Saturday, January 26, 2013

It Doesn't Take Much

to make your feet  



anita rivera designs©

to lift you up and away

this coming


Whether you're celebrating






the sweet side of life




or someone very special


stop by your favorite 

Etsy shops 

this season and see what 

they have to offer

to put 

a spring in your step

and a smile on someone's 



It doesn't take much 


love is always in the air.

anita rivera on etsy

anita rivera on etsy


anita rivera on etsy

anita rivera on etsy


PURA VIDA said...

I so love in my air! I know you are celebrating this emotion too!!! Such a sweet post as always you precious lady!

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Gorgeous post Anita and your artwork is beautiful. Are you happy having given up teaching to pursue your dream? I presume those are your gorgeous designs?
Weekend hugs from London xx

Leslie said...

Anita! Such a lovely post and tribute to VD! Life is SWEET and the time we have here should be cherished and spent with those we love. Sending a SMILE your way!

Enjoy your weekend!

Leslie said...

..and your art work is just lovely! That last drawing is so sweet;)

It's me said...

Wowwww...what a lovely cards Anita...did you have my adress?????...hahahahahaha....loooooove them all !! you...happy

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You make every day special and more beautiful with your art! I'm so very blessed to be married to the love of my life. Sweet hugs, Diane

Michele said...

Hi Anita ~~ So sweet Anita and beautiful the way you present everything, and your cards are so darling.

Wishing you all kinds of joy,

Pearl 13.1

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit! You had a great idea for my rack. I was still on Etsy admiring your cards! They are gorgeous! I love the deep dark reds that you use! Hugs!

Lady of the Woods said...

I love the happy music, never heard that song before! Your cards are so adorable and this post is one of the sweetest! hugs, lady

Red Rose Alley said...

RED AND PINK ROSES, CHOCOLATE, HEARTS, LOVE....THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER!! There is love in the air, especially on this post today. These homemade cards are so sweet. Oh Anita, Valentine's Day is a special holiday for me. I love everything about it. And you got me again with the little boy and the bunny picture. Thank you for all the love is pouring out and into my heart. I am off to check your etsy shop out now. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Anita.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

FleaingFrance - French Shopping said...

You are beyond talented my dear! Such sweet, sweet designs.

The first thing I thought upon opening the blog site was 'where did she find that header?'

I should have known!!!! Simply amazing.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita what a gorgeous post...the illustrations...the pics....just wonderful...Here's to Valentines' Day...Cheers, Dzintra xo

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Just beautiful Anita xoxo

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Your illustrations touch my heart ♥

helen tilston said...

Hello Anita

Your art work is captivating. Congratulations on a great body of work.

Another beautiful post

Helen x

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post- I love reign in my heart- so very sweet- xo Diana

SizzleandZoom said...

This is so charming and I love your new note cards. I have to own them.

"Create Beauty" said...

My heart is all aflutter ... your artwork makes me so happy : )

I must order some of these, they are quite wonderful my dear!!!!

~ Violet

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Your artwork is enchanting! Thanks for putting me in the spirit for Valentine's Day!

Have a beautiful weekend, Anita! xoxox

Anne K said...

C'est enchante! Such a sweet holiday. I know you will celebrate it in wonderful style!

Palomasea said...

Ok, chere amie, can I just tell you how this blessing of a post is getting me misty and emotional!?
I will start with that FABULOUS HEADER! And then we make our way to the sweet song...along with your BEAUTIFUL artwork (and fabulous GIFS you made!) that melts my heart and conveys the purity and joy that is in YOUR HEART!!!
I'm going shopping...YIPPEE! ;)

Rhissanna said...

Oh my gosh! You find the BEST rabbit pictures! And yes, thank you for flagging up Etsy. If we want to show some love, and find a special somone, something special, Etsy is the place to do it.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anita,

Love is really in the air on your sweet blog today - your gorgeous paintings are all so very beautiful.
Many thanks for visiting me and your kind words.
The big bunch of roses are tres pretty.
Have a happy weekend, dear friend

Roselie said...

This is one of your loveliest posts Anita (and that's saying something!) It really lifted up my spirits, everything about it the photos, your designs, your words, the music...

Createology said...

Love is in the air and I love your sweet simple art. You capture the innocence and purity of love in the air. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Anita, your artwork is pure magic!
What a happy post. Your charm is in every stroke of the brush.. Beautiful!!!!

YONKS said...

This really made me smile Anita. So sweet, surrounded by love :-)

Gem said...

It was SO worth putting teaching on the back burner for these exquisite pieces of art, hey?!
Absolutely gorgeous Anita.
I have never been on Etsy but I will look at your link.
Hope you are well and thank you for sharing the love.
Lots of love from me,
Gem xx x

Molly The Wally said...

Well that made me feel happy this morning. Winter is nearly over and Spring is nearly here. Happy days. Lovely post Anita. Hmmmmm and the bunny (insert licking of snout) Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Sabrina said...


♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Good morning Anita...Ooh, I love your header pretty and such lovely, cheery colours too!
Gene Kelly is fabulous, isn't he?
I'm wondering where is that pretty shop because the ladies of this house would definitely love to visit it and I also have a daughter who would love to try that delicious treat on the silver tray there!
Happy Sunday,
Susan x

The Dutchess said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAh...such a sweet and happy post..makes my heart soar..and now i will be singing kenny's song all day...:)))

Love the art dearest it...:)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Anita:
Such a happy post to lift the spirits on these somewhat gloomy, grey wintry days. And, what better way to encourage happy feelings than to talk of love and romance, whether it be for humans or animals, there can surely never be too much love in the world.Love is not just for Valentine's Day.....

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh yes Anita I certainly will let you know if I Make the Purple Carrot Cake! Cheers to you this Dzintra xo

Ann said...

That is such a sweet and lovely post,
filled with images of things I love.
Thanks for taking the time to make and share it, have a nice day ♥

Deborah said...

Anita how sweet and colourful!
I love your creations and these are just perfect~full of love!
Yes, it really doesn't take much to give love to all we are graced to meet.
Love overflowing to you dear friend xoxoxo

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxooxoxo

Ruben Rivera said...

Dearest Anita,
What a heart lift this blog post is, and your drawings always make me smile because you are somehow able to imbue them with just the right "cute factor". Oh, and including Kenny Rankin's music never hurts either because he is hands down one of my all time favorite singer-songwriters.
P.S., I know who that doggie is in the balloon with you. I have it on good authority that his name is Balzac and he is the purveyor of fine chocolates. :)

Ayu Maselli said...

Dearest Anita,

so beautiful quote.I remember a song called 'love is in the air'. sooooo romantic. I love romantic things.
I feel valentine here, very nice graphics full of heart and sweets.
that son with his bunny are so cute.
wishing you a beautiful weekend and upcoming romantic valentine ;)
hugs to you

Martina said...

Awwwwww, Anita, love to see the little red hearts coming up here ,bringing back joyfulness and LOVE in the midst of coldness! So sweet your drawings my dear, just adore them. Do you have a nice weekend? I've just been to a work out to prepare for dinner with friends tonight - and now - just tea & blogs! Many hugs to you! xx

koralee said...

Pure magic..oh dear one...I soooo want you cards!!! They are stunning, and sooooo adorable..they have me written all over them. You have been working very hard! If I ordered some I wonder when they would arrive because I would want them for Valentines day!! Do you think that would be possible??
Love love love your sweet to take a peek right now. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

love the motion!
these are just
darling!!! see children putting words together to form a indeed a thing of magic!!!

Susan said...

This just made me smile ;D Thank you, Anita!

Marie - Ange said...

Tes dessins sont fantastiques !
Un joli trait-d'union entre tes délicieuses images, qui font tourner les têtes et chavirer les coeurs !
C'est l'Amour !
Bisous belle Anita

DolceDreams said...

I LOVE your cards, they are so romantic and wonderful ~ I pinned them from your shop, I am sure they will catch many an eye my friend! I could not see a picture of your dress in the shop window...the shop is stunning, a perfect backdrop to your exquisite piece!
Stay warm and keep creating!

desde my ventana said...

Hi Anita,

I love your designs, they are stunning, and so so beatiful. A perfect post for Valentine's day

HAve a wonderful time in this sunday



sagra said...

It's fantastic to read your poems. They are magic, stunning, light-hearted and warm up my heart.

Down by the sea said...

Hi Anita,
This brightened my heart,the dog is in the basket reminds me of Daisy!
Sarah x

Ivy Clad said...

Hello friend, I love your header. It has got to be the most adorable yet. I am excited for the approach of Valentine's Day and love your drawings here!


Catherine Robinson said...

Your cards are wonderful Anita...I LOVE 'you make my heart soar' I hope you sell squillions ;-) Your blog header looks FABULOUS.
Have a creative week lovely lady.

Catherine Robinson said...

Your cards are wonderful Anita...I LOVE 'you make my heart soar' I hope you sell squillions ;-) Your blog header looks FABULOUS.
Have a creative week lovely lady.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Anita, are you flirting with me? Blowing kisses my way? Right back atcha!! ;-)

You are so talented, my friend! Love your illustrations!! And your moving image.......sorry I don't know the proper term :(

Have a wonderful weekend ~ xoxo, Loi

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I meant week! hahaha....wish it was the weekend :)

Michelle May said...

You already know what my favorite photo is. ;) Fabulous! Just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Anita, Anita, Anita, how do you do it? Every single time I'm running out of spark, all I have to do is look at one of your amazing illustrations and instantly creativity, joy, hope, light, wonder and so much more goodness ignite my passion again. It's magic, my friend. It really is.

Oh, these are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us, love.

Burlap Luxe said...

I'm feeling the love!
So many ways Valentine day can be celebrated and Anita you celebrate it to its fullest.

Love your sweet note would be a treat to receive one with a special box of chocolates!

There is not one ounce in you that does not create and complete beauty. Love is truly in the air over here.

Early V.D to you and yours.


Elizabeth Johnson said...

Anita, Your posts always make me smile.
I like the heart soaring card the best.
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments always cheer me. : )

hi-d said...

Hi Anita,

Adorable cards!!!! You are just overflowing with talent, girl! Seriously!!! And the animation was cool too on the hot air balloon. I will have to stop by your shop as I haven't been there in a while. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Thanks so much for stopping are such a faithful blogger and friend. :)


Karen Albert said...

Hi Anita I love your new cards and illustrations, too cute; you made me smile!!

I will be in the hospital next Monday the 4th for yet another surgery, so please pray for me!

Pamela said...

Ahhh. . . be still, my heart. It is all a'flutter. Your cards are adorable and make me feel joyful about February!
I love all your animations here, especially Gene Kelly.
You are the Valentine Queen, dear Anita! Thank you for this delightful post.

Maria said...

~ What a great UP~lifting post, Anita...LOVED it!
Leaving you with a spring in my step and a smile on my face as always...:) Love maria x

Karen Harvey Cox said...

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS. Oh Anita your artwork is amazing. It's like it has burst from your heart!

Love it all, the music, the art, and your sentiments. Sensational. Like a theater production.

Happy Monday.


Thank you for the inspiration.

Renae at simple sequins said...

hi Anita!!! This post is heavenly. I love the little hearts traveling off into the sky. Man, I love that girl leaping in the red shoes and coat ...oh my!!!

see new email. {i haven't written it yet} for further details on this weekend I just had.

I love your fashion suggestions. I love this new post. I love your consistent words to me. I love your friendship.

vicki archer said...

Your cards are ADORABLE, Anita... I love them... so perfect... so sweet and touching... xv

Marie - Ange said...

Oh Anita, je suis curieuse !
Montre moi ...
Bisous rieurs

Nancy said...

Anita, this post makes me smile. It is so happy and beautiful. I love your cards, they remind me of Le Petit Prince! Im going to go check your site out right now, and I hope you sell out! Have a great week.
xo Nancy

Christel said...

This post makes me smile Anita! It is sometimes so easy to forget that the little things, are usually, the "big" things! Sending BIG hugs your way! XOXO Christel

Anonymous said...

Your sketches are sooooo freakin' cute!!! How did you get them in motion? Love this post! You are so talented. xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Happy feel--happy hearts! I'm headed to Etsy soon to check out the love, and the lovelies!

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh my gosh....I ❤ this entire post...but your artwork has stolen my heart!

xoxo Elizabeth

Fashion-isha said...

oH WOW! This is another great "Castles Production". I love love love it! Lotsa love to you sweety!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Good Tuesday morning mon Amie, dreaming away to Paris right now... your cards are ADORABLE. Do I spy a glittering on the little red hearts? They are magically beautiful! The balloon is my favorite. I like the month of February because of all the celebrations going on in my home, we have three children celebrating their bd. Cake, balloons, banners, smiles, laughters, joy. Oh boy, bring February on!
Happiest of happy hugs for a glorious day Anita xx

francis said...

Okay .....I cried just now
Yes really ....
I was so happy my son repared my laptop and the very first blog I visited was YOURS and I was so happy to be here again .
So I started to write a comment
righy from my heart and it was realy long and than
suddenly my laptop stopped and all was BLACK .
Oh no ......
I started the laptop and .....all was gone Oh NO
and I could not help it ....I cried .
Why did this happen WHY ....
I was here AGAIN and took a deep breath myself a new coffee and decided OKAY
Just start all over .
It is a bit how my life has been Anite the past months
I had to say goodbeye to a lot
I now officially cannot and do not need to anymore .
I have been greeving about that a lot
I loved my teachying job so much
But my life is now at home and in my house .
I no longer can go where I want
I can hardly walk and cannot stand for longer than a few minutes .
Limitated .....
I had to learn to find peace in being at home .
But I do have my home !
And I will keep an allowance ....
I know there still is so much to be happy about .
My children and my lovely granddaughter .....
And I am healthy ...Only my back and my legs heart a lot
So I have to take painkillers ....
And my life has been like my laptop
not working as I was used to
and also just giving up the things that were so normal.
I need to ask for help for a lot of things and I am SO NOT GOOD IN ASKING FOR HELP ....
I have been doing things alone and on my own for so long ....
It's all getting me out of my comfort a lot ....
But ....when my friend received his new longs and was transplanted
A MIRACLE happened
not only to him and his wife
also to me ....
I got the message ..... The future is what counts ....
I never was a Future-girl
I always feared a bit for the future I was so much worried about the future being a single mom.
I did the best I could and
NOW I now I did allright ....
My children are doing more than allright They are beautiful young people .Blessings !
Without my job and without my children there is a new future .
Maybe I am being blessed at my age to be at home .....
I learned a lot and now I finally know ......
It's all about HERE AND NOW AND THE FUTURE .....
You have told me over and over
You adviced me and helped me
I had to learn to let it in .
You can hear things over and over but when you are unable to let it in ......
I am so thankfull you never gave up on me
Thank you Anita for being here !

Esther said...

L'amour , toujours l'amour, c'est très important dans notre vie, aimer et être aimer! n'est-ce pas?
Très jolies images!!!!

Rayanne McKay said...

Bravo,bravo!! Yes, love is in the air! Wonderful post,wonderful music, wonderful YOU! Sweet heart you are special, thank you for your art to us. The way I would describe your blog would be:FRESH HAPPY LOVE !!!!
Love visiting you dear.
Much love, Rayanne
Do you do custom cards???

Renae at simple sequins said...

Awh Anita! You make me blush. Thankyou.

It is so fun to wake up and see your comment to me. That puts a big smile on my face. I had a crazy busy day yesterday and today is shaping up to being similar. Whew. I have to catch my breath.

Hoping your day is lovely, (hug) Renae

Sylvia said...

My darling friend! This post is an embodiment of Love, Happiness, Joy... and I feel a warmth envelops my body and a joyous smile appears on my face... Your drawings are fantastic and I am honored to have an illustration of you as a little girl framed on my desk. It remands me every day that " The Greatest of These is Love"

Thank you dearest Anita for the gift you are giving with every post on your blog and every kind word on mine.

Sending light, love, hugs and warmest thoughts your way.

Val said...

This post makes me happy!

Stacy said...

Hello, Renee at Simple Sequins referred me to your blog because we both make cards (I think that is so sweet). I love your original art and sentiments. These are fantastic clean and simple card designs.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Dearest Anita!!!!!
I adore these beautiful Valentines images!!!!! I remember in grade school making a special "mailbox" in class and we'd decorate the box and then make little Valentines for all the kids in our class and put them in the boxes on Valentines Day.
There's a tornado watch in our area as I type this. I can hardly believe that it's January and we have 70 degree temps. with severe weather moving in.
I'd settle for a beautiful snowfall!!!!
Hope your weather is much better!!!!!
Luv & Hugs,

Bilancia Designs said...

How did I miss this post?!?
This is simply adorable... and your illustrations are so so sweet!
How interesting to see your incredible range of talent...from producing a magnificent work of art with your stunning these adorable illustrations.
A true artist: there are no limits to your fabulous talents!
It's wedding season for me and I'm so incredibly busy with my brides and my new wedding collection.
I take a "breather" here and there...and have some fun with Pinterest. How do you do it?? It's soooo addicting! I find myself going back two or three times a day just to pin something! LOL
I hope to connect with you soon and have another long chat. This time on SKYPE. :)
Miss you!

Privet and Holly said...

Love your beautiful work,
my sweet, sweet friend!
Off to look at your shop.
I have a feeling you are
probably SOLD OUT after
this post!!!

See you tomorrow!

xo Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Anita, I've just been at Emily's place (The French Hutch) and I couldn't wait to rush over to your page to let you know that as soon as I saw those amazing dress displays I thought about you. As I mentioned to Em, I'm sure you can pull those off with your eyes closed. ;) LOVE the broken pottery one, but all those marshmallows are yummy. Just can't wear it to a camp fire or anything like that though. ;)

Love it when I see something that reminds me of special blogging friends.
Hope you're enjoying your evening, love.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I think the illustration of the girl blowing kisses looks exactly like you. They're all wonderful.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Absolutely lovely, Anita! Love your drawings. And a great Valentine's idea. Don't know about you but I'm ready for February.
Cheers to you,

La Petite Gallery said...

Went into Labor Valentines Day
56 years ago. My sweetheart was RENEE.
It is a very special Day for me.

Stacey said...

Oh, I must stop by your etsy shop dearest Anita! I'm in love with your art! Just beautiful! Is substitute teaching keeping you very busy? Love is in the air for sure; i heart this post ALOT!:-). Have a wonderful week! xx

Jemma said...

Such a beautiful delight! Your blog is filled with charm and talent!
New Follower!

millefeuilles said...

Dearest Anita, I am exhaling with sweet pleasure after reading this post. I am a romantic at heart, Anita, like you I believe? Ladurée was one of my favourite haunts when living in Paris!

Anita, I would like to send you a gift, if I may. It is not a hare but a book. Would you mind sending me your postal address, please?

Warmest wishes from rainy France.


Jacqueline said...

You are getting so darn fancy with all this love in the air. How in the world do you ever make your artwork fly?

Hearts floating...I caught one. It landed on a gnomes hat in Bellingham Washington. Just thought you should know, one got away.

Love your designs Anita. I wish you lots of love and success with all you set your heart to do!

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita, thanks for that lovely comment yvonne

koralee said...

Morning dear one!!! Happy mid-week..I was so happy to see your sweet encouraging comment waiting for me this morning! You always have a way with words.
Take it easy today myfriend..gathering up all your energy for teaching tomorrow.
Off I go.......

Lisa Farmer Designs said...

I have been under the weather for the last week. But what a treat was waiting for me! I loved it Anita! YOUR gifs are so cool!! I so enjoyed each and every image, and if one isn't cheered up by this....well there isn't a chance for them. Have a happy day!! Lisa

Jody and Stan said...

What a wonderful post! You have definitely inspired me. Thank you so much! Just beautiful, everything!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Anita,
I know you are out and about, but wanted to thank you so much for your heartfelt words this morning.
Enjoy your day!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Anita, I have been thinking of your art, and I think it reminds me of The Little Prince's illustrator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (This is my husband's favorite book!)
You are so talented! Reach for the stars!

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Nita, your new designs are so sweet and wonderful! Love each one , but that little girl with blue dress stole my heart!
Love you,
Ps. My mom is here visiting us, I sugared the book you made me with her. He was in awe! Thank you again!grin

Anonymous said...

Oh artfully presented!
I'll have to visit your shop.

Stop by my blog to enter my current giveaway...there's one day left.

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Anita....Susan is just lovely...I met her at the blogmeet last year in Sydney and she is an addicted patchworker and a beautiful sewer....she does her quilting by hand! Okay, now I will plan to make that purple carrot cake this weekend...let's see if I get to it...have a fun Thursday dear Dzintra xo

Renae at simple sequins said...

hi Anita! Yes the snow monster was out to get me. They need to fade away and never come back. I need my Springtime!!!!

Today I am home all day and will get a ton of things accomplished. Hope you do, too, what ere your goals may be. (hug)

Cool post tomorrow featuring a certain french teacher and artist we both know. hahahaha

Martina said...

Dear sweet Anita, thank you for coming today, love to see your smiling face! Wish you luck with the new clients for the paper dress and knock on wood you'll get what you deserve. It's LOVE and creativity that gets us through winter, no? Till soon, bonne unit! xox

June said...

Hey beautiful Anita...your art makes my heart dance! You are such an inspiration to me. I can't listen to the harp without thinking of you now!
This is a GORGEOUS post my friend!
sending hugs...

hi-d said...

Hello Anita,

The last day of January...can you believe it...already? Thanks for your visit. I will try and post some photos soon of M with his new do...although his hair must grow really fast, because it looks long again. Ha! Actually, the photo I sent to you recently with him on the bench, his hair was cut there, but it's hard to tell really. The back was the most noticeable.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Jade said...

What a romantic post, dear Anita.........soooooo magical!!! The most of all I love your art.........thank you so much for your Valentine inspiration!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend,

hugs Jade & Sheila

Coquetíssima said...

Hi, Anita!!!! I love this post, yours illustrations are lovely! And I love your new header! I'm sorry, but I haven't time to translate the post. I installed a translator on my blog, but I will try to translate the post in the future.Yes, my dear friend. I had technical problems with blogger and internet, but it's all sorted. I'm back!! :) I'll be back to normality, and anytime we can talk about my bears :) If you're still interested, of course ;)

Kisses, my friend and have a nice weekend!

(I'm sorry for my english, it's very bad!!!!)

Fete et Fleur said...


Anita, your newest illustrations are wonderful! I have always loved your drawing. It's good to see you doing it again. Have a lovely weekend. Please tell Ruben I said hello.


Renae at simple sequins said...

hey sweet Anita! Looks like you are having some blog love coming your way. please see email. (hug)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you dear friend for wandering over... It is a sunny 72 out today.
Shall I send you some warm air?
I know you must be soooooooo cold!

George The Lad said...

Hi Antia its me George ;) Your post reminds me I must get a card in the post for my Stanzie the apple of my eye, it has a long way to travel. Your drawing are beautiful.
Thanks for your visits and yes,yes,yes to St George's Day, Mom even got me a new Dragon!!
Have a Great Weekend, "The Tess" will be out next week ;)
Love George xxx

Renae at simple sequins said...

Awh, I see the cool "featured" sign. Yay! It sort of goes with your blog, if you consider all of the movies you refer to, hahahaha.

Thank you dear sweetness, and see you on Monday!

DEZMOND said...

pure delight, my dear, happy month of love!

Angele Style said...

Hello Lovely Anita, Your art work is precious and so ALIVE with love and good cheer. Gene Kelly, the ballerina in red, and the perfect song all make a most beautiful post. Thank you.

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hello Dear. This is my first time at ur blog world and truly enjoyed it and will visit regularly! Many blessings for 2013:)

Rayanne McKay said...

What a sweet compliment you left me on my blog, about the photo of the clock....really I think it was a fluke!I need a better camera, I'm working on it.
I'm off to purchase your note cards...YIPPIE!!!
Have a happy week end dear friend!

Rayanne McKay said...

I forgot to say how that Monet sky turned out. Here's what I did,
Picasa 3
and all I did was push the I'm feeling lucky button! And what it did was make the sky a little more deeper. I loved it,so glad you did too!

koralee said...

Happy weekend...hope yours is filled with lots of sweet moments...thank you for sending my cards so fast...keeping my fingers crossed the postman will be wearing roller-skates this time.
Off to have some daughter time today....but right now it is morning teatime! xoxo Love to you.

June said...

Hello dearest,
the beautiful rhinestone strings are actually made from the most divine tiny chain you have ever seen.It was made in France and is vintage. I bought this from a friend who is an antique dealer. It is so exquisite that I find it hard to use in my artwork. There were many yards on the little card when I bought it and I think now that I will only use it as it adorn many vignettes.
hugs for the day...

Jeri Landers said...

I LOVE GENE KELLY's SINGIN IN THE RAIN! And I love your new banner, AND the utterly charming artwork you are creating. It has your signature all over it, a style all your own. It's what I have told you all along, concerning your artwork, it requires a special talent to say so much with simple lines, but you are able to do it beautifully.

Maria said...

Hi Anita!
Thank you for the kind comment you left the other day...
Oh it's been so long that I've been absent ... I feel - way tooooo long! N'est pas?!?!
I literally laughed out loud when I read your "there's something in the air" title...
Stop by and look at the collage I made for Amanda's engagement ...
I worked on it in the wee hours last night, and then to see your post!
Anita, I LOVE your valentines ~ how adorable and precious.
I must stop by and see your new work.

Family, school {especially school} have kept me so busy.
So many teachers are discouraged, Anita, you would not believe the insane state exam that awaits my sixth graders.
I will most likely write about it soon. People should be forewarned.
Anyway, not to take away from this beautiful post about love.
I thank God every day that I am surrounded by the love of a sweet husband, family and friends. That is what matters.
Who knows, I may end up in Texas someday and open up a little coffee and tea shop!
So, I will let God be my Shepherd and not worry too much :-)
Hope you are doing well, my dear.
I hope that your winter been gentle.
God bless you always,

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Anita no purple carrot cake so far this weekend! Busy making a sewing kit for bushfire victims in Tasmania but hopefully during the week I will get to it...Meanwhile...Bon Dzintra xo

Palomasea said...

Sending lots of love your way, dearest...and enjoying this delicious post once again...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a great idea Anita...I might just do that! Oh dear, this birthday thing....I'm getting a bit freaky about see I am the next big 0 number and that is scary!

One of those aqua drawstring pouches will make it's way to Tasmania as part of an appeal for sewing kits which I am at present putting together for one of the souls that has lost everything....I just can't imagine that!

You have a wonderful week sweet Dzintra xo

Anonymous said...

"Life Happening...
in front of Me."
that is exactly
what it was and
has been these
last few weeks... many
little hearts
needing so much
...i shall
wrap my spirit
around them all
one at a time!
happy happy
Sunday wishes!!!

Art and Sand said...

What a beautiful post.

Thank you for suggesting Etsy. I was just thinking about what to get my daughter and I think I will do Etsy and have it delivered to her.

Sandra van Doorn said...

Hey Anita :) love the animation (of course!) and by the way there is not much more to it! did you use photoshop, i wish i could help more, it’s so hard to explain the techniques in writing… xo sandra

Leslie said...

Stopping by again for another look:) You are so talented Anita. Thank you so much for visiting this morning:)


Coquetíssima said...

Hi, dear!!!!! How are you? I'm very happy for your comment!!! :) About the bear we can talk about that when you want! Don't worry!!! Coming soon, I'll shop online ;) And I'll try to translate all post for you, my friend!! ;)

Kisses, my sweet Anita!

Palomasea said...

Bonjour, ma chere amie!!!
Merci beaucoup pour ta visite douce, et les mots extraordinaires...comme toi.
Je t'adore, ma soeur...
(J'espere que mon Francais est assez bien!) :))
- Irina

Palomasea said...

MERCI! Tu est trop gentille! :)))
A demain, chere soeur!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, Anita! These are so sweet! I have to run over and check out your etsy.
I didn't know about this additional talent. You continue to amaze and delight, my dear! Love them.
Hugs and happiness,

Jacqueline said...

Where have I been? I have totally lost contact - must have been the holidays. Your cards are just lovely Anita. Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day.

Inspiredbeautyofcourse said...

Oh I love all the pics with your message. So glad I stopped by today!



M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Dear Anita beautiful and so gorgeous!!!! I love the flowers in the Hotel George V!!!! Your art is stunning and so perfect for Valentine's Day!!! I hope you are well dear friend.

best wishes always

koralee said...

Happy Monday! Off I go....are you running out the door this morning too my friend...Have a Sweet day..hugs.

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Gee, your new cards are gorgeous, I hovered over them for a few minutes again.

I mentioned you in my post today. Every year I take out my lovely Anita creations to add to my Valentine's decorations.

A sweet reminder of your heart.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour dearest!
Thank you so much for wandering over this morning before your day got started.. Your sweet words bring joy to my heart.
Have a wonderful day

Denise said...

Your sweet little French girl is so perfect for Valentines greetings.She fits right in with My mood for the month of true love.I do love Her :)OX Denise

Martina said...

Dearest Anita, just want to wish you a fun and happy start to your week - and into the month of LOVE! Hope your weekend was splendid. Here, it's warmer but wet and ugly outside. Keep warm - in your heart! xx

Tammie Lee said...

such a gorgeous
love post!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Sorry I confused you. I had to put the Tea Time Tuesday post up early because sand puts her links up on Monday evenings.

Here is the link to the post I mentioned your Valentines:

It is also linked up to Mosaic Monday, so lots of people will see your work.


Burlap Luxe said...

Je vous remercie encore une fois de Anita m'encourage à poursuivre ma passion pour la création.

J'aime Sweet Little boîtes rustiques, ils ont une façon de s'habiller toute table avec l'histoire émouvante.

J'ai été très occupé peindre mon lit en fer d'une nuance de blanc avec une touche de gris.
Avoir une belle semaine.


PS. I never tire a visit with you my talented friend, you awwww! us with your art, postings, and your beautiful visits.

Happy week to you.

hi-d said...

Hi my sweet friend! That is so weird about that email...someone else had trouble as well and got that message...hmmm
Funny about you mom's dream. Haha...long live Georgie Porgie... :)

How was your day? I guess spring will have to wait a bit for you guys. We had such a mild winter.

My due date is 8/19 which is actually my mom's b-day. I know she would be thrilled if the baby came then. We get to find out in a couple months the sex of the baby. So excited.

Thanks for the visit my friend and I hope you had a fun day with your students.


Carla said...

Anita you are such a talent beautiful work with so much love pouring out!!
Fabulous new header much love Carla x

acornmoon said...

Thank you for your visit, I have enjoyed my trip over here. It made me smile and brought a little warmth to a very snowy February afternoon.

Purple Flowers said...

Gorgeous post. Thank you for making me smile today!

koralee said...

Morning dear one...thank you for the Sat. morning visit. And for your sweet comments..believe it or not I am still waiting for a copy of my own book...I have not seen it yet!!!! You may see it before me.
Have a blessed day...I am doing Easter baking!!! Yes you saw this right...for another feature coming up soon...they need EASTER!!!! Off I go to sprinkle my self silly with pink..yellow...and green. xoxoxo

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I absolutely adore your valentine cards! LOVE!