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Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's At It Again

Being that I jumped the gun last week without realizing that Fathers Day was this weekend, I decided to combine a tribute to the two men who have been the most influential in my life: my dad AND my husband. Not being a father, my beloved spouse is indeed a man who could have been a memorable role model of integrity, hard work and creativity in the life of a child. However, he has proven over 27 years of marriage that he would have been a super father. One of the many things that I admire about him and that he shares in common with my dad is his handyman skills. The photo above is a shot of what our living room looked like three days ago. The wall with the bookcase separates the living room from a small bedroom that we are currently using as a temporary office. Of course, I came up with the bright idea to open a door way and add French doors to give a sense of space to the living room. Well, the idea pleased my husband and he made the dream come true; please click on the pictures to see the details...

The "Dream Maker" took the first step of carefully drawing out the outline of the opening in order to start the demolition.

Once the mess was removed, he started building the frame

and after a very courageous attempt to reroute the existing electrical plug, this amazing handy man lifted up the doors; I then watched and stood ready as the Dream maker carefully measured, shimmed and drilled while I handed him the necessary tools to fix the doors.

After a long day, we both cleaned the house until supper time and then called it a night. While we admired our new living space, we decided that next weekend we would add the finishing touches such as the molding, drywall, stain and door knobs.

The office will hopefully be converted sometime next year into a music room for my harp and my husband's guitar. We do all of our own renovations and the journeys we often embark on are often arduous and frustrating, but the results far outweigh the difficulties. Patience and dedication to excellence is what both my dad and "The Dream Maker" have in common and I am grateful for what these two men have taught me. Thank you both for all the wonderful memories and making my dreams come true...Je vous aime bien vous deux de tout de mon coeur.

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