Saturday, November 19, 2011

Merci Mille Fois

Wherever we may be in the 


sitting at table


let us always say in our own 


Thank You

My Dining Room Castles Crowns and Cottages




Dank U










אַ דאַנק


Merci Mille Fois


to those 

you love.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my 

devoted and precious readers

and friends in the world.

From My Table To Yours


claudia b said...

Right back at you! thank you for this wonderful, inspiring blog!

ida said...

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from a dearest friend in the UK.
Love your serene dining room. Ida OOXX

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello sweet friend,
Wow Anita I love your pictures of your dining room that room is outstanding you did a great job with that room chapeau!!!!
How are you these days? In your country you celebreath Thanksgiving that must be great I think?
Have a nice weekend,hugs for you my friend,

Anne said...

et merci aussi, Anita, for your lovely messages and beautiful images that give us all so much enjoyment! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! bisous... Anne

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ruben.

I am truly "thankful" for our incredible, life changing friendship that grows stronger with each passing day...
I am certainly blessed beyond words, my friend, to have you in my life.

Much love to you and Ruben~
Lisa xo

d e l i g h t said...

Beautiful and thoughtful! A Thank You to you for your sweet inspiration! Your home is lovely. I have always wanted a black and white check floor!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Anita!

VictoriaArt said...

Thank you, Danke, Dziękują (Thank you in Polish)
my husband is Polish!
Wishing you and your the very same! A peaceful, gratefully laden table!

xoxo Victoria

Sandra van Doorn said...

such a simple word and yet so powerful.
AND! I loooove your dining area!
xo sandra

Ruben Rivera said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Lovely post. Love that dinning room with the checker floor. Looks very familiar. Love your blog header too.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Your dining room is beautiful (natch)

We are planning our Christmas festivities tonight, with a glass of wine and a mince pie to get us in the mood. It's all about the 'sitting round the table' here...!!!

happy weekend to you and Ruben Riviera...fee x

WrightStuff said...

I particularly love the turquoise table - although I'm not sure whether to just wrap myself in the table cloth and dance with a chair!!

à la parisienne said...

Chère Anita,

Quelle belle salle à manger!!! Je ne savais pas que tu aies un Etsy shop! Félicitations! Bon week-end à toi.


A Vintage Chic said...

Lovely in every way, sweet would certainly be a sad thing if we weren't thankful for it, wouldn't it?

Thank-YOU for all you share throughout the year, dear friend...


mudderbear said...

Such a beautiful post. I love all those interiors and the differing languages. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I can't help thinking you must be one hecka good teacher. ^.^)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the post and a Texas Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Thank you Anita for sharing these beautiful images that remind us to take time out for thanks as the holidays approach. Much love and a bounty of blessings to you and yours.

desde my ventana said...

HAppy thanksgiving time to you and yours dear Anita and thanks you for all your sweet words throughout the year

Muchos besos


Martina said...

Thank YOU, sweet Anita, for being such a wonderful friend, blogger, artist and teacher! You never cease to bring a touch of magic to the blogworld - and to your own home! Your dining room looks magnificent and i hope you'll have a fabulous Thanksgiving feast with your loved ones! We don't celebrate this here in Germany, but yesterday evening, we had a delicious dinner of baked goose with red cabbage and "Knödel" (dumplings" - which is very traditonell for the season - with family - and i fel very grateful for all the good things in my life! Many hugs to you, hope you and Ruben enjoy your evening and sunday! xox

Mina said...

A very happy Thanksgiving to you as well and thank you for such a beautiful post of prose and images.

Gem said...

Wow is that really your dining room? My, your home must be stunning. Wish I was a neighbour, I could pop in for a cup of tea and you could give me a French/art lesson. If it's an art lesson, teach me how to draw Audrey Hepburn!!!!!
Lovely to read your blog update. Was thinking of you in the theatre last week when I watched the Wizard of Oz in London. Reminded me of the Follow Your Path post. With the pic of you and your husband at the end!!!!! Really great,that pic!
Thanks so much for your kind words on so many of my posts. I am honoured as I imagine you follow many blogs.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Love Gem x x

Mariette said...

Dearest Anita,

Sending you my Thanksgiving wishes from Toronto, Canada. Thankful for being at a gorgeous wedding and for so many blessings we have!

Love to you,


Mapi said...

Happy Thanksgiving dearest Anita en Thank you for being my friend.


Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Thanskgiving to you and Ruben,

Love you and miss you both so much! The phot0s in this post are stunning as always. you have the gift of putting beauty together.

Love you both!

Createology said...

I adore your lovely banner of the cozy fireplaces and mantles. These table settings are stunning and would be grand to attend any invitation received. Thank you for the beauty you allow us and may you enjoy a Thanksgiving of plenty...

GrandmaK said...

Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU!!!!! Cathy

Becky~ said...

So beautiful Anita.All the same to you. Have a lovely Eucharistia.(Thanksgiving in greek)


It's me said...

Love your dining room.........♥.. ♥... ♥ you......♥.. ♥... ♥....i am so glad you are my dearest blogfriend darling.......liefs van mij...........♥.. ♥... ♥....

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita
You have created such beauty in your home.. Lovely post.. I am blessed to have you in my life..
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ruben.. Oh, must not forget Tea Rat and Rattus!
Bisous! Penny

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita...
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!
Your home is so beautiful!!! It also looks warm and inviting!!! Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? It looks like my husband and I are on our own this year so we made reservations at the Ritz Carlton.
I love this post!!! Again, beautiful words and beautiful pictures!!!
TTYS!! Hugs!!!

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,
Your dining room is gorgeous!!! Oh my goodness. That first photo of it totally caught my eye! I hope you have the best Thanksgiving! Enjoy. Do you get this whole next week off? I hope so!

The enchanted home said...

I knew coming here would make me happy and put a smile on my face:) How pretty and might I say YOUR dining room is out of this world gorgeous! WOW........what a beautiful room, will you be hosting Thanksgiving? Thanks for your oh so sweet comment today. Means so much, have a great rest of the weekend!
And speaking of "thank you's...thank YOU for the gift of this blog that you give all of us.

scrapbookertink said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, loving those images, take care, Doreen x

High Heeled Life said...

Beautiful! Thank you my friend for the inspiration your creativity and words bring to so many of us!!! Blessings..xo HHL

millefeuilles said...

I have a tear in my eye now! I am sending you and your husband many joyful blessings across the ocean and thanking you for your generous spirit which is always reaching for those pink tinged clouds.

Keep dreaming. Keep being you. The world is smiling with you.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

As always, my sweet Anita, a wonderful post. It was pure job seeing your yummy dining room.... LOVE that floor. Totally charming.... just like YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving to you dear one...and Ruben too. :-)



Denise said...

Anita,Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my Dear.May God fill your day and mine with PEACE.So happy to know you.If you or your's ever need Prayer that's one thing I'm gifted at.Just let me know and I will enter His court for you.Denise

La Petite Gallery said...

wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Thanksgiving.
As usual your post is fantastic. So many rooms I love. The buffalo
red checks are great.

Sonja said...

...and to you and Reuben too! Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for providing so many trips into the dreams of imagination and beauty. No one does it better! :)


Sonja said...

Oooops! I should ALWAYS proofread my own comments. Sorry RUBEN! I really do know how you spell your name.

YONKS said...

Same to you dear one! I am really looking forward to it this year. More than previous years. Since starting the blog I feel I have more to connect with, more reason, more people and more connection!

I hope you have a wonderful, thankful, restful and rewarding time.
Much Love
x said...

I see you are as exceptional as dear Gi gi describes. I'm glad to join your following.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Red Rose Alley said...

Dear Anita,
I think the words "thank you" are one of the most important words we can say. And they are all in differnet languages!! The girls will love that! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and I hope you eat lots of turkey. hehe
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Virginia said...

I"d love to be at your table dearest one! What a lovely post. It's always a feast for the eyes here.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful post, dear friend and I would so love to be sitting at any of these lovely tables sharing a meal with you.
Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you joyful and happy times.
Do hope you are over the laryngitis and feeling well again.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and many thanks for visiting me. It is always a treat to have a visit from you.

Sending hugs & love from NZ

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Oh, what wonderful dining rooms you have found, but yours is the best of all!!!! That first picture looks straight out of World of Interiors!!! I can just picture you sitting there , with Ruben and other loved ones on Thursday, each one saying what they are most thankful for this past year. We will have only a small group of 10 this year, but I am thankful for each and every one of them. I'm sure we will talk before Thursday, but just in case, have the happiest of Thanksgiving days!!!
God Bless you,

erin said...

your dining room is GUH-ORR-JUSS!! thank you for sharing glimpses of your wonderful space!
happy thanksgiving to you too!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Anita~I'm b-a-c-k to makin' my visits (finally)! I just wanted to take a minute at this season of renewed hope and gratitude to personally thank you for your visits and kind words, especially at the loss of my kitty Angel. I wish I could convey to you how much your friendship means to me. I look forward to getting more acquainted over our cuppa. You're so generous to share a big part of your hearts passion through your beautifully articulated posts. I will look forward to each and every visit.

Sweet Wishes,

Grace said...

Grazie! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your blog is always the most elegant the most beautiful and relaxing. I love all your pictures ans love how it is always a happy place. Thank you so much for the gorgeous posts you do. Grace xoox

Grace said...

Grazie! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your blog is always the most elegant the most beautiful and relaxing. I love all your pictures ans love how it is always a happy place. Thank you so much for the gorgeous posts you do. Grace xoox

"Create Beauty" said...

Oh those fireplaces and mantles in your header!!!!! So warm and cozy, and if it is snowing at your house, that calls for some WARMTH!

All the tables and settings and dining rooms here are so lovely, and I am so thankful this week, as in other weeks, for YOUR FRIENDSHIP
and love.

Thank you for all the gorgeous inspirations,

love love love!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Ooooo such a BEAUTIOUS Dining room!! :-D
Miss Lovely Anita Thank You for being such a wonderful Blog Friend!! You really are a Blessing to soooo many of us!
May you and your Hubby Man Ruban
have a Joyous Blessed Thanksgiving Day! And God is soooo Good!
Lots of Hugsand Love, Linnie

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear Anita! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful day together! Your dining room is just beautiful, like you!~Hugs, Patti

C'est moi Claudette said...

Another beautiful header WOW.
I'm looking at that simple plater on that nicely worn aqua/green table. LOVE IT.
Regard la belle table a la maison de Anita & Ruben. C'est très beau : )
Everytime I say your name, you know I think of my maman.
Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.
I love You

Jeni said...

what delightful pictures..thank you for sharing ...

Marie-Ange said...

Partage et beauté, tes images appellent à la convivialité ...
Quel plaisir de s'asseoir autour de ta table ...
Mille bisous d'amitié belle Anita

J'ai beaucoup de difficultés à te laisser un commentaire ...

fialka012 said...


The Dutchess said...

SOOOOOOOOO wonderful...and you know what I noticed..we have THE SAME TABLE..hahaa..only mine is in my birdsnest and its there where I sit and draw...Many many stories were created at that table..Have a happy day I'm going to visit Ruben.. Cheerio..

Greet said...

Dear Anita!! What a marvellous post! Oh my all these beautiful dining areas!! And yours is gorgeous! Really!!

Elizabeth Garden! said...


Helt underbart.... vackert, romantiskt, love!


Victoria Sayer said...

Thankyou for being a friend.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Dearest Anita,
I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with happiness, love and laughter. We've already celebrated our Thanksgiving here in Canada, and it was a truly lovely holiday. I am so very thankful for the many blessings in my life, and take a moment to express my gratitude to those I love, each and every day.
~ Wendi ~ xo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too dearest Anita. I hope your holiday season is full of creativity, Love and magic!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Daudz paldies (many thanks)...Happy Thanksgiving dear Anita...a gorgeous post...I can just picture sitting at your table and sharing...Wishing you a wonderful week...Dzintra xo

Deborah said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet Anita!!!
I am thankful for your dear friendship!
Love what you've portrayed here and your dining room is so pretty!
Love you xo

Deborah xoxoxoo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Anita
I think you forgot one!!.. 'Thanks Mate' ... Aussie speak

Have a great thanksgiving!! and love that first shot of your dining room.. beautiful dark tones.. just my thing

ciao ciao xxx Julie

koralee said...

Such sweetness here...and such a lovely home you have my friend..thank you for sharing. Remembering how blessed we are is so important! Everyday Thankfulness!

You have a short week my friend...yahooo. Our parent/teacher conferences are over and we are now back to the normal routine for a few weeks.
This is your Thanksgiving week? Enjoy your time sweet one. xoxoxo HUgs and love to you.

fashion meets art said...

hello my dear anita!
thanks so much for your lovely words- it means a lot for me. thank you. wonderful pictures. i love the old furnitures in these pictures. i like it to mix old with new things. really nice. also your handmade books on the right side. so wonderful.
lovely greets and kisses
maren anita

BirgitW. said...

Dear Anita,

such a wonderful post, you have written! I would like to send you my best wishes, too! From dining-table to dining - table... our table looks like yours!

have a nice Sunday and a wonderful new week.

Many greetings from Germany

Beach House Living said...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Karena said...

Anita your images and especially your own dining room are beautiful!
Thank you for you friendship.

I am recovering well from Hip Replacement and now have home health rehab! getting better every day!

Love and Hugs,

Art by Karena

Sylvia said...

I say " Thank you " to you, Dear Anita ,
for the friendship , for the inspiration and for the beauty your talent brings to the world !
Warm wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones !

Palomasea said...

Dearest Beautiful Friend!!!

I am so late here, finally home today!
As soon as I saw those amazing hearths, I felt the warmth and love of your HEART.
You are such a blessing in my life. I am forever thankful for you, precious Anita, and your friendship. And you even included a Cyrillic Spasibo! You are amazing, sweet friend.
Merci, Spasibo, Thank You..for you.
Love you so,
- Irina :)

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Just beautiful. My favorite photos are of your own dining room. ox merci`

P.S can use any of the photos from my blogs or etsy shop dearest! I will look forward to it.

My Spotty Pony said...

Dearest Anita,
I would like to say a big THANK YOU for..... just being YOU!!!

Your dining room is beautiful! I am not sure if I could allow Spotty on that floor... teehee :)
Much love, Abby xx
and Thanksgiving kisses from Spotty xx

GoNcha GoNcha said...

as always, inspiring photos. great decoration ideas. have a Cupcake week.

BirgitW. said...

chère Anita,

Merci pour tes mots - tu n `est parle pas allemand - et moi... je parle seulement un petit peu francais! Pas de problème, je pense!!! J `ai une grande préférence pour ton Blog - pour tes mots et pour tes merveilleuses photos - et - pour AUDREY HEPBURN!

Je te souhaite un bon Soir et naturellement une bonne, prochaine semaine... Merci pour ton visite chez " la tendresse Brigitte ". A bientôt - et bonne chance à Minnesota!!!

Amitiés Birgit/ Brigitte

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you. :)
Grazie mille.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ahhhh.....enjoy it dear one...the salted caramel is just exquisite...with a Cheers to Thanksgiving for you...Dzintra xo

Teresa said...

Hi Anita!
I'm having trouble locating your email address, so I hope it's okay to answer your question here in your comments. :) Yes! Feel free to use any of my Christmas photos (or other photos) that you would like! I am so pleased to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better.
Hope your weekend was wonderful,

Debbie said...

Anita, as always, beautiful. Your home is beautiful ... just like you.

Fay said...

Hi Anita Happy thanksgiving to you and Ruben Finally finished travelling
for this year I THINK ! The dining room looks really lovely you must be really enjoying it I now have to catch up with all you posts this week and write a few blogs myself Lots if love Fay xx

Christel Hutson said...

Wishing you, and Ruben a very happy Thanksgiving. May your bounty be plentiful, and your table be filled with loved ones. XOXOX Christel

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Wonderful! I will look at this several times - the blue fuzzy table is great and I love your dining room. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rosie said...

You have taken my breath away with your SPECTACULAR home. Your checker board floor is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You have such a fabulous sense of design.
You have made it through parent teacher interviews ...YIPPEEE....and this perfectly WONDERfilled celebration looms on the horizon. Will there be many at your table or will it be an intimate meal with your dearest?
Either way you will R E S T and regain your strength.
My son is home for a few days and I am in my glory, savoring every moment I get. He just informed us that he will be spending January in India on a missions trip. I know this is a great opportunity, and this is where God wants him...but I will miss him.
Just booked Liz's flight home...on the 18th the F U N will commence.
Well dear one get better and may your smiles be in abundance this holiday weekend...Hugs...xoxox...R

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I hope you enjoy a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving with those that you love.


Jacqueline said...

We take the time everyday to express things we are thankful for and how wonderful to have a whole day. Your kitchen and dining room is wonderful. May you have a rich Thanksgiving this year. Truly, I am thankful for all of my blogging friends who so enrich my life.

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, so great you have a day of and Thanksgiving-holiday is coming soon! I will take time of with my hubby tuesday till thursday, for a mini-spa-vacation! Am so exited and looking forward to this, after so much stress. YOu have SNOW? OMG, here. it's still fall and today even blue skies. But snow is lovely, especially the first snow. I can see you going to school with a fur-hat! Have a fab day sweet friend! xx

millefeuilles said...

Your comment has brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I suppose this is the season for gratitude, right?

Being creative is a most wonderous thing but sometimes one can feel a little lonely so generous, sweet comments from busy, creative types as YOURSELF are most welcome.

I do NOT have an online shop but plan to open one during the following year. I have only been blogging since June this year so I would like to establish myself a little out there....

If you have any tips, incidentally, I would love to hear from you.

How are you faring, dear friend? I adore this time of year (birthday, wedding anniversary, CHRISTMAS, etc.,) but find we have to pace ourselves as a family to get through it intact physically.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your thoughts.

Be happy, dearest Anita.

Amish Stories said...

Id like to wish everyone whose blog that i visit a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family's, and thank you for being a reader to mine. Richard from Amish Stories.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

THANK YOU! you cast your magic wand and lift my heart. I adore the room with the painting of the girl.

xxx Lorraine xxx

KarenHarveyCox said...

Happy Thanksgiving Anita,

My table isn't going to be quite as magnificent like the photos that you have shared, but it's nice to be with the family.


Anonymous said...

great and wonderful post Anita!
and yes, i am learning it takes a few
attempts to get it right, the art you make...its not always a first time event...but then i think that is the process of really is so very lovely here...and is that really your dining room Castles Crowns and Cottages...very peaceful...happy thoughts of thanksgiving to you...xoxo

Jeri Landers said...

Fabulous pine table!! From Hamish, Jemima and all the little Puddleducks here in the Hollow, we send you Thanksgivings Blessings and Love. You and Ruben are a treasure.... (tell him I was inspired by his "Ode to a Cheese" to write my "Ode to an Acorn".)

Stephanie said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Anita! xoxoxo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Good afternoon Anita, are we still alive? YES we ARE !
Oh me oh my, oh tee oh tie
I looked for you on facebook but cannot find your new account. Hopefully one day soon I will.
How are your days, running and running?
I can see that your home truly is a HOME. Your dining room has that magical - Anita - touch. Love love your checkered floor.
Much Dutch love is wining the Atlantic to you xo xo xo

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Dearest friend,
I am so grateful to the Universe for helping us meet. Your renovation is gorgeous and so inviting! I am so happy for you! I send you faery wishes of contentment and joy! Thanks, ever for your light and sweetness! Blessings, Amy

wendy said...

Well FIRST I'd like to stop off at your house for a little thanksgiving.....and chat (it is gorgeous by the way)
Then, I'd like to make my way around to ALL the other places
and see have a conversation
about the JOY that fills their lives
their ambitions, their dreams

over pie, tea, and candelight

hope your thanksgiving is wonderful

Francine Gardner said...

Beautiful inspiring images...

A Magical Whimsy said...

Dearest Anita
May you have a blessed and glorious Thanksgiving!
I know you are so busy with school with teacher/parent doings...I am sure you will enjoy your busy Thanksgiving schedule too! Make room for yourself and relax at some point! You deserve to pamper yourself with your very busy schedule~
I will be making a huge turkey with family and friends, and again on Saturday pumpkin pies and another turkey dinner...I am sure I will feel like the stuffed turkey after the weekend is over!
hugs from Teresa in CA

Ivy Clad said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend! What a beautiful post. I am focusing on enjoying the "Haves" in my life this Thanksgiving rather than the "Have-nots". It's an exhilarating and liberating thing to do- being thankful.

I hope your Thanksgiving is the best!


Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Good Morning, dear Anita!
I'm back to thank you for your cheerful visits! I, too have a french checkered B&W floor, but in my MUDROOM!!!!! It is always covered in MUD!!!!! So I will look at your oh-so-clean one and sigh...
Puerto Rican Turkey?????????????

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my sweet friend,
I just pop over to wish you a happy thanksgiving.
I saw your last paintings on your other blog they are so beautiful and well done!!!

koralee said...

Morning dear little one...thinking of you today as you get ready to celebrate the holiday..xox

Anonymous said...

I don't know if my comment was published so I will try again...
Anita, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for your visits to my blog and and for all of the inspiring and wonderful posts you publish here. I absolutely love your dinning room!!! So beautiful! I especially love your floor. I have always wanted one just like it. Very lovely!!!! I hope you have a great week ♥

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend! I hope that you enjoy a wonderful day with Ruben and friends! Because at the end of the day, that is what its all about!

I have much to be thankful for this year, and YOU are one of the reasons. Your kindness, friendship and zest for life are so refreshing! I am so thankful that I found you, and through you Irina! And many other wonderful bloggers!

Enjoy your holiday my friend!

xoxo Elizabeth

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, my dear! With great thanks for all your wonderful posts, beautiful messages and kind words. Love the header too!
Wishing you a special holiday filled with family and so much love!

Jade said...

Oh Anita, my dear friend, i´m a little bit late, but i also wish you HAPPY THANKSGIVING..........we don´t know that here in Germany, but i think it must be wonderful!!! And what a great post again..........the picture of your dining room i looooove most of all.....soooooooo looks like a french castle!!!!! Enjoy every moment........LOVE &

HUGS, Jade & Sheila

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello and Happy almost Thanksgiving beautiful Anita!!!
This week is already flying by!!! Our weather is cooling off and the warmer autumn days are behind us now as winter is beginning to set in!!!
I have been buying lots of vintage clothing lately; I love vintage pieces and their one of a kind uniqueness!!!
I love that they have history; I always imagine a story attached like Stevie Nicks performed in a Fleetwood Mac concert in a flowy top I bought!!! :-)
Hoping you're having a great day!!!
Sending hugs!!! TTYS!!!

Susan said...

Anita, Your dining room is amazing! It is my favorite of all those pictured! May you have a joyous Thanksgiving!

Burlap Luxe said...

Anita, I am taken peachless and breathless with the beauty over here, your header speaks to me, your photos so inspiring...But the soul of this post is BEST of all your DINNING ROOM! I am in awww! at the real history you gave it in a very liveable space.

I am truly without words other then it reaches the depths of what I am all about.

There is no other room on this post that is so Authentic with such a lived in history that you my dear can love, a room of your own, a place of thanks giving and all the other days of the year.

Thank you my friend for sharing your best beauty and that is of your home.

Anita, I see the curtain you speack of so openly with me in emails, the one that hides the flat screen TV! Not to worry my dear, after seeing yours I would love to do the same, perhaps I will find a better place and mount mine to the wall for the same effect as you have achieved without a thought, your hubbys demand of a Tv on the wall was a great move for your beautiful effect of creating a French Theatre' right in front where everyone can enjoy once again another curtain call, the crest placed above it is the crowning glory of your theatre'...Bravo my dear and the beauty you magically create in all things French!


Bisous, au revoir pour l'instant

Looking soon to create a production with our theatre's

Burlap Luxe said...

And a beautiful Thanks Giving to you to.

Tiff said...

Happy thanksgiving, a big 'ta' from this Aussie gal (we are too lazy from all the sunshine to bother with even 'thanks' here in Australia!) hugs! X

Jade said...

Oh Anita, you must be an ANGEL........thank you soooooo much, for your sweet and soooooo lovely words!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses,

Jade & Sheila

Jade said...

PS: And also many kisses to your husband from Sheila ;)))!!!!!!

Peeters Liliane said...

Hello my friend,
Luckely I do not have parents conferences my students are adults!!! I do not wish my self in your place I think that must be very exhausting!!!
A live from a teacher can be verry hard but also beautiful!!!
I hoop you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with family and friends and do not forget to take a break!!!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Wish I were sitting at your table my charming friend! A very happy Thanksgiving to you too, Anita!! xo

Arti said...

I say 'Shukriya' or 'Dhanyawaad' to you in Hindi... This is yet another pretty post Anita. Yes, the greetings have reached across tables and into the hearts... Hope you are having a fabulous month:)

fashion meets art said...

hey my sweet friend anita,
thanks so much for your lovely words- it means a lot for me. and thank you for your wonderful words about my cat Oskar. love him so much :-) thanks dear! have you seen my newest post?
lovely greets and i wish you a wonderful week!
maren anita

Privet and Holly said...

Happiest of
Sending you hugs
from the Amtrak train
as we head to D.C.
from NYC!

xx Suzanne

Barbara said...

Another beautiful post, Anita. Such a pleasure on this day before Thanksgiving!
I hope you have a wonderful, family-filled, blessed holiday!

Apple Blossom Barn said...

"Go raibh mile maith agat"

Thank you in Irish,

Your blog is trully beautiful
you are a talented lady

Best wishes


koralee said...

Good morning sweet one...thank you for popping in! I wish you the very best day...filled with prep for your Thanksgiving...pure JOY!
Sigh...I am off to school..but that is ok...I am counting down the days tell Christmas. We have a huge Christmas production this year...all 3 campus of our school are involved so that is taking up a lot of our teaching is always something.
Tomorrow is PJ lucky me I get to stay in my cozies all day long. xoxo
Hugs for a blessed and thankful day. xoxoxo

L'Elégante said...

Tes photos sont magnifiques ! Dignent de paraître dans un magazine de décoration français. Très chic, élégant et confortable intérieur où vous devez avoir plaisir à recevoir ton mari et toi.
Amitiés de Fine.

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Anita

I am really touched that you took the time to visit my blog and leave such a sweet comment it is just the boost I need in my early days in the blogging world

All my best


Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita, what a lovely picture of YOUR home!!!!
happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!
love to you,
alwyas yours~

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Anita from across the water!....Such a lovely post and beautiful photographs...sigh..
Susan x

YONKS said...

Hello Sweetness. Thanks for visiting me today, and of course, I would be honoured if you were to include one of my items. That would be splendid! Glad you like Shirley's Simply Chateau shop! She is a peach.
Hope you and Ruben have a most excellent Thanksgiving tomorrow. We will be celebrating here in Wales as both my husband and daughter are Americans.
Hope your shop it doing well, I'm off there now to check on you :-)

Classic Style said...

Tack {Swedish } always such à lovely posts you it..happy thanksgiving / Marie

lostpastremembered said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too, Lovely ANita. The rooms you shared were just gorgeous... and your own fit perfectly in the selection. What a great style you have. Hope your table is full of your favorites tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

Hello my friend,

Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful 'little holiday to you! I hope you relaxed and enjoyed yourself all day, drawing, writing playing the harp, and just enjoying a perfect day.

Thank you for coming to visit! I cannot wait to see your post about handmade and home made gifts, I too think they are the best! I am always happy when my family and friends get their boxes of christmas treats...they are so happy and as I said many would not do it for themselves.

I will be baking and making lots of candy, so you will have to come by and check them out.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanksgiving enjoy Ruben and your friends.

Xoxoxo Elizabeth

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Anita!

It was so hard to get back to reality after vacation, so it has taken me a while to get back to blogging! It was a wonderful trip though. I didn't want it to end!

How have you been? I hope you are able to have the most relaxing, wonderful weekend. How is your Etsy shop?
I haven't been able to focus on my own projects since before the trip. Maybe this weekend I can finally focus on art! Today I started to not feel very well, so I hope I don't get worse...especially to be able to taste all that food tomorrow!

Sending a warm hug to you!

YONKS said...

How lovely to see you this morning Anita. Thank you in advance for the mention in your next post. Have you made contact with Shirley at Simply Chateau, she's such a good laugh with a great view on life!
Your shop has had amazing results! See how loved you are :-)

francis said...

Chere amie .
Can you believe .....I have seen such fire-places for real
in France ! ! ! past weekend !
I was in France with my children and little Eva . Saturday and sunday . We were visiting my daughter Anna for her birthday !
It was all a BIG BIG SURPRISE for her . We did not know if all could really happen because of know !
But than Elisabeth said we are going ! She wanted to hug her sister !
So we went in two cars .
And it was like we were going on a holiday .......
We were all so excited and happy !
How would Anna's face look like when she would se all of us !
We stopped many times on the way for our darling Eva and she did SO WELL all the way . She never cried ! All weekend !
Anna jumped sky high when she saw all of us .
It was a wonderful experience to see where she is living .And to meet the family she is working for .
FRANCE is so so wonderful .
and SO ARE YOU !

ruthie said...

Happy thanksgiving to you to! I adore these images, they speak of wonderful times spent with folk dear to us, all coming together to celebrate.

Elizabeth said...

Happy happy happy Thanksgiving to you my friend! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Enjoy your deliciou dinner and then desserts with friends!

Your weekend plans sound excellent, enjoy!

I hope you feel better and have a wonderful long weekend.

xoxo Elizabeth

koralee said...

Morning sweet one..just popping over to wish you a blessed day! Enjoy your you do Turkey and Pumpkin pie...if so please please have a piece of pie for me. xoxoxooxxoxoxoo

Martina said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING dearst Anita, hope you have a fabulous day with love, light, laughter and lots of good food! We just returned from a lovely 3 days spa vacation - it was wonderful and soooooo relaxing! Cheers to all the good things in life - and to you! xox

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
J'adore tes photos de cheminées!
Have a great evening!

Aldy @ Al Dente Gourmet said...

Absolutely beautiful, Anita! I wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day :) And I hope you enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family! GRACIAS for such a inspirational post :) -- Glad to be your reader!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Hope that you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love.
You home looks so warm and inviting and thanks for showing us around.
I am so grateful for your friendship and all the love and inspiration you share.
Have a happy weekend


Rosie said...

Mmmmmmmmm...W O W !!!! Those were the tastiest pumpkin CHOCOLATE squares EVER! And for you to leave me this tasty little morsel is just...well...sweet! But then that's just what you are...S W E E T!
Happy day dear one! Well, the boys delivered my pretty little tree this morning, and then, after much convincing...sawed... chiseled...and crammed it into one of my big old garden urns...hmmm...ever so lovely :)
Stripped off the bottom boughs and scattered them here and there.
Tomorrow I shall string a bobble or two from those snowy white branches, and hang a wreath or two in the windows.
Ry stayed on a couple of days longer, but really does have to skedattle tomorrow...happily he will return in three weeks :)
Well, time for a cuppa something HOT and another one of those yummy little treats...then, I must snuggle under the covers...sleep well dear friend...xoxo...Rosie

chateaudelille said...

Your house looks amazing. So French and calming.look forward to seeing more. We are busily doing reports and only have 2 1/2 weeks left before our summer holidays. Exciting but sad as I say goodbye to the sweetest kids. They are so adorable, I will miss them. Hope your time is going well. Much love to you my inspiring friend. Fiona

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Monday Anita Bonita :)
I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
What a wonderful post filled with your kind words and beautiful images! Such a creative Thanksgiving post!
Oh, and your dinning room is FABULOUS!!!!!!!
I am so glad you liked your post!
I just wanted to share my support!
I think you a super duper and am very thankful for our frienship!

Hope your Holiday Season is off to a spectacular start!
Much love
gi gi

Suz said...

Again, this is so lovely! In both words and visions.

~CC Catherine said...

It's no longer Thanksgiving as I read this post and gaze over the lovely tables you've shown, but it's still a tremendous time to be GIVING THANKS since it's the time we recognize the birth of Christ. Your home is so lovely Anita...and so are the lovely tables you've shared here with us. Hugs from afar...friend! xoxo