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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dream Maker - Heart Breaker

It wasn't until years later

when I started to write


that Father's Day

when she died

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that I saw 

 As my father and I 

the funebrial sky

for the moon and stars

we hoped

for a final grasp

of our past

that we could 

no longer behold.


But now I know 

that when you look at

any object

what you're really seeing

is its traveling reflection 

of light.

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you're not seeing

the moon as it is now

 but as it was

its distance of 

time ago.

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And like moms


  we can still see  

the luminosity of a star

long extinguished

traveling from its

original seat in 

light years distance

reaching back to 

after its last flicker of



Two weeks later

my dad's existence

began its voyage

in light years

and now every time 

I look at a star 

I see its pulsating waves