Monday, August 23, 2010

We are Family

It only takes ONE brave and determined woman

with the vision

the skills and the resources


and INSPIRE others

to develop original REVERIES

and make them HAPPEN.

Mimi from Bonjour Romance had a vision and has used her talents to launch off a new project to which she has graciously invited me and many other bloggers as guest writers for

La Belle Inspiration

an on-line magazine

designed to inspire and share tips on how you can make your




and life-style dreams

come to fruition.

The various writers for La Belle Inspiration vary widely as we all come together from different parts of the globe. So join me and the SISTAHOOD

of talented writers, photographers, artists, interior decorators, moms, teachers, wives, crafters, professionals, cooks, gardeners, chefs, sculptors, antique dealers, etc...

to launch off the premier issue of La Belle Inspiration on September 15, 2010!

WE ARE FAMILY and are just a click away

Please visit Mimi at Bonjour Romance or look at my sidebar to reserve your subscription today and dance on!

Merci bien, Mimi, ON T'AIME BEAUCOUP!


Vintage black and white images of Paris scanned by Castles Crowns and Cottages from the book, Parisiennes - Flammarion, 2007

Google and Tumblr images

Tree candelabra - Castles Crowns and Cottages


desde my ventana said...

Hi Anita,
Beautiful trbute to Mimi and her inspiring and interesting work. I wish her very much success,
Hugs and happy weekend,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...
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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita
Wishing Mimi much success with her inspiring work. Beautiful tribute! Congratulations to you my dear friend, and to all that have made this on line magizine. I am sure this will take off like the wind! Beautiful. What a magnificent post! Oh how I love that white suit, and Audrey could not look more beautiful on her bike... Love your words and images.. BRAVO!
This magazine is a ~ must have ~.
Bisous, Penny

High Heeled Life said...

Mon Ami Anita .. beautiful, inspiring and perfect to celebrate Mimi and her dream!

I am subscribed and can't imagine anyone who would not wish to be reading La Belle Inspiration !! I think it will be a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge and learning of how to LIVE!!!

Your images of such a simpler time... to have been boen then .. women lived with grace, elegance and etiquette. XO HHL

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my Darling! This is very exciting. I have heard from the fabulous Mimi! I can't wait to see your lovely article. She has picked a woman with great vision in you. I hope you received all my comments on your other blogs. I spent today catching up with you and Ruben. Your talent is astounding. I must have you do a drawing for me of your lovely water nymph. I fell in love with her.


Barb said...

Hi Anita,

I am so excited for Mimi. She has such a kind heart. I know it will be a super success. I can't wait.

Big hugs,

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

I will be on pins and needles until the release date. Like waiting for the is that anticipated. It's unlike the weekend where plans may change or weather may not cooperate, this new magazine will surely inspire and delight Congratulations on your invitation to submit work. Truly a great choice.

Anne Marie said...

I know!! I'm so excited!!! i read your blog every time you post you know...I just don't comment - i hope you forgive me for not stopping to leave a comment!!!!!

can't wait to see what you and Mimi do :)

Anonymous said...

Ma belle Anita,
Beautiful post as always.
I just subscribed to la belle inspiration. I am certain it will be an amazing online magazine and look forward to reading it.
Congratulations to you and Mimi for her vision.
Can't wait to the premier issue! You are an amazing and talented lady.. so glad to have met you through the blogging world! You are ma belle inspiration!


Rosie said...

Oh my darling...
This is sooo enticing...These ladies were so smart to include one with so much talent...this is so up your alley, just ideal, well suited,and a perfect fit...I am smiling ear to ear in anticipation of this masterpiece you will have a part in...Where, oh where, will you find the time for this ambitious endeavor. I know you will give it your all, as this is the way you sure to take enough time for yourself, and stay health my dear.
Have a most glorious and exciting day tomorrow...I will be praying nonstop...I know how busy you will feel free to focus all your effort on your sweet babies, knowing that I will be waiting when you have time to share some fabulous stories...loving you this much (____________________________)
...xoxo.....still smilin'...Rosie

Passione Helena said...
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Passione Helena said...

What a great honor to be invited by Mimi, for your article full of inspiration, in her magazine to include.

A great idea for global items to collect
The magazine will definitely be a great success.
I was already impressed by your beautiful post!

Good luck to you all,

Happy weekend,
Greetings from Helena

CatherineLovesRoses said...

Oh Anita, all these images are truly amazing, as I´m sure the magazine would be!
Congratulations on being part of this great project!

Have a wonderful day!

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour Anita!

What a lovely tribute to your friend. Good luck to her and all the participants of La Belle Inspiration.

When I browsed through the images I was thrilled to see the branch candelabra it is so whimsical and romantic. In the photo creditsI read that at least the credits are yours. Is the candelabra too, I just love it.
Have a wonderful weekend! Over here it is raining cats and dogs and I was planning to go shopping with my sitster in law and going to a car boot sale on Sunday. I do hope that it stops raining!

Bon week-end, bisous LiLi

shari @ little blue deer said...

I can't wait, Anita! I am so delighted and flattered to be a part of this, Mimi is amazing, as are all of her contributors! So, so wonderful, counting the days till Sept. 15! XX!

Kristin said...

This is so exciting! Wishing this magazine all the best! Have a beautiful weekend, Anita, and thanks for your always so sweet comments!!!

xoxo Kristin

lostpastremembered said...

It is a great idea to gather the power of many to create something wonderful... grand idea!!! Hope it goes well and everyone gets to feed off one another's talents and creativity. Great photo selection, as always!!

Tish Jett said...

Dearest Anita,

What a wonderful adventure this will be.

Cannot tell you enough how you are a ray of sunshine, pure joy in every way.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I had just read about this on another blog! Can't wait! Congratulations and best of luck!

Patricia Cabrera said...

OH Nita, I am THRILLED for you!!! Well diserved my friend!!! I am SO proud of you, but not surprised because you know how much I enjoy your writing and think how talent you are with it.

Nita, is the tree candelabra yours??? I love it!
What a lovely post and an early one... Thank you for letting me know and for your note on my publication!!! you are the best!lovingly, T.

Nezzy said...

Most certainly. As women we set the tone in the home in so many ways. I'm sure the magazine with as amazing as the photos. This was a beautiful tribute to Mimi and all women.

Thanks so much for shain'.

Have a blessed weekend and a fantastic Friday sweetie!!!

Martina said...

Anita! Wow, you've been creative again! Those vintage pix are fun and so elegant - i love Audrey on her bike! And the online magazine sounds just like my piece of cake - will have a look and keep my fingers crossed for big success! Oh Anita, it's raining like mad here, i just got soaking wet and take break in blogland to recover ;) Have a gorgeous weekend over at Rabbit-Hill!

Jacqueline said...

I can see you dancing down the street of your dreams and making magic of the whole adventure. Flats or high heeled shoes, you dance on...Congrats Anita, what an extra special honor to be a part of this!

victorian parlor II said...

It sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read it!!!



Jeri Landers said...

First off, congrats on your new venture, what fun!
I didn't realize these posts DO go through your e-mail, mine go directly onto my blog. Anyway,I didn't want to take up a bunch of space on your comment page with my answer to your inquiry about your illustrations.
The most important thing is to protect your artwork with a copyright, and write up a contract with the author, even if it is your best friend. Because my husband and I are Independent Publishers, we do not have to deal with much of what you may encounter. Oftentimes, publishers want to choose the illustrator themselves. Or they want the author to also BE the illustrator. If, this is to be a self-publishing venture, you can do whatever you want. Just determine who will hold the rights to your work once it is published and what it can be used for in addition to the book, such as bookmarks, advertising,posters, etc.
I have been a freelance artist for most of my life and have always been the publisher of my lithographs and greeting cards.Outside of that, I have licensed my work for fabric and puzzles. But when it came to creating the books, which I started five years ago, we determined to retain all Rights and control and answer to no one. We became the Publishers of my books. I have published 2 books so far, with great success. My first book is going into it's 6th printing and my newest book is going into it's 3rd. Also, a bit of bragging here, I have won 8 Book awards, six of them were International Book Awards. I will be publishing a 3rd book early next year. It is a lot of work and expense, but I love it. I spend at least one year on the illustrations alone, and another year pulling it all together.
I hope this information helps a bit. If you have anymore questions, feel free. Jeri

Jeri Landers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blissitydoodah said...

Je suis intrigued!
I want les instructions pour the floating bed toute suite!
and a little more french language probably wouldn't hurt...n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post! La Belle Inspiration sounds wonderful!

BonjourRomance said...

Oh Anita, you are the sweetest person. It is all the incredibly talented ladies, like yourself, who will make Belle Inspiration a special place. I cannot believe all the creativity in Blogland!
YOU have been a big inspiration to my friend!
Merci beacoup!!

Ijeoma said...

You're right, it does take one woman with a vision. All the best with your new project, and be sure to share it with us when it does finish.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheers :)

Lancerika said...

I'm enchanted with these vintage chic images,and the global wonderful
wishes for Mimi's Dream..
All the best,

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Hello, I just came across your blog... Your pictures are just beautiful!
I am signing up to follow~
Thank you for sharing!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Congratulations dear Anita on the launch of this must be excited...Of course this must come with a Cheers and all the best to you and the gals...Dzintra♥x

KarenHarveyCox said...

Dear Anita,
What a perfect opportunity for you to share your gift of storytelling, beauty, and design.

Your post today is wonderful. I have to follow the link now to La Belle.

Congratulations for being part of such a beautiful inspiration.

Violet said...

Oh Anita!!! I so love how you combine images and words, and even music into your delightful posts!
This new venue of writing for Mimi's online magazine is perfect for you and your passions!

You are a fabulous inspiration!!!
An eye for beauty ~ and wisdom and imagination to create it all around you, and sprinkling it like turquoise glitter on all who are near!!! What fun God had creating you dar one...

~ Violet

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What classy pictures, Anita. Love that style.
I wish you JOY and lots of wonderful moments for the new school year!
Have a lovely weekend, filled with sunshine or sweet raindrops.
Une bonne semaine! xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh no Dearest I'm afraid I cannot attend the see, I have a family wedding to attend that day...I was torn for a while and decided do the family thing!!! And it will be the Grand Finale performance!!! What can I say...there will be more plays...Dzintra♥x (but I am a little sad about it all)

Rattus Scribus said...

You have the touch. This is not only an inspiring post but lots of candy for the eyes. Love the black and white Parisian pictures.

Martina said...

Dear Anita, thanks for coming! So nice of you preparing the classroom before school starts - i think you're a wonderful teacher!
I once knew to speak french very well - but it's rusted now. The other day i was happy to be able to read a little book in original language- Mr. Ibrahim et les fleur de koran - do you know it? It's great to be discussed in school i think.
Yes, if you ever come to Germany, we must meet - it's so amazing how we can build friendships over the blogsphere, i love it! I really like your husbands blog too - it's really good and full of insight what he has to say. I hope the 2 of you have a delightful end of summer weekend! Bisou :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Anita....

OH MY GOSH! I'm THRILLED for you....AND Mimi made a GREAT choice. You will be a wonderful addition. I'm going to pop over and check out all of the fun right away.

I'm ALWAYS amazed by all of the work you put into a post. The pictures are always perfect additions.... You must spend HOURS finding the perfect pix.

I've been missing you too. Things just got a bit out of hand here... but I think I'm coming out on the other side now.

Loved the terrier paintings. My little grand-dog, Trixie, is a Westie.... She is sooo adorable.

Huge huggies sweet one...



desde my ventana said...

Happy weekend my friend...enjoy it!!!

Rosie said...

Hello my dear,
How was your first day back??? Did you get every little thing on your "back to school list" done. Oh I am sure your classroom is bright and cheery...ready to greet each and every cherub that enters through it's door.
Yesterday was a wonderfully productive day...Managed to get a settee and one chair upholstered guessed it...white faux leather...actually quite nice to work with as it has a bit of give.
Still have to put a wee bit of double pipping on, but have made arrangements to have this made ,as my machine doesn't like this fabric.
Today was Crazy at the shop and I am looking forward to a hot bubble bath...and into my jammies early tonight.
Well dearest, have a Blessed Sunday with your Sweet Ruben by your side...sending a hug and Rosie

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Soo brilliant!!! Great thing it is to see! Blessings.

Fine Bessot said...

The Americans girls (women) are very appreciated of French boys (men).
The Mimi’s idea is excellent!
I am going to know that think the Americans of my country.
Maybe a too romantic vision?
Do you know the very young girl with the typewriter is Françoise Sagan. She had a life worthy of her novels and she knew extravagant people, as they do not exist any more.
All the stories of people which change country, are connected to the love.
Only the love can make cross the oceans.

Je ne suis pas sure que mon anglais soit très correct.
J'avance, j'avance avec lenteur, il est très difficile d'écrire un roman. J'irais lire avec plaisir la suite sur le blog de Mimi.
A très bientôt avec toute mon amitié. Fine.

Fine Bessot said...

J'ai oublié de dire que Françoise Sagan a épousé un américain! L'échange se fait des deux cotés. Il est resté vivre en France.
Sais-tu que mon vrai prénom est Françoise ?

Teacup Mosaics said...

Good Morning Anita!
I am looking forward to the first issue it sounds divine. I Mimi the best of everything in her new endeavor, and of course you will make it a great success.
I also enjoyed to GAP post I have missed so much blogging this summer I look forward to the autumn when all the company return home.
Have a lovely week!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

We are all here! Dancin away my friend.. Bebe, Jasper and Zoe!
Have a great day. Thank you for coming to Naples with Bebe

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Anita.....We have been on a little I have not stopped in for a while. I think you have totally redesigned your blog....have you not? Love that you will be featured in Mimi Bleu's mag. I haven't subscribed yet....but am planning on doing so.



curlysusieQ said...

I am so excited for you. Beautiful post and I look forward to reading la belle inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Burlap Luxe said...

Bonjour Anita dear,
Awwww! beautiful words from a beautiful lady! You know you to have that soulfness for the spirit of whites! not just any white, but the white that makes your heart beat with that perfect song!!

Your passion over here is over the top with beauty, and taking it in would be a watse if not put to creative use.

Thank you dear friend for lifting my spirits you are a dear friend.


Chère, restez près de votre passion,
vous êtes une femme à l'amour.


Dear one, stay close to your passion,
you are a woman to love.

Rosemary said...

Great work!!!
Happy Sunday!!

Jeri Landers said...

Jeri Landers said...

Anita, my little blond hens do indeed lay pink eggs, isn't that sweet? The buggy rhyme is at the end of one of my books, I always wrap up my stories with a page of rhymes. I will not tell my hens that you mentioned the word BAKED, they would be quite affronted!

Rosie said...

Oh Dear One,
Just came in from the side garden. Thank you for your "High Tea" visit...what a lovely surprise.
This is the garden we...{Bill} is continuing to working on. Every thing came to an abrupt halt with the HOT weather. Our fall and winter are typically quite mild, with much rain and hardly any snow, so this makes for a great planting season...I have only 1 week to get sooo much done, If I want to go on a little getaway with mom...still unsure if I can spare the time. Fall and winter are quite busy, as our Christmas product is beginning to arrive, and I am painting every spare moment I have, as the humidity comes with the rain and paint does not cure properly in this weather.
You were asking if I upholster. Yes I LOVE to work in this medium, I do however, find it quite taxing on my joints. So, as I mentioned before,I have found an upholster to do the HEAVY stuff. Worked on this sweet little settee and chair...sooo much FUN...she is pretty cute.
Off to the BIG city for a few "girly goods"...purses, jewelery,and a few pretty fall dresses, vests and hats.
...YIPPEE!!!!!...Your photos are wonderful...It is so fun to visualize exactly what you are planning...G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S This is going to be perfect...I am watching my favorite decorator Sarah Richardson, and just said how I would adore to do a little home or cottage will have fun, fun, fun.
Oh my, once again I could spend hours talking with you...I am so sorry this has gone on for pages and pages...I just adore you my sweet sister.
Enjoy tomorrow my dear...xoxo...Rosie

Privet and Holly said...

Oh my goodness,
this post never
came through on
my sidebar; I
just popped over
to see what was
up and I find
THIS divine post!
I visited the e-mag
and am thinking of
subscribing. It
will be my FIRST
on-line subscription,
but I have a feeling
that this is the
wave of the future....
And YOU are on the
crest of it, my dear!!
LOVED seeing you use
one of your very own
pictures ~ I spotted
it right off : )
Can you believe it,
my camera was stolen
after I left it under
the seat on the plane
last week....So I am
bobbing around, aim-
lessly, without it : (
first day of school.
My kids are back tomorrow.
I will dig out my planner
and we'll find a date
for tea.
BIG hugs,
xx Suzanne

June said...

Anita I came over to thank you for your lovely words on my post today and saw that you ahd posted this amazing post and got caught up with the beauty of it all. I am sure that we will be in for a treat with a new online magazine if this is any indication. You have such a beautiful view of life and style. I really am so very thankful that I have gotten to know you and your beautiful heart.

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita ... how exciting for you all and such great vision. Mimi must be so excited and proud to create this new magazine! Congratulations and can't wait for the big unveiling! Have a beautiful week ....
with best wishes always
M.A. the 2nd

Sacha said...

Bonjour Anita !
Je sais pour te l'avoir dit à plusieurs reprises que j'aimais tob blog ainsi que ton style de vie et pensée mais c'est tellement agréable de te le redire
J'aime la représentation que tu fais de la femme et cet univers que tu nous offres ...merci
Je te souhaite une belle semaine

Rattus Scribus said...

Hi Bug,

Just wanted to say hello (even though I just saw a half hour ago).


Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita!

this is a wonderfully put together PR post! well done!
sounds like an exciting adventure...I'll have to check it out!

ciao bella


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

This project sounds like so much fun!

I will be waiting for it.

As always, thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

My Casa Bella said...

As always I LOVE your posts and this one was way too fun,I will check it out.
Hope you're well!!

Champagne Macarons said...

Dearest Anita ~
how are you? I've beeen enveloped in schoolwork for the past week! Tonight is the first night I've had a moment to breathe and take a few moments to myself!
I'm wishing everyone much SUCCESS in Belle Inspiration.
Wishing you a lovely week!
xoxo, B

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! It is amazing what people can accomplish when they share they're talents and knowledge. Best of luck to Mimi with her adventure.I hope you have a great week. I know you are in the process of getting your class room ready for another year.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bebe asked me to stop by and tell you your lasagna is ready.. Hurry before it gets cold.. Then she wants to come back here and dance!
Bisous, Penny

Zabrinah said...

I LOVE the idea of developing original reveries. Such a gorgeous concept, a beautiful notion.

And I adore the photo under that caption, simply because the dress is divine!


Rosie said...

Hello Sweet One...Oh a fine day, I had...It was NOT in the trip in however! There were so many accidents, "Lookie loos" and took twice as long to get into town...Ah, but once I got there, OH what fun...there were lots of decadent fall purses to tempt me...I don't tend to be drawn to the burnt oranges, mustards and moss greens...but I gotta say...YUM...
How was your day my dear...You will be so wonderful with this new will be FRESH and NEW and of coarse will be a S*T*A*R.
I LOVE our visits and will try to pop in when the least little bit of time, shows is just CrAzY and will continue this way for some time I fear...I am so grateful for you my dear friend...thank you for understanding...sweet wishes for this grand day Rosie

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi dear Anita...why thank you!!! I know what you mean about not having the skills of the old...I am just starting to get into quilting now and it looks like there is soooo much to learn...but I think it might be fun!!! Thank you sweet one for coming over for a visit...always such a pleasure...Dzintra♥x

Barbara said...

Good luck to Mimi! It's going to be fabulous!
And what a wonderful post, Anita!

George the Lad said...

Hi Anita,
Pass on my best wishes to Mimi with her new venture, I'm sure it will be a success, and with you writing for her its sure to be.
Thank you for your comments, you always make me blush :)
Give my love to Balzac.
Mom says another inspiring post.
See Yea George xxx

Susan said...

Oh, Anita, however will you manage to teach school and become a famous magazine writer?!?! I am SO EXCITED for you! I must subscribe to my first e-magazine! Wishing you every blessing in all of your new beginnings, my friend!
I officially start school tomorrow morning! I hear the school bell ringing!

Rosie said...

Greeting dear one,
Such a productive day...
My feet are complaining bitterly...:)
Ah, but I often judge a day, as to how many "to do's" I am able to cross off the list...It was a FINE day.
Tomorrow I will start on a little cane back club chair, with the sweetest curvy legs...I will also have to go for more fabric...hoping there is still some left.
Your school year will be a big undertaking...but from what see, you LOVE a challenge and this will be right up your alley dearest. You may even, like this style even more than previous years. The first week will be tiring, so get lots of "pillow time".
Which is where I am heading now...thank you dearest for always having such a cheerful cuppa waiting for me...Have a wonder filled day...xoxo...Rosie

Martina said...

Dear Anita, thanks for coming! I feel a bit slow and tired these days - the autumn-chill, i guess! Oh, let's still celebrate the last days of summer - some tea and macaroons maybe? Have a lovely day!

La Petite Gallery said...

Hip hip harray for women with tenacity. Great post, beautiful photo's. yvonne

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonsoir Anita, just popping in to wish you a wonderful start of the new school year. Hope it will be filled with lots of beautiful moments, inspiring moments and precious moments. A great first Semester! xxooxx

Pamela said...

So glad I found your blog it is heavenly! You won Jo's giveaway...that's how i found you!
Pamela from French Buttons :)

Rosie said...

Hello My Sweet...
Oh, to wake up to lemon poppyseed scones with homemade lemon curd...and a fine cuppa tea...what a decadent treat dearest...I would LOVE a recipe for this...scones are a favorite of mine and I so enjoy trying new recipes.
How was your day dear friend...was it JOY filled, garnished with a few smiles and giggles this is a key ingredient in a memorable day.
Today was filled with cooking and baking BLISS...Chewy coconut cookies, Speculaa cookies, Spaghetti sauce, and chilli. Called mom today and confirmed that I would join her at the lake for a week...Oh, I don't really have the time to give up, but life is short and I need to savor each moment I have with my leave on Sunday, returning on Saturday. Dearest, it will truly be a challenge, not to be thinking what I should be doing...and just enjoying the day. It is the way I am wired {like my father}...I get a bit anxious when my list is long. I will try {so very hard} to relax and have a bit of respite.
Tomorrow morning, I am back in the shop upholstering a few sweet little foot stools...and of coarse there will be a bit of white paint involved. The afternoon bring a much needed cleaning of the upstairs rooms. This will help me relax...and put a smile back where it should be.
Wishing you a grand day with many sweet friends crossing your on my dear...xoxo Rosie

KarenHarveyCox said...

Anita, stopped by again to tell you that I mentioned you on my post just now. Some lovely lady featured my French Script fabric Anita's Inspiration on her blog. So, I wrote about it and other things.

OMG Anita, is that your watercolor painting of Marie Antionette? It is gorgeous.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita
Oh how I love the black and white photos... This is such a beautiful post. Thank you dear friend for sharing your lovely words and images..
Love and blessings,

koralee said...

Can't wait to visit...sounds amazing my friend.

Hope school is going well...think of you often. xoxxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Those black and white images are breathtaking.

Are you all settled back in school?


Rosie said...

Good morning sweet Anita,
Today was busy and still is not finished...taking a break to jot a quick note to my sister, before I head back out to the shop to finish painting a little chair...I am excited that you will be creating with a grey palette too. I love Ben Moore "edgecomb gray". It is the interior color of the store and looks beautiful with both silver or gold, because it's such a warm tone.
Hoping you had a glorious day full of cheer and happiness. How did you spend this very pretty day? Oh dearest you were up soooo early. You must be running on fumes. Hope you were able to spend a bit of time outdoors...this always revives me...if there is not time for a little cat nap...this was the case today. Did the sun warm your back as well? was so pleasant out side today...I had all the windows open and the breeze was gently tickling the curtains...ahhh....
Oh my dear I know this is a quick cuppa, but I still have much to do before my day is finished...wishing you nothing, but B*L*I*S*S for the fresh new day Rosie

The Average Jay said...

Your Blog has to be one of the best on the net. I am pulled back into time with every post. There is something magical on your pages.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I just came across your blog and it's amazing! Can't wait to make the journey through all the posts!

not wendy said...

What a fabulous idea! Loving the song, too. Best of luck! <3

Rosie said...

greetings My Dear,
Your day started so early my will sleep well tonight.
This program is so intensive...what a huge amount of work. The fact that your colleges are experiencing the same frenzy...could be a comfort{in a strange way}. Your class room will be WONDER filled for sure.
My day was full...and I am rather sore so will keep it short and stop in again tomorrow...Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy some down time with your sweet one...xoxo...Rosie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

LOVE love love this! I will be subscribing!! I love magazines and all the ideas I've gleaned from them. This will be so much fun! Best wishes to you in this venture ma belle. I know it will be a great success with you participating in it.

Mille bisous, Sherry

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oh, this looks like such an awesome project! Congrats on being involved in the sisterhood!

Lazaro Cooks! said...


Fantastic tribute and wonderful heartfelt post. Congrats on the success of your blog.

kerrie said...

Anita...I WANT to SEE your WHITE transformation in your studio and cottage!!!!! will you give us a peek one of these days? pretty please. ox

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, thanks for entering my giveaway!! I understand you so much. My life is also way too hectic at the moment! I'm just trying to focus on the things I need to do right now and I know it will all soon get better! Have a beautiful day!!! xo's Kristin