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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

"Daddy, please play Clair de Lune," whispers the young newlywed as she gently sweeps her hand across her newly acquired vintage piano. "Oh! I need to study the music, I haven't played that in years" says the old man comfortably sunken into the old wing back chair. The young bride leans over to her mother and chirps, "I love that song, it reminds me so much of my daddy." The alarming whistle of the tea kettle seizes the fastidious hostess's attention toward the kitchen by way of her father's stare; the white hot California sun sneaked in through the curtains and had captured the glistening image of streaming tears on the septuagenarian's rosy complexion that for a millisecond, juxtaposed the vulnerability of a little boy and the disappointments of an old man.

I knew from where the tears came. It wasn't the regret of not having chosen a different path in life, nor was it the pain of a missed calling in music. No, the reason for this rare outburst was because I had associated my melodious love for this hauntingly beautiful piece with "my daddy" and that I had said it with my own rebellious mouth that for years up to this point, had only uttered empty, selfish words.

Music is an unusual thing; in time, it burrows its movements into your heart, engraving particular moments of pleasure or pain that resurface repeatedly until the day you die. For the both of us, this song has held the faint but indelible mark of a life, two lives for that matter that often clashed but nonetheless touched and I hope, will remain a thing of unusual beauty.

My father left me a valuable heritage. Rich in artistic potential, his interest in languages, nature, handcrafts and music has shaped the path I have chosen to take. Thanks to him, I have set a goal on my own musical journey on the harp; I want to play Clair de Lune and knowing me, no matter how difficult it is, I will do it. I have no children to which I can connect this musical thread that binds our hearts, perhaps it was meant to be just between me and my daddy. Therefore I would like to say on this special celebration, "I love you daddy, my heart belongs to you."

May you all have something wonderful to say to your fathers this weekend, and if they are no longer with you, pass on a particular gift they left you to someone special.

A la prochaine, Anita


Harmony - Bessie Pease Gutmann
Girl at Piano - Francisco Torrescassana
Le Symphonie Du Clair de Lune - Heidi Azurylipte Darras

Music: Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy