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Friday, June 17, 2011


Anything beautiful

and with a far-reaching past

has had to soar upwards

from hurling depths towards


The name 

comes from the Latin words

PRO - on behalf of


VINCERE - to triumph and take control over -

hence the word


She was once a bird in a cage

a servant

under strict Roman rule.

But Provence 

is all the more beautiful today because of her

brief captivity in the annals of TIME

for she finally paved her way through history

towards HER OWN horizon 

in order to reach the shores of peace.

But aren't we all at one point or another

challenged as such 

by the 


to whom we could 

easily yield 

our Fears? 

I took a chance early this week and stepped out of my 

comfort zone

and propelled my way into the presence of 

experienced writers.

We left walking on the firm and lonely

stone-cold path of reality

coming up with only one conclusion.

Keep writing 

and learn 

to fly. 

I know I will reflect back on this time of my 

life and say

so that she could have the SKILLS NECESSARY to 

soar towards her goal

and claim 


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