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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Diary

looking back


at all the corners

of the world 

that I'll never see

and all the special people

I may never meet


I'm convinced that


This year's France Link Party

was a testimony to me 


source unknown
we can beautify the world.

Merci to each one of you 

for making

this year's party

a collaborative effort 

and an 

unforgettable experience  


And according to

the winner of 

Vicki Archer's stunning book



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It's time for me to take 

a short blog posting break

my friends

and retreat to

my writing studio

castles crowns and cottages

castles crowns and cottages

castles crowns and cottages - painting by violet skiles

where I'll be writing

for a course I'm taking this

summer at 

The Loft Literary Center.

So for now... 

From my room where I lived in France

Many thanks to Molly the Wally
and Sarah for your assistance with the technology!