Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Language and Art of Love

We often think of LOVE in its form as a noun:

A person...


A place... 


OR thing...


or vanilla, of course

We sometimes dESIRe these things based on how they make us 

C'est BON!

As a VERB however,

whose job is to tell us what to DO,

love requires a bit more creativity and even risk

for this challenges us to DEMONSTRATE an otherwise ordinary deed


and unique way

 that can change the course of a life. 

We need not look very far to find out how we can make a difference in the world

for the possibilities are within short reach in the small things.

What would you add to your list?

I would add the verb, SPRINKLE.


I have received countless gestures of love just from Blogland alone these past two years
(Thank you dear friends from Nowhere, elsewhere in the world, The Netherlands and Canada)
but today I would like to direct you to a friend whose art came my way this week

  in which she sprinkled parts of my life's history

my home

and my passions with her heart.

Violet Skiles from 
Create Beauty
certainly knows how to dust
the right amount of love and grace
to the everyday things of my life that I may take for granted.

She is having a special giveaway this weekend and if you have a moment, tap on her door

then DO something EXTRAORDINARY to make someone feel special! 

Photo Credits for Header Photography: Tumblr via here

Drawing of Child with Heart Balloon Anita © Castles Crowns and Cottages
Photos 2, 3 from the blog GRIEGE
Photos 4, 5, 6, 7 Just be Splendid Tumblr
Photos 15, 16, 17 et 18 Violet Skiles Create Beauty


No Model Lady said...

Beautiful post and beautiful creations by your lovely friend!

Incipient Wings said...

what a wonderful gift.
i've gone back over your post and re-read it twice..its beautiful anita!
thank you, once again.
going to visit your friend right now,

desde my ventana said...

Wow!!!!Anita what a beautiful pictures in your post's wonderful.I'm going to visit Violet right now,
Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your visit and words among this week.

Muchos besos


KarenHarveyCox said...

I love your posts! Love is a lovely topic to write about, and graced with your gorgeous eye candy in just the right places, is inspiring. That list of How to have a lovely day seems to be the advice my mother always gives. My girls are always mentioning how Grandma taught them how to be with strangers.

I love all of your images and your gorgeous header too. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


P.S. I love, love, love your new digital artwork.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anita,
Oh yes love is the best topic of all!
10 easy steps to a lovely day is so true - smiling can be contagious for even the grumpiest among us.
Violet did a beautiful job capturing your life's history. I'm off to visit her now!
Have a sweet weekend,

Karena said...

Anita I adore this post and the 10 ways to have a lovely day!

It is so true! Your gift is beautiful and I will go and visit Violet!

Art by Karena

Passione Helena said...

Beautiful images you show in this post, dear Anita! Different kinds of love, which are translated into images!

I wish you a very happy weekend!
Love, Helena

lostpastremembered said...

Lovely, Anita! You get what you give is so true. I have heard for years how nasty people were in Paris from Americans. Au contraire!!!! My French is appalling but I try, everyone laughs and I always have the best time.

I had a a conversation with a state employee (after 45 minutes trying to get through) who told me I made her day by being nice... most people were so mean and took out their wait time on her! We had a lovely conversation. I felt good, she felt better... why not at least try??? Sure people can be awful... sometimes I try to melt them and fail (they think you are trying to "pull" something, poor things) but usually they warm and in the end smile.

Your images as always are wonderful... especially chocolate and vanilla puppies, but then I am such a dog sucker! Have a great day, Anita, continue being a warm light for all those around you.

Anonymous said...

In your heart you are really and inspirational speaker/motivator I think! I love your new header and I love you! Your posts are always so uplifting!! xo

Martina said...

WOW and double WOW! Anita, i can see the month of LOVE hast started, and no one could do that better than you! LOVE all these beautiful pictures - and adore these treasures that Violet has made, using your pictures and sweet presence to create some magical pieces. Isn't blogland just wonderful? It so inspires me to do everything on that list every day - and so do you! Big hugs for a wonderful, love sprinkled weekend!

Ruben Rivera said...


This is a wonderful and uplifting post. Violet Skiles is a wonderful artist and friend to you. Anita, you know how to craft a blog post around a theme with just the right words and pictures. It's like a little journey. And I have to say, those puppies are devastatingly cute. I want to take one and put her in my shirt pocket.

Love you, dearest

Grace said...

Anita friends are so wonerful!! I love what she created. I so enjoyed the visit and love your list! Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

marian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacqueline said...

LOVE..oh, how I love that word. Taking a sweet moment to ponder how I would like to have a lovely day...should I have a simple day or a grand day. I vote for GRAND...
1. Pick out skirts with Anita...I'll take the black and white polka about you?
2. Drink wine with Penny and Anita by that bridge you pass each day and she painted. Bare toes in the creek.
3. Wrap my arms around Anita and Ruben and give them my love.
4. Sit on the grass with all the chocolate and vanilla puppies in the world and play!
5. Have high tea at midnight with all my Nowhere friends, under the great big moon.

What a beautiful and creative gift Violet gave you. We all need a Violet in our life. I just met a Pansy blogger! Wink!

Rayanne said...

Love the pinks in your new header!Pretty.
"How to have a lovely day" was wonderful.
Sweetest little puppy pictures,
but my favorite picture is what Violet did with you playing your harp. You look like a tiny tinker bell, and I just love tinker bell.
Love your sweet thoughtful posts, friend!!

"Create Beauty" said...

Good morning Anita! I awoke to many comments sent over from your lovely blog post! LOVE your header. Love how you wrote about love, and the images always compliment your words perfectly, I don't know how you do it, but everything that comes from your hand and heart is beautiful.

It was fun to SPRINKLE more glitter of love into your world, I'm so glad you are enjoying your little box 'theatre' momento!

~ Violet

michelle said...

Happy Saturday dearest! I hope this finds you well today and inspired to create, live, love and of course add your own sprinkle! I loved your post and what a wonderful gift that you have received! Friendships can give us all the definitions of love can't they? I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!
Your new header is so beautifully pink, I love it! :)

Rosabears said...

Love, I think, is in so many things. Its always around, but the art is to see it and feel it every moment of the day.
I love your post.
groetjes uit Nederland.
I am learning English I hope you understand what I mean.
en een dikke knuffel.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

This is a beautiful post! What a sweet and talented friend you have. Yes, love is everything.

Marie said...

Simply beautiful.

deb famularo said...

You're back already! yay!
wow.....I LOVE your list! Those simple things have such a HUGE impact. Especially the "smile" one!You'll never be at a loss of creativity dear! I told you! Your students are so lucky to have you!(I know, I say that ALL the time!) And your friend has amazing talent! That gift is gorgeous! I'm so glad to see love pouring back to you! You definitely are so deserving! Off to see her blog. It was so nice to hear from you! I am going to try to find that movie of Edith, I'd love to see it! Have a magical, LOVE filled weekend! xOxO love always, deb

A Vintage Chic said...

What a truly beautiful post, Anita! You have just set the tone for my day...thank-you! All the images were divine, and I LOVED that list!

Hope your weekend is just lovely...


LiLi M. said...

This post is great again Anita! I love it too! That drawing is soooo lovely too, did you make that lieve vriendin? I will try to live according to your 10 points. I'd like to add be polite and give other people the first chance to do something. What I mean is that I find it quite annoying when people almost throw you over because they want to be served first. I don't like that. Ahhh these food photos were skipped by me as I am trying to loose some weight, of course that isn't very interesting. I'm wishing you and your family a lovely weekend and good luck with the reconstruction work at your place. Chapeau too you my dear friend, that you manage to have a job, blogs and reconstructing at one time! Bravo! Lieve groetjes, LiLi

curlysusieQ said...

Lovely post and beautiful, yummy photos. I love your style, you always make the world so magical. May I have your permission to copy the "How To Have A Lovely Day". Have a wonderful weekend. xxx susan

Kathysue said...

I always love my visits here. I always have a soft smile on my face!! Lovely words as always and your friends creations are gorgeous. I love a little sparkle in my life too!!! Happy Weekend,Kathysue

Champagne Macarons said...

What a lovely post! Your dear friend is very talented and, most of all, a very kind spirit to give such beautiful gifts. I love the image of you playing your harp.
10 steps to happiness is very true. I've seen it before but I'm going to print it and place it somewhere I can see it each day... my entire family can see it each day!
Can you believe we were
"sprinkled" with more snow this morning?! I can't believe it. Thankfully it won't cause the children to miss more school. They already need to make up 3 days. I will stay in and study for an upcoming quiz for Monday.
I'm off to visit the very talented Violet now.. Wishing you a warm and cosy weekend!
xoxo, B

The Dutchess said...

Marvelous...Love the drawing.and i would like to add HUG A I am hugging you now...xoxo

It's me said...

O wowwww a post filled with love...make with love...about love......i love it....and ik hou van jouw !!....fijn liefdevol weekend Anita !!!....liefs van mij......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....

Jeri Landers said...

Here is what I would add to the list of ten:

11. Appreciate all that you have.
12.Give some love to a little critter.
13. Walk through a garden, and notice the new life popping up through the earth.
14. Sit and really enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee with a friend.
15. Bake a loaf of fresh bread.

Gosh, I could go on and on...

ps. did you get the package I sent?

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh dear are mixing things up here a bit...again. I do love it that YOU spread the LOVE!!



Sylvia said...

Thank you , dear Anita!You make me slow down , observe and listen...You bring beauty to my eye and warmth to my heart.I laughed when I saw this cute little chocolate puppy looking just as our dog Charlie The Chocolate Lab...

Have a lovely day; no doubt, mine is going to be too, because of this lovely post!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Every time I visit you here in your enchanting corner of blog land, I calm down, find myself taking time to read each and every word of another fairytale, inspiring, wonderwonderwonderful post, my dearest. You keep coming up with such strong words and the most beautiful images.
How is your Saturday so far? Electricity all around, happily moving and grooving colors? Such a strange sentence, I know, liked the sound ^_~
Je tekening van het lieve kind met de prachtige hart ballon is subliem, geweldig!
Have a relaxing, colorful, fulfilling, wonderful weekend, my friend xxxx

Anne said...

Lovely Anita, its delightful to read a new post with your always gorgeous photos! I love love love the little whatchamacallit of you with your harp! xxoo Anne (ps if you have time please stop by, i am having my first giveaway and would love you to have a chance to win it!)

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Ruben! Wishing you a ROMANTIC day, filled with LOVE!!


I love, love, love your artwork!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Anita...another mega-beautiful and brilliant post! I always enjoy visiting your magical world here and it touches the soul! Gorgeous treasures form your friend..enjoy!
Shine on..and happy wkd!

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my dearest Anita,

I'm so sorry that I did not respond on your previous post, I've to go to the hospital for an operation:( For the moment I do a lot of preperations for my family.
Your post of last week was so enchanting I love't.
This week post I would like to ad 'Trust' to the list.
I'm an addict of chocolate and when i see that piece of chocolate cake mmmmmm yummy lol. Those puppys are so cute I'm in love :).
Your post always warms my haert and gives me lots of joy dear Anita.
Have a wonderful Valentine's day next week.

Ik kijk er al naar uit naar je post van volgende week!!!

I send you lots of fairy dust and a big hug my loveley friend,

wendy said...

wow...she put that together pour vous (did I do that french sentence right??)

I like sprinkle.
I would add to the list SURPRISE. It is good to find little surprises on your life, your day. hopefully ones that SHOW love.

~CC Catherine said...

Love your inspirational post today on Love my friend! How adorable and LOVING! Have a great day! Blessings abundantly on this week of LOVE anniversary! ~CC, the other queen ;)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita
1. Smile at strangers. Everyday!

2. Slow down.... You might miss something important.

3. Say thank you..... . . Merci

4. Give lots of compliments.
They give a boost to everyone!

5. Dress nicely...
I try. teeehee. Where is my Dior?

6. Wear perfume... I prefer lavender lotion.

7. Observe and Listen. To my heart.

8. Be charming... YOU! Always

9. Laugh... Daily. Best medicine!

10.Wish people a lovely day.
belle journée mon cher ami!

BRAVO Anita.. Beautiful post!! You have done it again. Off to visit dear Violet.. Love your new header! Oh, and Ms. M... Shall we sing along? teehee.

jade said...

Oh Anita. sweetheart.........your post is sooooooo full of LOVE & BEAUTY and i enjoy those wonderful pictures and all your warm & lovely words!!! Wish i could have this vanilla and chocolate labs ;)).........soooooo sweet!!!! And the treasures you got from your blogfriend are so gorgeous!!! Have a wonderful weekeend, my dear friend,

Hugs Jade

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita, you did a great job on this gorgeous post. I had no idea you were an artist too, that's really a cute sketch of the girl and balloons.
I just started a girl with a harp painting, flipped when I saw that..

FrenchBlue said...

Oh! Bonjour my friend! I adore it over here with you! So nice to meet you and please forgive my tardiness on visiting this beautiful magic you create!!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Oh, gorgeousness as always! I'm always excited when I see you've posted again. I've got to say again, Anita, how much I love your personal original artwork. I would love to have a book filled with nothing but your artwork!


Deborah said...

Happy weekend!!
Love, love, love your new!
So gorgeous!
I adore that list,
and your thoughts,
and that heart of yours..they are all so very beautiful, my sweet friend xo

Deborah xoxoxox

Deborah said...

Oh Anita...that one of you on your harp and the skirt is absolutely lovely!! Love all the glitter..what a thoughtful gift!!!

Deborah xoxo

Sonja said...

HAPPY... that's what your blog makes me feel!! I can just sit here and smile at the images, the words and the music... your gifted heart continues to shine.... :)



Snippets/Sarah said...

I really like your new Blog title. I will miss that adorable little girl but this new one is equally sweet and fun. My word to add would be "fresh". This new world of blogland is a fresh beginning for me with my recent move. I was tired of "getting out there" to meet people. Blogs are a new, creative, and fresh idea for someone in my situation. Your photos are wonderful, different, creative and must truly represent you! Thank you!

High Heeled Life said...

Beautiful post! Your 10 step list is such a wonderful inspiring reminder of the small things that really make a difference.

What a lovely and thoughtful gift from your friend.. love the cut out of you and your harp .. the details of the dress, fabulous!! Happy week-end mon ami..xo HHL

Anonymous said...

How refreshing you are, dear Anita.
Your take on the world and how to live and embrace the beauty of life is spot on!

Never stop doing what you keeps my heart a'ticking!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am still in awe over Violet's heartfelt gift to you... It is just BEAUTIFUL!!
Thank you for coming by again.. Yes, Tea Rat made it! He just cracks me up.
What a very busy day you had dear one..
Love to you

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am still in awe over Violet's heartfelt gift to you... It is just BEAUTIFUL!!
Thank you for coming by again.. Yes, Tea Rat made it! He just cracks me up.
What a very busy day you had dear one..
Love to you

Grace said...

Hi Anita, I already had left you a comment but was watching a ditzy host on QVC with Isaac Mizrahi and she kept saying Cum de quar (sorry about the spelling) Isaac asked her what does that mean she said I do not know!!! So I am so curious. I hope you can help. Grace Thank You!! xoox

Victoria Sayer said...

Hello Your Majesty.
Your blog IS my all time favourite blog to visit. But for some reason, your pictures were a little too pixelated today. (?)
I love your 10 steps to a happy day. And I LOVE that gorgeous tiny 'Anita' with the glittery harp and sheer dress. So sweet!!
I will go now, and spy on Violet's blog. Oh, by the way...DO NOT forget to check out Rose's latest posting, at b.b.flocking.
Much love and reverence.

Victoria Sayer said...

Oh, I forgot to mention your blog banner. The photo of the pink trees...
Is that a true photo, or is it one that has been doctored in PhotoShop. Are the trees REALLY that pink??
It is a photo that has always intriqued me.

Rosie said...

Anita, Anita, Anita...You are the Queen of the "sugar shaker",...SPRINKLIN' love in abundance through out this land we call Blogville. Oh and Miss Violet is quite a talented young lady...CHARMING doesn't even begin to describe the beauty she has created...look at you in that gorgeous gown, strumming that harp of yours...ENCHANTING...yes, that's a better description.
Oh dear one I am SMITTEN with gray cabinetry. If I were doing it all again, I would totally put that at the top of my of my wish list! I vote for GRAY cabinets!!!!How does Ruben feel about this? My dear Bill is VERY trusting and if I am sure, will just let me do what I like...I am blessed :)
Oh such a fine cuppa you have served up...Off to serve my boys a little piece of banana cream pie...I will cut you a piece too (with extra whipping cream)...ENJOY dear heart...xoxox...Rosie

shari @ little blue deer said...

So beautiful! And just in the right season! I love it! I really love those rainbow pancakes, what is it about food coloring that just brings out the little girl in me? Gorgeous, gorgeous as always, dear Anita! XX!

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita ..... so incredibly beautiful! How gorgeous is the collage artwork of you and your home and how special it must have made you feel ...... you so DESERVE it! I also love your 10 things for a lovely day and I do believe doing these simple things makes the world a better place! I hope you have a beautiful week-emd and thanks for dropping by and having some bubbles!
hugs and best wishes
M.A. the 2nd xo

jade said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Anita!! Yesterday i forgot to tell you, how i love your new header..........soooooo beautiful, fresh and full of spring!!!! Now i have to go (today we will visit the sweet grandchilds - they live far away) and i wish you a wonderful sunday,

Hugs Jade & Sheila (she had a blond mother and a chocolate father;)

VictoriaArt said...

I almost wanted to say Happy Birthday! It sounded so lovely and your friend must know you well! What a sweet token of friendship!
I like love to be a verb, it means action and to act lovingly is always so much more fulfilling!
Love the 10 steps to a lovely day and can only add: Give thanks!

Here I am: Thank you, love!

xoxo Victoria

George the Lad said...

Oh look at the little you playing the harp :)a lovely gift.
I always fine to give things gives me great pleasure. I have sent my girl a card, what I didn't know in the post to me from her was a beautiful heart in silk with he loves me he loves me not. She does love me!!! keep in under your hat for now ;) Feb 14th I will be tell folks who she is.
Right I'm off to visit a little chap in a plane:)maybe he can take me for a ride.
Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

Ann said...

What a splendid post. Love the pics and words. Your posts never fail to inspire me:)

Have a lovely week ahead!

Grace said...

Anita, Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for trying to figure out the saying. The host said it was French. I tried to google but the spelling is obviously so wrong as her placement of it! lol My e-mail is Does anything in just the way it sounds that it can be? I am so so curious. I will also write to the Host and make her find out what it means!! hahaha she was so rediculous and the designer kept scrunching his nose. Thank you so much have a wonderful Sunday! xoox

elisabetta said...

Hi Anita, thanks for this amazing post and your heartwarming words.
Have a lovely weekend, ciao from Florence.

Denise said...

Good Morning Anita.Just wanted to say hi.I also love sparkle in my life,and I don't mean glitter.The sparkle thats way down deep in my spirit.I know you have it too,lets keep it the rest of our lives.Blessings to you and yours

koralee said...

How magical! I am in love with this heartfelt post of yours today my friend. The sweet creations from your friend are amazing! Such talent and love out there... all the beauty and love in this blogging world never fails to delight me.

Your images are stunning! Thank you for some JOY this morning as I take a mini break from my work.

Hugs for a day sprinkled with and friendships. xoxoxo

Presépio no Canal said...

Ola, Anita :-)

I just love all the LOVE actions on the board! You do it all! :-)
You know how to give LOVE and makes us happy!
I wish you a lovely Sunday, my dear!
Mille Bisous! J'irais voir le blog de ton amie :-)


Fine Bessot said...

Ce post est une véritable gourmandise.
C'est un plaisir de voir toutes ces belles choses que j'aimerais bien goûter, mais sans excès tout de même. Je t'embrasse à très bientôt. Fine

Fay said...

DOLCE,Dolce,Dolce Anita

How perfectly lovely in everyway im just swooning on the beach and floating past your lovely blue door and remembering all the lovely things which happen each day mmmm thankyouanther tale from wonderland Lots of love Fay xxx

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This, I love! Blessings, friend!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita aren't blog friends simply the best...and what a journey of love we undertake when starting to blog!!!Another beautiful post from you...Sharing the Love, Dzintra

claudie said...

WHOA that's a GREAT picture. LOVE IT.
I think my word would be "flutter". Every time I come and sit in front of my computer, open up your page, my heart "flutters".
I was just visiting Violet, WOW she truly is amazing.
That little "theatre" of you is so YOU, right down to the tulle dress OMG.
I was just telling Randy that I would like to find some nice heels and twist some pink tulle to make a bow on top. Like a little sweet cake.
Well, did I have a fab weekend. Got all dolled up, drove to my hometown to celebrate a big Italian festival. Even though I'm French, we obviously have some great Italians : ). It was a masquerade. A Tenor sang for us OMG, and we danced the night away, had to, because we had a 7 course Italian feast, lol.
I'm paying the price for it all now. Going to bed soon.
Loved your post today, so again my word.... flutter.
Love You
Love Me
P.S. My blog is acting up again ; (

designchic said...

Oh, Anita, you always have such feel good posts - such a lovely reminder to us all...wishing you a wonderful week!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I so enjoy your visits.. Thank you!
I wonder if you would be so kind as to look for Bebe here.. She left the ball to run over to NOWHERE and has not returned. Do you suppose she is in that puppies bowl? or, under that stack of pancakes! You know Bebe and food...
If you see her send her home please, tell her mum is looking for her.
Love, love this SONG!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

YOU sprinkle us every day in blogland Anita...sprinkles pour out of you! love, love, love you beautiful ONE!!!!

Your blog banner says St. Valentines like no inspires me to create some valentine cards. ox

Rosie said...

This is one D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S post...from that charming little blue coated, young lady in her red "puddle jumpers", to the chocolate cheesecake(I think...ah, who cares...grab a couple of spoons),oh, those yummy puppies...and then there's Audrey in those turquoise gingham pants...I NEED a pair of those! Ahhhhh...that was incredible.
What a lovely weekend this has been. Overflowing with family time, organization (Bill's side of the shop)and cookin'. It is over all too soon...Ahhh, but it was so fine.
Oh dear one, I completely agree, Gray, all shades and intensities, I CAN NOT get enough!!!It is a bridge between the vintage and contemporary. Ruben, poor sweet Ruben, he is so understanding. My Bill knows that things can change mid stream( and often do :)...but he just goes with the flow and and rides the wave...yes we girls are so blessed.
Tomorrow I will be working in my workshop...YUP, I AM GOIN' TO MY HAPPY PLACE...will be a fine day to be sure!...but now it is time to put my feet up and pour the last cuppa of the evening...spread the LOVE all over Minnesota tomorrow my dear...xoxox...Rosie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Anita
I am late again!!! but certainly no less impressed by yet another wonderful post!!! You know I totally agree ... love should be a verb!!! otherwise it's just lip service!!!

Those beach shots in 2 & 3 are delicious.. such a wonderful shade of aqua... but of course the absolute standouts today.. is the art created by your friend... How incredible.. how beautiful.. and the cutout of you playing your beloved harp.. almost brings tears to my eyes... not just the art.. but you.. I hope you see your beauty there... that is such a special gift... the gift of you!!...

I must visit your friend's blog... and hope you are having a wonderful start to your week... [sorry I meant to get here earlier]... Take care ... ciao xxx Julie

Privet and Holly said...

My favorite Monday
morning treat is
coming over and
feasting my eyes
and my heart on your
blog, Anita : ) !!
Love Violet's
creation for you....
I am printing out
your recipe for a
Lovely Day and I
might even sprinkle
the edges ~ HA!
Hope your week is
full of all the
wonder that you
share with others.
xx Suzanne

Style Attic said...

So completely fun! I felt like I should have purchased a ticket to this show :) The first line about whoa that's a big pic just had me giggle from the start. I love chocolate and vanilla too and we went and held one of those precious pups this weekend and ALMOST brought it home!! My husband warned me, how can you walk away from such hard!!! Well, per your list, you were "Charming" and I have already "Laughed" today :D Thanks dear XOXO

Casa Bella said...

Anita dearest, I adore this post (I always leave the same comment to your posts, but it is true!!!) Oh, how I daydream when I come over. Your new header is dreamy. I visited Violet's site and I stayed for over an hour going through her beautiful pages. This blog universe is marvelous, isn't it? Have a great week, dear.

erin said...

i can always count on finding such scrumptiousness here at your bloggy home!!! and oh, the new banner, i lerve it! your friend's gift is just wonderful...i am off to check her out right now. thank you so much for all the beauty and charm that you share here, sweety.


it's snowing here! weeeeee.....

Stacey said...

Hi there lovely lady!
How are you?;-) I hope your weekend was marvelous and i just loving coming here-can you tell? I get to be long winded in my comments and not feel badly about it:-). Where do i start? I always feel so much better about life after a visit here. Quite an inspiring post and oh what a talented friend you have! I shall surely tap on her door. I'm thrilled that you like the colours of the house(i think it represents my personality well). Reuben must be excited too, i'm sure and proud to have such a stylish wife:-). Bring on Spring and all the decorating that will be taking place for both of us! I hope your work week is off to a lovely start my friend. XX

Stacey said...

I can't believe i forgot to tell you that i LOVE the new header. I'm sure i'll pretty much love whatever header you put up anyway-you have a great eye. XX

koralee said...

Good evening sweet friend...! Life is so busy but it is all worth it.

I am so glad to hear that you have put your home back together and now can enjoy your new additions. Joy joy joy.

We are still house hunting...have not found the perfect one yet...but there is one that is pretty is new and lovely...I was wishing for old and lovely....but as long as it has good bones you can add the charm and character!
I feel our time is getting close.

How was your Monday?
Mine went way too fast.
Just like the rest of the week will to take my little ballerina to class...sweet dreams my friend. xoxo

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

What LOVELY pictures to express such wonderful thought provoking words about LOVE!
Your so Blessed with wonderful incouraging friends!
It's very nice to have found you and your great beautiful posts! ;-)
Blessings Linnie

Rosie said...

Sending you a little Email cuppa today dearest...xoxoxo R

desde my ventana said...

Lovely day to you Anita.I see.... springtime in coming in your blog!!
Muchos besos,

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita...thank you for calling by...that blueberry was certainly out of this world!!! Your Eiffel Tower is just magic!!! This summer has just been so warm with lots of beach walks and swims...and loving it all...Have a beajutiful day...Love to you, Dzintra

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

A short message to wish you a terrific Tuesday, dearest Anita. Lots of Sunbeams are beamed up to you, it feels like Spring time has arrived. Woo hoo. Off for a cycling tour through the park to take Celeste back home from school. I think I will take the long route.. Your dream cottage will soon be all ready to be lived in by a most lovely family! Love to you xxx

Ann Nichols said...

Oh you Lovely Lady you!!! This had me smiling throughout! :))(Thank God I had a piece of chocolate in my mouth when you mentioned that delectable wonder!!) But the lab puppies... Chocolate and Vanilla!! Perfect!!
Anita, you are a gem! You "sprinkle" all of blogland with warmth and joy and good cheer!
Oh...and I love your new header!! And the drawing of the little girl holding the balloon and flowers (I think you must have drawn her?!)
Many blessings!
PS I'm sure I'll come back to visit this post again later this week!

Judi said...

Hi there!
What a happy "love-ly" post you have. The pictures and the words are lovely and certainly all the different things I love...Isn't blogland just that?...learning new loves and things to love and words to love and pictures to love and life...different ways of life.
Thank you for sharing...and have a very lovely day!

michelle said...

Good afternoon dearest Anita! I hope you are doing well! I had to stop by again and read your inspirations. :) I can not wait to see what you are working on in your home, I know that it will be beautiful! Thank you for your sweet comments this morning, you are so kind to me! Have a wonderful day my friend and I hope that the sun is shinning by you. :)

Auntie Cake said...

I came to your blog via your sister-in-law, whom I am getting to know, and I have so enjoyed all the beauty you surround yourself with! I love you new artwork from your friend, what a treasure she has given you! Thanks for sharing such beauty with all of us! I needed that on this cold and grey day today. And enjoy putting your house back together, you are almost there!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

What a beautiful post you have shared today, so much beauty.
Thanks for sharing "How to have a lovely day" and I have written this in my journal.
I love the gorgeous gift from Violet, how creative she is.
Thanks for making my day lovely and must say how much I love your new header.

Hope that you are having a happy week

Patricia Cabrera said...

YOU are a LOVELY friend... and how I appreciate YOU!!! ((( Thankyou Nita))) I know this is meant for all , but I particularly take this close tomy heart ,specially now...specially now.
Nita,come to my woolytales blog and read Becca's letter to the President... it is so funny. After all the tears this past week, this made my day!!!Love You!!!

Rosie said...

Oh dearest that was a lovely, lovely cuppa we enjoyed this morning...I could talk about decorating, fabric choices, paint colors and pretty little settees, all the day long...happy talk!
Today was day filled with,(what else)...WHITE paint, a bit of shopping at the hardware store(I do LOVE wandering aimlessly) and a few moments, concocting a little ham stew and a couple of scalloped potato casseroles for my freezer. Did up a big ham when my son came home, knowing there would be leftovers. Ah, re-filling my freezer in preparation for a bit of down time. Do you have a favorite casserole recipe that freezes well? So, a fine day it was.
Have a little interview to do in the morning, (a college student is doing a paper of sorts???) and then it is off to visit with a girlfriend...I LOVE girl time :)
Well my sweet, it is movie time...Oh, wasn't "Secretariat" great?! I loved it! Don't know what tonights will be...but it doesn't really matter, when your watching with your dearest :)
Happy day tomorrow my sweet...xoxox...Rosie

I have to say, my French is VERY limited, (almost non-existent) so when you give me a hug in this beautiful language, I pop over to "translator" to see what secret message you have gifted me with. This morning's little treasure was SO beautiful :) Thank you dearest.

koralee said...

Good evening my friend...How was your day? Mine was busy and now I am ready for a nice bubble bath.....but first I must ready my daughter her English Short Story...she is tired and I promised I would...sigh.

Just wanted to pop over and wish you a wonderful evening. xoxoxo

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh how I love that photo of the Eiffel Tower in your header. And those chocolate and vanilla puppies. You can certainly feel the love out there in blog land for you when reading your comments. You sprinkle sweetness in the world. Thank you for your visits and always kind words. I must go see Violet's site. Feeling a little better today. So long since I've been down with anything. Working my way back!

Marie-Ange said...

Ton billet est un sourire, un pur bonheur ...
A déguster sans modération.
Bisous du coeur belle et chère Anita.

JoieLaVie en France, Carolien said...


Nice pic's I love them..

regards Carolien

Jennifer said...

Guess what?! I was looking at the stats for all my posts and they one visited the most was titled "Castles Crowns & Cottages"! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi, Happy Day!" Jennifer

Martina said...

Hallo Dearest! Can't wait to see some pix of your room addition, and am sure it looks good aleady! Somehow, bare rooms are special - full of possibilities. Enjoy it while it lasts. Here, it was very cold as well, but with a blue sky - that makes it better. Am sending you some warmth dear friend - take care! bisous

June said...

Oh do you do it??? While making me think, you 'sprinkle' beauty in and around all your lovely words. I loved the list too. I always make an effort to smile and make eye contact with everyone I meet in my daily round and let them know that meeting them is important to me. I know that when a stranger smiles at me, it changes my day from a average one to a special one. That's what I want to do for someone else.
You received a lovely gift of the heart from your friend. And nobody deserves it more!
sending hugs....

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Lieve vriendin, it was a short travel this time, nice to know Mr. Post can do it the quick way too ^_~
I hope your Wednesday is a lovely one so far, my dear. Mine is coming to an end and my fluffy blankets are really shouting my name now, I must run up the stairs now or else I will be needing matches to keep my eyes open.
Love and more love xxxx

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Anita you truly know how to make us feel good and inspire us with each visit. How do some individuals grow up to be so giving, caring, and full of love? Our world would be such a remarkable place if more people were like you. I cannot enhance your 10, they are all perfect. I do love to 'make' people laugh if I can. Laughter is so powerful. Your gift is so beautiful and so very thoughtful. You are a person that is very appreciated by so many. Have a lovely rest of this week!
xo xo deb

Rosie said...

Oh dearest that is one Happy, Happy header! It is a beautiful promise of what is to come...ahhhhhh...I am ready to feel the warm sun on my back. Today was a VERY LONG day and I am in need of a HOT counting the days before the procedure...I am sore. So this is a short cuppa paired with a big hug. Enjoy this day to the max my sweet friend...xoxxo...R

Stacey said...

Just popping by to say hello:-). I hope your week is going great. XX

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello dear Anita...yes lots of bad weather here Down Under with disastrous our little bit of earth here we are quite safe!!! Wonderful day to you dearest...Dzintra

koralee said...

Sending you sweet dreams my friend....hugs and love as always...xxoo {sorry for the short note tonight...I need my bed ASAP)xoxoxo

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thank you enjoy your world too...and here's a pink cheers to you for Friday...the start of the weekend that's almost here...Dzintra

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I know there are words to describe how you brighten my world... sincere, darling, brilliant, friendly, so talented, many more... I can't tell you how much I needed your valentine and there it was. Today, I will send yours, friend. Thanks for the condolences. I treasure you, friend. Blessings.

koralee said...

Thank you for your sweet morning note my friend.

I just got off the phone with my sweet Molly...she calls us at least twice a week and keeps us up on her lastest adventures.

Today is a very busy day...well they all are. I will think of you while I am outside on duty too...our weather is not as cold as yours...but I still get the shivers standing outside. Must fly..have an early morning meeting to get through before the teaching day and hugs.Make it a good one.xoxox

Jennifer said...

I did a post called Castles & cottages on my blog way back and you made a comment - in checking my stats it was MY most visited post.... thanks for reading the poem about my son... he's in Korea teaching little kindergarten students in a private school - they are darling and he loves it! His girlfriend and he will be back next Feb. - he hopes work with inner city kids then. Jennifer

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

And it's almost weekend again, how oh how did we get here? Je vais a Paris deja, encore deux nuits. I hope the weather is less cold in Minnesota, dearest. Enjoy every minute in your dream cottage, Anita xxxmaess

paperbird said...

Anita I love this sweet post. I always feel so very special by the beauty you share here. Always the perfect words and the perfect images to go with the words. The pancakes look divine!
Did you create the sweet art at the top of your post- she is so sweet?
I am going to remember your wonderful list and apply them to my life.
You have a kind spirit Anita- you offer the gift of friendship and it is so wonderful, thank you!

Martina said...

Dearest, OMG, that icy cold you wrote abour sounds scary - you need a plar bear fur coat, or an arctic expedition suit to get through your day without frost bites. And the wild kids - boy, i can imagine that, poor things - it's hard, when kids are not allowed to go out. Is there a special hot tea and cocoa-station for everybody? I hope so. In any case, i send you as much warmth as psssible. See you tomorrow! xox

Kristin said...

Dearest Anita! I LOOOOVE your post! Enchanting! I love your every image and those ten steps to have a lovely wonderful and true actually!!! Thanks for inspiring me :) Have a GREAT weekend!

Kristin xoxoxoxoxo

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

you are so brilliant
your post is wonderful!
i love every inch of it, every perfect word every marvelous sentance, every sweet image.
the chocolate and vanilla made me smile :o)
my internet is back -but still so very slow, i hope it will improve soon.
i will email you as soon as i am able, i have missed you

warmest love and hugs xoxoxoxox

millie, lily, yuki, twinkle the crew

dollystar said...

Achei teu blog espetacular, uma oportunidade de viajar através dos tempos por todos continentes.
Uma única coisa lamentei, não encontrei como inscrever-me para newsletters!!!!!!
Sinceramente, Dolly (Brazil)

Jeri Landers said...

Hello Anita, I got a cute little Ivan in the mail today, he is joining his big brother on my beautiful antique corkboard, on my studio wall. That is where I put SPECIAL bits and pieces, to inspire me as I work. Thank you my friend, you are the best! Jeri

Micki said...

Yes, it is always nice to take the time to appreciate all that we tell those special to us that we love them, and to just see the beauty in the world. Thanks again for a lovely post.By the way, I love the beach too and chocolate!

georgia~gigi said...

oh, your posts are a work of art! So lovely! The words and images compliment each other so nicely!
Happy Thursday!
gi gi

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my lovely friend,

Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot for me.
Last monday I had my surgery done and I was for 3 days in the hospital. Now I'm home and that feels so good to sleep in your own bed. My husband has to do a lot of houswork now ;)because I'm not able to do that work for about a while. I know it takes time to recorver but I'm not the patient persone lol.
I look forword to see your new post on saterday.
A big hug,

Rosie said...

Oh dear one...Pull off your warm furry hat and that fuzzy scarf and, sit by the fire and I'll brew you a hot cuppa, while you unthaw. "Play Ground Duty" is not pleasant when the weather does not cooperate.
Ah, but you will be basking in white paint glory this evening. Your cornice T.V console sounds so creative, I can't wait to see it...when you find your camera :)
Today was a day of "small fix it"
jobs...always fun...followed by a quick visit with another shop owner in a nearby town. You know how I love girl time...well a close second would have to be an afternoon at the movies. Enjoyed a VERY relaxing matinee date with my handsome husband...Ahhhh...a little popcorn and red licorice and we're set :)
Well my sweet, have a perfect are ALMOST done...your reward?...a delightful weekend of decorating and white paint...nothing could be finer...have F*U*N
I'll leave you a plate of cookies on the counter for you and Ruben...not sure what kind yet, but I'll surprise you. Tomorrow morning will be a day spent in the kitchen...YIPPEE!
Happy weekend dear one...xoxox...R
Oh, March 2nd is "D day", thanks for your constant prayers :)

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonsoir mon chéri! I hope I am able to post this message.. for some reason, I have been able to post a message onto your blog.
How are you dearest? Hopefully you are staying warm and having a ball decorating your new room.
Wishing you a most lovely weekend!
xoxo, B

Peeters Liliane said...

My dearest friend,
It is always nice to read your comment, it feels so good that a friend on the other side of the world feels like she is family.
And yes I'm a teacher I'm a sewing teacher, I teach sewing for adults man and women and I love to do that.
I have the best husband of the world and I have one daughter she is 26. My daughter is the greatest creation that I ever made lol. Do you have children?
I'm curious to see the photos of your new two room addition. I know they would be great.
A big big hug for you my friend,

blueberries in the fields said...

j ai découvert ce monde merveilleux à travers le blog de la si jolie Saskia. ^-^
tout est si beau et magique, les photos se marient si bien avec vos mots.
un délice à visiter. joyeuse st-valentin ♥

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour Ma Belle!

Sprinkling is what it's all about! Great post! How are you my darling?? I know you're so busy these days at school. Hope all is good for you sweetie. I'm enjoying life and looking forward to spring.

Bisou mon amie, sherry

koralee said...

You are home today!!!! Oh you blessed girl you. Enjoy every moment of it...what fun are you going to be having my friend? Creating? Playing? Tea or Lunch with your sweetie? Oh whatever it may be ENJOY!!!!

Happy Friday and may your Valentine's weekend be filled to the brim with LOVE!

I am off to find something RED to wear to brighten my day....hugs and love to you.


dollystar said...

Chers Anita, je ne parle pas français depuis plus de 40 ans, mais
comprendre presque tout, sans aucun doute je vais utiliser le traducteur.
Merci de votre visite!
Tu parli italiano? Forse sarà piu facile a tutte i due

michelle said...

Hello my sweet and inspiring friend! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful week and I am so excited to see all that you and your hubby have been working so diligently on! It sounds so wonderful!!! I hope that you get to spend some time with hubby doing fun things on this "lovely" weekend!
Blessings and hugs to you!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita
You are such FUN! A BIG thank you!!!! Genius? me? nooooooo.... but enjoying every minute of it...teehee. You like the little pointy toes?
The song by Maurice Chevalier.. What is he saying dear? I just loved the tune but need a translator... hint...teehee
but don't you just love Fred Astaire?
I am so happy you enjoyed Maurice!

Rosie said...

Mmmmmmm....those are some scrumptious chocolates!!!! Champagne cream...Ahhhh....yummmmmm.
Oh Anita, that IS a happy dream.Two out of three...glasses, shoulder length hair( just had it bobbed, to sit on my shoulders :)...but, cover the gray ;). Oh, and yup, I do know a fine little pastry shop that we could have a fine cuppa at. So, over all, you were VERY close. What a SWEET DREAM!
Well, we celebrated Valentines a couple of days early with dinner out tonight and a hockey game...GO HEAT!!!!...we won. Do you follow hockey at all? We are fortunate enough to have the farm team for the Calgary Flames, living here in Abbotsford. So much FUN!
I'm with you dearest...WHAT RUBEN!!!Does your sweet husband not know, how excited we girls are to put on our earrings??? ...ahhh...soon...very soon.
Well it is off to bed for me. I have taken tomorrow off, to try and get rid of a few of my aches, before March. Looking forward to a good sleep in. You have a good one as well dearest, SWEET DREAMS ...xoxox...Rosie

Mariette said...

Dearest Anita,

From Saskia I got here and follow...
You have the same name as our deaf foster daughter from Indonesia.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


erin said...

hi anita,

just popping over to say, happy weekend to you, sweety!.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am so glad you left me a comment because I came over to your blog and noticed that I did not leave a comment last week when I read it! I must have got distracted and was going to come back and forgot. I have to tell you that after I seen it and heard it I had the "Slow Boat to China" song in my head all day! I do have that recording myself and love uplifting as was your beautiful post! I remember showing my hubby the multicolored pancakes then he got hungry for! You are so creative, I swear! I hope you find your gilded mirror! I can't wait to see your finished room and hope you will share it with all of us! Have a "tres magnifique" day, Anita! xoxo, Patti

Kell Belle Studio said...

Hello Ms. Anita,

It's been awhile hasn't it? I was thinking about you and thought I would see what you've been up to. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous visual journey. I think desire has everything to do with emotion. Anything that we want is about believing we will feel better in the having of it wether it is a material thing or not.

Love the gifts from your friend especially the harp player with her incredible little dress.

Wishing you sparkles and hugs this weekend.

~Kell Belle (formerly artful paper doll)

Mariette said...

Lieve Anita,

Chapeau! Om het Nederlands te leren en ook nog vloeiend in Frans; een úitzondering voor Amerikaanse... Zeg, jij kent mógelijk deze website uit Frankrijk al maar anders neem een kijkje s.v.p.
Een hele fijne Valentijn toegewenst en inderdaad; Saskia is een schát. Ze is van mijn provincie Limburg...

Au revoir et bisous et à propos, s.v.p. suivez moi aussi!


bikim said...

loved reading this post! images are also beautiful!!

Kell Belle Studio said...

Hi Anita,

Haha! I've changed my name to Kell Belle Studio. It seemed to suit me better and I feel free to do other art besides just dolls. :) I think I'm going to delete Artful Paper Doll but please bookmark me at my new place:

Hugs! =D

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Valentines Day, dear Anita, hope that your day is sprinkled with much love, kisses and hugs.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend.


koralee said...

Happy evening my sweet friend....hope your weekend has been wonderful so far! Mine has been very relaxing..I have not left the house all day! Sending you love for your Sunday. oxoxxo

Susan said...

Hello, dearest,
I am looking at the most delightful valentine sprinkled with the finest of glitter! Thank you, dear friend! Receiving it in the mail, yesterday, was the highlight of my day! I just adore your artwork. It is a treasure! I must pop over to visit your friend, Violet. We have our own Violet in the family now,my great niece,born February6.
Love and Blessings!

Rosie said...

hello dear friend...
Hoping your day was filled with white paint wonder, delightful draperies, decorating bliss and most importantly Ruben Hugs. Am sneaking back to bed, but wanted to drop in and wish you a HAPPY SUNDAY SWEETNESS...XOXO...Rosie

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I've been missing you Sweet Anita!....and couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without wishing you and your sweet Rueben a lovely Sweetness Day.... How fortunate you are to have each other...

Loved your pressies! Oh my....aren't they just fabulous. There is just nothing like a gift from the heart, is there?

Huge Heart Day Huggies!


desde my ventana said...

Dear Anita,
Hoping you are well and spending and happy and rested weeknd,
Muchos besos