Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Gust of Wind

Fine linens were 

brought out



the bath was well-equipped


the garden burst


in a bountiful 

welcome for


as time had 

patiently waited


to prepare 


to sit down together


and read our lives.

For I was reminded that 


is like a book


and that the north winds of 

our years


turn each page

sometimes loosing 

a favorite verse

or an 

entire chapter.
But it's not until a 

a gust of wind

blows back 

Missing Pages


that you realize 

how important 

your life once was



still is

to someone special.



in order to listen 


The Missing Pages.


It's me said...

Always nice to meet old friends darling.......and enjoy time together......i wish i wish...i hope that we will ever meet my dearest you

RobinfromCA said...

Always so inspiring and thought provoking when I visit your lovely blog. You are, as ever, such a lovely person!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have felt nostalgic on week and this post makes me glad that I am sensitive and in tune with my feelings. I'll keep dreaming of the sea!

PURA VIDA said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It makes me think of my sister and I will share it with her now. You are a precious imprint on all who read your words Anita

Catherine Robinson said...

This is so very beautiful Anita...I love 'the quieter you become the more you can hear'...a very moving are such a talented lady.

Catherine Robinson said...

Anita...thank you so much for popping by...I changed my blog address and seem to be having some problems
my new address is
I so admire your creativity, Anita simply fabulous ;-)

Catherine Robinson said...

Oh, Anita I don't understand some of my followers have managed to change my url address and it works but I think I have lost a lot of followers, so disappointing, I''m going around in circles!! What I have realised since I started my business is just keep at it, keep patient, keep doing the work and slowly it gains can't fail Anita, you're a STAR!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Dear Anita,
I can tell that you had a good time catching up with your friend. Sometimes it's so hard to believe how much goes on in the lives of others as we are caught up in our own daily living. But it's good to share and reconnect, ....remember and laugh, or cry, or just hold a hand. That's a friend.
Big hugs to you,
p.s. The summer is flying by. OH, NO!!! Make it stop!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi Anita,

I loved this post! It was perfect to get me ready to begin a new school year! One of the themes of my journalism program is EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Thank you for your beautiful presentation!

FleaingFrance - French Shopping said...

Beautiful Anita. It's incredibly true how much the statement of everyone has a story and has gone through something that has changed them.

If we all remembered that on a daily basis we might have more patience.

Thank you for this gift!

YONKS said...

Oh Anita,
You write things which prove this is a wonderful world. Your insight and wisdom teaches us that there is a better way to view the world. That the beautiful can come from the ordinary. That a wind can blow in mysteries we can tap into. I love visiting your blog. I always come away enriched. You are a sparkling diamond!
Much love

hi-d said...

What a perfect post to capture the time that you had with your friend. You are so poetic with your words...very well thought out, my friend!

Well, it sounds like you are having quite the heat wave...but you have a good plan to stay indoors. Perhaps you'll create another masterpiece today?

Maximus had his last swim lesson today, but we signed up to take the class again, so we'll be going twice a week through the end of August. Whoo Hoo!


Blessed Serendipity said...

This is so very true. Everyone does have a story and I hope they feel like sharing if it's an interesting one. As always, I am transported to a beautiful place whenever I come to your blog. I hope you have a beautiful day and weekend too.


Kerry said...

Beautifully said, Anita!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Beautiful post and I am so glad that you were able to catch up with your friend, after all those years.
Thanks for all the inspiration you share, always come away feeling blessed.
A life is like a book and lets make it the best we can.

Have a happy weekend, hope that you are managing to stay cool.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

That was really quite lovely, and so very true. I clicked on your music and listened to it while I scrolled down and read, it was perfect.
Nicely done.

The enchanted home said...

Oh did it AGAIN! Gave me goosebumps and made me stop to think.....this is such a great post as a tribute to your friendship....your words are like a perfect melody!

helen tilston said...

Hello Anita

A beautiful post and I am sure you and your friend had a wonderful re-union and talked into the early morning hours.

Have a wonderful weekend

Helen xx

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Always such an inspiring and beautiful post.
Thank you.

Red Rose Alley said...

Hello dearest Anita,
Yes, I am realizing as I get older that "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." What a lovely phrase this is. We do not often listen to other, and it seems that instead we are thinking about what we want to say next. I think if we did hear one another, we would learn so much more. What a great message this is for us all. I love the picture of the child listening to the sea shell, so precious. It is a reminder to be still and listen more to the world around us. You always have the most beautiful posts, and your words send so much peace and love to the reader.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Ruben Rivera said...

Dear Anita,
This is such a thoughtful post and tribute to your friend who stayed with us and with whom you renewed your old friendship. It was truly marvelous to see how you together, your memories and laughter, revealed pages in your book that even I had not seen. It reminds me that if you're right that we are each like a book, then it is good to remember that it is a book that cannot be put into boxes or stereotypes. Lovely post.

debbie bailey said...

Lovely, lovely post.

Burlap Luxe said...




This post moved me, inspired me at the edges of my heart.

I love those tarnishe tea cups, it pieces like these that capture my rustic heart and its words like yours that help me create.

lots of love my friend.

PS. I have been sewing these days and finishing up some painting...Getting ready for holiday posting on etsy! if we don't get it done by August then we are late. Will share soon my creating.

June said...

I adore that last quote Anita. Isn't it so true? I love your beautiful post my dear.
hugs from here...

Michele said...

Hi Sweet Anita ~~~ I just finally did a post too, & it is absolutely a miracle that you put on your blog that every person has a story, The thing is that I too just put those same words on my blog without knowing you had. Oh Anita, you always touch me somehow, (well actually I believe it is God working through you).

You are simply amazing,
Pearl 13.1

carolyn bradford said...

Well now I'm crying…again! Your words are phenomenal and go straight to the core of our soles! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Missing pages will haunt me for awhile until I get my son settled in college and my daughter now settled in New Orleans…wow!! Hard to believe! I don't want to have any more missing pages, tho! I want to enjoy each and every chapter of this long book of life!!!

janice15 said...

Very nice...with Love Janice Happy Friday.....

Jade said...

Oh Anita, my sweet friend, what a wonderful and magical post..........can´t tell you how i loooooove it!!!!!! I will come here for many times to enjoy the great pictures and the message full of love!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for all your inspiration and have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade (and kisses from Sheila ;)

Mimi said...

Oh my that post resonates with my Soul.....we do need to be quiet sometimes to hear and see what we feel inside....a true friend sees it, feels it and hears it even when nothing is said....or lots was said....laughter comes so easily...and it fills our emotional tank full!!!
So happy your visit with your friend was a Week of joyful laughs and tears....
I love that about girls!!!

Sarah said...

Reconnecting with long time friends is always a special time. So happy for your two who had the joy of being together once again. Beautiful post as always, Anita.
~ Sarah

Palomasea said...

My treasured poet friend,
I love how dear Dianne articulated her feelings here...she read my mind :)
This is so beautiful...I am honored to see your creative process...
and the little blue flowers look like fitting...
You are unforgettable, dear one!!
The images them...and the music...
Love you!

Marie-Ange said...

Chaque image est une invitation au rêve !
Je te souhaite une belle et douce journée.
Milles bisous

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Always such lovely images which you find to share! Do love that lavender linen and can smell the scent from that soap. Minerva x

Molly The Wally said...

'The quieter you become the more you can hear' my peeps says they are going to pin that on my basket. Welcome back Anita. As always nice post. Happy Friday to all.
Best wishes Molly

Sylvia said...

Dear Anita, your words accompanied by music are one beautiful, soulful and delicate touch to my heart as I am going through an amazing experience of meeting old friends, catching up with their lives, observing and listening to their stories, flying with the wind that turns the missing pages are so amazing. Thank you!

lostpastremembered said...

Marvelous that you had a great time with your old friend. One never knows how such things will work out. Awkward chasms can yawn between you or you meet and years melt in a warm blast.

I think there is something gorgeous and beautiful about telling the fresh story of your life to another person. We lose perspective with people who see us day to day. They know us in little collected measures. Meetings like yours give the long view, don't they? In the telling of our lives we often learn knew things about ourselves... have new insights, become a fresh person as well as open a new door to an old friend's house of being.

Good for you!!

It's me said...

Hi again darling...Iris is doing well...thaks for asking......i am so glad for birthday was wonderful we enjoy it love love

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Happy Friday Anita Bonita!!!!

What a beautiful post!!! A beautiful story !

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friend! Looking back and adding to your stories!

One of my best friends and I have been trying to get together forever it seems! We are both just soooo busy! Our goal is August~
Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!
Much love
gi gi

"Create Beauty" said...

Such beautiful thoughts and words!

I read somewhere that "the days are long but the years are short", which is especially true when it comes to raising children {or having the grandkids for a week!!!}

It is wonderful to reconnect with a friend and read the missing pages...

And important to keep in mind when meeting new acquaintances that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

I wonder if in Eternity
we will be allowed to read some of
the stories...

I think of the scripture speaking of Jesus as the Author and Finisher
of our faith, and of how our lives are a letter...

Of how the world was created by words... "In the beginning... and God said Let There be Light..."
and there it was.

Your words are a powerful creative force my friend.

I am so happy to get to read some of the pages of the book that is YOU.

~ Violet

Amish Stories said...

Hi my friend Anita and Id like to invite you to my new post "Moses the Amish hat maker" that I've just posted on my blog. Its the last post for a week as I take a blog break, but I will try and stop on some of my favorite web sites like yourself to check what they are working on and to post my own comments. And I have a nice meat loaf recipe that I'm sure your husband will enjoy Anita, well that is when your not ordering out from your local pizza joint, I hear things about you Anita,lol. I'm kidding of course so I hope to see you stop by and please bring thousands of your buddies as well, I will make room for everyone! Richard

Bonnie said...

We always make time for dear friends. Nice to catch up with you Anita. Finally got around to blogging again. I intend to be more consistent. A shout out to the awesome Ruben!

xoxo, Bonnie

Mrs. Sutton said...

Beautifully written! Here's to friendship, shared memories and special moments!
Best wishes,
Paula xxx

koralee said...

Morning my friend...oh what a wonderful time you must of had...I am so happy for you...those special memories will fill your heart forever.
I am off to visit with my parents for a week...but may be able to pop in now and again....just my special time as the rest of my family will stay behind.
Love and hugs xoxoxo

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita what a beautiful week you have had with your dear Friend! Funny how when you haven't seen someone close for a long time the pieces just pick up together and you carry on...I do love that feeling...Very cherished moments here....Here's to a beautiful weekend...much love, Dzintra xo

GardenGirl said...

oh how i love your blog. i really do.

thank you <3

Martina said...

Anita, daer, what a wonderful and romantic post! And - OMG, you SOLD ALL YOUR SHOES!!! That is SO great! Now you have every readon to make new ones. Busy times for your studio! Have a wonderful weekend of summer! xox

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
Such a beautiful post.... It warms my heart that you were able to reconnect with an old friend. Time to sit and share your thoughts and dreams.

ivana said...

I see you must have had a wonderful time with your old friend!

And the way you present it, what more can you give or get in life?

Simply love what you do through words and images. LOve <3

Lisa Farmer Designs said...

Greetings Anita, Well worth waiting for!! Such a beautiful tribute to friendship and the times of our lives. What a special bound you two have and how wonderful you have had this time together.

I loved so many of the images but especially the violets. They are my birth flowers and I think they are so elegant that a small bouquet of them goes a long way.

I leave this page with the beautiful image of your swing and am reminded of how we move back and forth from memories to destiny.

Blessings for your weekend!!!Lisa

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Inspiring. Just hit the spot for me today...and I thank you for it! xo

Sandra van Doorn said...

Anita, c’etait magnifique, ces mots et ces images. They are definitely part of my life book ...
hope you are well, xo sandra

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Guess you just FLEW through the door.. BEBE... With key in hand..
I am so happy she is home but she will need to return the key.
I will have her drop it by on her next adventure..
Yes, still working on the cupboards. One wall down, one to go.
Thank you for coming to see me.

Angele Style said...

Your posts are beautiful works of art that linger in my heart. The music makes the words turn into a beautiful song. The swing... for me was a most powerful image. I am so happy I found your site.

SizzleandZoom said...

Anita, today, your beautiful words inspired me!

Victoria Sayer said...

Awesome. Beautifully said and excellent photos to compliment.
Nice one, Anita.

Kerri said...

Inspirational post and pictures! I am so happy for you having spent time with a dear friend. You are right, catching up with a special friend is like reading a book!

Have a fabulous weekend :)


fee @ chipper nelly said...

beautiful in every always.
And lavender soap???? my favourite!!!
he he he
fee x

koralee said...

Happy Weekend my friend...sending you some love for a magical day. xoxo

Deborah said...

So wonderful for you to get together and reconnect with your dear friend.
Those moments are the ones that touch our hearts so, and it is life.
Love, love, love to you precious friend!

Deborah xoxoxooxoxox

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Such a lovely illustrated feeling. The music surely sets the mood to transport you to some dreamy place within.

I hope that you enjoy your time with your friend. Such a poignant thought of how everyone has a story.

Have a beautiful weekend filled with inspiration.


Tiny Tess said...

Hello Anita, I see you had some catching up to do with your friend. We have been so busy its our time to catch up with our friends, and George let me visit you today.
Thank you for your visits, did you see me in the swimming :) I was at my swimming lesson today and when a came back I thought I'd have a paddle in our pond, first time I have ever done that, Mom was none to pleased lol. But I did see her smiling, so I guess its ok.
Now this being "the quieter you become the more you can hear",is that ture? as you know I am quite outspoken for a pup. George says I should zip it sometimes, but them that wouldn't be me. Oh well.
Have a lovely week and thanks for being our friends
(((Hugs))) and Kisses, Tess Bell xxx

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello my dear friend,

I hope that you are creating and enjoying your beautiful new deck and garden.

This is a lovely post, it remimds me that life is wonderful in its simplicity. We must appreciate it all because it is so fleeting and short.

I ALWAYS live my visits here, it is like stepping into a magical wonderland where everything is beautiful, soft music and words are spoken and enhance our experience. Every time you post I am reminded about your magic, for that is what your words are, they weave a tale that ensnares our hearts and minds and offers a word of comfort, of magic, of solace, or whatever our hearts and souls need at that time.

You are a gem! And I thank God everyday for your friendship! I cannot beleive that I have been so blessed to meet through our blogs such wonderful people as you, Irinia, Di, Jeanne, Debra, Tina who touch my life everyday!

Enjoy your day! xoxxo Elizabeth

michelle said...

Dearest Anita, I have missed you so as well, your words, your soul and your friendship. This summer has been very rough and I am still struggling a bit but getting there slowly. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. If you could please send me your email address, I seem to have lost it.
Hugs to you beautiful soul!

chateaudelille said...

Hi Anita, I take it you have enjoyed reading the missing pages with your special friend.Isnt it fun to write new pages every day? Fiona

Bumpkin Bears said...

Such precious words xx

Jeri Landers said...

Sometimes, when meeting up with an old friend, it is as though no time has passed at all. All the memories you have shared in the past are suddenly in the present and very real. I can't wait to meet up with my best friend from high school, next month.

Amish Stories said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Anita and I see that you liked that meat loaf recipe I have posted, well since your husband loves that dish like I do here's a home made recipe from an Amish cook book for white bread. For me bread is a required addition when making meat loaf so I'm posting this for you, and maybe some of your readers may like this as well. I have posted a little something on Amish Stories of a few of my favorite country song picks from the 1960s-1970s so please feel free in checking that out if you have a little time. Thanks Anita and let me know how your meat loaf turns out. Richard

White Bread 2 from an Amish recipe

Preheat oven to 350° F. Combine first four ingredients and stir. Add cold water, flour and yeast. Stir together until smooth. Cover and let stand 15 minutes. Add flour, a little at a time until all is worked in (use more flour if not the right texture.). Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. 3 Tbsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. salt
2 Tbsp. shortening
1½ c. boiling water
3/4 c. cold water
3½ c. flour
2 pkgs. yeast

Anonymous said...

So very true, my friend, and the toughest to quiet is our mind which wrestles endlessly even when our mouth has surrendered. Here's to listening!! So many treasures come from what I consider to be a gift, being still.

LOVE your new usual. ;) And the soaps are just lovely.
Was hoping to find a tea party here, but this is just what I need today.
Love to you.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dearest Anita...tulle and paper, what fun you must be having in your corner of the world creating...Just Perfect!!!!!! Have a wonderful week full of creativity....Dzintra xo

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Many thanks for visiting me and do hope that you are having fun creating in your studio.
How is the deck going? hope that the weather is not too hot there and you are able to work in the garden.

Happy week

Nella said...

Dear Anita, isn't it wonderful when we can revisit time lost and a life spent just as simply as sitting down to chat with someone who knew us so very long ago? It is very thought provoking perhaps even wistfully sad, yet nurturing and warming at the same time. I had a similar experience as your beautiful post suggests this past year when I visited the town where I was born in Italy with my sister...thank you for putting into words such delicate feelings, N.xoxo

Ivy Clad said...

So awesome for you to be able to reconnect with an old friend! I recently reconnected with a friend from the 4th grade. She is as wonderful as an adult as I remembered her as a playmate.

Your photos are wonderful. They are just the way I would like my guest rooms to look and feel!

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Mais comment se fait-il que je rate tes articles?
J'adore! J'adore!
C'est sublime comme toujours!
Tes photos sont géniales!
Ta bannière est magnifique!
Quelle classe Anita!
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

As always I am blown away at your gift with words. Beautiful. You nail it every time, Anita. xo

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita, sorry I haven't been around, trying to use a cane now, had house quests and Daughter was here 1st month to help me.
This post reminded me of a conversation with my Daughter.
She called me crying, had found a box with Letters from me,
While at her Summer camp and later when she was in her
late 20's .
Beautiful post.

Barbara said...

Old friends can finish our sentences....shared memories are so very dear and the older I get, the more precious.
I know I needn't ask if you've enjoyed your dear friend's visit. :)

koralee said...

Morning my friend....thank you for the sweet note today. I am still at my parents..enjoying the sunshine and my books! I can finally do some reading...just for ME! I will be here until Friday...we have lots we want to off I go. Hugs and love to you.

Dancing Branflake said...

Beautifully spoken. You and I are kindred spirits: I love words, writing, ballet, and beautiful photography.

Mary said...

This is very pretty. I love the advanced ballet music...along with your lovely post pictures. I especially like the animations...they are so nice. Lovely day to you, Mary

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, haven't been able to blof all weekend, because our keyboard at home was out of battery! Thank you so much for the yoghurt and peach tip - that sounds so fresh and yummy! I so love summer fruit! Hope your weekend was delicious and your new week is, too! Can't wait to see your new paper shoes! xox

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Another beautiful post, written as only YOU can...
I miss you very much.
We WILL catch up.
Really... :)
Love u! xo

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Bonjour Dear Anita,

Thank you for always being there. I can always look forward to your comments even after being gone too long. I hope life is treating you well and you're enjoying your summer. It's been a wild summer here so far. Besides death and family reunions, I fell down and scraped my knees racing a child. That'll teach me! I'm healing slowly but surely. Love your posts as always. Thanks for being so faithful!
Love and bisous to you,

Lady of the Woods said...

You have the most exquisite photos in your posts! "droolworthy" comes to mind. :D
Responding to your comment....
oh we love enchanted people! :D
Clematis are beautiful! I tried to grow some when I lived in New York.
I'm still playing with cloches and bought a nice tiny one from Home Goods. Then I tried to find a base for some small ones I had but no luck...yet LOL
I did however create a gorgeous one today with a beautiful ornate green base with embossed lion heads made in Viet Nam....great ceramics from there! with some selaginella moss and topped with a cloche....:D happy happy dance!

I should be getting Wind in the Willows any day now and I will think of you and Ruben and the magic effervescence that comes from your way :D

I just ordered 2 books by Tasha Tudor.....The Private World of Tasha Tudor, and Tasha Tudor's Garden.....don't know why I never did before, but I guess I'm seeking more inspiration from the authentic vintage heart.....and Tasha is one!
sparkly blessings

Renae said...

Anita! hi!

Lovely poetic and romantic piece!

Last Thursday when my granddaughters arrived, I was still very much in blog-mode and yours was top of the list on blogger so we went to it. I swear we were on your site for a good hour. My granddaughters LOVED IT! They kept ooohing and awwing at the photographs and they would say 'let's look at it again' as I read the words they were mesmerized!!! We went to several - say 10 posts. My oldest said, 'now lets see your grandma?'

In all honesty mine was a bit of a let down in comparison, but they did find picks of themselves so that made it ok.

Just thought you'd like to know that. Oh and their ages are 9,6 and 3. Young, tasteful audience, I'd say.

Come see me some time k? lol


Michelle May said...

Ohhh how I do love your magical posts. Love them indeed.

Aldy @ Al Dente Gourmet said...

It is always so inspiring to read your thoughts and quotes. They are simply magical- I agree with you, it is a wonderful feeling to reconnect with someone special and read those missing pages. So here's to you,and to,Anita!

Hugs <3

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita....
Another beautifully written blog post with inspiring, fabulous images.....
Thank you so very much for your kind words about my friend's passing. I knew her cancer was very serious. When I saw the stats on pancreatic cancer- I was horrified!!! She was an amazing girl and loved to laugh and make everyone around her smile. I cherish all the memories I have of her.
I think you'll like the new jeweled mirror my husband & I bought from artist Wendy Gell. There's a photo of it in my new blog post.
I'm watching the Olympics.... Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!
Love & Hugs Always!!!!! :-)

Ann said...

Oh I wish I have more free time to spend with my old friends. I miss them so much... but they have their careers and I have a household to run and a family to take care of plus a few little business to manage... I think I really need to have more time.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dearest Anita thank you for calling in this evening...that bag was just pure pleasure to make...I loved every step of the way with it...And you made me so happy when you said you could feel the cold sand...taste the salty air...that's what the beach is all about....feeling it...smelling it and just being there! Have a wonderful Wednesday...the weeks are going so quickly...before we know it will be Christmas time...Cheers to you, Dzintra xo

Karena said...

You have touched me Anita. When I moved back to Kansas City in 2001 it has become more and more difficult to keep connections. Of course that is some thing for me to work on!

Gratefully home from the rehab the real challenge begins!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

awh...that was soo soo sweetly worded...your visit...and it is soo soo must get quiet to hear the notes of another's soul!!! sweet wishes

Vicky said...

Hi Anita, I love it, your wonderful words a beautiful history!!
Kisses, Vicky

koralee said...

Afternoon dear friend...just taking a peek at my post comments while my parents are having a wee nap. Kept my mom busy this morning..found some treasures in a little shop..PYREX and turquoise at that. I hope to be home on Friday. xoxoxo

millefeuilles said...

Oh Anita, where does the time go, I wonder? I am truly sorry not to have visited you sooner especially as this post must be one of my favourites! (Yes, yes, I am often compelled to write this, I know.) Those pictures; oh they are so beautiful. The lavender soaps married with the violet hues of the artichauts! Those cups. So much beauty to accompany a heartfelt message which irks me regularly. Our life was precious and still is. The question, Anita, is how can we possibly live our lives as if every moment is precious when we are obliged regularly to perform the uninspiring tasks which keep our lives running smoothly?

I wish you well and much joy.


Jennifer Beaudet said...

So beautiful, Anita! You are so creative and put together the most amazing posts again and again! I love your dress forms, by the way:)

Lady of the Woods said...

Hi Anita! :D
Aside from recuperating from the stress of security issues here, I am tired, HOWEVER! I did not realize I had made a decision silently and did not tell myself LOL...that I wanted to make my bedroom all dreamy white! OMG :D
I bought a book for a penny on amazon At Home With White and the book arrived today and I heard my self chatting with my self saying how we are going to do "our" room LOL....sooooo the news is, I just got wind of that decision today and am looking around in there trying to figure out how to do it. I will need a nice hutch set with glass doors preferably to house all the things I don't want to give away. And the rest is more a matter of alot of painting, walls, furniture and storage baskets OY! but apparently the decision has been made. I see it done. White is the one color where clutter of similar colors is very forgiving and appropriate with varying textures. Accents of glass and silver is the theme. Will be gorgeous! Cloche's is the joy of the week and will look into making one! thanks! hugs, Lady

Sylvia said...

My dear friend, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your kind words always warm my heart. I am happy you are enjoying a fabulous summer. Mine has been such a joyous experience; a summer of spiritual growth in a way...
Much love

Palomasea said...

Dearest...thank you for sharing in the Minnehaha Falls outing!!
Can't wait to create together....
loving this enchanted post once again...
BISOUS and love,
- Irina :)

Renae said...

Anita, hi, again!

I have to tell you that your calling me 'Darling' all the time is so interesting. When my current husband first met me he called me darling, and I didn't like it.

I politely and lovingly asked him to call me something other than Darling. so he just calls me Renae. I missed out, huh? So now when someone calls me Darling, I accept it wholeheartedly!!! silly me, huh?

just fyi....hahaha.

Palomasea said...

Good morning dear one!
You are having a lovely visit, I'm sure :))

I was so happy to see your message today! I know, those doors are unbelievable! I did this post in honor of this month's blue moon, and I debated whether to use "Rhapsody In Blue" as the music. It didn't seem to fit the images, hence, "Blue Moon". But now I changed it to Enya! heee... I don't know why, but she always seems a perfect fit...take a peek if you have a minute, and let me know what you think.
I also have a surprise for you on "Witty" :)))
Love and hugs,
- Irina

Anonymous said...

Love your blog so very much. I feel like I have been on a small vacation.

Vintage Home said... daughter is reunited with her sweet frined in PARIS! there for a week then on to Ireland England Greece & Italy!
Such joy to share will a friend!

Lady of the Woods said...

Well I'm still waiting for pics from your home as you promised? :D
Yes, my room is going to be different. Pretty now, but more decorated. I didn't want to work on it unless I moved out but alas, I'm moving more in :D and white will be divine I think.
I love how inspired you are to be working on your paper mache art, it is so nice to have something to wake up to that makes us smile, yes?
I'm still looking for mine, there are a few interests but nothing committal...sounds like a love right? lol
Yes, I can believe you used the mantle as storage for paints etc because those things lying around can make us creative on the spot.....but I also understand the sublime look of simplicity too....I love both! oh what to do! :D
I will keep you posted. House mate brought home some rare tuberoses.... have you ever smelled those? The last time I did was when I used to buy them in Bali. They rival Jasmine, but don't let him hear that oi! :D
And Ruben make me laugh very loud today....thank the heavens for you both!

Renae said...


You may still call me Darling! In fact, please still do.

I was simply saying it bugged me to have my sweetheart call me that for some strange reason, so once I confessed he didn't want to do it any further, I guess.

thank you my sweet Anita!

see ya soon.

Arti said...

Coming after a long time but feel your blog as a whiff of fresh air! Your posts are just beautiful, the words and the pics are perfect as always... Loved it.
Have a fantastic week Anita :)

Privet and Holly said...

I bet you had a
wonderful time
together! Wish
you'd posted a
picture of the two
of you, together : )
Hopefully she did
not mind our hot
weather, although
I'm sure you were
cool in your lovely
garden or taking
walks near one of
our lovely lakes!

Happy Thursday.
I'm behind, as usual!

xo Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Last day of ArtfulCampDays!
Maybe a day on the Atlantic
after baking chocolate cake!
Happy creating!!!

francis said...

how I wish I could run to you and knock on your door and cry on your shoulder and than have comforting coffee with you .
But I cherish your words in my heart Anita . Thank you so much for being such an incredible friend to me .
You always know to write just the words I need .
It may sound strange but in spite of all what's happening right now I feel so blessed .
Blessed for the way I can handle all of it by being me/myself .
I was wondering for quite a while now what my life could be without my job but now I am beginning to see .......
Meanwhile my studio is becoming so wonderful.
The day I was visiting my sister for the first time since she was diagnosted ( She lives far away )
my son made a whole new floor-covering in my studio .So beautiful
So when I came home after a very very long and intense day
His way to let me know He loves me and life goes on .
Thank you Anita and I love you !

Mary said...

I just click on Chipper pretty..joined.. Happy day to you Anita. Mary

Martina said...

Just came to wish you a happy, creative day Anita! It's a warm, humid day here and i so enjoy the lovely evening outside in the garden!

hi-d said...

Hello sweet friend!
You are such a dear...I hope you're having a good week. Today is Rob's b-day...and I need to get to more dinner preparations in a bit...Maximus is sleeping and I am taking a little break on the computer.

I hope you are enjoying those Olympics. Can't wait to watch the women's gymnastics again tonight!

Have a good eve!

Lady of the Woods said...

Good Evening lol and I am just getting ready to wind down, after I visit my friend who just finished putting up sheer netting over her wall of mirror in her house and loving it, cause she didn't know what to do with that mirrored wall she hated until I suggested the netting....and she's thrilled with the look and I am tickled pink and can't wait to go see it. I saw a picture of something similar just 2 days ago in the White book and she saw it and knew it was the thing to do. LOL
White....My room.....I sigh just thinking about it, but cringe at the work. But I must do it. Sublime White and silver and glass....I can see it all....
I can only imagine the corners you speak of in your home....but can feel them.
I too sleep better since getting all white shabby chic bedding....truly!
Today I received Wind in the Willows and will imagine you and Ruben on some deck somewhere on the opposite side of this continent reading to each other as the little people sneak out and peek out and rally each other to come and listen in on the stories written about them.
I can also only imagine the joy of you replenishing your Etsy shop.
I am opening one soon, with the things of beauty I have been making for years but not selling, like my earrings and other things. For me its a matter of survival now, but I will do so only with my joys.
I'm taking more time away from the pc only to look for magical snippets from my magical new friends LOL....spoiled I am! And I wish for you another wonderful time with friends!....a very special treat in life they are....I know....I just lost my last one.

Palomasea said...

Dearest...I can be such a ditz sometimes!! :)))
I forgot to press the publish button on "witty"...duh. heee...
It's up now...SORRY!
Love you!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Dearest Anita I have not been called an artist before...I feel very honoured...Thank you so much! This calls for a Cheers from me to you for the upcoming weekend...Happy Weekend to you...Love Dzintra xo

francis said...

dearest Anita ,
thank you so much for writing all those beautiful words to me .
For sharing the friendship we have .
For a while I was not blogging because I could not NOT TELL and I wondered what would happen when I would share all of it that was happening. The bad news about my sweet sister Florentine .
It's a part of life too have to say GOODBEYE .
It's hard because I just recently understood the true meaning of FAMILY . When I was at the funeral of my uncle . A brother from my mother and they were with 10 children . Now there is only one of them still alive .....I was sitting in the beautiful old little church in the little town where my my mother was born , baptised , went to church and also married in that church .
All at once I saw how I was a part of that ....FAMILY .....
I was never a family-girl . I moved far away and had my own life .
My sisters were always living close to my mother and they were the ones seeing the family ...uncles aunts etc.
And than , in that little church all was there know what family could be and also was.
I always thought my four children and my daugther-in-law and little Eva were MY FAMILY
Had not seen my brother in I do not know how many years .
My sisters once and a while
We were more writing postcards or letters because I live far away .
And now I was visiting Florentine and I also went to see my other sister Marleen .
She is also a teacher ! She lives nearby Florentine and she is helping out every day now .
Talks to all the caretakers and is very good in organising ....
But I noticed she was so glad I was there .I am her BIG SISTER I am the oldest . And she talked and talked and wanted to tell me ALL and ALL .
And than in the evening our brother came to her house too .
We were together for the first time since .......
He is on holiday there !
They live near the beach !
And we talked and talked and shared memories.
We all have our own and very difficult memories ..... Surprise !
Sharing was impressive !
And most of all I was impressed about MYSELF .
How I could be in THE PRESENT .
How I was grateful and thankfull for being together although the reason was sad ....there was something magical because I could feel the love
and when there is love .... the grieve is not alone .
Today I will visit my sister in the hospitium . My daugther Anna is going with me because she wanted to go today and I can come along
Anna will leave for a holiday this weekend to France Switserland and Italy .
Have you ever seen the picture on pinterst of a beautiful village in Italy on a mountain and the houses are all in the most beautiful colours ? She has planned her trip around that . She wants to go and see that for herself .
She is going with a friend and by car She loves driving !
Florentine was always her most special aunt .
So she wants to meet her today !
Now I am off ....
Love you my friend and a big hug to you !

millefeuilles said...

Dear Anita,

Hello my friend,

Just to let you know I left you an e-mail yesterday re: hares and a need for advice. No rush! Just to let you know. I will be away this weekend.

Big hugs,


Griselda said...

I am, enchanted!! Thanks for all the time, work, energy and beauty you have to bring to the world.

Maria said...

What a beautiful and meaningful post, Anita! It was lovely to read all the comments - Ruben's, The Shop Around the Corner, Koralee's and to also catch up with Francis! I've had a summer that has taken me away from the computer for extended periods of time and I've missed you all!
Sometimes those pages blow quickly by indeed!
It's nice to let time fill them in gently...
I'm now filling some of them in as we visit with our son ... It is so wonderful to complete the circle!
Much joy to you always, Anita!
~ Maria

Anne said...

My word, Anita, your choice of images are more lovely than ever!

Lady of the Woods said...

oh my effervescent Anita...yes I'm seeing the delicious misty stirrings of inner visions for my sanctuary coming alive more and more with each day. I've decided to wait a bit for cooler weather because of all the painting. But I'm deciding to do more of what I'm wanting rather than less, and I will not speak it until I reveal it :D

Yesterday I picked up 2 more shabby chic euro pillows for my bed but in the soft pink and last night after my salt bath and slipping on my ecru lace tank with my fluffy white cotton skirt I went to bed, laid back upon them and didn't move again. I dreamt of pink and white all night! I slept! I tell you those pillows are clouds from heaven!

Yes my friend called to tell me I was right about using netting over the mirrors LOL, I wanted to bet her she'd love it that much LOL but she didn't take me up on it....Now I'm trying to talk her into "celebrating" each accomplishment or room she finishes because she's plowing through and making herself tired and dull. I say stop now and again to make merry then continue! LOL what do you say?

I'm wanting to stay more away from the computer and contemplate more on being creative, conjure up the divine.

I will look into your tutu one to see what you mean but I love the idea already! I have some gorgeous crushed tulle I'm wanting to make a wearable fantasy of, but have yet to come up with the perfect one because, yes, I do wear my creations out in the public! even grocery shopping ..... how else do we inject fresh light into a dense fog. LOL

Yesterday I woke up feeling peaceful somehow, then got excited at the thought of making my perfumed body powder and putting it into my new jadite powder container which I will make a post of, so I whisked off into the kitchen with skirt swishing as I collected the ingredients. Then I got hungry but wanted something simple yet yumly, and my cloche happened to be full of croissants :D and so I had to make a tea and I had the one "Paris" you recommended which I did, btw, figure out how to enjoy....with extra organic almond extract, honey and almond milk...and YUM O!. Croissants got warmed, slathered with butter then dressed with raspberry jam....tea poured into gorgeous embossed pink goblet, and that moment the mailman came with my package of vintage Victoria Magazines! :D:D:D Divine Set up! :D
I spent the day browsing carefully through 3 of them and I certainly did remember the times, when they first came out and I felt "that" way....something sacred, some silent luxury, some heart stirrings.....wishes, beauty, creativity and grace made manifest.

I hope you enjoy your guest and create beautiful memories.
Thank you for all your lovely effervescence in my email and for the support of my creations.
Enjoy your week!

francis said...

dearest Anita
yesterday I visited my sister
The day before she moved to the Hospitium . She had to leave her lovely house knowing she never comes back again !
The Hospitium is a wonderful place with a beautiful big garden .
She has a wonderful room and she can see the garden .
There are all volontiers working there . They are all so caring and nice .
I am so proud of my sister
She is taking care and knows exectly what she wants and what not .
She never was like that .
Always taking care of others and never asking for herself .
Now that is changed .
In a short time all has changed
but not only for her
Also for her family and friends .
I realise it could have happen to all of us .....but it did not
You are so right .....Live life and find ways to be as happy as you can be .
Thank you for all your comments
They are such a blessing to me .
I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer .
Wish you well and hugs and love to you .

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Those thoughts have touched my heart and will inspire me to cherish each chapter of my life--remembering the past fondly and eagerly embracing what lies ahead.

Made my day!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi my sweet friend... :-)

Always love popping over to read your words of wisdom... accompanied by perfectly perfect pix...

Huggies and lovies...

Gem said...

I thought I had already commented on here but it appears now. How frightfully rude of moi, forgive dear Anita, just forgive!!!!
Lovely sentiments and I do love those quotes. Sometimes I have to shut myself up so I can hear more. It's one of my many faults.
I find your blog posts always very calming, soothing to the soul and inspiring.
And yes, every house should have a library. I went to a house once that had all the mod cons but not a single book. That was more noticeable to me than anything. It completely lacked soul. And that's no good for anyone.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am honoured, truly, as always.
x x x x x

Gem said...

I meant NOT not NOW in the first line of my above comment. Sorry!

koralee said...

I am home my sweet friend....and you will be out and about soon with your company...oh do have fun! I love it when company comes to play. I am home for a week and then off we go to have some family time in the Canadian Rockies! I am so looking forward to having 2 weeks away....then I am home just in time for school to start! How can that be?
I will enjoy my last month...I feel very blessed indeed.
Love and hugs always...xoxoxoxooxo Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

oh you fun girls you...
i am so happy you are visiting..
no one else is these days...
so i will keep things fresh
just for you and Irina
while listening to the classics
and those beloved Beatles!!!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Anita thank you for popping by...that Paris Mash was indeed awesome...You have a wonderful week and keep creating...Dzintra xo

francis said...

Today Eva is here
Her daddy is working and her mommy is flying back from the middle east today , she is a stewardess.
Eva is playing and she is very good in playing .
We also have lots of singing involved and hugging and kissing.
How are you doing with the painting ?
My studio is becoming so wonderful
I hope your day is a happy one

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita.... how are you? I have so missed you and I so love your beautiful post! I so love that phrase ..... when you look at another person .... everyone has been through something! It is very true .... always love coming to visit you!!!!

with my best wishes always
Frances xxxxx

ps Alex's movie is "Chronicle" ... he is currently in Toronto filming the Carrie remake! He has told me Julianne Moore is delightful!

Christie said...

You find the loveliest music to accompany your posts..I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to visit you once again and find this treasure of a post. I am making the rounds trying fervently to catch up with our circle of friends.
The summer has passed so quickly and husband will be back in school next week...aahhhh ...but you, dear girl, will not have to face the anxieties of a new school year and I am so thrilled for you! I know you are enjoying each new day, exploring your art and talents that have sat on the back burner for way too long.
And this project with your must share the progress:))
Much love to you and Ruben and dear Mr. Tearat and sweet Eliza...

fashion meets art said...

wonderful post, lovely anita! how are you? hope everything is finde?!
wish you a wonderful week! wish you the best.
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

*dogeared heart necklace*


Karen Harvey Cox said...

Anita, I went to your Etsy shop to see your gorgeous dress, and i love the Ballet dress too. But you are really onto something so unique, and special. It is magnificent.

You are really capturing magic in those dresses Anita. I love them so much. You know, if you took photographs of them and turned them into cards, your customers would love to buy them too, has wonderful quality cards that really make photography pop.

Well, have a beautiful and creative week. Have you thought of sending photographs of these magnificent creations to Somerset Magazine?


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a lovely, lovely post! I hope you had a really special time meeting up. There's nothing quite like it, is there?

Your post made me feel a bit weepy...*sniffle*!!


Cindy said...

Perfection, absolute Perfection!

Lady of the Woods said...

Nice to hear from you again Anita and to validate the Miracle of Life.
My response to your comment:
Anita, for years I've been trying to create this "Village" I have in my heart-mind. In 2009 I even thought to leave this country and went to Australia thinking I could do so with a group I went to see there. I came back and continued to try to gather people to no avail. I will not give up.
In fact, in speaking with friends lately, I asked them "where? where do you see in the media any life of a beautiful kind? with lovely human beings living in peace and kindness with each other? where the people are all talented and gifted and share these with joy every day? where children run happy and free? where the Mother Earth's abundance is shared among all? Where the mornings are looked forward to and the evenings are gatherings around a fire to tell stories of real magic and wonder?? where are these stories, books, movies?? who or what has taken over the media and presented only a foreign installation of ugliness unto the divine human being?" No one could tell me they are seeing The Beautiful Life depicted anywhere. Well this is my new venture. I'm going to do this, and I'd love to make movies too....we shall see how it goes. I'm on a mission to present to the world....'A BEAUTIFUL LIFE' give the people the remembrance of what it is supposed to be and to begin to create it all together...then we shall live it! Yes! WE CAN make it happen.
I'm busy today....lots to will be a good day :D
blessings, lady
oh, yes, I do know you play the harp and wish I could hear some of that most enchanting instrument!

Sonja said...

I knew from all of your care, preparation and planning, that this would be a special visit!

Isn't it true that the older we get, the more those 'old friends' mean?

Love that you had such a great time.


YONKS said...

Hello Anita,
I thought you had posted a new subject but it brought me back to this, of which I am glad. I have given a lot of thought lately to the person I once was. Sometimes it doesn't even seem like it was me. I struggle with this issue. I don't feel the sense of importance I once did and I wonder where it has gone. If I dwell on it too long, it makes me sad. Your post makes sense of it. Thank you!
Much love

YONKS said...

Hello Anita,
I thought you had posted a new subject but it brought me back to this, of which I am glad. I have given a lot of thought lately to the person I once was. Sometimes it doesn't even seem like it was me. I struggle with this issue. I don't feel the sense of importance I once did and I wonder where it has gone. If I dwell on it too long, it makes me sad. Your post makes sense of it. Thank you!
Much love

koralee said...

Happy midday to you my friend. Thank you for popping over to visit me. I always like to see your sweet comments as they make my day even sweeter.

Inspiredbeautyofcourse said...

What a beautiful blog. Pictures are breathtaking. Your creations divine!

So love!!!!!

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, so great to hear you are being creative too and are making more wonderful shoes and dresses! That sounds wonderful and i wish you a day full of energy and FUN! It's raining here today, but the lushness outside is so pretty! xox

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello beautiful Anita!!!!!
How was your weekend?
We had a bad storm here Saturday night- 60 MPH winds, lots of lightening, & hail. Luckily we had no damage but there were branches & twigs everywhere!!!!!
Have you been watching the Olympics? I was thrilled for the USA gymnastics girls team winning the all around gold medal!!!
My latest purchases are a vintage magenta colored suede coat with fur collar & cuffs, a vintage 70's Judith Ann sequin top with all black & silver sequins- it has a Studio 54 disco vibe- and a vintage Oscar De La Renta black velvet jacket...
How is the redecorating going? Did your cousin visit yet?
Hope you're having a great Monday!!!!!! :-)
Love and Hugs!!!!!!
Shannon :-)

The Dutchess said...

Wow...what can I good to be home with you again..