Friday, April 1, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The ebb and flow of time has washed up another


and the SISTAHOOD is back.

Because you see,

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

and it's time to celebrate April birthdays.

Last year I declared

à la Marie, bien entendu,

that we girls kick off our dainty little souliers

forget all our cares

and embrace our prime.

And did we PARTAYYYY!

Rosie (April 12) sported a killer coiffe that just

set the tone

for Dzintra (April 17) to follow suit 

as I (April 23) added a twist to this French fête

and sweet Violet (April 24) glided in wearing her

Vivienne Westwood.

There was cake of bizarre but delicious


and a GIRLS ONLY Youtube featuring Gene Kelly

which is unfortunately disabled for uploading but can

be viewed here:

But this year ladies, we are going to abandon our tulle

and our satin shoes

just temporarily
so we can close the door to our armoires

and warm our feet

sur la plage...

on the beach

'cause Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

So if your birthday is in April

let me know so I can add you to the list!

And to celebrate our MATURITY
I am having a BLUE BIRD WAND give-away straight from my

paper mâché workshop

So just leave a comment and let me know if you are


You will instantly have a

chance at winning.

Winner will be announced at the end of April but in the


...on fait la fête!

Photo Credits from Tumblr:

Pretty Simple Life


Divine Theatre said...

I'm still waiting to be born!
I would beg steal and borrow to own that wand, my friend! I am not usually one to enter giveaways but your soul is apparent in your is magical!


Ruben Rivera said...

Oh dearest,

I envy you "girls" because you really know how to communicate, keep up with each other, and have fun even with the "littlest" things -- in bloglandia and out of it.

In my "guy" world I can count on one hand the number of men who do this with me in anything approaching regularity. E.g., guys very rarely respond to my blog Heavenly Minded & Earthly Good. It is women who mostly come visit me and give me almost the only reason to keep blogging at all.

I think we guys can learn a lot from the way the women here have relations. I can honestly say that most of what I have learned about relationships I've learned especially from women, not guys, especially my mom, and above all my wife.

I am grateful for that.


High Heeled Life said...

Please do not include me on this go round... I'm just popping by to say hello...

Dearest Ami Anita... What a lovely celebration for you April gals!!!

Lucky will be the gal who wins... I treasure my wand and I do believe there is some loving magic in it!!
xo HHL

fee @ chipper nelly said...

wonderful pictures...thanks for sharing!
I LOVE a giveaway - count me in!
fee ♥

Martina said...

Anitaaaaaa!!! It's your bithday month, YAY! I love april children, many of my friends and my husband and my brother are born in that month! April kids have this go-getting nature, they are daring and fun! Love your festive pix . and the idea of going to the beach is so lovely! A toast with champagen, to you dear friend. Your magic wand looks so sweet - count me in. Hope you celebrate with Ruben tonight, yeah, girls absolutely need fun sometimes!

Rayanne said...

Happy Birthday all of you "April Ladies"!!
Lovely post dearest! I like "embrace our prime".
I would love to be in your give away...I love birds!!!
Love you too, you are always a lovely blog cheerLEADER, and the bestest of friends. I know...getting mushy!

Karena said...

Anita how beautiful, and a great time of year to make wishes, and may they all come true!

Art by Karena

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, so beautiful,'s always so beautiful here. You know how to combine words and images so perfectly...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday month! What gorgeous pictures of celebration past and to come...not so sure about the cake, though!

Enjoy every moment of this day, my friend...the weekend, too!


Casa Bella said...

Happy early b-day wishes, dearest Anita! And yes, absolutely count me in for that fabulous giveaway. Hugs, my friend.

It's me said...

The important day of april is today......our wedding day.......girls just wanne have fun......oh la la .......geniet van een heerlijk weekend......we have just eating sushi.....and now relax join the sofa and doing nothing.......ik wilde jouw nog even gedag zeggen doe ik stiekum tussendoor.......don't tell anybody....hahaahahahah!! love

Mapi said...

Hello dear Anita.
I often see you name pop up at the Dutchess.
I wandered around in your parlor and it's so beautiful the way you talk about life !
Your giveaway is so gorgeous.
Lieve groeten uit Nederland.
I love April but I am a decembergirl!

Rosie said...

Ahhhh Dearest, I DO LOVE YOU SO! I am off to try to actually get something done don't start the party planning yet. I'll be back to see you later. ENJOY the "FINALLY" of this wonderfilled holiday...
That's right, "Kick Up those PRETTY Heels"... YAHOOOOOOO!!!!...kisses...R

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita
Oh how I need this today.. Beautiful! My dad's birthday was April 13th! Same month as you..
Oh yes, I would love to have a chance at your birdie.
Who would not love to have one of your BIRDS!!!
Enjoy your last few days of spring vacation.
Love to you!

Design Elements said...

beautiful celebration! happy friday

jade said...

Yes, girls wanna have fun ;))!!!! Oh, my dearest Anita, what a wonderful post again!!!!!! I loooooooove those heavenly dresses - wish i could wear one of this!!!! Great pictures and your words full of love and inspiration.........that´s weekend!!!!! Have a wonderful time,

warm hugs, Jade

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Girls just wanna have fun, love it, ma chère amie. Your pictures are very fairy-like. I think you should celebrate this way, how much fun would that be! Hooray for festive April!
Your blue wand is magically beautiful. Anything created by you sparkles, my friend. Made with love and eye for detail.

By covers are calling my name, it's too late. I have to turn in now or else I need matches to keep my eyes open.

Love to you xxxxx

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my friend,
Today is a beautiful day to say hello, the weather was so nice.
I enjoyed your post, funny picture that cake. On tv I follow the program of a baekery in New York "Cake Boss" his name is Buddy it's so funny. And now I see that funny and crépy cake on your post!!
I hope that you gone have a wonderful birthday this month.
That bird is so lovely, beautiful, enchanting, magical that bird is made with lots of love!!!
Do you count me in for your giveawy?
A big hug from my part of the world to yours,

desde my ventana said...

Hello Anita,
What a funny and wonderful celebration here, and yes, please I want to take part in your lovely giveaway.

Hugs and happy weekend,


deb famularo said...

Hello Dearest Anita,
Oh wow. Your bird wand is so amazingly beautiful!!! Someone is definitely going to flip when they get it, and I sure hope it's moi! :) She sure would look pretty in my pink room- I think I need some blue art masterpieces in there!! You have so many precious gifts my friend. I can't wait to see what else you are busy creating!

I hope you've been enjoying your spring break! And your beautiful new room! much love always.....xoxo

Victoria Sayer said...

Your ROYAL Highness, (Drama)QUEEN Anita,
I would be MOST honoured if you would enter me into your BluE BirD WanD giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED THIS POST! (LOVED Rubens comment as well!!)
Such beautifully whimsical photos...*happy sigh* Gorgeous gowns and the like. My next Art Doll is (hopefully)going to be based on this look...and you have given me some more inspiration!
That 'Marie Cake' is really something else! ewwww...
April is indeedy a wonderful time of the year...and to actually have your birthday then, is awesome. Hope all you lovely ladies enjoy this beautiful month long celebration!
Love those cool blues with the whites....♥

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hello Dear Anita
Well.. happy birthday for April 23... That makes you a Taurean.. just like me!! [but I'm not an April baby.. ]

And happy happy birthday to all the lovely girls who are celebrating with you.. a pretty pretty post worthy of a princess or two... and I love that you are celebrating 'a la plage' .. Couldn't think of a better place..

As always Ruben has left the sweetest comment.. He's a keeper... Have fun dear Anita.. ciao xxxx Julie

Bela said...

I will be thinking of YOU all April long, sweet friend Anita!! How wonderful! This post is so happy, all these ladies might be special ones.
Fun it is to be here, my lady! You promote smiles, emotions,happiness.
I wish you much much health and love for good!
Be sure I will be the one who wants most this lovely bird!
Love you!!

Rosie said...

I am back...Ok, what did I miss...What crazy schemes have you brought to the table? YUP, that sounds good to me! I second the motion...Yippeeee! We are gunna have NOTHING, but FUN! Oh I love this prelude to celebration.

Well, my dear, how are you feeling today? Has that crazy little nerve settled down any? I THINK I am on the road to recovery. Managed to tidy and shine the bottom floor today. A "Clean" house just brings
a smile to my face.

Took a day trip to Ben Moore's today, to pick up a few wallpaper books. Pickin' out a bit of "Lovely" for the feature wall in my studio. Today's thought is a graphic, silver and white, curly bit of Damask...Definitely want a contemporary look...ahhh, but you know how fickle I am when it comes to design...I am sure there is a new idea on the horizon.

Tonight is a movie night so must go and pop that corn and pour something bubbly. Have a perfectly wonderful Saturday my Rosie

"Create Beauty" said...

ABANDON THE TULLE?!?!?!?! honestly?
but. but. but what if I want to wear tulle on the beach?!?!?

I am excited about our birthday month! I believe in celebrating all month long, don't you?

As for CAKE, may I just have chocolate please without a head laying upon it? Whipped cream would make a better topping for me personally.

I danced with girlfriends to that song at the wedding reception of one of their daughters. What fun!

I pronounce it "GIRLFRIENDS Month"

Love that bird wand, and the photographs of it with the shadow on the wall, totally delightful.

I wonder if all of our husbands stand in awe of womens friendships as your dear Ruben does!?!

happy happy,
~ Violet

Sonja said...

I think I will just pretend that my birthday is in April! Your 'girl time' has me all pumped up! Isn't it the best?

I know this, if I came to a girl weekend that you were going to... I would have a BALL! I so love your zest for life and all things beautiful!

Never lose that Anita... it's a rare gift!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Anita,
My daughter Ashley's birthday is in April too. Such a lovely month to celebrate a birthday. Love your post and what a lovely giveaway.


Chatelaine said...

What a fun post! Happy Birthday!

That is quite the birthday cake.

I would love to enter your giveaway. It looks fabulous!

Mariette said...

Dearest Anita,

Well, your birthday is a very special date for me. It is my favorite brother's birthday and it was the day that I landed here in Georgia at the local airport with the Campbell's Soup Company jet... Also the day that my husband Pieter became an American citizen in 1993! SPECIAL day all the way.
Sure girls like to have fun and this is a great post!

Lieve groetjes en een fijn weekend!


Marie-Ange said...

Quelle façon incroyable de fêter les anniversaires d'avril ...
Ma maman est née en ce joli mois où la nature se prépare à une grande fête, j'espère déguster en sa compagnie une part du gâteau à la tête en sucre, car c'est ainsi que je veux la voir ...
Merci pour ces images qui laisse place à l'imagination, au rêve ...
Je t'embrasse tendrement chère Anita et te souhaite une magnifique fin de semaine.

Draffin Bears said...

Dearest Anita,

Oh what a fun birthday month all you lovely April ladies are going to have!
Wishing you the happiest birthday dear friend and hope the 23rd is fabulous.
Does this make you a Taurus? I am a Taurus but my birthday is in the month of May.
I love the sweet blue bird wand.

Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend.

Só sedas said...

Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for your answer. I would write to you sonner but I've been very busy this days.

Actually, I've learned french for 4 years when I was in school. Then I went to college and was all about english, english, english (and portuguese of course) so my french is a little bit forgoten right now but guess what? I begun taking classes in the Alliance Française this Wednesday! How coincidence was that? So maybe in a few weeks/months I have the courage enough to write you in a post french!

This images are really beautiful. I love marie antoinete period on fashion and accesorizes. They are very sweat!

About the birthday... weel, mine is in June so I will have to wait.

Losts of kisses and thank you for your kindness.


Rosabears said...

I am just popping by. My birthday is not in april. But for all of you who are celebrating this month.
Just have a lot of fun.
Veel plezier vandaag, morgen en altijd.
Pretty post.
greetings and a big hug.

Jacqueline said...

The thought of a birthday party on the beach is grand. I vote to ride horses on the beach, have a contest to see who can jump the biggest wave and then we can come back to the campfire and you can blow out the fire for your birthday!

Now spill the sand and tell me what day it is again. I have it tucked away...but who knows where? I'll go ask Gretta...she knows everything these days!

Mailing a envelope to you on Monday...not a birthday gift, just a gift for Friday, Saturday or Sunday...or when you want.

Champagne Macarons said...

What a FUN post and happy, happy birthday to all of the lovely ladies that have birthdays this month! My daughter, Isabella, celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday! We had so much FUN!! I was a mystery reader at her classroom, then we took the kids out of class at noon to celebrate ~ we went to lunch, did a little shopping, dessert at a french bakery and to see Hop.
Today, we are enjoying another beautiful day with 64 degree temps ~ dare I think spring has finally arrived? It feels wonderful!

We're off to celebrate again, one day just doesn't seem long enough =)

Wishing you a most beautiful early April weekend, ma belle!!

xoxo, B

wendy said...

Ok I just dumb, or is it your birthday this month?? Huh??
My dauhter and her husband both have birthdays this month as well as my mom. Guess it is a good month for a birthday eh.
and of course girls just wanna have fun,.
That is why we NEED YOU at Claudies this summer. For THAT girl party extrodinare.!!!!!
Aren't those dresses just to die for. As I sit here in my t-shirt and jeans....can't imagine wearing those.
and how wonderful would it be to sit on a beach and wiggle our toes in the sand and wade in the water.
we woke up to 6 inches of fresh snow and hasn't let up yet. Will have to pull out the tractor again to "dig us out".
oh woe is me
I need a Party!!!!!!!!!!! and cake, and bubbly, and pretty dresses and YOU

Deborah said...

Good afternoon my dear!
Such beauty I see here...its always like a vibrant dream when I very beautiful!!
Yes girls do just wanna have fun..I agree!
And we do have such fun, dont we?!
You are an April baby Anita? How sweet..I am an April baby too!!
And you know what they are a girls best friend! lol
Diamonds are our extra lovely!!!!
I love your blue bird sweet!!
Love to you this weekend dear!!!

Much love,
Deborah xoxo

Ann Nichols said...

Your birthday month! How fun! One of my very "bestest" girlfriend just had her birthday yesterday! What a beautiful month April is...full of sunshine and laughter and long walks in the park with birds singing and playing in the branches above! Oh yes... I love your bluebird wand...magical! Will it help to make all my wishes come true? Somehow... I think it might just because you made it with joy!
Blessings to you and your Ruben!

Stacey said...

How fun! I love this post and such a beautiful way to acknowledge April birthdays! April is special to me too because my mom's birthday is the 4th so i see she is in great company:-). Hope you're relaxing on your spring break and fingers crossed that i win that magical wand:-). XX

Ann Nichols said...

Thanks for asking!! Edward is much much better! makes my heart so glad!
(And so relieved!)
Have a great Sunday!
PS I thought about you when I posted this St. Nicholas church - France! What a place!

Fay said...

Hello sweet pie just been catching up with your last two lovely posts LOVE the Waterhouse and anemones and the sweet little birds will float off to dream soon hope yu are having a lovely evening hope to post demain and perhaps speak sunday lol Fay xxx

Anne said...

Magical! How I wish we could dress like that...maybe not all the time, but...

It's me said...

Hello darling...i can't find your mailadress.....please let me know...i am off to bed is verry late.....slaap lekker....liefs van

VictoriaArt said...

Happy Birthdays to you all, queen of hearts!
My daughter has her birthday coming up in a few days!
She fits right in with that song!


Sarah said...

Anita, this is a charming way to celebrate all April birthdays. You have a magical spirit! I'd be elated if I should be so fortunate to win your little blue bird wand. What a treasure! Happy Birthday, April Girl! ~ Sarah

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Anita
Your posts are always so elegant!...
You konw I love visiting you
That blue bird is lovely

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh anita how i need this sit on your setee amongst sparkle...birthday bubbly with all these sweet april gorgeous gown...the beach...what else can i ask for...just perfect...
hey sweet one my sling is off mostly but on when arm is tired...cannot lift arm up vet high at next week to start moving exciting...perhaps a birthday gift of being able to lift up my poor arm...yay...
of course this queen needs a magic wand...cheers cheers cheers...and all pink by that beach...much love, dzintra

Jeri Landers said...

Well, I am interested! April Birthdays are beautiful, but alas, mine is in Autumn. My dear Lord of the Manor has a birthday this month... but seeing as HE is a boy, he cannot join this party.

Chris T said...

Lovely Blog, Lovely blue bird wand-want one!!!! And Happy Birtheday to you!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Anita....Happy early birthday wishes! My birthday is not until July and each year I feel a birthday is a gift...unfortunately not enjoyed by everyone. Best wishes to all who will be celebrating this month! I love your unique!~Hugs, Patti

June said...

You April girls know how to do it right! I will be watching.
sending big hugs

M.A.the2nd said...

Wooo Hooo Gorgeous post Anita and I am so excited for you all with birthday celebrations approaching! I will have something very special for you on my blog on your special day! I LOVE LOVE all my favourite images you have used .... sigh I wish I could get dressed up like that every day! I think the beach is perfect as well and maybe we could do both ..... tulle and sand with white canopied billowing tents .... bare feet, pink and silver painted toes in the sand and hands delicately holding stems of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque ..... our hair would be upstyled but slightly dishevelled and windswept with the tendrils flying free. Then we could have huge pink, silver and gold cushions to sit on with a baroque orchestra playing in the background and waiters in full court attire serving exquisite canapes on silver trays draped with white linen. The table in the centre would be laden with crystallized fruits, and strewn with petals and roses and shells ..... in the centre would be the crowning glory .... a huge "Crown" cake with rococo motifs of shells ... see the beach and the 18th century do go hand in hand!!!!! I think I may have got carried away but could you imagine if we had a celebration like that ... it would be divine, delectable and delicious! I hope you are having a beautiful week-end and you must stay posted for your birthday surprise! Thank-you for inspiring me ....
with hugs and my best wishes always
ps my birthday is in December and as you know that is our summer so one year I am going to do a party like the one in the Marie Antoinette film where they are sitting outside on a summer's night eating oysters, drinking champagne under the creamy gold tent with stars sparkling ....

Rosie said...

Ahhh Dearheart,
How is my sweet,sweet friend? Oh Bob, our "handy man extraordinaire" is finis!!!! Oh, I KNOW how completely gorgeous it must look...Très Magnifique! No wonder he needs to take snappies of this wonderment.
And, you had tea with one of your many charming and talented friends...girl time is the BEST isn't it?
Ahhh, today was so very dreamy...breakfast in bed(accompanied with a couple dozen champagne roses}, a trip to IKEA to check out office ideas, home to ponder wallpaper choices, out to dinner in a nearby was our 28th anniversary today! Simply PERFECT! My dearest even topped it off by ordering a Lemon meringue pie for us to enjoy with tea this evening. You know, as I get older, it is the simpler things that give me the most joy.
Tomorrow, will be the first day I will be back to hear a service in person...Oh I have missed it so VERY much. Hoping you too, have a day filled with much love and happiness...xoxoxo...Rosie

Draffin Bears said...

Thanks dear friend for visiting me today, always great to see you.
Not much fun taking antibiotics and I hope that you are feeling well now.
I have been bathing my sore finger in tea tree oil and seems to be coming right.

Happy Sunday

francis said...

Oh Anita , your blog ....
absolutely AMAZING , I looked over and over and over and wished it was a magazine . I would admire all the pictures and dream away in the magic. A magazine would be so much better . I could take it everywhere with me .
Your GIVE_AWAY is the most breath-taking I have ever seen.
Who ever is winning it must be so lucky . I know Saskia and Koralee and Maria and I are bird-fans so.....
But did you realy make it yourself ? Now I am .......sprakeloos .

Your birthday is in April now I understand your Spring-radiance !
I'm a november-girl , with Saskia !
Have a happy weekend knowing I will be thinking of you and the little bird !

Ann said...

Love this post...
Reminded me of all my girl friends,
some are still here,
but still others have gone,
but we're still connected by the fun times we shared together ♥
Thanks for the memories...

Love this fun and girly post ♥

The Dutchess said...

O How Lovely....and don't forget your birthday dearest...Its going to be marvelous...And I am not entering your give away because you already gave me sooooo much..your friendship..Big Hug from all of us..

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hi dear! I am April 12th! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! This post is light and fun everywhere everywhere! You are a joy! Blessings.

George the Lad said...

Anita, Anita I have been on the beech all weekend, just got back and catching up. I'll be blogging about it soon.
So your B/day is on the 23th April I won't forget that you know why, its my day they named it after me, Its St George's Day
Fancy that ;)
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Martina said...

Deares Anita, such a fun blog party! And today was a splendid spring day over here, so warm and sunny, we ate outside. Yesterday as well. I want another sunday! Hope you recovered well and are full of energy for the week to come, see you soon! xox

Kristin said...

Hi Anita! Isn't it wonderful that April finally is here!! I'm so happy that the snow finally is gone and the wind is getting warmer :) I would love if my birthday was in April, but it isn't! Maybe yours is? Anyway, I should really see that movie Marie Antoinette. I see pictures of it everywhere..Your post is lovely and beautiful as usual! Have a beautiful new week! Kristin xx

Classic Style said...

Just found you and Im impressed your blog is absolutely faboluos.. I LOVE it :)))) have à lovely day.
// Marie

Burlap Luxe said...

Its your party girl!! and you do it amazingly!!!

I am blue with envy! your talents and brain power works passionately with everything you create for us and around you. Your hands are treasured for they bring us beauty we cannot find on our own.

Love your crown girl, and you where it well fair one...
It is such an all year round piece of art, and commands a beautiful comment or two :)

Thank you my friend for your perfect soulful visit!!
I cannot wait to see the Grand Room!!!


Burlap Luxe said...

I went and visited Rubens site, wow! what words well written!!

Auntie Cake said...

Hello Anita,
Another beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post! I was at the Galleria this past weekend, and was thinking of you as I checked out Restpration Hardware. (Someday we will meet in person!) Hope you are enjoying your new room.

Happy birthday, a beautiful month to be born in!

michelle said...

Well my goodness it is a month to celebrate! :) I love parties and so happy that I made it. :) I hope that you can put your tootsies in the warm sand this month and celebrate and have fun all month long.
Your photos are just beautiful my friend and you know I love the beachy pics. The sea glass and starfish are perfect for my soul.
Have a beautiful week dearest!

koralee said...

Evening my sweet friend...just spending a wee little time in blogland tonight ...that is all my back will take. I am afraid it has taken a turn for the worse....not sure what this week will bring.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for the heads up on some important April Birthdays.

Hope your week is very blessed as you head back into it!

hugs xoxo

Rosie said...

Sending you an email cuppa this morning....ahhhhh...enjoy this day my dear...xoxox Rosie

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

looking into all this photo arm misses the sling at times although i do sleep with it...therapy tomorrow...i can hardly wait for our party...dzintra

francis said...

Would not it be amazing to make a magazine ! You could ask blogladies to make an article !
I suppose that would be rather unique . A world-wide magazine .
Will be too expensive but fun to fancy !
I have my gardendoor open all day !
My wintercoat is long gone , so glad !
I'm glad to hear the little birds singing .
I miss my classroom with my own garden next to it where many little birds came and the children could see them close by .
It was a large piece of nothing and the parents worked hard to make it a wonderful little garden with lots of flowers to pluck so I could put flowers everywhere .
In my own classroom , in the corridor , on the desk of a colleague or where-ever I wanted !
Well I am enjoying my own garden at home very much these days .
Wish you well , the new week has started !

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to change my bday to April! How very fun! You just make me happy, Cutest Anita! xo

Martina said...

Thanks for coming today Anita - i thought the pix i posted where for you - so much you'd LOVE in that store! Pretty expensive though the big pieces, but great for inspiration. Hope you school say went smooth and well. Love to look at the party-photos again!

Privet and Holly said...

Good Morning!
I'm back on terra
firma and what a
fun post to come
back to : ) !!
I'm actually an
April baby, too ~
4-14, to be exact!
Hope you had a
wonderful spring
break and are all
recharged and ready
to take on SPRING!
xx Suzanne

paperbird said...

Anita I was just reading your cute Ruebens comment- how sweet is he?
I am a October baby. My Mother had four babies in October all within a year of each other- it was our celebration month!
I am in love with your sweet bird art, it is so beautiful! We are a pair when it comes to the love of bird reations. I am still working on mine but I hope to have it completed soon.
Happy Birthday month dear Anita!

koralee said...

Good morning sweet friend...thank you for the days well wishes. You are back at school?...hope all is well with your hip today...just take it slow and easy.
I will have to take a few more days off before I can head back... healing has been such a slow process this time for me..very discouraging. Usaually I am back to normal within 4 days but not this time. I am having therapy this week so I hope that helps.

Let me know how your day went. Sending you lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Bless you for the Bluebird wand giveaway - I am singing and send you a sprinkle of blue stars*****

Kristin said...

Hi Anita, I had to stop by and tell you that I was blown away by your comment today! At age 34...I'm so impressed and you teach all subjects in French? Isn't that just a perfect example of how important it is to follow the things we love in life. Then we'll succeed :) I'm so happy for you!!!!


Grace said...

I would love to win that fabulous wand! I am going to practice some "tweet" spells! lol Hope all is well Grace xoox

C'est moi Claudette said...

Oh Anita, I know you are celebrating your birth this month. How could we forget such a party?
Celebrating for a whole month, that's what I like about it all. You and the girls deserve it.
Now, guess what? Julie drove to Abbotsford to visit your lovely friend Rosie (I now know that's her blog name) on Sat. She wasn't there, but Julie said her associate was very very pleasant and the shop was exquisite. She said I would LOVE it and would have spent an enormous amount of moola. I wish I would have gone to visit when I was there a year ago. It's just a hop skip and jump from Julie's house. Next time for sure.
It's a dreary day today. I'm sure your having the same weather, I think. The sun spoiled us last week, now it's cold again with little wet snow flakes mixed in. YUCK!!
Hope your first day back wasn't too hard on you. I know you had a great week off. Back to the grind as they say.... Pisser HA
Love You darling Anita.
Love Me.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Well hello, ma cherie.
I hope April is off to an amazing start, my friend. Make sure you rest enough to enjoy your birthday and all the others to the fullest!
I have a couple of birthdays too, this month. And off course it US time for us, in two weeks we will be up in the air, I really should get started to look for suitable hotels. I better do it right now ... Hope your week is off to a hApPY start, A N I T A xxxxx

bikim said...

wow! what a great way to start a new month and celebrate! please do count me in, please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loved the photos! perfect as always!
take care,

Burlap Luxe said...

Il est ma joie vous trouver le biais de blogs, il n'est pas étonnant que Dieu nous a présenté!
Vous êtes une belle âme, paisible, aimable, et surtout passionné pour ce que vous croyez en Merci Anita pour être un ami avec de belles paroles.
Toujours un ami qui se inspire tout ce qu'elle fait.
Votre ami

"WE Girls Just wanna have Fa- hun!!"

Girls just wanna have Fun!!!

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm sorry I'm so late! Anita, Happy, Happy BIRTHDAY!! Thinking of you today.

Big hugs!

georgia~gigi said...

Oh Anita, I def. Wanna Have Fun!!!!
What a post! Gorgeous each and every image! Yay for April Birthdays! My blog Simply Smile turns 1 this April!!!! Time flies when your having fun!
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
Thanks for the fun!!!
gi gi

curlysusieQ said...

My dear Anita, what a beautiful month April is and what lovely photos of satin shoes, but I adore the blue bird, so I do hope I win. I wish you a wonderful, birthday month. Have a wonderful week,

P.S. My husbands birthday is on 25th ☺

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI dear Anita
Thanks for your lovely comment on my bloggiversary post.. I was just looking for your email address and can't find it.. could you email me at you're welcome to use my images and I have more travel/beach images in my SEA The world category.. ok.. thanks so much

ciao xxx Julie

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Anita,
So nice to meet you. I have often seen your comments on other blog friends that I visit, and wanted to take time to stop by and visit you.
I love your blog and enjoyed my visit so much.

Happy Birthday to you this month. I hope you are blessed beyond your dreams and find inspiration in each new day.
I adore the satin shoes~~ and love your the blue bird giveaway.

Again so nice to meet you and I hope to return again soon and am a new follower too.

God Bless you,
Hugs from Texas,
Celestina Marie

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonsoir, mon amie! Oh, I do believe you can pull off that dress. I searched for a pattern to have one made, all without luck ~ boo. Isn't it lovely though?
Fifi's 'Reading is Fashionable' is a brilliant idea. We love to read at our house(Bella is reading a new American Girl doll book now). You must contribute!
Wishing you a lovely week!
xoxo, B

Debi said...

Dearest Anita,
What can I say that has not already been said! I came to visit and took flight with your bluebird! Love you images, words and April celebration! You are a gem!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Anita! And to all the ladies of April! :) This girl has been SO busy and is looking forward to April vacation...oh, yeah, I just wanna have some fun! :)

Christel Hutson said...

Dearest Anita, as always you have lightened the mood in my heart. Lovely photos, and sentiment my friend, and of course count me in please!!! The bluebird is beautiful! I love the blue balls created from whimsical, yet romantic. Have a wonderful week, xoxox Christel

Burlap Luxe said...

Je pense que j'ai toujours su que le doux amour de Jésus dans votre coeur, et vous en compte plus d'une sœur à travers lui, vous êtes dans mon cœur ainsi que des prières de remerciement au Seigneur pour ajouter à notre amitié.

Soulful ami, je vous remercie

buyaionaccounts said...

Rocking this month with a girl bonding is one great thing I've never imagined, it must be the best to be an April celebrant. Be lated birthday! Your ideas and photos are wonderful.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh dear anita a gentle hug is just what i need...arm out of sling yay..but i can barely lift it should sort it all out but not back to normal for up to 12 months...yipes...but i'm working on it...hugs, dzintra

"Create Beauty" said...

Just want to be-bop around when I hear that song! I love your heart that is always filled with DELIGHT and W O N D E R !!!
Hugs to you today, my birthday sister : )

~ Violet

koralee said...

Morning sweet friend....sending you some sweet blessings this morning. Hope all is well and your day will be filled with Sunshine.

I have therapy on my back hope all will go well. I am getting tired of standing so much...oh what I would do for a nice soft chair! Soon I hope.

hugs. xoxo

hi-d said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you! I hope it's a good one! My b-day is in September, so I have a little ways to go yet.

I love that blue bird wand! Absolutely beautiful!

Hope you have a great day!

p.s. I found you by way of Martina's blog...I've seen you leave a lot of comments on there before. She is one talented lady!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

And a lovely happy birthday to you Dear Anita! I'm a March girl! Love your photo picks and wishing you the best Birthday Girl Month evah!
Thanks for your visits.
Ciao, Kirsten


what a clever post ! I adore everything.

Sylvia said...

Dear Anita ,
Have a bright , sunny , warm , unforgettable celebration ! To all of your "April Ladies " Happy Birthday too !
Such a happy , FUN post ! Thank you !

George the Lad said...

I'm back ;)
I know about shakespeare only because it is on this months photo scavenger hunt, we have alot of pubs over here called the shakespeare so that one's in the bag :)
I've come to tell you I'm in Counseling!!! I hope Dr Daisy can help.

Heck that's a long link.
Have a good week, I have mom all to myself from friday for two hole weeks!!!
Love and hugs to you and Balzac xxx

Rosie said...

Ahhh, greetings my dear,
Yes, I am afraid we are all getting a bit far as I can see, it's not a pretty site. I am stiff and sore all over, and my cute chiropractor, is too young to feel my pain...but did I mention that he's cute... so whatever. And you dear one have much discomfort too...and Koralee AS WELL??! Yikes!
Does your pain stem from your furniture movin' escapade? I think, for myself anyway, that massage is REALLY important. If your dearest is able to give you a deep tissue massage before you snuggle down to sleep that might help. Praying for a speedy recovery...cause we have a beach party to attend :)
I previewed a crazy good estate this morning...LOTS of treasures to be had. Will let you know tomorrow what I end up with. This is the first sale I have been to, in quite a while so am itching to have a little fun. I usually attend alone,( since Ryan has moved away)but, Bill has offered to keep me company so, if I feel up to it, we'll make an evening out of it.
I just tried a new key lime cheesecake recipe, so will let Bill be the guinea pig, when he returns home from Bible study. If it passes inspection I shall package you up a piece for your recess snack...get better my sweet, sweet Rosie

desde my ventana said...

Good morning Anita,
On dit "qué mono" o " es una monada"

Happy and inspired day,
Muchos besos,


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Wow! Mon amie, what a fabulous post! I love it!! happy birthday to all the "Aprils" out there but especially TU ma belle!! Your photos are so fun... great cake too.

Thank you for ALL your prayers me sweet friend! The recipients are so grateful.

PLEASE enter me in your fab giveaway!! I love what you created.

Mille Bisous, Sherry

Barbara said...

I've always loved Gene Kelly. (My, those pants were tight!)

Well, dear one, my birthday is NOT in April (which must make me ineligible for your lovely bluebird wand), but I certainly consider myself mature. :) VERY mature.
I hope you are having a lovely birthday month. My lovely father was born on the 1st and my dearest friend, now gone, also on the 1st. A day now full of memories for me.

And I am most happy to spend time with my toes in the sand. (love the first photo!)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh sweet sista you sound as if you know exactly what i am going through...oh a massage is just what i need on that shoulder and arm...and the beach i am ready and waiting...we could all stay here and wander down there...700metres!!! bless you dear anita, dzintra

koralee said...

Good day sweet one...oh dear sorry to hear about your heel! We are a sad day we will be dancing in the street..we just need to "plow through" just as you said.
My back is much the same...I am thnking it best hurry up and get better though as I MUST get to school next week.
Tomorrow I have another therapy...which sometimes makes things ache more for a day.

Never mind ...all will be well soon.

I will be praying for your is soon another weekend and you will have a few days to enjoy with your feet up.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

you are beautifu anita...much love, dzintra

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I just found your blog and oh my I love all the images you have gathered here...I had to immediately become a follower and add you to my blog roll so I won't miss anything here.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita!
You came to the EASTER PARADE!!!
Oh my! You are making me blush.. teeeeheee. What a review! I would love to make you a bear my dear friend, anytime...
Tell Tea Rat to put bows on his boots! Then his bonnet will look GRAND! Lily will be waiting to ~walk down the avenue~ teeehee
Thank you for your spectacular review!
Love to you dear friend!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

I hope that you are having a lovely week, and sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your heel.
Feel better dear friend and hope that you can put your foot up on the lovely sofa.


koralee said...

Oh my friend..what are we going to do??? Wish you lived closer so I could pop in for a cup of tea! I am now very things were going well I thought than hips are in such pain! I can feel your pain my friend. I think I have been walking funny so my back would not hurt and now I have done something to my hip...sorry to complain but I know you will understand. My sweet family I am afraid have given up all hope for me...they are sick of me hobbling around like I am 98 years of age.

Anyways on that note...I soooo want to get back to school! Make sure you give your students an extra sweet smile and hello from me. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo hugs for sweet dreams.

Fine Bessot said...

Je passe te dire bonjour en vitesse car je suis assez occupée en ce moment. tes photos sont toujours aussi belles et l'esprit de ton blog aussi romantique. Si la vie pouvait être comme ton blog, ce serait merveilleux!
Je t'embrasse et à très bientôt.

Ann Nichols said...

Hi Anita!
Hope you have been having a fabulous week..."with the girls!"
Edward says "Hi!" He's doing great!!

Champagne Macarons said...

Stopping by to wish you a lovely weekend! Bisous, ma belle, B

Ali said...

Love that last photo with the blue poms, I just bought white and pink ones for my wedding, so pretty!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh no dearest anita...what has happened to you...i hope it's not serious!!! perhaps a pink bubbly to lighten it for you...healing hugs to you, dzintra

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita!
You are such a sweetheart! You came to visit again..
I thought Tea RAT would go for that idea! Oh, you know Rattus... he has his own mind about things. Lily would LOVE to go to the Easter Parade with TEA RAT...
Enjoy your evening dear friend.

June said...

Thank you sweet...for flying over to my place and blessing me with your words. You are the bright spot in my day!
sending love!!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Anita Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I have so enjoyed reading through this post. Your birthday is April 23rd, and mine is April 25th. I can't believe it, I knew there was a reason I was so drawn to you.

I love your paper mache work on the wand. I so need a princess wand, I am in need of a little magic and dreams around here. Please add me to the giveaway. I would SO love this treasure. It sure has your heart and soul.

Blogger stole my dashboard over 3 months ago now, and I have had no links, even Google Reader is showing that I am following nobody and I know that is not true. It has been so frustrating. I have had to go back in to previous posts to get links to visit my friends. I am sorry it took me awhile to find you sweetie. I have missed you.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Rosie said...

Oh my Sweet,
Your Heel is causing you grief, and you are hobbling around, instead of dancing the "Happy Spring Dance"...We women of April really DO have to recover, so our beach frolic can take place in a timely fashion.
YIPPEE that the snow has left town...BOO HOO, that the box wood has an "owie". But, with a little TLC, your garden will have a great year. When I planted along side the creek, I bought a similar plant to boxwood which sports little white flowers,BUT apparently, is not as hardy, as I lost a great deal when we had our wee "cold snap". When I feel up to it, I will DEFINITELY be replacing it with BOXWOOD.
Worked on my studio a little more today. It is shaping up to be a HAPPIER place. I jotted you a little email note yesterday, telling you about a little escapade my sweetie and I took. So will tell you more tomorrow. In the mean time you find A comfy chair, put that heel on a pillow, and I'll put one last cuppa beside you...Oh dear one, take a day to pamper yourself and get better. Hugs and Kisses...Rosie

I have not forgotten your bookcase snappy. Am working this Saturday (for better or worse) and will take my camera with me :)

My Dolce Vita said...

oh you know what that's all about anita? i here am having a red wine...meanwhile, here is a virtual dinner i think that you might that heel and leg over the weekend as much as you can...perhaps some time in the sun before the beach...much love, dzintra

francis said...

Good afternoon mylady !
Are you well in your casttle ?
Indeed it's a long journey to the bottom of your comments .....
You are the Lady of a large kingdom ! Are you ready for the weekend ?
My Anna is over from France ( where she lives now ) for a few days and today she is shopping with her sister Elisabeth ( who is going on holiday within 2 weeks to the States ) . Girls just wanna have fun ! So I have a lot to admire lateron ! Enjoy your weekend Anita ! All the best from sunny Holland .

deb famularo said...

Bonjour Anita!! I want to thank you again for your very sweet comments. You always make my day! Maybe today I will finally get photographs of the house for you to see. In the meantime, enjoy your day and have a fabulous weekend. love deb

*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

my dear sweet friend

i have called by to thank you for all your lovely and very kind words.
this is the first i have been on-line since having a horrible fall where i hurt by back and hip. i'm just begining to move again and am happy to say that i am now in much less pain.
i hope your injury is also healing and that you are well sweet one. your blog is sparkling as ever :o)
i do so love the month of April. my dear soulmate Heather (the girl i had before Peace Lily) a beautiful black velvet darling with a white butterfly on her chest had her birthday on 12th April up until we lost her almost 5 years ago, we still send our love to her beautiful spirit always.
and our cuddlesome white boy-cat Snoopy Lamb (Lamby) will be celebrating his first birthday this April 12th. also my sweet niece named April Primrose celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday. some of the loveliest people and animals are born at this time of year.
your post has given me such a lovely boost today, you are a wonder❤

much much love to you
wishing you the loveliest April weekend xxx


koralee said...

Good day to you my is FRIDAY! Sorry I did not pop over yesterday...I had a rough day with my back...all I could do was wish the day is better.

We have a beautiful sunny day and the rays are shining in on me so my heart is filled with hope that we will be feeling well soon.


kerrie of sea cottage said...

hApPy BiRtHdAy to all you Girlie Girls!!!! hApPy HaPpY to yOu aNiTa ox ox ox

Though none of us really want to get older we do just want to have fun! So celebrate to the fullest. I raise my glass of bubbly to you!!! Cheers. Love you bunches dearest. OX

Sea tidings...kerrie

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Anita -
I tried to send you an email but it went to No came back here to leave a comment. I'm so happy that we finally found each other. Thanks so much for all the nice things you said. I need to see your dining room furniture. What I have seen of your home here I love...I have not gone back through all your old posts yet but I will. Your house and yard is adorable. Just my sort of thing!

I'll be talking to soon, I'm sure...

Nita ... just Nita... where I'm from people go by their first and middle name...very growing up I was known at Nita Cay. Actually, with emphasis on the Cay.

But that is too country sounding for me. My Grandmother was named Oneita....and my other Grandmother named Catherine so I am named after them.

Love your blog!


Marydon said...

Birthday wishes to all! April is a very busy bday month.

Love your share, Anita ... you are always so full of awesome beauty.

Have a sweet PS weekend ~

FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

The Quintessential Magpie said...

First of all, Anita, I'm wishing you a Happy April Birthday and Happy Birthday to the other April babies!

I enjoyed this post so much, and I would love to enter your drawing. However, I'm not sure if a little July waif can enter or is it only for you April babies? If I can enter, I would be delighted.

Hope you have a lovely weekend...


Sheila :-)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My dear Anita...... Oh much yumminesssssssssss! I enjoyed this post so much.... Alll of the beautiful April Girlies....The beautiful pictures of the sea.........and all of that tulle and luscious hue of aqua.......And, of course your very own special way to put it all together...... A veritable feast!

Happy Birthday Spring Chickies!

And, a special Happy Birthday and huggies to you DEAR one....


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

OH....and PS..... Your work of art always.... A WORK OF ART! Please throw me in the hat too, unless it's a Birthday Giiftie!


marilyn said...

a very happy birthday to you! please enter me in the giveaway as i believe it could transport me to england for THE wedding on april 29. many thanks from lakeview point in alabama

C'est moi Claudette said...

Oh dear dear Anita. Tu a perdue la tete. Oui perdue. lol
My birthday was in March silly girl, remember? We talked about this before. I know your busy crazy and now your in pain??????? : (
If you would like me to walk you through the font that I have it would be my pleasure. Just email me with your phone #. I have free long distance... and we could "talk" oui over the phone.
Anytime before you hit the sack, and most certainly not before you leave for school HA

Rebecca said...

First time to your blog. I am an April 11th birthday!

Rosie said...,that was the BEST lemon curd tart EVER! You know me so well...Anything LEMON or LIME makes me swoon for sure :)
Had a fine day of tidying, and even a little search and rescue. Today`s mission was to find the perfect floral canvas for the studio. Looked high and low with nothing to show so may have to create a bit of something...really was looking for a quick fix, but we`ll see.
Now what is this talk of "Lay offs"????When will you know and what other positions are available? Well, we will leave this in His mighty hands and know that His PERFECT will shall be done.
Time to snuggle under those fluffy covers...have a perfect day dearest...xoxox...Rosie

Curtains In My Tree said...

My Dad's birthday is in April Lol

Wishing with all the other ladies


kmeyer said...

I just shared your blog with Adeline...she is breathless dropped open in love! Her favorite picture was of you with your fancy dress at the harp! Do you really have a bunny? I have been searching for soeking a photographer who would take pictures of my girls in the Easter dresses with a live bunny?!

dawn said...

hi anita,

just wanted to add myself to the birthday is april 10...
happy birthday to you! i always enjoy visiting and getting wisked away in your imagination...

thanks, dawn