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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Before anyone of us can BLOOM into the blue bird of happiness that we were meant to be

we must endure a state of DORMANCY

until the light begins to shine again

to illuminate our PURPOSE

so that we can flourish.

I have been asleep for a long time

 but for the last two years

every morning and by my side

YOU have called me out from my slumber

with your individual styles

your outlandish humor

your hospitality and point of view. 

This year I will be one year older in body

but many years younger in spirit

because TOGETHER

we strengthen our faith in ourselves and in each other

to come forward

and dare to try what we as little girls

always dreamt of being

but as women 

were afraid to try.

This is finally my year dear friends

what about you

Open up the gift of your minds

and free your talents from the inevitable but temporary period of dormancy, for your Spring is coming.

My beauty sleep is finally over

and this winter I am going to slowly blossom 

and come out of the pages of someone else's dreams

 and be the artist and storyteller that I was meant to be.

Photo Credits:

Oona Patterson Paper Cut Outs