Friday, April 8, 2011

FUN FUN FUN with The Sistahood

Let's see...road map: CHECK

Sunscreen: CHECK

Bathing suit: CHECK

Tutu and crown: DOUBLE CHECK!

One more thing: 

Fairy Dust

because that's what I'm going need to gather the

SISTAHOOD from different 

corners of the globe.


"COU COUROSIE (4/12),  I'm here!"

"Oh, there's Anita...I'll be right down, dearest!"

Now let's swing by Amy's fairy dwelling (4/12)

and meander up north to aller chercher Suzanne from Privet and Holly (4/14)!

Now, put your seat belts on girls 'cause we're going

for a long trip 

DOWN UNDER to scoop up Dzintra (4/17) who has the 

perfect pink bubbles

and to Deborah's lush cottage (4/20)

so we can all be together to celebrate my birthday

(4/23) at the beach.

"Oh Violet ma belle (4/24), don't forget to bring our

crowns, s'il vous plaît!

and Sherry (4/25), you see me outside, darlin'? Zip up

your gown my friend

and LET'S GO 


"Come on Deborah, off with the stilettos; you'll sink

in the sand!"

"YOU TOO, AMY! No collants on the beach!

THERE YOU GO! Dzintra has the idea

and the fairy dust is starting to take effect; Violet

is becoming a child again

and is leading the way for the rest of us to follow


to dream

and to yield ourselves 

to the unknown but God-given journey

into another splendid year


Come back with us next weekend to take a ride

and enter the blue beauty of the beaches of the world

but in the meanwhile

Visit my husband's blog Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good for a good read under the sun!

Photo Credits: Just be Splendid
Subheader:     Pinterest


Debi said...

Dearest Anita,
Happy early Birthday!!I don't know how you do it every week! I just love your creativity! I almost wish it was my birthday!I am sure you will do something absolutely magical!
I wish you a wonderful year filled with only the happiest times and may all your dreams come true!

claudia b said...

Happy Birthday, I hope your day is as magical as the images you share with us!

Rattus Scribus said...

What better than birthdays, beaches and the Beach Boys? I was right in my last comment to your blog. Girls really know how to have fun. If I can't tag along, can I at least have a piece of that amazing turquoise cake?


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary of your 39th Birthday Sweetness ~


Silvia C said...

What a fun post, Anita. And you don't need to remember to be awesome. You already are! Much love, dearest.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey sweet lady...I didn't know it was your birthday....have a wonderful one...with your imagination and creativity...I know it will be over the top!!



Hearts Turned said...

Oh, sweet Anita...what a beautiful journey you've taken us on tonight...I was absolutely swept away!

So nice that for YOUR birthday, you treat US to such lovely words and images...thank-you, my friend!

Wishing you a lovely weekend...


Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Anita,

Oh what a wonderful journey. Let's stay dusted with the faerie dust forever....and my tutu is staying on too!

Happy early birthday...Thomas and I will have our 5th anniversary on the's a good month.

Love and Hugs,
Stephanie ♥

Victoria Sayer said...

Ohhhhh...that was simply scrumptious!!! and that turquoise cake and all!!!!.........
*happy sigh*
Do hope your upcoming birthday is utterly magical for YOU and the Sistahood!
Those gorgeous images are so delightful. Thanks for putting it all together so well!
(Loved Rubens comment)

Marfi-topia said...

how wonderful!
have a lovely day and thank you for this amazing post:)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh my goodness anita i'm so in this with the sistahood!!! and today i have just ordered a cake (one of i'm sure will be many) those pink about shredded coconut and passionfruit with coconut cream...gluten free so as not to upset any sista's tummies!!! i'm waiting for you all to pick me up...cheers to the sistahood...dzintra

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Wow! Your blog fills my days and nights with sunshine! You take me away to dream lands I would love to live in. Let me put my frilly tutu on and become a little girl again, and join you in your festivities for your up-coming birthday and celebrate!!!
Best wishes!

Rosie said...

Oh Anita, what a fabulous birthday bash you have put on this year. I can feel the sand between my toes, the warmth of the sun on my back, and have dragged my chair down to the waters edge...but how does one get ALL THAT TULE into this pretty red and white canvas chair??? No matter, as long as I have a glass of the delicious pink bubbly, and a big floppy sun hat :)
Thank you my dear, dear friend...You are the silk ribbons on the little powder blue gift boxes and the twinkle of candles on that perfect yummy turquoise cake. You are all that is precious and perfectly wonderful.
Well, today was a day filled with decorating {working in the studio}
Waiting for wallpaper (as we are at the beach...should be here when I return home.) Some of the built ins, and I am excited. Had fun today, but again I think I over did it...Too hard to stop when I am in the middle of decorating BLISS.
Am in the shop tomorrow, so say a wee prayer that I am able to give each lovely lady a special experience...there may be a little "self service" goin' on.
Well my dear, wishing you a wonderful weekend full of the R&R that your body needs to recover...hugs, hugs and more hugs...sweet dreams...Rosie

Anne said...

Wishing you SUCH a happy, sparkly, bubbly birthday! Thank you for sharing that gorgeous turquoise cake, the turquoise ocean, all the fun!!

Anne said...

oh gosh, P.S. 4/23 is my wedding anniversary!! a very good day!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Anitaaaaaa, your posts are the best! Your writing style is great, I get pulled too your story completely (Is that correct English, I wonder).
You elegant and funny lady, you!
Who does not want to be an elegant and fun lady?! I know I would.
A big hApPY HapPy birthday to all the lovelies ladies celebrating this month!
Have a loveliest of weekends, put your feet up and enjoy every minute in your beautiful cottage.
Much love to YOU xxxxxx

Fifi Flowers said...

FABuLOUS posting!!!
LOVE the LINK to my site and the wording "All Things French and Fabulous" oooooh la la!!!

Bon weekend!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

So much beauty in your birthday post sweet friend.
I know you are all going to have the very best beach party with all the birthday Girls!
I know you will be able to dance the night away in your tutu, having a slice of that delectable cake and sipping pink bubbly.

Happy weekend, dear friend

Vær våken said...

I guessed right then :) April Birthday!! I hope your birthday will be the most enchanting and magical day of this year! I love your uplifting and playful post and that blue gorgeous on the top...who wouldn't want a cake like that for their birthday!!! Have a blessed weekend, Anita and enjoy your preparations for your birthday! (I'm turning 40 this Autumn and I'm planning these days:) xx

It's me said...

What a great post Anita !!...wishing all the ladys happy birthday this month !!! is so great to read this!!...i have a big smile on my face yet !!...have a nice day...i am going to the shop now.....i am a working girl yeah !! love love now...i am visit your out babe !! liefs hoop dat de zon zal schijnen de hele dag voor jouw !!

Ann said...

I'm lovin' the images...
kinda picturing myself in there too.

Happy Birthday ♥ ♥ hearts;


Simplement ... said...

Ce sera une journée de folie !
Et que pétille le champagne !
Bisous du coeur.

George said...

Oh I got carried way in your journey!! what a great post, any room in the back of the car for a small WT lol!!
I know what they mean girls just want to have fun and you sure know how to go about it ;)
I'll be back for the next post you have me hooked
Have a good week to all your friends
Love and hugs George and Jan xxx

Deborah said...

Anita dear I'm there!!!!!
Beautiful, beautiful scenery and them all!
Do I have high heels like that??!! lol
Oh what a journey this is...and Suzannes coming? Fabulous !!!!! :)
Have an awesome weekend my dear friend and thank you for this!!

Deborah xoxoxoxoxo

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my friend how are you, its nearly your birthday? Your post is as always magical and funny! I love every word and picture that you put in this post!!! That picture of you is so lovely, you look like Mireille Mathieu !!!
Thank you for visiting me. I feel well I'm reborn after my surgery!!!
Whe have all the week spring weather it is so nice to sit on the terrace and sculp and enjoy the weather.
Have a wonderful weekend and a big hug,

desde my ventana said...

HAppy, happy and beautiful( like your amazing post) birthday Anita to you and to your friends.
Big hugs,


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear Anita
I like a girl who can celebrate her birthday all month long.. I should do the same!! well I would if I could be in the Greek Islands.. that shot is wonderful.. I have something similar somewhere.. but.. in real life? that would be the thing..

Fabulous!! aqua shots this post.. some absolute beauties.. Is that white pony for me? hehehe

Have a lovely week my friend.. ciao xxxx Julie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh what memories that song evokes!! The days of Beach Boys, the Beatles and my friend Cindy's Red VW Beetle Convertible!!! We thought we had the world by the tail...

Thanks for the fun visit!

Bisous, Sherry

Charlotta Ward said...

Anita this post is fantastic! I loved every step of it and what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! HAPPY HAPPY DAY to you my dear. Hope you get spoiled rotten and that you are showered in love and laughter.

x Charlotta

Deana Sidney said...

Happy birthday, divine Anita! The legend says Shakespeare was born on the 23rd so I've always felt a certain warm affinity for the day (even more so after the warm homage to the Bard of Avon on a great Dr. WHo). What better way to celebrate a birthday than to put on your most joyful attitude and head off into a rainbow or a beach. Castles or ivy cottages, no matter... your heart will make where ever you are the best place to be. Todays hint from Heloise? You are never fully dressed without your awesome!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Is someone picking me up in a limo? Suitcase is already packed!
XO Diane

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wowwww So very gorgeous!!! I am on my way!

Happy Birthday !!!


Susan said...

Dearest Anita,
What a beautiful scenario! Your pics are delightful and that cake! Divine! You share your birthday with my handsome brother! That first pic is just tutu funny! :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Ok...that was FUN! Beautiful and carefree photo tour! The Beach Boys music always puts you in mind of warm, fun days of our youth. Why does a cake look more yummy with turquoise icing??~Hugs, Patti

George The Lad said...

Oh Anita, I was only joking but if you think it will be ok with the other girls I'd love to come, I don't nip, and will only take up a little space.
Please take which ever takes you fancy ;)
Poor Balzac being stuck at home!!
See Yea George xxx

Privet and Holly said...

GOOD morning!!
So busy erranding
yesterday with my
pal that I'm just
joining the party,
now!!! I came home
with a crinoline
yesterday, so it
will be perfect for
the beach party : )
LOVE my fantasty
dwelling; it's perfect
for moi ~ thank you!!
I hope YOUR day will
be one of perfection.
Off to dig out my
bathing suit....
Happy Saturday!
xx Suzanne

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good morning Anita Dear!!!

Your lovely posts always "take me away"..... so much better than Calgon! :-) And, is there anything better than a great celebration??? Looking forward to next week!

Right now I have to go get myself ready to spend the day with my very own birthday girl..... My daughter turns FORTY tomorrow. YIKES.


deb famularo said...

Let me grab my crown and I'll be right over to celebrate with you guys!!!!!! You are so pretty in that photo Anita!!! (Vous etes tres jolie!) What a wonderful post,again! I always look forward to seeing your creative imagery. Joyeux Anniversaire, hope this birthday month is a magical as you are!!! love always........xOxO

"Create Beauty" said...

What a wonderful place to wake up to this morning! The magical B E A C H ~ and you DID find a way for us to wear TULLE at the beach!!! I totally love my beach skirt : ) And oh my, Rosies with all that tulle, isn't that most fabulous?!?!?!

I won't forget our CROWNS!!!! Now where did I put that large rhinestone/diamond one? You know of course that diamonds are our April birthstone!!!

Oh Anita, I love your playful heart. Going to go read Rubens words now, he is so wise....

Much Love and Birthday Hugs,

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Anita!What a wonderful way to celebrate your life all month.The photo of the cottage covered in ivy near the bridge i
s a place I would adore celebrating in-wonderful.I must come to your party.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey with you!

Karena said...

Happy Birthday Anita, my dear friend!! I would love to come along of course...another time!!

Yes you are Awesome!

Art by Karena

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Oh my goodness Anita!!!! Every time I come here, I think OOOOOO this is my fave post! You my friend sure no how to dazzle us! Your posts always leave me in awe!
Thanks for coming over to my lil world and thanks for the oh so sweet comments!
Hope you have a lovely weekend pretty lady!
gi gi

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

OH! Happy HAPPY HAPPY happy...
I hope your week shall be as LOVELY as YOU ARE!!! :-)

Blessings and Love, Linnie

......Tra La La,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good morning... What a wonderful way to START the day dearest!!!!
I can feel that warm sand under my toes... BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday to all who celebrate in April! May I move my birthday up so I may come along?

Martina said...

Ooooooooo la la, Anita, what a gorgeous idea! Of course i'm coming - bags are packed, can't wait to play in the sand with all of you! And what a sweet, lovely picture of yourself, looking so pretty against the szenerie. Fairy dust, champagne, crowns, tutus and that aqua colored cake - Birthday, here we come! Hope you have a splendid day! xox

Divine Theatre said...

My dear husband was born in the beautiful month of April as well!
I, among many, am happy you were born into this world, my friend!
I shall save a slice of chocolate cake with sugared rose petals for you!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I just love you, friend! This was a perfect ride with the wind in my hair leading to white sand, tulle, and the bluest ocean! Thanks for driving!!!! Blessings, Love and fairy dust, Amy

"Create Beauty" said...

I've joined in the party and posted a link to your beach PARTY!!!

Oh the fun!!!! Let's GO!!!!
~ Violet

Woolytales Miniatures said...

oh Nita, I am back!!!! just in time for YOUR birthday!! Although I am tired , I am VERY happy to be home!!! I will write later alright?

designchic said...

Happy Birthday!! Loving all of these images, but the second one is just dreamy...

Claire Sils said...

Amy's beautiful castle; please, where is it located? *pine*

Champagne Macarons said...

Oh, that cake was delicious! You girls really know how to celebrate!! I hope you have a wonderful journey and happy birthday to each of you!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my dear friend. xoxo, B

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita,
I would love to see a drawing of Lily... Yes, please do!
You almost had it. teeheee...My birthday is in June... I am waaaaaaaaaay ahead of you in age, but our birthdays are not so far apart. Me in a tutu???? What a sight that would be..
Bebe is getting ready for the beautiful BLUE beaches also.. Hint...

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Anita Sweetie...
What a glorious and beautiful share today. I had so much fun, and I can't wait to see the sand and sun. I can already feel the sand between my toes, and the warmth of the sun on my face. I love hearing the sea gulls cry over head, and can you feel that wonderful mist on your face? Oh my look over here, it't several sand dollars. Oh we can each have a necklace, how divine would that be? An April necklace of some sort? It is for the April Sistahood. Love it. Just love it.

I so enjoyed myself today and can't wait to hit the waves. Are we going surfing? Thank you for including me in this wonderful party. What fun for this month. A glorious month of celebrations. Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

Grace said...

Anita Happy Birthday! Every week you outdo yourself. You are so amazingly talented. I would love the shoes you pictured and love all the clothes. lol Have a super fabulous weekend. Grace xoox

Sem Nome said...

What a sunny journey, Anita dear! That could not be different as long as your mind shines!!
Believe it or not we have just arrived from a day at the beach, dearest Anita! Aila enjoyed it so much! It was a sunny day and the white sand made us glad. Sand castles and little girl smiles!!I wish we could walk along a beautiful beach a day...and talk...and laugh...and dream!
Much love to you!!

michelle said...

Hello dearest Anita!! I have been gone for a bit but so glad that I peeked in on you! Happy Birthday to all the wonderful world travelers this month! :) I LOVE all your pictures and your header my friend, just perfection. Oh, it makes me long for the sunny days and warm summer breezes. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I think I will go read your post a couple more times so maybe I can find my fairy dust to transport me to these beautiful places! :)
Love to you.

wendy said...

When I come visit your beautiful blog....It puts a big fairy tale smile on my face. Everything you put on here is mystical and enchanting.
The stores, the cottage and castle, the beach, the ocean.....Very medicinal as I am surrounded by my mud!!!
That one photo of the WHITE buildings and the ocean...looked to me of Santorini Greece...My DREAM destination. I worked for a Judge who was Greek (such an amazing culture) and he went there for a holiday and the beauty of that place has me as a prisoner for life.

Now, if I click out of here....does that mean I have to go back to mud, and chilly temps, and a dirty dog, and horse poop....and Ahhhhhhh, Santorini.

wendy said...

When I come visit your beautiful blog....It puts a big fairy tale smile on my face. Everything you put on here is mystical and enchanting.
The stores, the cottage and castle, the beach, the ocean.....Very medicinal as I am surrounded by my mud!!!
That one photo of the WHITE buildings and the ocean...looked to me of Santorini Greece...My DREAM destination. I worked for a Judge who was Greek (such an amazing culture) and he went there for a holiday and the beauty of that place has me as a prisoner for life.

Now, if I click out of here....does that mean I have to go back to mud, and chilly temps, and a dirty dog, and horse poop....and Ahhhhhhh, Santorini.

Rozani said...

Hi, how are you?
Your blog is amazing! The pictures are wonderful! I have added your blog on my favorite blogs. I love this post ... and divine pictures!
Congratulations on the good taste and whim!
Kisses, Rozani

jerilanders said...

Sweet and lovely birthday girl, have the best of times and eat something simply decadent and scrumptious!
By the by, you must lift weights or something because your arms look GREAT!
It was nice talking to you last week, however briefly. I hope I gave Ruben some useful publishing advice, he is full of good ideas and seems such a dear.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hope your birthday is everything you hope it will be. I will be celebrating my grandson's tenth birthday on April 23.

Rosie said...

Hello sweet one,
I have tied up a few snappies with a pretty blue ribbon, and sent them your way...sweet dreams...xoxo

Unknown said...

Turquoise must the color of your dreams!
Sprinkled with lot's of pink!
Enjoy every minute!
Here stands a bunch of freesia, they are for you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect. The images are stunning and it sounds like you are in great company! Happy Bday, my sweet friend! xo

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anita,
This is one of my favorite posts yet! Sounds like you have a huge burthday bash planned! You deserve every minute of all the fun and yes, lots of fairy dust should do the trick!
Bon weekend,

Unknown said...

Oh heck with all those fancy shoes and frilly stuff...can I just wear my Mary Janes and twirl in the sand! I'll even share my penny that snuck into my shoe with you. We can split it?

Your so pretty and I'm so cute...gotta toot your horn cause blogging is good when the ballerina and girl with the curl unite on the beach!

Beach House Living said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your own personal "new year"!

Love the photos as always and your new summery header is right up my alley.

Sarah said...

Happiest of Birthdays to each of you magical women!
~ sarah

Vær våken said...

Oooooooooh, Anita, you're going to the French Riviera!!! How lucky are you!!! I hope you have the most FABULOUS days there!!!!

Smiles from Kristin

A Tale of Two Cities said...

What an enchanting party that will be! Happiest of birthdays to you--celebrate in style!

Barbara said...

Oh my! What fun! Birthdays and The Beach Boys make for a super party! But I bet you're going someplace REALLY exciting!
Perhaps Santorini? I recognized it and it's soooo romantic there!
Happy Birthday whatever you are doing and wherever you are going sweet Anita!
Thank you for making my day with this post!

victorian parlor II said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope you had a wonderful day!



LiveLikeYou said...

Love the fairy dust!! You just sprinkled magic fairy dust on all of us. Thank You! Happy birthday!! Looks like a blast.

koralee said...

ok my friend...I must say this is the sweetest post ever!!!! You had me following along all the way. You are soooooo sweet. These images are adorable.

I am so sorry you are feeling such must go see the Dr.Does it hurt at night...keeping you awake?

I am now at the point where I need to try anything to get my back better..tomorrow I make myself a chiropractor appointment...I have never been! I am still not fit to go back to work..can you believe that!!! It really does puzzle me??

Sending you lots of love as you start into your week...will pray for you tonight my friend. said...

I don't know how you're going to top this one! But you will....

LOVE the turquoise cake, in the midst of my diet, I could so have a slice!

I heard the Beachboys on Hollywood Blvd. at a small little place when I was growing up in California. No one really knew them yet! I still love that music!

Happy Birthday to a very special lady! You make magic.


Rosie said...

Oh dear one, THANK YOU for the AMAZING Birthday Card!!!You spoil me!
sending you an email hug today...Kisses...Rosie

Christmas-etc... said...

As usual...I was smiling throughout this trip through your lovely post!! Fairy-dust... growing younger...and joy!! Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party!! Oh my... your birthday is on Easter Eve!!! How special!!
Blessings dear Anita!!

Glamour Drops said...

Very clever and utterly delightful.

Your fairy dust has sprinkled magic over the whole post!

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Birthday Anita, I just had mine on the seventh of April. Two Aries, whoopie!!!!
Wishing you all beautiful things and times, big hug to you beautiful lady..


koralee said...

Morning my friend...wishing you a good day. Pain free would be nice!
This is going into my second week off from school....hope I can get there by the end of the week. I had massage therapy all last week but did not help chiroprator it is today. Hope all goes well.

Sending you hugs and love

Anonymous said...

Well, my darling! this is a cause for joy!
YOU are awesome!

Have a nice time at the beach...
and I do hope your legs are feeling better.

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Just popping in the check if you are still having fun fun fun with the Sistahood, chère Anita. I am smiling again when looking at the pictures and reading a few lines.
Enjoy this month to the fullest, on the other hand, I know you will. Much love xxxxx

Champagne Macarons said...

Good afternoon, dearest! I don't believe I know Koralee. I baked macarons once and, although they cracked, they were quite good. Bella and I will put on our aprons and keep trying!
Travel plans.. yes. Tony and I are planning to go to NYC for our anniversary (15 years!) next month and then to Disney in October. I signed up for a Design II course that begins right after this semester. Although I will miss the first few days, my instructor said she is fine with that even though it's such a short session. She taught my Design I class and it was fabulous! I can't wait, and we became friends. After that, I plan to take 2 more classes during the summer.. not to mention the kids summer activities.. horseback riding, drums, guitar, fun summer classes for them, swimming lessons for the little ones and the boys will be attending the university for engineering & math for a few hours each day. A busy schedule and we have so much fun doing family stuff. We're also planning trips to my parents lake house. I'm certain the summer will fly by as it always does.
Wishing you a beautiful week of sunshine and warm weather!
xoxo, B

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Hey Anita :), it's me again!
Thanks for your so sweet comment!
Your the best!
Hey if you have time go see my Poppie Girl, I think you would love her post today!
gi gi

Stacey said...

You write with such creativity and imagination! Love it!:-). Happy Birthday to you dearest Anita, and to all the other lovely ladies who celebrate their birthdays in April. I enjoy coming to visit you-it's always a treat for the soul and a feast for the eyes. Enjoy your week sweet friend. XX

Rosie said...

Tule, WONDERFUL Tule! I do so love this dress of mine :)
A little email love today my dear.
xoxoxoxxoxo Rosie xooxoxoxxox

koralee said...

Evening my sweet friend..good news..the chiroprator worked wonders today. I am not sure what she did but she did help. I go back on Wed. I am not completely better as sitting is still very hard to do but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel...I love my love love her. She wants me to stay off work for a while yet but I am thinking maybe by the end of the week I will be back at school...yahooooooo!

Enough about about are you doing?

Thinking about you was your Monday? hugs and love to you.

hi-d said...

Happy early birthday to you! I hope it's fabulous.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...and yes, I am a Believer! No other way. :)


Martina said...

Dearest Anita, thanks for coming today - so nice to see your bright and cheerful face up here! Glad you like lemon curd as much as i do! And Orange and Lime - hmmmmm, that sounds so good! Makes me dream of the picknick basket i'll bring to that beach, to the princess party! Here, it's raining today :( Have a happy day!

francis said...

Incredible .... Your new post and already 91 before me who wrote a comment . I keep saying a magazine is your post . Absolutely beautiful . Your birthday is coming up ! Mine is in november .
Hope your week is fun !

Unknown said...

What an amazing post. My daughter Ashley's birthday is on April 20th. I hope that your Birthday is as awesome as your incredible creativity.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita...a romp in the sea will definitely bring a smile to my face...not long now...thank you so much for your uplifting words...Dzintra

Champagne Macarons said...

Oh, I am disappointed that Ladurée will not be open but that is a reason to go back, right?? Everything I brought from Paris is now gone and I hoped to replenish my supply. I also wanted to purchase the tote with the white & black French Bulldog as it looks like our Bogie.
I have been to NYC and love it! The energy is amazing, unlike any other city in the world.
Wishing you a beautiful spring week! xoxo, B

paperbird said...

Anita you are just darling.
I adore your happy spirit and the goodness that you share with everyone.
I hope your celebration will be wonderful and I'm with Rueben- I want a piece of that delicious looking cake too!

Unknown said...

HI sweetpie
what a wonderful birthday party for the 23rd ? just dipping my toes in the sea ! and packing a case and going in amd out for various things

Im away 14 -19th and will forward to catching up on your next Royal journey or phaps Ill stay in the turretd castle ? thanoyu for youe visit and the photo you look fabulous Love Fay xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you, Anita, & all the other lovely ladies ... what a smashing trip to all these lovely places. You always make everything so magical ... love my visits with you.

May your birthday be magical & full of joys ... blessings from above.

Have a lovely eve ~

Osterreich said...

Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round. Your design, man...too amazing! I cant wait to read what youve got next. I love everything that youre saying and want more, more, MORE! Keep this up, man! Its just too good.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Greetings from Hawaii!!!!
Bebe wishes to thank you for coming to the Luau... You looked smashing in your grass skirt!
Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts.
Come back for the Hula contest...
Penny and Bebe said...

What an absolutely delightful birthday you are having. You have so much gorgeousness on your blog, when I visit I become giddy :)

Martina said...

Hey Anita, you're elected as most awesome french teacher today - by me! Congrats, i hope your day was lovely! I must try making Orange curd - sounds so yummy to me - such a great idea! Maybe over the weekend ... Tomorrow i'll make some nice things out of berries - my son and i want to try some food.styling, lets see! See you soon! xx

koralee said...

Morning my friend....can not believe it is mid-week already! Time marches on...thank you for all your prayers...they must have worked as my back is getting better. Still very hard to sit and uncomfortable at times but so much better. I have another appointment today..hope maybe tomorrow or Friday I will head back into school....taking is really easy.
Hope your week is going well...still praying for your hip my friend.

The sun is starting to peek out from behind a cloud..hope it stays.
I hope it is an amazing day for you. xxoo

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh please, may I tag along too??? I'll bring the 'Travlin' Pants' or the Ya~Yas. Heck, I'll even throw in the birthday cake heaped high with fudge icin'!!!! Whatever it takes baby 'cause the sisterhood looks fantabulous!!!!


It never hurts to begin the celebration early so Happy Birthday dear sister :o)

Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hello Anita ~ Happy..happy birthday to you my dear. Sending you heaps of best wishes for a great year ahead. You continue to inspire us, feed our souls and be a real friend. I hope you have all of that in us and much..much more. I'm sorry that I don't get to stop bye more but I'm here to tell you how thankful I am to know you through this great world of blogging & I appreciate you.

I hope your birthday was filled with love, laughter and calories!


Sacha said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Anita !!!ton billet est magique comme toujours et pétillant de bonheur à ton image ....le gâteau couleur de lagon me séduit également ...
Bonne semaine

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
Happy Birthday wishes to you!

Une fête magnifique à la plage!
How wonderful!

Your sparkles, tulle, crowns and JOY have made it special for all of us who visit!
We certainly feel like celebrating with you!
Bonne anniversaire chère Anita!

Wishing you well ~ comfort {for your back pain} and His Joy ~ always,

Rosie said...

DING~DONG...DING~DONG...Hello? Anyone home?...Ahh you must be at the beach, relaxing in that red and white striped canvas chair, soakin' up the rays. Well, I will just help myself to a lemonade, and I'll bring you one too :)
A bit of a surprise yesterday. Had a chiroprator appt. in the morning, and when all the snap, crackle and popping was done, decide to enjoy the heat from my car seat on my back. So grabbed a coffee, and drove to a near by city to Homesense in search of a new office chair and lamps for my studio. I was not disappointed...and after a bit of fun, started home, only to get a phone call from Bill saying there was a "surprise" waiting for me...well, YIPPEE, this girl LOVES a surprise! On my porch, tucked into my planter was a card and the prettiest cello bag filled with the loveliest easter cookies ever. So, as any sane, hungry, shopping girl would do, I made a cuppa tea and prepared to sample these little pretties. Then to my great surprise...Tappity tap tap....Knockity knock knock...and who do you think was perched on my front stoop, but my sister and my mom!!!!! PERFECT birthday BLISS was mine. After a happy, fun filled 24 hours, this party girl is flat on her back...moaning and groaning...with a BIG smile on her face. SOOOO worth it!
Well darlin', hope today was one big GIGGLE, wrapped up in a little HUG, and that you savored each and every moment...Stay Happy my sweet, sweet "picket fence" friend...xoxoxo...Rosie

Fine Bessot said...

Un très bon anniversaire bleu chère Anita. Voila encore une très belle année passé ensemble et j'en veux encore beaucoup d'autres. Merci pour ta joie de vivre, merci pour ton goût des couleurs, merci pour toute ta légèreté. Tu mets chaque fois du baûme sur mon coeur. Si j'avais ces très belles maisons de ton post, je crois que je n'irais pas à la plage...
Très bonne journée.
Je t'embrasse.

koralee said...

Good morning my sweet friend...well guess what? I woke up to snow this morning...yes snow!!! I do not think it will last long but what a surprise...I almost thought it would be a snow day from school! But no. I am going back tomorrow..hope all goes well...woke up today with more discomfort...grrrrrr!

Hope all is well with your health...weekend is almost here my dear and then next week is Easter weekend.

Hugs and love to you. xoxoxo Off to visit sweet Rosie...must wish her a happy Birthday...a little late I am afraid.

jade said...

What a heavenly post my sweet Anita.........your birthday will be such a wonderful day and you will have sooooooo much fun!!!! I´ll be thinking of husband has his birthday on 24.;) it´s on easter sunday......i´ll make a delicious cake, but he will get no crown, i think that´s for girls only;)) !!! Have a wonderful weekend, my dearest friend,

warm hugs, Jade

George The Lad said...

Hi Anita
Thanks for your comment and kind words, so pleased we have found each other ;)and yes it is sad that "charlie and me" are no longer blogging I loved her posts

Now I hope you girls are not taking to many bags! cus I won't get in the boot!
Love and Hugs George and Jan xxx

Cobalt Violet said...

I LOVE that! "Don't forget to be awesome." I think I am going to write that on my wall!!! In spray paint!
I love coming here and getting my girlie on! So beautiful and romantic.

Happy Early Birthday!!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is gorgeous, Anita! Loved every photograph, and that blue cake... I want a piece now! :-)

Happy Birthday to all of the April beauties...


Sheila :-)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Gi gi from Going Glam with Gi Gi told me I should check out your blog, and she was right! What a beautiful blog you have! Love all these gorgeous photos!!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Darned if I'm not late again! At least I didn't miss it entirely! As always such a pleasure! Pictures are just grand! Have a wonderful weekend. We're off to Atlanta to see wee one #11. Cathy

erin's art and gardens said...

happy, happy, HAPPY to ALL the birthday girlies of April!!

Arti said...

I am here at the correct time, Happy Birthday Anita:)
And your post is as magical as always, everything looks heavenly... enchanting...
Have a lovely day:)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Dearest Anita...yes I am ready...I always try to have bubbly on ice over the weekend...I'm on my way...that beach is waiting for us...Thank you for popping in with your good wishes...Much Love, Dzintra

Rebecca said...

Happy and Blessed Birthday Anita!
I came by to visit and enjoyed your magical journey. The sea calls me always. And that cake is amazing!

My sister, Teresa Swanson, told me that we have a few things in common.
I'm from So. Cal, now living in Massachusetts, and soon to be moving to Minnesota. I am grieving leaving New England and my east coast ocean. Minnesota feels like the middle of nowhere. My sister say that you live there. This gives me some hope.
Help, dear friend, put my heart and mind at ease.

Splenderosa said...

Precious Anita, have a lovely & splendid day with all the girlfriends & family. The blogging friends are sending loads of fairy dust back around to you.
You rock, baby!

Splenderosa said...

Anita, I'm giving you an award over at my place. The post will go live tonight, Friday. xx's

Splenderosa said...

Anita, I'm giving you an award over at my place. The post will go live tonight, Friday. xx's

Martina said...

Hey sweet one, thanks for coming today! I did my post in a hurry and had to leave right after it was done - and it's so nice to see some friends were there! Hope your day was a good one! Mine was full with dates, and on top of that, it's my husbands b-day, and we went to town to celebrate a bit - he's an April child as well!
As for your comment yesterday - the picture i showed is a montage - it is not my home! As we're living with two teenagers at the moment, our house is hardly fit to appear in a magazine, even if we have many paintings up and some colorful combinations. But mostly you find socks under the sofa, or a banana peel - ha ha, i feel like being a student again! Luckily i like most of the music they hear ... Do you have plans for the weekend yet? Hugs for a great evening!

Gloria said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration. Your aqua colors here are gorgeous!!! Such beautiful inspiration for today.

I hope your back is feeling better (saw on Koralee and Rosie's blogs you were having some pain). Saying a prayer for you today.

sweet blessings to you,

Peeters Liliane said...

How nice that you visit my new post:), it's always a plessure your visit!!! And thank you for your lovely comment. I'm happy with the expression that she have, so far so good. I hope I can finish her next week.
Have a nice weekend and I look forword to your new post!!!
Hugs for you my friend,

Fete et Fleur said...

My dearest,

I did not miss this post. It looks like my comment didn't post last week. I am so sorry I didn't check to see if it had posted. I also commented on the last post. I know your B-Day is coming up on the 23!! Happy, Happy Birthday. I will call you!!


Rosie said...

Ah are you feeling?
Did you make an appt. with the doc?
Maybe you are just overdoing it...this weekend you need to relax, put your feet up and get much rest...THATS AN ORDER!...OK, a strong request :)
Bill left this afternoon for Salmon Arm(about four and a half hrs away) to help mom. She and my dad had a dairy farm and when my dad passed away, mom decided to use all the buildings to store R.V's. My sweet husband goes up in both the fall and spring to help her. So I am "baching" it this weekend. Will clean this house from top to bottom, and then sit back and enjoy the sparkle. But for now, I am ready for dreamland, so will bid you "Goodnight" ...have a happy "restful" weekend...xoxox...Rosie

michelle said...

Good morning dear friend! I hope that you are doing well today and that the snow has melted and the sun is shining! :) I see that you may be feeling under the weather? Please get some rest and take care you. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me, I always enjoy your visits and your words brighten up my day. :) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all there is to be seen and heard and felt from Him. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday dearest Anita!!