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All illustrations, paper mâché shoe, dress and photos by Castles Crowns and Cottages except for flying bird gifs.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Anita.. This is, without a doubt, my favorite post!
What a beautiful transformation you and Ruben have made.. Your home is exquisite, inside and out. It is so nice to see all of the images together. Especially that dress! More posts like this one please.

Splenderosa said...

"Not the end."
Absolutely perfect!
Anita, you are like those little birds, flying freely, soaring beautifully. I applaud you.

YONKS said...

I am not surprised your home is so full of inspired ideas. That's how you live your life. It's beautiful Anita!
I love "not the end".
Wonderful post!
Much Love

jerilanders said...

I am just thrilled and delighted to see your home-place! You have done a marvelous job turning the ordinary into the extra special,charming, "loaded with personality" cottage dwelling.And I love the way the "happiness' is spreading throughout your neighborhood.I know firsthand about recreating the normal blah into the phenomenal "ooh la la"! Our house was a derelict disaster when first I saw it. You have inspired me to do a similar post on our restoration experience. Your gardens are just as I imagined them to be, very elegant and formal, but still comfortable and personal and welcoming to many a bunny.I realllly loved this post.

Suz said...

Wow. Gorgeous. What an inspirational post. You amaze me every post.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear Anita!

HOW amazing and beyond inspirational is your post....:)*

Thank you SO very much for giving me alot of joy and wonderful feelings!
Fantatsic post with beautiful ideas!

Wish you great weekend,


highheeledlife said...

Dearest Anita, truly a wonderful and inspiring post. And a wonderful reminder that dreams may take a little time to come to life, but so right - with patience, determination and faith all that we plant in our lives will take root. Happy week-end , hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

millefeuilles said...

This is PERFECT, dear Anita! Just what I needed to read. You know me; the garden as a metaphor and as a creative outlet thrills me.

Dear Anita, I am so very grateful to you for hosting the French party a fortnight ago. I have met some wonderful people thanks to you.

And what seeds am I planting? A book! I've been lucky enough to have long articles published but I would dearly love to write a book.

And you?

Warmest wishes,


millefeuilles said...

ps I'll be publishing my post early tomorrow morning after two weeks of silence. Life is so busy for all of us, right?

Rattus Scribus said...

Dearest Anita,
What an adventure it has been taking our little lump of coal and squeezing it over the years to become the diamond that it is. Coming home is still my favorite part of the day. Beautiful posts and history in words and pictures.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Truly inspiring. Thank-you.

Sarah said...

Oh, my sweet friend, you are full of genius. What a charming post! I adore the way you share things, and it is a treat to see how your castle has evolved with the love and care that you and Ruben have bestowed upon your special home. Beautiful gardens and gorgeous details within. Oh, those black and white tiles make my heart sing. Can't wait for more. So happy this isn't "the end". ~ Sarah

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE IT! The pictures, the story, everything about it! Your house started with a seed and a dream and turned into a beautiful home. The light picture is so cool, and you captured the beauty in many of your pictures. The front of your house looks like a charming cottage. You have done so much work on it, and it truly has paid off.

Yes, I have a dream too. This year, hopefully, we will move into our final home. I'm not sure where yet, but once I'm there, I will plant my seed and everything will flourish. Your pictures are such an inspiration. It shows that when we work hard at what we want, we could have that special dream. You started with a vision, and look where it lead to!

Thank you for sharing some of your pictures. They really are fabulous. And so are YOU.


ps "Not The End" - that's
perfect, love it.

The French Hutch said...

Dearest Anita, How absolutely special to see how you’ve taken your fantasy, mixed it with inspiration and love and watched a beautiful fairytale cottage come to life! I love everything, inside interior to your gardens. How wonderful how you planted the seed and watched it take root with your neighbors. Beautiful music, beautiful post............

The French Hutch

Elaine said...

Oh my, those homes are so amazing. Gorgeous structures and magical gardens. Such greeness, so healthy and thriving.

Your home is beyond fantastic! I do love the dress form with the phenomenal dress.

I am planting the seeds to open a new business. But definitely not quitting my day job any time soon.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how this resonates with me, Anita! I have been there and done this several times, and I'm about to do it again.

We are in the throes of doing major work to our residence which will be sold in a few years when we retire. But how well I remember the first home we restored and the efforts to put the work into it that encouraged others to do the same and all of the work to educate others in how to do that. It was a long road, but it worked. Now, those homes are loved very much, and one famous blogger lives in that neighborhood which could easily have gone the way of the dinosaur.
It takes a seed, and you have to water it daily and tend it when it grows and becomes a garden.



The Quintessential Magpie said...

And yours (your house and garden) are truly lovely, just like YOU. xo

Leslie said...

Anita! Such a wonderful post and tribute to the castle you've built with the love of your life. I DO understand the need to keep your focus .. steadfast ;) the renovations, laying one brick at a time..tendining to what will grow. Your home is beyond stunning and I can feel your presence and love throughout. I'm so glad we are friends and that I get to visit your blog:). xxleslie

Bonnie said...

Anita, your home is lovely. You can see the work you have put into your dream. Beautiful! Bonnie

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

So beautiful! I love It!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh
that was totally
and so is this
your cottage...
its darling and
sweet and i want
to be there...
things here in
the tropics are
very different
looking...i wonder
how how brave i am
to post about it...
for now i can sigh
about yours!

Jade said...

Oh Anita, what a wonderful post..........your home is a French Castle and really breathtaking - what a great inspiration!!! And I loooooove the beautiful garden - you will walk there like a princess! Enjoy every moment in your magical world and have a wonderful sunday,

Hugs Jade

"Create Beauty" said...

What an amazing TREAT to see what 'was' and what it has become!!!!

Oh how I love what you have created!

I must go to sleep now but I'm coming back tomorrow to take this all in again, it is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!

Love you dear heart,

~ Violet

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful post and such gorgeous photos and love your home and garden.
I know how much time and love goes into making your home, your very own Castle. There is always so much to make and do to get it how you want.
Do hope that you are enjoying the weekend

Unknown said...

Dear Anita,
I really enjoyed this post. I like what you have done to your cottage. It is all very nice both inside and out. I particularly like those internal doors.
I think that what is particularly nice about such projects is when you look back and see how far things have progressed.
And it goes without saying that I love your lighting choices!

Palomasea said...

Anita, my dear one...I have goosebumps!!! This is thrilling!
I was smiling during the entire post...and I am SO happy to see your art, your home, gardens....and the effect you have on neighbors is the same effect you have on all who come in contact with spread MAGIC! :))) You and Ruben are brilliant visionaries, but what is even more inspirational is the HARD WORK you put into everything....knowing you both inspires me to be a better person. Thank You!
The photos are FANTASTIC!! And that sweet little gnome with the fairy door?? Is that your neighbor's? Precious! Beautiful, beautiful post!!! Brava!
Love you, dearest!
(now I'm going back to take it all in again...:)

Lady of the Woods said...

I love that all the images were yours and "Not The End" is sooooo perfect! what is more precious, having that beauty or inspiring others to make their own? I too moved into a house that was a dump, seriously, everyone said the owner should tear it down. The yards all sandy soil, weeds and only chainlink fence for views. It is now a French Hobbit House LOLOL.....and still "becoming". It is a joy now to wander through it inside and out, to see every day new growth of the Green Kingdoms. Waiting for the flowers and their color is torture though, but I've got a plan :D Nice to see your beautiful post! love, lady

Sabrina said...


It's me said...

This is our begining darling...from a long long long you....beautiful post !!!!!

francis said...

Oh Anita your MAGIC is back !
Your posts are always beautiful and rich and inspiring
This one reminds me of you when I first met you .
I love this STORY !
You know a little bit about my life .
How all changed when I could no longer be a kindergarten-teacher
and I was at home without my class , the parents , the other teachers , the school .
In that periode my children all moved out so the house was also empty . No more taking care of every-one .
Who was I before I was a teacher and before I was a mother ?
That was an intersting journey and I discovered a whole new world called BLOGGING and I met very interesting and inspiring women all over the ocean .
This has been my guide through the first time ..... They were always there ..... and I began to find out and find back who I was as a person
No longer a teacher , no longer a mother-with-children in the house
but a person .
What made me happy , what I loved and liked and my life began to change .
At first I was so used to see what I thought I was supposed to see that I did not notice what was happening .
I do not know how to explain but life can be surprising when you are willing to see ......
All kind of surprises came to me and they helped to turn my life a whole other way .
In that process I had a lot of stress at first because I was so affraid to let go of the control .
Once I noticed that I could start to change that too .
And when the letting go started all became so much more clear and friendly and in harmony .
At first all kind of changes inside my house happened
My children gave me my own studio
and they gave me a living-room make-over .
The happy energy surrounded me
They did all that with so much love
The change around me Surrounding me helped healing and gave me courage to go on on my new journey.
For a long time I was sad about a lot of things and I did not know what to do with that .
Than I realised all was happening for a reason . Just look at it , feel it and let it go .
And more and more new things came to me .And I found myself much more colorful and bright and strong !
And than the magic went on ....
after the house inside my children gave me a GARDEN-MAKE-OVER for mother's-day .
At first all had to go and oh boy stress again . But now I knew's going to be MORE than allright .....
I can look ahead now
I mean I have learned that
to enjoy the future
Inside my house now I am so happy and when I look into my garden all is possible and there is so much space My garden looks twice as large .
And than came the first time I went into the garden with little Eva .
She is now two years and she walks and talks and is a little person discovering THE WORLD .
She is wonderful and has respect for all that grows .
She can kneel down for an ant and say "HI"....
And than I was sitting in my garden under the pear-tree looking at this grandchild and my heart was filled with blessings .
I knew HOME was where I wanted to be . All was for the best .
Being a grandmother at HOME was more than I could have wished for .
In seeing how Eva is and does I see my own children when they were little and how I was as a mother and I can feel good about how I did all as a single mother with a fulltime job .Each day is bringing me surprises and blessings .
Last friday my principal came to my house and we looked back and closed my schoolcareer . beautiful flowers she brought me and a beautiful present too.
And now all that is behind me
and the future is laughing !
And I am to live happy ever after !

Unknown said...

"You can't build castles overnight"
"Not the end"
So true!

Unknown said...

I think you have out done yourself today. What a wonderful inspiring post. You made our day. We were having a problem getting motivated with our book but not now. You planted hope for us today. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Dear Anita...your creativity knows no bounds...beautiful post...have a very HAPPY Sunday.
Catherine xx

Barbara said...

Dear Anita, your home and garden are quite simply beautiful. This is a truly wonderful post from a truly wonderful human being! How lucky your neighbours are to have you. I have so enjoyed my visit to you today!

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita, you are so lucky to have such a precious house, in fact they all are storybook houses. I love landscaping and flowers. When I sold my big house next door the people stopped cutting the waterfront, ripped up the rock walkway to the water, because the yard man was charging to much to weed wack. Why they cut down the apple tree's I will never. Lucky to have great neighbors.

The enchanted home said...

I so enjoyed seeing the snippets of your beautiful home and charming gardens. How fun to plant a seed and watch the fruits of your labor come to life! And what a beautiful life they are taking....all things worth having are worth working hard for!
Enjoy your Sunday Anita:)

Karena said...

Simply magical to see the transformation. Your home is like a fairy tale come true. Anita your taste is so unique and defined by your dreams!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Your home reflects your heart, Anita. It is as it should
Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your cottage and your life with us. I feel honored and privileged, after all, this is your journal and you are choosing to share your privacy with us. Priceless.
It's truly like reading a fairy tale, with so much HOPE weaved through every image and word.
For someone who is in a transition not knowing where the next season of life will lead for our family to take root, my heart skipped a few restless and impatient beats of as I worked my way through this magical transformation, BUT I am all the more inspired by every beautiful detail.
BEYOND grateful for this delicious post, lovely.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, wow, you really worked magic in your garden and property - it completely matches your style and vision. And so nice that neighbours are putting soem water on the seeds of green magic too. Love that dwarf-house in the tree! And to see your amazing paper dress again! Hope you have a delightful sunday, am thinking of you! xox

"Create Beauty" said...

Isn't it wonderful how the beauty you and Ruben have created is inspiring the neighborhood?!?
It helps others see the potential in their own yards and homes!!!

Ours went from a piece of ground last year into a house and a yard I am working on bit by bit, and every improvement will increase in beauty as the plants grow and flourish. Now to get more perennials in so they can be enjoyed year after year!

I love the improvements you made to the outside of your cottage, what a huge difference. BeAuTiFul!!!!

~ Violet

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Good morning my dear!

I read this post last night but I could not post a comment. I have seen your beautiful garden before but I have never seen the transformation! It is exquisite. I see so much love and hard work here in this beautiful home that you and Rueben have built. Your dream castle, garden and life. Because of you and your beauty inside the house and out many in your neighborhood are making magical changes.

I cannot wait to see what you create next!

Xxoo Elizabeth

Deborah said...

Anita I am almost breathless as I gaze on what you have both created. This is so beautiful and what a wonderful thing to have inspired your neighbours!!
I love your garden, your home, your absolute sense of what is beautiful!
I could go on and on....
Thank you for this lovely tour of your cottage!!!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoox

Denise said...

So tender and sweet peeking into your private world.Even though I'm not young anymore I still enjoy the home I created years ago.Now mind you it's not the same house,we've changed houses many times,esp.since retirement.Life has taught Me,or The Lord taught Me,a woman's home never changes, She carries it with Her until We arrive to our heavenly home.Hugs Denise

therelishedroost said...

OH wow!!! This was like a little fairy tale!! I loved it so much, I dream of down sizing one day and having a little european style cottage with a yard like that!!! YOu are one talented lady!!
Xo Karolyn

Down by the sea said...

Dear Anita, This post is so magical bringing together your blog title and the inspiration and beauty you are so good at sharing.
Sarah x

Simplement ... said...

Chère Anita,
Quel endroit de rêve !
Tout y est si magnifique, en regardant tes images je me dis que la perfection existe ...
Gros bisous

DolceDreams said...

Oh Anita,
how I love seeing your before and after pictures, they are unrecognizable! Spring fever struck us too, and we have been re-doing our front yard, and slight changes in the back. It is so much work, but so worth it in the end, the labour and love shines forth!

Your home is exquisite inside and out ~ I hope that the sunshine has come to stay for you ~ we are in the triple digits now!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I just had to stop by again because I forgot to say BRAVO to Ruben too. This is not a simple task. No wonder you love to play in the garden. :)
Bravo, bravo, one for each of you.
Much love!!

Kelly said...

This is ENCHANTING Anita! Your vision and journey has unfolded and captivated others around you! Let's see what else these seeds transpire in this continuing adventure. Just

Pura Vida said...

WE have such a tender merciful have done well my friend...very well indeed!

Anne said...

Anita, chere! this post makes me happy! I love that your neighborhood is sprouting beautiful gardens, I love the old English cottage look, I love the transformation in your front yard! Thanks for stopping by to visit...(you didn't miss it, i had just posted...) xo Anne

Nella Miller said...

Dear Anita, we all have longings in our heart, dreams and aspirations...we would not be alive if we did not...our homes and gardens help us to realize those takes time and patience for both to come to are a very fine example of that ! N.xoxo

Art and Sand said...

I was so disappointed when I read that you would be taking a break from blogging. Imagine my excitement when I saw on my sidebar that you had posted.

As every post I have read, this is beautiful. I am working on a gift for your poetry class and will let you know when it is ready.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful words, pictures and music.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Anita, I love seeing your garden. You spoke of it to me when we talked. And I always enjoy seeing your dress. Thanks for sharing.

Teacup-In-The-Garden said...

Wonderful images!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my Anita, you have been doing an amazing job on your dream castle my dear. I love love how it turned out. Adore what you did to your front door. And I smile over your words that neighbors are picking up the magic dust you sprinkle.
Have a sunshine-filled month of June mon Amie xx

Deana Sidney said...

You know, I started out as a garden and party designer on my path to film. I can't tell you how many clients I had (often with more money than sense) who wanted 100% right away. I told them that we could make things look great but that some of the best plants took time. I was always sad that they wanted what they could have RIGHT NOW and wouldn't be patient for a garden to grow and mature. My business partner didn't like my idea either. The all at once method made more money and you had to replant annuals regularly.
You have made a little magic there... and it was worth the wait.

One Shabby Old House said...

You are an amazing visionary. Wow...what a stunning home you have created and what inspiration to those of us awaiting our little gardens to flourish!

koralee said...

Morning dear have inspired me my friend! Just look how you transformed your lovely home! It is breathtaking.
I am looking for the perfect way to do just that on our little backyard terrace. You really have inspired me to get going on it. Today our sun is shinning and I feel like anything is possible. First off to school...testing ...testing and more testing! Just 2 more weeks of is kinda scary but exciting at the same time.
Sending you our sunshine...fill your day with joy my sweet friend. xoxo

Unknown said...

Anita dear~I am lapping up your inspirations of this delicious post. Watching your home and garden grown into richness and beauty is a delight. The joy is spreading around the neighborhood. It's perfect!
Happy Monday!
xx, Heather

Unknown said...

Okay you have done it! You have posted my all time favorite post. I loved seeing the inside and outside of Rabbit Hill. The gnome and the neighbors homes. What a charming neighborhood. The only thing that is missing is me!!!

I have to smile. Our housing association came out with their rule book of not allowing ornaments in the yards. This is when our gnomeland was being threatened but we won as you know. Nobody gave a hoot about their dang rules! Gnomes and owls and birdfeeders are popping up everywhere.

I think it would be fun to host a neighborhood post of my own. Must go take pictures! I think I'll find at least 30 gnomes!

Love you Anita. Happy week ahead. Did you ever get the envelope I sent????

Off to work, Len's day off. We have been building somewhat of an Alice in Wonderland backyard. That was not really our intention but it is how is it turning out. Smiling at the wonder of it all. You lay down plans and God has even better plans!

Ann said...

So inspiring.
Love the words and images you used
to prove your point.
I guess each and everyone of us is still a work in progress
that the our best work is yet to be seen we just need to persevere and keep on working for our dreams. Thanks for the inspiration I get everytime I visit you. You know there are times when I would visit here and there is new post, all I do is look at the previous posts the really old ones, the ones when I was not yet a follower... I still get inspired by them. Thanks again.

Maria said...

~ A beautiful post from a magical place close to your heart....HOME! Loved the magic in this post,dear Anita! ~ I have just posted on my 'wee' blog a little post so very much inspired by YOU! I hope you don't mind, Anita...but I still think of this post as my fact I fell in love with your words and story, and you inspired me to write my own.....soo very different to yours, I know.~ Thank you as always for your kind and generous comments! From my little corner to yours....Maria x

Rhissanna said...

Oh my goodness. Anita! You're a wonder and a star and what's so wonderful is that your bravery and your vision are inspiring others, beautifying everything they touch. This is my favourite post so far and I will come back often, to soak it up and take courage in my own adventures. Thank you, Thank you!

PS. I saw the bunny! Don't you think I didn't!

renae said...

Well look at this new post! I thought you weren't posting for a while - like a month or more. But, here you are.

Love home tour!!!! Your home is magnificent. I love it.

And ...thanks for your encouraging words. My weekend was odd but ok. I am kind of behind and that is bothering me, I guess. Oh, well off we go into a new week and I have several goals to accomplish.

Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

You always have the most beautiful posts! This one reads like a fairy tale :-). I am happy for you that your neighbours are so enthusiastic about their gardens. Most of the gardens around our apartment are paved. I understand, but I think it's such a shame. I would love to see more green :-)

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog too. It's always a joy to hear from you!

Wishing you a happy week!

Madelief x

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi, my friend! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home, garden and artwork with us! What a treat :) I really enjoyed seeing your world, Anita. You are surrounded by beauty. And you inspire it!

Madelief said...

Dear Anita,

Thank you for your sweet reply. You are one special lady!! What a good idea to have such a positive law. I don't think many people will have anything against it :-) I wish we would adopt it in Rotterdam!

Have a lovely day,

Madelief x

Bilancia Designs said...

BEAUTIFUL photos of your gorgeous home!!
I love everything about it!
It certainly reflects your lovely style and shows such pride...a true labor of love.
This is my favorite kind of home: the one you create from scratch....
I truly miss our talks, emails, SKYPE... I am buried in weddings! I can't wait to show you photos of this weekend's wedding. A gorgeous couple from NYC ... and it was a fabulous Latin wedding---so full of life and dancing, dancing, dancing! Can't wait to show you all the beautiful photos. I worked so hard and they really loved my designs.
We have so much to talk about... I miss you SO!!!

Fete et Fleur said...

I can't wait to see the whole of your beautiful renovation. I don't seem to be able to access your blog on my computer anymore. I'm using hubby's right now to leave a comment. Miss you both and hope all is well.


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Dear Anita, your home is truly transformed so beautifully. Fitting for a lovely lady like yourself. The garden are wonderful.
Your home is so inviting and warm.
Such a stunning post full of pretty images. I adore the birds too.
xo Linda

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Oh Anita! I absolutely love your home! It is so charming, just like a fairytale! Gorgeous! It makes me dream of owning a home again someday and making it my very own castle.

Stacey said...

I enjoyed seeing the transformation in your beautiful house and gardens over the years. It's evident lots of love and thought went into each step. Spectacular results! I agree to that when your neighbors observe the care you take in your property, they do the same. I love when that happens. Really stunning details too on the inside. LOVE it all! You both must be so proud! Wonderful post! Xx

jerilanders said...

Anita, The Hopalong Hollow Gazette is pleased as punch to answer your inquiry. IF you do not want your hens to hatch the eggs, (because you want to make omelets instead), you remove the eggs each day and place in fridge. But IF you want a new batch of chickies, you leave eggs in one nest and a Broody hen ( that is a hen that is yearning for motherhood)will take to sitting upon the eggs. Not all the eggs will hatch, because some are unfertilized. That all depends on how "BUSY" your rooster has been.
Once in a while, a broody hen will lay her eggs in a hidden spot,so they cannot be snatched from her, and suddenly, one sunny morning, this same mother hen will scamper past your vision with tiny baby chicks in tow.
PS. Is that a trumpet vine clamoring over your front door roof like a shock of green hair gone wild? I love it! We have something very similar growing off the roof of our pump-house.

Unknown said...

Anita, dear luminaire!
You light the hearts and souls of so many!
Your dream with Reuben, is a vision of love, inside and out!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita,
This is a beautiful post!!!!! I adore the photos and the words as always. You are so talented!!!!!
How was your weekend? We had tornadoes here Friday evening. The sirens went off 4 times in a hour!!!! We were very lucky & didn't have any property damage.
I am more than ready for these spring like storms to end!!!! Ugh!!!!
How was your weekend?
Sending luv & hugs,

Unknown said...

magical! I just revisited your site after a long absence. It feels like home.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita I'm in....I'm in through my little Mac! Oh what a fabulous post....I love it when you do posts on your magikal home....just beautiful! And oh so homely....You are both so incredibly talented at turning your little abode into what you have today!!! Congratulations to you's lovely!!! Hugs across the miles to you....Dzintra xo

Mr Paul said...

Anita this post is just incredible. Your home is just as magical and beautiful as I imagined. What else, from such talented mind,spirit and hand. I look forward to your return to blogging.
Paul xxx

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, it's fun to do the mag, but also exhausting sometimes. We have had such a difficult last year, but now, i feel more positive again! It#s finally SUNNY here today - and i hope you also are going to enjoy your lovely garden! Have a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Anita, this is not a little story, it is a big beautiful, soulful story!
Get this woman an agent! You are like the Empress of blogs!

koralee said...

MORNING!!! Are the birds singing in that beautiful yard of yours? Boy are they happy here this morning.
You are teaching today...enjoy those little ones! Have you heard about next year my friend??? How are you feeling this week?
Off I go to see what surprises I can find has been a crazy busy week already...feels like FRIDAY! xoxox

Mapi said...

Oh Anita this is breathtaking !

Love as always

Bonnie said...

Your house is indeed a loving home. Thank you for sharing with us. Miss you and Ruben, pls tell him hello for me!

xo, Bonnie

Acornmoon said...

This post was a great escape, I am sure your garden will bring you much joy. I think I even spotted Little Grey Rabbit's House.

Lady of the Woods said...

Hi Anita :D
yes, I'm not much in blogland these days either, ''work''....for me too, only mine I don't get paid for :D But blogging is the best therapy for me and I have several posts coming soon.
Paradise, yes, and when we can't find it? We create it. And so that is my process, still going but now more of a joy since I got the basics of 90% of everything in order, white and cozy. I'm working on having masses of flowers here, not common for Florida but I will find a way! This later summer should show blooms and color everywhere and the house outside pale pink and white trimmed. Should be pretty. :D
And yes, from now on flower of scent inside, in my hair and all the rooms....I must create my own Paradise. love to you, lady

Wild Oak Designs said...

Oh that was fun! Love the door that was put in and the garden shots! Great. Thanks.
Come for a visit....

Burlap Luxe said...

O, oh, oh !! Anita,
I love this part of you that exposes your life, love, and where your passion rest. Your home is beauty in every way possible. The grounds where your gardens grow, your home where love grows, your talent in creating endless beauty speaks to our souls.
Anita there is never another need to post anyone's beauty but, yours. You truly are living our lives soulfully in a place to love.
Did that wedding dress ever make it to that bridal store window? You have designed a window we can see into the beauty you create.

Keep inspiring us with this and that's, here and there's, a little vignette, a big vignette, a looking into a guest bedroom that I am sure is so inviting with an invitation to stay, a comfy chair or two a place setting at a table for dinner, Anita you are on the way to another life with showing us a part of it.

Soulfully inspire us often with the love you have for your home.

Blessings to your and your never ending.



Personally selected products said...

Bonjour Anita

is just wonderful!
Lots love

Anonymous said...

too beautifully fun
and wonderful not too
visit all over again.

contemplating my
summer color transformation
for my cottage in the sun.

wendy said...

This was all so fun to see...the transformations. I can see everything you touch becoming quite magical. Because it is in your soul and would carry out in everything you do.
I soooooo want to convince my hubby to build on to our house (it is just tooooo small) and gives me no room to be creative, but he always says no, that we'd move first. BUT WHERE???
oh well, that's another story for another day.
We are busy working our property this summer too, piece by piece by piece.
sorry I haven't been by for awhile. There has been a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life as of late.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Be still my heart!! Anita...I can't breathe! I loooooooooove, I mean loooooooooooooooooooooove this post! Your home is truly magical. Oh how I would love to live next door, throw open my windows and hear you playing the harp in your garden. Everything is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Beautiful post Anita...I love how you have transformed your beautiful house and looks simply stunning and magical (and the perfect place to display your amazing lovely to see it again!)
We're working hard on our garden at the moment so crossing our fingers for a little more sunshine!
Happy Wednesday,
Susan x

Rakel said...

love the post! ^^

renae said...

Thanks for the lipstick compliment. I love all of them but I think the texture is still to sheer. I need to hunt down a matte finish red that is super bold to go with my red items. I love the lavender when I wear light blues, OMyGosh!!!! Amazing.

Leslie Harris said...

For me, the message throughout this post resonates with real life. Especially these days. Everything worth having takes time and nurturing, that's the truth. And I especially love the 'not the end' ...what a special post.
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

"Create Beauty" said...

I said I'd come back later in email but we can't get into our emails for some reason this evening, so I've come here to let you know!!! Hopefully things will be in working order in the morning.

My 'mothers day fairy garden' has become overgrown, and today I brought home some smaller more compact plants and am going to make another fairy garden and have the other be the herb garden... those herbs are getting tall.

Oh so much to say but I can't 'talk' to you! Arghhhhh!

But I did enjoy seeing your lovely gardens again... which have developed and grown so beautifully.

~ Violet

The Dutchess said...

Your home IS your Castle my dear sister...and NOT the End...that was precious and priceless...Its Not the end..noooooooooooooooooooooooooo...there's so much time to gooooooo where your heart will take you...xoxo

I;m running around like a crazy person...but a happy one..:)

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I loved your comment today. It really touched my heart. I don't care for tattoos much, but he got one for me, so that was a sweet thing for him to do, and I'm honored he thought of me. You talked about "LOVE spelling out so clearly in another language." I don't know if you realize how clearly you send LOVE with your writing. You and Nel are both such good writers, it amazes me a bit. The words flow so easily (it may be more difficult for you to write them but when we listen to them we are swept off our feet hehehe).

Have a beautiul day, Anita.


Kirsten Steen said...

Such beautiful gardens...and places! I'm off to my twice yearly writing retreat to make the world go away and just write. Get so much done that way. Happy beginning of summer to you (according to our weather anyway). Big bisous, Kirsten

renae said...

Don't ya wish we could send eCards to heaven. Your best tribute to your dear Daddy is to live your full, creative life as best you can, huh? Love to you today!

Sylvia said...

My dear friend,
these have been some of the busiest weeks of the year and I barely found time to compose my post. Your words are special to me, always...
What a sunning home and garden you have created, sweet Anita! But, I have to admit, I am not surprised as I know your sense of beauty. Your artistic soul and devotion illuminate in your art and your elegant, sophisticated, magical dwelling. It was Ruben, I think, who introduced us to the Butterfly effect... You both are such an inspiration to others and an example that illustrates the effect . Thank you! (your photos are amazing)

Unknown said...

Your home is magnificent. I can't even imagine the vision that you and Ruben had when you began. It should be in a magazine. Has it been published yet? I love all of your touches inside as well, and Ruben is amazing!

Such a lovely castle.


Unknown said...


Fifi, from chez Fifi has a new magazine called French Country Style.

You should write to her with the post about your home. She is always looking for inspiration and photo shoots of lovely homes.


Art and Sand said...

I am exhausted after cleaning up ( Steve did most of the work) after last night's retirement party for 100 people. After our beach walk, I wanted to sit and relax and I knew the best place to start would be to read your latest post.

Thank you

Lovely - as always.

Jo Potter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo Potter said...

Wow Anita!
I am not suprised you get so many lovely comments on your blog posts, you really put your heart into them!

I feel my comment here will be lost in a sea of feedback.
I just want to say, the light is within all of us and even when loved ones pass away they still have a little flame in your heart. I miss my little sister, but I know she is always with me in spirit.

My home life is very unsettled as we are renting and I would like to buy soon. I also hold a vision in my mind of the type of house I would like.
I love all of your post as it has inspired me and made me smile. Your home is magical too.
Thank you dear lady, many blessings to you!

renae said...

hey, Anita? Did you get your dress into the shop after all? Or is that trick photography? hahahaha

Hope you week will be smooth and full of joyful accomplishments. I have some fun things planned for my blog this week.

Have a great rest of this weekend! We are having gorgeous weather!