Friday, January 21, 2011

I've Lost Something

and I can't find it.

Just as Cinderella lost her slipper

I too, for just a moment, have lost the magic.

I wanted to bring you flowers

an abundant bouquet to hand deliver to each and everyone of you.

I envisioned inviting you to a feast of inspiring thoughts

and a unique moment of sweet indulgence

to make you come back for more

to relax and play

and share the wonder.

but instead, I look outside the window of my beautiful soul and find a blank, white sky.

 Therefore, I am going to quietly and carefully observe around me for a while

until the vision of magic comes back into my tired eyes

and I find my slipper once again.

To be a writer requires much more than just DESIRE, 

much more than an occasional uplifting blog post,

but a commitment to voracious reading of the greats


and more TIME...

things that I am short on at the moment.

But my one saving grace is the circle of friends I have found in you 

who keep me on MY TOES and reaching for my dreams.

Merci de tout mon coeur les filles...

Photo credits:

Just be Splendid


Sarah said...

I always find beauty and inspiration here, Anita. You have a beautiful sense of style and a way with words.
Thank you for sharing your inner spirit! It sparkles!
~ Sarah

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear sweet Anita...there is nothing wrong with looking at a blank white sky in my eyes...perhaps your beautiful Soul is resting...I am sure the magic will be back again and you will be tantalizing us once more with your beautiful writing...Cheers dear one, Dzintra♥x

Fay said...

My dearest Anita WHAT a delicious and wonderful ,soulful post. I couldnt sleep its 3am so i got up! and here you are to greet me HOW fortunate am I, WHERE do you find all thes amazing images perfection AND you have the Charbonnel and Walker too mmmm their Violet and Rose creams ! Your magic is there believe me ! Miss you lots speak demain LOVE n hugs fay xxx

Sonja said...

This is one of the sweetest, most honest and precious things I've read in a long time. What a gracious way of expressing your temporary lack of words. I think there are days when I would do well to NOT write a blog, especially on the days when I think 'it's time to post!'

I love this Anita, just love it. I have no doubt that the words and heart behind them will be soon be flowing again more beautifully than ever. He has given you such a gift!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My sweet Anita
The magic is not gone dearest, not possible.. Not you... It is waiting in you heart. When it heals they will return.. This post has moved me to tears. I will keep you in my thoughts.
amour mon ami

Grace said...

When I read your blog I just sigh....I love your photos and your wording and I love it all! The gorgeous pink bathtub popped right out at me. Have a pink-tabulous weekend. Grace xoox

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my magical sister,

Anita, this post is one of your most inspiring I have read. To take a step back, pause and reflect, to sit in the emptiness is a wonderful thing. I adore you!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Anita

I beg to differ!!!

My mac is playing up at present and not all the images have loaded. yet still.. inspiration is plentiful!!! I just love that image below the 'window to your soul' .. Gorgeous!! is it Allanah Hill {Australian designer.. you'd love her!]..

You know my inspiration has been lacking lately... and that is what's so wonderful about blogging.. we have our friends to bounce us back.

Have a great weekend.. will be back to look again when 'MAC in the box' behaves.. ciao xxx Julie

VictoriaArt said...

Oh, cherie, your white window is a blank canvas, the material of dreams becomes your playground, nothing is lost, it's in translation from the soul to become
your art!
You need this time!
Travel new ways!
Bon voyage!


Deborah said...

I love coming here for the "beauty that is in you" my dear Anita.
The love that flows from you has filled me with such joy
and covers me.
Sending love to you this winters eve precious Anita...

All my love,
Deborah xoxo

Jeri Landers said...

Anita, I often find myself looking at a blank page, searching for inspiration. I always seem to find it again, usually by seeing through someone else's eyes.. someone else's paintings or writings... There is always a time for quiet contemplation, you needn't ever feel obligated. When the spirit moves you again,as it will, you'll be refreshed and ready to forge ahead. Bless you.

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Anita, perhaps your muse is resting, although we certainly can't tell it from this beautiful post! I myself have felt as if I were in a fog lately, and my own muse was sleeping...
The upcoming spring will brighten all of our thoughts, and creative juices will be flooding the rivers of our imaginations soon. I am always inspired by visiting you dear friend. xoxox Christel

BonjourRomance said...

Dear Anita,
Beautifully said. Your honesty is something we can all relate to. Many times a windfall of inspiration arrives after a wee dry spell. Time is a big factor, but rest assured once all is calm and 'back to normal' your creativity will be ready and waiting.
Sometimes we all need a little nap...
Take care my friend,

Martina said...

Dear Anita, you've lost the magic? No, that's not true! Look at this beautiful post you've put together. I love the pictures, especially the first one and the one with the bathtub, So GORGEOUS! The magic needs a refill sometimes and - you've had lots on your mind lately with the new rooms, your job, new year ...Just trust a little. You managed to put a little sparkle on me already! Have a peaceful day ;)

InesMrs.Venus said...

Good Morning Dear-

such a pleasure to read your thoughts and to enjoy your amazing photos :-)
I scrolled down and every single photo enjoyed me- so I had to call my daughter and I enjoyed those images with her together again...♥

Oh- my favourite is this wonderful romantic bathroom- I love it!

Enjoy your weekend- Ines

marian said...

Take your time!
Great post again though with the most amazing pictures and words, even with that lack of inspiration, the white canvas as you call it.

L'Elégante said...

J'adore le rose, sous toutes ses formes, sous toutes ses nuances. C'est la couleur de la douceur par excellence. Et en ce moment j'ai vraiment besoin de douceur. Et je la trouve chez toi. Tu es une source de joie et de bonheur, chère Anita, je suis très heureuse de te connaître. Avec toute mon amitié. Fine.

George the Lad said...

Oh dear, Antia, bloggers block, I get them two, it must be the time of year, see, I didn't do a post in the week!!but I think oh well some thing will turn up!! Take a rest and when you least expect it inspiration will be back ;)
Love the photos, its good to know that all us bloggers go though the same thing be it blogging or writing
See Yea George who must get his act together and go some where this weekend!!
Love to Balzac xxx

Bela said...

Elegant Anita, "a feast of inspiring thoughts"would be more than would be parfait! That is exactly the feast I figure when we meet one day. We will, I know!
Oh, the sweet indulgence will be present too! That is what makes us fly higher!!
I love you, sweet friend, and wish you are happy for ever and ever. Jumping the waves (as we say here) when they come. They always come as the ocean brightly moves.
Have a sweet weekend! Bela

desde my ventana said...

Your inspiration continues there ... it's true Anita. Your post shows it with your reflections, your words and the wonderful images that you leave us.

I hope that you spend a lovely and rested weekend,

Muchos besos,


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Anita
I;m back.. and all the images are loading this time.. was so worth the extra visit... Oh my .. I want that bathroom. could you package it up and mail it over here??? have some fun this weekend!!!

ciao ciao... xxx Julie

Presépio no Canal said...

Oooh that bathroom! So cosy!!

I wish you a good rest, a very nice time to simply enjoy yourself :-)
You are a very inspirational soul, Anita! :-)

Many, many kisses!

The Dutchess said...

There's nothing more inspiring then a blanc wall...just put ONE little dot on it an it becomes art...So,please begin with a little dot...Pink maybe..?

Take your time dear..with much love and admiration..your friends on The Hilltop..xoxo

Pierelantijntjes said...

I know fot sure, that your get the magic back sweet Anita! Take time to rest and one day soon, you find back what you thought you've lost.
Hugs Ester

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest Anita,
The magic is still there, it might be resting which will make it all the more powerful when it wakes up.
I have found if a post doesn't magically appear from my typing fingers it just isn't meant to be.
Rest, dear magic, rest, dear Anita and we will wait for the great awakening be it tomorrow or next month.
You are always an inspiration and I love looking out the window of your world.
Happy Weekend!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour ma belle!!

The magic is always within you... sometimes it has to rest and wait for the right moment to explode into creativity! You are a magical person mon amie. I adore that part of you. And always come back to see what you are sharing of yourself. You are so dear to me Anita.

mille bisous, SHerry

The French Bear said...

Anita, no matter what you post, beautiful photos or pretty poetry or just random is the enchanting way in which you present it all. I never tire of coming to visit your blog and being inspired!
Maybe you just need a little getaway, a holiday, a change.......a hug.....take some time for you!!!
Love the pinkness of this do manage to find the most gorgeous pictures, now I am thinking of pink!!!!
Thank you for being you and making me want to be creative!!!!
Margaret B

Foxglove said...

Beautiful Anita,

I have been so enchanted once again my friend as I step into the beautiful world you have created. Sometimes when we feel like we have nothing to give, when all inspirations have slipped out through our fingers, still the amazing happens...

Your are a wonderful and talented person who shines, inspires and brings so much beauty in all that you write and illustrate. When your eyes are refreshed and renew and the dawn comes again you will see the magic, the wonders all the more clearly.

Take time my friend and I wish you a restful and peaceful weekend. xxx

(I love Miss Dior Cherie one of my favourites!!!!)

cityfarmer said...

... you need not worry ...a blank white sky to you is a well spring full of fresh, clear water to us, your loyal readers.

Truth be told, you my darling are never lack in the realm of inspiration.

I on the other hand feel like a bear in her cave surviving hibernation mode.

carry on

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita...if at all you can you must take a rest...this is probably what your Soul is telling you...and it is rarely wrong...Have a relaxing Sunday...Dzintra♥x

LissyLou said...

completely beautiful! xx

Martina said...

Anita, you came over - how nice! Take it slowly today if you can - a few days more or less in finishing the rooms is alright, it's always like that, we say " the devil is in the details"!
I'm tired today, but have to work on the magazine in the afternoon. And tommorrow we'll do another Kids-fashion shoot, so, busy weekend ... Maybe tonight hubby and i will go swimming or to the sauna, to relax, let's see! Anyway, let's treasute those moments and hope for a lovely explosion ;)

Ruben Rivera said...

Dearest Anita,

I completely relate to how you feel. And yet you produced a beautiful post expressing your feelings, and that should say that you have incredible talent. In fact, you inspire me to keep at it.


"Create Beauty" said...

You SHINE even when you are not feeling sparkly Anita... You have a river of Living Water that bubbles up even when you are not aware of it, bringing refreshment and nourishment to all who visit here!!! You have such a WONDER with words and images and express such love in all you do.

May you find refreshment and inspired J O Y this weekend as you rest, and today while you visit our blogging friend Suzanne, I just know you will be encouraged and lifted up!!!

Love you,

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I feel the same way. I think it is just January rearing it's head. I also find that the more I organize and make plans, my typical January days, the quieter my creative side gets for a bit. We just need to recharge the batteries and we'll be back to it in no time.

koralee said...

MORNING!!!!! You my sweet freind always inspire and keep me wanting more! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post speak the truth with such beautiful images!

Now I know you are off for a bit of fun today my friend...enjoy your tea party! Make your weekend count!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh no, you did not loose the magic, dearest amie. Your writing style is sublime! You keep amazing us, the pictures you share are so so beautiful too. Your little corner here sparkles.
Happy happy painting. I think that is what you should do, grab a wall and start with drawing a smiley face. Is that an idea? Put your mind on a sort of hold and the inspiring juices will flow, if not, they will do the day after or then or then... You ARE a magical, inspiring person, your works, drawings, post are outstanding.
Wishing you a wonderful WIntery warm weekend, lieve zuster.
Het is avond, ik ga het diner voorbereiden. Vis, gebakken aardappeltjes en sla. Chocolade ijs als toetje. Liefs lieve Anita xxxxx

Sharon said...

What a jewel I have found in your postings. I have learned to take a couple deep deep breathes, and then slowly exhale as i read through your blog.

You have a gift of slowing down time, and bringing pure beauty into my world.

You have a fan, and I thank you.

It's me said...

O my dear friend Anita...this post is huge !! geweldig !!! try to find inspirating but i have found it so so true what you write....with beautiful is always a party to come here......i like your blog !! ik vind jouw geweldig meid!..hou vol !!...liefs van

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my sweet friend ... even when you may think you are void of inspiration , know that your sweet words and beautiful images bring warmth, love, caring and inspiration to your readers.

I will miss your time away... I have learned so much through you and know there is still much more you will teach me/and your readers; about dreaming, making dreams a reality and writing inspiration. ... xo HHL

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I think it is you sweet Anita that keeps us dreaming of all that is beautiful and special in our daily lives. Time is always too short but living life is what we should do. So easy for me to get lost with my computer in my lap and staying indoors, by myself. I'm the worst! Thank you for yet another incredible post.

Have a lovely..lovely weekend, both of you. xx oo Deb

Micki said...

Your post is enchanting Anita, and I always smile when I read each and every one. Today, I watched Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and I thought of you.
Continue with all of your magic, because you have us all under your spell.

Privet and Holly said...

I had to smile at
the name of this post,
given the course of
events, today! I'm so
sorry that you got
LOST coming over and
that you're spirit is
also a bit off the path.
I hope your respite will
find you recharged, soon.
I missed seeing you and
felt a bit deflated, myself,
as I packed away the
xx Suzanne

La Petite Gallery said...

You always get the most beautiful images, I never see things like you put on your post. Awesome. yvonne

LiLi M. said...

Thank YOU Anita!!!!
For explaining your beautiful language right away, when I have a slight problem. I was going to rush to you to thank you right away, but you know..time...time...time.
Of course I want to thank you for this beautiful post too, what a feast for the eye again. Thanks for being an oasis in a busy time. Have a lovely weekend, mijn vriendin, mille bises LiLi

GrandmaK said...

Wishing you well on this well-deserved respite! I'll be here to welcome you back! Cathy

lostpastremembered said...

Lovely Anita, I have those white page blues from time to time. It's just a matter of finding connections. This time, well if you visit me you will see... I thought of you and all your castles and there was a spark after a piece of music started me on the right path. We do inspire one another, you know??? There are whites of emptiness and whites of possibility... a little change of attitude (or inspiration) can make the all the difference... and it often comes from the most unexpected places!

Bonnie said...

I have been feeling the same way... The pictures of the flowers have brightened my day, the other photos have allowed my mind to wander and escape my worries. Even when you don't have the words to say anything, I still find your blog a delight to visit and will be here no matter how long you might wander away for a while.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Anita, this post makes me want to take a long hot soak in the tub and eat cupcakes, drink champagne and dance around the living room in a tutu! Your photos are always eye candy for the soul. Thanks for sharing your creative life with us!

CailinMarie said...

Oh I hope you feel your sparkle again soon - but as a casual observer i should say it doesn't look like you are missing a thing :-)

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet lady.....You NEVER loose the magic!!



paperbird said...

the beauty of your posts have me so inspired dear anita- truly you have amazing talent.
i love the images you find and the beautiful words you put to them are magic.
thank you for the beauty and the light you shine.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

It's are working long days giving all your energy into being the best teacher you can be. Go take a bubble bath in rose scented bubbles. Does a girl wonders!!!

I haven't had as much time to blog either. Still trying to find part-time work outside the home. I want to be a teacher's aide in the Catholic school(SEAS...isn't that fate that the school initials are this?)...but I may get hired as a food demonstrater at Trader Joes. Waiting to see.

Rosie said...

Ahhh dear friend,So few moments for your passion and yet you knock on my back door EVERY morning...such devotion to a kindred...Merci mon ami le plus cher.
After a rough few days I think I am on the mend. Today was my last day at the shop for a while, so it was a bit tedious...I think I am ready. Hoping to catch a service tomorrow as it will be the last for a while.
Dearest you will be in my heart and mind as we both take a little respite refilling, rejuvenating, refreshing. This post is as lovely as any you have shared...It is so soft and are you.
I look forward to hearing, seeing and experiencing each corner and crevasse you are creating...ahhhh, I am curled up, in that big,comfy chair way over in the corner, sipping tea, as you work your magic...Oh what magic! Oh...this chair is ever so soft, I think I will just close my eyes for a few moments...good night my sweet...R

Debbie said...

lovely as always.


InesMrs.Venus said...

Good Morning, Anita-

oh- I hope, you didn´t think, that I don´t value your words... but: it´s like looking a film. You read one sentence - look at the next photo and in my head it´s more like looking a movie :-))
I hope, you know, what I mean...

I whish you a wonderful Sunday- I love it those days with lots of coffee- my whole family and a little bit time to paint...

A big hug- Ines♥

Kristin said...

Dear, dear Anita..first of all I found so many breathtaking images here today. BEAUTIFUL! And you are so right, sometimes we just need TIME! Use your time as your heart tells you and the magic will certainly find its way back to you! Wish you a beautiful new week and that you will find the inspiration you need in every are of your life! Have a LOVELY day, my friend!!!

Hugs, Kristin

lostpastremembered said...

One more thing, thanks for mentioning Gouffre de Padirac...I found a picture and put it in. I did not know it but it is now on my list for the summer visit... I must talk to you before I go for inspiration!!! Merci!!!

Denise said...

Good morning to you my Dear,Hope your feeling better in your spirit.The Lord has you in His arms.He is your source of whatever you are looking for.You can have as much as you want of my glimmer,shimmer and shine untell you get yours back.Then when I can't find mine you can pay me back.Denise

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning My Sweet One...
Oh what a gorgeous and relaxing post today. I so love to come and see what you have to share.

I loved the champagne truffles,oh what a hostess you are. My roses are exquisite, and when I walked into my room and saw that beautiful pink tub, well I knew in a moment, I was home. You thought of everything my sweet. Just everything.

I love your write today. As always it is so uplifting and spiritual. You have a way of touching my very soul. I thank you for that sweet one.

May your Sunday be blessed with love, sunshine and the warmth from my heart to yours on this beautiful morning. Many hugs and so much love to you Sweet Anita. Love, Sherry

koralee said...

Morning my friend....just had to stop by to say hi before flying out the Jay is waiting for me..

So so sad about your day yesterday...but I am sure you will get together another day soon. I am so bad with I can understand...I have missed many a date.

Hugs for a blessed my friend are AMAZING!!!!!!!


Marie said...

My Dear Cousin,

Some days are just like that. For some, it's weeks...months.

Take some time and recoup. If this is a place to come and share your heart, your words, your thoughts and for the time being, sharing is not in your heart, words, thoughts who, but who will point their finger in judgement? Don't we all have those days? I seem to be the queen of those days lately.

For the time being, store it all up until it just has to come out. You'll feel blessed as I'm sure we will.

My love to you.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Anita~
Every time I visit your Blog I am always inspired by your posts and the lovely pictures you share. These photos have brightened a bitter cold day here and filled my heart with sunshine.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You funny girl, you've got me smiling ear to ear to ear to ear. Your words are always so perfectly chosen! I hope you like my package, dearest sweet sweet Anita.
Hearty hugs to YOU xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jacqueline said...

There the pretty girl with the harp her basement with her wand at rest. A page with pink glitter flittered and sailed to the floor. Rattus peeked out from under it and said...
Time to rest your head, upon your sweet bed.

There are moments in time when the clock must stop before we can open our eyes again, open our heart again and open our mind again...and it is all good.
Loving you through it all...
Yours in true friendship,

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

hello dearest

your post is adorable!

i am in a rush now with dinner to prepare, but i will be back later this evening to tell you just how much i love it and also to chat some more. i am so happy you brought Ruben to visit :o)

much love to you, hugs and kisses too xxx see you very soon xxx


michelle said...

Oh dearest Anita, your words always inspire me so, even if it is just a "Hello friend" because it comes from your heart. Seeing your words on my posts just light up my face. :) I know how you feel though, these winters can be so long very tiring on ones soul. I pray that you find your magic, which I know that you will, and that winter will melt away soon and the sun and flowers will again present themselves to you and your dear heart.
Thank you so much for you kind words of friendship. :)

Rayanne said...

Oh I had so much fun! Thank you for the pretty flowers and table!
I love coming here and playing!!
So sweet YOU are!
Love, love,

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour my dearest!
One thing I understand of late is lack of time and finding inspiration for posts. Even so, your post is inspiring and the photographs you've collected are quite lovely.
You have so many wonderful things going on in your life right now.. enjoy them and your inspiration will come.
Wishing you a most lovely week!!
xoxo, B

Stacey said...

The post along with the the choice of music makes me feel as if i just witnessed a magnificent theater performance and i keep scrolling up and down the page; viewing it over and over(my encore:-)). You are an inspiration and i know even your blank sky would have words of wisdom/inspiration. A respite is always a good thing-we'll be here and you'll have time to focus/channel all of your positive energies toward your lovely renovation. Hugs and love to you my sweet friend! XX

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita ... such a beautiful, heart-wrenching post. I know how you feel as sometimes the spark, the inspiration, the fire is a little hard to find and you do feel just "blank". I want you to know my dear friend that even though you feel like this you are incredible as you always manage to fill your life and your friends here with the most incredible warmth and love. Take as much time as you like to sit quietly and always know that your talent is always apparant to us, even though you may think it is lost for a little while. The images and words in this post are beautiful and soul-searching and I am here to be by your side to help. Take care .... I know you will find your creative spark and probably when you least expect it. I sometimes find when I stop looking it just appears.
with my best wishes always
hugs Frances

Rosie said...

Good evening dear one
Ahhh...that is one comfy chair, I slept well and felt well enough to catch a fabulous service {meant just for always :)} Did a bit of shopping and cleaned the last nook and crannies of my kitchen...Mr. clean would be so proud.{When it is time for order to rein again in the castle, I will pop over with my duster in hand and we'll have it sparkling in no time flat...soon dear one soon :)

A wee nap and a lovely dinner out and here I sit, cuppa in hand, tired, but so very much better...thank you for your on going prayers...He is so very faithful.
OH DEAR!... but didn't you have a day of it. I am SO directionally challenged, that my sweet husband bought me a GPS a few years ago. I think he was exasperated with my " "I AM SO LOST...sniffle...and I just want to go home" phone calls :( Needless to say it is mostly H*A*P*P*Y chatter these days. And to have an accident as well...hmmm...well, I guess we'll just have to call that "the cherry on top".
Good thing you had a pretty little settee to cry on...hugs and more hugs.
Now that we have wiped those tears,
PLEASE tell me how things are shaping up in the castle...I have been away for WAY too long and I miss you and your decorating adventures.
Tomorrow will be my last shopping day for a little while, so why don't you come and help me carry a bag or two...I know this perfect little bistro where they make EVERYTHING fresh daily...We'll do lunch :)...if only. Never mind I'll tell you all about it tomorrow...for now it is off to bed for me...sleep well dear friend...xoxo...Rosie

red ticking said...

oh anita... you are so amazing... inside and out...

Burlap Luxe said...

L'âme et l'esprit de la beauté se trouve toujours ici avec vous, chers Anita.
Anita vous êtes le maître de la narration.

A beautiful place to be at a quarter after 10:00 PM

See you in the early hours soon :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Love them! And I totally understand, I get "artist's block", same thing, where I stare at the blank page and I'm like, what am I going to put here! ;) Glad technology seems to be behaving this week! XX!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita .. this is so strange! I DID leave you a comment and I so posted and now is gone!

Style Attic said...

Dear Anita,

To say I understand, would be an understatement! This is one of the main reasons I didn't attempt blogging last week. It did start off busy, but I always am. The fact that I didn't pick up my camera really told me my creative block was the temperature outside! Like everything, our creations, motivations and feelings ebb and flow. I like to think that when my tide retreats, it's only because the next wave coming in will be more powerful and filled with more treasure of the deep blue sea. I must to get ready for the day and enjoy a morning out with my little guy. He has Monday's off from preschool. I am glad I came by to visit. I appreciate your beautiful honesty! Have a great day XOXO, Kelly

Marie-Ange said...

Te retrouver sur de telles images ... oh la la !!!
J'adore venir rêver chez toi, après je me sens légère ... légère ...
Je t'embrasse chère Anita.

Ann Nichols said...

Oh dear Anita,
Do not worry... remember, even our Lord took breaks and took solitary walks to the mountains to pray and well, recharge His human battery (so to speak!). Christmas time was fabulous but often it can be (despite our best intentions) so overwhelming! We don't want to miss a moment so consequently, we are drained by the time the season ends. Add a full time "real" job to that mix, winter weather, family demands (wonderful though they may be!) and you have to...well, look out at "a blank white sky." There is God given magic in those moments too (maybe a magpie will appear before you or a seagull or a red balloon...) just don't worry. God gives us our interruptions (even artistic ones) for a reason... Don't fight it but find joy in even it, dear one!
Many blessings for a wonderful week of just doing the things you have to do...and enjoy letting everything else go for just a bit!!

koralee said...

Happy Monday...Happy Report Card writing day! We did that before Christmas break. It can be a long day...make sure you stop for a "special sweet indulgence"...wish I could email you a sweet treat to nibble on today. My kitchen is full of them.

My day off ....just took my sweet daughter into school..her Math Provincial Exam today...tomorrow is her French Provincial...I have been helping her study French all weekend....oh I soooooo need you here!

Hugs and oodles of love. xoxo

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, oh, i'm FREEZING as well! Not soooo cold here, but: i am sick! Yes, couldn't believe it when i woke up this morning with a bad headache, stomach ache and cold shivers up and down my spine. Nothing else to do but stay in bed and rest. Hubby made me a homemade chicken-suop for strenght, which is really good. Hope you and Ruben are allright and take it slowly with the painting. When spring comes, these rooms will be bathing in sunlight, fresh and creamy white. Have a lovely evening!

Peeters Liliane said...

My dearest Anita,
Sometimes we need a little break to find that sparkle that keep us creating. When you look in your hart you find those missing magic. Reading your post gives me lots of plessure an inspiration.
I love that pink fluffy dress.
Have a beautiful day,

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Anita....You almost got a post past me! Good thing I was doing some "deep scrolling" and came across this! You may think you have lost the magic but your photos and your words say otherwise! Loved your header and I LOVED all that followed! Gorgeous!~Hugs, Patti

KarenHarveyCox said...

I have often thought that the process of creativity is gathering, pondering and then expression. Lost in the white space between the music is the respite that is necessary in order to breathe in the oxygen that writes the new song.

Love the images that you always find to express your music within.

designchic said...


Anne said...

Heavenly! Anita,I have given you a 'shout out' on my most recent post... about shiny things... xxoo Anne

Ann said...

As always, your post is fantastic...visual and text-wise:)

You don't seem to lost anything when it comes to your writing... you are so talented when it comes to words...and thanks for those lovely images:)

Rosie said...

Helloooo....Hello?...Dear one, are you there?...Ah, there you are!
Well, this is turning out to be one spectacular project...and you are so right, we primp and pretty up one little corner only to find that the OTHER corner which looked FINE before, now looks drab against the beauty that has just emerged. I always say, that our little house is a work in progress, never to be finished.
My day was long, and I am in need of a HOT bath, but OH do I have a day of stories to tell you. It will have to wait until tomorrow as the bubbles are beckoning...sleep well dear

Ann said...

I am happy to give you a blogging award...

Head on to my Rooms of Inspiration Blog:)

Cobalt Violet said...

Oh my word! The shoes! That incredible bouquet in her arms .. the feather eyelashes ... a feast of gorgeousness. You would have to be mad not to fall for pink!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Thank you Anita for directing me to Bellemere Cottage! She looks to be so talented in the sewing department! Have a beautiful day!~Hugs, Patti

michelle said...

Dearest Anita, how are you today? I hope that you are finding inspiration that will feed your soul. I have been thinking about you. Thank you so much for you sweet comments, you mon cheri, inspire me!
Have a blessed and wonderful day!

koralee said...

Morning hugs to glad to hear you are all done with those report cards...happy dance. Now you can go enjoy your sweet day.

Today it is all about French in our daughter's big exam...I know she will do well...her grade 10 brain is amazing..oh to be young again...nothing seems to stay in mine anymore.

Love and hugs. xoxoxoo

Stay cozy and warm!

Martina said...

Anita, so sweet of you to stop by today and wish me well! I still feel pretty bad but maybe a little better than yestarday. It's been a long time since it hit me this way! But reading lovely comments like yours makes the day brighter! Take care! xx
P.S. Will mail my adress - and you must do the same ;)

The English Company said...

Me encanta tu entrada, el color rosa es uno de mis favoritos... Me gustan tus fotos especialmente, las de las flores, son preciosas!!
Un beso desde España
María José

Sheila said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
everything you have done is wonderful!

Barbara said...

Perfect, Anita. You always feed my soul.
There's always a sense of peace here.

jade said...

Oh Anita, my dear friend, i´m so sorry, that i´m so, love love your post - it´s so wonderful!!!! Full of beauty, magic, romance and light and i loooooooove this sweet colour!!!!!! It makes this winter days so much brighter and it warms up my heart!!!! Thank you so much, my sweet friend and have a wonderful week,

Hugs Jade & Sheila ;)

Jayne said...

These pictures are incredible, I would love to know more about your writing. I am a French speaker, so I appreciate the little bits of French too! I lived in Paris for 18 months and j'etais tres content a Paris!

Presépio no Canal said...

Hallo, mijn lieve vriendin

Ik heb een cadeautje voor jij in mijn blog!! :-)


wendy said...

well dear doesn't seem or appear that you have lost your magic, as over 100 people who have visited you here
are sitting back in awe
and just breathing Ahhhhhhh

Rosie said...

Greetings Sweet One...
Oh my goodness, I am SOOOO tired...Another L__O__N__G day filled to the brim with "to do's" of all shapes and sizes.
But dear one, it is yesterday that is day to write home top off your cup, snitch a "dish pan cookie" (fresh only a moments ago) and come sit on this gorgeous new sofa of yours...OH here, take a linen nappy so that not one bit of butterscotch chocolate escapes those pretty lips.
OK...Here we go...all was well until I received a call from my dear bookkeeper stating that we may have a PROBLEM, as Dec 18, the last Saturday before Christmas, was M.I.A...NOTHING...not even a gap in invoice #'s to say it had EVER existed...OH MY!!!!
I, in my wwisdom decided we should have a new computer and somehow in the switch over the 18th up and disappeared... well, to make a very stressful tale a bit shorter, my dear husband dug out the old pc and managed to print a report of ALL goodies sold on "the busiest day of the year"...Poor Shelley and I were there until VERY late reconstructing every invoice and every bill, I had entered on that CrAzY day...It was nothing short of a miracle that we managed to balance to the penny...He is so faithful :)
So needless to say, I was glad to crawl into a cloud of bubbles...glorious bubbles. I am headed that direction shortly tonight as with my story told and the 18th back where she belongs, I will bid you "good night" dear one...xoxox...Rosie

desde my ventana said...

Good morning dear Anita,here the link

I wish you a wonderful day,


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Please don't you worry wonderful friend. It is January and Feb. in the midwest and the giving of all you are to the littles. Don't despair. You are a wealth of joy, innocence, and faery dust. Don't lose sight of what you can do and all the light you give. love you so! Amy

koralee said...

Morning blessings my sweet friend...enjoy you day to it's will not be given another chance on this one. Mine will be very busy...I am off and running!
Just think how lovely your home is going to BE...I know how hard it is to ignore the mess of it all right now...but chin up...soon you will be able to put up those pretty little feet of yours.


Martina said...

Dearest Anita, hope you'v had good day at school! This is my 3rd day at home and i start to feel better. although i must say, it really hit me this time. Didn't have sth. like this in a long time. Next week will not be easy, because work piles up, but what can i do? Oh, thoughts of spring really lifts me up, i can't wait, just like you! We'll make february fun though, you'll see!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

dearest Anita

thank you so much for your sweet words. do think about joining in the challenge, it will be very good practice, the pictures don't have to be perfect, you just have to do it and your skills will develop.
i think your email is there but have been having problems lately with my yahoo email. i am hoping it it will be sorted out soon.

much love to you
have a wonderful day xoxoxoxoxox

warmest hugs


Sylvia said...

Dear Anita,

I just discovered your blog by A Cottage in the Wood. It's so lovely and inspiring here ,I am now following .I am a teacher myself and I love literature...

So glad I stopped by !

I wish you a new inspiring day !

VictoriaArt said...

Anita, I have the honor to give you the Stylish Blogger award!
Please come on over and pick it up! Then share 7 things yet still unknown to us about yourself and pass the award on to 7 blogger you think stylish!


Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit said...

I don't think it is possible for you to lose your slipper! A collection of exquisite images with such expressive words...the slipper is firmly on your foot! Beautiful.

Nezzy said...

Just like Cinderella you have your slipper my dear. You always fill my world with beauty and serenity dear one.

Enjoy this day and may it be filled with 'dreamy' blessings!!! :o)

Incipient Wings said...

this was a beautiful post..thank you dear friend:)

Rosie said...

Ahhhh dearest, there are not enough hours in the day...I just got back from hanging chandeliers in the shop. There is a moUNTAin of boxes in the back room...too many orders...and my to do list is a mile long...tomorrow is my LAST day, so have crammed as many things into it as well. I am soo tired dear one...the toothpick eyelid props aren't working, so it is off to dream land for me. I will stop by for high tea tomorrow afternoon if I get my lists all done...enjoy your day my sweet, sweet R

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

But you are ALWAYS a feast of inspiring thoughts and visions! Thank you for always visiting me and keeping up my spirits with your kind words.
You are so dear!
Hugs to you,

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour ma belle,
as of now, school isn't stressful, thankfully, as I have so many other things going on! I did have a quiz yesterday, I made a perfect grade ~ yay. Tonight, I signed up my youngest son for middle school next year and one for 8th grade. I don't know where time goes.
My daughter's Girl Scout group toured The Chase Park Plaza hotel kitchens after school today and we got to sample one of the pastry chef's delightful treats ~ red velvet cake w/ amaretto and vanilla frosting. Now I'm off to get a few hourse sleep..
xoxo, B

Martina said...

Anita, i so hope that some love and some fun is in the air in february - we'll make it happen! Today is a little better again and i don't look so much like a zombie-bride anymore ;) But i'll still take it slowly till over the weekend, so that on monday my strength will be back. Thank you so much for your kind support - it helps a lot! Have a smooth and easy day dear friend, i send some sunny vibes from germany. xox

June said...

Sweet Anita...even when are feeling a little on fill me up to the brim. In your sweet quiet way, you reach the part of my soul that sometimes hungers for more beauty than I can't find on my own.
sending love to you...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonjoury ma chere Anita! We always say 'bonjoury' to each other. Anyway, how is the big big project going on? I bet you and your sweetheart are very excited these days and tired, tee hee. It's for the best goal, however.
My Thursday is leading up to an end. I plan to go to bed early, laptop and my favorite cup filled with tea will join me.
Enjoy a wonderful rest of your Thursday, lieve zuster.
De kamers zullen nu snel klaar zijn en de meubelen zullen hun plekje vinden. Nog even .... xxxxx

Burlap Luxe said...

Dear Anita,
Amazing Anita, you always know just what to say :) and it is heartfelt.

Inspiring a friend who inspires me!

see you soon dear one....
Vous êtes un ami qui touche le cœur

Kathleen Ellis said...

Bonjour Anita!
Even with few words your paot is most inspiring indeed! I do know the feeling that you express...I find myself in the same place periodically....for me it usually means I need rest and to get out of my box for inspirations! You will find yourself full again soon...nurture and nourish yourself first!
Wishing you the most beautiful of days!
;-D Kathleen

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Know that today is lit up because you are in it. Blessings.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are always so sweet, Anita, and your posts delightful.


Sheila :-)

~CC Catherine said...

Hello Friend! What beautiful visuals you've posted here with words that are like paint on a canvas. You really are gifted to lead us into your world... Hugs, ~CC

deb famularo said...

Hello dear friend,
......the magic inside of you will never be lost- it's part of your spirit, your soul. You couldn't lose it if you tried! You have been here for us always, sharing your beautiful heart. Your blog is so much more than words and images- it's you, inside and out! It is high time you take much needed precious time for yourself and savor the moment! Enjoy your new renovations and soon I hope to swap pictures of our new home with you! I think of you often. You'll be getting something in the mail soon! Love you! And all the best to you....xOxO

Rosie said...

Hufffff...Pufff....Huffff....I'm... here dear one...finally! Oh I have been running around for what seems like a month trying to tie up loose ends...Now..."it is what it is." whatever is not done, won't get done.
So tomorrow at 11:00 it yummy muffins and delicious cuppa in your warm kitchen tomorrow morning. I am both relieved and anxious that it is finally here.
Oh, but YOU my dear are almost finished your masterpiece...YIPPEE!!! I look at decorating like fashion... You just slipped on that chic little black dress and your space looks ever so for the perfect earrings...or, chandy...a little sparkle to finish it off. Gorgeous!
So sweet one off for a good soak and few winks. Will let you know in a few days how everything goes. Dearest, thank you for your love, prayer and are so very special...hugs...R

Champagne Macarons said...

Good evening, dearest! Maybe I should say good morning? Thank you for the félicitations.. I do have many more ahead but it's a great feeling to have one down!
I do plan to take an online summer course. I think. We're hoping to sell our home some time later this year so there is much to do to prepare. We're putting off our trip to Paris but plan to visit NYC for a few days. It was a hard decision as we both love Paris so much! My husband has never been to NYC so he is looking forward to it. I couldn't decide between San Francisco/Nappa or NYC ~ I love both cities.
How are things coming with your addition?
I'm wishing you a most lovely weekend! xoxo, B

Martina said...

Oh, Anita, THANK YOU SO MUCH dearest, for your sweet, sweet words today, they're putting a smile on my face! I'm up today, still at home but sorting out pictures from our fashion shoot last sunday and coocking something nice. And collecting some ideas for our month of LOVE theme - so inspiring! Hope your painting work makes progress and you can put the house in order soon. Another weekend's here, time to breathe out and let the good things in! Much love for a sweet day!

Stacey said...

Just popping by to wish you a Great weekend! Thank you for your lovely comments too( since i know you've been very busy). Love and Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Lost your slipper? This post is full of magic! :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Les choses de peinture de votre cœur, vivre avec eux avec passion et il sera à la maison avec votre âme.
Vous êtes un ami qui est si belle

I cannot wait to see what will paint your heart! Find that perfect piece from your dinning area and let your heart do the work...Remembering there are no mistakes in euro chic-ness :)

Love & Hugs

michelle said...

Hello dearest! Thank you for your sweet visit and your wonderful comments, I so enjoy seeing you and I hope you are having a wonderful day! I hope the sun shines on you this weekend, I know that it is still hiding here!

Blessing to you and your family. :)


Burlap Luxe said...

Ma belle amie, Anita
Pas souvent on ne trouve un correspondant qui est aussi émouvant que vous. Je me sens comme si nous étions deux esprits qui soulfully rencontré apporter la lumière à une amitié.


Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, vous êtes un ami chaleureux et accueillant. Vous avez le don de l'esprit de mots donnant, et pour la fabrication de quelqu'un à se sentir comme si elles étaient plus de qui ils sont, pas moins de qui ils sont. Vous êtes vraiment important pour le cœurs que vous touchez.
Yes Girl, you touch many hearts being who you are :)

claudie said...

You have lost what????? Are you kidding me? Look in all those pretty pink packages in that little white car... I bet you will find your slippers, the magic, the vision.
Tu est "ma soeur" ici. Je taime avec toute mon coeur.
134 lovely ladies LOVE you. We will wait... you will come back to us.
I love you and I will hug you in July : )

Mélanie A. said...

Thank you for your inspiration .There is so much Beauty in here . Love your pink world

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hello dear Anita,
I just had to come to the post that you mentioned in your comment and I am so glad I did. This post depicts exactly how I feel. It is a comfort to know we all go through these times. The last few days I have spend some moments to just stop everything, much like you said you have done with taking time to be quiet and read.
I so want to start my own business and be able to sell my own creations, whether it's paintings or jewelry or whatever it may be. I'm in that lost place where it is a big mystery where to begin.
I am so thankful for blog world and all the inspiration out there, like on your beautiful blog. And I am even more thankful for wonderful people like you! Thank you for all your encouraging words!
Have a wonderfully creative Tuesday :)