Tuesday, August 4, 2020

By Heart

When I was three years old

I knew

where my heart was taking me

Illustration by Anita Pelayo Rivera


my head

could plan my destiny.

He was an average-sized man.

My father's fingers

short, blistered and used to the tedious work


upholstering furniture for a living

glided over the piano keys


clouds across a full moon.


I'm 62 and now it's my turn.

This piece of music that I know

By Heart

will be the subject of my studies


that I am retired from teaching.

Back when my father played

Clair de Lune


when I hear it now

its reflective arpeggios


tonic genius

make me feel as if I'm the only one

in the world

meant to hear the poetry

of the moon.

What whispers unspeakable words of love

to you?



Pinehurst Farm said...

Happy Birthday and happy retirement! I hope you find plenty of time to dream and create.Your posts and photography are works of art and always touch me with thier beauty. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lora Belle Fabio said...


Morgen! by Strauss
I cannot even hear this intro without getting choked up.
I puts me in mind of my late husband of 20 years meeting me and guiding over into my own transcendence from this life.
I have performed it on several occasions and always dedicate it to him.
English Translation
And tomorrow the sun will shine again
And on the path that I shall take,
It will unite us, happy ones, again,
Amid this same sun-breathing earth ...
And to the shore, broad, blue-waved,
We shall quietly and slowly descend,
Speechless we shall gaze into each other’s eyes,
And the speechless silence of bliss shall fall on us ...

Junkchiccottage said...

So beautiful and so taking of my heart to hear this music and read your words. So heartfelt. Your journey is taking a turn and you are on a new path of wisdom, faith and joy. Enjoy every moment.
Love you sweet friend.

Barbara said...

Beautiful, as are you dear Anita. Enjoy this new stage of your life. xx

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I am over the moon excited for this next chapter in your life. It's time to "Be" and all will be well my friend.
Light and love to you.

It's me said...

Beautiful my dear friend ...love to you ....and lots of joy in your life....❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️ Love Ria

Karen said...

Congratulations on your retirement from teaching and best to you on your new adventure. You bring joy into your reader's lives each time you share your talents.

Jayne said...

Congratulations on leaving the work world. The bonds of getting to an appointed place at an appointed hour every day have been cut fast! May the new freedom fuel your immense talent and creativity!

Portobello said...

Thank you!!!! The beauty you send out melts the jagged edges left in my heart by the world. Thank you!!!

La Contessa said...


Jeanie said...

Belated happy birthday greetings, dear Anita! I hope it was the first day of a wonderful year! And I am absolutely thrilled to read that you have retired. I hope you will enjoy ever single second of it as much as I do. (I'll be waiting for the book I know you will write!)

Much joy and many congratulations!

Jude Butterfly said...

Beautiful my friend. ♥

Lowcarb team member said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes.
Enjoy the next part of your life.

All the best Jan

Red Rose Alley said...

This is a beautiful post, Anita. I didn't know your Dad did furniture upholstering for a living. I've always thought that was interesting and such a talent. The photo of your harp and crown is so lovely. And I LOVE the photo of the chair with the yellow flowers. I hope you're enjoying your retirement, Anita. You deserve to have all these carefree and sweet days ahead of you. I will have to look up Clair de Lune right now and listen to it.

Have a wonderful week, Anita.


Susan said...

Blessings to you on your retirement from teaching. Your creative juices will now be used for your enjoyment, instead of being directed to your classroom and curriculum. May your days be filled with the wonder of imaginative discovery!

MarmePurl said...

Enjoy the new journeys and old reflections. What a great time of life ahead of you.

Mary said...

Such a sweet post - your illustration is charming - and the music, oh the music, always beautiful.
Congratulations on reaching retirement - you will find yourself busier than ever BUT doing the things you really enjoy.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a beautiful post, Anita. Following in your father’s footsteps, how very special. Congratulations on your retirement and I wish you a blessed year!

hi-d said...

Hi Anita!

It's been forever since I've been to your blog. Wow, how can you be 62? You sure are amazing and vibrant and forever young (not that 62 is even old in my book) :) Happy Belated Birthday and I wish you a very Happy Retirement. What are your new ventures?

I have toyed with the idea of blogging again but not sure...I miss the creative aspect of it and the community that surrounded the blog world.

Have a great weekend!


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A Joyful Cottage said...

I'm late to the party, Anita! So sorry I missed your special day. Happy belated birthday! Congratulations on your retirement. What fun it will be to follow you in this new chapter in your life. I know you will live every day to the fullest, just as you always have. However, now you will have full freedom every day to choose what to do with your time. Enjoy it! The days fly by, I can tell you. I'm struck by your incredible God-given talents. The illustration is fabulous. Looking at the child's face I can feel the wonder and excitement of taking flight. Clair de Lune certainly speaks love. It's a haunting melody. I'm hard-pressed to zero in on one particular song, painting or any other artistic vehicle that whispers love to me, as really for me it's my emotional state at the time of hearing or looking at a piece, as well as the memory it may invoke (just as Clair de Lune does that for you and the memory of your father). For example, Be Thou My Vision was my late husband's favorite hymn, and at his Celebration of Life my son and daughter-in-law presented a slide show played to Jars of Clay's version of the song. Now, even 13 years later, I can hardly get through that hymn (whatever version) without tearing up. It has a special significance on so many levels that before Jim's home going did not exist. That's the beauty and wonder of art, isn't it? Truly, when we create we perhaps are closer to the heart of our Creator than at any other moment in our life, and then when another partakes of that creativity they respond in a way that holds meaning only for them. Fabulous! Thank you for this beautiful start to my day, dear sweet friend. Hugs, Nancy

Troebadoer said...

Dear Anita,

I think there is an eternal beauty
in your views ...
because as you see the world:
a golden tear in the sun,
a word in a tree,
the rebirth of a wonder …

Will we meet again
after the end of this world?


The Dutchess said...

I was here...💓

Sonia said...

Hello Anita, that's a beautiful post with lovely pictures. Enjoy the new beginnings with unlaeshing your creative skills. All the best!

handmade by amalia said...

I would absolutely like to fly away on a red balloon, dear Anita. I love your illustration.

Joanne said...

Enjoy the beginning of your new adventure...I hope wonderful surprises are in store.
Blessings, Joanne

The Liberty Belle said...

I hate Clair de Lune! Picture it: I was 16 years old and had just returned home from the school day in the pouring rain. It didn't take long for me to realize that somewhere along the walk home I had lost my keys. I knocked softly at the door as the sound of Clair de Lune drifted to my ears from within. Mother was at the piano. I knocked harder. Mother played louder. I knocked harder still... and Mother played even louder. The knocking and playing went on for what seemed to me at the time to be forever. I was drenched by the time I made it inside and received chastisement for being careless with my key. All these years later, Clair de Lune annoys me... then sends me into giggles. Have a beautiful day... filled to the brim with joy and laughter.

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Cute Girl said...