Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Since I was old enough to flip through a book and study the images, I became fascinated with the story of Cinderella. At a young age, I was able to grasp the concept of transformation and to this day, I still look at furniture, homes and even my own image as that of something undergoing constant transformation from the dull and uninteresting to elegant and beautiful. In the following photos, you will see how my husband and I have begun to apply our vision of a Provencal style bath to our main bathroom. In the photo on the left, the existing and useless bathtub were demolished. The walls were an outdated pink and the medicine cabinent was one of those all-in-one jobs with the lights on the side. The counter took up too much needed space. My husband took a sledge hammer, donned a helmet and goggles and swinged away. The picture on the right shows how he constructed a custom wall with my specific instructions for an arched door. The space that was once occupied by the tub is now going to be a 3X5 walk-in shower. This project started in 2006 but had to be put on hold until 2008 due to doctoral dissertations and other priorities. In the last photo, you will see how he built the permanent walls and how it is starting to look like something beautiful! He has done all the plumbing and the construction himself. We did however, hire an excellent tile man who is now in the process of tiling the interior of the shower with a beautiful rough-hewn limestone-esque porceline tile. Off to work I must go, but I will keep you posted on The Little Brick House on the North East Side of Town. Au Revoir!


Lori said...

hello:) i found you through Nancy...she has some very lovely pictures posted of your beautiful wonderful that you are doing most all of the transformations yourself...that must be so rewarding!!!

stacycakes said...

how gorgeous is your home! good luck with the bathroom, it is going to be stunning!

marry said...

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