Saturday, April 16, 2011

C'est Trop Beau

It's too beautiful

to be true

 but the Sistahood has arrived.

It's too beautiful

that this joy could be ours

to share in the gift of believing that anything is



and whose life says


we have come yet again to rejoice

in the sweetness


and striking beauty 

of the infinite horizon set before us, my friends.

It's too beautiful to be true that we would have such a

refuge by calm waters

to ponder the uniqueness of

each individual soul.

Yes, it's too beautiful to be true


it is.

Still don't believe?

C'est trop beau pour être vrai

Come back next week to dine with us on the beach

as we take our beach boy

to another gorgeous seaside destination.

Until then

and myself

thank you 

for celebrating another year of life with us.

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Só sedas said...

Dearest Anita,

I am stunning. Beautiful images as always. Your must be a very sweet and delicate woman because the images you post said so. They are full of gentleness and kindness. I love it! It's like poetry. Readding your posts e like going trough a fairy tale.

Thank you very much,


The Dutchess said... beautiful...Thank you for taking me there...

p.s There's a little magic box coming your way..I don't think it will arrive on time for your never know how long it will take this box to cross the ocean..but it will be your doorstep..xoxo

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Looks like the perfect location for the birthday party.
I want to pack my bags and come and join you all.

Happy weekend, dear friend

francis said...

and again did it amazing Anita ..... you took me **by surprise** hihi !
Absolutely wonderful .....
I had an absolutely lovely week .
Barbara my friend who lives in France ( she is born there !) visited me on monday . I visited my friend Leontien for the first time since way way too long ! My friend Sylvia called me for more than an hour and my sister-in-law-friend Saskia called me also for more than an hour . The postman brought me a wonderful postcard from Saskia ( join-my-joy ) and sunday my friend Astrid comes to visit me .
Why is that so wonderful ? Because these are all my dearest dearest friends ! In one week they were all there one way or another .
And YOU TOO of course !
Wish you well !

George the Lad said...

Oh what a beautiful place, Beach boy, Mmmm never been called that before, thank you so much for taking me along with your fairy dust ;) you have food to!!
Happy Birthday to all your friends and of course you Anita on 23th ;)
I'm so pleased to see a photo of Balzac on your side bar and looks like you are keeping your dreamweaver busy to.
Love and hugs George and Jan xxx

desde my ventana said...

Ohhhhh, I want to be there right now.
What a wonderful place Anita,like a dream.
HAve a happy and rested weekenk.

Muchos besos desde España


VictoriaArt said...

You are the magician of delightful pictures.
Enjoy your sisters!
And have a wonderful time!

Só sedas said...

Anita, life is sweet, indeed but you have the wonderful gift to express it just that way.

Yes, that is natas! I was saying that I love them with coffee! :) I've thinking in instal google translate in my blog because most of my post have so much text that I can't translate all of them...

Have a relaxing and "springfull" weekend!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Have so much fun!!
Oh my gosh those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!

erin said...

aahhhh......thanks for whisking us away with you, to the turquoise birthday waters......lovely.

High Heeled Life said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos to accompany beautiful inspiring words! Dinning on the beach can't wait ... George, Dolce is packing his kibble and water booties!!! xo HHL

Beach House Living said...

What a truly beautiful place. It is certain to feed the soul.

BonjourRomance said...

Beautiful images as alwys Anita. I'm all for month long birthday celebrations...the blue green waters look so inviting!
Enjoy your weekend,

Ann Nichols said...

Okay... I see the blue of Greece in many of these photos! And the island of Santorini - St. Irene - ancient Thira! Is there any where in the world more stunning? I'm sure there are places just as stunning but this... great place for the sisterhood to go! I can almost see the ladies sitting on those empty chairs on the beach...sipping their iced coffee. The chairs are waiting!!

deb famularo said...

Happy Birthday to all the fabulous April beauties! Your images here Anita, breathtaking. I love the God one best....brilliant. And the seashell photo, had to 'borrow' thast one! I'm planning a mermaid birthday party for Ava in fact, complete with magical starfish wands and ocean blue cupcakes with white sugar seashells and the pink ones you're showing! (I go overboard on parties!) But I can't help it, such a happy thing to celebrate. So celebrate away girl!!! Thanks for the inspiration you always give me! love you! xoxo

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Dearest Anita I am so enjoying this party with the Sistahood....thank you thank you so much for organizing this birthday bash...just what I need!!! you are Dzintra

Anonymous said...

Until don't suppose someone could send a bit of that chocolate to each of us, do you? ;-)
This was eye-catching!
Hugs, Diane

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Good Morning Anita Sweetie...
Oh that dip was wonderful and SO rejuvenating this morning. Our view is just breathtaking and the cameras are just clicking away. I know I shouldn't have, but I had to take one little piece of that gorgeous cake, I tried to wait on you all, but alas the blue was calling my name. Sorry gals.

This afternoon we will be working on those tans. No white legs here. I will grab my pail on the way out, as I search the beach for all of my little treasures to carry home with me. I want this memory to last a lifetime sweet one. Thank you for this fabulous journey you have allowed me to be a part of. I am SO thrilled to be an April baby.

I hope you have a glorious weekend sweet friend. You have made my month. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Princesa Nadie said...

Thank you for this lovely moment and... Happy Birthday!

"Create Beauty" said...

OH!!!! I am so enjoying OUR birthday month of beachiness on your blog!!! Such wonderful delightful GORGEOUS images that fill my heart and mind with glimmer and J O Y!!!!

And your beautiful words that tell of the wonder of our lives created by the Greatest Artist...

You indeed are His masterpiece!!!!

t h a n k y o u dear Anita,

~ Violet

It's me said...

Amazing...i am beautiful is your post...please tell me when is your birthday ???.....happy sunny funny week....with joy and a nice !! and i come over for dinner ......looks so so nice !! love

koralee said...

Morning sweet friend...that lovely aqua cake is amazing...everytime I see it!
Hope your Friday went well! I did go in to was a very long long day but so rewarding as my students were so happy to see me....hugs and cheers..made it all worthwhile. Now I have the weekend to heal some more.

We are all anxious here this morning as my Sydney is taking her grade 6 ballet exam...right now she is practicing like crazy..she is soooo adorable in her little outfit.

Wishing you a bright and cheery day my sweet friend. xoxoxo hugs

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Saturday Anita Love!!! Oh, I so needed this post this morning! Aw, I love the "my heart paints so my eyes understand" so lovely!
I am having thee most wondeful time with the sistahood and Can't wait to dine with you fab ladies!
Lots of love
gi gi

ANNE said...

'as long as I love Beauty I am young' says Davies... so thank you, Anita, for helping keep us young!

Fete et Fleur said...


Where do you find these amazing images??

I wish so badly we could be there on that beach. I feel like I need a vacation. That blue, blue water is oh so inviting . . . .


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita
What GORGEOUS BEACHES! This is a perfect place to have a birthday bash. Save me a seat please.. I would like the blue beach chair..
George looks great!!
Enjoy your day dearest!

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, you sure make me want to go to the beach and enjoy what God has created for us! Beeeautiful and meaningful post! You're just about to leave, aren't you? Lucky Anita :) :)

Hugs, Kristin

June said...

I will certainly be back to par-tah with all of you beautiful girls!
Anita, my visits here put the magic in my life and I thank you so much for that!!!!
sending hugs...

Splenderosa said...

Anita, I think I love you! I, too, am drawn to the beautiful blue waters, the calming waters, not the crashing of huge waves which seem too violent for my spirit, but these waters you've shown us. Happy Birthday lovie! But, remember you will never age!!!

Pilar said...

Il est une merveille à visiter votre maison, maintenant habillés en bleu clair.
Parmi les belles plages grecques cette fête sur la plage, j'ai juste une question, "je peux aller nu-pieds?


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello dear Anita.....Simply stunning.....I've been to Greece twice....and whenever I see that blue, blue water it does take my breath away.



A Tale of Two Cities said...

Magical beauty that is absolutely mesmerizing--it's no wonder that we would have to pinch ourselves in the presence of such beauty to see if it was true.

Enjoy the celebration!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

You've taken us on another beautiful journey. And I think I see something of my favorite place - the Greek Islands - here. I will think of you this week as our cousins arrive from Marseilles this week to celebrate Easter with us. Et oui - c'est trop beau!

Marie-Ange said...

Trop beau pour être vrai ? Peut-être !
Mais ce qui est magique avec toi c'est que c'est vrai !
Quelle merveilleuse journée entre rêve et amitié ...
Merci chère Anita de partager avec nous ces moments d'absolu bonheur.
Bisous du coeur.

Sylvia said...

I had fun as always!!Wonderful refuge , endless celebration ...I will be with you next week , especially when our beach boy is going to be there !
Thank you for making us believe , dear Anita !
Have fun and enjoy yourself girl !!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita you made me DREAM with water, vacation and been relaxed. But I can not say anything because I just came back from Costa Rica and this is exactly what I did and now I am refreshed!!!!*grin*

Nita , the polymer clay name is FIMO. you can buy it at any craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc ...or you can buy online. On my video , at the description, I added the link where I bought my sculpting tool. I LOVE IT!

Yes,, fimo , you bake to cure.... I bake several times to create strengh..... I use less heat than what it is recommended BUT I bake twice as long. NO breakage this way.

no ,, for my children figurines i don't use armature but for teh adults I do...and some of my animals have it too.

THANK you for your visit and lovely comments... I LOVE YOU too and my post is NEVER complete without you been there!!!

Createology said...

Lovely and breathtaking images all around. These blues are making me swoon. Belated Happy Birthday to you my dear. I agree chocolate should be an everyday indulgence. Thank you for sharing your refreshing trip as now I feel so relaxed and calm. Happy Birthday...

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my dear Anita........I GASPED when I got to that first picture. Can you believe how beautiful it is? Breathtaking.

Now, The Pink Dress... Umhmmmm..... Yes, that's what I want to wear around the cottage! It would make me happy.

One more week until your big day Chickie... Wooohooo!


It's me said...

That must be a great Party !! and wowww that age !!! lovely.......thanks for letting me know......i will celabrate for you here in Holland.....sending you lots of love and a happy sunday.....liefs van mij......oh bijna jarig !! yeah !!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest! I'm back.... It is 96 degrees in the shade on the porch today.. Your post is so beautiful.. I just want to dive into that beautiful BLUE !!! Oh good, Bebe loves pink.. She should be catching a flight out of Hawaii tomorrow... Then who knows where!
So happy you enjoyed the rose.
Happy Birthday to all the April ladies!!!
Enjoy your evening
Love, Penny

wendy said...

That villa HAS to be Santorini Greece..tell me????????
My dream destination (but I think I told you that before)
I think I'll go get my birth certificate changed so I can have a birthday in APRIL along with you and take this magical trip.
The photo of the seaside chairs....I'll take the lime green one, cause I know Claudie with fetch the pink one, and hmmm, perhaps you the I'll take the lime green.
We can sit there and let the sun add wrinkles to our face (cause I wouldn't care at that point) and whisper our secrets to each other.

so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah said...

I am diving in to all the beauty here Anita...thanks so much for the invitation to the beach with you!! always dear friend xoxox
And George ..well isnt he the cutest?!!

All my love,
Deborah xoxo

KarenHarveyCox said...

Dear Anita,
What a lovely post, destination and serenaded by the perfect music. Cannot wait for the celebration.


Privet and Holly said...

Gorgeous, my friend!
Love George--so cute!!
Sending you love from
Texas this weekend! I
missed the snow : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Bela said...

Be sure I always dine with you, sweet Anita lady!! Your heart posts the best toujour!! Grandes festas!! Huge parties where my eyes can dance and my heart can sing!!!
The bluest seas make me so relaxed, my friend. My coming here has been heaven today! Merci!!
A tout à l´heure!!

Sarah said...

Bravo, Anita! You find the most amazing images. I could dive right into my computer screen and get lost forever. My heart is singing! ~ Sarah

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

I have a little birthday gift I want to send your way.
Please email me with your postal address and I will get it in the mail.
Hope that you are having a lovely weekend


Rosie said...

And so it goes on...this progressive birthday BASH...The Queen of this extravaganza has invited us girls in all our frothy tule goodness to join her for another romp in that glorious surf. Here I come dear one, but after a full day of cleaning and shopping and even a bit of studio tweeking, this old girl is a wee bit tired. Saw a "red and white" striped lounge cushion today at Ikea and automatically thought of my beach buddy...smilin'.
Now this studio of mine is causing me a bit of grief. I am trying SO HARD to pop a little color into this space (maybe a touch of watermelon pink), but to no avail. I am stuck with classic white black and grey. Still nice, but was looking for a bit of FUN. I will continue on this quest and even if it turns out to be a few fresh posies in a vase, I will smile BIG.
And you my friend, have a very full schedule, I am pretty sure there was no mention of a LONG nap on that list of "to do's". Take good care of yourself my dear, and have the sweetest of dreams. Wishing you a Joy filled Rosie

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Tout ce que je vois est trop beau vraiment. Chaque fois j'entres ton blog magnifique, mes yeux sont très très heureux.
Anita, ma cherie, you always manage to arrange the prettiest post. I can only imagine what your birthday party will look like on the 23th.
How do you feel, i read you are not feeling a hundred percent ok. Hope everything will soon be back to feeling normal, vivid, healthy and happy, sweet friend.
Wednesday I come flying to you, I cannot wait to give mes yeux more happniess ;o)
May 7th we are back home, I will probably not get onto blogger during my absence. Sooo,
Have a happiest of Birthdays sweet Anita, I hope my card will find you in time.
Love for a bright and joyful Easter! xxxxx

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita ..... so breathtaking and beautiful! You are amazing at what you create and how you can express such a beautiful sentiment. I am so excited for you all with your birthday celebrations! Your post is inspiring and makes me feel happy just looking at it. I have a surprise for your birthday and I can't wait for the beach party!

hugs always

lostpastremembered said...

You know just what we need, Anita. After a day of cold driving rain, a day at the beach with sun and sand and mediterranean blue as far as the eye can see with cupcakes and champagne!

Even when life is getting you down, a splash of beauty can bring a wounded heart out into the light... if only we let it. Then we heal... the pumpkin becomes a coach and the frog a prince and there is light.

jade said...

Thank you soooooooo much, my dearest friend - thank you, for this heavenly post!!!! The pictures take my breath away and i had tears in my eyes, when i saw THIS kind of BLUE!!!!!! I´ll never forget this pictures and your posts are always so full of beauty and love.....thank you, Anita, you always make me dream!!!!!! And thank you for your lovely comment and birthday wishes for my husband.......the chickens in the garden belong to good friends near of our house - the eggs are sooooo delicious!! Have a wonderful sunday, my sweet friend,

warm hugs, Jade

koralee said...

Morning my dearest friend! Thank you so much for the well wishes on this Palm Sunday!
My back is doing so much better! I will be able to enjoy my time at school this week...and you my friend?

Today the sun is shinning and the snow is long to take a walk with my sweetie this fine afternoon to exercise my back....sending you oodles of love and joy for a wonderful day. xoxox

kerrie of sea cottage said...

This is heavenly beauty. I think these are the most dreamy images of being on "sea's hem" that I have ever seen. Did you all really go on a trip to the sea? Or is this just a virtual trip?? Happy Birthdays to you all. I think I will go back and linger in the post...can I live here? Love to you dear friend on this Palm Sunday. ox Sea tidings, kerrie

Fine Bessot said...

Je préfère, et de très loin, ton post à la chanson de Tino Rossi. Et je voudrais que tu memettes de côté une part de ce magnifique gâteau au chocolat dont je raffole (n'aurais-tu pas la recette ?). Bel esprit comme d'habitude, c'est superbe. Je t'embrasse. Fine

Denise said...

Anita,On my post today I was wondering out loud, where I should go on vacation next.The next blog I read was yours,Oh my!what can anyone say?oh yes thats the place of my dreams.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Good afternoon Anita : )
I know I commented here, but I don't see my comment?
You know I ADORE all your pretty pics.
You sure know how to throw a party my friend.
P.S. Do you know that you do not need word verification anymore? Blogger checks for spam, so it makes our life easier ; )


Martina said...

Whew, Anita, this is getting better and better! If you had snow, you managed to get away from it - like i did, reading this beautiful post with images to dream away! Here, it was cloudy and fresh - not really cold, but not warm either. I wa browsing through many pix from our fashion shoot - my eyes are flimmering now! Will rest them by lookimh at this blue lagoon again! Have a gorgeous evening! xx

shari @ little blue deer said...

Have the most wonderful time! You more than deserve it, my dear! XX!

michelle said...

Hello dearest! I am a bit late this week but I am so glad that I am able to gaze upon the beauty of this post and share it with everyone! We are all so beautiful and unique like the stars above our heads and the sand below our feet. God has certainly blessed us and I am so happy to share this year of life with you and these wonderful women!
Blessings and have a wonderful week my friend!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Anita dear, I am a bit slow this time getting by to see you! (Tired) so much going on and not really getting it caught up :(

I hope to be able to be back to a routine this week!

I have been organizing everything so it will be a week of perfect flow!

I so enjoy your beauty over here a masterpiece you are, a beautiful friend inside and out :)
I have enjoyed the view from my place to yours!

I will see you soon

Victoria Sayer said...

arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............*deep breath*

*happy sigh*

Reminds me of a beach I once knew...on a tiny island cay up the top of the Great Barrier Reef. It is called Davey Cay.(there is a small snapshot of it in my sidebar)
There really is "something about the ocean"...just like the song says.('Ocean' by Ten Shekel Shirt)
here's a link:
...and continue to have a very happy birthday month!!!♥
Anita your photos are usual :)

Rosie said...

There's nothing like a little beach FUN to put a smile on my face. I LOVE the WATER! Growing up my sister and I would swim all summer long in a river that runs through the farm. We even took the horses down for a dip...bailing off right before they roll.( good thing mom did not know this small detail)
Did you enjoy the day dear one? I had a very lazy day, waiting for my sweetie to come home.
Tomorrow, if I feel up to it, I NEED to do a bit of garden bed raking. I walk past them, and am so anxious to pretty up those beds.
We'll See.
So happy to hear you are feeling better and your hips are back to normal. Aches and pains are so inconvenient.
Wishing you a Happy Monday and hoping it is full of smiles and you dear one...Rosie

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Another beautiful post! That blue water is GORGEOUS! Wow!!
I am so glad Gi Gi told me about your blog too! Now following :)

Barbara said...

Greek Islands and beaches will forever be something to dream about! That water! Those white-washed homes! The absolute charm of everything. I've been once...would love to go again, but think I will have to just dream along with you!
And yes, I do believe, my dear Anita.
The cake would be enough food for me, but I am looking forward to your next post!

LiveLikeYou said...

I dream of being there!! I read on a pillow in the Swedish church last week "He who stays at home reads only the first page in the book"--and seeing those images I realize it's so true. Too much time is spent at home and way too little time is spent traveling and experiencing beautiful places like that!!

Jacqueline said...

You are my dream come true. Words from you pop into my heart and stay put. Your comments yesterday put me over the edge into that deep blue beautiful sea. Thank you for caring and loving me through the giggles and the storms.
Meet you at the beach for your birthday for sure!
The little Paris cards were a little goodie I knew you would like!
I have a birthday present for you. Will do my best to get it to the beach before the party!!!

Grenadine said...

J'adore ton blog, les photos sont vraiment magnifiques, c'est une invitation à la rêverie et, crois moi pour rêvasser je suis un peu là lol.
Bonne soirée, je reviendrai souvent te lire...

Burlap Luxe said...

Merci mon ami, vous êtes une joie, une amitié sans jamais se rencontrer encore sentir comme si nous avions.
La petite cage a été inspiré par une plaque d'étain endommagé, mais il est devenu quelque chose à aimer.
Merci mon ami, Anita je ne peux pas attendre pour voir la pièce d'un logement que vous avez créé.

Jeri Landers said...

I would so love to dive into that cool blue water and swim the length of the pool only to pop up at the other end and let that incredible sky overwhelm me! My gosh, what a life! Happy birthday and joy to all of you gals, April is such a wondrous month to be born and re born>

BTW Hamish has never revealed his crush on that particular human, to Fionna. He likes to maintain a mysterious past!

Presépio no Canal said...

How are you, dear one? Any problem with your hand?

koralee said...

Good evening my was your day? 3 more to go this week!
I had a busy day running around...still being very careful of my silly back..but it is starting to come around...another chiropractor appointment today.

I am off to make myself a pot of tea and put up my feet with some ice on my back...and off to bed..tomorrow is a full day.

Sweet dreams my friend...I know I will be dreaming of your beautiful images! xoxoxo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Anita
Well I am very late to pop over and visit.. but now I'm here I could swim in these images.. literally hehe... Those shots of beautiful Santorini just take my breath away.. and it really is just as stunning as the images depict...

So glad you are still having fun on your virtual adventure.... and happy birthday month to all the other lovelies too!!! ciao ciao xxxx Julie

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
What a fantastique get-away you are enjoying here!
The photos are splendid... it puts us all in a dream for a vacation just like this one!
I am off from school this week, but it is busy with family. I'm currently visiting my father in central NY and will return home tomorrow... Hoping not to find too much flooding with all the rain and almost-snow we had yesterday!
I hope you are having a wonderful week ~ blessings to you for this holy week and for Easter too!

Rosie said...

Hello my Sweet...
Oh such a lovely day was mine! The sun was shining, and I just could not contain myself. I shopped, I sewed new cushion covers for my patio furniture...then my dear one arrived home and we raked. Oh I am sore but I am HAPPY. Tomorrow will bring more yard clean up, so I need to scoot off to bed.
Your day sounds completely PERFECT, bunnies and all. May there be MANY more days just like this one :)
Sending HUGS and Rosie

Ann said...

Oh those images are seriously beautiful beyond words, the first image took my breath away. So nice to be there physically but looking at it from my monitor is not that bad too...

Thanks so much for sharing, and have a great time always ♥

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, oh my, snow on the horizon is bad news for a spring day. We had that last year - winter was just never ending. But maybe it'll be better than they say, and if not, you just slip into blogworld. I so love all your pretty pix! Would be such fun to meet up in person one day, for a blogger "conferenc" (party!)! At the moment though, my schedule is pretty tight. I so miss the freedom of earlier years and hope it comes back one day. I'm sure that one day, we will meet in tutu and crown! Have a fab day dear friend!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ah so beautiful dear Anita...and my arm is healing day by day...a way to go yet but this month here is the best...after all, who wouldn't heal in all that sun...beach and company!!! Much Love, Dzintra

Susan said...

Dearest Anita,
Your post is a mini vacation! I feel relaxed and happy looking at all of your beautiful pics! If earth is this beautiful, what must heaven be like? What a creative Spirit our God is! Think of how many shades of blue he has imagined!
I am on Spring Break this week. Thank you for allowing me to get away for a short time! :)
I wish you all the joy your heart can hold as you celebrate your birthday, dear friend!

koralee said...

Morning dear friend..will be running out the door soon {well walking very carefully} I am a bit worried about my back today. I just wanted to come over and tell you I said a little prayer for your hip/leg pain this morning...hope it carries you through your day.

xoxoxoxoxoxo hugs.

"Create Beauty" said...

Hello Dearest! Thinking of you with love ~ you delight my heart with your visions of beauty and joy

~ Violet

Anonymous said...

OH, I needed to see the stunning blue sea today!! It's gorgeous! It is gloomy here and cold rain. Can I just say how much I love George? Is he yours? He's totally adorable. xo xo

Casa Bella said...

I love these posts, Anita dearest. They are so full of inspiring images, beautiful words, and an aura of celebration and fun. Our tastes seem to be similar. I have two of the images on this post on my inspiration board! (looking at them right now). Have a wonderful week!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Hi Anita...lovely post as always!
I have been to that amazing beach - it's on the island of Zakynthos and is every bit as beautiful as it looks!
(in my head I looked like the lady in the following picture...however, although it was nearly 20 years ago I know this is wishful thinking!!!)
fee ♥

Kathleen Ellis said...

Breathtaking! Beautiful! Enchanting! Lovely! Oh,'ve done it again! Pure bliss!
Wishing you a most blessed Easter week!
xo Kathleen

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You know my dear friend, I could save alot of money taking my vacation RIGHT HERE. TEEEHEEE.
I can't get over the images of the water.. soooooo inviting.. I could have used a dip in there a few days ago..
Thak you so much for visiting again!! Your words always warm my heart.... and thank you for just being YOU. Enjoy your evening. Bisous!

koralee said...

Evening my friend...just checking in to see how your day went. I hope my little prayer worked for you. I am so tired..I came home...iced my back and crawled into my bed for a nap. It will not be long until I get between the sheets again as my body is so wanting to sleep. Two more days sweet one....Thursday will be a very long day at our is Grandparent's Day and all the Grandparent's are invited...we have tea and treats and about 400 grandparents!

Hugs for some very sweet dreams tonight.

Stacey said...

After last weekend's disaster, i just want to get lost in your pictures and this beautiful place that you showcased! Beauty is always abundant here-thank you for never disappointing:-). I hope you're having a wonderful week. Here, i'm counting down the days to Spring Break where i will be free of my students and the classroom. Have a lovely evening my dearest, dearest, friend. XX

Rosie said...

Ahhhh dear birthday girl...although finances may be tight, YOU my dear, will have the BEST birthday EVER. I can see it now...It starts with breakfast in bed, hmmm, maybe a strawberry of two. Then a HOT bubble bath( don't forgrt your favorite book!)...and paint those little toenails "Birthday Blush" pink! Once you have loosened up all those muscles, I think a long walk in the park, might be in order...Strolling hand in hand with your sweetie, CAN'T be beat. Now for the afternoon...Hmmm...I think you should snuggle into that luscious chocolate sofa and enjoy your favorite old movie...Oh, don't forget to grab a great cuppa, and a piece of that fabulous cake you made for us girls to savor...Mmmmm delicious.
No matter WHAT you and Ruben decide to fill that very special day with, it will be PERFECT, because you have each other :)
Well, my chair pads are chocolate brown and so went with a celery green, chocolate brown,and vanilla a yummy stripe, green/white damask, and chrysanthemum floral...the patio set is so very HAPPY now.
Today Bill and I cleaned the pond and creek...YUCKY green...NOT pretty damask green. It was a very productive day, but girlfriend, I am so tired!!! Tomorrow is another day, and I WILL (try to) REST...Sleep well dearest and have a lovely Wednesday...showers of BLESSINGS...Too many to count!...all for YOU...xoxo...Rosie

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi, I just found you through Inspired Design and I love this post!!! Especially your quote from God!! I am a new follower and I hope you will visit my site and follow me as well!! I will return!!

Style Attic said...

Dear Anita,

This was a warm and fuzzy for me! I just adore that quote from God :D I stopped my read/scroll and read it again. You are awesome inspiring and I think that your mini vacation you have provided here is what we all need when we fire up our computer screens. Much love, Kelly

koralee said...

You have snow??? Oh my friend...and you have to drive an hour to work!! Oh dear I am no doctor but that can not be good for you hip or knee. I know my back would not take an hour long drive...I am less than 5 mins. by car to my school and it is screaming at me.
You do have a busy few days my friend..I can not believe you do not have Good Friday off??
You are right...we can do this! xoxoxoxox thinking of you as always.

paperbird said...

Heavenly day- what beauty you have shared dear Anita. I loved each image and the words you shared. How wonderful would it be to spend time with the companionship of lovely friends in such beauty. A sweet dream indeed.
Happy day to you sweet friend.

hi-d said...

Such a great post! I love, love, love, that quote "If you think the Mona Lisa is stunning, you should look at my masterpiece.
In the mirror. - God"

I am going to post that on my facebook status today.

Those images are gorgeous. The waters are SOOOOO blue! Enjoy!

God Bless,

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Anita,
Just a stunning and inviting post full of gorgeous pics and vacation inspiration with birthday blessings.
Love the quote and the cakes so delish!
Happy Easter to you and yours.
Hugs, Celestina Marie XO

Martina said...

Dear Anita, am late visiting you - but at the moment, it's so much to do finishing the magazine before easter. I hope friday evening all will be done! Plus, i had a rendevouz with the dentist this morning! But - the sun was out all day, and that makes it better! Still snow in your forecast? Hope your day way fine though! xx

George the Lad said...

Oh no, I'm getting worried. I don't like water!!!! but if you promise you will stay close I might just find the courage to put my paws in!!
I'm looking forward to it.
See You first thing Saturday :0
Love and Hugs George xxx

LiLi M. said...

Thanks for welcoming me back Anita. And what a treat over here again, it seems to me that you have more beautiful photos in every new post. Lieve groet, LiLi

Champagne Macarons said...

Beautiful post! I do hope you had a wonderful birthday. How I would love to be drifting on those tropical blue waters right now. Much better than the snow in your forecast and the t-storms we received last night. Fortunately, the tornadoes passed us by this time.
The kids are feeling much better, thank you for asking. Hopefully, everyone will stay well for Easter!
xoxo, B

Rosie said...

Hip Hip Hooray...He is SOOOO GOOD!!
When things look bleak, we need only to look up! Well YOU WILL have FUN!
I did a bit too much yard work this morning, and my hands are complaining, so I will blow you a kiss, and wish you a night of the SWEETEST DREAMS. I will put the kettle on, and a BIG blueberry muffin, with a dollop of butter on the side. Your last cuppa was overflowing with so much JOY & LOVE...Thank you dear one...Rosie

Peeters Liliane said...

My dear Anita,
How would I love to swim in that beautiful blue water and relaxing on the beach with my husband.
Your words touch my heart and then we speak not about those pictures that you always put in your post!!!
I do not know what it is with your blog but there's always so much magic and glitter and poetry in, you arrived into a different world witch I really love. It's like a fairytale.

I enjoyed your words on my latest post my dear Anita. And yes it takes houres to finish a fairy, but I enjoyd every one.

Your dutch is subliem and your spelling is correct, your dutch is better then my english. My daughter said to me "Mom you speak english like Me Tarzan you Jane" :))

Have a wonderful sunny day (we have sun her).
A big hug from me to you,

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Just stopping by to say your comments make my day! Thank you for taking the time :)
I added you to my blog list!

Happy Easter to you!

Jeri Landers said...

Anita, here is the link to the chocolate molds:

You will love making these, it is easy as pie. Eating them is more difficult, as they are SO adorable!

Presépio no Canal said...

Dear Anita,

I want to wish you and your Ruben a Happy Easter! :-))
Or as we say in portuguese: FELIZ PÁSCOA!!!
Your friend,

A Magical Whimsy said...

Happy Birthday, Ladies!
I could live in those aqua seas and white sandy beaches forever...what bliss!!!
Teresa in California

me said...

What lovely, lovely photos! Beautiful. Happy birthaday girls!!
You are so thoughtful! Both of my kids birthdays are in April! Good month. I've missed you since I was on a bloggy break, you are my first visit back....I love your little space here, you too.
Lots, and lots of love to you friend!

C'est moi Claudette said...

Only 107 comments????? How do you keep up my dear friend Anita. Comment?
I'm dropping in, no need to reply, I know your are busy busy.
I hope your Birth month is grand.
I think of you often.
Bonne nuit
Love Claudette aka Claudie
P.S. You still have word verification : )

Stacey said...

Tomorrow is Friday! Hurray! I hope you've had a wonderful week Anita! XX

"Create Beauty" said...

Hey there birthday girl!

It is our weekend to celebrate!!!!

Our birthdays and H I M...

Can hardly wait to see where you will take us this time!!!
~ Violet

Draffin Bears said...

Wishing you and Ruben the happiest Easter and birthday month.
I hope it is all you have dreamed of and just like all the beautiful images you have shared.


Bela said...

Happy Happy Happy Easter, sweet Anita Friend!!!
May your days be filled with JOY and Peace and loooots of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Bela.

Martina said...

Hi Anita, thank you for your sweet wishes! Here, it looks like easter weather will be gorgeous - lilac is in bloom now, and it smells wonderfull all around. Cheers to a lovely easter weekend, to spring, to love, hope and the birth of new life! Enjoy it all! xox

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Dearest Anita,
The pictures are soooo gorgeous and the dood devine.
I so wish I could eat some of that cake and swim in that cool blue water.
I wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy Easter. I myself am going to buy me a chocolate bunny and eat the easrs off of it...LOL
XXOO Marie Antionette

*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

You are Soooooo very Amazing! a Joy! a Precious and Enchanting Jewel.. a Fairy Princess. You are the Sun-Sparkles that Dance on the turqoise waves...Magical!
You are a Spring flower.. Beautiful and Unique!

i wish You the Happiest and Sweetest Birthday for tomorrow.. i will be thinking of You and sending thousands of Magic Wishes and Special hugs

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!



koralee said...

Hi My friend...sorry I have checked out for a few siatic nerve has been giving me so much pain...I have been on pain killers which make me so sleepy ..... so have been sleeping the last few days away. It has been terrible.

I am sooooo happy to hear that our friend Saskia has called you...What JOY and what a delightful Birthday present my sweet must have been so wonderful to hear her voice! Oh you are a blessed one!

One more sleep for you my Birthday girl. Hope you have lots of joy planned out. You must get spoiled to death...that is my rule!!!

Sending you hugs for a wonderful evening. xoxoxo

Grace said...

Have a wonderful Easter! Happy Pink Saturday. Gorgeous photos such peace and serenity! Grace xoox

Rosie said...

"You say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too...yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you"

A little Beatles Birthday "LOVE"
to start this day off...NOW go and have a BIG Email HUG and a piece of strawberry cake...Have F*U*N dear one...xoxox...Rosie

~CC Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Dearest Friend! I love the song today on this post...and it is too cool that your birthday is the same week as my Beloved's. :) Love ya friend! xoxo These pics of cool water and friendship are so breathtaking... Lovely!