Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's At It Again

Being that I jumped the gun last week without realizing that Fathers Day was this weekend, I decided to combine a tribute to the two men who have been the most influential in my life: my dad AND my husband. Not being a father, my beloved spouse is indeed a man who could have been a memorable role model of integrity, hard work and creativity in the life of a child. However, he has proven over 27 years of marriage that he would have been a super father. One of the many things that I admire about him and that he shares in common with my dad is his handyman skills. The photo above is a shot of what our living room looked like three days ago. The wall with the bookcase separates the living room from a small bedroom that we are currently using as a temporary office. Of course, I came up with the bright idea to open a door way and add French doors to give a sense of space to the living room. Well, the idea pleased my husband and he made the dream come true; please click on the pictures to see the details...

The "Dream Maker" took the first step of carefully drawing out the outline of the opening in order to start the demolition.

Once the mess was removed, he started building the frame

and after a very courageous attempt to reroute the existing electrical plug, this amazing handy man lifted up the doors; I then watched and stood ready as the Dream maker carefully measured, shimmed and drilled while I handed him the necessary tools to fix the doors.

After a long day, we both cleaned the house until supper time and then called it a night. While we admired our new living space, we decided that next weekend we would add the finishing touches such as the molding, drywall, stain and door knobs.

The office will hopefully be converted sometime next year into a music room for my harp and my husband's guitar. We do all of our own renovations and the journeys we often embark on are often arduous and frustrating, but the results far outweigh the difficulties. Patience and dedication to excellence is what both my dad and "The Dream Maker" have in common and I am grateful for what these two men have taught me. Thank you both for all the wonderful memories and making my dreams come true...Je vous aime bien vous deux de tout de mon coeur.

Also, if make-believe and miniatures is your cup of tea, then please go to my side bar and click on my other blog, NOCTURNE and follow Marie the Garden Faerie Queen to a quite unusual little tea party. Don't forget to take off your shoes upon entering!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Good weekend, Anita!
Another beautiful post, it's easy to realize why you love both of these men with all your heart. How wonderful to have a music room in your future!
Bonne journée xo~Tracie

Deborah said...

How Lovely! Aren't clever hubbies just the best!!! I'm off to visit your other blog. **blows kisses** Deborah

Bellamere Cottage said...

Sweet Anita!

What a lovely tribute......and such a handy guy too! I love the doors. I'd have them on every room if I could. GREAT addition to an already fabulous room.


Rosemary said...

This is so great!! I love the look.
Your husband did a wonderful job.
Your husband only has one guitar?
My husband is addicted to collecting guitars. We have a lot.
I am going to go and check out your other blog. How do you have time for 2 blogs?
You are so amazing!
Have a great weekend,

Grace said...

Oh wonderful! It's so fun to see the in-process photos!

Angela Harris said...

You have managed to collect some beautiful things! this is my first visit to your blog. I Love you background! I also have designed my bedrrom and master bath to look like the inside of a castle! I have to read on in your blog . Come visit me at

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a wonderful hubby you have! The new french doors look so nice! You probably feel like you have added so much space, visually to your living room. That will be nice to look through the glass and see your harp!

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Sweet Anita~
What a great idea! It really does open up the room. Your husband did a great job!


Jacque said...

YOUR husband is a keeper! He reminds me so much of mine! Give him a crow bar and a hammer and he is in heaven...great look--those French Doors!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Anita those doors really do open up the room!!! Your Dream Maker has done a fine job...and I will be back to see the finishing touches. Have a lovely week...Dzintra♥x

Bonnie said...

Hi Anita! Thank you for inviting us into your home and your latest remodeling project. How lucky you are to have a talented husband. The end result is wonderful. I clicked on the pictures to make sure I took in the whole scope of the project, hope I wasn't being too nosy because I noticed a lot of interesting objects in your showcase. Have a wonderful Sunday!

XO - Bonnie

RobinfromCA said...

Oh my! What a task and what a wonderful hubby to fulfill the dream! I couldn't help but think as I saw those pictures what my own hubby always says when he's getting ready to "make a hole" - "Measure twice, cut once." He repeats it like a mantra because his dad made sure it was a lesson that stuck! Can't wait to see the finished product!

The Dutchess said...

Wow..this looks tell your husband I admire his work..Have a wonderful week...:)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Anita...thanks for commenting on my Father's day post. I don't know why it wouldn't let you comment but thanks for doing it on the previous one. Yes, that is me with my dad....I think all of us "daddy's girls" are feeling the same today if they are no longer with's nice to know someone else understands.

Charlene said...

I found you over at LuLu's (don't you just love her!!!) & thought I would pop over to see what you were about. Lucky you with the new French Doors! And loved your post about your crown collection. Your Blog name is what first attracted me to you. Have a great week.

Bunny Missbrenner said...

Hi Anita,

Of course I remember you. I think the last time I saw you, you were exiting a helicopter on the grounds of El Rancho High School...or did I dream that? Yes, Bedgie and I try to keep in touch and we recently saw each other at a friend's party. We have known each other for 45 years plus. She's very old....LOL! And regarding Cilantro (Lizandaro_ and Yorya (Georgia) I sure do remember. I read somewhere that fears are rational issues that have happened to an individual or someone close to that individual and that phobia's are an irrational fear of something. As for our phobia, it doesn't matter, it's real...verdad? Your blog is beautiful and I have forwarded it to a friend of mine because it is right up her alley. Stay in touch and I will visit you again and as far a renovation goes, we are in the middle of one too....WE LOVE IT!!...take care, bunny

TattingChic said...

I just stopped by to say I love the pink crown you use as your avator and the cottage with the amazing landscaping in your header is breathtaking!

Shelly said...

I love your redo! Good plan. Im so excited for you to have a music room/area!

I have news too! I'm getting a Studio! About 4 blocks from my home. My gf is a property manager and is Giving me a spot in her building free of charge,,,,complete with a drafting table! I'm so excited and feel so blessed!

I also started a new blog, just of my crafting stuff (http://Bungalow but my main blog will still remain. Stop by the new blog and give me any pointers, I'd love it!

BUT, here, I have to reiterate about your post last weekend. Thank you! It made me think about so many sweet memories and cherished times of my childhood....You gave me that!

Today could have been a sad day, with no "Dads" in my life, but I thought of all YOU made me recall and felt truly blessed.

My appreciation and admiration for your prose this day!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Anita, You have such a lovely home! I really like the french doors. Just beautiful ♥ Wonderful tribute to your hubby and father. I hope you have a great day ♥

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh ma belle!

The doors are magnifique!! What a difference they make- I LOVE them!
You have to be so excited Anita. They DO make it look spacieux. Ruben is so talented. He did a fabulous job! He truly is a dream-maker!!

Bonne journee! Bisous, Sherry

Marie Antionette said...

Anita,Wow!!!He is a wonder that hubby of yours.Did you see the harp on Sherry's post? It sure is beautiful,but i think yours way more beautiful,cauc=se it gets to be played.Hugs Marie Marie Antionette

TattingChic said...

Hi Anita! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I had no idea you were Nancy's SIL! How cool! I love "Fete et Fleur"!! I also love her hubby's blog, too. He writes the sweetest things. What a talented family you come from. Rabbit Hill sounds like a lovely place to live and the castle you told me about is just beautiful! I would love to visit there in France someday!

Thank you for sharing with me about your Mother's tatting! I realize the shuttle is long gone, but I am wondering if you still have any of her tatting? If you do, I would love to see it on your blog! It sounds so beautiful! :)

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Just been blog hopping and thought Id say HI :) Its fun getting a glimpse into other peoples homes :):)


vickysplace1 said...

Hi, I presented you with a blog award. Check it out at:

Jen Parrish said...

Love love LOVE your couch! That fabric is divine.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Oooh I love the decor and what a great idea for the french doors. This old place we are in was my Mom's childhood home and has two sets of french doors and I had them when I was young at my home. Once you have them, you really miss them, if you live somewhere without them. There is just something about how they make almost, architectural art. I love your side decor on the blog. This is a favorite place to visit. Thank goodness you created it and I know it now. Blessings.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Such a wonderful man to have done this for you!!!

Kara Ward said...

What a dream boat of a husband...the doors are just perfect. I too love French doors. I put them opening to our outside deck and they are in our office. So pretty! Kara

Margaret said...

Your living room is just splendid! I'm in love with the leaded glass windows on your cabinets. And your husband has impressive handyman skills! That's quite the DIY transformation!

LiLi M. said...

What an accomplishment, amazing! I think you should celebrate fathers' day every day. Your husband deserves that.

KeKe said...

How sweet!!~And the room is going to be amazing!!

cityfarmer said...

he's a keeper!!!

There's nothing like a good man in the house with a creative woman!

carry on.

missn ya

Paris Atelier said...

Hi Anita!
I love the new doors! Fantastic :) It is so wnderful to have the men around be so handy!

I wanted to come by to say CONGRATULATIONS! you won my second giveaway! I am so excited that it was you!!!! Just E mail the address where you would like me to send it to
Thank you and congrats!!!

kate said...

How wonderful!!! I just love all the photos watching your room transfor before my eyes...and your harp it so beautiful, i love the harp and so do my daughters,
best to you

TiffanyJane said...

How awesome is your husband!! The new doors are Fabulous!!
Have a great week :)

Tea Time With Melody said...

And I thought I was the only one married to Bob Villa, national handy, crafty man! lol Wondeful work.