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Sunday, January 11, 2015

And this is exactly what I'm going to do...

1. I weep as I write.

2. There are several of you who I admire.

3. You will remain a part of my daily life.

4. This is my last blog post.

You see my friends,

It's about time.

anita rivera

It's about time

I say goodbye. 


I no longer have the time to:

develop my own photography

create meaningful blog posts


work as a full-time French teacher

while aspiring to be 

a real poet.

In our blogging world where

a beautiful home 

arts and crafts

and obtaining desirable things

is mainstream

I have no more to offer. 

I enjoy using music


stunning imagery

to accompany my own words.

But I can't produce 

my own rhythms


my own visuals that reflect my life.


I've written one true sentence

at a time 

to compose this narrative



I forgot 

the truest sentence of all:

I love you.