Listen to the music

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Listen to the Silence

This is what I was going to sport on Friday night for a gala event celebrating my
school's 20th anniversary as a French immersion institution.

While some of my colleagues chose plumes

dentelle et rubans

et talons féeriques

in order to celebrate a golden moment in our history

I permitted the trailing remnants of winter's slide down towards reflection

to beckon me to STOP


to the SILENCE.

What did I hear?

I heard that 

"The best answers are NOT given
They are found." 

Merci Bianca, ma chère collègue et amie.

Vă mulţumesc colegului meu drag şi prieten.

Yes, there will be rare occasions to give me another reason to rummage through my glimmering wardrobe

but a missed moment of quiet inspiration

is all too frequent and leaves me in an empty state of mind.

Where do you unearth what YOUR'E looking for?

Find yourself a happy spot

or a serene and sparse retreat


Photo Credits:

Aqua sled (Thank you, Erin) - Erin's Art and Gardens
Birds on a wire (Thank you, Karen) - Scrapbook of Inspiration
Feathered clutch - Via Greige
Turquoise office space - La Belle Vie