Monday, June 8, 2009

Show Me Your Crown

It's all gone to my head; I was homecoming queen my senior year in high school and I got to wear my first crown. I have been intrigued ever since and now have a collection of diadems that I am excited to display today as part of the "Show Me Your Crown" event hosted by Andrea at Do make the rounds and see what other queens and ladies in waiting have to show; it all just might go to your head as well! Please click on all photos to enlarge.

I will start with a collection that I have obtained from some of my favorite shops

and from local friends as well as blogger pals.

As much as I love the burnished tone of gold and bronze, the glitter of tiaras is captivating in the evening with just the right amount of low light. Photos just don't do these sparklers justice.

I have large crowns destined for big projects

and smaller crowns dedicated to the miniature world and medium-sized crowns that I've made myself.

Some potential fairies are waiting for their crowns to be finished and attached

while others are being transformed from mere figurines to altered fairy queens. The framed vintage beauty is my maternal grandmother.

My favorite type of crown is one that I can embellish

and add baubles and trinkets to capture a moment of glitter.

And there you have it; this is just a portion of my collection of ornaments that glitter and shine. What I can't show in photos however, is the treasure of friendship that I value the most and outshines the brightest crown in my home. Thank you all for coming and sharing your love for beauty and your kindnesses; you are all queens in the kingdom whether you collect crowns or not!

Have fun and come back soon...Anita


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I can't believe it, Anita... I clicked on your blog and it's gorgeous (as always) but I've got to take my daughter to a doctor's appt. Can't wait to get home and really savor all your crowns and beautiful statues too. Love the homecoming photo - you gorgeous lady!
Talk soon.

Grace said...

Wow, Anita, you were a STUNNER! Still are, I bet!!

I'll have to keep my eyes open at the local Hobby Lobby for more crown items for you. They have them all the time!!

And I love the crown cornice! I hadn't seen a picture of that yet.

Btw...the new background is delightful!


LindaSonia said...

My goodness, that is quite a collection of crowns. Love it!! And you were a beautiful homecoming queen!! LindaSonia

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh Anita....what a beautiful homecoming queen photo of you! Just beautiful! Your collection of crowns is so unique...something that not everyone would think to collect. Loved your post today! Have a beautiful day!

Deborah said...

You are SO beautiful! You would still be homecoming queen today. Love all your crowns, but I got very distracted by the mural on the wall!!!! I LOVE! Did you paint it? It is incredible. **blows kisses** Deborah

Jen Parrish said...

all beautiful, every image!

hopefully working on a new crown this month for an exciting project, thanks for the inspiration!

Bonnie said...

Hi Anita, thank you for sharing your glittery treasures and what a beautiful homecoming queen you were!

hugzzzzzzz, Bonnie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Ma chere amie,

You are GORGEOUS Anita!! I'm surprised you didn't become a model or swept up by a Prince... Oh that DID happen didn't it?? You must have been the prettiest homecoming queen your class ever had.
What a fun crown event! I enjoyed seeing all of yours. They are so decorative/pretty/shiny/sparkly. A lovely collection my friend.
I just have to hop over to see more bling!!

Bisous, Sherry

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Anita,
I'm back... I love your collection of crowns and all the figurines, busts, stuffed toys, they are all magical! I especially love that little faerie with the crown, oh, and the figure with the rust. Actually, I love it all. I would love to see your house as I'm sure everything just glows there.

I'm watching an old Gérard Depardieu movie, Préparez vos mouchoirs! Do you like him? My life hasn't been the same since Jean de Florette... maybe I should re-read your profile. Gotta go, Gérard is calling my name... Cherie... Tracie!
Happy night ;)

Marie said...

Anita, I love your homecoming queen picture. I remember that year well. We were so proud and happy for you. See the picture of grandma reminds me that I recently came across some 40's pictures of your mom. I'd love to send them to you. Please email me your address so I can send them your way.
Your Cousin

Anonymous said...

I remember how excited all of us girls were to see who would be picked as our High School Homecoming Queen ♥ You were absolutely beautiful! Your growns are just lovely ♥ I can only imagine how beautiful your home looks with dim lights and candles. The sparkle of your crowns must be lovely.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Geesh. I was prom king ... and I got a paper cardboard crown. You lucked out. LOL

Your collection is awesome...simply awesome.

I think I just committed a deadly sin: envy.

Paula said...

Whoaa! Those crowns and that bling ... I love it! I'm gonna have to get me some of these ... somewhere .. if you find a few missing in the morning, well I'm a long, long, long way away (so it won't be me LOL). Seriously though, they are works of art, and so are you! (hope I don't sound too naff - do you use that word in America? I hope it means the same thing there as it does here in NZ).

Lori said...

oh my!!! this party was truly made for you...what a stunning and gorgeous collection of crowns that you have!!! thanks for sharing your wonderful collection with us:)

Anonymous said...


What a fabulous collection you have!

~ Gabriela ~

Valerie said...

Love your picture - beautiful.

And all of your fantastic crowns.

You have a great blog!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

How Regal! My crown is the Faery Crown that has been up. I drew the jewels myself from dear Natasha's bling one day on one of her photos. The original drawings are flower petals on an elf and my painting for my second book, The Lost Crown. I absolutely love love this post dear one!!! Gorgeous!

KarenHarveyCox said...


You are beautiful. Oh and your crowns sigh, they are each more lovely than the next. I love how you stage everything. Your home must be such an oasis, a royal oasis that is.

I could feel your excitement when you posted about Show you crown, and now I see why. Your joy. You should really submit something to Somerset you know. Your posts are stunning.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Queen look gorgeous, at first look you remind me of Crown Princess Mary...what a gorgeous collection of Crowns you have♥x

tales from an oc cottage said...

HOLY SMOKES! You are like the Smithsonian! What a fabulous collection! (LOVE the homecoming pic! I didn't think to bring out my "princess" pic! What a hoot! ;)
You are the QUEEN OF CROWNS!

m ^..^

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Dear Anita, Thank you so much for coming by my blog so that I could find your most amazing blog and collection. You crowns are beautiful but I couldn't stop reading. You have a wonderful blog...

Rosemary said...

You are the queen!!!
I love all of them, especially your homecoming crown, and who is wearing it. What a beautiful girl in your pretty crown. Wow!!
Thanks for displaying them for all of us to see.
I need to put some of mine on my blog later today.
Have a royal day!

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your crown collection is beautiful! I don't collect crowns but after viewing yours it makes me want to start a collection (just what I need-another collection-lol). BTW, your homecoming queen picture is lovely:).



Patricia Cabrera said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWW Anita... I am in awe like everyone else. What a spectacular collection and I bet you still as beautiful as you were when you were a prom queen.*grin*
I never had a crown but I can imagine the fun of it. Love, love your blog!*grin* It is so inspiring and refreshing. You are a such a bless,Tenderly. *((thank you for visiting me))))

Valarie said...

You have the most beautiful collection of crowns that I have ever laid eyes on. What a beautiful blog you have. I love it, and thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day. Valarie

KeKe said...

Oy my gosh! They are wonderful and sparkly too~I think I am starting to develop a need to become a serious crown collector. I dont know whats come over me lately but, I am starting to want to include glitz into everyting I do...
Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of your homecoming days~Bellisimo!

Judith. Santa Fe said...

Regal Sparkling Treasures!

Each one a beauty ... .
but, especially YOU.

Thanks so much for sharing -


The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Oh my!!!
What a stunning collection. I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over your photos.....taking in all the little details. You were a lovely homecoming queen.

In response to your question about my crystal crown, believe it or not, it was a flea market find.

Best Wishes,

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh how pretty! I love them all and the way you have merchandised them. I had no idea there was a crown show and tell and ironically I just listed a crown on my blog. I made it for a class I might teach. When you get a moment fly on over to my nest!

Shelly said...

Awesome crowns, I think there may be something to that homecoming thing! My bf won in High School, maybe I'm STILL after her crown!


LiLi M. said...

Hello Anita, I guess this is one of the most exciting things about these events in blogland; that you just stumble into one of the most beautiful collections you have ever seen. I enjoyed your blogpost from beginning to end (and backwards!). It is so nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing.

debi @ life in my studio said...

You have a beautiful blog...and soooo many lovely crowns!! Love the blingee crown in the previous post too.

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my dear! I'm back briefly, but many things are taking my attention these days from blogging. You my dear are just as beautiful now as you were then. I love all your gorgeous crowns!


Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Anita! Your collection of crowns is beautiful and I love how you have displayed them in your home. You are still the homecoming queen! ~ xoxo Joy

Jenny Fowler said...

Wow - you do have quite the collection of crowns. You were lovely in high school and your house and blog are awesome! Have a great crown day! :)

Deborah said...

Great collection of crowns. I also love how you decorate your house. I always like to come here and visit.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Me again... I should have known, you love Gérard! Did you know that he has a cookbook? Also, I wanted to let you know I'm having a tomato cookbook giveaway (do you cook?) if you're interested...
Love all the comments you received about those gorgeous crowns.

luckygirlgifts said...

I am so jealous. I love all of your crowns. thank you for sharing their beauty with me.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

What a delightful collection, thanks for sharing!!!!!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh Anita!

Your crowns are fabulous! You have to be the Queen of Crowns! I spent hours one afternoon searching the internet for them and couldn't find ANYTHING! Do you have any hot tips, oh honorable Queen, on where one might get their grimy mits on one of these lovelies?

What a wonderful post!


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You are gorgeous! And I am drooling over all the crowns!!!

cityfarmer said...

I adore your collection ...brings out a litlle dreaminess in me ... think I'll go take a nap on the porch.


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Thank You for Sharing,Denise

Cathy said...


You truly are the "Queen of Crowns". Each and every one of them is gorgeous. I thought I had a passion for glitter, but I can't come close to yours. I think I have to start collecting pretty crowns for myself.

Love them all!!! Throw any you don't want anymore my way. lol

xo Cathy

RobinfromCA said...

I have been away from reading blogs for too long and am having so much fun catching up on yours. These crowns are just too much fun! Now I want some crowns! BTW, you were an obvious choice for Homecoming Queen - so lovely!

Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Anonymous said...

Anita! Your homecoming picture! Beautiful! I have to confess ... I would have done anything to have been "crowned" a queen as a teenager! LOL! I guess it's every girls dream. Love your site. BTW, Marie and her hubby are in Hawaii! They left today!


Debbie said...

Anita - your homecoming picture! So beautiful (you still are!) ... I have to confess, I think I would have done anything to be crowned a queen in high school LOL! I think it's every girls dream. Love your site. BTW, Marie and her hubby are in Hawaii as we speak!


Tea Time With Melody said...

WOW Anita, Crowns, crowns and MORE crowns. You were a beautiful Homecoming Queen. If you ever get tired of any of those just say the word and I will send you my address. I am secretly coveting your jewels. lol

TiffanyJane said...

How gorgeous is the Homecoming Queen pic of you!! And I love all the other pics with the lovely crowns. I esp. LOVE the backdrop in the first pic....not sure if it's a tapestry or painting!!!!! LOVE, Love, love!!! Beautiful!
Tiffany :)

Christopher Barrios said...

Dearest Anita, one of the kindest souls I've been blessed to know.
Smart, gorgeous and beautiful in school. Smart, gorgeous and beautiful today. Your heart is pure, your imagination magical!

Christopher Barrios

claudie said...

Gee Anita I hope you get this comment. I"m blown away by all your pretty crowns... and you my dearest friend are BEAUTIFUL. We never had homecoming queen thing, but I know all about it.
Had to come here first and say hello.
Love Claudie

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oh Anita!
I came over to leave a comment, and got side tracked in the CROWNS!!! OOOOOO wow ooo!!!!
I've decided that I shall make tea one evening and have some fluffy goodies and put on my tiara and LOOK through ALL of your BEAUTIFUL POSTS!!!! Hee Hee Hee! what was it I had wanted to say........?
Hugs Linnie