Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Dance Lesson



 I'm going back in time





my music choices




feeling the rapid beat of my heart


while I prepare


a blog post just for 




But you are no longer here.


I am alone. 


Oh, forgive me


 the two of you 


who still come every time without fail


when I post 




leave me a comment-


thank you 


for always joining me


in a 


pas de deux 


between friends.


But I've learned to dance alone.


It's a hard lesson to learn that people 


come and go 


in your life.


Some make a conscientious choice to leave you


others have no choice 




life changes their circumstances.




I understand better now


that it's not anything I've done or said


but simply that 


people move on.


Sometimes the greatest performance is the one 


you dance by yourself


when you are able to tell yourself that you are 



more loved

and more capable

 than you ever thought possible.

 I will post here a few more times this year

to share my photos

 then my work will continue

on my 

Instagram page.


Don't forget: 





gail said...

Please keep posting your beautiful music, words and photos. They are very special.
Bless you,

Constance said...

Your blog is lovely. I've just recently returned to blogging and find it sad that so many are missing but I do love visiting with my blogger friends, please continue your blog.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You are never alone dear friend. Please stay and share your beautiful words and photos with us all.
Love and blessings,

deborah said...

i love reading and seeing your posts. xo, a very quiet artist

Kashannie said...

Thank you...

Junkchiccottage said...

Beautiful as always Anita. Music, words and photography. I love when you share your beautiful and creative heart with us. xoxo

Wendy W said...

Hi Darling Anita, I love all your posts and images and beautiful poetry. Sorry if I don't always reply here but I do on Instagram. Your imagery is so ethereal and inspiring. I LOVE all that you do. I didn't know you were on Pinterest as well so will follow you there.
Love, Wendy Wainwright (wendys_snapshots)

Barbara said...

You are not alone dear friend. I've always loved your blog and still do, so much nicer than Instagram. Keep dancing xx

susan hemann said...

such a lovely post, hope you will stay
I miss ballet so much, too old now

Brenda in Virginia said...

Your blog has a quiet elegance to it, much appreciated, especially now. Thanks for sharing your words and eloquent photos.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

You are always in my heart dear Anita. I remember the beginning of your dance here in the world of blogging and you turned from a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly that has enriched our lives, our dance. Thank you for fluttering into my life to enrich it more than you know. I hope you keep making our lives a more beautiful part of this world.

Love, hugs, admiration & blessings always, Edie Marie

Thilda said...

Wow! Don’t leave blog, please! Everybody has moved to instagram or facebook, or what ever... but on my opinion blogs are more beatiful and lovely little world. ❤️ Wonderful photos! 😍

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Anita, I will always be here for you. And I so wish you would continue creating your posts, as that's the only way to see your beautiful photos that have so much meaning and grace. I wander on to your Instagram page often, and sometimes I can open it, and sometimes I'm not able to. But I love our chats through e-mail, and they will continue. You are a wonderful writer, one of the best in blog land, and your words and photos amaze me each and every time.

love you always, dear Anita.


Karen said...

Dear Anita,
You're not alone. I read each and every uplifting post you publish. I confess life has dealt me a few setbacks that have made life a 'new normal' but it's more the reason that I make sure to read your posts.

"Create Beauty" said...

Finally HELLO again!!!! AH! I found my password. Perhaps I'll even create a post again although it's been 3 years and my last one only got 2 comments! How I love this photo and your heart my dear longtime friend, we met HERE and how thankful I am for that!!!!!! Love you ~ Violet

Basia said...

What beautiful thoughts. So fitting. Barbarella xoxo

It's me said...

Anita!!....please stay here too...I do not like instagram...I follow you there...but I like fb more ....love from me my friend...love love love from me and Leaf 🍀🐾💕🐾🍀

The Dutchess said...

O dearest- i am late... but so happy to be here ...shall we dance little sister...💖💖

Dewena said...

I love that movie, am so moved by the music, always touched by your sublimely ethereal blog posts. I expect you to dance on in any and every way your creative mind explores. Please do!

Susan said...

I enjoy all of your blog posts so much! It's very enjoyable to read
a blog written by a fellow Minnesotan. Take care and God's Blessings
to you.

Jude Butterfly said...

So lovely, Anita. I love your thoughts.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you dearest for your most welcome visit!

Mindy said...

I haven't blogged in some time. I actually miss those days and the connections. I post on Instagram (where I DO comment to you) but it is more gardening and not writing which is the part I miss...I adore your pictures here and on Instagram (even when I don't click over from the email to comment...). Your creative beauty will continue to shine forth wherever we find you my dear.

Christianne said...

I'll miss you.

Carla from The River said...

I will miss your blog posts. Thank you for sharing your heart, talent and love.

Troebadoer said...

Dear Anita,

Years ago, when your articles were often
like impressif and plentiful paintings
often with hundreds of comments,
I already followed you.
And I have never stopped following you,
while you are now giving us intimate, personal work.
I don't think your other followers have forgotten you either.
Enjoy your dance …

With kind regards…


I think there is an eternal beauty
in your views ...
because as you see the world:
like a golden tear in the sun,
a word in a tree,
the rebirth of a miracle ...

Will we meet again
after the end of this world?

Jeanie said...

When I first read this post a few days ago, I cried. Tears were rolling down my face as I read it over and over because they were some of the saddest words I've ever read on a blog. I couldn't even comment then. I felt my heart was breaking in pieces not just because you were leaving us but because of the why.

I'm sorry you'll only be on instagram (I just hate instagram -- it's just too much and I can't cope with the overload. It feels pretty to me but unsatisfying, but that's just me.) I'm glad you will be back here every now and then. And that's a choice. but I hope (and think from your words) that it is a choice now made in thought for where you need to be. Know that I will eagerly await and anticipate every future post here and I hope they do not stop.

Payal Singh said...
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Angelsdoor * Penny said...


Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment... No, I had forgot to take a photo of the portrait before I drew the daisies.
I see dear Violet here!!!

Palomasea said...

Dear heart, seeing you post your artistry here blesses my soul and colors my day with gentleness and joy, please consider staying :) Or at least don't close it down...your blog is such a treasure, like you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Angel charls said...
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veronica said...
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