderful day:)

Cobalt Violet said...

Magical gorgeousness, what a beautiful post! Starting with the beautiful ballerina and ... the castle in sparkles and those amazing gowns ...

Thanks for bringing the beauty! What a way to start the day!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Strikingly beautiful post dear Anita!


Kirsty Girl said...

beautiful! Amazing photos too! :D

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Anita
You came BACK! You are such a sweetheart.. Thank you so much for your encouragement.. I admire your talents more than you know..

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a lovely post, Anita! Perfect in its beauty.


Sheila :-)

Rosie said...

Oh dear one, I needed a giggle and that's exactly what you hand delivered :) I was wearing a great BIG grin all morning...thanks a bunch!
How were the roads my friend? Were you rewarded with a grand chandy to deck out this beautiful ball room? Oh I can't wait to have a wee peek at this brilliance you have cooked up.
Today was a wonderful day of much organizing and white paint in my work shop. Have felt things piling up...little jobs...but still needing to be done. So did a wee clean up and managed to cross many of those jobs off the old "to do" list. Tomorrow will bring MORE of the same...I'll be in my HAPPY PLACE if you need me :)
Well darlin' it is time for bed...enjoy tomorrow, to it's fullest...then tell me all about it...xoxoxo Rosie

michelle said...

Hello little snow bunny! :) How are you this cold and snowy Wed! WOW it is cold by you!! I hope that you are staying warm and cozy today. We got a little over a foot of snow and lots of blowing. Thank you so for your sweet comment about my header, I was having fun playing around with pictures and my blog while listening to the wind last night. :)
Have a safe and cozy Wednesday my dear.
Love to you!

koralee said...

Sending you some extra hugs to help you stay cozy and warm today my are sure getting the winter weather! It seems chilly here but we get the wonderful sun to warm us up all was such a beautiful day yesterday.

So happy all is working out for you....I knew it would. Off to get ready for the day ..I brought my sewing machine to school yesterday and I am sewing paper heart chains for the windows at school..they look amazing. So much fun.

Have a great day and stay warm! xoxoxo

erin's art and gardens said...

oh my dearest anita,
once again you have chosen the most perfect images and words! you are so lucky to have had teachers who showed you how to dance and now YOU are the one doing the teaching!! we all need affirmation and i can always count on your glowing comments to help me dance. thank you so much, sweety for visiting my little slice of bloggy and for your kindness and for the dance lessons.....
i am forever grateful,

p.s. did you say 30 below?!?! that reminds me of college days in winona. bbrrrrrrr......

p.p.s. i can not wait to see your new room...i hope the painting has been going well? is it even warm enough to do that right now?

p.p.p.s. do they ever close the schools up there? i heard chicago schools are closed today for the first time in twelve years!

*❀* said...

ahhhhh the moment i step over here i feel i am in a realm of enchantment, beauty and serenity a place of dreams.

somewhere i can relax and sip my tea in elegant suroundings.

the list i wrote today is more of i guide i am trying to live by to help me out or the chaos that my home has got into following it's neglect during my illness. this way,i hope,i can gradually get on top of things.

i feel i have been neglecting my friends too this past week or so. my time has been limited, i have been posting, but it doesn't make up for direct contact. i am putting up another post this evening, but then giving it a little break until i have caught up with commenting and emailing. my email is still playing up, i may have to change from yahoo.

i hope you are well, i have been thinking of you and wondering how the big transformation is coming along.
i will drop by again soon to hear your news and will try to sort out the email business.

sending much love and warmest hugs

millie xxx

Jenny said...

What wonderful encouragement Anita! Just the other day I saw on the Today Show a man with a book about one day while out walking hearinga voice tell him to go home directly and write thank you he did to his local barista, his barber, his daily mail carrier, and the people everyday that come in and out of his life and help and work. Then he found that he had a continual fountain of thankfulness for all the little miracles of everyday life and that those who were thoughtfully thanked were also encouraged and they themselves reached out more in turn. It was quite lovely but it also brought me to see, as your post did, that by simple good appreciation and thanks we can make everyday better....very Philippians 2 and beautiful....THANK YOU Anita for this GOOD TRUTH, that you add on your blog.

Karena said...

Anita I am so thankful to you for this post it is moving beyond. All of the images are so special. The quote you ended with was perfect because I am going to see someone I have been upset with...

Those words shall be in my head!

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Art by Karena

Rosie said...

Hello my sweet...
Oh dear one, how was your day? Did that gorgeous chandy get suspended yet? Rubens office sounds perfect. Well your castle is definitely going to twinkle, sparkle and shine just like the queen who reins there.
Today was spent trying to finish a project that I had start a while back. I have a little black doll buggy that sit outside the shop. She is VERY old, and in need of a new hood and after much deliberation, I am almost finished. It was much more difficult than I had first thought, but I should be done tomorrow.
My hands are sore, so I will call it a night... have a happy day...enjoying all that HE has in store for you dearest...oxoxoxo R

Martina said...

Dear sweet Anita, so glad ti read you're feeling better. I do, too. Today is the first day i feel my energy coming back - thank god, i so need it! Read about the bitter ice and cold in the USA and hope you'll be getting to work and back safely and keep yourself warm - lots of tea needed today! More soon, xox

jade said...

Oh Anita,
i love, love love this post..........full of romance, beauty and poetry!!!! It makes me DANCE and smile and dream!!! I´m so happy, that you feel better now and i´m proud, to leave the 100. comment at your post ;))!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend,

Hugs Jade (and Sheila ;))

koralee said...

Morning my friend...are you digging your way out of a snow bank? I hear so many stories about all the snow down your way.

We really have been blessed this Winter...I guess it could still come but now I want SPRING! I think we all want her to come.

We I did get the hearts all done...and they look amazing..I will take some photos today but I usually do not like to post anything about my school...just to play it safe.

Must is my early morning staff meeting day. Hugs and love for another day of sweetness.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Well, where did the week go? It's Thursday evening again. I did so many yet soooo little.
I have been away a couple of evenings, but not tonight, tonight it's ME time ~ TEA time, tee hee.
Happy running and teaching today, dearest Anita. The weekend is around the corner, woo hoo, time to move around and use your magic touch!
Lots of love xxxxxx

Micki said...

I went to ballet school for many years and it gave me the grace and confidence that I needed then. I still love to dance, but of course when I am in my husband's arms dancing, I feel that I am soaring.

Janean said...

*wow!* that's all i keep saying. you have a good idea, letting that person know how they've taught an important lesson.

great post.

Rosie said...

Greetings dear one,
You are moving your many treasures into this gorgeous room you have built...Oh, I can only imagine the JOY, EXCITEMENT and IMMENSE ANTICIPATION you must be feeling. I am impatiently waiting, on the edge of my seat, for your unveiling. It will be PERFECT I just know.
And to be able to watch, and enjoy the bunnies as they frolic in your garden is so very charming.
Well today was a day of sewing bliss. The little pram is FINISHED...YIPPEE!!She was a lot more of a challenge than I had originally thought, more because the canvas was so dilapidated, I couldn't make a proper pattern. So it was a case of "wing it" and hope for the best. I will send you a snappie, hopefully tomorrow.
My dear husband just informed me that Ry is coming home for the weekend...another YIPPEEEEEEE!!! Apparently he has built something for his dad's shop and is coming to install it. What a lovely, lovely surprise.
Well, I think I should give the house a quick go over before my baby arrives have a wonderfilled day with those fabulous children and get ready for a weekend of decorating jubilation...xoxox...Rosie

Stacey said...

Hi Anita,
It sounds like you're almost done and are putting the finishing touches on the renovation. I hope you're going to show a pic or two because i'm bursting in anticipation! Yes, we have to have some sort of celebration when i move into my new home:-). I hope your week has gotten better,especially since tomorrow is Friday!! Yayy! Hugs to you. XX

Christmas-etc... said...

Your comments always make me smile, dear Anita!! I so love seeing them! Yes, Edward is an amazing little guy - he adds movement and fun to our home! I'll bet someday, when you have more time perhaps (I imagine this is probably your dear husband's concern)that an adorable dog or cat will wander onto your doorstep and become a natural part of your lives! Truthfully, I would have had a hard time having a dog or cat when my children were young and I was writing novels full time...But at just the right moment (15 years ago now) our first dog and cat came into our lives! We didn't expect Edward...we weren't going to go looking for another animal friend after our dear dear dog died last July but... God had other plans!!
Many blessings for a warm and restful weekend!
PS Looking forward to seeing your new post (when you have the time!!)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

OOOooo...What a pleasure of a visit!!! Thankyou for a nice place to be sweetly reminded that I can dance....even with two left feet!!!
Hee....WARMth and Blessings,
(I just watched my Miss Potter DVD agin 2 nights ago) smile! hmmm
yes the song shall float with me today! ;-)

michelle said...

Hello dearest! How are you this chilly morning? I hope that you are staying warm! Thank you again for visiting, I always smile when I see your name. :) Oh you have three colors too? Don't you wish you could use them all!? Hopefully I can incorporate the colors that I have somehow as well. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and that you are staying warm!

Blessings to you my friend.

koralee said...

Happy Friday to you too my sweet friend. I am feeling a little under the weather today..nothing a few Advil can fix {I hope}. we head into our Mine is very busy...I have a huge deadline that is due so will be taking photos and writing all weekend long {wish I could tell you about it...but maybe soon}

So will not be much of a weekend for me. That's ok....we are looking at a few more homes {which will be fun}...still can not find that dream home of ours.

Hugs and love...enjoy your day. xoxoxo

Burlap Luxe said...

Awww! Dearest Anita,
You have all the right words to last a life time.

I wish I were your neighbor, you would not have to commission me, I would be over at your place painting a special gift for your new room, oh so French that melts into the wall of your heart.

You are so deserving for all things in reach and beyond.

Thank you for being a friend of great pleaseing words warming my heart on a bad day :)

Je suis la mise en service de votre talent.

Rosabears said...

Everything have been said I think so I keep it simple.....
A beautiful and warm post.
Many blessing and many thanks.

Martina said...

Anita, how are you in that snow-blizzard? I hope all is well with you and you can still get into your sweet house and be warm and safe there. Hope you and Ruben will have a cozy weekend, and relax a bit after all the painting work. I still work a bit on the magazine, but all will be finished tom. evening - YAY!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Another wonderful post Anita and wonderful quote by Dore.. it is so true.. and funnily I find it most real in blogland!!! so you are right.. we teach each other to dance!!!

Thanks for your always kind and generous comments.. you do live up to this quote... up to and beyond!!!

I was going to say more.. had it all ready in my head.. and now I forget!! darn!! it's 42c [107.6F] and my brain is befuddled!!! can't think... hahaha... so hot.. need to go put my head in the freezer!! hehehe

Take care and have a lovely turquoise weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

ahh.. now I remember!!!!

I'm am always inspired .. not just by your posts.. but also. by your husband's comments!!! What a wonderful pair you are!!!

That was it.. ciao xxx Julie

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Anita, So glad you came over! Smile smile! I think I found you because I saw your comments at a few sites and then you started being familiar so I had to come check you out. But I did notice you mostly at the Hop Along Gazette
(a grand place to hang out)
I am looking forward to visiting your sites often!
Lots of Warmth and many Blessings, Linnie

Unknown said...

Just hopping by to say have a lovely weekend! Inspiration galore!

Unknown said...
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Rosie said...

Anita dear...
Oh my goodness Ruben's room sounds completely wonderful. You my dear are so talented...from teaching youngsters, to writing, to painting and sketching and now the "queen of diamonds"...(and much sparkle) will try her hand at decorating the castle. Your theatrical T.V cabinet sounds lovely...I do need a wee snappie when all is said and done though.
This morning was a time of baking and cleaning and general happiness. Rewarded with a trip to a near by town who's antique mall is closing it's doors. Wandered through lookin' for the good bargains, but alas I came out with nothing but a smile. There was a VERY large slate gray, carved French bookcase (12 ft long and 7 ft tall) topped off with baskets of roses!!!!! Needless to say if in fact this scrumptious piece finds a home at R&R I will have to plot out where oh where I shall put it. I'm likin' the idea of a mercantile look, mixing cream linens, white dishes, and maybe an array of exquisite lotions, creams and such...we'll have to see.
Well my dear son will be here any moment, so will wish you a happy day of decorating, primping and arranging and general happiness...have fun sweetness...xoxo..Rosie

paperbird said...

thinking of you dear anita- have a beautiful weekend.

Vær våken said...

HI DEAR ANITA! Your comments are always so lovely!!! I'm so glad my post inspired you and I agree..labs are so cute! I grew up with one..and now my parents got another one :)And I love that song with Katie Melua and that movie...I can see it over and over! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend my sweet friend!

Kristin xoxo

Kirsten Steen said...

Hey I missed this post. And what a beautiful phrase at the end. I must say, without a doubt, you succeed in this endeavor. And we thank you for it! Lovely Anita!